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#tony stark headcanon

happy halloween week

telling scary stories with them would include…


Originally posted by rdjdad

tony stark:

🎃 Tony is so dramatic. He can’t just tell a normal scary story. Of course he had to have a few special effects

🎃 he uses a bunch of holograms as you sit around the fire and he tries to tell you stories his dad used to tell him

🎃 you have to admit that his tech is a good touch and by the end you are looking over you shoulder to see if a monster is sneaking up on you

🎃 “did I scare you [Y/N]”

🎃 “no!”

🎃 you’re lying of course and Tony knows it, which only boosts his ego


Originally posted by lesbriens

natasha romanoff:

🎃 Natasha has a load of old Russian folklore that she remembers from her childhood. So when it’s time for scary stories she puts them to good use

🎃 as she’s telling you these legends the intense look in her eye sends a shiver up your spine

🎃 you did not expect Nat to freak you out as much as she did but man that woman could be scary when she wanted

🎃 “did I scare you [Y/N]? Don’t worry I’ll keep you safe”

🎃 well how could you pass up an opportunity for Nat to cuddle you for the rest of the night to comfort you. So it’s even if you’re scared it’s a win


Originally posted by starkissedtom

peter parker:

🎃 when you and Peter decide to exchange scary stories on Halloween night you do it to see who can scare the other the most

🎃 Peter is pretty confident when he tells you a story that May told him that freaked him out when he was younger

🎃 when you share a legend that your grandfather had told you though… Peter’s ghostly pale

🎃 he didn’t think you’d be able to scare him so much but holy crap you did

🎃 “Pete are you okay? Woah, are you shaking? Was my story that bad?”

🎃 “c-can we cuddle now?”


Originally posted by riricitaa

bucky barnes:

🎃 Bucky isn’t the biggest fan of scary stories. He has enough nightmares as it is

🎃 so instead you decided to tell some light hearted and even funny Halloween themed stories so you don’t creep out each other

🎃 the two of you spend your time laughing and cuddling by the fire as you tell your goofy tales

🎃 “this is much better than telling scary stories”

🎃 “I agree”


Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

loki laufeyson:

🎃 when telling stories with Loki he quite literally puts on a play for you

🎃 he’d transform himself into different characters as he’s sharing his old Asgardian tale (Loki theatre nerd confirmed)

🎃 having him act everything out only makes the story telling that much scarier. It’s almost impossible for you not to be a little freaked out

🎃 “I assume that I told the best ghost story”

🎃 “it wasn’t a competition but yes I guess you win Loki”

tags: @fangirlsarah16 / @sheridans-dynamos / @shadowcatgirl09 / @johnnyshellby / @locke-writes / @gruffle1 / @randomfandomimagine / @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @lucillethings / @scarletsoldierrr / @kaetastic / @zeldafreak688 / @thebookwormlife / @natasha-danvers / @moonlit-imagines / @bored-green / @lozzypoz321 / @captainshazamerica / @xxxtwilightaxelxxx / @schnapped / @johnmurphyisbisexual / @frenchgirlinlondon / @chxcolxtemilk / @xspideyboyx / @ofthedewthesunlight / @simonsbluee / @brithedemonspawn / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @my-chemical-academia / @big-galaxy-chaos​ / @katconway / @thedarklordapproves / @parkerlovebot / @czarinera

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any time i imagine anything having to do with sex with Tony its always in a public place bc this man has no shame

whether it be the common areas, and this includes the gym, the labs, the kitchen, idk the Avengers house pool he don’t. care!!!

so when Tony’s in a meeting he could care less about, his chair facing towards the glass window panes that let him see the shuffle of employees strolling by to finish tasks his management teams have probably sent them to do, he pushes his head into his open palm, unable to make it any more obvious that he does not want to be here.

until he sees you sauntering past the conference room.

he barely excuses himself as he skirts around the desk, leaving very important people behind as they roll their eyes and huff as he practically runs out the room.

“Hey, baby…”

you yelp as the unexpected voice by your ear makes you stop in your tracks, though you should unsurprised because he does this quite often. “Tony?”

“Who else, sweetheart?” he quips with a small smirk.

you roll your eyes and ignore his comment. “I thought you were supposed to be in a meeting this morning?”

“And?” Tony looks at you with a small grin, hands in his pocket and ready for the next question.

