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#tony stark x reader
obsessivelycapricious · 2 hours ago
Grounded. Tony Stark x Mutant! Fem OC
A/N: hello! Back with another snippet from the same, much larger fic that feels like it works well as a one shot.
Summary: She wakes up from a nightmare she can't quite shake and Tony helps her out.
Tony Stark x Mutant!female oc - her name is Grace but you can easily read it as a 3rd person reader insert if you swap the name out. Can also be read as a platonic friendship really. It's not too intense on the shipping front.
Warnings/tags: Panic attacks, nightmares, mentions of past torture, grounding techniques, "good girl" (idk if that needs a warning), hurt/comfort, food mention. - if i miss anything I should have tagged, please let me know.
Wordcount - 1.3k
Tumblr media
Flailing, she fell onto the floor with a smash, as something shattered in the distance. She scrambled backwards trying to come to her senses, registering dully that there was a pained screaming coming from somewhere, too muffled to guess a direction. The lights were too bright, too clinical and the hard floor was cool to the touch.
She wasn’t safe.
There was a shout from across the room, a blur rushing towards her then hands on her body, holding her down. She fought against them wildly, her legs tangled up in something, constricting her movement.
Not safe at all.
Disorientated, it took her a moment to break free from the hold her attacker had on her. She couldn’t quite get her limbs to function well enough to move any distance away, instead scooting towards the corner like a startled animal. It took another moment for her to realise she was the one screaming, her chest achingly tight in terror. The sound died off and she tried to regain focus and look for a way out.
“Hey! Hey sweetheart, it’s okay. Eyes on me.”
The hands were back, on her face this time. She whimpered, screwing her eyes tightly shut which did nothing to block out the wave of pure fear coursing through her body.
The hands were gentle. Soothing almost. A trick.
“You’re in the lab with me, you’re safe. You fell asleep on the couch. It was just a nightmare. You’re safe.”
“No. I – please.” Unable to make sense of the voice, she pleaded, desperate for it to end. She kicked her legs out against the restraints, trying to get them free so she could try to run.
“It’s just the blanket, let me – there. Hey Gracie. You’re okay. Grace c’mon now look at me. It’s Tony.”
The name makes her pause. She blinks against the bright lights, her breath still coming out in harsh, painful rags. She doesn’t sound convinced but she asks for him anyway. “Tony?”
He sighs quietly in relief. “That’s it. J – lower the lights, down to 20%. You’re safe. It wasn’t real. Just a bad dream.”
The lights dim, bringing things slowly into focus. Tony strokes his thumb against her cheek, wiping fresh tears away as she tries to remember how to function. It’s only then she realises how heavily she is trembling. “Shit.”
Strong arms pull her close to his chest, she lets him this time. “There you go. It’s okay. Breathe with me.” He soothes her, breathing deeply and exhaling slowly. She makes an effort to match him but can’t quite manage it from the way her lungs seem to stutter.
“Good job. Let’s get you back in the room, huh? 5 things you can see.”
Something in the back of her mind tells her she ought to be embarrassed, but she doesn’t have the mental energy to give it any real thought. Grateful for the direction, she glances around the lab trying to put a name to something eventually landing on the robot on the other side of the room, rotating in distress.
“Uh – U. The Iron Man suit. The um – the cars.” She stumbles over the words, hoping they will ground her in the present, far away from her nightmares.
“Good girl, you’re doing great. Two more things.”
She glares at the sofa she just fell from. “That fucking sofa.”
Tony snorts. “You love that dumb couch. You’d cry if I replaced it, you know. So would I come to think of it - It’s far too comfortable to get rid of. One more.” He adds, prompting her again.
“The uh – screens. Overhead.”
“Four things you can feel.”
“Tony – “ With a sense of shame creeping in, Grace starts to protest but is quicky cut off.
“– Four things. C’mon.”
She screws her eyes closed for only a second, instantly regretting it as the fear she would slip right back into her dream kicks in without warning. “The blanket. The floor. Your hand and… Shit I don’t know.” She lets out a rush of air, frustrated with herself.
Tony shrugs easily, his voice even and safe. “This isn’t Jeopardy, you’ve got time.”
Grace takes three deep steadying breaths, before realising she can feel something else. She pulls away slightly to check. “My arm? Glass. Crap, there’s glass all over the floor be careful.”
Pushing forward to get a better look, Tony catches her hand in his, gripping it firmly to try and examine her. “Yeah, I’m fine. Let me see this.”
Catching sight of the shard stuck in the back of her forearm, Tony frowns before glancing out of the corner of his eye. “Dum-E I see you with that fire extinguisher. Put it down, get a brush and start cleaning this up.”
“Three things you hear.” He adds, checking to see if there is any more glass before turning his attention back to her injury.
“Tony I’m okay.”
“Indulge me please.” He grimaces, giving her a look in warning before pulling the shard out slowly.
She sighs, feeling her skin knit back together almost instantly. “Spoiled. Fine. You, uh. Dum-E. And um – J.A.R.V.I.S.?”
“Yes Miss?” The A.I. replies easily, still refusing to call her by her first name.
“And J.A.R.V.I.S.” She finishes. Feeling more grounded by the second.
Tony nods. Satisfied that there is no more glass to remove, he rests his back against the wall and stretches his arm back over her shoulders, pulling her close again. “Two things you can smell.”
It’s easier this time, to let her eyes close as she inhales deeply. “Motor oil. And your cologne.”
She can hear the smile in his voice when he speaks. “Bingo. Last one. Taste.”
Smacking her lips together, she grimaces. “Ugh, that I need to brush my teeth. That counts right?”
“That counts. Gross, by the way.” He adds, jostling her slightly.
She scoffs, unaffected. “Whatever.”
They sit together silently for a few long moments as Dum-E manoeuvres closer with a dustpan and brush. Tony huffs and affectionate laugh at the robot before speaking. “So. That was a doozy huh?”
“Yeah.” She agrees, sagging into him further, willing the aftershocks away.
Curiosity creeps into his voice as he edges the question. “Was it uh - was it the workshop?”
Grace straightens up, not pulling away completely but enough to stretch her back out, trying to hide her discomfort. She sucks in another deep breath before sassing him. “No, Vogelburg. So, you can put your guilt complex away, thanks.”
He snorts again, unperturbed. “That been happening a lot lately?”
“No.” The petulance clear in her voice, giving everything away.
She huffs, frustrated. “The couch seems to be the only place I can actually stay asleep these days.”
He makes a considering noise, filing the information away in his mind, no doubt, before shrugging again. “Well, I’m the last person to preach about healthy coping mechanisms. It’s a good job you’ve got the all-access-pass to couch privileges.”
She nods in agreement, wondering if the couch would still be a viable option after this latest episode.
They watch Dum-E move the pieces of the glass coffee table around on the floor into a pile for a moment before Tony pipes up. “Want to order in?”
Grace shrugs. “Sure. What time is it?”
“Uh, good point. J?” He squints up at the ceiling.
“It is currently 4:39AM. On Sunday, Sir.” The judgement behind the words in clear in the A.I.’s tone, but Grace is instead suitably impressed by the information.
“Damn. I got a solid 5 hours.”
“Hey, there you go. Good for you Kid” He grins, ruffling her hair.
She ducks away from him, shoving him lightly. “Not a kid.”
Deciding he’s been on the floor long enough, Tony eases himself up to his feet with a grunt, before offering her his hand to pull her up. “Whatever Grandma. J, order us something for breakfast, would you? Make it greasy.”
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fandomsprisc · 6 hours ago
Y’all know any writers that have rewrote avengers movies with an reader insert? Ao3 recommendations appreciated
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peterbparkerth · 7 hours ago
The Cloaked Rose -Chapter 4-
Tumblr media
Summary: What happens when a Psychic Nexus who feels anybody’s energy comes in contact with the Avengers but most importantly someone she thought she’ll never find.
Bucky X OC!Character
Avengers X Platonic!Character
A/N: The main character’s personality is based on myself and she’s not like Wanda just imagine the main character to be a different type of nexus and Wanda being just a witch not a nexus. Also it starts after Thanos dies meaning the falcon and winter soldier time but Tony and the rest are alive and Steve is a Nomad but the government is okay with him since He gave the shield to Sam. John Walker aka the US agent still exists but he’s on the down low. Loki is also an avenger now so chill.
Chapter 4
Alara’s POV
I had arrived at the compound, tony was there to receive me along with Steve, they were talking about something I couldn’t understand. “What are you old people talking about?” I ask them making tony look at me and roll his eyes.
“Hydra, they are also on the look out for the super soldier serum” Steve said, I nod and walk inside with them.
Everyone turns to look at us and Wanda walks up to me to hug me “Alara we missed you” Nat says as my luggage gets to the main floor. “So what happened?” Wanda asked me but all I could think was Bucky, he didn’t message me in the morning like he said he will.
“Alara!” Wanda said loudly, I got out of the thought and smile at her “sorry I was thinking about something” I said apologetically and she smiled widely “it’s fine Al, do you want my help to unpack your things?” She added as we get to my room.
“Thank you Wanda but I’m alright” I replied as I unzipped my luggage. It took me a while to get my things unpack and settle in before I walked down to the kitchen, on the way there Maria passes me a phone and I looked at her confused.
“Hello?” I say as I place the phone on my ear
“Hey beanbag” I hear Bucky on the other hand and I couldn’t stop chuckling at him
“I miss you” I finally tell him, feeling my heart beat even faster. For a minute there was a silence before I heard him speak again, “I’ll be back too love”.
Just then I heard sam’s voice telling them they have to go so we said our goodbyes and he ended the call. I kept smiling as I walked into the kitchen and made my cereal.
“So you talked to Bucky huh?” I heard Wanda say “you’re thinking about him” she added and I nodded as I took a bite of the cereal. “Are they coming soon?” Nat asked as she entered the kitchen. “Yeah soon” I replied.
We talked for a while more before taking out food to the lounge and eat. I wasn’t paying attention to the conversation, all I was thinking about was Bucky; then I realised something. I was falling in love with him and it’s terrifying.
Third Person POV
Many days has passed since Alara and Bucky talked and it was the last day of Bucky and Sam’s mission as they had just defeated Karli and her gang.
“Let’s go back home” Bucky said as he and Sam arrived at Sarah’s place, Sam looked at Bucky and smirked “so you’re saying you’re missing Alara”, Bucky chuckled and replied “no I.. can you stop” Sam rolls his eyes as they walk down to the main door after getting their bags. They said their goodbyes to Sarah and the kids and promised to meet them again.
They were on their way to the compound when Bucky got a message from Alara, telling him she’s glad he and Sam are coming back. He did reply back this time but with a flower emoji only.
This confused Alara because Bucky was never the one to send emoji, how did he even learned how to use them.
The moment everyone saw the quinjet land on the ground they all went down to greet them. As soon as Bucky saw Alara, he went to hug her and she shyly hugged him back. “Since when are you to not trying to kill each other?” Tony said in his sarcastic tone making both Alara and Bucky chuckle.
“Well things change” Bucky said as Wanda tried to read his mind. As they all went inside Tony announced that he’s throwing a party to welcome Morgan into the world. Bucky looked at Alara from a far and she looked back at him and smiled.
But they have no clue how the party might change their future. Alara and Wanda along with Nat went to shop for some dresses. They returned after few hours and as the party was about to start they quickly got dressed and walked down, wanda walked towards vision while Nat went to the bar leaving Alara alone in the hallway, she walked towards the sitting area when suddenly a man came to her and asked her for a dance.
She accepted the request not knowing what else to do. He led her to dance floor and as she was dancing she felt Bucky stare at her, Bucky on the other hand was staring at her; his anger was about to get the best of him as he got off the sofa and walked to the dance floor.
He pulled Alara away from the man and whispered in her ear “I need to talk to you about something Al”, this made Alara’s heart beat faster as she held his hand as he led her to the bar. Nat saw them approaching and Bucky nodded at her signaling her about something, that made Nat leave the bar for a bit.
Will this night change everything for Alara and Bucky?
@httpscarletwitch @madisondelstan
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dontcare77ghj · 15 hours ago
Excuses Excuses
Tony x reader x Bruce
Requested by @storiesbystarlight, I love you, bestie.
You had met Bruce Banner at Penn State University. You spent a lot of time in the school's library as an English Major, and Bruce spent just as much time in the building, studying for his own degree. 
The two of you became friends after hours of bonding over lack of sleep, shared caffeine addictions, and the difficulty of your classes.
Even when Bruce became the Hulk, you made it clear that he was still your friend, despite his little green problem. 
When Bruce joined the Avengers and was invited to live in Stark Tower, he invited you over to catch up. It had been years since the two of you had seen each other, so you gladly accepted his invitation.
That first time at the tower was also the first time you met Tony Stark. 
And suddenly, you found yourself invited back to the tower every week to spend time with the two men.
And what was even more sudden was when the three of you began dating. 
Now the three of you were going on five years together, and you couldn't be more content.
And for a moment, you were sure the world had settled around you. But of course, when you were dating the Hulk and Iron Man, both of who were geniuses who never thought things through, nothing ever settled.
A year ago, Tony had discovered the identity of Spider-Man, who turned out to be one of your students, Peter Parker. 
Tony had been quick to approach the teen about training and upgrading his suit, and, soon enough, he and Bruce claimed the title of the boy's mentors, though, Tony acted more like a father figure most days.
The problem with your partners taking the teenage vigilante under their wings was that Peter had no clue you knew his secret identity.
And it wasn't because of your boys. No, you had found out the boy's identity entirely on accident when Peter had almost dropped his suit in class.
Another problem with Bruce and Tony mentoring the vigilante teen was that Peter had no clue his English teacher was dating his mentors. 
And that led to a lot of trouble for the three of you to keep it from the boy.
"Knock knock, Miss L/N, I need help with my assignment," Tony said, leaning in the doorway to your classroom.
"I think you're looking for the science wing, Mr Stark." You teased your partner as he entered the classroom, shutting the door behind him. "What are you doing here?" You asked as Tony closed the distance between the two of you, pulling you in for a kiss.
