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#tony stark x reader

Ex’s and oh’s

Hello my lovely readers! Here I have part two of still into you  so I hope you like it as much as I do! And I updated the prompt list since I repeated one accidentally On with the story


Prompt 3: Can I help you? 

Prompt 15: Leave me alone

Prompt 16: Don’t touch me 

Prompt 89: You are my Juliet and I’m your Romeo  

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Ooooh, I’m feeling it 😈

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Prompt: “I’m not afraid of you.”

Warnings: Vampire!Tony. Death threats.

WC: 326


Originally posted by kane52630

“I’m not afraid of you.”

Tony clucked his tongue and lifted his eyebrows, gaze disbelieving as it swept over your form. “Well, that’s a bit silly, isn’t it?”

He was enjoying it - making you squirm. His eyes held a delighted glow, as though you were telling him the hottest gossip he’d heard all year.

He leant back against the side of the couch opposite where you were seated, hands casually pressed into his pockets.

“You know I could kill you, right?” He grinned, flashing those razor sharp fangs, almost as if he was proving his point. “One wrong move and that’s it - it’s all over for you.”

You swallowed down the instinctive fear building in your chest. “You’re not going to hurt me.”

“You don’t know that.” He shrugged. You could feel his gaze on your neck. It turned your cheeks hot.

He breathed in slowly, eyelids fluttering at the smell of your blood raising to below the surface of your skin.

“I want to help,” you croaked, moving towards him despite the urge that screamed at you to move away. “How long has it been since you… ate?”

He pursed his lips at your use of words, eyes flashing open to watch you again. Up close, you could see a frantic edge to his focus.

“It’s been… a little while. I’m pushing it.” He huffed out a laugh, “All the more of a reason for you to not offer yourself up like this.”

You pushed yourself to your feet, crossing the short distance between the two of you and stepping into his space. His eyes flashed with something dark when your hands slid over his chest, up to his shoulders where you held on.

“You’re not going to hurt me. I’m not afraid of you.”

He was battling with the idea, obvious in the way his hands came to rest on your hips, yet his breathing halted - trying not to be pulled in by your scent.

Another push, then.

You pressed yourself up to his body, stepping between his legs and letting your arms wind around his neck. Once you were sure he wouldn’t let you fall, you tilted your head back, presenting the smooth expanse of your jugular to his lips.

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Rating: Explicit.

‼️TW: Reader is EIGHTEEN! Recreational drug use, smoking and alcohol consumption, deeply internalised self-loathing, very questionable moral standards. Daddy kink taken half-seriously. BDSM themes in later chapters - explicit content will come with it’s own TWs. FIRST PERSON POV. Mild smut in this chapter.

Summary: You’re Peter’s classmate, a child of rich and famous but uncaring parents. Getting paired up for a lengthy project with the boy was an interesting turn of events and you don’t know whether to feel blessed or cursed when you develop, seemingly, a perfectly normal, harmless crush on Tony Stark. Fueled by feelings of inadequacy and boredom, your life spirals out of control - and you’re lucky your newfound friends are there to pick up the pieces even if you cannot find it in yourself to believe these amazing human (and not so human) beings voluntarily give you more than a fleeting glance and an offhanded thought. And they brought cake!

A/N: Tony fluff, Tony snark, Tony sass and Tony smut (finally!). My & reader’s brain be like: tony tony tony tony. A request for my readers: do I write a believeable tony? Is he in character, more or less?

My beta @miscmarvelwritings - she’s not into Tony but even then, she was finally excited about them finally getting down & dirty. The patience of this woman…


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Word Count: 2,325ish

Summary: Y/N comes home for a break.


Limping down the quinjet ramp after landing on Avenger’s Tower, Y/N couldn’t hold back the smile that came over her features. She was happy to be home and excited to see Tony. She had told him that she was coming home, but didn’t answer him as to when.

“Welcome home, Agent Rogers,” JARVIS greeted as she walked through the doors and into the penthouse. “I have informed Mr. Stark of your arrival and he is on his way.”