“And… you’re supposed to be—Tony!” you exclaim, watching with incredulous eyes as he slips the file you were holding against your chest and hands it off to some random person passing by. Tony stops the man, slips the file in his hand, and pats his shoulder.

“Take care of that for me, will you?”

“What the fuck, Tony!” you bark, the annoyance in your tone heavily prominent.

“Mm, fuck is right, and speaking of which…” Tony pulls you close, his hands settling on your hips as he plants a soft kiss to your lips.

“Tony…” you warn with a glare. “No.”

and you’re cute girl. you yourself don’t even know why you bother, because he’s got you in his office with your tits out bent over his desk as he slams thick cock into you.he groans, your name leaving his lips in heavy pants as he grips your waist. It only stops when you hear two knocks, and Happy’s voice.

“Hey, Tony it’s Happy,” his muffled voice carries through the door. “Am I clear to come in?”

and the two of you are scrambling to look presentable, arguing in whispers as Tony is trying to fix himself—lazily, might you add, and you’re trying to get those tits back into your bra so you can put your blouse on. when you (barely) accomplish that, Tony pulls you back into his lap and leaves a kiss on your neck before you feel the head of his cock brush past your lips and straight back into you.

“T-Tony, what are you—!”

Sh, sh, sh baby… yeah, Happy all clear!”

and any arguments quickly die on your tongue as you watch and give a twitching smile to Happy as he comes in.

“Hey Boss, nice to see you Y/N.”

all you can do is nod in acknowledgment as you feel the twitching pulse of Tony’s length taking up space in your still creaming cunt. And you know Tony’s being a bastard about it because after answering Happy’s quick question, he decides to engage him in conversation. the prick!!!

and all you can do is sit there and try not to openly cum on his cock. what a day.

👅 It’s Freaky-Deaky Friday!! Send in confessions, your kinks, nsfw thoughts, AND ANY NASTY THOT SHIT 😈

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Originally posted by marveladdicts

A/N: Request: “No getting up, only cuddles. You’re more comfortable than the couch.” “I refuse to let you go-I’m cold.” I did head canons for this one, hope you like it!

Fall Prompts Masterlist

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of sex, no actual smut, fluff.

  • It started when you’d mentioned on one particularly drunken night how much you missed post-sex cuddling with Tony after years of being together.
  • “I miss falling asleep in your arms Tony.”
  • The sex had always been great, but now it was always get back to doing routine things after it was done, with little to no snuggles even while sleeping, which ordinarily was you alone in that large bed while Tony worked till wee hours of the morning in his lab.
  •  After your little confession, Tony made it a point to spend more time with you doing whatever you wanted or doing absolutely nothing.
  • Meaningless TV, watching the sky change colors on off days while lying on the couch together became a regular occurrence.
  • His soft beard tickling against the side of your neck, warm breath fanning against your cheek, steady heartbeat against your back that lulled you to a dreamless, peaceful slumber.
  • So much so that you were starting to believe Tony was secretly enjoying it more than you, but his stubborn self would never admit it.
  • He loved you being the big spoon, it made him feel comforted and safe, something he felt responsible being that for other people.
  • Sometimes it’d get too warm in your cocoon, but you didn’t have the heart to get out of the bubble.
  • “No getting up, only cuddles. You’re more comfortable than the couch.” Tony mumbled into your hair one lazy afternoon, when he was practically lying on top of you and you were about to move away from his warm embrace to get to pee.
  • Winters were an added advantage for the man, he didn’t even try to deny he loved being that close to you anymore. “I refuse to let you go-I’m cold.”
  • Who knew Tony Stark would be such a cuddle bug?
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Stephen siendo médico por vocación, parte 1

Aunque su relación hubiera terminado hace mucho tiempo, y Stephen estaba felizmente casado con Loki, el hechicero no podía evitar preocuparse terriblemente por Anthony.

El menor tenía pésimos hábitos alimenticios, trastorno de estrés post traumático, ansiedad crónica, apenas dormía y se forzaba a seguir mentalmente activo sin importar qué. A Strange le preocupaba como doctor y como amigo, pero sabía que Tony jamás admitiría que necesitaba ayuda o que no dormía, así que se las ingeniaba para hacer visitas casuales a su amigo.

Al menos una vez por semana, le llevaba la cena o pizza y vino asgardiano, quedándose con el hasta que se dormía ebrio o viendo una película.

