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#tony stark imagine
ginas-imagine-blog · 2 years ago
Flash : You don’t HAVE a father.
Tony, showing up 5 seconds later, blasting through the wall : The fuck did you say you little shit
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 years ago
Peter: Why isn’t the statue smirking at me?
Y/N: It isn’t smirking at anyone, they’re all just imagining it.
Loki: Four of us saw it, Y/N. How do you explain that?
Y/N: *Points at Tony* Sleep deprivation. *Points at Natasha* Paranoid. *Points at Thor* Delusional personality disorder.
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lesbian-deadpool · 6 months ago
Peter, to The Avengers: Hey guys, wanna play a game?
Tony: Sure. What game?
Peter: It’s called “The Avengers Or Food”. I tell you things Y/N has said, and you have to guess if they said it to us or food.
Natasha: This doesn’t sound hard at all.
Peter: You sure? Quote one: “I would die for you.”
The Avengers: 
Natasha, under her breath: Fuck.
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fafulous · 2 years ago
I cannot fucking bELIEVE THAT THIS IS A DELETED SCENE and what makes me lose my shit more is that BUCKY BARNES-
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thegetawaywriter · 2 years ago
Last Update: June 25, 2021
WARNING: Please, do not translate and post my fics on another platform like Ao3, Wattpad or whatever kids are using these days. I never gave permission to that. Please respect my wishes and my art. Feel free to comment, share, reblog.
If you like my writing feel free to contributte with my Ko-Fi
A/n: *means smut 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
The one shots order are listed from the first one I’ve wrote to the newest one. The series I’ve wrote is at the bottom of this post.
Tumblr media
Mono: Y/N got mono while Steve is on a mission, when he comes back he takes care of her.
Misunderstanding: Y/n is secretly in love with Steve, how will she react when she sees him kissing Sharon?
Adjusting: Y/n help Steve adjust to the new world after he defrosts, eventually feelings get in the way.
The First Time*: Y/n loses her virginity to Steve. This is purely smut, only read if you are 18+. (This works as a stand alone, but you can also read with the series The one that got away, you can find the series below).
Fondue: A fluff Steve x Peggy oneshot set in the war and after the war. (requested by the lovely @cevansgirl)
Grandma Memories: Steve wants to meet Y/n family, she tells him about how her grandma used to.
Late night comfort: Y/n takes care of Steve after he got home tired, mentally and phisically injured.
Couvade Syndrome*: Y/n is unexpectedly pregnant, Steve secretly wanted babies but it wasn’t in their plans yet. 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Bikini doubt: Y/n hasn’t been to the ocean and the pool for a long time, she isn’t sure about her swimming skills and doesn’t know if she could wear a bikini or swimsuit. Steve is all fluff with her.
Time to go: Y/n is called to help the Avengers to fight Thanos creatured, will she and Steve get back together?
Afraid of the dark: Y/n tells Steve she’s afraid of the dark.
Silent night*: Steve is not the same guy before the snap, he’s shutting everyone down. His relationship with Y/n is almost non-existent. What will happen when he has to fight another battle? 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
That time of month: Steve comes home from a mission to find Y/n clingy and on her period.
New Year’s Eve Ptsd: Steve is been suffering from his ptsd, how will he deal with fireworks on New Year’s Eve?
Hey: Y/n was going to meet Tony and Pepper but on the way she and Steve suffers a car crash.
Hijack: Y/n and Steve gets captured by Hydra, he believes she’s being tortured but turns out she’s just tied to a chair.
Almost: Y/n almost die on a mission protecting Steve, when she wakes up she confess she loves him.
Birthmark: A fluff short imagine where Steve traces Y/N birthmark in bed.
I’ll Never Love Again: A Y/n x Steve oneshot inspired by Lady Gaga’s song.
“I keep telling everybody they should move on, some do, but not us.”: A Y/n x Steve oneshot where she tells him to go to bed. This is set 5 years after the snap, Steve and Y/n have a daughter. 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Wanna fight?: Y/n is jealous of Steve and Carol’s friendship.
Getaway weekend: Steve shows up at your work surprising you to a getaway trip to the Grand Canyon. All fluff.
Bodysuit*: a drabble where Y/n buys a sexy body suit. 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Mirror: Reader comforts Steve, based on the mirror scene of the endgame trailer.
Neighboors: Steve has a crush on his neighboor, based on a gifset from  CATWS.
Can I come in? Reader finally opens up to Steve about her father having touched innappropiately. (This was a request, mentions of abuse, this might be a trigger for someone.)
Choices:  instead of staying in the past after returning the stones Steve gets back to his girlfriend in the present.
Who’d Have Known: A Steve Rogers x female reader fluff oneshot based on the Who’d Have Known by Lily Allen.
Nightgown*: this was a request but turned to be more like a drabble/imagine than a oneshot where Steve fucks reader from behind, this is super short. 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Littlest Things: this is a fluff fic based on the song Littlest Things by Lily Allen.
Complicated Love: Y/n gets hurt in one of hers and Steve training sessions.
Tale as old as time: Steve proposes to Y/n at Be Our Guest restaurant in Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World)
“Whoa, what the…did you just kiss me?” : This was based on a prompt request!
Family friend: Steve is friend with Y/n’s family, cute stuff the first time he makes a move. Super cute, waking up in bed together on a cold day.
“There is a rat in my bathroom”: Y/n calls Steve in the middle of the night to help her get rid of a rat.
Home: Y/n has a shitty day, Steve makes is better.
Soooo, what kind of cake do you want?* Y/n and Steve bake a cake together, in the morning of his birthday things get heat it up. This is smut. 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Not that drunk: Y/n wants to get drunk before her birthday, at the end of the night Steve takes care of her.
Freezing: The heater isn’t working and Y/n almost freezes, lucky for her Steve shows up.
Lazy Sunday Morning: this could be a Steve Rogers, Chris Evans or Ari Levinson drabble. Pick whoever you like and make it about damn.