“He’s not on his way, he is here,” Tony replied, exiting the elevator. The expression on his face quickly went from happy to concerned as he noticed Y/N’s limp. “Did you get hurt?” He rushed over. “When? How bad is it? And who did it? Their going to—“

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happy halloween week

telling scary stories with them would include…


Originally posted by rdjdad

tony stark:

🎃 Tony is so dramatic. He can’t just tell a normal scary story. Of course he had to have a few special effects

🎃 he uses a bunch of holograms as you sit around the fire and he tries to tell you stories his dad used to tell him

🎃 you have to admit that his tech is a good touch and by the end you are looking over you shoulder to see if a monster is sneaking up on you

🎃 “did I scare you [Y/N]”

🎃 “no!”

🎃 you’re lying of course and Tony knows it, which only boosts his ego


Originally posted by lesbriens

natasha romanoff:

🎃 Natasha has a load of old Russian folklore that she remembers from her childhood. So when it’s time for scary stories she puts them to good use

🎃 as she’s telling you these legends the intense look in her eye sends a shiver up your spine

🎃 you did not expect Nat to freak you out as much as she did but man that woman could be scary when she wanted

🎃 “did I scare you [Y/N]? Don’t worry I’ll keep you safe”

🎃 well how could you pass up an opportunity for Nat to cuddle you for the rest of the night to comfort you. So it’s even if you’re scared it’s a win


Originally posted by starkissedtom

peter parker:

🎃 when you and Peter decide to exchange scary stories on Halloween night you do it to see who can scare the other the most

🎃 Peter is pretty confident when he tells you a story that May told him that freaked him out when he was younger

🎃 when you share a legend that your grandfather had told you though… Peter’s ghostly pale

🎃 he didn’t think you’d be able to scare him so much but holy crap you did

🎃 “Pete are you okay? Woah, are you shaking? Was my story that bad?”

🎃 “c-can we cuddle now?”


Originally posted by riricitaa

bucky barnes:

🎃 Bucky isn’t the biggest fan of scary stories. He has enough nightmares as it is

🎃 so instead you decided to tell some light hearted and even funny Halloween themed stories so you don’t creep out each other

🎃 the two of you spend your time laughing and cuddling by the fire as you tell your goofy tales

🎃 “this is much better than telling scary stories”

🎃 “I agree”


Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

loki laufeyson:

🎃 when telling stories with Loki he quite literally puts on a play for you

🎃 he’d transform himself into different characters as he’s sharing his old Asgardian tale (Loki theatre nerd confirmed)

🎃 having him act everything out only makes the story telling that much scarier. It’s almost impossible for you not to be a little freaked out

🎃 “I assume that I told the best ghost story”

🎃 “it wasn’t a competition but yes I guess you win Loki”

tags: @fangirlsarah16 / @sheridans-dynamos / @shadowcatgirl09 / @johnnyshellby / @locke-writes / @gruffle1 / @randomfandomimagine / @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @lucillethings / @scarletsoldierrr / @kaetastic / @zeldafreak688 / @thebookwormlife / @natasha-danvers / @moonlit-imagines / @bored-green / @lozzypoz321 / @captainshazamerica / @xxxtwilightaxelxxx / @schnapped / @johnmurphyisbisexual / @frenchgirlinlondon / @chxcolxtemilk / @xspideyboyx / @ofthedewthesunlight / @simonsbluee / @brithedemonspawn / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @my-chemical-academia / @big-galaxy-chaos​ / @katconway / @thedarklordapproves / @parkerlovebot / @czarinera

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Pairings: Tony Stark x reader

Summary: In which the reader is an Avenger and she just geeks out when she sees a bunch of musical instruments at the compound and Tony just fallsinlovewithherstraightaway because of her personality and music taste

Word count: 2,562

A/n: so this is just a pure music-related imagine and also I’m sorry if you don’t like the band(s) mentioned (bc it’s an x reader), or have a different guitar preference, or play a different instrument or have a drastically different fav genre, etc.


Warnings: u have nothing to worry about :) fluff!


gif not mine! credits to the owner^^


“I’ll drop this off at your room before I hit the hay, Tony mentioned about giving you a tour of the place first.” Clint patted you on the arm and walked pass you with your bags.