Las primeras veces, Tony se rehusaba a dormirse y a que Stephen fuera, por que “no necesitaba niñera”. Stephen, enfocado en ser la persona más obstinada que podía, jamás dejo de ir. Eventualmente, Tony se acostumbró a las visitas sorpresas semanales, agradeciendolas en secreto.

Cuando Stephen se quedaba con él, jugando con su cabello hasta que se dormía en el sofá o comentando películas aburridas hasta que sentía la cabeza de Tony caer en su hombro o simplemente acostándose a su lado hasta que se dormía, Tony Stark se sentía protegido.

El hombre que había sido traicionado por todos, atacado en su propia casa y a quien las pesadillas le asaltaban cada vez que cerraba los ojos, dormía plácidamente cuando Strange estaba con él.

El hombre que había perdido todo por su ego, tirado abajo por un accidente para reconstruirse en una persona más atenta al prójimo, sirviendo a un propósito más grande que sí mismo, encontraba satisfactorio el poder hacer que Anthony descansara.

No por que lo amara, no por que estuvieran juntos, no por su vínculo.

Solo por el simple hecho de saber que Strange lo protegería de cualquier cosa, como ya había hecho un millón de veces antes.

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Aw thank you so much!! Hope you like it!! 💖

Okay but what if Tony finds out Jason is Red Hood?


It has been an accidental encounter, Tony isn’t even sure if Jason noticed him, but he knows very well that he saw Red Hood jumping from building to building, looking for the same traffickers as him, but Jason killed them before Tony could do something.

He couldn’t help but following him and what he found next when the guy took of his helmet to breathe some fresh air left him livid, astonished that you, his beautiful daughter, is dating the crazy gun guy.

“Oh shit…” he whispered to himself, unsure of what to think.


“How can you date one of those batkids?” Tony asked, mesmerized of your boldness and at the huge man you got as a boyfriend. You knew he wasn’t in the best terms with Batman, Tony was tired of being compared to him and his meetings weren’t so pleasant either.

“Dad, you’re exaggerating.” You said, already tired of this conversation. You knew that Tony had the best intentions, but this was getting irritating.

“Red Hood is a good guy.” The poker face of Tony was a prove that you didn’t convince him.“C'mon, the man does his best to keep Gotham safe! He keeps the criminals at bay-”

“By killing them!” Tony emphasized.“ Okay, yeah, maybe that goth city is better with him around, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s dangerous.”

Tony wanted to keep arguing, showing you how dangerous would be to date someone like him, the crazy guy with guns and once sidekick of no one but the bat.

However, Morgan’s cries for her dessert was starting to make noise.“ Why can’t you date someone like Peter? The guy is cute and there’s no killing…” he muttered to himself once he was away from you.

•It would take some time for Tony to fully accept Jason, time a slap of reality from Pepper.

•Then he will understand that no matter how many times he tries to get you to get away from him, you will not listen.

•The least thing on his mind is draw you away from him, you were his daughter, the light in his life besides of Morgan, he couldn’t bare the idea of losing you.

•Tony does his best to jot be so pitiful with Jason around, he dosen’t want to upset you or start a drama between you two.

•At least Jason and Tony shares the same goal of keeping you safe and sound.

• Your dad appreciates when Jason assures that he will do his best to keep you safe in Gotham, for keeping his sanity Tony believes him, but that doesn’t stop him from flying to your appartment to check how you doing.

•It’s funny to see them try to interact with each other. In one hand we have Jaybird who doesn’t fully understand what’s going on, but he wants to be polite and in the other hand we have Tony whose doing his damn best to find a decent topic to talk about.

•They will talk about books, yeah both of them have read them and Tony remembers vaguely that you said that Jason was a bookworm.

“Sooo do you like Shakespeare??”

•Yeah, Tony will try to get along with your boyfriend, but don’t force him to do the same with the batfam. He dosen’t hate the bat, but he isn’t his biggest fan either.

