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#tony stark x peter parker

In the biblical flames

As he walked down the hill, his feet ached to rest. He had been wandering around all day without finding what he came to look for. It was dark, the trees were singing, and his stomach growled. He couldn’t remember the last time he ate. 

He couldn’t believe all the stories and legends were false. There was no demon hidden in the woods, nor in the mountains. Why did everybody lie to him? Why would they think that was funny? 

He slowly made his way down the path he had marked with small rocks, attempting not to get lost. If he didn’t find his way back, a demon was not the biggest of his problems. 


He stopped on his tracks. That was a whisper but it was clear as day. His face slowly turned around, afraid to find what he knew was hiding. 

“Come to me”

His legs started shaking. Why did he come up here in the first place? Even after everybody’s advise not to? He looked around with his hand close to his chest, gulping what was left of saliva in his mouth. “Sh-show me the path and I’ll be out of your way, I-I promise”

Silence. The trees were not moving anymore, the animal kingdom as quiet as it could get, as if all of them were simply bowing to this evil. He stood there quite a long time, unsure whether he should continue and pretend nothing ever happend, or acknowledge it again. 

But before he could say anything, a figure emanated from the cumulus of trees and flowers. Peter couldn’t see his features until he stepped into the moonlight. His eyes were blood red, and his hair sweeped back, like an expensive actor from the 70′s. He was carrying a smile, one that went strangely well with the black suit. The boy could barely step back before he noticed the red tye. It was the same color of his eyes. 

“Well, who do we have here?” exclaimed the man as he reached out to take a strand of Peter’s hair and examine it, delighted by the unmistakable caramel color. 

“I-I came here… to find you. Sir, yes”

The man smirked and blinked, his eyes turning redder, as if that was possible. “And what can I do for you, darling?”

(hello! this is my first attempt at fuly coming back. what do you think? thank you!)

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@starkerfestivals kinktober 10 - heat cycle | ABO, alpha!Peter x omega!Tony

Tony is annoyed by it, of course. He wants to work, be productive, but it’s really hard to be productive when his asshole turned into a leaking pipe of omega slick. These stupid needed heats, it can be only once a year, but still very annoying. Even if Peter is a very good alpha, a puppy in human form who happens to be one of those large alpha cocks that do fill Tony like his heat wants to.

It’s not comfortable. As much as he likes to sit on Peter’s lap, this is not ideal. But it’s better than nothing. Peter being an enhanced person helped him to be hard for a long time without even needing to knot. So as annoyed as Tony is, he knows that he can finish something while sitting there, with Peter’s cock deep into him (enough to have a small belly bulge that is almost distracting), the alpha’s arms around his waist and nose pressed against his scent gland.

Heat cycles are annoying, but not the worst anymore.

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@starkerfestivals​ kinktober 08 - dry humping

It’s hard to hold back moans even if Peter is trying to be silent so he doesn’t wake Tony up. The man has been working too much in Peter’s new suit, so Peter thinks he should be silent and satisfy himself alone without bothering the genius man. He decides to take off his pants. He has a nice pillow that is perfect for this. So he does his best to not make a sound. And to not move much either.

He’s really focused on getting off without bothering Tony. His briefs are already ruined by pre-cum, but he doesn’t even mind. The friction is all nice against his erection and he need a lot of self-control to not rut like an animal. To keep it nice and slow. But as careful as he is, he is never silent during his orgasm.

“Did you really had fun without me?” Tony’s deep voice comes from behind him, still sleepy bt already turned on. Peter turns beet red and just nods. “We’re gonna fix it now.”

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🎃 10 Days To Halloween : Pumpkins 🎃

now that i’ve made this i have the urge to write a fic abt tony owning a rlly cute pumpkin patch and peter being his rlly sweet customer. think flowershop!au but with pumpkin patches lol. but alas I do not have the time, so pls, go wild, or link fics like this in the comments!

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A creepy thot in my head


Tony misses his flight, and so he has to get a rent-a-car and drive across half a dozen states to get to his destination. After hours of driving, he has to stop to get some rest. He finds a shady looking motel, but at this point all he wants is a roof over his head and a bed and he will be happy. However, at midnight, he is woken up by a ghost called Peter, who begs for his help in raspy whispers in the dark… But, what exactly does Tony have to do? It might just cost him his life.

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I just wanna say that if you think that a relationship such as starker is healthy IN REAL LIFE, you have no place on my blog and you’re not welcome here. A 15 year old should NOT be dating a 40+ year old in real life. If you condone that shit, you’re out. If you fantasize about kids*, fictional or otherwise, you’re fucking disgusting and have no place here.

*when I say kids, I don’t mean Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, i mean kids who are portrayed by kids or kids in a book.

This might make me sound like an anti, but I really don’t give a fuck. If you use this ship as a means to justify predatory behavior, get out. if this ship was portrayed by a real 15 year old, it would and always will be disgusting. If a 15 year old was in a “relationship” with a 40+ year old, it wouldn’t be a relationship, it would be abuse, grooming, and pedophila.