"Well, I was in the neighbourhood, you know how it goes, and I thought maybe my favourite girlfriend would like to come out for lunch." Tony shrugged nonchalantly, pulling away from you to lean against your desk.
"It's boring in the lab without Brucie, huh?" You guessed, causing Tony's ears to burn red ever so slightly.
Bruce had been gone for two days now. He'd been sent out on a mission with Steve and Nat, and not knowing if he was okay was getting to you and Tony.
"That and I miss my favourite girl," Tony admitted.
"That's sweet, hon, but I've got about twelve essays on The Scarlet Letter to go through." You told Tony regretfully.
"Ah, 'We dream in our waking moments and walk in our sleep." Tony quoted.
"Well done, Mr Stark. Did you read that one just for me?" You teased your boyfriend.
"Did I, Tony Stark, read the Scarlet Letter just to impress my girlfriend? Yes, yes I did." Tony admitted, causing you to laugh. "C'mon, babe, play hooky with me," Tony whined. "I know you don't have a class until two."
"You know you're a bad influence, right?" You groaned, causing Tony to smirk.
"I am a fantastic influence, Miss L/N, and you know it." Tony grinned.
Before you could respond to your boyfriend, a knock sounded before your door opened.
"Miss L/N?" Peter began as he entered the classroom, rummaging through his bag. "I know this is late, but I swear I have a really good reason for it and, Mr Stark?" Peter cut off his ramble as he stared at Tony in confusion. 
"Hey there, Parker." Tony nodded, swiftly moving to a stand. 
"What, what are you doing here?" Peter asked, looking between the two of you in confusion.
"Mr Stark here was just explaining that with your new internship about the classes you could be missing." You quickly lied, picking up a pile of random paperwork from your desk before turning back to Tony. "As I was saying, Mr Stark, I'll ensure Peter gets any and all assignments he could miss while under your care. If you want, I'll pass the warning onto the rest of the faculty for you?"
"That would be excellent, Miss L/N." Tony nodded, quickly catching onto the story. "Well, if there are any other questions, you know where to find me, saving the world," Tony said, pulling on his sunglasses. "I'll see you Wednesday, Kid." He added before leaving the classroom.
"Now, did you need something, Peter?" You asked, turning to your student as your phone vibrated.
If I can't take you out for lunch, you can be damn sure I'm taking you out for dinner! No interruptions, I promise!
On your off days, there were only two things you found yourself wanting to do. 
The first option was shutting off from the world. Locking yourself away in a darkened room, surrounded by a bundle of blankets and a few choice books.
The second way was spending time with your boys. You practically sewed yourself to the sides of both, or whichever was available, of your boyfriends.
And that was how you found yourself today.
Tony was out dealing with Stark Industries business, leaving poor Bruce the only one around for you to cling to.
The two of you were in his lab currently. He was testing whatever theory he had this time while you curled up on a couch he kept specifically for you and Tony. 
"Bruce?" You murmured, breaking the peaceful, almost silence of the lab.
"Yes, honey?" The man responded quietly.
"You're writing on the wall." You informed the man.
"What? No, I'm not." Bruce immediately denied before snapping out of his science haze. "Oh, I am. When did that happen?" He asked, moving to grab a cloth.
"You stopped writing on the whiteboard about five minutes ago." You mentioned watching Bruce with an entertained smile.
"And you weren't going to tell me?" The man groaned, attempting to scrub the pen away.
"I wanted to see how long it would take you to notice." You shrugged, getting up from your chair and moving over to the man. "It's cute when you get into your science headspace. You don't notice anything." You said, leaning against the unmarked wall.
"That's not true. I am fully aware of my surroundings." Bruce defended himself. 
"So, you noticed the coffee and sandwich I put next to your hand an hour ago?" You asked, raising a brow.
"What?" Bruce wondered, head snapping to the table to see a cold mug of coffee and a slightly stale sandwich. "Oh, sorry, honey. I guess I got,"
"In the zone?"
"Yeah, that. But I appreciate the thought if that counts for anything." Bruce told you with a sheepish smile.
"It does." You assured him with a soft smile. "Maybe it's time for you to take a break, though." You suggested.
"That's probably for the best." Bruce sighed. "Right after I clean this." He said, turning back to his cleaning.
"Let me help." You said, grabbing your own cloth and spraying at the wall.
"You don't have to, Y/N. You didn't make the mess." 
"It's fine, sweetheart. I'm used to cleaning up after you and Tony." You teased, causing the man to blush red.
"You know what," Bruce started before promptly cutting himself off as the lab doors opened.
"Hey, Dr Banner, I had this really great idea or an experiment, but I need some help with, Miss L/N?" Peter stopped in his tracks, now staring at you in confusion. "What are you doing here?"
"Oh, hey, Peter. The, uh, the school sent me over." You lied, dropping the cloth behind you. "Principal Morita wants to have Dr Banner give a lecture and sent me over to confirm with him." 
"But it's Saturday? And you're the English teacher?"
"Well, Mr Harrington was busy, and you know what they say? Education never sleeps." You joked, Bruce laughing along with you awkwardly. "Anyway, I think you've answered all my questions, Dr Banner. It was lovely to meet you." You said, turning to Bruce and holding your hand out.
"And you as well." Bruce agreed, shaking your hand firmly. "I'll get back to the administration with my answer as soon as possible." He played along.
"Excellent. I'll just be heading home then." You said, giving Bruce a pointed look at your word's meaning. "Nice to see you, Peter." You smiled at the student before leaving the lab and entering the elevator. "That was too close, J." You sighed once the doors closed.
"How have neither of you seen Pet Semetary?" You groaned as the three of you made yourselves comfortable on the couch. "It's such a good movie."
"But I suppose the book was better?" Tony teased, taking a bowl of popcorn from the table.
"I have no clue. I never read it." You shrugged, curling into Bruce's side. The big guy made him run a little warmer than most.
"You? The English teacher? Not having read the book?" Tony gasped, mock horrified.
"Fuck off." You groaned, reaching over Bruce to flick the man.
"Spousal abuse! Did you see that Brucie? She maimed me!" Tony cried, dramatically falling back into the couch.
"Oh no. How could you, Y/N?" Bruce deadpanned, causing you to cackle as Tony gasped.
"JARVIS, I want you to note that on this day, love has failed me," Tony said, causing Bruce to sigh loudly. 
"Noted, sir."
"Tony, eat your popcorn and watch the movie, please." Bruce pleaded.
"I love it when you give orders, Brucie-Bear." You teased the curly-haired man, causing him to burn red as Tony laughed loudly.
"I hate everyone in this room." He groaned, throwing his head back into the couch.
"Keep telling yourself that, babe." Tony grinned, curling into Bruce's side.
"Can we get a cat?" You murmured several minutes into the movie. 
"Do you know how big those cats get?" Tony asked, not taking his eyes off the screen. "And how much they shed?"
"I'd like a cat," Bruce mentioned. "I think the big guy wants a dog, but a cat would be nice."
"Two against one, Tones." You said, flashing a grin at the billionaire who sighed.
"I'll look into shelters in the morning."
The three of you jumped to your feet, Bruce's neck turning green as Tony pulled you behind him and a gauntlet formed around his wrist.
"Holy shit!" Tony swore as he noticed the blue and red form in the middle of the glass shards. 
"JARVIS, get medical up here now!" Bruce demanded, rushing forwards, neck significantly less green. "Get Helen here now!"
"Shit, how can I help?" You asked as Bruce kneeled beside the boy.
"Get me the blanket," Bruce ordered you. "Tony, get me the first aid kit." He added to the still man.
"Got it." Tony nodded before tearing himself away from the scene. 
"Jesus, what happened to him?" You gasped once Bruce pulled the mask from the teenagers face.
"I don't know." Bruce shook his head, taking the blanket from your hands and ripping it into shreds. "I really don't know."
Peter had crashed through your window two days ago. He had more broken than whole bones, was covered in gashes and bruises and had yet to wake up.
Helen and her team had been quick to take the boy out of your hands and spent hours ensuring Peter would be okay, but he was still sleeping.
May Parker had been called shortly after Helen had begun treating Peter and had not left her nephew's bedside despite how dead on her feet she looked.
"May, you need to get some sleep." You softly told the woman. 
"You're about to drop, May. Peter's going to need you at your best when he wakes up." You told her. "Why don't you go take a shower and get some rest? A spare room's already been set up, and Happy grabbed you some clothes." You suggested.
"You call me the second he wakes up," May said as she stood on unsteady feet. "The second."
"The second he wakes up." You agreed. "JARVIS will lead you to your room." You said, taking a seat beside Tony once May entered the elevator.
"Good job." Bruce complimented from the other side of the bed. 
"I work with kids. She just needed a firmer hand." You shrugged, resting your head on Tony's shoulder. "Tony, it wasn't your fault." You told your silent partner.
"I gave him a suit." 
"A suit that is safer than his first one." You reminded him. "Blaming yourself isn't going to help Peter. And you can't take away his suit either. The kid is Spider-Man with or without your help." 
"When did you get so wise?" Tony sighed, pressing a kiss to your temple. 
"She's an English teacher." Peter croaked, causing everyone's heads to snap towards the teenager.
"JARVIS, tell May Peter's awake."
"How are you feeling?" 
"Sick to my stomach that you're flirting with my teacher." Peter groaned, causing you to laugh. "And that my teacher is flirting with my mentors."
"Tony, you're supposed to be mentoring him in superheroing and science, not sarcasm." You sighed, causing the billionaire to grin.
"Just to be clear, all those times I've seen you guys together, you've been dating?" Peter wondered.
"Every single time," Tony confirmed. "We thought your superhearing would have had us busted a few times."
"And to further clarify, you know I'm Spider-Man?" Peter asked, looking directly at you.
"Peter, I've known you were Spider-Man since you were running around in that tracksuit of costume." You told the teen.
"How the world doesn't know your identity yet is a mystery, Pete." Bruce teased, causing the boy to groan.
"My English teacher is dating my mentors and knew I was Spider-Man for months. I got to work on my perception to skills." Peter complained. 
"Ah, don't sweat it, kiddo." Tony said, clapping the boy on the shoulder.
"If it makes you feel better, we're all really good at making up excuses." You said, causing your partners to laugh as Peter whined.
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youreobsessedwithmarvel · 16 hours ago
The Avengers Reaction To You Slapping Them
☁️-Undecided/I don’t freaking know
⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible
Word count: IDK
Warning: Does slapping count as abuse? Is yes, then there’s that
Taglist (Line through means unable to tag)
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Peter Parker
It happened quickly. One moment you were arguing over him doing something reckless and the next you knew he was cradling his cheek with his hand. He slowly looked at you, shock in his eyes. He said a small ‘ouch’ but nothing else and walked away. The tears obvious in his eyes.
After his head snapped over to the side he slowly looked back at you as your hand fell to your side. You showed no emotions as he gave a small laugh and smirked. 
“Did you really think that would affect me darling?”
Steve Rogers
He looked at you. A look of confusion and disappointment written on his face.
“Obviously you need to calm down. I’ll come back later.”
Bucky Barnes
He looked at you as if he was either going to murder you or start to cry. You didn’t even let him say anything as your stormed away.
Wanda Maximoff
She looked at you. Confusion and sadness written all over her. She felt hurt that you did that, but she was confused on why. But she didn’t say anything and just walked away from you. You didn’t see each other for about 2 weeks after that
Natasha Romanoff
She clicked her tongue on the top of her mouth and smirked at you. To be fair, she only had her reaction because she isn’t used to anyone slapping her. She usually did that.
“Well, if you wanted to do that, you should have just asked.”
Tony Stark
He immediately took off his sunglasses when he snapped back to look at you. He held them at one end and pointed the other end at you. 
“Why? Why?!”
His head snapped to the side. Quicker than you thought it would as he was a god. He looked back at you with a smile on his face and as usual, he made a small joke.
“My dear Y/N! That tickled! I liked that very much! Never much does it tickle when a person slaps me! Please do it again!”
Pietro Maximoff
His head slowly turned to look at you. He laughed lightly, a smirk landing on his lips.
“Well, I didn’t see that coming.”
Sam Wilson
He looked at you and scoffed, shaking his head.
“Is that the best you can do? No. I know you can slap harder than that now.”
Scott Lang
He looked at you. Confused and concerned. 
“D-did I do something bad?”
Bruce Banner
He didn’t look at you. He kept his head to the side, obviously trying to keep the Hulk in. After a few moment he looked at you. It was obvious that he was upset that you did something so reckless.
“If I hadn’t been able to control him and keep him in, we would be in a very very different situation Y/N.”
Clint Barton
He laughed lightly as he looked back at you. A playful smile on his face. Obvious that he found that a joke.
“Now my dear Y/N, have you forgotten who my best friend is? Being slapped won’t affect me.”
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youreobsessedwithmarvel · 17 hours ago
Hi! I am so so so so so sorry that I haven’t posted in a few days! I have always had severe stomach issues that had been getting better during covid and very recently they got bad again and I started my period a few days ago. So I have both stomach cramps from my period and my stomach issues, Those mixed together suck ass. But! On the brightside! I’m about to work on the rest of the SOUR posts and part 1 of House of WandaVision and I have these small headcannons for both the Avengers and X-Men. 
Those headcannons being their reaction to you slapping them, their reaction to you kissing them for the first time, their reaction to you saying ‘I hate you’, and their reaction to you flinching when they raise their hand while in an argument.
So, hopefully by Friday I will be done with SOUR and the first part of House of WandaVision will be out!
OH! And my requests will be done! I almost forgot about those! I have like, three I need to do. Whoops
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marvels-writing-hoe · 20 hours ago
The Test of Time
Part One
A/N So, I decided to make a story from my blurb, Baby Girl, it will start back at the beginning of y/n and Bucky’s story together and I’m not sure exactly where it will end. Part one takes place shortly after Sokovia, a party mostly to boost moral. 
