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#tony stark x reader

Tony: I’m so sorry to interrupt your dinner.

Y/N: How did you get in here?

Tony: I’m not here to discuss your lack of home security, I’m here to apologise.

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Updated: 20th January

  • Portraits of our last summer
    • Countryside au, South Charleston
    • Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Female Reader



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PARTY FAVOURS I masterlist



| Tony Stark x Bruce Banner x Stephen Strange x reader OT4

| Rating: Explicit

| Smutty Chapters marked bold

| Summary: You’re Peter’s classmate, a child of rich and famous but uncaring parents. Getting paired up for a lengthy project with the boy was an interesting turn of events and you don’t know whether to feel blessed or cursed when you develop, seemingly, a perfectly normal, harmless crush on Tony Stark. Fueled by feelings of inadequacy and boredom, your life spirals out of control - and you’re lucky your newfound friends are there to pick up the pieces even if you cannot find it in yourself to believe these amazing human (and not so human) beings voluntarily give you more than a fleeting glance and an offhanded thought. And they brought cake!


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Hi! I really enjoyed writing this. It’s so cute! ☺️

Tony Stark x Reader

Prompt 6 List 2: “That was my cookie!” “What’s mine is yours, and yours is mine.”


It was far past your bedtime and you were still working on a presentation for your psych class. If you didn’t finish it, not only would you fail the semester, but that would also jeopardize your chance of graduating. Your eyes were sore from the blue light emitting off your IPad and you could barely organize your thoughts. That was a clear enough sign you needed a break, so you sifted through your kitchen cabinets for a quick snack.

“Yes, perfect!” you found a tin you stored away.

Inside were neatly frosted cookies, with little shapes and flower designs, making you crave them even more. You smiled, seeing that your boyfriend hadn’t stolen from the secret stash. You turned your back to the cookies, and reached in the refrigerator for some whole milk. A startling munch from behind you made you turn towards the noise.

“Oh, hey. I didn’t know Melinda’s still sold these. Thought they removed it from the men—”

“Hey, that was my cookie!” you pouted at your boyfriend.

“Oh c’mon, Y/N. What’s mine is yours, and yours is mine. You should know that by now,” Tony spoke, muffled by the cookie in his mouth.

He waved his fingers at you, “Also, shouldn’t you be typing away, missy. That presentation won’t create itself, I hope you know.”

“Tony, my eyes hurt and I’m hungry. I could care less about that thing right now,” you mumbled and grabbed a tulip cookie from the tin.

“Ah, ah, no snacks until you complete it,” he grabbed the treat from your hand.

“Tony stop, your being childish,” you cocked your head lightly, “…please?”

“Nope,” Tony chuckled and moved the tin from you, “you’ll get one after you finish.”

“In fact, I’ll watch you to make sure you do it.”

Ugh, why did he have to make things so difficult.

“Fine…” you frowned and dragged your feet towards your desk.

“Let’s get movin’,” Tony playfully patted your behind.

“You think it’s easy, but it’s not. I’m being mentally drained.”

You turned to him, “You know… if what’s mine is yours, and yours is mine, why don’t you type it for me, Tony?”

“Haha! Definitely not! I’ve already been through college, sweetheart,” Tony laughed, hugging you from behind.


— bugs

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Request: “Hey! Could you do headcanons or a fic for the avengers (I dont care who) with a reader who is really quiet and shy/smart at first but the once you get to know them they are a complete dumbass? Like 3 am random conversations, random energy bursts, blurting out stupid stuff, just crazy and funny in general.” 

A/N: Hello readers! I have never done a headcanon before so I thought I would try it out. Here are the Avengers’ reaction when you (a super quiet smart girl) gets a bit weird. Thank you for all of your support and patience! If you submit a request, I thank you a lot! I am going to try and write in my free time since I miss you all so much. Hope you enjoy! 


Steve would be laughing at your silly questions after you asked them. “Why is water wet?” “Are we even real?” or his favorite, “What did come first the egg or the chicken?”. He is very amused at your questions, but would let you ramble on about your reasoning about each one. The crazy moment he likes the most is when you are dancing crazily all of a sudden when you were bored with your calculations. You would go up to him and start dancing away making him laugh at how crazy you are. He likes that only a select few get to see this side of you. 


Originally posted by satedanfire


Tony was glad he could find someone as smart as you to talk through calculations with, but he hated how quiet you were. One night you both were in the lab trying to figure out a way to make his suit fly more effeciently. You both have been up for 20 hours plus. “What did you say were your calculations?” Tony asks you, but sees you are huddled into the hood of your hoodie with your arms tucked into your sweater. You were swaying your loose sleeves around like propellers making small helicopter noises. Tony just observes you for a moment until you made eye contact with him. “How come airplanes can fly but humans can physically fly? I mean I know the math for it, but why?” you ask putting your arms through your sleeves. He just laughed at your question but you kept on rambling excitedly. Tony was amused as you defended your question and your random jumping up and down as you got excited at answering points of your own question.