Tl;dr: if you think that a real life teen can be in a relationship with an adult, get the fuck off my blog ❤️

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Peter would love to know whoever keeps leaving breakfast for him on the riverside. Each time he comes by, drenched in water as he wades through the mist in search of lost treasures that may be hidden in the waves, he finds his breakfast. It’s a sign of love, his mother says, that his guardian angel has sent him a soulmate to keep him safe while he theives. He hopes she’s right.

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Find our full Kinktober post right here!


Summary: Peter gets to sit on Tony’s face ^^ 
Warnings: NFF, Face Sitting, Oral.

I’m aware that this isn’t my best prompt fill a a a. I was gonna write, and then I just… Played guitar all night whoops. So I quickly typed this out before bed! Hope y'all like the imaginary visuals XD

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ive left jensen babe hanging with this for wEeks but i think i managed to scramble together smth!! and that smth includes Tony being an absolute Whore and having a Danger Kink™️

Mafia bosses and husbands Stephen and Tony, bodyguards Steve and Bucky, waiter Peter, mafia aus, threats and use of violence, manipulation, Tony just being That Bitch and embarrassing his husband


“Why are we here?” Bucky’s tone is as grumpy as ever, and Tony rolls his eyes. The man had practically hissed the words out, putting as much force into it as possible without angering his bosses too much, nor causing a big scene. 

“You know, the Petersons have been causing all sorts of trouble for us. We’re making a plan of action.” Stephen replies, so that Tony does not have to. The aggression in Bucky’s voice rolls off Stephen like water on a duck. He is not bothered at all, which he rarely is. That is what makes him a good boss, not that Tony does not have other qualities that makes him just as good as his husband. They complete one another in that way. And in a way, Bucky and Steve do that as well, in their roles as the second pair in charge, just below Stephen and Tony. 

“No, I mean, why are we here?” Bucky rephrases. If Steve were with him, he would give Tony that infamous look, which signals that he is questioning him. Even with the blonde guard on stand by, and not present with them, Tony feels his presence along with Bucky’s snarky question. 

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Au where Tony becomes a villain because no one is listening to him, to Iron man when he tries to protect them (because they always, always see him as the Bad Guy no matter what he tries to do) and after a certain point he decides to just. Stop giving anyone the choice as to wether they listen or not. He’s always going to be the Bad Guy after all. And the thing is - it’s easy.

Oh the Avengers fight. Shield fights. But Tony is an amazing hero and the only difference between a hero Iron Man and a villain one is how far he is willing to go. It would be harder without Bruce on his side but he made sure he has his support from the start.

He’s untouchable. He has complete control over anything technical, enough blackmail to keep the government meek and enough strength in his Iron Man suit to keep anyone that tries to go against him down. Hell, he has an army in his Iron Legion.

And then a small Superhero from Queens shows up and - it’s not like he goes against Tony specifically. He mainly looks after the little guy. Picking up litter, walking scared women home, helping old people carry their groceries.

Then he stars stopping robberies and then he steps in when Tony tries to kill Toomes. Spiderman is right there looking at him, demanding for him to be better than this. 

In that moment Tony knows he’s going to love Spiderman fiercly, possessively until the day he dies. 

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Take me back to the night we met

Pairing: Peter Parker/Tony Stark (Starker)

Rating: Teen (T)

Notes: This has been sitting in my drafts for literal ages, so I decided to post it to give me motivation to write chapter 2… here’s hoping that happens soon y’all!

Warnings: None, meet-cute/awkward Starker. More to come in chapter 2!

Word count: 7k


Peter and Tony are both hesitant to head back to their small town for a close friend’s wedding. Little do they know they’re from the same town, and little does Peter know that Tony Stark knows who he is. Awkward boys flirting ensues.

Or, Peter works for Stark Industries and is beyond shocked when bumps into Tony on a trip home.

Read on AO3

Peter sat at his desk, looking out the floor to ceiling windows, still unable to fathom how he got to this point in life. From his desk in the open floor plan of Stark Tower, he had a panoramic view of New York City. Every day he looked out on the skyline that people would travel thousands of miles to catch a glimpse of just one time. Thinking back on how he got to this moment, he remembers being one of those people - eager and hopeful for something more, something greater. 

He glanced down to his desk, eyeing the invitation he’d been steadily ignoring for a few too many days. Any reminder of his hometown was a bittersweet one and, for some reason, this one was particularly tough to swallow. Having left home immediately after graduating high school, Peter cut ties with too many people and burned several bridges. He didn’t regret a second of it though; he worked hard to earn his scholarship to NYU and would have never let that opportunity slip through his fingers. In the years since he moved to New York, his trips back home became less frequent and his ties to the town dwindled more than they already had. Sure, he was still close with MJ and Ned, and obviously May was still the most important person in his life. But otherwise, there was nothing left for him back home. 

With those thoughts swirling around his head, Peter looked down at the wedding invitation with a twist in his gut. May’s best friend was getting married and there was no way he could miss it. He may not be particularly close with Pepper anymore, but at one point, she was like family to him. He knew she would want him there, and so would May. There was no way he could disappoint either of them. Besides, it would be a good excuse to spend some time with MJ and Ned - he knew he didn’t get back to see them enough. 