Come to bed, I need you: Y/n had a rough week and Steve goes to her house to help her relax.
The goodbye: Steve has one last mission before he retires, his daughter Sarah is worried about this last one.
School’s First day: Sarah doesn’t want to go to her first day at school.
what you doing?* Fingering!! This is smut. 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Rainy morning: Cuddling with Steve on the couch on a rainy morning.
Mornings: Just a cute and soft imagine with Steve.
“That's a month, right?”: Steve with a baby daughter, fluff.
“Right. Friends.”: Steve takes Sharon to a party but gets together with Y/n.
Cheating: Y/n thinks her dad is cheating on her mom, Steve comforts her.
I’ll be home for Christmas: based on the song. Fluff christmas oneshot.
“You had a bad day too.”: Y/n and Steve take care of each other after a long day.
Uncle Bucky: Bucky becomes the godfather of your and Steve’s daughter.
Wakanda: Y/n has a nightmare with Steve.
Yes, you’re lovely, with your smile so warm: Steve and Y/n dance in their appartment to The Way you look tonight byt Frank Sinatra.
Tiny little thing*: Steve is a rich man who always had a crush on you. 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Double Trouble!!! * Reader has a threesome (Steve Rogers x Female Reader x Andy Barber ) 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
America’s Golden Boy:  Steve and Y/n have feelings for each other.
“I can’t with her anymore”*: Steve is mad at Y/n, the sexual tension is over the rood when they end up stuck with the team on a remote island. 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Tumblr media
(HC) Steve being protective of his girlfriend
(HC) Steve proposing in Firenze
(HC) Instructor teaching the Avengers to dance, I mean Steve
(HC) Steve and Y/n kiss at New Year’s Eve “Roaring 20s” theme party
(HC) Steve being jealous of Bucky
(HC) Steve painting his daughter’s nails
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader, Scott Summers x Female reader
Warnings: language, mentions of death, infinity war, smut, implied smut, slightly smut.
Summary:  Y/n is Steve Rogers ex-girlfriend and after she starts working with Tony Stark, a couple of knowing faces return to her life. How will she  face seeing old acquaintances? Oh boy, wouldn’t you like to know?
Status: completed
Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven
Bonus Chapters: The First Time* (it used to be a 2 part chapter, but tumblr allowed me to join them). 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Tumblr media
Double Trouble!!! Reader has a threesome (Steve Rogers x Female Reader x Andy Barber ) 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Surprise: Reader has a threesome (Andy Barber x Female Reader x Bucky Barnes) 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Couch fun: Reader rides Andy on her couch. (Andy Barber x Female Reader) 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Tumblr media
Andy’s favorite way to spend a quiet evening in with you  (Andy Barber x Female Reader)
Andy wants to meet his girls family but there’s always a reason why not a (Andy Barber x Female Reader)
Running errands with Andy and he’s in a mood and can’t keep his hands to himself  (Andy Barber x Female Reader) 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Fake dating interrupted (Andy Barber x Female Reader) 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Ice (Andy Barber x Female Reader) 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Andy Barber x Female Reader
Warnings: language, smut 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+), sex
Summary: Y/n (26) had to move back to her parents house to save money after losing her job. She meet her dad’s new coworker who is 36 and falls in love with him. I made Andy new to the family so it wouldn’t be weird the fact he is her dad’s friend.
Status: completed! (I think)
Meet Cute: Y/n and Andy meet.
Swimming: This takes place after they meet.
Taking care of: Y/n gets sick and Andy takes care of her.
Sunset: Andy shares with Y/n what happened to his wife.
First Date: not what you think it is!
New Year’s Eve: will they share a midnight kiss?
The Ride: Y/n is mad at Andy and he finally opens up about how he feels.
“Am I your first?”*: their first time...  smut 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Something new: Y/n wants to try something new in bed. smut 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Happy Birthday: Andy goes to Y/n’s birthday party
The Visit: Andy spends the night at your house. smut 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
The Suspicion: Andy thinks Y/n’s dad suspects something is going on.
The Massage: Andy is too stressed, Y/n spoils him with a massage. implied smut 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
The Anniversary: Y/n comforts Andy because of Laurie’s death.
“Can we talk?”: Y/n is late.
The Fight: Y/n’s family discover she is dating Andy. (mentions of abuse, this might be a trigger to someone)
The accident: car crash. (Might be a trigger to someone)
Quarantine: dirty talk. 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Tumblr media
Can’t sleep?: Scott tries to cheer Y/n up after a mission. (Scott Summers  x Female Reader)  18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Goddman: Based on the first Endgame trailer which Tony is stuck in space after infinity war, trying to send a message for Pepper. (Tony Stark x Pepper Pots)     
Uncle Bucky: Bucky becomes the godfather of your and Steve’s daughter.
(HC) being BFFs with Nick and he is so in love with you and something super random and adorable makes him blurt it out or kiss you or something. (Nick Vaughan x Female Reader)
Accidentally waking Ari up in the middle of the night because you can’t sleep * drabble (Ari Levinson x Female Reader) 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Do you wanna help me with the zipper? in which reader helps Johnny with the zipper (Johnny Storm x Female Reader) 18+ (do not read this if you’re not 18+)
Help: Y/n is depressed she needs help (Ransom Drysdale x Female Reader)
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aparadoxsstuff · a month ago
“some of the guys use them as paperweights”
- the most heartbreaking statement in the MCU
My bois Natasha and Tony, the heart and soul of MCU, didn’t die for f*ckin paperweights
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just-my-fandom · 2 years ago
Stay on the Bus (Peter Parker x Stark! Reader)
Request; Angsty Peter!!! Okay here I go, reader and peter have been dating for a good two ish years, shes a superhero like Peter and is Tonys daughter. She risked herself to save the world and almost dies in peters arms and its just saddd but Tony can save her???
Tumblr media
"Y/N? Y/N, can you hear me?"
