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Word Count: 2,300ish

Summary: I don’t have a good summary for this… so I guess you’re just gonna have to read it…


Steven stayed glued to Y/N’s side the rest of the night. He wiped her brow, read to her, brought her more blankets, took off her blankets, did whatever she asked. After she confessed her love, she kept slipping in and out of consciousness, which wasn’t a surprise to Steven. When the doctors and nurses arrived in the morning, they found Y/N asleep in her bed with Steven asleep in the chair beside her, holding onto her hand. They worked around the two, knowing that the both of them needed their rest. King Anthony came in not long after the doctors had arrived, surprised at the sight he found. He smiled as he walked towards them. He sat on the other side of Y/N, grabbing her free hand and placing a kiss on it.

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“Where’s her costume?”

“She wouldn’t put it on.” Tony sighed. Already you could hear the exhaustion in his voice. There was never a day he didn’t count his lucky stars that he had a daughter, a family of his own, but that didn’t mean parenting was always rainbows and sunshine. Everyone could use a little help, especially when the kids were being fussy. Morgan didn’t have many of those moments. You reminded him a lot that his could have turned out a lot more like him. Stubborn, bossy, quick to anger or get annoyed. He’d roll his eyes, but that right there was probing him wrong and you right. When she did have her moments, like any kid does, it can feel impossible to get past. Luckily for him you were there. She might not listen to her dsd, put up a good fight with him, but she always listened to you. You said it was a gift, but he begged to differ.

“Well, we can’t get candy without it, now can we Miss. Morgan?” You asked, directing her attention her. “Only kids who dress up get the most candy. How’s there gonna be enough to share with everyone? You don’t want Dads not to get any, do you?” Slowly her frown turned into a shy smile, her arms reaching out to you. Despite what Tony feared, she always had a special place in her heart for him, and even if she didn’t want to change, when it came to him, she’d do anything. Eagerly she urged you to her room where she’d get all dressed up and pose for a million pictures. It wasn’t just her favorite hokiday, but Tonys too. The two of them often going as something together. From Little Red Ridinghood and the Wolf, to a baby and Daddy ghost. This year was no different. He worried she was already getting too old for this, that she didn’t want to dress up with him, but that was the farthest thing from the truth.

“Thank you.”

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gif // requester: anon ​​// request here

You didn’t even realize you were smiling at your phone as you shut it off, thinking about your conversation with Tony, the two of you making plans for when he got back to the city that weekend. You repeated his last text to you and laughed, only to look up and realize that your sister was staring at you.

“Someone’s in love,” she murmured.

“Am not,” you said, setting your phone down on the arm of your chair. “Just a funny joke someone said.”

Natasha closed the book she had been studying and raised her eyebrow. “You’re a terrible liar, you know that?”

You got up from your chair and circled around to the kitchen counter, pulling out lunch supplies to avoid the conversation all together. “Whatever. You want lunch?”

“Hey, hold on,” Natasha said. “We’re still talking! Is it Tony?”

You ducked your head into the refrigerator. “No.” From behind you, you heard your phone buzz and you slammed your head on the top of the refrigerator as you whipped your head out and ran to grab your phone. But your sister already had it, a wicked grin on her face as she held it up. “Tony texted you.”

“Give that to me!” You snatched your phone out of her hand and read the message.

Tony: See you then. I’ll bring the champagne.

“So you and Stark, huh?” Natasha asked, circling around you and stealing part of your lunch-in-progress. Her face didn’t betray any emotion now, as if she were waiting to read your reaction first. 

“What?” you asked. “What if we are?”

She shrugged. “Good luck. He’s a handful.”

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Hello my lovely readers I know it has been a long time that’s why I bring you this I hope you like it! 

Prompt 31: Please go to bed

Prompt 58: I lov- No you don’t 

Prompt 57: I can’t stand seeing you anymore!

Prompt 67: They were right about you 

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night light

Tony Stark x Reader

Prompt: “I need you here.”

Requested by: there’s a new chapter of ‘to ashes’ on the way, but it’s my birthday, and this was sitting in my drafts.

Summary: now wakanda has made itself known to the world, shield is sending you to help liaise with media and global political parties as a sign of goodwill. but two weeks away from you is going to prove difficult for tony.