You nodded and smiled, really appreciating his help. You’ve been sorting things out at your apartment with Clint all day. “Alright, thanks. I owe you one.” You heard him say something along the lines of ‘buy me donuts’ before he was out of sight.

“Agent L/N, you’re finally able to join us,” Tony gave you a playful smile, finishing his drink to walk over to you.

You were officially one of the avengers, and now officially moving in. It’s been a few months since you assisted the team on a particularly huge mission. It was not planned of course, after that you started helping out when they needed it, and they thought you’d fit right in.

“Tony,” you gave him a small nod and a kind smile. “And please, call me Y/N.” The billionaire then offered you a drink but you declined.

“Good, didn’t think you’d be much of a drinker,” Tony stated and gave you one of those charming looks that would literally sweep any girl right off her feet. “Has anybody told you that you’ve got pretty eyes?”

The comment surprised you but then again, you remembered who you were talking to. “Stark, if we’re going to be working together you better cut the crap.” You laughed.

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(pictures in header don’t belong to me)

A/N: So I’ve come up with an idea. I don’t know if it’s been done before and I hope it hasn’t. But here we go. This will be something to celebrate the amount of followers I’ve reached. From now until it closes I will be taking requests for this. Here’s how it goes.

Do you have an era you wish to see a preferred Avenger in? Do you have a scenario you want already planned out? If so fill out the form below and drop it in my inbox! I’ll write it! Also side note I don’t write smut and will not write it for requests.

Please understand I’m a college student so it will take time to do these. Do not worry I will get to your request!

The eras will go from 1910s-present day.

So everyone can read it, I will be making it pairing x reader only.

Here is the list of Marvel Characters I will be writing for currently.

Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Valkyrie, Thor, Loki, Sam Wilson, Peggy Carter, Carol Danvers, Wanda Maximoff, Bruce Banner

Request Form:

Marvel Character:



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So… I think, for the time being, I will be focusing on finishing one incomplete story from my Masterlist at a time. Since I recently updated ‘A Silent Voice’, that’s the story that’ll be getting the most attention.

But I also think I can do one request from you guys in-between chapters. I looked through my inbox and I saw a good number of requests, so I think this could work???

What do you guys think?

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tony stark x reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Summary: After Tony and you break up, you get kidnapped by Loki. When you’re found, you’re not the same person you once were.

Warnings: mentions of rape and abuse, nightmares


You were an agent of SHIELD, assigned to be Tony Stark’s personal assistant due to him being Howard Stark’s kid. You two were always flirtatious, even up to the day he was kidnapped. You searched and searched for him, until you and Rhodey found him in the middle of the desert, three months after he had gone missing. You stayed by his side through everything. Helping him recover and defeat Obadiah, falling in love with each other along the way.

It wasn’t all lovey-dovey for the two of you though. Your relationship was built on heavy sarcasm and teasing, which often led to disagreements and/or nights of heated passion. You mostly fought about Tony’s decision making, especially during the time you didn’t know he was dying. During that time, the fights became more hurtful, either bring on the most heated passion you’d ever experienced or nights spent in different rooms. By the end of his disastrous birthday party, you decided that you were through. Leaving nothing but a voicemail for him, telling him that it was over.

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Word Count: 1,550ish

Summary: King Steven wakes up. Y/N and Steven plan for the wedding.

NOTES: This is the last chapter of this series. I have no words that can fully explain how much the love this series has gotten, has meant to me. Thanks so much for everything. One shot requests for this series are open, if you wish to see anything else. Thanks again, for everything!


They waited in the Princess’ room all through the night and well into the morning. They were all restless, pacing continuously, besides the Princess. Y/N had yet to get out of bed since being put there. She was too terrified to move. It was almost afternoon when the doctors arrived.

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Sleep was hard to come by that night. Meeting new people, doing new things, getting involved in troublesome activities… at this point in your life you thought you might be a little more unmovable. A little more unfazed. But after an episode like that and the knowledge that you had two enhanced girls sleeping under your roof- enhanced girls of which there were many more like them that you’d see tomorrow- …young kids that your former trusted President Ellis may or may not have been going after now with a secret task for… 

Sleep wasn’t happening. 