Originally posted by robertdowneyisbrilliant


Clint met you while you were physically defusing a bomb, but after a few meetings with you he got to know the crazier side to you. It was early in the morning, and Clint was coming to get you for a meeting with the rest of the team. He walked in to see you hanging off your bed with a pencil in your mouth as you were talking to yourself about something ridiculous that he couldn’t even understand. When you saw Clint, you fell off your bed head first before laughing so hard that you were crying. Clint was disturbed at first, but shook his head in amusement before leaving your room. 


Originally posted by july-rck


When Thor first met you, he had crack energy himself. He thought you were just as boring as the rest of the Avengers, but then he saw you randomly dancing in your room before jumping off your bed and onto the ground. When he walked in you stopped until he started singing horribly and joining you with terrible dancing. You both just started after the song was over, quite literally rolling on  the ground. 


Originally posted by bakmasenonlara


Bruce liked how you were as quiet as he was. He liked spending time with you. That is until he really go to know you. You were both reading in a quiet room until you started making popping noises with your mouth. “Look Bruce!” You started to make the popping noises louder making him look at you weirdly. “Sorry,” You quickly apologize before you both go back to reading. You suddenly sigh and put your book in your lap roughly. “You know what doesn’t make sense,” Bruce looks at you over his book with his eyebrows raised. “How can someone turn green when they are sick? I have never seen anyone actually turn green when they are sick.” Bruce just looked at you unamused as you keep going on about being green. 


Originally posted by geislun

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only tony stark cuddles could heal me right now

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I don’t have one?!


Originally posted by bright12win

Hydra guy: Okay! Okay! I’m sorry, please don’t kill me!

Y/n: Why?!

Hyrda guy: I have wife & kids. I have family!

Y/n: And I don’t have one?!! You pathetic selfish man!

Tony: Hey, hey that’s enough. He’s dead.

Steve: Yeah, let’s go. We got what we need.

Y/n: I saw he moved! *keep hitting him

Tony: Nat, we could use some lullaby here.

Natasha: Bruce doesn’t even in this mission. What are you talking about?

Steve: No, not Bruce.

Tony: The little one.

Y/n: You selfish! *punch* pathetic! *punch* this is for your wife! *punch* this is for your kids! *punch2* this is for not thinking that I have a family!! *kick*

Natasha clapping: That’s cute. Let’s go. You’re beating the dead man to death. Let’s go have some doughnuts.

Y/n giggles: Okay.

Natasha: Did you punch his throat?

Y/n: He slapped me so I punched his throat just like you taught me.

Natasha: Good girl. *ruffles your hair.

Steve: Maybe you should bring doughnuts next time.

Tony: No, just bring Natasha.


Originally posted by nowthisisliving27

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Wake up pt. 2

Summary: Explaining how you got here was harder than you thought, but luckily Tony already knew a few things.

Avengers x reader

Word count: 508

Masterlist Wake up Masterlist

a/n Hey guys! Quick question, who do you want y/n to end up with? I’m thinking Bucky or Loki! Let me know what ya’ll think.

“Uh- hello?” Tony said, confusion obvious on his face. “Why did you bring them here Peter?” Steve asked equally as confused as Tony. “Well, uh- I found them passed out in some alley and they didn’t know where they were so I- I brought them here” he explained voice softening towards the end. “And why aren’t you wearing your mask?” Tony asked Peter.

“Because they know who I am!” this caused everyone’s attention back on you. Tony looked at you with one brow raised, “how do you know his identity?” you swallowed, unsure how to say this. “Well, I- uhm" “just spit it out sweetheart” “I’m not from here!”  

This caused silence over the room, “What- what do you mean you’re not from here? Not from America? Or from earth?” Steve asked walking closer to you. “See, I am from earth just not… this one” you said, the end of your sentence being more a question than an answer.  

“I don’t really know how to explain this so just- listen closely” so you began explaining how you were just in your room, watching a movie when you fell asleep and woke up in an alley with Peter. “What movie were you watching?” Tony asked making Sam look at him confused “why would that even matter-” “the avengers”  

Once again silence fell over the room. “You were watching ‘the avengers’? As in us.” “Yes.” “So, you’re from a different reality.” “yes!” “How do you know this Tony?” Natasha asked him confused. “Dr. Strange and I talked about this before- he wasn’t sure if traveling like this was possible but he knew there were multiple realities.”  