Dc Tag list: @bathroom-sand @aterriblelangblr @helpmesavetheworld @simpery @pugart @strangerthings14 @hannah7656 @jyarumu0619 @lvlyab @kellieriddle96 @adarksoul098 @rosethegothamhistorynerd @duckmylife18 @panic-attheplace @malfoys-demigod @darkraven197 @magicisabluewish @hamdehlesmis @lucy-roo @lovelyartemisa @missmaskedwriter @c0-77 @ginevraxrogers @imagines-fluff-yandere-smut @shadygoateeprincess @nervousfandom @ghost-bitch @silverw19 @thegirlwholovesbooksblog @astroherogirl @hecatemacbeth7 @unknowntoanyone @mistalli @screechingghostbananafarm @psych0crybaby @barnowl48 @waroncheer @lady-stirling @mayempress

Marvel tag list: @nervousfandom @thereisapineappleupmyass @mukelovers @pretendthisusernameisgoodd @miliablr @unknowntoanyone @psych0crybaby @gigi-is-confused @shadygoateeprincess @skellyagogo @isometimeswrite132 @psycho-on-thephone @smol-flower-kiddo @cheezbot @pixievengance97 @ghost-bitch @lovelyartemisa @bluishdeath34 @mistalli

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Avengers Headcanon: Tony finds so much comfort in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He didn’t really grow up eating them, but it’s something specific, something close, that reminds him so much of being a kid in general. Hands sticky with jelly, peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth, the smooshing the bread down, there’s something warming about it all. When he can’t manage to change his clothes or shower, when he can’t bear to leave his lab, when his mind is too overpowering to sleep, it’s the only thing he can manage. Making a PB&J sandwich. It’s the only thing he eats and makes that isn’t exhausting. It’s one of few things that make him feel good when he’s in those kinds of moods.

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F.R.I.D.A.Y, I’m in Love (Tony Stark x reader)

GIF by @ruinedchildhood

Warnings: brief mentions of alcohol, food. One swear.

A/n: thanks so much for this HC request, Anon! So excited to write a lil sthg for Tony and this concept is so cute! Actually, I have a lot of unpublished Tony fics I might blast out one day. I can’t tell you how much I love this man. Really.