The tickle of your hair on your face drags you from your unconsciousness, face twisting in pain at the sharp daggers in your side,
"Hey," A voice drags out softly, soothing you when you emit a whimper, "Hey, I'm right here, it's Peter,"
A hand from the voice cups the back of your head, resting in against their chest so you could hear their thudding heart beat,
You let your eyelids pull open, taking in a deep breath and exhaling sharply at the burns,
"Peter?" You question, hand clutching at the suit holding onto you and eyes searching for the voice, "Peter,"
"I'm right here," The superhero tugs off his mask, brown eyes meeting yours to reveal harsh tears, "Im right here Y/N I promise,"
"It hurts," You release a soft sob, Peter brushing hair from your eye's to cup the side of your face, holding it close to his,
"I know," He breathes out a trembling breath, "M-Mr. Stark will be here soon, he's going to help you,"
You shake your head, feeling the tear that slid down Peters cheek fall onto yours, "Dad can't help me,"
"Don't say that," Peter swallows, rocking you slowly to ease you, "Its going to be okay, we'll go back home and we'll be with Ned and MJ again,"
"We should have stayed on the bus," You crack a smile, Peter breaking a laugh and you shut your eye's,
"Kid!" Tony lands on his feet yards away from the two teenagers, Rhodey following quick behind,
"Mr. Stark," Peter looks up at the man in the armor, "She needs help,"
"Karen, check vitals," Tony kneels down at your other side, hand at the wound,
"She is suffering from blood loss, a minor conscusion, a broken wrist, and needs to seek immediate hospitality,"
Tony glances to the side, cursing beneath his breath, "We can't just walk into a hospital in our armor,"
"Mr. St-stark? She's not waking up," Peters panicked and red brimmed eye's look up at Tony, tightening around you, "You have to help her, please, I can't lose her too, Mr. Stark, I just can't,"
"Kid," Tony alerts firmly, eyes sharp, "I'm going to need you to remain calm, for my daughter. You understand? We're going to take her back to my house and aid her there. But you have to go home and tell May you're safe,"
"And leave her?" Peter stammers, a tear falling down his chin, "She risked her life for us, I-I'll call May, tell her Im okay,"
"May needs to see you in person, Peter," Tony growls, "I know you're upset, but you need to trust me,"
"Okay," Peter exhales deeply, slowly letting Tony pull you up bridal style,
"I'll send you the address to my house," Tony nods once, "She'll be okay, kid,"
"Is she alive?"
Tony looks over at the quiet voice at the door, Morgan peaking inside of the bedroom that had a hospitalized device beeping off the sidelines,
Tony forces a chuckle at his daughters question, nodding and extending a hand, "She is,"
"All because you saved her?" Morgan asks, and Tony pulls her up onto his lap, eyes drifting to the girl curled into her blanket, breaths steady,
"I guess I wasnt ready to stop being a superhero huh?" Tony brushes hair from Morgans face, "Wheres your mom, eh?"
"Mommy and Uncle Steve are making lunch with Peter," Morgan answers, smiling, "Cheeseburgers,"
"Ugh, my favorite," Tony sighs, and kisses Morgans cheek, "Why dont you go help them with lunch while I wait for sissy to wake up?"
"Okay!" Morgan giggles, jumping down and taking off out of the bedroom, yelling for Pepper downstairs,
Tony exhales, gaze moving over when you inhale deeply, eyes slowly peeling open, "Dad?" You slowly turn onto your back, looking around, "Where am I?"
"Hey, sweetheart," Tony stands up, crouching down onto the bed next to you, "You're back home. The battles over,"
"Did I do it?" You swallow through your dry throat, rubbing your eye out of exhaustion, "Did I beat Thanos?"
"You did," Tony chuckles weakly, leaning down to kiss your forehead, "How do you feel?"
"Refreshed," You sigh out, and Tony leans back, grinning,
"You should be. You slept for a full three days," He raises an eyebrow, and your eyes widen, looking around again,
"Where is everyone? Are they okay? Peter?"
Tony instantly reaches forward, hands at your shoulders when you begin to sit up, "Hey hey, easy. You still have major injuries. They're all okay, promise. Peter and Steve are downstairs,"
"Thank God," You rest your forehead at his shoulder, Tony placing a hand on your head to hokd you close against him, "I didnt want to die for nothing,"
"First off, you didnt die," Tony points a finger, "Second off, you dont understand how pissed off I am at you for doing that,"
"Sorry," You frown, and Tony sighs, kissing your forehead a second time,
"I forgive you. But no superheroing for a good while," He pulls away, just when you pout,
"Should have seen that coming," You groan as you stand up, Tony taking the hand that didnt have a brace on it,
"I feel like Ive been hit by a bus," You whine, "Dad, save me,"
"Ive already saved your ass once, no more please,"
You snort, Tony chuckling as you step into the kitchen in slow footsteps, all eyes turning to you,
"Sissy!" Morgan squeals, cheeseburger stuffed in her face, "You're not dead!"
"Sure hope not," You laugh, Pepper instantly coming up to cup your face, staring at you before tugging you forward, releasing a sob,
"Im okay Pep," You smile, wrapping your arms around your mother figure, "Im okay,"
"What were you thinking?" Pepper leans back, eyes darting between yours, "You almost died, Y/N. Do you not understand how much that would have effected your father?"
You nod, and Pepper sighs, curling hair behind your ear, "Please, start being more careful,"
"I will," You smile, and she steps back when Steve comes up, his more built figure making you sink back,
"Are you mad at me too?" You ask quietly, Steve looking at Tony then at you,
"No. Im disappointed. Proud that you saved everyone, but, disappointed,"
"Figured," You open your arms, "Can I have a hug?"