“What are we in your reality?” Natasha asked curiously. “Uhm, comic book characters and movie characters? TV-shows are coming now as well!” “So, we don’t really exist there?” you nodded “basically yeah.”

“Well that’s… something” you smiled sheepishly. “I’m assuming you don’t have anywhere to stay while you’re here?” Tony asked stepping closer to you. “Not really no” you answer him making him nod before saying “you’re welcome to stay here y/n” before patting you shoulder.  

“Who’s your favourite?” Sam asked smiling brightly at you. “Jezus Sam” Natasha said before Bucky smacked to back of his head. You smiled looking at the people in front of you. Never had you thought you would actually meet them…

“So, what do you know about us?” Wanda asked smiling at you with curious eyes. “Quite a lot…” “Like Steve your mother’s name was Sarah and you wore newspapers in your shoes” “what-” “Sam I know something you don’t want Steve to know” you told him smiling mischievously. “what?” “I’ll give you a hint, small man, roof-” “alright, alright you can stop there” he said making you laugh.

Peter smiled before asking you “are you hungry?” now that he mentioned it, you were kinda starving. Nodding you follow him towards the kitchen. “How long do you think you’ll stay here?” he asked you making you look at him. “I’m not sure to be honest…” “I guess we’ll see!”





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Tony: nat, whats a queen without her king?

Natasha: historically, better.

Steve: okay, so what’s juliet without romeo?

Wanda: alive.

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Feel free to send in some fluffy prompts (no smut unless it’s more of an afterthought - or if you really want smut, it’ll just be a while until I write it) for Marvel :) I’m down to write Tony x any gender/non gender reader, Stony x reader, stuckony x reader, etc. But kinda prefer tony and/or steve x reader stuff to write rn

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Y/n: *on last day of studying for important exam*

Y/n: *putting on headphones but forgetting to connect with bluetooth*

Laptop: *netflix intro sound on max. volume*

Tony: once again, I thought you were studying! What happened to you?

Y/n: maths and science happened, now leaving me and my series alone

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Y/n: *sitting on an opposite desk, on laptop*

Tony: *does god knows what and occasionally seeing them type something and doodle*

Y/n: *after finishing online lesson* fucking finally!

Tony: finished?

Y/n: heck yeah, look at this!

Y/n: *proudly shows the mandala they coloured in*

Tony: hold on. I thought you were taking notes! Being the good student and stuff!

Y/n: no thanks :)

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A/N: Sequel to Typical Stark, but could be read as a standalone fic too!


Originally posted by rdjdad

Fall Prompts Masterlist

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: Fluff and sass, some kissing!

Word count: 1338

Tony Stark Taglist - @raspberrymama​  @ladyeliot@boop-le-snoot@make-a-memory-drink-it-up@loveisallyouneed1125​  @ownsmyheart@anthonyjanthony666@downeyreads

Everything Taglist – @godofplumsandthunder@ladyacrasia@agustdowney​  @swaggysposts@littlegasps@little-baby-vixen@another-stark-sub@supraveng@kahlanmars​  @marvelgirl7@disappointmentofthefam@pandaxnienke@tom-hlover​  @just-the-hiddles​ @fyreball66 @asmigurub@avantgardium-leviosa@imerdwarf

Tags are open! Send me an ask or DM if you wish to be in any of the taglists ;))

Tony’s offer replayed in your mind a thousand times over, an offer you approached him with first on the day your mission had gone awry. Sure it had been your idea but, a part of you had believed Tony would never take you up on it, sooner or later he’d forget about the whole thing.

It was Tony, after all.

A week later, you had FRIDAY enquire you about your schedule for the weekend before revealing the real reason for such unpredicted prying. After trying on every fancy outfit in your wardrobe like a teenager before a first date, you settled on a simple pair of jeans and a comfy sweater. 

You weren’t going over to try and impress Tony, it was just casual conversation over drinks, not a date. You needed that reminder every so often.

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Peter Parker

Not the Same Girl - Before the Blip, Peter would babysit you, but not that he’s back and you’ve grown up, what feelings will come to play? 