Bucky Barnes x y/n Odindottir
As the younger sister to Thor and Loki, you’d always lived in the shadows, but you were okay with that. You were overlooked by both your mother and father in favour of your brothers. That’s why when Thor invited you to a party with the Avengers, you were a bit wary. 
“They’ll ask me all sorts of questions, Thor. I’m okay living in your shadow and being the ‘mystery’ sister.” 
“Nonsense! They’ll love you Sister.” 
“That’s what I’m afraid of.” you mumble with a sigh, “fine, but I refuse to wear a dress.” despite your mother’s qualms, that was the one thing you refused to do. Ever since you were old enough to dress yourself, you would not wear a dress. 
“You will not regret this, y/n.” Thor assured, his hand on your shoulder and a smile plastered to his face. 
This wasn’t your first time on Midgard, but the world had changed since the 1940s when you were here last. The bifrost had put you down in a field outside New York City before Thor flew the two of you to Avengers Tower. When you arrived, the party was already full swing, Guests everywhere, half of them already plastered. Looking around, you recognized most everyone from Thor and Loki’s stories, but one face you recognized from your own story. 
“Captain.” You said, approaching the man out of time. 
“Y/N?” his face contorted in confusion, “How are you-” 
“I’m Thor’s sister.” You stated simply. You’d known the captain during the forties and your stay on Midgard, but you’d never told him of your true heritage. 
“You’re a god?” he asked, disbelief written on his face. 
“Goddess, technically. But, yea.” 
“Who’s this Steve?” a younger looking red head appeared on the other side of the bar. 
“Nat, this is-” 
“Y/N Odindottir, goddess of love and war. And you must be Natasha,” You stuck your hand out in a traditional midgardian greeting. 
“Thor’s sister.” she took your hand in greeting, “and very perceptive.” 
“Thor’s told me many stories.” 
“I’ll leave you ladies to chat,” Steve smiled to the two of you. 
The two of you talked for hours, eventually coming to the topic of men. 
“Come on, surely a goddess of love had been in love before,” Nat teased you. 
“Never in love, but there was... something, once. But that man is most likely long gone by now.” 
“Tell me about him? I told you my love story, so you owe me.”
“I already knew yours, but I’ll indulge you. Believe it or not, this in not my first time on Midgard, Earth as you call it. I visited once before, right after Steve took the serum. I’d been summoned by the violent war acts of Johann Schmidt.  His name was James, most everyone called him Bucky though. I met him in the heat of battle, we’d connected, and then he was captured.” You explained, “After Steve rescued him, I saw the two of them several times, assisting them with their Howling Commando missions, and then I was called back to Asgard. But, Bucky and I never became more than friends.” Nat sat patiently, soaking up every detail of my story. 
“Y/N, what if I told you that he’s still alive? Well, some version of him anyway.” She looked me dead in the eye. 
“What?” I choked on my drink.
“He’s the one they call the Winter Soldier. About a year ago, Steve and I got tangled up with him, reminded him of who he was, haven’t heard from him since.” 
“He’s still alive?” She nodded and explained how Hydra had made him a super soldier, brainwashed him to do their work, and sent him after Steve. 
“And I thought Asgardian quarrels were dramatic. I mean, my brother was stripped of his powers and banished here for a foolish mistake.”
“Loki was stripped of his power?” 
“Oh, no. He’s dead. Thor was the one stripped. Before you met him though.” you explained before looking around the room. You noticed the party had dwindled down so now it was only you and Natasha, and a larger group of several Avengers. Thor walked to you, laughing and shaking his head at something one of the others had said. 
“Y/n, are you ready to return home?” he questioned, Mjolnir gripped in his hand. 
“Actually, brother, I believe I will stay here on Midgard for a bit. If, of course it is alright with your friends.” 
“As long as she’s not as homicidal as that brother of yours, she can stay,” the one you recognized as Tony called from the couch. Thor nodded. 
“I will inform mother and father of your whereabouts.” and with that, he spun his hammer and off he went. 
“It seems we both have a missing almost lover to find.” Natasha raised her martini glass to me. 
“It seems we do.” 
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twoidiotwriters1 · 20 hours ago
Iron 15 (Peter Parker x Fem! Oc)
Words: 2,152
Chapter 14
Tumblr media
If a few hours ago, Lily was tired, but now she’s worse. Everything is accumulating in her head. Her powers, her panic attack, the shooting, and now Phil's death. She doesn't know what to do right now.
She walks through the corridors of the ship, thinking about everything that has happened.
They were supposed to prepare me for moments like this, where someone wanted to hurt me and I could defend myself. But with the sound of a gunshot, I froze. I know I want to help, but how can I do it if I’m always afraid?
And the whole plan to use me for weapons.
Fury tried to talk to them, when he told them about Phil, Bruce's out of control, and the loss of Thor. Everything.
“We only think of Lily as a source of power as plan B. It was thought that she could give us some sample and then duplicate it. She's only in the archives, I never thought it could really be done,” was what he said. Still, she felt like a lab rat again.
Why can’t they let me in peace? These are my powers, only I can use them and if I could lend them or something like that, it’d never be to make weapons.
I should have stayed with Pepper.
"Not again,” She closes her eyes and growls when she hears the hiss, but something else happens.
She feels dizzy. Lily stops and holds onto the wall next to her until she falls to the ground. She opens her eyes and everything turns. Her powers are sharpening, she can feel something. When she closes her eyes again, her mind projects various images in no order.
Eternal flame…
A quinjet. Heaven. The tesseract. White stones. New York. The Stark tower. Loki.
Suddenly, she opens her eyes and her breath hitches.
Why on earth does she keep listening to the scepter if it is no longer around? She complains and brings her hands to her head, trying to stop the dizziness. The images went by very quickly, making everything worse. The best thing to do now is to do the breathing exercises again. And after a few minutes, she reacts by connecting the images.
"Oh my god,” She squeals in fear. "This is bad... very bad,” She gets up slowly and remembers that her father had left the control room after Fury's speech, but she doesn't know where he might be.
She walks through the halls quickly until she finds one of the agents. She asks him about her father and luckily, he tells her where he is.
When she arrives, he and Steve are about to leave.
“Dad-, I- uh, I- I saw. Loki- New York…” She says agitated.
“Wow, slow down, kid. What's going on?" Tony says.
"I know where the tesseract is!” She blurts out.
Steve and Tony share a confused look. Just before the girl arrived, they had already talked about it.
"In the Stark tower! Loki’s there too!”
"Okay, I found that out first,” says Tony. "How did you do it?"
Lily is now the confused one.
"Uh, I-" She clears her throat and tries to explain to her father everything that has happened since she was near the scepter.
"And it didn't occur to you to tell me?"
"I tried! Many times, but you wanted to impress your new friends "
“Damn it. We'll talk about this later,” She sighs. “You're getting weirder. We have work to do.”
Lily runs to the captain's side trying not to be left behind, until they reach a room where Clint Barton and Natasha should be.
"Time to go," Steve says as soon as the door opens. Natasha’s sitting on a bed.
"Go where?"
"I'll tell you on the way.”
"Can you fly one of those jets?"
The bathroom door opens.
"I can,” says Clint
Steve looks up at Natasha for approval and she nods.
"You got a suit?"
"Then suit up.”
Lily feels the look of the redhead.
"Uh, uh. I'm still mad at you,” says the girl.
"Noup! You can’t talk to me. I ’m busy!” She says to then go out into the hallways.
"I thought you were exaggerating her resemblance to Stark," Clint says with a smile. Natasha makes a face.
As the four adults get ready, Lily watches them closely.
“Dad," She calls him on the intercom.
“What do I have to do when we get there?” In her mind the words 'I want to help' try to get out, but with her panic attack a few hours ago, she doesn't have the courage to say it.
“For now, we must know exactly what Loki is up to in the tower. I will keep you in a safe place.”
“You don't fight, you don't complain… Not even a tantrum?"
She sighs. "I suppose not.”
"Are you okay?"
"I don’t know.”
“Lily?" Steve calls her.
"See you in a bit, dad.”
The four of them walk towards the first quinjet they find. And without further ado, they use it without authorization.
In New York, Tony Stark arrives directly at his tower where Loki receives him. He tries to distract him to buy more time, but all to no avail when the portal is opened.
A beam of light shoots into the sky, letting in the alien army: the Chitauri. Thanks to Loki, the army initiates its plan to destroy everything in its path.
Iron man destroys all possible creatures, but his technology can’t win against that of the Chitauri, at least not alone. The destruction begins and people run scared to safe places. All this under the eyes of the god of mischief.
"Stark, we're on your three, headed northeast," Natasha says into Tony's intercom as the jet approaches town.
"What? Did you stop for drive throught?" Tony complains. “Swing up Park. I'm gonna lay ‘em out for you.”
The jet is piloted by Clint and Natasha, while Steve and Lily are sitting in the back. Lily has been silent the entire journey, thinking about the images that the scepter put in her mind. She knows that this is out of her reach, even her father's and that causes insecurity in her.
Her hands tremble and a slight flash illuminates her.
"Are you okay?" Steve asks looking at the girl's hands.
She looks up at him.
"I don't know, but I have to, right?"
"Don't worry, we’ll keep you safe.”
She smiles at him unsure.
Lily wants to explain many things, but this is not the time. Suddenly, they feel the movement in the jet and the noise of gunfire ahead. Clint and Natasha shoot down some enemy ships and continue until they approach the Stark tower.
"Nat?" asks Clint.
"I see them.”
From her place and from the jet's tilt, Lily can see Loki and Thor fighting, but they don't last long as they take an attack from the scepter. The ship falls and collides with other buildings. Lily clings to her seat and instinctively creates a force field, but only encloses the other three adults and her.
In the end, the ship falls awkwardly.
"Are you okay?" Steve asks and she takes off her belt and joins the others when the door opens.
The girl feels a knot in her stomach the moment she sees all the mess. She’d never been on the streets of New York and she finds it really strange that this is why she can do it for the first time.
The three adults run to observe the perimeter and the girl follows closely, but a low noise stops them. They all look towards the portal of heaven where a huge creature comes out of the portal and destroys everything in its path, more chitauris come out of it that are responsible for entering the buildings on the sides.
"Stark, are you seeing this?" says Steve.
“Seeing. Still working on believing. Where’s Banner? Has he shown up yet?"
“Just keep me posted. Flower?"
"How you doing?" She looks around her.
"I don't know, Dad. This is different from anything that has happened to us,” she says uncertainly.
From the moment Tony saw the army, his first thought went straight to his daughter. As much as he wanted to tell her to use her powers, he knows that she’s just a girl after all. He feels a great overwhelming fear with all this, he can’t imagine what she feels.
Finally, he makes a decision.
"I know, but we got this, kid."
“It's time to remember all the training you have had, but don’t leave the team.”
"Dad, I can’t!" She squeals.
"Yes, you can, Lily. Trust me, I have a plan,” He then cuts off communication and tries to take down the new monster.
"Oh god," says Lily, controlling her nausea.
"Lily!" Nat calls when she sees the alien ships approaching.
The four of them hide behind some abandoned taxis. Steve, Nat and Clint agree to protect civilians to continue destroying the Chitauri. Lily hears their voices, explosions and screams in the distance. A loud beep settles in her ears and she can feel her temperature rising.
"Hey, hey,” Nat nudges her shoulder a little, making her return from her thoughts. "Lils, look at me,” the girl's eyes water, but she obeys. "Listen, you got this.”
"No, I got nothing, Nat,” She shakes her head.
"You have trained for this moment.”
"That is not true. At no point did you tell me what to do if an alien tries to kill me!” she complains.
"Well, that's true. But they didn't tell me something like that either when they trained me, that's not the real problem,” She says and holds Lily's hand. "You and I know that you have a greater power. Lily, you are much stronger than you think.”
Although the redhead's words help the panic attack, the girl is still not sure.
"I'm scared.”
"Good, that’ll keep you alive,” She smiles. "I'm scared too, we all are, but the difference is that we can use it to help defenseless people. You are not alone, kid. You're part of the team and we’ll find a place where you can be safe.”
She analyzes her words. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Her hearing heightens and all the memories of the training return. Use fear to my advantage? She thinks when she opens her eyes.
“You're better?" The girl nods. "Alright, time to work.” Natasha gets up and shoots at the Chitauri.
Lily continues to focus on her breathing and the tingling that now runs throughout her body. She looks up and sees Clint helping some people out of a bus from the windows. She gets up and runs to help. She looks for the door, which is being obstructed, she recognizes the damage and with force manages to open it. People run in search of a safe place.
Clint comes to her side and nods at her.
"I'm Lily, by the way," She says with an awkward smile. Clint smiles.
"A pleasure,” he answers and then returns to Nat.
Lily watches carefully as the Chitauri gather, ready to attack. I’m too small for this she thinks. At that an explosion is heard near her. Her eyes travel to the expanding cloud of smoke. That reminds her of the force fields.
What if I make one, but different? Instead of protecting, burning…
Not far away a group of aliens point their weapons at anyone who gets in their way. Lily looks at her hands and concentrates her power from there and then spreads it through her body. She imagines smoke, fire, and the chitauri.
When she opens her eyes, they turn from brown to deep orange. She feels the fire run through her body ready to leave, she takes a step and extends her arms towards the enemy. What she started as a force field turns into a thick layer of orange smoke and she heads towards the Chitarui without giving them time to flee. The smoke burns them almost to ashes.
When finished, Lily falls to her knees and sits on the floor trying to catch her breath. She feels her body weakening, but at the same time she recognizes certain parts of her more strongly. It's something new.
"That's my girl,” Nat congratulates with a smile. Lily turns and smiles noticing that even Steve had witnessed her attack. The three adults look at her proudly.
"Remind me never to make you mad, kid," Clint jokes.
At that a loud thunder is heard. Thor disposes of some creatures from the sky and falls close to them.
“Nice job, Lady Stark. How can you manipulate fire?"
“We'll need more time to explain Lily's powers, for now, we have other things to do,” says Nat as she helps the girl up.