Steve rolls his eye's, embracing you carefully when Tony warns him of your sore form,
"Best for last?" You grin at Peter, who remained to stare at you, eyes only flickering to Tony when he feared to come near you,
"Peter?" You release yourself from Steve to slowly walk up to the spider boy, hands coming to your face, "Hey, look at me,"
His eyes move from Tony to you, revealing harsh tears like the night of your near death
"Im okay," You whisper, smiling, "See?" You lean up, allowing your nose to brush his, "Im right here, promise,"
Peter releases a silent sob, stance to prove your father he could remain strong faltering as he collapses into your arms, his own wrapping at your hips and clutching to your shirt,
You shut your eyes tightly to hide your own tears, hand in his hair as you sniff, ignoring the pain in your right wrist,
Tony steps forward to peel Peter from you, but Pepper grabs his arm, tugging him back. He looks at her sternly, but her look is deadlier as she silently told him to let you be,
Peter wipes the tears off his cheeks and sniffs, glancing over to see Tony being dragged by Pepper to make his cheeseburger,
You make sure your dad isnt looking, hand grabbing at the side of Peters head and directing his lips to press firmly to yours,
Peter relaxes against you, eyes shutting, Tony looking up and clenching his jaw, but reminds himself of his wives death stare and continues to silently make his burger,
You slowly pull away, eyes opening to meet Peters, your arm sliding to his backside as you bury your face into his chest, muscles releasing all tension,
Peter looks your dad, who nods once, smiling lightly, Peter exhaling and rubbing your back,
"Y/N!" Morgan runs up, tugging at your hand, "I made your burger, just how you like it! Come on!"
You laugh despite the sob in your throat, following Morgan to the island stools and sitting down, clinking your orange juice with hers,
Tony walks up, arm at your shoulder, and he whispers into your ear, looking at Peter and winking before following Steve and Pepper into the living room,
"What did he say?" Peter asks quietly, sitting at your other side as you take a bite of your burger, humming at the taste od food you havent had in three days,
"Dont eat all the cheeseburgers," You grin, and sip your drink, "Joking. He said that if he sees you kiss me again you're fired. But we both know hes joking,"
"Haha," Peter laughs nervously, "Right,"
Tony looks up from where he was wiping his wet hands on a rag, placing the rag in the sink when he finds you in one of his button ups and a pair of old shorts,
"Whats up, bug?" Tony questions, leaning against the counter,
"I'm sorry," You exhale, eyes shutting, "For all of this. Stressing you, and Pepper out, scaring Peter so bad he cried in my arms. You didnt deserve that. I was just trying to do the right thing,"
"Hey, its alright," Tony cups your face, wiping his thumb across your cheek, "You're a Stark, after all. We make stuoid decisions for a good cause,"
"You're not disappointed?" You ask, Tony rolling his eyes and scoffing,
"Hell no. I could never be disappointed in you,"
You crack a smile, "What about mom? Do you think she would be proud?"
"Dont even think about it Y/N Stark! Being a superhero could get you killed!" Tony immitates your mother in a high pitch voice, grinning when You laugh,
"Seems about right," You shrug a shoulder, and Tony grabs your shoulder, pulling You into his chest,
"Love you tons, kid. But you are one day going to give me a heart attack," Tony sighs, and you wrap your arms around him, nose in his shoulder,
"I love you three thousand," You shut your eyes tiredly, enjoying your fathers arms around you in a much needed, long embrace,
"Come on," Tony murmurs in your ear, "Lets get you to bed. Bruce, Wanda and Rhodey are wanting to see you tomorrow,"
"Can I meet this Bucky and Sam Uncle Steve talks nonstop about?" You ask hopefully, following Tony up the stairs of your home,
"Mmm, maybe,"
"Ah come on,"
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mcsstydia · 2 years ago
I’m yours- Chris Evans
request: ‘Hi darling. What about a smutty with Chris Evans where the reader is younger than him (nothing too extreme) and he gets jealous and a bit insecure when a guy starts flirting with her. Thank you’
‘can you write another au as sweet as the last cevans one but with a lil more smut maybe? I’d love that’ by my love @dun-t
prompt: you meet up with a few old high school friends and bring your boyfriend Chris along. One weird guy makes a move on you, and Chris gets insecure and jealous
pairing: chris evans x fem!reader
WARNINGS: talk of anxiety, jealous! Chris, a little fight, anxious! chris, smut
A/N: forgot how bad I am at writing smut 
words: 2k
Masterlist is in bio!
Tumblr media
It was supposed to be a fun night out.
A few of your high school friends wanted to hang out again and wanted to meet up at a bar. You had begged your longtime boyfriend to come with you. Sure, you wanted to meet your old friends again, but you also felt insecure very quickly so you wanted him by your side.
Chris and you both struggled with anxiety from time to time but both of you always managed as long as the other one was with you. 
So, although Chris really could’ve imagined better plans for a saturday night, he came along with you. You were a bit nervous to see everyone again, he could tell. Plus, you were scared people only wanted to talk to you because you were Chris Evans’ girlfriend. 
You slowly breathed out as you gave yourelf one last look in the mirror. Chris came up to you, standing behind you, looking at you through the mirror. One hand on your hip, eyes fixed on the reflection of yours. “You look gorgeous.”, he stated, kissing the top of your head and pulling you a little closer to his body. 
You closed your eyes and smiled in comfort. Your hand gripped his and squeezed it just as reassuringly. 
You were incredibly nervous as the both of you stepped into the bar only twenty minutes later. Your hand still held Chris’, finding comfort only in his touch.
As soon as you found your old friends and they all interacted with you as they did back in high school, you could finally relax. Chris sat by your side the whole time. And although everyone was excited that such a famous actor was sitting with them, Chris only managed small talk. 
Maybe it was the age gap between the two of you, that made it so hard for him to interact with your old friends; ten years was a lot for people whom he didn’t know.
But maybe it was the fact he felt slightly uncomfortable in general. He had a deep feeling that one particular guy was eyeing you-and him- in a weird kind of way. 
No, that was just his anxiety talking, he kept telling himself. He needed you right now. He needed your soothing voice and relaxing touch, but he neither wanted to interrupt your conversation nor get on your nerves.
His thumb caressed the back of your hand ever so gently. You looked at him, worriedly due to him being so quiet. “Everything all right?”, you asked lowly, hand on his cheek in comfort. He smiled at you, wanting to tell you how he felt. But he didn’t want to ruin your night, so he stayed quiet.