Originally posted by moodbig

  • You don’t know why you started talking to Friday, exactly. One day Tony had been riling you up with his antics, and you made an off-hand comment -under your breath to yourself- after he stormed out of the lab. You had been shocked when Friday replied to you, but the dry humour in her response had made you chuckle. Plus it had felt good to vent to someone.
  • Since then, in your first few months of working for Stark Industries, you formed a habit of venting to Friday. Not all the time- only whenever Tony was irritating, snarky, drunk, annoying, hangry, self-destructive, hungover, reckless, infuriating, stubborn, rude, or selfish… which, ok, you vented to Friday a helluva lot, actually.
  • Sometimes, Friday felt a bit like a friend. You justified it because you objectively knew she was “just” an AI, but you had formed a weird attachment to her. It could be lonely in the city, and, turns out that eccentric billionaire superhero bosses aren’t always the best company.
  • One day, as you sat yabbering to Friday on your lunch break, you had a terrible thought which felt like a stone dropping through your stomach. “Wait, Friday- you don’t tell Tony what I say about him, do you?” Your nails dug into your palms as you awaited her response- some of your words had been less than kind, in the heat of the moment, but you needed this job. Loved this job. You certainly didn’t want your boss to discover your track record of insults and fire you. Friday replied “Technically, I can’t keep anything from the boss, but he’d have to ask me a very specific question if he wanted conversation transcripts.” You had smiled. You were safe then, because Tony was never going to ask Friday anything about you. You were just his lab assistant, after all.
  • Over time, though, you saw a different side to Tony. You still thought he was annoying, reckless, and snarky, for sure, but you also discovered he was good. He was generous, he was giving. Funny. Heroic. Loyal. And boy, he was a flirt. You had grown to care deeply for him. So, sometimes, in idle conversation with Friday, you would chat about how much you missed him, if he was away. About how he made you laugh. About how hot he was. About how worried you were at the thought of losing him if he never came back from a mission. It was good to vent to someone. After all, you could never tell Tony how you felt about him. Not ever.
  • Sometimes, you must have forgotten that Friday wasn’t really your friend, and you told her a little too much. Told her about your feelings for Tony. Told her about your insecurities and how he’d never be interested in a woman like you anyway. How he flirted with everyone and that you were sure he could never see you as anyone special. Certainly not special enough for him.
  • One day, you are eating lunch like usual, and Tony waltzes in earlier than expected, catching you mid-sentence in conversation to Friday. You jump when you spot him standing behind you. “Look at this. Both my girls getting on,” he jokes, drumming his fingers over his arc reactor as his face splits into a slightly mocking smile, a little crinkle in his nose and crow’s feet radiating from around his whiskey eyes. “You always talk to Friday?” You had become good friends with Tony, but you still got shy around him sometimes, and you fluster your words and grab up some papers, making excuses to take your leave.
  • Curiously watching you go, Tony straddles a chair backwards and begins chewing on a pen, one arm resting on the chair back. Then a thought occurs to him. “Hey, Friday. Does she talk to you a lot?” “We’re firm friends, boss.” “Huh,” he replies. “Then does she ever talk about me?” “You’re not going to like it,” Friday warns.
  • Interest piqued, Tony asks his AI what you’ve said about him, and asks Friday to run an analysis of her logs. Turns out, Friday’s not your friend after all, because apparently she can’t keep your secret. “Sentiment analysis of our conversations suggests she has romantic feelings for you, but doesn’t think she’s good enough for you to reciprocate, boss. Which is contradictory data, because she also thinks you’re a bit of an arsehole.” “Hey!” Tony defends. “She’s not wrong” the AI sasses.
  • Tony is shocked to find out you like him too, but even more shocked to find out that you don’t think you’re good enough for him. It’s the other way around. He’s just some schmuck with a laundry list of mistakes and a Tom-Ford-pocket-full-of nightmares. He doesn’t deserve you. The most perfect woman this playboy has ever encountered.
  • The next time you’re in the lab, eating lunch, Tony arrives early again, and greets you by throwing your lunch abruptly in the bin. “You know, in some cultures that’s considered rude,” you state, looking at him agape. “Got something better,” he promises with a sniff which tugs on lip- his nervous tell. He produces a gourmet lunch for two, from one of the fancy Italian restaurants down the street. You’re a little shocked but you smile as he takes a stool on the other side of the lab bench to eat with you. He looks into your eyes, squinting at you through those stupid designer frames he hasn’t taken off yet.
  • You don’t know it, but in that moment, Tony resolves to let you know just how wonderful you are. Over and over again, until you believe him. And then some more.
  • You enjoy your lunch, and Tony is significantly less obnoxious than usual. It unsettles you. Clearly he’s up to something. “This was fun, right? I’m not always an asshole?” You look at him curiously, with a gentle, teasing smile. “You have your moments.” “Great, you’ll be up for date two then. Happy will pick you up at nineteen hundred hours. This Friday. Wear something slu… you know what, wear whatever you want, you’ll look great.” He barrels through his words, adjusting his tie, then he barrels out of the lab before you can even comprehend what happened. Did… did that just happen?
  • You gotta ask. “Friday, was he joking? Did Tony Stark just ask me on a date?”
  • Friday is supposed to keep Tony’s secrets… but she’s also supposed to act in his best interests. That’s what friends do… or at least, programmed AIs. “Sentiment analysis tells me he’s serious. Which makes a f*cking change.” Wow. When did Tony add those language mods?!
  • Well. Wow. That’s it then. You have a date with Tony Stark. On Friday. You. You didn’t think you were good enough for him, but clearly he has other ideas.
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  • He’d be super snobby when you’d show him at first. All eyebrow raises and rolling eyes. Too cool to listen to the mainstream.
  • “I don’t know, she’s a bit too pop for my tastes”
  • You’d force him to listen to songs in the car though, ignoring his complaints. He knew that dissing your music taste riled you up. He loved to rile you up.
  • “C’mon, put on some real music”
  • “Taylor is a fucking prodigy and your fat ego is warping your perspective”
  • He’d give you so much grief about her music that you’d end up listening to her to spite him. Because he genuinely did seem to dislike it.
  • When you head down to his lab in the early hour of the morning, set upon dragging his insomniac brain to bed, the sight you saw made you half stunned, half fucking delighted
  • Tony Stark - fucking iron man - shaking his hips and singing along to TSwiz. What a blessing.
  • He knew every word, his voice breaking when the singer hit a particularly high note, his brow creasing as the song climaxed
  • “Boys only want love if it’s torture, don’t say I didn’t - say I didn’t warn yaaaa!
  • When the song came to a close, your cackling made him whip around to face you like he’d been burned
  • “You’re a fucking swifty!” You yelled, practically jumping up and down in delight. You’d be able to hold this over him for years-
  • “Fuck off, it’s catchy,” he huffed, shoulders pressing back in a hopeless effort to maintain some dignity. He went back to his work, waiting for you to carry on with whatever you were up to. Waiting for the whole event to be swept under the rug
  • Then Shake It Off began to play, his panicked eyes flicking back over to your ecstatic ones
  • “Don’t start-“