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lesbian-deadpool · 22 hours ago
Steve, muttering: Ah, fuck.
Steve: Wait. Y/N. Y/N don’t-
Y/N, running out of the room: TONY GUESS WHAT-?!
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moonvis · 23 hours ago
A broken promise
Steve Rogers x avenger! reader
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff x Bucky Barnes, the avengers
Summary: The Avengers have been sent on a mission to take out a Hydra base. Everything goes smoothly until it doesn’t. 
Warnings: some fluff, major angst, injury, blood, sadness.
Tumblr media
“Alright team, we need to split up.” Steve stood in the middle of the quinjet, a board with mission tactics in his hands. You turn your attention to the man, loving the sight of Steve in full Captain mode. You always admired the sight of Steve when he was giving orders or having one of his out-of-this-world inspiring speeches. Sometimes you even had a hard time listening, looking back a how he would play all Captain on you in the bedroom.
“Y/l/n? You with us?” And you had done it again, zoned out at just the thought of you boyfriend, “Sorry.”
“Listen up, the Hydra base we’re about to enter is supposedly large. There has been reported hostages at the north side, so I want Tony, Thor, Wanda, Vision, Clint to take the north.” Steve ordered, gaining nods from the four. “Bruce you stay by the jet to keep an eye on everything, while Sam, Bucky and I take the south side. Lastly, I want Y/n and Nat to check the middle for files, and then join us for backup if needed.”  
“Ai, Ai, Captain. Your crew will make you proud.” You saluted the blonde, partly cringing at yourself. Steve rolled his eyes, a playful smile crossing his lips. There was no way he could keep his Captain face when you talked to him like that.
You laughed it off and turned to Natasha sitting next to you, who kept her eyebrow raised at you, “Your comebacks hurt my ears. At least this one was better than the last.”
Natasha was right, your last mission order response to Steve was ‘You got it hunny! Your bees are ready to sting.’ You wanted to sink into the floor on the spot, punching yourself for saying such embarrassing sentence out loud. The whole team had listened, but you had forgotten about them, too focused on Steve standing there all broad shouldered and good looking, while giving out orders. Worst of all, Tony had commented ‘Is this how Y/n talks in the bedroom?’.
“I know! I can’t help it. Just the sight of Steve makes me drift off, and then I say stupid shit.” You let out a sigh, not understanding how a person could have such effect on you.
“I don’t know if that’s cute or disgusting.” Natasha shook her head before looking down at her hand, with your eyes following her gaze. She was stretching out her fingers, a beautiful diamond ring sitting on. The red haired tilted her head, a loving smile crossing her lips. You noticed her happiness, a pinch of joy filling your chest, “It’s beautiful Nat.” You looked down at the ring again.
“Yeah, he chose the perfect engagement ring.” Natasha’s response sounded faint, making you look back up at her. You noticed her focus was elsewhere, her eyes meeting Bucky’s who was sitting opposite from the two of you. They were gazing into each other’s eyes, making you chuckle.
You were endlessly happy for them both. Bucky had proposed to Natasha just a week ago, making you cry your eyes out for them. Thinking about their difficult pasts, and the fact that they had found each other, and would now get to spend the rest of their lives together, was a happiness trigger in itself.
They were both dear friends of yours, so there was nothing else you wished for them then to get closure and be happy. You knew Steve felt the same and had tried helping Bucky with just that, ever since the brunette was freed from Hydra. Before the mission, Fury had informed the base might hold all files on The Winter Solider program and The Red Room. So, for this mission, getting those files was your number one priority.
Almost too focused on the couple, you didn’t notice your own lover sitting down beside you. Steve felt a wave of heath trough his body, having spotted your gaze on Natasha’s engagement ring. Steve’s thoughts drifted over to the tiny box he had hidden away in his closet, which he planned on surprising you with when this mission was over.
Finally, the Captain tapped your shoulder and got you looking at him. You startled, turning your head to face him, expression immediately softening with love when you made eye contact, “I didn’t notice you.” You nodded your head at your two friends obviously on love, “I think those who have a staring problem, and it’s hypnotizing.”
Steve chuckled, brought one of his large hands up and lifted your chin. He leaned in and pressed a soft kiss on your lips. Like every damn time your lips met, you felt butterflies erupting in your stomach. Steve was acting so gentle around you, it would have to be impossible to see the man like this if they didn’t see him with you. Most people only saw him in Captain America mode.    
“Are you nervous about the mission?” Steve asked, his eyes not leaving yours, hand moving to your cheek. He wanted to make sure you were okay before going out on the field. If you had so much as a small injury or unstable feelings, he wouldn’t dare let you out of his sight on the mission, or simply just not let you out on the field at all.
You tilted your head into his hold, moving your own hand up in top of his, “I’m good.” You assured him before asking in return, because you had the same criteria for him when it came to going out on the field, though he was the Captain, so you couldn’t exactly refuse him to go, but you could keep an extra eye on the man. “That always depends on you. If you’re good, I’m good.”
Your face cringed slightly, making Steve shake his head, a smirk leaving his lips, “Too cheesy, huh?” You gave it some thought, realising you had no right to find anything cringe. He was sweet, while you were out of this world with your comebacks, “Nah, it was cute.”
After thirty minutes of flying, Bruce finally landed the jet. You did your last preparations and followed your team outside. With everyone gathered in a circle, Steve gave out a short briefing, “Get ready team. We have three teams, three base locations. Take out the bad guys, rescues the hostages and get the files,” Steve turned his face towards you as he spoke, “Let’s go! Good luck everyone.” As the north base team headed off, you walked over to Steve who met you halfway.
You tiptoed and planted a deep kiss on his lips, his hands resting on your waist. You stepped down and looked up at him with a smile, “Good luck Solider.” Steve let out a sigh, hating to separate from you on missions, even though he knew you could handle yourself. “You too, doll. I love you. Promise to make it out of here alive.”
“Hey, Y/n, you coming?” You hear Natasha yelling from behind you, probably finished with her own little ‘good luck’ moment with Bucky before they separate. “Coming!” You yelled back, not turning away from Steve. You grabbed his hand and shot him with one last quick kiss, before stepping backwards, “And I promise. I love you too.” You said for only Steve to hear before slowly letting go of his hand. On every mission you separated, you made a promise to come back to each other in one peace. It felt reassuring.
He gave you a quick nod before turning to Bucky and Sam, “Let’s go.” As the three men headed off, you rushed over to Natasha, “You ready?” Natasha pretended to look at her invisible watch as she spoke, “Oh, I’ve been ready for hours, just been waiting for you and Cap to stop gazing into each other’s eyes.” Natasha laughed while you rolled your eyes at her, “Yeah, yeah, we’re disgusting, I know.”
You patted Natasha on her back before rushing past her, “Come on snail! We don’t have all day.” You smirked as you ran towards the base, Natasha following suit, “Hey, I was the one waiting for you!”
Natasha and you snuck up to an entrance guarded by four Hydra agents. You looked towards the redhead mouthing ‘surprise attack’, gaining a nod from her. On three, you jumped forward and kicked one man to the ground while punching the other over to Natasha to kick him down. To finish up, you and Natasha flipped over one agent each, knocking them unconscious instantly. “Nice work bitch.” You eyed her before walking inside, gaining a smirk in return.
Once inside, you were faced with more agents already aiming for the two of you. Though you and Natasha were far more skilled than them, knocking them down fast. Meanwhile, on the north side of the base everything seemed to go smoothly, according to Tony, “We found the hostages.” You head the men talk over the comms, Steve responding first, “Good. Focus on getting them out of there and call for backup in needed. The south part of the base seems empty so far. How’s the scene with you ladies?”
“I think we found the computer room with the possible files. We’re headed there now.” You answered while running down a long empty hallway. You and Natasha had found a staircase leading up to an empty hallway, but in the far end, you spotted machines trough a glass window. Steve was pleased to hear everything going well so far, to hear you being okay, “Good work guys. Remember to keep you guard up.”
“Will do Cap.” You responded casually, while Natasha eyed you, her brow raised. You looked at her, still running, “What?” Natasha let out a short laugh, “That was the most casual response you’ve had in a while.” You rolled your eyes with a smile crossing your lips, “I can be casual in the heath of batt—Oof!”  
You let out a scoff, feeling a hard surface hitting the back of your head. You blinked rapidly, trying to wrap your head around what just happened. Tilting your head up, you noticed you were laying on the floor with Natasha next to you, and a Hydra agent ready to stab his knife into her. Quickly, you hurled up on your feet, threw yourself at the agent, and straddled him to the floor. You punched him in the gut, knocking him unconscious.
You let out a breath of relief and got up on your feet, turning to Natasha, “Gee, where did he come from?” You reached out a hand for the redhead and helped her stand up, “You okay?” Natasha nodded, placing a hand on the back of her head. Once she brought her hand back down, your eyes widened. It was covered in blood.
“Natasha, you’re bleeding!” You were about to reach for her head to check the injury, but she pushed your hands away, “It’s fine Y/n, noting big.” You let out a scoff, knowing she wouldn’t let you help her whatsoever, “If you say so.”  
When the two of you were about to head for the possible computer room again, stepping on the Hydra agent’s stomach for the fun of it, the worried voice of Bucky Barnes rang trough the comms, “Natasha is what??!” Natasha let out a sigh and looked at you as if she was disappointed, “You forgot to mute your speaker didn’t you?” You let out a little ‘oopsie’ before Natasha turned away again, finally opening the door you had been heading for, “I’m okay Buck, nothing big.”
“Y/n said you’re bleeding Nat! That’s big!”
“Seriously Buck, I’m fine.”
“You promise?”
“Fine. But be careful. I refuse to see another scratch on you when this mission is over.”
You felt a little bad for keeping your speaker unmuted. You knew how easily Bucky worried about Natasha. She was the one who made Bucky feel like himself again. If he were to lose her; Oh, hell no, he would be broken once and for all.
Finally, you reached the end of the hallway, entering the door which revealed what you hoped, the computer room. Rushing to the computers, you searched for the files. It didn’t take long for the two of you, the Avengers best hackers, to find the files you were looking for.
“Y/n, you got the chip?” Natasha asked with a smirk on her face. You nodded at her before plugging in the chip you had kept in your suit. Once they started downloading, you looked back at Natasha again, “Do you know what this means?”
You had found the Winter Soldier and Red Room program files, everything you needed to know about them. Natasha felt her eyes teary from the joy, thinking about Bucky in the process, “It means closure.”
Before you could agree with her, the distressed voice of Captain America yelled trough the comms, “Everyone get out of the building, the--” The Captain was cut off, replaced by a horrifying scream sounding all to familiar. A scream filled with fear and pain. You watched Natasha freeze in place at the sound.
“What is happening?!” You and Tony asked desperately in chorus. Steve took way too long to respond, making your heart pound quickly in your chest, “Steve?”
“The Winter Soldier is back, and we don’t know where he is!” The blonde finally yelled back, his voice sounding distressed. You looked back at Natasha, who was at the brim of painful tears this time, “How? That’s impossible.” Your voice sounded weak, as if in denial.
It was unbelievable. Bucky had spent months in Wakanda, with Shuri helping him remove the Winter Soldier. The killer was supposed to be long gone.
“How did this happen?” Natasha’s shaky, broken voice finally spoke. You rested your hand on her arm, comforting her the little you could.
“There was a man, he said the words. I don’t know how it worked, but it did, and now The Winter Soldier is loose. We have to find him.” Steve tried explaining, his voice distant. It sounded like he was running. “North base, you focus on getting the hostages to the jet, while the rest of you get the hell out of here. I’m gonna search this place.”
You took your hand of Natasha’s arm, bringing it up to press on your com, your voice angry, “The hell you’re not! Not alone!”
You already knew Sam wouldn’t separate from the Captain, but that was still not enough for you to retreat. If Steve was staying on the mission, so would you. And he knew you would, so he wouldn’t spend valuable time trying to convince you otherwise.
“Okay but be careful. Bucky’s still in there, but he’ll hurt you without hesitation.”
“Oh, we know.” You responded back while looking back up at Natasha. Though she wasn’t standing in front of you anymore, she was rushing out of the room. “Nat, wait!” You yelled at the redhead, but she didn’t stop. Groaning out with annoyance, you grabbed the chip from the computer which had luckily downloaded everything, before running after your friend.
Natasha had made it to the other end of the hallway, about to step down the stairs when she let out a painful scream. Your eyes widened when you saw her fall to the floor, her hand clothing over her stomach where a knife had been thrown. Then you spotted him, The Winter Solider rush up the stairs, standing tall over her.
You didn’t know what to do. If you got to close he would kill you, but if you didn’t, he would kill Natasha. Damn her for running off like she did! Her mind had been unfocused, too worried about Bucky to think straight. Though you would probably have ended up in the same mess if it was Steve.
“Steve, he’s here.” You quietly informed trough the comms, knowing you had to act fast. The Soldier seemed to not notice you, which you took as your advantage and sneaked over to the pair.
“Y/n be careful! Don’t do anything stupid! Sam and I are on our way! Avengers we need backup, middle part of the base!” Steve’s distressed voice yelled trough the comms. You could only imagine the frown above his eyes.
You turned your attention back to the scene by the stairs. You let out a nervous breath, knowing you probably would end up doing something stupid.
“Bucky, please, it’s me. Come back to me!” Natasha’s sore voice tried. “I love you, please, listen to me. You know me. I love you.”
“Shut up!” The Solider screamed down at her, making both her and you flinch. He sat down and straddled her, pinching her hands above her head. Natasha groaned out form the pain in her stomach, making you cringe.
“You are James Bucky Barnes, and…” Natasha was struggling at this point, “I love you. Please…”
For a moment, the stranger on top of Natasha seemed to hesitate with his next move, but it didn’t last long. He took hold of another knife, raised his hand and--
“No!” You rushed forward, throwing yourself at him, freeing Natasha from his hold. There was no way you would let him murder the love of his life.
Instead of stabbing her, he hit you, in the stomach, making you scream out in pain. And as if things couldn’t get worse, he was quickly up on his feet again and took hold of your arm. Without hesitation, he threw you down the stairs, making you roll all the way to the bottom.