With his mind made up, Peter quickly filled out the card indicating that he would be attending by himself. Who doesn’t love attending a wedding alone, he chuckled to himself. Yes, he’d have May and his friends with him, but that didn’t replace the longing he had for someone else by his side. Peter had worked hard and tirelessly through college and to get his foot in the door at Stark Industries. For years he told himself that he didn’t have time for anything too personal, always prioritizing himself and his career. Now that he was settled in his job, he allowed himself to want other things, other people. He had a few close friends in the city, but never sought out anything romantic. There had been a few fleeting flings here and there, but Peter always ended things before they could get serious. 

The shrill ringing of his desk phone brought Peter back to his surroundings and he shook off the lingering thoughts about his loneliness. As he chatted with someone from the developer team, he slipped the RSVP in an envelope and placed it in his stack of outgoing mail. He pulled up his group chat with Ned and MJ to let them know he’d be in town for the wedding.

Peter: Welp, guess who’s coming to Pepper’s wedding?


MJ: I’ll believe it when I see it, Parker.

Peter smiled to himself. Maybe this wouldn’t be as awful as he was expecting.

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Find our full Kinktober post right here!


Summary: Tony is a little jealous of all the thugs that end up hanging from Peter’s webs.
Warnings: Role Reversal/Switching, Tony is the good boy :P, Suspension, Inappropriate Use Of Webbing, Sexual Fantasy (edging towards monsterfucking tbh loool), Very possessive dirty talk

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Eee, so this is definitely not as smutty as you probably hoped it would be, but thank you so much, I had a tonne of fun writing this and imagining different ways it could go 🥰 We so need more pet play in this fandom ❤
If you enjoyed this please consider giving it a reblog!

Lightly NSFW.

“Sit”. The word was accompanied by a downward hand gesture and Peter, who’d been mid-way through talking about his day, sat immediately, still happily chatting. “Stay” Tony added when he paused for breath, and Peter powered on through his tale as Tony began to move around, working on his latest big project. 

“He’s not a dog, Tony” Steve Rogers (and, seriously, how cool was that?!) frowned from the doorway, and Tony scoffed where he leaned over a rotary converter. 

“You think I don’t know that? A dog wouldn’t talk half as much” but he winked at Peter as he said it, and the teen flushed and grinned before he switched to telling them about winning top mark in the physics test. 

He didn’t really think about it until much later in the evening when Tony scoured his workbench for a tool he needed, spotted it on a rack across the lab and gestured to Peter then the tool, an idle and thoughtless go fetch passing over his tongue. 

He was halfway across the lab when he realised  the connotation the words had; the tingle they sent down his spine, and he was struggling to analyse it as he took hold of the tool and brought it dutifully to Tony, sitting on the stool besides him and studying him as he worked. 

Sit. Stay. Fetch.

He’s not a dog, Tony. 

The sudden mental image of being collared and leashed in Tony’s grasp, on his knees and wriggling in delight as Tony murmured good boy in his ear shot through him like a bolt of electricity and he gripped the edge of the table so hard it creaked threateningly, garnering a raised brow from his mentor (and sort-of-secret-boyfriend!!).

He wasn’t sure what to do with the realisation or idea, didn’t know how to deal with the surge of heat that went through him each time Tony uttered the relevant phrases, be it in the lab or the bedroom. 

Tony was less forthcoming with the specifics outside of the lab or in the presence of others, but here and there it slipped through like water, cracks he couldn’t plug fast enough. They were at a press gathering for the domineering tech brands of that years when Peter lagged behind in the crowd, distracted by a toddler who’d dressed like Tony, fake beard and all. 

Tony was midway through talking when he noticed the lack of chatter at his side and he turned, heart in his mouth for a moment before he caught sight of Peter. 

“Hey, shortstack! Come, heel!” He motioned for Peter to join them, a two-fingered beckoning somewhat like one would do to bring a dog to their side. Peter scampered after him without a second thought but Happy frowned as they stepped through the security, looking between them. 

“A little less Lassie and a little more official intern, boss” he suggested gruffly as they took their panel passes from the table. 

Tony cast him an unreadable glance from behind his shades and continued wordlessly into the panel room, a hand low on Peter’s spine. 

“Does it bother you?” Tony rumbled in his ear later, midway through an admittedly intense making out session in the penthouse, Peter perched atop his thighs and shuddering in his grasp when he rasped his stubble along his jaw. Peter paused in where he’d been moaning in his ear. 

“Does what?” 

“When I talk to you like that. When I tell you you’re a good boy or to do something”. Even as he said the words Peter twitched in his grip, and then the kid rearranged himself, slinking down until he was sat on Tony’s thighs before he ground forwards, dragging their hard cocks together.


Well then. 

“That’s something we should explore more of, sweet thing” he purred with a smile, nipping at Peter’s ear and relishing in the soft whine that followed.

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