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#tony stark x reader
underoosparkerr · 2 days ago
morgan: dad, can you check under my bed for monsters?
tony: of course sweetheart
*looks under the bed, sees loki*
tony: what the fuck?!
loki: boo!
tony: get out!
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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
Y/N: Three of the four elements are represented as types of hockey. Air hockey, ice hockey, and field hockey. Fire hockey needs to be a thing.
Bruce: Fire hockey absolutely does NOT need to be a thing.
Tony: Do you care NOTHING for the balance of the four elements!?
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randominagines · a day ago
Could you write one (including Bruce Stephen, Scott, Rhodey, T’Challa, and Clint) the avengers reacting if the reader was a Black Widow?
Thanks for the request!
Pairing: Avengers x fem reader
Warning: fluff, angst
Gifs belong to their creators.
Pt 2 here (Vision, Sam, Pietro, Peter, Bucky, Loki + Bonus: Bruce, Clint and Scott)
Tumblr media
Tony would be pretty surprised, but intrigued. "A Black Widow? I always knew there was something spicy in you, lady Y/l/n." He jokes while raising an eyebrow and you giggle, your hands caressing his chest. "You look quite pleased, Mr. Stark." You provoke him and he shugs. "Well, I already knew you were a badass, but this is the confirmation." He says before immediatelygetting serious. You frown. "What?" You ask and he caresses your cheek. "I just hate the idea of what they have done to you." He adds, suddenly overwhelmed by the awareness of how hart it was for you. You smile at him, your hand taking his. "I'm okay now, with you. I feel safe." You say and he kisses you.
Tumblr media
Steve would be shocked. "Darling, why didn't you tell me?" He asks while crossing his arms over his chest. You look at him and bite your lower lip. "I didn't know if I could trust." You admit. He softens and tenderly caresses your cheek. "I get it, I'm glad you trust me now and I'm sorry you had to suffer. Come here." He concludes and presses a kiss on your forhead, making you feel finally protected.
Tumblr media
Thor would be excited, since he knows nothingabout the horrors of the Red Room. "A Black Widow? Kinda like Natasha?" He asks while looking at you in amazement, you chuckle and noddle. "So you can fucking fight, babe!" He says and laughs, his hands grabbing his own shirt in excitement. He makes your life full of light and lightheadedness, so you decide to spare him the bad side of your training for now. You shake your hands and position your feet. "Want a taste?" You joke raising your fists and he tilts his head. "Of you? Always."
Tumblr media
Natasha understands the atrocities behind the cool fighting skills, so she would be sad. "I'm sorry you had to go through this too." She softly says while caressing your cheek, you nod and look at her. "I've killed many people." You whisper and she shakes her head. "I know you didn't want to. You're doing your best and trying to be more than just a trained killer, this makes you a good person, my love." She conforts you and you nod, watery eyes and lips pressed while she hugs you.
Tumblr media
Wanda would be sorry. "I can only imagine what you've been through. I was a victim of some experiments too and I vaguely remember the horrors. I'm sorry, baby." She says while brushing a lock of your hair behind your ear. You shrug, a nervous smile on your face. "It happened. I'm trying to do better now, even thanks to you. I'm glad to have you by my side." You whisper and she smiles while softly kissing you.
Tumblr media
Stephen knows what they do to the Black Widows, so he immediately caresses your cheek, his soft touch giving you goosebumps. "My Dear, I'm immensely sorry." He whispers while looking at you, his eyes watery. You softly smiles at him, your hands placing on his. "I'm okay now, I'm a grown woman. I obviously remember everything and even if when I was a child some things are still so vivid..." you hesitate, the pain of the training and the sterilization still in your mind. He hugs you, his arms wrapping you into the most comforting hug. "I'm here, I'm here."
