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#tony stark has a heart

Oh wow, thanks I love that someone else digs the idea!

What Happens at Stark Tower, Stays at Stark Tower, WIP

Elevator speech version: The folk who work cleaning up the Avengers personal spaces are all ex military with extremely high security clearance. They’ve been there, done that, everywhere around the world. They don’t impress easily, but they’re loyal, and merciless in roasting Tony Stark behind his back or to his face.

Tony likes to say he’s their scratching post. :)

This started from a discussion on tumblr:


you know how there is a bunch of fanfic about the Avengers having big rowdy parties up in Stark Tower and possibly orgies depending on the rating

I am imagining the housekeeping staff coming in the next morning and finding everyone sprawled around in various states of hangover and mess like “ugh, not again”

(Thor is the only true morning person on the squad and also the least vulnerable to fatigue/inebriation so he cheerfully helps “clean” by carting the others off to their rooms so the housekeepers can vacuum)

(the others are not super thrilled about this but it is not like they want to do it themselves so whatever)

(one of them might secretly enjoy it! it is your guess as to who!)

apparently when I get interested enough in a fandom I start wondering what it is like for the cleaning crews who have to deal with the main cast’s bullshit because I have definitely gone off on this tangent for Star Trek before…


(this… um. this is something I could write.)


be my guest! but the housekeeping staff has to be a squad of extremely competent middle - aged ladies who are not fazed by anything but definitely talk the most shit over break

I mean, nothing less would do for Stark Industries HR


(Trust me I know competent shit talking middle aged ladies, being one of the cohort myself. And I always have loved backstage stories.)

they’re Dolores and Chen and Joey and Margaret and Lupita. Someone says, “Hey Dolores! Get a load of THIS!” in a new jersey accent. Possible things: a pile of hork in an interesting location, a pair of Avengers cuddling *unexpected pairing bonus* like Bruce and Clint, Tony and Rhodey, Rhodey and Darcy, Jane does not get left in any compromising positions because Thor tenderly removes her tiny drunken body, flailing and mumbling, to their suite well before any cleaning ladies turn up. The cleaning ladies do not even realize she lives there, though they have observed all sorts of shenanigans.

Of course the cleaning staff for the Avengers personal quarters have the highest possible clearance and the strictest possible screening processes.

What it turns out to be is the cleaning ladies are mostly ex - military who have fallen on hard times. They do sign NDA’s when they are hired, so that means they can not gossip about what they see except amongst themselves, and can not talk to journalists, And they are HARSH, and funny, snarky as hell.

They’ve seen Tony in the most foolish of passed out positions, and have resisted the temptation to take photos (mainly because they have to leave or check all electronics at the desk before they start work.

One of the benefits (aside from amazing ACTUAL benefits) to the position is scoring an annual invitation to the Stark Industries Holiday Gala, formalwear provided, hairdos provided, and Clint and Steve and Thor will always dance with the ladies, because they know them and trust them. Once a year Tony brings each of them a champagne flute, kisses them on the cheek, and takes selfies with the women. He knows how much he owes them. He hears them sometimes as they work around his drunken stupor, he knows they fucking keep their mouths shut and it is not just because he pays them well or because they’ve signed NDA’s.

They’re kind of like a collection of snarky aunties cleaning up after the children who are on holidays after a long hard semester away at school.

these ladies deal really well with the robotic accoutrements Tony is frequently inventing to make their lives easier. They do love the cleaning solutions and the floor scrubbers and polishers and the automatic plant waterers and their job is not really very horrible and they do get an in somewhere that millions of fans wish they could have an in, and they know the Avengers as Mister Stark, Captain Rogers, Agent Barton, Agent Romanov, Agent Coulson, Doctor Banner, Doctor Foster, Miss Lewis, and they just call Thor “Sir” in that way that veterans just give it up to a superior officer who they have reason to respect deeply.