He nodded slightly, making you smile in return, when a touch on your shoulder got the attention of the both of you. You looked up and recognised a guy who had been in your biology class. 
You smiled politely at him. “Hey! What’s up?”, you asked nicely. The guy, who was, by the way, the one Chris had a bad feeling about, smirked at you. “Nothing much. Wanna grab a drink?”, he asked. 
You looked at Chris for a second, not realising how tense he was. You squeezed his hand shortly before standing up, nodding. “Sure,”, you replied. You thought it was weird of that guy as well, but you didn’t want to be impolite. Besides, everyone knew you and Chris were together. 
On the way to the bar, your conversation mainly consisted of small talk. Once at the bar and waiting for your drinks, though, the guy, whose name was Charlie, got even weirder.
“So,”, he started, turning towards you. “You and me, huh?” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. “Excuse me?”, you lightly chuckled, not wanting this to get more awkward. “Please,”, he smirked. “I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me the whole damn evening,”, he cockily replied.
Now you had to laugh. “What?”, you laughed, almost not believing what you were hearing. “I’m looking at you for the first time tonight and I don’t know if you noticed but I’m literally here with Chris Evans. What on earth makes you think I’m looking at anyone other than my boyfriend?”, you shot back, cocking one of your eybrows at him.
But Charlie didn’t think he was defeated yet. “Oh c’mon, we all know you’re just with him ‘cause he’s famous. I mean, look at him, he’s old.” he retorted. This made an anger aflame in you you didn’t know you had. Your right hand was already halfway lifted to hit him across the face when it was caught by a much stronger hand. 
You whipped around to find your boyfriend standing behind you, one of his strong hands holding onto your wrist. His gaze was fixed on Charlie, who gulped in fear. “Oh yeah, is he?”, Chris retorted. Charlie didn’t dare respond a single word.
“C’mon Y/N, we’re leaving.”, Chris stated, already holding your coat and purse in the hand that wasn’t holding onto your wrist. He then left the bar with you strolling behind him. Only outside did he give you your coat. 
During the whole ride back home, you didn’t know what to say or do. You weren’t certain whether he was angry at you, or only at Charles, or whether he was just sad about what other people said about him. But your biggest fear was that he took to heart or worse, believed, what Charlie had said about the reason you dated him. 
Your thoughts carried you to the darkest places of your mind to the point where you were afraid to lose Chris over this stupid comment of someone you barely knew. 
Chris parked the car in front of the apartment complex of your shared flat. Neither of you had yet said a word. You went into your apartment in complete and utter silence. 
“Chris-”, you began once you were inside, but Chris cut you off. “Did you look at him?”, he asked, looking at the ground before his gaze met yours. “I- What?”, you asked back. You wanted to laugh. It was funny. As if you would look at someone else -especially Charlie- when you had the love of your life right beside you. 
“Did you?”, he asked again, growing more anxious by the second. “Are you INSANE?”, you called out, making him flinch just the slightest. That’s when you noticed. The furrowed, worried eyebrows on your face unknitted themselves. It was his anxiety that was talking to you at this point. Chris knew you would never be interested in anyone but him.
You were about to comfort him when he asked the next question. “Am I too old for you? Are you only dating me because of the fame? Do you even love-”, he wanted to continue, but you had to interrupt him.
It hurt too much to see him doubting everything you had built together. “Chris!”, you interrupted him, taking a step in his direction, you hands softly cupping his face. “Baby,”, you whispered, leaning your forehead against his while caressing his bearded cheeks. You closed your eyes.
“Breathe with me, baby,”, you whispered and slowly breathed in and out. After a few breaths, you pulled away from him just enough to look into his eyes. “I love you,”, you stated. “I love you more than anything else in this world, okay? You know this, I know you know this, so don’t let your thoughts tell you otherwise. I‘m yours. Forever.”, you spoke patiently, tears brimming in your eyes. 
“Thank you,”, Chris replied. You could see tears shimering in his blue orbs as well. “I love you so goddamn much,”, he mumbled just before he leaned in to kiss you.
Your lips welcomed his and engulfed them in a passionate kiss. His lips soon tasted of salt and you felt tears of relief running down your cheeks as well. Your hands still cupping his face, you felt his gripping your thighs. He carried you as though you weighed nothing as you went in for another kiss. 
Your lips met in many slow, but passionate kisses before Chris reached your shared bedroom. He gently laid you down onto the mattress and you pulled him down with you.
Usually, sex with Chris either had a goofy or a rough note. But this was one of the few times where it was so important to the both of you just to be close to each other, where you just wanted to express your deep love for one another, that you didn’t talk much.
Chris started kissing down your neck and your hands found their way into his hair, legs tangled behind his back, pulling him closer to you. Chris began unbuckling your jeans and soon enough one of his hands slipped into your underwear, massaging your clit gently. 
A breathless moan left your plump lips and your hands tugged at his shirt, wanting it off. He let you slip it off him, leaving you cold and without affection for not longer than a few seconds. Once Chris’ shirt had been tossed to the side, he helped you out of yours, leaving you only in your bra.
As soon as his jeans joined the other clothing on the floor, his full concentration was on you again. Before he began kissing you again, though, he just hovered over you, taking in your appearance, adoring everything you meant to him. He didn’t need to say it, you knew him well enough to know what he was thinking. You looked up at him, one hand on his cheek, pulling him down to you softly.
Forehead against forehead, closed eyes, lips locked, fingers intertwined. 
He then began kissing down your neck again, planting kisses all over your body. Chris was gentle, pressing soft kisses onto your breasts once he reached them. He unclapsed your bra ever so slowly, tossing it to the side as well. 
His kisses travelled your body up again and as he reached your neck again, his hand went down to strip you from your underwear. Two of his fingers slided through your folds, before his thumb got back to massaging your clit.