Send me Tony headcanons! 😈

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Warnings: over protectiveness, controlling partner

  • Holy fuck, insanely overprotective Tony could definitely be a thing, especially if there was a hefty age gap between the two of you
  • Tony had lost a few too many people in his life, so you can understand why he’d be anxious
  • But sometimes it fucking got on your nerves.
  • Someone makes a slightly off-colour statement towards you? He verbally tears them a new asshole
  • A man’s gaze lingers on you for a moment too long? He gets all puffed up and threatening, tries to shield you from their gaze.
  • You’d have to put your foot down at some point - call him out on his controlling behaviour and let him know you weren’t going to put up with it
  • But then he’d attach his lips to your neck and his hands to your waist. He could be very convincing when he wanted to be
  • His protective streak would definitely make good fuel for the bedroom
  • “Let me take care of you”
  • “I’ve got you”
  • “My good girl”
  • Eventually you’d chill him out - reassure him that you weren’t going anywhere, that he could take a breath and relax. Because while the novelty of over protectiveness is fun, the reality can be really fucking infuriating and degrading and totally not okay. Knowing your boundaries and respecting other’s boundaries is good 👏 shit 👏
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Warnings: 18+ smut, swearing.


Originally posted by robertdowneyjjr

  • Domesticity turned Tony on. He wasn’t exactly sure why. Probably something to do with the normalcy, a comforting constrast to the misadventures that made up his life.
  • So, the sight of you making the both of you a coffee - eyes still heavy with sleep and dressed in nothing but his worn MIT sweater and panties - well, he had to bite back a groan.
  • “Well, good morning,” he’d smirk, stepping into your space and pressing himself up against your back, letting you feel how you’d turned him on.
  • You’d roll your eyes, blindly smacking his thigh and trying to shake him off. “Tony, I need coffee. Keep it in your pants.”
  • He’d groan, rolling his hips into your backside as an attempt at convincing you.
  • It would work - it always did - and soon enough he’d have you bent over the granite countertop, coffee going cold but your cheeks turning warm, his fingers pushed into your cunt and fucking you slowly.
  • It would be difficult to stay standing when he brought you to orgasm - used to fooling around in his bed or on the couch. But fuck, when he’d finally start fucking you the extra effort was worth it; he was able to get more leverage while standing. You’d be shuddering our another forceful high in a ridiculously short amount of time
  • He’d bunch up the sweater you were wearing - his sweater - so that he could watch where he was fucking into you. The sight alone would bring him to the edge. One last squeeze around him would topple him over, a long groan spilling from his lips as he came
  • Afterwards, you’d lay your hot cheek on the cool countertop. He’d pull out of you and gently tap your hip.
  • His breathless voice: “Alright time for caffeine. Get it together (Y/N)”

Send me Tony Headcanons! 😈

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Random Tony Stark and sharing a bed with him headcanons for your enjoyment. Leaving out a ship here on purpose, because it’s for all ships out there. ;3

- The arc reactor glows. All night. It’s annoying. Does Tony sleep like a princess with a sleepmask? Probably.

- The arc reactor is hard and cold and probably like cuddling up to a pan.

- The arc reactor however hums very very quietly and you only hear it when it’s very very silent and it is kinda soothing.

- The arc reactor’s quiet humming also replaces Tony’s heartbeat, because no way you actually can feel or hear that behind that huge tech-thing in his chest.

- Tony sometimes wakes up with sudden piercing heartpains, when he moves bad in his sleep and one of those shards touches something. He always assures everyone it’s absolutely nothing tho and will get angry and leave if you keep prying.

That’s it for now. Thank you.

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Drabbles & Oneshots

At a Loss (xSon!Michael Langdon)

  • Tony worries for Michael’s safety.

Time (xSon!Michael Langdon)

  • Michael finds a solution five years after the initial snap.

Relinquished (xSon!Michael Langdon)

  • Michael makes the ultimate sacrifice during the events of Endgame.

Michael Stark (xSon! Michael Langdon)

  • Tony offers Michael the opportunity of a lifetime.

Surprise! (xSon! Michael Langdon)

  • Michael, Peter, and Xavier surprise Tony during Father’s Day.