Little Fall of Rain - Based on ‘A Little Fall of Rain’ from Les Mis

Steve Rogers 

Bail You Out - A midnight call wakes you up, asking you to pick Steve and Bucky up in a less than ideal location 

True Gentleman - After a date with Steve, he wants to make sure that you get home safe, but you reassure him that you’ll be alright

Tony Stark 

The Scoops Troop - It’s Halloween and you want to do a group costume, but Tony isn’t onboard with the idea 


Bucky Barnes

Lost in Love and Time (Ongoing) - Haunted Mansion AU

Prologue Part One
Prologue Part Two
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Peter Parker 

Fools Rush In (Ongoing) - When Peter finds himself claiming to the Avengers that he has a girlfriend, he turns to you for help even though the two of you are class rivals 

Chapter One
Chapter Two

Steve Rogers 

La La Land (Ongoing) - As a struggling actress in the big city, you aren’t sure how you are going to get your big break. Similarly, starving artist, Steve Rogers, doesn’t know how to move on after a deal gone wrong. What happens when you two meet and learn more about yourselves, love, and the power of dreams than you ever though possible? 

Chapter One

Jack Thompson 

13 Days of Halloween - Day Seven - “I picked it out especially with you in mind. You’re hurting my feelings.” 

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Word count: 1418     

Genre: I guess fluff but this is super random

Pairing: Platonic!Tony x reader (with some Pepper at the end)

Warnings: Swearing but in a friendly way (let me know if I need to add more)

Request: … and this ones pretty vague but i just cried over a stark!reader after tony died so would love anything fluffy tony!

Summary: Tony and the reader find plans that they made while drunk and decide to build them without the permission of Pepper.

A/n: This request was for @casperlikej​ so I hope you like it. If I’m going to be completely honestly I don’t even know what I wrote here and it’s probably trash but whatever, I hope everyone enjoys anyways. It was also my first time writing for Tony so I don’t know how well I did but again, this isn’t meant to be a super serious fic, it’s very lighthearted fun. 

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Alright, y’all. I’m doing this for my own organization but I thought it would come in handy for you too. If you have a specific kink or character you’d like to see me compile a list of every fic I can find about them, please let me know and I’ll eventually get around to it. For now, here are some fics featuring tony stark as the main character, which I’ll keep updating every monday, per my posting schedule.

Last updated: 18.01.2021

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Chap 2 - Nice to meet you

It was now early morning. Tony’s phone was ringing. Yestersay several people had realized that Tony had left the party without telling anyone, and were texting him to ask where he was.

The sound of the notifications ended up woking up the mermaid.

Still with her eyes closed, she groaned in relaxation as she felt the warm water and soft soap bubbles around her body.

After a few seconds she opened her eyes wide, realizing what was happening. She was no longer in the ocean, not even in a lake, a river or any other water range.

She was clearly in the human world. She placed a hand over her eyes to hide the sun that was falling on the room and looked around her.

Her gaze was immediately drawn to the man sleeping just next to her, leaning against the edge of the bathtub, in a position that did not look very comfortable.


She bent her head and let herself sink gently into the water, taking great care not to make any noise, to get even closer to the man.

She stayed like that for a few moments looking at him and admiring him.

She had never seen such a handsome man. She held her chest. There was a sensation in her heart that she had never felt before.

Looking around her she then saw a small table where Tony had previously placed cookies for her in case she’s hungry and whe wakes up. She took one and ate it. Indeed, she was starving.

Once the cookie was finished she took gathered her courage and decided to wake her savior.

She gently brought her hand close to him and ran it through his silky hair, which woke him up.

“Hey you” he said, raising his head and looking at her with his beautiful hazelnut eyes.

He smiled at her and the mermaid replied with a smile too.

“Thank you,” she said shyly, “for saving me, and for all this,” pointing at all the little things he had done for her.

“Oh, that’s nothing.” he replied.

“Who are you? She asked.

"Anthony Edward Stark at your service. Who are you?”

“My name is Y/N”

“Nice to meet you Y/N.”

Tony reached out his hand. The mermaid looked at it and gave him her hand, assuming that this is the right thing to do, and Tony shook it.

He stood up and glanced at her tail. “So you are… a mermaid. What are you doing here? I’ve never seen a mermaid in a river before… I’ve never even seen a mermaid before.”

“We hide from men and never talk to them. We learn that they are dangerous.”

“But you’re not afraid of me.” Tony remarked.

“Maybe I’m more reckless than the average mermaid?” Joked the mermaid raising an eyebrow, which made Tony laugh.

“No” she continued more seriously. “The truth is that mermaids can easily sense who people really are. And you Tony, you have the purest heart I’ve ever felt.”

That answer made Tony smile the sweetest smile, almost not believing in it.


“And you, aren’t you afraid of me?” Asked the woman.

“No, I’m not. Should I?” He smirks.

“No,” she laughed. “I am not dangerous but most humans are afraid of "creatures” like me. But I would never hurt you, Anthony.“

"You can call me Tony”.


Chap 1


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and spread the hasthag #BringBackTonyStarktolife ♡

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