You couldn’t hear Natasha screaming your name, your ears ringing instead. Your whole body was aching, eyes trying to focus on what was happening. You landed on the floor with a thud, the pain in your stomach shooting trough your body once again. You screamed out, feeling nocuous from the pain.
“Oh my god!” A faint voice yelled from afar, at least that’s what it sounded like. Steve was standing tall above you, dropping his shield to the floor, soon falling to his knees next to you. Tony, Wanda, Sam and Vision were flying above him, rushing to Natasha’s aid and to stop The Winter Soldier once and for all. I didn’t take long for Thor and Clint to follow suit. It seemed the whole team had disobeyed their Captain’s order to retreat.
Meanwhile, Steve was too focused on you to even remember what they came here for in the first place. He couldn’t speak, only blink his eyes. He felt a deep shiver down his spine while looking over your body. He wanted to simply throw up at the sight of blood flowing out of your stomach, the bone sticking out of your arm and your dislocated shoulder. Your injuries were disgustingly visible, and he was sure to find more if he looked.
One could only imagine the pain you were in, though you felt nothing at this point.
“Doll, oh my god, no…” Steve’s broken voice sounded trough your ears, making you move your eyeballs to look at him. There was no use trying to move, you couldn’t even feel the floor beneath you anymore.
Steve brough his shivering hand up to caress your cheek, gently stroking his thumb across it. Uncontrollable tears fell down your face, just like on Steve’s face, realising you wouldn’t be leaving this place any time soon. “Please, please don’t leave me, please… you promised.”
Steve hadn’t seen what happened, but he knew you had done something stupid. Every time you got injured on a mission, you had made a reckless dumb discission. “Damn you, doll… please…” Steve’s pleading voice was weak. You didn’t respond to any of his words, breaking his heart even more if possible.
“M’s sorry… I love you…” Your voice sounded faint. You were surprised you even got the words out. Steve felt a sob caught in his throat. Seeing the love of his life like this, the woman he was going to propose to in just a few hours, made his mind crumble down. He wanted to wake up from this goddamn nightmare.
Your eyes felt heavy, but you tried to flutter them open. “Please… I love you.” Steve had given up at this point, to weak to beg anymore. All he managed to do was hold you and watch as the world around you turned dark. This was the last time he would see your eyes looking up at him. And it was the last time he would get to admire your beauty, with love shining in his own eyes.
When you finally faded, Steve broke down completely. He let out a painful and broken scream, before sobbing uncontrollably, rocking back and forth with your body wrapped tightly in his arms.
What Steve hadn’t noticed what the rest of the team gathered around him, and your limp body. Every eye was filled with tears, heads lowered to the floor. The Winter Soldier was knocked unconscious, while Natasha had been fled out of there by Vision. She needed medical attention, while you needed… well, nothing. It was to late to help you.
Tony grit his teeth and stepped forward, placing a hand on the Captain’s shoulder, “Rogers, let’s get her out of here.” Tony’s voice was barely above a whisper, but Steve heard him.
There was no way he would leave your body at the base. Trusting his team that they had stopped The Winter Solder, he got up on his feet, without a word, carrying you out of the building.
“Why did you do this Y/n… Why did you leave me?!” Steve fell to his knees in front of your grave. Natasha had finally told him how everything happened, how you had jumped at Bucky who stabbed you and threw you down the stairs.
Steve knew you. He knew why you risked your life for Natasha, you always put everyone else first. It angered him so much. A part of him wanted to hate you, though he could never, so he just kept asking you why. Why you would leave him alone like this.
“The Winter Soldier should be gone for good now, Shuri had made sure of that now. So, Buck and Nat got married, which you were so excited about, I thought you should know. It’s only thanks to you anyways… they got their happy ending, but doll… What about us? What the hell were you thinking…” Steve’s voice was faint in the end, a new set of sobs escaping him.
Fuck, he was cursing again, and you weren’t here to tell him “Watch your languace Captain.” Everything was wrong without you.
You had been so focused on Natasha and Bucky’s story; you didn’t care enough about your own. That was a terrible, selfish mistake, because it wasn’t just your story you ignored, you ignored Steve’s. Bucky and Natasha got married, got their happy ending. Steve on the other hand, a now broken man, was left behind with only half a story and a broken ending. You vanished out of his life as if random words in a book was rubbed out, making the book loose it’s meaning.
As for Bucky, yes he got his happy ending with Natasha, but would forever live with the guilt of murdering the love of his best friend’s life. Though Natasha told him rapidly it wasn’t his fault, he wouldn’t listen. He would never forgive himself, especially if Steve couldn’t. Steve struggled with forgiving both you and his best friend.
Bucky wanted to vanish out of everyone’s life, to leave Natasha for her own sake, but he couldn’t. You sacrificed yourself for their happy ending. If he left, your death would have been for nothing.
Thank you so much for reading this! Feedback is always appreciated!
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ameliora-j · 23 hours ago
what a lie // ts x reader
words: 1.5k
warnings: angst, smut, mcd, blood, mention of injury, nipple play, pull out method (pls don’t use this irl), pregnancy mention
a/n: this is only half proofread but as always, lmk if i missed any warnings pls. italics is a flashback :)
“you’ll be okay, little dove,” thor whispered as he set a comforting hand on your shoulder.
“we’ll all be okay, y/n,” steve added, accompanied by a hiccup and a small sniffle from his spot next to you. you could no longer contain the loud sob that raked your body as you set down the flower reef that held your fiance’s arc reactor in the center and read: proof that tony stark has a heart.
the blonde super soldier pulled you into his chest and allowed you to harshly sob into his suit coat. tony was your forever. and he just got ripped away from you.
you walked into the grandiose building called “stark industries” one--very sunny--monday morning. you went to the desk and were greeted with a very pretty blonde woman. “can i help you?” she asked you.
“yeah i um... have a meeting with tony stark. he... he told me to come and meet him here,” you stuttered shyly. 
“ah, you must be y/n,” you nodded and she offered you a smile, leading you into tony’s office. that day, he hired you as his personal assistant. however, at the time, you had no idea what was to come of that one fateful day.
in the coming weeks as tony’s assistant, you picked up his coffee, and scheduled his press conferences, and answered e-mails, and scheduled his meetings, and answered the phone. in that time, you had also become closer to the man you called your boss. you might even go as far as to call the two of you friends.
tony was really funny. whether it was intentionally or not. he told a lot of jokes, and he was nothing like the media painted him out to be. he was nice and caring. he was also very attentive. he stopped turning the ac so high when he noticed that you would always bring a jacket into the office, and he kept little candies laying around for your sweet tooth, and he always had your favorite pack of pens delivered weekly because you were always losing your’s and stealing his. he even let you sign all of his important documents with your pretty, purple glittery pens because he knew you liked them the best. 
not to mention, tony bought you a whole set of y/f/c office supplies for your desk after you called his decoration “bland and boring.” everyday working for mr. stark was a brand new adventure and you absolutely couldn’t wait to see what the future held for you at stark industries.
you learned a lot about tony while you were working. you were the first person that he revealed his identity as iron man to. you, of course, freaked out, lecturing him on safety and being careful while fighting literal aliens, all while he chuckles and assured you that he was fine. one night--or early morning is a better term for it--there was a knock on your window. when you checked your bedside clock, the numbers “2:23″ flashed across it in bright red. when you looked over to the window, you noticed tony in the iron man suit, floating outside of your window.
“what the hell stark?! it’s half past two in the morning!” you complained as you opened the window and allowed him in. he grumbled loudly as he took off the suit and stumbled his way into your bathroom. he ignored you as you flung a million and two questions in his direction. untill finally, you noticed the blood running down the left side of his face. “what the hell!” you exclaimed before leading him to sit down on your toilet seat. you took the small first aid kit from underneath your bathroom sink and began to clean him up while simultaneously muttering what an idiot he was and how he could have been killed.
once you were all finished, you looked down at him. you had seen tony monday through friday for ten hours a day and sometimes on weekends if he had a press conference on a saturday or needed you to come in quickly and do something on a sunday, but this was the first time that you had truly noticed him. cuts and scrapes and bruises over his face, his hair sweaty and some falling into his eyes. those eyes... pretty, brown, and tired. the way that his facial hair had begun to grow on his jaw as a result of not shaving that morning. tony stark was gorgeous... ethereal even. you knew your boss was an attractive man, the media said it every day. hell, your boss said it himself every day. but now, actually looking at him, you saw it. you truly saw it, anthony howard stark was quite possibly the prettiest man you had ever laid your eyes upon. 
you and tony sat in silence. it was in that silence that you realized your current position. the only thing donning your body was a very short pair of black sleep shorts that really didn’t cover much and a black tank top with no bra. you were standing above tony, straddling his left thigh and your faces were mere centimeters apart. the silence was long and loud as you stared, unblinking, into each other’s eyes. it was a hairs breath of a second when tony’s eyes flicked from your’s to your lips, and then back up before he was hungrily pressing his lips to your’s.
the kiss was nothing but the clashing of teeth and tongues. it had you moaning into his mouth as he stood and quickly pushed you against your bathroom counter. he wasted no time as he quickly rid the both of you of your clothes. “you have protection?” he asked from his place, sucking dark hickies into every inch of your neck.
“just pull out, please i want it,” you whimpered as you tugged on his chocolate locks. your whimpers and begs were all the encouragement the man needed as he pushed his cock into you, making you release a loud moan.
the way tony fucked you was a stark (no pun intended) contrast to the way he kissed you. his thrusts were slow and deliberate, hitting spots you never even knew existed, while his kisses were rough and hungry. “feel so good wrapped around me, princess. fuck,” tony moaned into your mouth.
“fuck, tony please. more. give me more,” you whined, causing him to chuckle as his lips traveled down, sucking your nipple into his mouth as his hand came up and twisted and tugged the other one. “feels so good. ‘s so big,” you whimpered as he fucked his cock into you even harder. he moaned at your praise as his teeth scraped across your sensitive nipple before he pulled off of it with a small ‘pop’ and began giving the same attention to the other one.
“always knew your little pussy was made for my cock, princess. knew it from the day you stepped into my office. looking all innocent, just begging me to bend you over my desk and make you mine,” you moaned loudly at this, causing him to smirk. “that what you want? come on, use your words, princess.”
“wanna be your’s. make me your’s tony please. want you to corrupt me. ruin me for anyone else’s cock.” you whined out pathetically as the head of his cock abused your gspot.
“who’s pussy is this?” he asked as he began to rub harsh circles onto your swollen clit.
“your’s. your’s ‘s your’s please let me cum,” you whimpered as you arched into him. 
“cum on my cock princess, go ahead,” that’s all it took for you to cum with a loud shriek of his name. he continued his assault on your clit to fuck you through your orgasm as he pulled out and used his free hand to stroke his cock untill he came with a groan of your name, all over your stomach.
that night, after tony took care of you and made sure you peed and were cleaned up, as he pulled you into his chest, you whispered, “can i really be your’s?” 
“you can be mine forever if you want princess.” you fell asleep with a wide smile on your face.
you stayed at the lake after all the avengers had left. you sat against the tree with your left hand on your stomach, staring down at the large ring that tony presented you with just days before going to fight on titan. the one that was supposed to symbolize forever. the one that made tony stark your official future husband. 
“i’m pregnant tony...” you whispered as the tears collected on your waterline. “you promised forever. you promised that everything was going to be okay five years ago,” you took a deep breath as you rubbed the small, three month bump that was forming. “what a lie that was.”
how the hell were you going to raise a baby by yourself. how were you supposed to go on without your other half? how were you supposed to heal your heart? your baby would never know how amazing their father was. and your husband would never know how amazing his baby was. it still didn’t feel real. it never would feel real.
but you would figure it out. after all... you were a stark now. and stark’s are nothing if not strong-willed.
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thran-duils · a day ago
Nowhere to Run (P.1)
Title: Nowhere to Run (Part One) Summary: Fem!Reader x Dark!Stony. Reader was caught unknowingly stealing from the capitol harvest and is drug to the capitol for punishment. She is offered an option to go to trial or accept work in the main government building. Upon her tour, she ends up in trouble and catches eyes of two of the Master Council that decide she needs to be broken in by their hands. Words: 1,847 Warnings: Non-con, servitude, forced orgasms, verbal and emotional abuse
Author’s Notes: I don’t intend for this to be a super long series. This chapter is setting up the non-con to come. Read at your own risk, 18+ as always. Also, the picture under the cut is the mood in the world that I am seeing; kind of steam punk? AND, song inspo.
Masterpost (mobile) || Fanfic masterpost
Tumblr media
You were being led through the long halls of the capitol building, a collar around your neck. The guards could give you a small shock whenever they so pleased if you tried to run or do anything unsavory.
They had found you stealing fruits off one of the carts in the market. Normally, you would have had your hands whipped and spent a night in jail. But this cart that you had so stupidly failed to see had the symbol of the capitol on it. It had been dark, early morning, and you had failed to see it as you snuck around. The envoy had apparently come to the market as the vendors were arriving to fetch the best of the crops for the council members. Stealing from the capitol meant trial there and you were drug from your mountainous outskirt town to the city with others to face the highest court for your crime.
You were brought to a room and shoved inside; the door closed behind you. A man was sitting behind a desk, waiting patiently.
“Sit,” he invited, gesturing at the chair on the opposite side of the desk. “My name is Tsu. I’ll be your counselor for the day if you decide to utilize my offer.”
Cautiously, you did what he asked, sinking into the chair. He picked up a device — you had only ever seen guards that patrolled through your town with them — and clicked it on. A picture came to life, and you watched with awe as he was able to control it with his movements of his hand in the air.
“I have your basic information that they collected upon your arrest. Name, date of birth, crime. But I need to know what it is you do...”
“Your profession.”
“I don’t have a profession. I’m going to trial.”
“Everyone has a profession.”