No words were needed, Chris knew your body well enough to know what you wanted. So once you were wet enough, Chris slowly glided inside of you. The both of you closed your eyes for a second out of pleasure before opening them again to be able to look at each other.
His thrusts were slow, but steady. He knew how to make you feel good without being too rough or too rushed. You both just enjoyed the moment so much, and not only due to the pleasure.
You both needed each other as close as possible right now and you both felt how this meant to the both of you. You kept on looking into each others eyes, enjoying the intimacy of it all, loving how you could express your love without having to say anything at all.
When Chris’ thrusts became irregular, his hand slipped in between both of your bodies, applying pressure to your clit so the both of you would reach your highs together. One hand clapsed in Chris’, the other gripped the sheets beneath you as soon as Chris’ thumb pressed down on your bundle of nerves.
It didn’t take long before you could feel the all too familiar knot form in the pit of your stomach, signalising your high was close. You pulled Chris’ face down to yours to kiss his already plump lips again. He then burried his head in the crook of your neck and with one last thrust, he had finally reached his high. This thrust reached your g-spot, sending you over the edge as well. 
After that, for a second, all you could hear was the heavy breathing of the both of you. Chris then pulled out, rolling on his eyes, searching for your eyes to meet his. 
Now it was his hand, that reached up to your cheek, caressing it softly. “I’m sorry for being to anxious. You didn’t deserve that I doubted your love for me.”, he apologised. Your heart ached for him.
“Oh baby,”, you whispered, taking his hand into your and placing a kiss on top of it. “You don’t ever have to apologise for what your anxiety tells you to be true. I’m just relieved that you know I love you.”, you replied, making him smile. He pulled your body into his, kissing the top of your head. “I love you.”
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canumoveurseatup-no · 2 years ago
Little Girls Like You
Summary: it’s little girls like you that don’t know how to keep their mouth shut unless it’s stuffed.
Pairing: Tony Stark x Black!Reader 18+
WC: 3.5k
Warnings: uuuuhh daddy kink, degradation (bc I love that shit), face slapping (bc I love that shit),  dirty talk, unprotected sex, age gap, virgin reader, cheating, basically one of those taboo adult film plots, don’t sleep with your estranged mother’s hot older boyfriend!
A/N pt. 1: I like the idea of dominant Tony so let me have my dominant Tony
A/N pt.2 : If you’re tagged please leave verbal feedback. If you like it at all please say something <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were far from little, you were a grown ass woman for crying out loud. But Tony, the man your mother was dating referred to you as just that, a little girl. Your relationship with your mother wasn’t the best. She was estranged with you and you knew it wouldn’t be long until she became that way with Tony.
Throughout your life you realized that your mother was too selfish to even have children and that you just popped out of nowhere, pretty much an accident. She was too invested in her career which is how your relationship with her became the way it was. It was practically nonexistent. 
But Tony, he was around more than her. He was very involved with you and he hadn’t known you that long. You came back from college and that’s when she introduced you two, after she had been dating him for seven months. You saw the way his eyes lit up when he saw you and he saw the way yours did the same. Your mother was trying to kill you with this one. Had she known you were so into older men she would have never brought him around you.
It’s been about a year since you and Tony met each other and the sexual tension between you two was intoxicating but, no one else realized it because your mom was always away for work or trapped in her office budgeting everything for her business.
You and Tony were alone often but no moves were ever made. You were scared, what move could you even make? You don’t know jack shit about making moves.
Yeah typical, the shy virgin with a crush on a guy who is literally old enough to be her father, but you couldn’t stop it. With your mother always gone and pretty much out of the picture, you wondered why Tony even stayed until one day it became clear.
Your mother was out on a business trip again and Tony had just come back from work. The two of you bumped heads a lot and you sometimes would purposely annoy him just to see him irritated with you, to have him raise his voice at you.
“Y/N!” Tony called up the stairs to your room.
“Yeah?,” calling back down, watching your favorite movie and stuffing your face with chips.
“I thought I told you to do the dishes before I got back,” he came up and just burst through your door.
In nothing but a thin tank top and pink sheer bedroom shorts you covered yourself with the blanket, “Tony!!,”
“Why aren’t the dishes done?” He arches an eyebrow, he didn’t seem to care about your attire
“Because I fucking forgot. Now can you get out, I’m in the middle of the best part,”
He walked over, turned your tv off and stood in front of it with his arms crossed.
“Tony, what the hell?,”
“Watch your mouth and your tone,”
You rolled your eyes at him and got out of bed to try and push him out the way but he grabbed your arms and pushed you back down on the bed.
“I want you to go back downstairs and do the dishes like I asked you to do, Y/N,”
“I’ll do them later,” you started playing your game, intentionally disobeying him just to get a rise out of him.
“Y/N. I’m not going to ask again,” he undid his tie and snatched it from his collar.
“Well great because I’m going to say no again,”
What happens next surprises you and has your thighs clenching. He smacks you in your face and the stinging had a moan bleeding from your lips. He grabs your cheeks in his hand, squeezing them to make your face seem chubby.
“It’s little girls like you that never know how to listen. Always opening your mouth to talk back. How about I stuff it so you finally shut up and do as you’re told,”
A squeak left your lips and your eyes wide, “Smack me again,” you whimpered, “Tony, smack me again,”
He smiled at you and pushed you away from him, “Do the damn dishes and maybe I’ll think about listening to your requests,”
He slams your door and you’re left there panting and starring at the door. You stood up, your legs felt like jelly as you walked to the door and slowly walked down the steps. Tony was sitting in the living room with a beer in hand while flipping through the channels. He felt a smile creep up on his face when he heard the water running and the dishes clinking as you started washing them. You loved being a brat around him but you never thought he’d do anything about it and boy did his actions excite you. You still felt his hand making contact with your face and you zoned out while drying the dishes and ended up cutting your palm on a steak knife causing you to call out in pain. Tony stood in the door way.
“What happened?”
You held your hand on the other side of the sink and whined.
“I cut my hand,” you pouted. He walked over to you and held your wrist looking at the cut.