Forgiveness (Avenger! Xavier x Bucky Barnes)

  • Xavier takes Bucky to Tony’s home to apologize for everything he had done in the past.

Story Time (Avenger! Michael Langdon)

  • Tony tells his children the story of when he was a playboy.

More Than Enough

  • Natasha and Tony attend his funeral after the events of Endgame.
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You bet your ass Tony Stark still buys (he’s not dead if I don’t talk about it, he’s not dead if I don’t talk about it, he’s not dead if I don’t talk about—) Pepper strawberries for their anniversary, and you bet your ass he fan girls over her for the entirety of the day (just more intensely than everyday). 




Frostiron is still cool though.

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You’re also the only person who can tell FRIDAY to shut down his lab so he’s forced to go to sleep. You usually don’t have to resort to that, but it has happened on occasion

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Oh, absolutely. There’s that meme about Peter saying he wants McDonald’s and Tony buys the company instead of buying food and Peter’s like wtf not what I meant and he 10000000% is like that with you.

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Why do I feel like at some point Tony Stark was tired of peeing his pants in the suit when he’s drunk, so he drunkenly decided to add a box so he can pee comfortably.

……Except the pee ejected itself, hitting horrified innocent people. You can only imagine the following conversations between him and Pepper.

Tony: Look, I just don’t understand what the problem is, it’s the perfect answer to everything!

Pepper: *while paying off the traumatized pissed-on people* What do you mean you don’t see the problem!

Tony: I don’t!

Pepper: Tony! One of them had his mouth open! Someone had to taste your pee!

Tony: Well, they should honestly consider themselves lucky! I don’t sell that shit on eBay for free!

Pepper: YOU WHAT!!

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Okay hear me out. Irondad Neverending Story AU

  • Peter is a bullied kid who steals a book and hides from his bullies and reads
  • He is transported into Fantasia, the land of the story
  • He is tasked with helping a warrior, Tony, to find the the five stones to stop Fantasia from being destroyed
  • At first Tony is annoyed by the kid, how he won’t shut up about how cool everything is
  • But as they journey across the country, Tony finds a soft spot for him
  • They try to cross the Swamps of Sadness and Peter is almost taken by the swamp, his heart full of Sadness, but Tony pulls him free
  • Their quest takes them to find a man called Strange who gives them one of the stones
  • He then directs them that the next two stones will be found on the far side of the continent
  • Tony and Peter feel hopeless, that they’re going to run out of time before they can find all the stones.
  • Then comes Falkor! (I’m to tired to think of who that would be)
  • There’s an epic scene of them flying and Tony realizes that he’s never heard Peter laugh until now
  • They arrive on the other side of the continent and meet a man named Thor who says that the next two stones are hidden behind a mirror and to receive the stones, one must accept their true self.
  • Peter volunteers to try the test and looks in the mirror
  • He finds himself staring at and image of him in the real world, hiding from bullies and tells Tony about his real self, how he’s a coward.
  • Tony hugs him and they get the stones
  • Only two stones left.
  • On their way to find the next stones, Peter gets separated from Tony. He falls down a cliffside and is knocked unconscious
  • When Peter wakes up he is still alone, but in the abandoned ruins of a city.
  • He comes face to face with Thanos who tells him that none of this is real, that it’s just Peter’s imagination that created this world and that he himself is representative of Peter’s fears and hopelessness
  • Peter cries that it doesn’t matter if it’s all fake because it makes Peter feel safe and wanted and that’s something he’s never felt in the real world
  • He fights Thanos and grabs the stone he has
  • As Thanos falls, Tony appears and quickly throws Peter on the back of his horse
  • They ride like the wind back to the Empress, Pepper
  • They kneel before her, giving her the four stones, and Peter apologies for failing the quest.
  • Pepper shakes her head and pulls Peter to his feet. She touches his chest and slowly the last stone appears as if it’s coming from Peter’s heart.
  • With all five stones Pepper is able to save Fantasia from destruction, but she tells Peter that it’s time to go home
  • Peter cries and clings to Tony, he doesn’t want to leave
  • Tony gently kisses the top of his head and tells him that he’s not going anywhere, that Tony will always be part of him
  • Comforted by the words, Peter leaves Fantasia
  • Back in the real world, Peter finds the strength to stand up to his bullies, finding Tony spirit still inside him, just like his promised

The end

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