Tony laid silent beside you while you tossed and turned the first hour.
The next he drew you close. The two of you talked about nothing at all. Trying to avoid the subject of what tomorrow would bring. And the hour after that the both of you got up and did anything else other than talk or figure out what next steps were. He started working on his projects and you started working on Stark Industries business. 

Instead, you knew, you should have been formulating a plan. Thinking about what you were going to say to Charles Xavier. What was important to figure out, what would be important going forward. And then you should have formulated a plan for what you were going to do to Ellis to stop all this. But somewhere between five and six AM as you were answering another email that was wholly unimportant, you wondered if this was even your business at all. 

of course it was, but… 

Could you hand it off to the Avengers? You and Tony had technically stepped away from all of that. If someone- even President Matthew Ellis- had sanctioned action against enhanced individuals, shouldn’t the Avengers deal with that? Should they at least know

If not yes to the former, the latter was still certainly true. Which meant you had a phone call to make. Then you waffled around for far too long trying to decide if this was best in person or on the phone. Probably in person. So with that in mind, what did your current path look like? 

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Summary: Tony Stark finds something he doesn’t mind being handed to him. 
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
Word Count: 1100
Warnings: Cursing, pregnancy, hospital childbirth. 
Square Filled: First Child for @marvelfluffbingo​. 
A/N: Tryinggggg to get some characters that aren’t Seb or Bucky for you lovelies since I just wrapped up IYJR and have Buckvember coming up, so be on the lookout this week! Happy Reading :)


Originally posted by tonydaily

After plopping into the backseat of the limo, press and fans nipping at his heels, Tony let out a deep breath. 

“Back to the hotel, boss?” Happy inquired from the driver’s seat. 

Tony squeezed his eyes shut as he thought. “Food first. Then hotel.”

Happy whistled as he carefully pulled away from the curb, the reporters and fans. Tony remembered his phone buzzing a few times in his pocket during the press conference, so he lifted up to dig the device from his pocket; several missed messages from Y/N had him wincing as he dialed her back. 

“Anthony Edward Stark!” she screeched into the phone the moment the line connected. “With all the motherfucking technology you have invented and carry with you, and I can’t get a hold of you when I need to! Are you shitting me! Oh, but let aliens come down through a hole in the sky —”

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1.4k words
Warnings: Angst .
Other Characters: Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan, Phil Coulson.
A/N: I’m not sorry.


Year -11 (2009)

You left your car in front of Tony’s mansion and took your sunglasses off, turning to your driver and assuring him that you would be quick before walking right to the door, and was quickly welcomed by JARVIS as you stripped off of your coat and left your purse aside. 

“I trust you’re well today?” he asked. 

“Not really,” you took your phone, sending a last text to Phil to confirm your return to New York. “Where’s Anthony?”

“In the garage, with Happy and Miss Potts.”

“Thank you.”

You walked down the stairs quickly and Happy turned to you just as you closed the glass door. 

“Doc,” he smiled to you. 

“Hello, Happy.”

Only then, Tony saw you, and gave you a nervous smile. 

“Mum, finally, you’re here. You know, I was talking to Pepper and suggesting we had dinner at… What?’ here stopped, finally realising you’d just been staring at him the whole time. 

“Well?” you raised your eyebrows. “You don’t have anything to say?”

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For @thefanficfaerie​‘s OTP Challenge (2020)            
Words: 463
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader          
Prompt: Spooktacular Halloween: Day 26 - Black Cat 
Summary: Tony is once again dragged into Reader’s schemes when she comes up with an idea to help relieve Steve’s loneliness. 


“So, our plan is what exactly here?” Tony asked as he followed you up Steve’s walkway.

“Haven’t you gotten tired of asking that yet?” You questioned him. You ringed Steve’s front doorbell.

“Yes, yes I do.” Tony sighed.

“Oh, [Y/N], Tony. I’m sorry I forgot we had plans.” Steve yawned when he answered the door. He was still in his pajamas; a pair of joggers and a grey t-shirt.

“We didn’t, [Y/N] has a gift for you and I’m apparently here for photography purposes.” Tony explained.

“Well, I always appreciate a gift from you both. Please, come in.” He stepped aside so that you and Tony could come in. “Does this gift have anything to do with the pet carrier in your hand?”

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