Warnings: fluff, light angst, smut, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, vaginal fingering, hand-jobs, dry-humping, a needy tony stark, adult language

Word Count: 3,649

Got a Request? Prompt List: here

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“You didn’t.”

“Oh, but I did! Look, I’m you!” You smiled, spinning for him, making this one grand gesture he couldn’t help but sigh at. You weren’t sure how to use it, and you needed him to turn it on, but still, it was one great costume. You hadn’t thought of one til ladt minute, and by the all the good ones had been taken. Everyone was going as superheroes, especially Ironman. You wanted to stand out, even if it wasn’t the most original idea, and the only way you knew how was to was to get the real thing. He had so many, you were sure he wouldn’t mind, nor notice if one was missing. He hadn’t, actually. It took some time to get through, but eventually you were wheeling out your very own, Tony Stark original. Aside maybe from the man himself, you’d be the best Ironman.

“How did you even get that?” Tony questioned. He was sure, with all those walls, codes, and locks it could have kept the world out. At least the amount of work it took would scare them away. Not you, apparently. You looked ridiculous, though. It wasn’t even lit up. Though he wasn’t fond of the idea of you sneaking in and taking it, he couldn’t let you go around in his image looking like that. With some small adjustments, his suit being a lot newer than yours, and the best technology, he was able to override some of the controls. In seconds it’d at least light up and float, but he was the one in control. You were not to be trusted. “Hang on y/n. Just remember, if you break it, you buy it.”

“Thank you, Tony.”

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Word Count: 2,000ish

Summary: Y/N meets the members of her new team.


Duffle slung over her shoulder, Y/N made her way to the hanger. She nodded in satisfaction as she took in the aircraft, they had named The Bus, before her. Agents were loading things onto as she approached.

“Agent Rogers,” a fine man in a suit called to her as he came walking up beside her, duffle bag in hand.

Y/N recognized him from the files Fury gave her as Agent Grant Ward. He was the specialist that would help May take Coulson down. He stopped and held out a hand.

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Word Count: 1,700ish

Summary: small rollercoaster of emotions… that’s all I can summarize for you.


Steven was pushing his legs to run faster, trying to get to Y/N, who was being held by her neck by Loki. He and his guards were trying to reach her before anything happened.

“Y/N!” Steven shouted when saw Loki lift her above the water.

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Word Count: 2,250ish

Summary: Harley visits Avengers Tower. Y/N gets assigned to a new SHIELD team. (Kinda stuffed a lot into this chapter…)


Y/N and Tony spent every second they could together. Though work and missions still happened, they made sure to make time together. It was mid-July when Y/N decided to surprise Tony. Just because she could. She had been in Tennessee and decided to stop by Rose Hill to officially meet Harley, the boy who helped Tony during the whole Killian incident. She enjoyed seeing the boy fanning over her. Harley took Y/N on a tour of his garage that Tony had updated, but Y/N asked if he would like to spend a week in New York with them at the Tower.

“Are you serious?!” He questioned, surprised.

“Very,” Y/N smiled with a nod.

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Originally posted by saltybatman

warnings: alcohol

a/n: remember that simple prompts like this dont call for a specified gender! 💕

requested by anonymous

“Hold her steady.” You instructed Clint before stabbing the pumpkin and starting the process of carving the top off. Tony let out a little snicker, making you roll your eyes even before he spoke.

“I wonder what the pumkin said to earn a knife to he gut.” Everyone immediately groaned at Tony’s poor sense of humor, he even earned a “boo” or two. “Don’t ‘boo’ me! That was a really good joke!” He defended as you ignored him and carved.

“Better watch it, Tony,” Steve gave him a smirk, “remember what happened the day you met y/n?”

“Don’t remind me…” Tony kept his head down and took a sip of his Oktoberfest beer, “Oh, that’s good stuff.”

“Wait, didn’t y/n throw a knife through your suit jacket?” Natasha did just that and reminded him. You couldn’t help but smile at the memories…Tony reaching in his jacket, you assuming he was pulling a weapon, the ‘warning shot,’ the sound of Tony’s scream.

“‘AAAAEEEEEEEHHhhhhhhh!’” You mocked the sound that haunts Tony to this very day, obviously everyone joined in as Tony plugged his ears and shut his eyes.