You stayed silent, not wanting to give this capitol worker any more information than he already had on you. Your town did well enough staying out of their way and business, keeping to yourselves besides when they demanded crops. Giving away too much about yourself seemed unwise.
Tsu eyed you and asked suspiciously, “Was it a, let’s say, less prestigious profession that you are more inclined to not disclose?”
You saw he was eyeing your arms and then neck causing you to you ask, “What do you mean?”
“Do you know women here in the city — and many other places in the kingdom for that matter — are tattooed?”
“I’ve seen people passing through with them yes.”
“Tattoos are normal, expected even. Your body is a canvas. And having the freedom to do with your skin as you please is a status symbol.” You stared at him dumbly, not picking up what he was trying to get at. He sighed, lowering the technological device and leveled with you, “Ladies of the night do not have tattoos. They’re not free and their skin is kept clear to show that. And to me, you look like ink has never touched your skin. Am I correct?”
Heat came to your cheeks, and you sputtered offended, “I’m not a lady of the night! I worked for the local librarian if you need to know! It just didn’t pay well, and I was hungry!”
So much for not giving him information. But he had provoked you. You were always told you had a temper.
“So, you’re saying yes your skin is clear?”
“Yes it is but I’m not a trollop!”
“It matters not. It will invite unwanted attention from people here in the city. And trust me, the higher up they are in status, the bolder they will be about assuming you are... open.”
Exasperated, you asked, “What does this have to do with my trial?”
Tsu shrugged, “With my help, you may not have to go to trial. You’ll just be sentenced to work in the capitol building. Here. I’m just trying to explain to you briefly how some things work. And I was merely asking what you did so I could better place you. If you were working nights, then, there is a spot for you, despite your immediate disdain for the profession. But, if that’s not the case, then I can find you something else here.”
“For how long?” you asked upset.
Tsu shrugged and said, “The typical time for a crime in your bracket is a year.” Your stomach dropped. An entire year spent here? Wearing a collar? Away from your home. “If you are outstanding — and someone happens to notice, which is rare — you could have a couple months shaved off. The other way, if you are unsuitable or enrage someone, they could seek to extend your sentence.”
“So, I am to be at the mercy of these wealthy, spoiled assholes’ whims?” You demanded before you could stop yourself.
That drew the briefest of smirks out of hum before he cleared his throat and said, “As assuming as it is for me to hear you share that behind closed doors with me, because it is true, I would watch your tongue very closely. That’s something that would most certainly get your sentence extended.”
“Noted,” you muttered, sinking back into your seat.
Tsu turned the tablet towards you and said, “If you would prefer to do what I am offering instead of facing trial and time in a cell, sign here stating you understand the conditions.”
You stared at the tablet, weighing your options. This way, you knew exactly what you were getting into and having knowledge and a plan seemed a comfort than going in blind. Reaching forward, you held out your hand.
“Use your finger. There’s no pen.”
Tracing your name, you watched it appear in gold before solidifying in black in the document.
“Perfect. Let’s get you changed into a servant’s gown. And get that collar off.” The collar was going to come off? He must have seen the shock on your face. “You’ll be given an ankle bracelet. It will look delicate, beautiful even, but trust me, it won’t break. And they’ll get an alert if there’s a lot of pressure aka you trying to do so. And that can also get you added time.”
It only took half a day for you to find yourself in more trouble. You had been following Tsu as he gave you a tour around the castle and you had stopped as the two of you crossed a bridge. You had been transfixed by the sight of the city, your hands coming to rest on the balcony as you took it in.
You felt a hand at your ass before it cupped, and breath was hot on your ear.
“My, my, I don’t think I’ve seen you before, lovely,” the man rasped.
“Don’t touch me, you piece of shit!” you exclaimed, whipping around and shoving him. He stumbled back away from you, barely catching his balance having been so caught off guard by your reaction. You doubted the people here ever received pushback from servants. He looked furious.
“What did she just say?” the man demanded, coming for you but someone stepped in his way.
This other man was blonde, short haired. “There’s no need to maim the girl here in public, is there?”
The first man looked ready to explode but he grated, “Did you hear what she said to me, Master Barton? She—"
“I have ears and they’re perfect, so yes I did hear what she said,” Barton replied coolly.
Tsu had come back to your side — how far had he gotten, talking to himself, before he realized you were not behind him? He pulled you a few paces away.
“What’s going on, sir?”
Before Barton could say anything, the man spat, “That little wench shoved me and swore at me!”
Tsu inhaled deeply before hissing in your ear, “Did you hear nothing of what I spoke?” You opened your mouth to protest but he continued on in a hushed whisper, “This whole thing can possibly be fixed if you just go apologize. And if you do this I’m going to have to grab the back of your neck without any resistance from you.”
“Gods,” you breathed.
“I’m serious.”
You gave the slightest of nods before Tsu’s hand was tight around the back of your neck and he walked you past Barton to the man. He was staring at you ferociously, like he wanted to tear you apart.
“She’s just arrived today but that doesn’t excuse her actions. She would like to beg your forgiveness,” Tsu told him, and his fingers flexed, signaling for you to start.
You had dealt with bullies before. You could do this.
Trying to keep the disdain out of your tone, you said, “I’m sorry for being enraged and acting impulsively. It was uncouth of me. I’m new and I am trying to learn how to act respectively with your customs. I beg your forgiveness.” You quickly added, “Sir.”
The man straightened out his shirt before sneering, “These little whores keep getting more brazen. Keep them in line!”
With that he turned on his heel and stormed off.
Tsu let go of your neck and he breathed easier that it had not escalated, and the man had begrudgingly accepted your apology. You caught Barton watching and he winked at you before turning on his heel and leaving as well.
Tony was watching the screen of the security footage with arousal swimming in his eyes, his fingers at his lips at the woman. He was insatiable at times with his lust — the whorehouse a place he frequently relished in. He turned his attention to Steve.
Steve was cold at first, displeased by the mountain girl’s behavior towards one of the council members. But upon seeing her come back and apologize, a small smirk broke out.
“Thought you might find that interesting,” Clint commented, leaning against the wall. “Seems there’s a little hellion now in our midst.”
Tony paused the recording on a close up of her face and Steve leaned forward. He studied her for a few moments before telling the guards.
“Send her our way,” he ordered. “We’ve needed a new chambermaid. And I haven’t had to break a new one in in a while.”
“Cause she definitely didn’t mean a word of that apology. Look at that fire in her eyes,” Tony chuckled, strolling closer to the screen, looking at her face on the paused screen. Quietly to himself more than anything, his fingers tapping his lips, he said, “No... no you didn’t, did you, little vixen?” He was drinking the sight of her in, and he adjusted his pants, already titillating himself at the thoughts playing in his mind. Turning away from the screen on one foot, he went back for his goblet, taking a drink. He smacked his lips and vowed, “She’ll mean it when we ask for an apology. Of that I am certain.”
“Whatever she’s been assigned, reassign her to our villa community,” Steve added. “She’ll have plenty work there to learn her manners.”
Marvel tags: @coconutqueen21​ @undecidedsworld​ @holl2712​ @agustdowney​
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Can you do a really long story with Hope Van Dyne? Maybe about them having to pose as a couple for a mission and really falling for each other and maybe a sequel about maybe then getting married or having kids. Hope Van Dyne x reader
This wasn't supposed to happen... but it did - Hope Van Dyne x Fem!Reader
My masterlist
Song recommendation:
A/n: Before I go into more for this part, I wanted to say how excited I was when I saw this request. It seems interesting and I am so excited to try to bring it to life. It will definitely be my intention to write a sequel. but if I forget about it (like if I haven't written it in about a week after posting this), please don't hesitate to ask for a sequel. I wasn't sure what gender (or gender neutral) you wanted the reader to be, but I went with female because that's what I'm better with writing about at the moment, but if you want something different, I will change it. Also in this Hope is bisexual and the reader is pansexual. It just made it easier for me to make this work. As always if you have a request please send it in. My masterpost which is at the top of my profile has all the info you need when you request something. Anyways happy reading!
》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛《
This day started off crazy. First thing after I woke up, I got dragged into training with Wanda and Nat. They both wanted me there because one, I am really good at sparring and two, I am able to train with Wanda pretty well as I have telekinesis, so we both can keep up with one another most times.
After a few hours of that I went down to the main living area where I noticed that Hope was there. I looked over at Tony with a confused look, alongside a look of asking him to explain why she was here all the way from California. I mean it’s not all that rare for her to be at the compound. She spends two weeks out of each month here, but she already had been here the two weeks this month, so I wasn’t expecting her to be back this quickly. Tony finally notices my confused look and speaks up. “I know you left a week ago Hope, and I’m sorry you had to come back here, but you and Y/n have a mission. You have to go undercover for a few months, live in this neighborhood in Maine.” He pauses for a second to show us on the map the exact location that we were going to be. “And you both have to act like a couple for this.” Hope and I looked at Tony like he was insane. First of all we had been on 3 different missions together, but unlike this one, it took us a couple days max. Secondly, we have to act like a couple for this one.
“No offence Stark,” Hope starts off. “The times Y/n and I have gone on missions it was nothing like this. Why can’t you send Natasha or someone else?” She asks. I nod in agreement. I was usually the last person they chose for undercover missions. “Well, the couple you have to be on the lookout for are two female partners, Y/n is pansexual and Hope, you’re bisexual. You two are the most likely to fit in as a couple than anyone else.” Tony tells us. “Tony, Wanda is pan as well, why couldn’t she have been on this mission?” I ask him. “She has her own mission with Nat and Steve tomorrow. Anyways, here are the folders with everything you should need for this mission. You both can discuss this tonight and you leave first thing in the morning. And when I say first morning, I mean 4, so be prepared.” He says as he waves and walks off. 
Hope and I look at each other and sigh. “Well we better look at the folders that Tony gave us so we can see what we’ve got.” Hope tells me. I look at my folder. “What did you end up with? I got Chloe Foster, 25, who is a barista. Tony gave me where I will be “working” at. I say. She looks at me and smiles. “I got Luna Page, 26, who is a stay at home freelance worker. So nothing too exciting.” She says. “Looks like the backstory is we moved from Pennsylvania, after living there our whole lives. We met at Hershey Park and hit it off from there. We’ve been in a relationship for 5 years and just now decided to move out of the state and start fresh somewhere else.” I basically sum up. “This should be fun.” Hope looks at the time. “We should probably head to bed, I’ll see you in the morning.” She waves and heads to her room. I go upstairs to mine.
About 5 hours later I was woken up by my alarm. I get out of bed and change into a tee shirt and a pair of shorts with a pair of boots. I grab my bag that I packed and head downstairs to the main living area. I see Hope standing there waiting for me. “Are you ready for this mission?” She asks me. “As ready as I’ll ever be to be honest.” I replied back. We get in the car Happy is driving and he takes us to the airport. When we get there we thank him head to the terminal where our flight is. After a few hours of getting on the plane we arrived in Maine. About an hour drive later we arrived at the house where we would be staying in for the next few months. We went to put our stuff down but I noticed that there is only one bedroom. “Damn it Tony.” I mutter under my breath. He knew about my slow growing crush on Hope and did this on purpose. “I can take the couch, if you want to take the bed.” I told her. “Don’t be ridiculous, we can share the bed. Plus we are supposed to be acting like a couple, so this will only improve the image of that.” She replies back while smiling at me. I sigh a little bit knowing that this wasn’t going to help my ever growing feelings towards her. I nod in agreement to what she says and start putting my stuff away. I head into the kitchen, while Hope puts her stuff away, when I hear a knock on the door. “I got it!” I yell so she can hear me. 
I go over and open the door, when I notice that two women are standing there at the door. I notice them as the people we need to keep an eye on. “Hi!” The one with the long red hair starts. “My name is Shelby Lawrence and this is my wife Faith Lawrence.” She introduces her and her wife. “We saw you guys and didn’t recognize you and thought well that you were new here and wanted to introduce ourselves. “Babe? Who’s at the door?” I hear behind me. “Well love, these are some of our neighbors, Shelby and Faith.” I tell her. “Well hi there! My name is Luna and this is my girlfriend Chloe. It’s a pleasure to meet you both.” Hope tells them both. “Well we just wanted to stop by and introduce ourselves. Say, why don’t you guys come over in two months for dinner? We are busy for the next 6 weeks but we would love to have you guys over and get to know you both.” Shelby asks us. “Sure, it would be wonderful, just tell us a date and time and we will be there.” I say. After they told us the date and time they left. 
After almost 2 months we had found a little bit of information on Shelby and Faith but there was nothing much. We had decided that when we went over later today for dinner that I would ask to use the bathroom and then look around to see if I could find anything more. We got ready and I was wearing a nice frilly top with a pair of navy blue jeans while Hope was wearing a nice tee shirt and a pair of black jeans. We head over to their house and knock on the door. The door opens and we see Faith standing there. “Oh come in, come in! Shelby is just finishing up getting the food out.” She tells us. We walk into the house and follow Faith into the kitchen where we are passed wine glasses. “Hi you two! I just finished getting everything out so we can sit down and eat.” Shelby says. After a while of sitting down, eating and asking questions to each other, I speak up. “Sorry to interrupt, but I was wondering where your bathroom is.” Faith looks at me and smiles. “It’s fine, it’s upstairs, third door on the right.” I look at Hope and nod. I head upstairs and start looking around. I go into the room right across from where the bathroom is and stumble upon an office. I go in and see there is a flash drive in the computer and one in a drawer. I switch out the flash drive in the drawer with the one I came to this with. Then I quietly shut the door, and head to the bathroom and flush the toilet. I head back downstairs. “Sorry that took me a bit, I have some stomach issues today.” I say with a sad smile. “It’s okay! We all have bad stomach days. Maybe you both should head home and relax.” Shelby tells us. “Well thanks for having me and Chloe over, I’ll take her home now.” Hope says. Shelby gives me a hug quickly and Faith gives one to Hope. They switch and after Shelby gives Hope one, Faith is still hugging me. Hope looks kind of mad? No. Why would she be? Faith finally lets go and I grab Hope’s hand to go home. “Bye guys.” I say. 