“Nothing we can’t patch up, sit up here,” he patted the counter top and lifted you up when he saw you struggling with only one hand to boost yourself. Tony got the first aid kit from on top of the fridge and turned on the water. He took your hand and held it under warm water.
“I told you to do the dishes, not hurt yourself,”
“I guess little girls like me gotta be more careful,”
You heard him suck in a breath before looking up at you, “Yeah, you do,” he ran a thumb over your cheek and smiled before going back to tend to your hand.
“Sorry for slapping you,” he shook his head, “You just act like such a brat and it drives me insane,”
You felt your face heat up at him calling you that. You loved to hear him call you a brat. He finished disinfecting the cut and wrapping it up and kissing the bandage.
“You’re a good girl, you just don’t like to listen,” he breathed in sharply.
You practically swooned at him calling you a good girl, you clenched your thighs but that action didn’t go unnoticed by him. He ran his hands up and down your thighs and and wet his lips with that God forsaken tongue of his.
“You just frustrate Daddy so much,”
There was no reason in trying to hold the whimpers back at this point. You looked so cute with your eyes wide and your bottom lip poked out.
“You like seeing Daddy frustrated don’t you? You like being reprimanded,” he didn’t break the eye contact, he gripped your thighs, opening them up and stepping closer. Your words got stuck in your throat and your jaw hung open not knowing what to say, you’ve never been in this position but damn you wouldn’t trade it for anything else.
“A little brat like you never been tamed is that it?”
You softly nodded your head. He smiled at you before going to smack you again, a wide smile spreading on your face and your eyes closing in contentment.
“Again.” Wrapping your legs around him absentmindedly, he did it again and you moaned loudly. “Harder please,”
The last slap had you calling out in pleasure. You’ve never been slapped like this before, who would have known you liked it so much? You loved the heat and stinging in your cheek as the blood rushed to the area.
You opened your eyes to look at him and he looked in conflict with himself.
“I can’t do this to your mother,” he muttered to himself.
“She never pays attention to you,” you run your hand down his chest, “how have you lasted so long? Why are you still here?,” You finally got the courage to speak more than a word.
“Because of you,” his tone was strong and certain, "I know it’s wrong and I know I shouldn’t want you but dammit Y/N I can’t help it. Your mother is so wrapped up in her work that we haven't been intimate in over a year and I've been waiting for her but she's never in the mood and that’s her right but it makes me feel like she doesn't want me,”
"I want you, so have me then. You want me, I want you. Take me, Tony," your voice was so gentle and you rubbed his chin with your thumb, "I've been a brat and I- I think it's time for you to handle that, don't you think?,"
He took a minute to contemplate what was happening, and in a blur, he grabbed the back of your head to smash his lips to yours. Your grabbed his collar to pull him closer and he wrapped his hand around your throat before pushing you away from him. You looked so fucking cute to him. Though your eyes were a dark brown, he could see the way your pupils were blown. You were panting and your mouth hung open. You made Tony feel things no one has made him feel. He felt so invigorated when it came to you.
"Little girls like you need to be taught a lesson,"
He smacked you again and you couldn't help but smile. His left hand gripped your throat as the right slapped you again and again until you were bucking your hips.
"Such a slut for pain, aren't you?,"
His language was so vulgar but it only caused your core to throb even more.
"Be a good girl and answer me when I'm talking to you," his hand squeezed your throat harder as he gritted his teeth.
A gasp getting stuck in your throat with a moan you frantically nodded, "Y-yes, Daddy,"
Hearing the word finally seep from your lips he couldn't help but tear the shorts from your legs. He shook his head with a smirk when he saw the wet spot on your panties. Running a thumb up and down the seam of your crotch, your thighs shook.
"Those innocent little gasps are driving me crazy, Y/N,"
You looked up at him through your lashes and recoiled, "I'm sorry, Daddy,"
He smiled and stepped closer, running a thumb over your bottom lip, "It's okay baby, you're finally putting that mouth to good use other than mouthing back to me like a fucking brat... better yet," He grabbed you by your hair and pulled you off the counter moving you to your knees, "Time to stuff that pretty mouth of yours, then maybe you'll think twice about talking to me like you're crazy,"
With one hand he undid his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling them down and his hard on bobbing up and down right in your face. The tip leaking pre-cum, you couldn’t help but lick your lips. You smiled brightly at it, finally getting some action in your life. Tony took himself in his hands and slapped his cock on your pouted lips
"Suck it like a good girl,"
You peered up at him and were nervous, "I- I never,"
He gets a mischievous glint in his eyes as he bents over to be eye level with you.
"Stupid little girls like you just need to be taught everything don't you? Always needing direction," He laughed in your face and while in any other situation you would be offended by those words, coming from him you couldn't help but be turned on.
You did as told and he rested the head on your tongue, lapping up all the saliva that was there, on the head, he slowly pushed himself deeper inch by inch until he hit the back of your throat and you gagged, but he kept you there.
"Breathe through your nose," he hummed
You coughed and felt your spit thicken in the back of your throat. The weight of him felt good in your mouth and your eyes started to water, making your eyeliner and mascara run, this in turn, made Tony throw his head back in a moan.
"You look so pathetic," he smiled down at you, "It's so hot when you look like that,"
You wrapped your lips around him and stared moving back and forth with a little of his direction. With his hand tangled in your hair and him thrusting in your mouth as he leaned against the counter he looked so irresistible with his collar popped like that and his mouth hanging open. He was fucking your mouth and he loved it when you gagged on him.
"Such a good girl," he grunted.
Saliva was dripping from your mouth and black streaks ran down along your cheeks, nipples poking out in your tank top, you were straight out of a porno.
He withdrew himself from your mouth leaving you gasping and coughing. Strings of your spit on his throbbing length you just wanted to go back to sucking it. Tony lifted you back on the counter and took your panties off, admiring how wet you were,
"Jeeesus," he muttered. Running a middle finger up and down your slit you shivered at the contact.