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” He chanted while you and Clint focused onto the pumpkin once again. You were skilled with a knife, so in no time, you were in the pumpkin reaching for a handful of guts for a cruel finisher: pumpkin guts to the face. Tony gasped and fell out of his chair while the team snorted and squealed until the pigs came home. Just another successful Halloween with the Avengers!

taglist: @alwaysananglophile // @rorybutnotgilmore // @locke-writes // @sweetheartliz07 // @queen-destenie // @natasha-danvers // @lokihiddles // @frostedgiantfavs // @emygirl // @lotsoffandomrecs // @johnmurphyisbisexual // @teenwaywardasgardian // @pappydaddy // @captainshazamerica // @freya-xo // @ravenmoore14 // @purpleskiesstorm // @ofthedewthesunlight // @canarypoint // @zoeyserpentluck //

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Characters: Y/n, Tony, Thor, Steve, Nat, Clint, OC Sheena

Pairing: Tony x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, light flirting, Thor being his beautiful self, Tony being his sexy self, cuteness, gay fluff…

Word count: 2000

Summary: You only have eyes for one man.

A/N: Ok, so…some fluff with sexy…Hope u like it!!


“Hey, To-oh my god”.

You stopped in your tracks, six pairs of eyes trained on you. A roomful of Avengers, and you’d just interrupted their meeting.

But that wasn’t what had snatched your words away. It was his beauty.

Thor. Asgardian. God of Thunder. Avenger. The prettiest man you’d ever laid eyes on.

He looked…beautiful. There was no other word for it. A brightly lit room, yet there was a single spotlight shining down on him. His beautiful hair flowed, like a cascading waterfall. And his eyes…the only ocean you wouldn’t mind getting lost in forever.

“Hello”, Thor greeted, peering at you with an inquisitive look in his eyes, and a smile on his face when you giggled like a teenager with a crush.

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Word Count: 1,500ish

Summary: Healing’s never easy. 


Originally posted by wonderworldmotion

The King and Queen of Alexandria watched in amazement and pride as Y/N began to make little steps of progress. And they owed it all to the King of Brooklyn. She was slowly smiling more, laughing more. She would give people subtle touchings on their arms, but would still cringe if a male tried to touch her. And her physically wounds still needed to be checked frequently, but were healing nicely.

Steven spent every moment he could with Y/N, and she with him. They went horse backing riding, took walks on the beach, and visited the village she loved so much. When Steven needed to take care of some business, she could be found in the library or, if the King was working in his office, in a corner of the King’s office reading.

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Request: Parental Tony Stark where he catches the reader trying on the super suit he has just built.

A/N: I actually loved writing this one, I love writing dad!Tony.

It was this particular occasion when Tony had been working on something upstairs when you had snuck down to his lab and come across one of his super-suits he’d been working on. Of course, you had to try it on.

Tony Stark was a great parent in most aspects, however the one thing he wasn’t great at was keeping you from sneaking away occasionally. It wasn’t all the time but sometimes when your father was busy working, your mind wandered and you wanted to explore.

Just when you’d finished putting it on, your father strolled into the lab and caught you. He shook his head and raised his eyebrows.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He asked you.

You shrugged sheepishly. “I got bored and this was just…here.”

“By ‘here’ you mean the lab you crept away to when I wasn’t looking?” He wasn’t angry, more amused.

“Hey, I’m a Stark. It’s in my blood to be inquisitive.” You argued.

Tony couldn’t fight a smile any longer as he made his way over to you. “Come on, lets get this off before you actually hurt yourself. You know how much paperwork I’d have to fill out then?”

“I think it’d be pretty cool if I did a backflip or something.” You said as you began taking the suit off.

“You are going to give me grey hairs, kid.”

*Not my gif

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Since I am now committed to mirroring the current state of my life, I’ve elected to become a complete trainwreck. 

In other words: I’ve lost my taglist thingy notes and no longer know whom to tag in what. So, if you ever want to be tagged in anything whatsoever- here’s your chance to tell me.

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Birthday Party- a Peter Parker Imagine


A/n: My first imagine ever!!! Hope y'all like it!

Also just imagine Peter didn’t turn to dust in iw.