We head back to the house and Hope is still holding my hand when we walk in. “What’s wrong? Why did you seem mad when Faith was hugging me for a while?” I ask her. “I just didn’t like her hugging you for a while.” She says. “Why? It’s not like we are actually dating.” I snap back. “Maybe I want us to be!” She snaps at me. “W-what?” I say. I was shocked that she actually felt the same. “I like you okay. And maybe I got a little jealous when Faith was hugging you for a while.” She says. I step forward and kiss her. She kisses me back and after a few moments we pull away. After the initial shock we both have, she asks, “Be my girlfriend?” I nod my head and hug her. She hugs back. After we separate, I show her the flash drive. “You got it.” Hope says happily. “Yep, now we can go home.” 
After we called Tony, and he got Faith and Shelby arrested and taken into SHIELD custody, we headed home on the quinjet. After that we scheduled a date for the next time Hope visited. I went to my room and fell asleep. 
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Oh, Baby | Prologue | P.P
Tumblr media
disclaimer: this chapter is discussing some mentions of sexual intercorse. this chapter is for a mature audience.
reminder: this chapter will not be what the others consist of. this is merely for you all to get some history and knowledge on the characters before we get started.
P R O L O G U E :
I never went into thought about the way I would fall in love. Or when, for that matter.
It might seem too 'cliché' and probably hard to believe, but I was just never too interested in the opposite sex. In fact, my family was convinced I was secretly gay. (It probably didn't help that I was set on marrying my best friend, MJ, because then I'd never have to touch a boy). Not that they cared, but for most millennials, it was nearly mandatory to show any affection or interest in anyone at the earliest age possible.
Heteronormative agenda at it's finest.
I was too busy with my mind on the numerous quests that were beautifully described in my novels. They took up all my social time, which I was definitely more than happy with.
To be fair, it was an incredibly helpful step to begin the writings and planning of my life's path. My love for books was the all-to-obvious reason for my career plan to take place in the editorial career. Being able to read countless books for a living seemed way too good to be true, but my school's counselor helped me learn how possible it was for me.
All I had to do was keep an average G.P.A and take a few good after school activities to help my transcript seem more put together. Her crucial and practical recommendation, more like demand, was that I stay focused. I had to keep my eye on the prize and be sharp.
That's all I had to do.
Until he happened.
Of course my luck had to run dry and I inevitably fucked up everything I had worked hard for.
The first month of my freshman year had been running smoothly. It was easygoing and the homework had been light. Many of the teachers wanted to keep our schedules as stress free as possible.
Some students were doomed to fall behind from the lack of structure. Not their fault, of course. But because I had been one of the top students, I was asked to help a few of my peers practice for an English paper worth almost half of our grade.
I, more than happy to devote my time, was all too eager when I was assigned one of the cutest boys I had seen. That says a lot considering I never focused on my peers' looks before I saw him.
He was almost disgustingly cute. His boyish, All American smile was to die for. And his annoyingly beautiful curls were always placed atop of his perfectly shaped head in a way that let certain curls flop gracefully against his forehead. His forehead that was such a nice size with adequate spacing between his brows and hairline. Speaking of, his brows were just as cute as his smile. They were incredibly uneven, with hairs unruly on his left side.
Peter Parker was the sole reason I could not focus.
"I'm embarrassed," His words were muffled as he buried his head into his arms.
We were sitting quite closely for only studying, but how could I fight the fire in the pit of my stomach and middle of my chest as it flared for only him.
Our knees brushed against one another and I wanted to run away while I tried to keep my nervous giggles to a minimum.
Overwhelmed was the least significant way to describe me at the moment. But I continued on, as one does.
"It's okay, Peter. I think you just need to set a good study plan. Specific times for each subject." I placed a hand on his shoulder without much thought to the action.
He tensed under my touch and I nearly fled the scene from embarrassment of my own. I snatched my hand away, looking away from him.
When he was silent for too long, I glanced back to see him gazing up at me. His face was flushed with a red tint that I so wanted to graze with my fingertips. But, of course, I only smiled at him bashfully.
Peter sat up easily then. "Will you help me?"
My mouth became dry. "Help you . . .?"
"With a study schedule. You're so smart for a reason. I'd be an idiot to ignore your advice."
I looked down at my lap to hide away my bewildered expression. A trickle of bravery helped me sputter out my response.
"You're smart, Peter. You used to have your hand up all the time in every class we had last year. You just need help organizing, but I would be more than happy to help you out."
His boyish smile made me practically putty in his fairly large hands.
"How can I repay you?"
"Don't!" I gasped, making him jump slightly from my outburst. I winced before relaxing my shoulders. "You don't have to, I mean. It's really no big deal."
He looked almost worried. "I want to, though."
I didn't say anything, too stressed over the way I could feel my face burn. I didn't trust my voice, either.
"How about the movies? I'll get us tickets to that new film that just came out."
"The horror film?"
"If you're interested!"
I kept my eyes on the floor, thinking of the way our feet almost touched interesting. But I knew I had to answer soon, so I only nodded.
“You sure? You don’t have to just say yes ‘cause you feel obligated.”
My eyes snapped over to him, noting the way he anxiously played with his fingers. His nails were short and the skin around them were either bitten or peeled. He must have been a worrisome person.
The smile forming on my lips seemed to have relax him. “I’d love to, Peter.”
That following weekend, we spent both days together back to back. We got up early both Saturday and Sunday to spend as much time together as we could. It didn’t take long for me to fall for him. How could I not when he looked at me in complete wonderment with those honey colored eyes?
Our first kiss was two weekends after our movie date. Although I never assumed our first gathering would be considered a date, Peter is still adamant to say it was.
We had taken a bus to Central Park, eager children entranced with one another than the scenery before us. He had made us a lunch in a picnic basket and everything, putting a thoughtful amount of care into it for me.
When we nervously stood underneath a weeping willow, our sneakers and limbs bumped into one another as we fumbled to stay upright. But somehow and quite suddenly, he leaned in to capture me in a kiss.
It was sweet and a bit clumsy, but we easily figured out the whole ordeal. With time and patience in between classes and study dates, we were almost professionals.
We spent the year hand in hand, enjoying Friday nights for our designated date night. Of course we were together every other day, too, but it was nice to have a special day for ourselves.
Despite being undeniably smitten, we made time for our friends whenever we could. I introduced him to my MJ and he introduced me to his best friend Ned. The four of us became a tight knit group and I knew to be thankful that I met Peter. He helped me branch out, always encouraging me to let go once in a while.
The group of us had also gotten closer after a certain incident that involved Peter getting bitten by a radioactive spider. He trusted us to keep our mouths shut and we trusted him to keep the city safe.
Although, I had to admit, it scared the hell out of me. The boy I was so enamored with was willfully sacrificing his safety. I was up late at night waiting for his calls that let me know he was home safely. I didn’t know how to cope, but he somehow reassured me he was being careful.
By the time summer came, I was so drunkenly in love with Peter Parker it was frightening at some times. I wanted to be around him every day and each night, but of course, that was not doable. So, we decided to take a small break as it was determined by my parents that I was to go to a summer camp.
We were to avoid texting or calling and it turned out to be a nice break. I spent a month of my summer enjoying the outdoors and catching up on my books. I made new friends once again who showed me what good music was. The time away from Queens was exactly what I needed. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was crazily anxious to go back home, fearful if i was to see him with another girl.
Thinking back on it now, I was a bit paranoid. I know Peter felt just the same for me when he surprised me at the steps of my apartment complex with a breathtaking bouquet.
Which led to the exact moment we were in now.
One of his hands were intertwined with my hair, pulling me into a kiss that had surely took my breath away. His other was snug against my waist. Every part he touched along my body felt like it was scorching hot, his perfect hands most definitely blistering my skin.
I had an arm thrown around his shoulders to keep him locked in this position. He fit perfectly against me, I was completely sure he was meant to be there. The other hand of mine was well rested against his chest. It grasped and tugged his maroon t-shirt as if I could possibly take it off like that just to be closer.
I forgot how well that color suited him.
Peter pulled back a bit, his lips grazing my own. He was trying to catch his breath as he smiled brilliantly at me. “I missed you. A lot.”
“I missed you, too. A lot,” I giggled. My fingers twirled a curl of his, moving his from his face. “You waited for me?”
“Of course I did. I want you just the same as before,” He paused before scrunching up his nose to nudge it against my own playfully. “Maybe a bit more now, actually.”
My eyes fluttered shut to soak in the feeling of him. “After all this time?”
I felt his lips against mine for a moment. “Always.”
When I opened my eyes to meet his, I felt my heart soar. “Will you come in? I can’t wait to show you the letters I wrote you. Afterwards, we can text the gang and go get ice cream or something.”
He grinned at that, but loosened his grip on me. “Actually, I was hoping you’d join me at my place. Aunt May is working the night shift and I thought it’d be nice to have our own space for the evening.”
I could feel my legs tremble from the idea. “Are you sure? Would Aunt May mind?”
“She actually doesn’t know. . .”
My eyes widened at that, ready to protest.
“But! But as long as we clean up after ourselves, what’s the harm? Don’t you wanna stay in after your long trip? We’ll get take out and binge watch a crap ton of movies. We can always meet up with Ned and MJ tomorrow night.”
I felt myself contemplating the idea. It wouldn’t be so bad spending a domestic evening with my boyfriend. I was pretty exhausted from the drive and I just wanted a nap if anything.
So, I nodded. “Okay, but as soon as it’s nine, you’re walking me home. I’d hate to overstep.”
That resulted in Peter letting out a small cheer, pulling me in to kiss my forehead. “C’mon! Chinese food and rom coms are calling our names!”
We raced to get to the restaurant, placing our orders quickly. When we got the bundle of food, we headed over to his place that was only a block away.
When we were walking, I admired the sunset and the skyline. I really did miss home and was adamant on not taking it for granted any longer. This city held some of the greatest things and places and people. It helped shape me into the person I am, molding me with all of its rich culture and history.
While I was busy being entranced, I felt a tug against my hip. Peter had me pressed into his side so I could lean my head into him.
“Were you being safe, Pete?” My voice was soft as I looked up at his taller frame.
He brushed back my hair from my face to gently caress me. “Of course. I had to make sure I was all in once piece for you when you’d eventually come back.”
I chuckled at that while he smiled. “Thank you, then. You took very good care of my person.”
He blushed. “I try.”
Despite the warm temperatures, I was too eager to soak up all that I had been missing from him.
That may have been one of the reasons we didn’t take to long searching for a film, because as soon as we sat down on his couch, our bodies were determined to try and fuse together.
He found his way above me, gently adoring every part of me as we kissed. His lips molded against mine fervently and I was pleased to notice how easily it came to him.
My hold on him was tight, clinging to him for any sense of security. I knew that no matter what was to happen in the next few moments, I’d be safe.
A part of me was surprised with myself. How did I let this get so far?
But when his mouth left wet and warm kisses along my neck which slowly moved down to my collarbone, I remembered why.
I kept my eyes shut as he worshipped me, craving for more urgently. Peter, although usually shy, was confident and cool. He seemed to know what to do and how to help me be more comfortable. He had even gotten me to look him in the eye as we undressed ourselves, determined to be as vulnerable as possible. I felt myself silently thank the universe for blessing me with this boy, allowing me to trust and love him with no hesitation.
The rest of our evening was filled with a certain kind of passion I had never been introduced to before. It was gentle and warm between us, this emotion so intoxicating. Although we were bare physically and mentally before the other, I had never felt so wanted or cared for. He made me feel things I hadn’t been sure I could feel. I was brought to a heaven on earth or some kind of Elysium.
During the midst of it, he even declared his love for me. I didn’t hesitate to do the same.
“You do?” he asked breathlessly.
I cried out, “I do, I do, I do.”
He captured me into another kiss afterwards.
When the moment ended, I could honestly say I felt my body feel lighter. My limbs seemed weightless as I shifted underneath the duvet, moving to allow Peter to lay comfortably next to me. We faced one another with flushed cheeks.
“I’m surprised we both fit in your bed,” I whispered.
It was a bit ridiculous to feel shy after what we had done, but I couldn’t help it. Especially when he looked at me like that.
He chuckled, his voice sounding a bit breathless as he spoke. “Me, too.”
His eyes darted to my lips and I smiled, as if inviting him in. When he kissed me again, it felt almost different than the million other ones. This one was careful.
“How do you feel?” He asked nervously, playing with my fingertips.
I brushed a strand of my hair behind my ear as I contemplated my answer. “A mixture of complete bliss and utter fascination.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Probably because my boyfriend told me he loved me during shockingly good sex. No offense. Is this your first time?”
Peter’s eyes widened at that whilst his face visibly changed to a deep red. “Of course. Is it yours?”
“Of course, Pete.”
He smiled his beautiful smile and I felt my heart thump tremendously against my chest. When his hand went to graze my arm, his fingers gently moving back and forth against my skin, his eyes stayed on mine.
He pursed his lips before speaking. “Can I say something completely insane?”
I only nodded.
“I think we’re destined for one another.”
It was my turn to ask, “Why do you say that?”
He swallowed visibly. His eyes shifted, too, but I could tell he was only being shy. “It just feels like my soul is complete when I’m with you. Doesn’t that just sound crazy?”
The room seemed almost brighter as I soaked in his words. My thumb traced his lower lip as I felt my world begin to turn on its axis. “Not at all.”
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Looking Too Closely (Bucky x Fem!Stark!Reader) -- part six
I feel like this is finally getting into the good stuff so my brain has been very !!!!!!! and decided to spit out this next chapter so fast xx
Summary: Coffee (not) date with Bucky!
Warnings: more mentions of homelessness, arguing/yelling, Tony being a general asshole, I think that’s all
Tumblr media
You weren’t expecting to feel so...out of place on the streets of New York until you stepped out of the Tower and suddenly, you’re there.
Last time you were here, you were homeless. These streets were your home and in a weird way, it still feels like it. 