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by @galactic-cam (galactic_cam on ao3) for @slothbeans (slothbeans on ao3) in the @friendly-neighborhood-exchange

the story is here on ao3

Rating: General Audiences

Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark

Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, background May Parker

Summary: Peter Parker had ADHD. He’d never gotten an official diagnosis, and it’d never been on his medical records. All he had was the vague memory of a doctor at his four-year-old check up recommending he get tested - and then his parents dying before the appointment could be made. He’s done his research - there’s nothing else it could be. But he’d adjusted, and he was good at school, so it hadn’t really mattered all that much.

And then, because the spider bite put its greasy little fingers on everything else, it had to grab that, too.

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This one shot literally took so long to write but I’m glad it’s finally finished. I didn’t think I’d ever get it done i stg. Basically Peter starts to remember his parents. 

TW: Panic Attack, Blood, speaking about experimentation/torture.

“Tony, I need your help!!”

It’s 11:00pm on a non-patrol night. Peter is supposed to be in his apartment, it’s not the weekend so he definitely isn’t supposed to be here at night. Tony felt the anxiety build inside of him. hearing Peter ask for help was nearly unheard of, and for him to make an appearance at the lab this late at night was only something he did when injured too badly. This was unusual.

Looking up at Peter, Tony see’s he looks relatively not injured. Though Peter’s look is a cause for concern. He’s wearing pajamas and his face is red. Peter’s still wearing slippers and it’s obvious that he doesn’t have a wallet on him, only his phone. Which means Peter walked to the tower from Queens -as his webshooters are not on his wrists- but he most likely ran, judging by his red face and the beads of sweat on his forehead.

“What’s wrong?”

Tony was quick to move, getting Peter to sit down and drink water. The boys eyes were wide and frightened.

“Okay you’re going to think I’m insane because I think I’m insane but I promise this is real and I need help. Something is suspicious about May. And me. And my parents. Something is wrong Tony. I don’t think I’m unsafe but there’s something wrong here.”

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Author:  SeamSweetheart
Rating: teen
Word Count: 2-5k
Genre(s): romance
Film-specific: post avengers
Tropes: shawarma, the avengers, reunion, tony stark has a heart

Summary:  Tony Stark never thought that he would be someone’s hero. People never see more than the billionaire lets them. It’s a good thing that he has Pepper, who praises him as her own hero, yet keeps him grounded. / Or: The team finally has that Shawarma, meets Pepper and sees a new side of Tony Stark.


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Okay I need help finding two Irondad and Spiderson fics

I don’t remember the names of the fics/authors on AO3 cuz my dumbass forgot to bookmark them so I the fandoms help in searching for them.

The first one is basically a post Endgame/fix it fic it where Flash runs into Tony and Peter getting ice cream at a shop and he is still in denial of them even knowing each other and gets shocked when Tony refer to Peter as his kid.

The second fic being where someone at school (most likely Flash) accuses Peter of being a thief for having the latest Stark phone and goes to the principal’s office cuz one believes it was given to him (except for Ned) where they end up calling the cops and have him questioned and Tony finds out and gets PISSED at the school for accusing his boy to be a thief.

If you could drop the name or link I would greatly appreciate it.

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I am Spider-Man. 

The group moved off of the elevator of the 63rd floor, one of the ones known for the chem research along with tech development. The group followed Olivia as they entered. Peter stayed at the back as usual while the rest rushed to the front.

Olivia did her best to keep the children at bay and looked at Bruce. She found him hunched over at a desk trying to help another intern.

“Hey, Dr. Banner.” Olivia gave a small wave and walked over to the group. He’d just finished with the intern, so it wasn’t a problem. The group’s faces grew with excitement and Peter just sighed.

“Okay everyone, this is Dr. Bruce Banner!” The group began to question the man as fast as they could, progressively getting louder and louder until Olivia finally yelled at the group.

“Please be quiet!” The group immediately got quiet, Bruce’s veins slowly digressing.

“Okay ask your questions slowly and be respectful to Dr. Banner.” The group nodded and Betty was the first to raise her hand.

“Um, Dr. Banner what were you working on?” Bruce began to explain the use of whatever new technology they were working on. Something to do with a new medical adhesive that would repair burnt and damaged skin. Something Peter had originally created for the Spider-man gig. Peter had given Bruce permission to use it but he refused unless Peter got a patent on it.