Warnings: none

You could hear the cars passing by as you sat on the backseat. “Is the blindfold really necessary?”, you ask. “Boss wishes so”, Happy states, “and it’s meant to be a surprise.” You gulped in another argument owing to the discomfort of well, being blindfolded. It’s your seventeenth birthday as well as Tony’s daughter, Morgan H. Stark’s fourth. Coincidence. He’s got a ‘surprise’ for you, which you could already guess was gonna be a gathering in his backyard.

The long drive finally got over and you were now walking into the gates, still not able to see anything, guided by Happy’s trustworthy arm. You were welcomed by a pair of tiny arms hugging your legs and a sweet “Happy birthday (y/n)!”. “Happy birthday to you too, little genius!”, you said to Morgan with a smile. Tony took the blindfold off and kissed your cheek. “You’re getting old, cupcake.” “ Not as old as you, Tones”, you chuckled. Next you were wished by Pepper.

You were wearing a light blue dress and white unicorn themed sandals, it’s cute and…it’s a kid’s party after all. You were just mingling around, chatting with people including Steve, Nat, Bruce ( well, Prof Hulk. The kids adore him).

The cake was being brought out of the house and you smiled at the excitement in the eyes of Morgan and her little girlfriends, which reminded you of another pair of bright eyes. You were about to ask Tony about him just when, as if on cue, Peter entered heaving. “Hi! I almost thought I wasn’t gonna make it on time. There was this old lady who needed help and then she showe-”, Tony stuffed his mouth with chocolate or he wasn’t gonna shut up.

Morgan was cutting the cake now and you felt a warm hand being placed on your upper back and heard a chirpy voice “Hey! Happy Birthday (y/n)! You look gorgeous * a pause* as always.” “ Thanks Pete. You’re amazing too you know, Spider-man!” You both have been good friends for a long time. If only you could be more… You both joined the happy birthday song along with the others, your stomach still filled with butterflies just like any other time you see him.

It was 7:30 pm and people had started to leave. You abruptly excused yourself out of your conversation with Nat as Peter took you to a quiet corner. You both stayed there for a while and you could notice he was shyer. “’s deafening ya know…the silence” you started. Peter continued to stare in your eyes until he spoke, “I’ve been meaning to…uhh.. tell you this (y/n). You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met and uhh we’ve been friends for a long time and I wanna tell you that I uhh really really like you….I think I love you (y/n).” You felt flooded with euphoria and gave him the brightest smile ever which caused him to let out a sigh of relief. You didn’t think twice before grabbing his perfect face and giving your answer through the first kiss you shared. At that moment it felt that everything around had disappeared and it was just you two caught in your perfect moment. Moment which was supposed to last forever until you heard a whistle. You both turned around to see Tony cheering and giving you guys a thumbs up. Peter chuckled and kissed you again.

Hope you liked!

Tags: @fanoffun

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Not funny


Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Horror Prompts

Permanent Taglist: @godofplumsandthunder @ladyacrasia @agustdowney @swaggysposts @raspberrymama @littlegasps @patheticallysentimental

“Did you know the previous owners were murdered in the basement? Brutally stabbed to death.”

Rolling your eyes for the nth time that night, you continued driving down the lonely highway with Tony’s persistent commentary about the alleged ‘haunted house’ you had rented for the weekend.

Upon reaching the relatively creepy looking bungalow, you switched on the lights, only to realise only half on them worked.


As soon as you closed the door after getting your luggage in, you heard dull thumps beneath the floor. The basement.

The billionaire genius smirked, clearly enjoying your panicked state.

“I dare you to go down in there.”

“Fine I will. The house is not haunted. It must be a rat or something.”

With that you cautiously made your way down from the living room. All that bravado vanishing as the stairs creaked under your feet, and the basement came into view, dark inside, door slightly ajar already.

You pushed it open in one quick motion and looked around, heart racing.

All the furniture was covered in dusty white sheets, the floor covered in dirt, one of the windows had a sizeable crack. This sure looked like a perfect place for hiding dead bodies.

You stared at what you assumed was a covered coat hanger for a good minute before Tony’s voice startled you.

“(Y/N)! We have to get out of here, someone else is in here with us!”

“This isn’t funny anymore Tony. Give it a rest.” You huffed, annoyed at this point.

You stomped up the stairs for effect, completely unaware of the sheet covered ‘coat hanger’ following you out of the basement.

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