“What’s with the hood?” You shove Bucky’s flesh arm to get his attention as the two of you walk down the street. 
He looks over at you, shrugging. “Feels more comfortable. I’m still not well-liked, you know.” Which explains the jacket and gloves, too.
“You’re not gonna get us arrested, are you?”
He smirks. “Are you?”
“Nah,” you shake your head. “I’ll be fine. As long as none of them have like...been looking for my face or…” You pause, looking at him. “Um. Actually-- Can I have your hat?”
“You have a hood! If we both need disguises then I need something, too.”
“It’s not really a disguise--”
“Just give me your hat so I don’t have to do something illegal.”
He’s already taking it off and replacing his hood before you’re done talking. “Here.”
“Thank you.” Placing the hat on your head, you pull it down a little to hopefully shadow your face enough to the point of blending in. “Where are we going?”
“Coffee,” he says tiredly. “Just an excuse to leave that isn’t therapy.”
“You go to therapy?”
“Every week,” he nods.
“Part of my pardon,” he says. “It’s definitely not by choice.”
“Do you like it, at least?”
He shrugs again, pausing at the crosswalk. You reach over and press the button.
“I don’t hate it,” he finally says. “Don’t love it, either.” After a pause, he says, “Why, are you thinking of going?”
“Me? No,” you almost laugh. “I was just...making conversation.”
He chuckles. “Got it.”
His flesh hand rests between your shoulder blades when the light changes. He keeps you close as the two of you cross over.
“Probably should duck on a sidestreet,” he says quietly.
Without hesitation, you slide down a random sidestreet. Only to you, it isn’t random at all. You used to walk down this street every day, hell, you remember sleeping back here one night. It wasn’t as comfortable as your other spots, though.
Bucky follows you, eyes narrowing at the way you walk. It’s obvious to him within seconds that you know exactly where you are.
You round a corner and nearly smack right into someone.
“Hey, watch-- Y/N?”
Your eyes widen. “Jade? Holy shit!”
“Holy shit is right!” They grin, hugging you tightly. “What are you doing out here? 12 is still looking everywhere for you.”
“Yeah, I know,” you mutter. “Oh, this is Bucky, by the way. Bucky, this is Jade, we used to live together for a while.”
“Before she up and left my ass,” Jade jokes, waving at Bucky. “Nice to meet you.”
“Yeah,” he nods. “Who is 12?”
“Police,” Jade answers, then nudges your arm. “Where’d you find this guy?”
“He’s um…” You pause. Tony Stark isn’t exactly a friend of the homeless community. In fact, everyone thinks he’s a bit of a jackass. “He’s just a friend.”
Jade looks between you and Bucky, smirks, then says, “Yeah. Just a friend, okay.”
“What are you doing out here?” You change the subject quickly. “I thought you’d be a few states over by now.”
“Nope, staying here,” Jade shrugs. “Gotta go, though. Got somewhere to be. Take care and try to stay out of trouble?”
“Yeah, sure,” you grin, letting them go before you have to make up any more lies.
Once Jade is out of earshot, Bucky looks at you blankly.
“Nothing,” he says. “Coffee?”
“Sure. Lead the way.”
It’s been years since you’ve had coffee, but whatever it is that Bucky orders you tastes good. He chose a table in the back, where you’re right next to the emergency exit and he can sit facing the front door.
“So,” Bucky starts. “I...I don’t even know what to ask. Um… How...are things?”
“Things?” You take a sip of the coffee, shrugging. “Good. Fine. Better than I was. Here’s a better topic: Tony wants me to pick a movie to watch tonight. Any ideas?”
“I… No, no. I don’t watch movies.”
“Okay, well,” you sigh. “I’ll ask Wanda.”
“Good idea,” Bucky nods. “Speaking of Tony, um… How is that?”
“Him being my dad?” You question, though you don’t need to. “It’s fine, I’m...really trying not to think about it too much.”
“You believe him?”
“Science doesn’t lie,” you say. “Not like my mom.” 
You’re not sure what it is, but you with Bucky. Like you can tell him anything, like nothing will make him think any less of you.
So, you continue. “My mom-- She didn’t-- She wasn’t around. She was always working, but I never knew what it was, so I just knew she wasn’t around, didn’t care, hated me, whatever.” You pause, shaking your head. “But...the one thing she did tell me, so much that my ears fuckin’ bled from it, was that Tony Stark is my dad.” You scoff. “Why does it even matter? All it meant was that instead of having just one parent who could care less about me, I had two.”
“Tony cares about you, though. He does.”
“I know that now,” you say. “I guess, I-- It’s weird to think about. Yeah, he’s technically my dad, but...I still barely know him. At least he’s giving me a place to stay. Dumpsters were getting uncomfortable,” you joke, but Bucky doesn’t really smile. “I’m fine,” you say.
“You shouldn’t have...been sleeping against dumpsters and--”
“It was either that, or...prison and I’m not-- I didn’t do what they think I did, I was just trying to--” You cut yourself off, sensing someone-- no, sensing Tony walking into the coffee shop. “What is Tony doing here?”
Tony, having heard you, freezes.
You turn around, finding exactly who you sensed. “I thought you had meetings all day?”
“And I thought I told you not to leave the Tower alone,” he quips, finishing his stride and sliding into the chair next to you. 
“I’m not alone,” you reply, gesturing to Bucky who waves awkwardly, his smile tired.
“This,” Tony points at Bucky, “is a neon sign saying arrest me, so, before that happens, we’re going back to the Tower. Right now.” He stands, gesturing to you. “Come on, up.”
You roll your eyes. “In a minute.”
“No, I said now.”
“And I said in a minute,” you reply. “Can I at least finish my coffee?”
“You can finish it on the way.”
“Oh my God, relax.”
“I’m very relaxed--”
“No, you’re being a dick--”
“Watch the language.”
“I’m not a kid, Tony!”
“Oh really? You’re acting a lot like one right now--”
“Says you,” Bucky scoffs.
“This does not involve you,” Tony says sharply. “And you are coming with me. Get up.”
“No,” you laugh. “You don’t get to order me around”
“Like what?”
“Like you’re my father!” You yell, standing from your seat, the table rocking in the process. 
It's at this moment that you notice the many cellphones raised, cameras trained on the scene you’ve just unfolded, the anger you’ve let loose. 
Tony stands before you, well aware of the cameras. “Let’s go,” he says quietly. “I’m not asking again.”
Half of you wants to disobey for the hell of it. You want to run out the emergency exit, shed these stupid clothes, go find Jade, and fuck off to wherever they want to go as long as it’s far from here.
But you don’t. You follow Tony out of the coffee shop, with Bucky close behind. Tony left his car idling on the curb and you get in the backseat, grumbling as you slam the door. 
Bucky decides to walk. You don’t blame him.
Tony slides into the driver’s seat, clearly pissed off, and because he doesn’t know when to stop, he says, “You know, when I gave you a phone, the idea was that you’d keep it with you. You know, in case I needed to text you or call you if you disappear.”
“Stop talking,” you say through gritted teeth. “Just stop.”
“Why were you even out with him?” Tony continues, looking at you through the rearview mirror. “Is there something going on that I don’t know about?”
You close your eyes, ignoring him, refusing to answer and fuel his ego.
Tony barely sees you when he pulls into the garage back at the Tower. You’re out of the car and stomping off to the elevator before he even shuts the engine off.
He lets you go. He should really apologize, but right now isn’t the time.
Instead, he takes the stairs to a different elevator. 
By the time Tony makes it to the conference room that he told Steve and Natasha to meet him in, Bucky is already there, too. Tony has no idea how, but Bucky is known for sneaking around. He was practically hardwired to do just that, which is why Tony doesn’t trust him.
That, and Bucky very obviously has feelings for you. Even if he doesn’t know it.
“Lay it on me,” Tony says, throwing his hands up. “Father of the Year award goes to me, of course. I’ll take a plaque, no need for a trophy, I don’t have the shelf space.”
Bucky rolls his eyes. 
“I told her not to leave without me,” Tony says, as more of an explanation for Steve and Nat, but all it does is give Bucky a headache.
“You can’t expect her to stay in here all the time, she’s just a kid,” Steve argues. “You saw how that worked with Wanda.”
“I didn’t lock her in here, she has access to the entire Tower!” Tony yells. “I just specifically told her not to leave with you.” He points to Bucky. “What are you doing, taking her to coffee? Giving her your hat?”
“Letting her get fresh air?” Bucky counters. “Is that another random crime around here?”
“It is when she’s my daughter,” Tony says lowly. “Stay away from her. I mean it, Barnes.”
“Sure, yeah, got it.”
“Next subject,” Steve interrupts. 
Natasha nods. “Y/N did good today. She’s definitely stronger than normal and I don’t think she realizes the full extent of what she can do.”
Tony nods, looking at Steve. “What do you think?”
“She’s impressive.”
“Good enough for me,” Tony says. “Nat, do the honors of training her, will you? Dr. Banner is getting in tomorrow and we’ll start looking at the data and try to figure out what’s…you know.”
“When are you gonna tell her?” Bucky speaks up. “About what she is?”
“Soon,” Tony says. “Eventually. When it’s right. And when I can think of how to say it.”
There is no right time. Everyone knows that. But Tony has convinced himself that there is, and that it’s not right now. Because he has no idea how he’s going to tell you. 
Steve knew what was happening to him. He consented, he was ready. Bucky didn’t, but Bucky was brainwashed, rewired. You...Tony has no idea what this means for you. How did it happen in a way that left you with no memory of it? Surely you’d remember the pain, the changes, but you’re oblivious.
Tony leaves the meeting first, no doubt headed to the lab to blow off steam and blast music before Pepper intervenes and gets him to see the light. She’s sitting in the rest of his meetings since he decided to leave and find you.
Natasha knows the look that Steve is giving Bucky, so she leaves them alone to have their talk.
Steve wastes no time, getting straight to the point once Natasha is down the hall. “You gave her your hat.”
Bucky shrugs. “She asked for it.”
“And you just...let her have it.”
“She needed a small disguise,” Bucky says. “They’re still looking for her.”
“C’mon, Buck. You and I both know a hat does nothing for a disguise. Not on its own.”
“Yeah,” Bucky sighs. “I know.”
There’s something deeper there, something Bucky can’t explain, something he hasn’t felt since before the war.
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Star Wars and Avengers Headcannons I wrote a year before this became a purely a Death Stranding blog. (oops)
Being With Tony Stark
Spending Halloween with the Avengers
Being in an Arranged Marriage with Admiral Hux.
Being with Kylo Ren
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A Witch And Android | Mother Figure! Wanda x Reader, Dad Figure! Vision x Reader
(Angst with a hint of fluff) Reader has pyrokinesis. Reader is about 16/17.
This is loosely based off of something that happened in my DR.
Steve said it would take an hour at the most to clear out a hydra base. He sent in Bucky, Wanda, and you to clear out and grab intel. He, Natasha, and Vision were backup if needed. The mission was routine and supposed to go off without a hitch.
As the quinjet landed, the recon team got out. “Get into position and wait for my signal.” Steve said over the comms. Wanda grabbed your hand and rubbed the back of it. “Follow protocol and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” She kissed your forehead. “I know, Wan. I’ll be fine.” You rush over to your position.
“Wanda, there are two guys to the left of your position.” Bucky says. “On it.” Wanda uses her magic and takes the men out. “Let’s move out.” Bucky motions us to a metal door. Bucky opens the door and starts to clear the facility. You and Wanda follow closely behind.
“(Y/N), clear the room on the left, and I’ll get the one on the right. Wanda, stand guard in the main room.” You follow Bucky’s orders. The room has a desk with a computer and filing cabinets. “Steve, I have files and a computer. Maybe asbestos because this room is pretty dusty.” Nat chuckles.
“Download the data and search the files.” You start to download the data. A loud bang is heard from the back of the facility. Alarms start ringing. “The files were a distraction. Get out of there!” Steve shouts.
The door to the room shuts and locks. “I’m stuck!” You say and grab the door. You try melting the metal, but it’s too thick. You start shouting for Wanda and Bucky. You can hear them trying to pry the door open. “Self-destruct in 1 minute.” A robotic voice says over the intercom. “You guys have to get out of here!” Wanda starts to sob. “I’m not leaving you. I can’t go without you!” You use all your force to melt the door. You faint from the amount of energy exerted.
You awake in a bed. You assume it’s the infirmary from the beeping noises. You hear Wanda’s voice, but you don’t have the energy to open your eyes. Her hand is clutching yours for dear life. “Please be okay. I can’t lose my fire. You’ve given me the chance to love and be loved unconditionally. You’ve given Viz and me the opportunity to be parents. You’ve completed our family in ways you don’t even know. We can’t go on without you”
You squeeze her hand. “I’m not going anywhere.” You rasp out as you open your eyes. You see a puffy eyed Wanda and very concerned Vision setting on the left side of the bed. Vision has one hand on her shoulder and another on the bed. You move your hand and pat the bed for Wanda and Vision to come sit next to you.
Wanda moves next to you, and Vision sits by your feet. “How am I alive?” You weakly say. “I ripped the door apart and pulled you out.” Vision puts his hand on your leg. “I couldn’t bear to think of a world without you.” You nod and lean into Wanda. “Thank you.” Vision shakes his head. “There is no need to thank me. You know I will always try my best to protect you and Wanda.” Wanda starts to play with your hair. “I think you made it easy for him. The door was almost melted when he got there.” You gave her a small laugh.
“Thank you, guys.” Vision sighs. “You don’t have to thank us.” You cut him off before he can start to ramble. “I’m not thanking you for this. However, saving my life is a big deal. I’m thanking you for taking me in and giving me a family.” You choke up a bit. “I’m thanking you two for being the best mom and dad anyone could ask for.” Vision and Wanda lean in to hug you. You start crying a bit, and Wanda wipes your tears with her thumb. “We’ll always try to be the best parents for our fire.”
Tony stands at the doorway. “You know kid, the best parents usually are a witch and android.” You roll your eyes at him but he’s right. The best parents for you are a witch and android.
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