“Okay, who’s next?” Flash was called on and well…

“Do you know who Peter Parker is?” Bruce’s face thought for a second, not giving away any real emotion.

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Ok so you know tony dosent like to be handed things well I just thought that it was like some child hood trauma to something like he was handed a bomb or something like that. But like what if it’s because everyone tells him he had his life handed to him on a sliver platter, that all his accomplishments are because of Howard and the money he was born into discrediting anything he’s ever done. So what if he says that because he can’t bare to have anything else handed to him because then maybe something he’s done will be him and not because he was born rich.

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Previous Bingo Card: Gender Bend

This was going to be for the No powers tag but I wasn’t sure if since Tony is still Iron Man it would count so I just popped it under Any AU! 

Summary: By day he was billion, superhero, genius, Tony Stark. By night he was barista at The Split Bean coffee shop.

Warnings: references to alcoholism

Title: The Split Bean

Chapter One: Tony Finds a Job

While everyone on Earth knew of his secret identity as Iron Man. No one, not even Pepper, knew of his other secret identity as barista at The Split Bean.

It happened like most things in Tony’s life. A split-second decision followed by a large serving of fate and pure luck.

He’d been alone and slouched over the desk in his lab. One hand held a new prototype of one of the Starkpads he was working on and the other gripped a glass. Tony cracked one bloodshot eye open and stared at the amber liquid swirling around the glass.

Checking with Friday he realized it was past midnight and he had no memory of how long he’d been working or when he’d fallen asleep. That pattern of unawareness; of falling so quickly he wasn’t even aware the ground was gone was becoming tiresome.

Tony was exhausted.

His hands trembled and he watched in stillness as the glass tipped over. Liquid spilled across the table soaking all the papers and equipment in its path. The image burned into his mind as he thought of every way his drinking affected his life. The careful way Pepper folded her napkin over and over at dinner or the eye rolls his employees would when they thought he wasn’t looking when he stumbled in late for a meeting. Rhodey would straight up scold him and he ignored the truth in his friend’s words.

Backing away from the table, Tony stumbled to the window. His hands braced on the glass. The city below buzzed with life. People, subways, billboards. He was distanced from the movement alone in the tower. His heart didn’t beat with the rise and fall of the city’s anymore and the longer he watched it, the more he wanted to down. The more he yearned for some feeling besides the ache habituating in his chest.

In the end it was a piece of cowardice, a lie he told himself, that got him out the door.

You can have one more drink if you walk.

He told himself the phrase with repeated reassurance as he entered the elevator and exited the building. Phone, keys, and jacket all left inside the tower and Tony had never been so untethered. The air swept passed him and through his clothes as he walked.

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mj: iron man has been getting some pretty bad press lately

peter: oh rEally???!?!!?!??

mj: …uh huh

peter: *as spider-man, who has hijacked national news channels to get this message out and does not care about the consequences* hello there SCUM OF THE EARTH WHO HATE ON TONT STARK. you think you have any right or reason to express your negative opinions of this Icon™️?? well i raise you THIS

tony is a words with 4 letters

yanno what other word has 4 letters???


i rest my case! goodnight!! also sorry pepper :)

mj: …

the world: …

shuri, who helped out and is recording because tony is and irondad to child geniuses everywhere FIGHT ME: you’re doing great sweetie

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I used to think the same thing too!

Tony has a habit of overcompensating to make up for his mistakes. I firmly believe he would do everything in his power to try and make it up to Wanda, to and her feel better - especially after Pietro.

He knows it was his weapons that killed her parents, even if he didn’t fire them. And once Wanda realised that it wasn’t him that was dealing under the table, wasn’t him that had sold those weapons to the ones who fired them, she would be more understanding. (She would still hurt, of course. That kind of pain can’t be washed away with gifts, but damn it if Tony wouldn’t give it his best shot)

It may take a while but once they had that conversation, there’s no way Tony could stop himself from caring about her. He may put up a cold front for paparazzi and interviews, but Tony probably has the biggest heart of all the Avengers

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