"Guess you've never been eaten out either? No one ever broke you in?," He bit his lip as he continued to stare at your throbbing clit, glistening in your slick.
"N-no, Daddy," you leaned your head on your shoulder as you whined at the feeling of him rubbing you. He pulled a chair up and sat in it as he pulled you closer to the edge.
"Keep those pretty brown eyes on me. Close em and you'll regret it,"
Goosebumps cover your arms at the sound of his gruff voice. He leaned forward and spread your lips open and smiled, "So pink, just like a strawberry cream filled chocolate,”
He looked up at you as he dove in and started to suck on your clit, never feeling this before you had a hard time keeping your eyes on him. He was enjoying seeing you struggle though. His mouth worked on you as whimpers fell from you open mouth. You shook your head in bewilderment and wondered how something so wrong could feel so right. You shouldn't be doing this but you're too far gone to stop.
"nnnn, fuck, Daddy I-," you were cut off but him stuffing two fingers in your mouth, his ring and middle finger swirled getting them wet. He stood up and watched himself fuck your mouth with his fingers and he was entranced.
"Gonna get you nice and open for Daddy, okay?,"
You couldn't help but just nod. He withdrew his fingers and started with just the middle finger, he slowly pushed into you. The feeling was foreign as you never even fingered yourself. He twisted and thrusted slowly getting you worked up until you were begging for him to push a second one in. Once both were in you were done for. With his right hand fucking into you, he placed his left on your pelvic bone and pressed down, massaging as you could feel his fingers fucking into you. The sound of your own wetness intoxicated you.
"Look at you," he smiled in your face, "Looking all fucked out and I haven't even given you the best part. Tell me baby girl, you think you can take it?,"
You were dizzy with the feeling. You were close to cumming and you didn't know what to do. You legs started to shake and you were having trouble keeping yourself up right. He slapped you in the middle of your orgasm fit and that was the push you needed,
"Yes! Yes, Daddy I can take it, I'll be a good girl and take it!," you wheezed for air and looked up at Tony.
"Give it to me, please Daddy," you bit your lip as the tears fell from your eyes.
"You look so stupid when you cry, I love it," He planted his lips on yours as he pumped himself in his hand. The kiss was so sloppy and rushed as you pulled him closer and felt his head nudge against your entrance.
"This might not feel the best at first so I'm gonna need you to look me in my eyes so I can talk you through it okay?," He caressed your cheek and looked at you as he used your juices to get his head slick. He slowly pushed into you and you waited for the pain to hit but it didn't really come, it was just an uncomfortable pressure from something big and foreign from being inside of you. You grunted at the slight discomfort and he slowly rocked his hips back and forth while rubbing your clit. Talking you through it to make it as pleasurable as possible. The attention your clit was getting easily took away the discomfort and you started whining for more.
"More, please," you whispered as you stared back into his eyes, "Give me more, Daddy please," you buck your hips and he smiled at you before pulling out and snapping his hips back into you. You call out in a mixture of pain and pleasure and that's the begging on your end.
Tony was pounding into you relentlessly, not caring if you weren't used to this, you would be used to it now and only for him.
"Fuck, you're so deep Daddy," grabbing at the hair at the nape of his neck your eyes rolled into the back of your head
"Yeeaah," he wrapped his right hand around your throat before placing his left on your lower stomach, "You like feeling Daddy all the way up in your tummy, baby? Like that?," He pushed down at the spot and you could feel him nice and deep. "How's it feel to have me all up in your virgin pussy? Saved this all for me didn't you?,"
You threw your head back as you reclined on your elbows against the counter.
"This is what good girls get when they listen and don't talk back. You gonna be a good girl or are you gonna continue to be a stupid brat like you have been?," He pushed your tank top about your breasts, leaning down to litter your skin with kisses and bites.
You were dazed, you didn't answer which resulted in a slap to your clit, jolting you back into reality, "You're already off to a bad start, baby. Answer Daddy," he was speaking to you so condescendingly and it only pushed you closer to cumming again.
"Yes, Daddy I'll be a good girl. I'll be a good girl just for you!," The pleasure was turning you inside out as you cried.
He wiped the tears to make a clean canvas for the painful yet pleasurable slap he delivered.
"You're gonna make me cum, baby," He hummed.
Your walls tightened at his words, throbbing to feel him cum for you and because of you.
"Gonna paint those pretty pink walls nice and white. You like the sound of that?,"
You got the strength to sit up and stare him dead in his eyes, "Do it, Daddy. Cum for me,"
He rubbed your clit faster and fucked you harder. You raised your legs to your chest and he rolled his hips to hit deep in you causing you to choke on air.
"Look at you. So pretty and spread open all for me. Your sobbing is so cute, knowing you're crying for this dick because it feels so good,"
Your back arched off the counter top as you moaned out and trembled, your hips involuntarily thrusting up. Your walls pulsed against him as you came again.
"Fuck, I'm gonna cum," he grunted, his eyes screwed shut. You tiredly rubbed his cheeked and coaxed him through it.
"Cum for me, Daddy. Cum for your good girl,"
You sounded so fucked out it made Tony weak. He gave one hard thrust and came deep inside you, causing you to moan at the warm feeling. He jutted as the ripples died down and he rested his head on your chest, kissing your breasts and licking your sore nipples.
"Fuck," you laughed out and sit up the best you could. He supported you against him as he stood up all the way. He kissed along your neck and whispered in your ear.
"Daddy's so proud of you,"
You felt the heat rush to your face once again as he kept the act up.
"I'm gonna carry you upstairs, clean you up and take care of you, okay baby?," He ran his thumb on your sides and you shivered in his grip.
"Yes. Thank you, Daddy," you kissed his cheek and whined as he finally withdrew from you. A sloppy squelch sounding threw the kitchen as his cum ran down your lips.
"Don't worry about that, we have plan B stocked under the sink in my bathroom for emergencies. Though this wasn't the emergency I imagined, it couldn't come in handy any more than now,"
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