Tumblr media
T'Challa would let you explain everything to him. He wants to know what you've been through to become who you are. He carefully listens before finally looking at you, his eyes filled with anger and sadness. "You didn't deserve this." He simply says and you shrug, your hands nervously playing with your own shirt. "I can't have children." You say, knowing how important is legacy in the black Panther culture. He shakes his head and walks to you, his hands cupping your face. "Don't even think for a moment that this will have any effect on the fact that I love you and you're the woman I want to spend my life with." He immediately reassures you and you smile, tears running down your cheeks while you hug him.
Tumblr media
Rhodey would be so angry. "I can't believe what they did to you." He whispers in pure rage while crossing his arms over his chest. You look at him and bite your lips. "I'm glad I'm here now, with you all, trying to be a better person." You confess and look at your own feet. He grabs your hands and caresses the back of them. "Hey, you're not what they wanted you to be, baby." He says and you nod, eyes filled with tears while he kisses your forhead.
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awesomerextyphoon · 2 days ago
The Fairest One - Part 1
Summary: So your stepmother killed your father, forced you to be a servant, and hired mercenaries to kill you and your best friends. Maybe it’ll work out for the best.
Pairing: Black Female Snow White!Reader, OFC, OFC, OFC x (Steve, Bucky, Sam Wilson, Thor, Tony, Pietro, Peter, Loki, and Joaquin Torres)
Rating: 18+ / Explicit
Word Count: 3K
Overall Warnings: a lot of Smut, Oral (f & m), Attempted Murder, Mild Depictions of Violence, Mentions of Child Abuse, Free Use Kink, Polyamory, Electric and Magical Stimulation, Light Angst, Light Bondage, Breeding Kink
A/N: This started as a fun idea from the Smut Hub Discord Server. This might be the sluttiest fic I’ve written to date. Dividers are by the amazing @firefly-graphics and was beta’d by @mrs-mischief-209​. 
Series Masterlist 
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Ow!! Fucking branch!” Estrella stormed as she picked herself off the forest floor.
“We tried to warn you, Ella,” Kusuma sighed noting Estrella failing to notice the branch for the third time now.
“It’s not my fault! My skirt is too long!”
“Then ditch the skirt! You’ve got pants!” Darinka reasoned as you helped Estrella off the floor.
“So how long are we goin’ keep running?” Estrella wondered.
“Until we’re sure Rumlow’s not on our ass,” you replied while checking for any indication that Rumlow and his men have followed you.
You couldn’t blame your friends for their weariness. You’ve been on the run for two days now. And despite the sinking weight of guilt in your belly, you knew this wasn’t your fault.
It was your stepmother’s.
Tumblr media
 It started two years after your mother died. Your father, the king, was worried that you didn’t have a maternal figure in your life (didn’t consider your friends’ mothers who treated you like one of their own), and that the kingdom needed a new alliance so he married the beautiful princess of Xarida, Konjit.
Konjit was indeed incredibly beautiful. Most of the court (especially the men) were enamored with her. She was kind to everyone she met and she showered you with love and attention.
All seemed well until one day, Baron Gwerder commented on how beautiful you were becoming...just like your mother.
Konjit squeezed your shoulder as she froze on the spot and her eyes darkened. It was the last day she was kind to you.
At first, you thought nothing of it. You just spent more time with your friends and their families.
She and your father were fighting and it was getting more and more public. The relationship between her and your father wasn’t that great, to begin with; it was a marriage of convenience though it never got that bad.
Your father seemed to relent and withdraw as your stepmother took a man named Alexander Pierce as a lover.
She became colder to you and your friends; sometimes slapping you in private saying you would never be good enough to be her daughter.
Pierce, her lover, started looking younger, more handsome while your father became aged and haggard in appearance. Everyone in court started talking of it, not caring if either you or your friends could hear.
Once your father coughed up blood during a council meeting, it was only a matter of time before he would die. You begged him not to leave you, but fate seemed especially cruel.
Your stepmother didn’t even have the decency to wait until the weekend to start fucking Pierce out in the open.
She wasted no time in removing your friends’ families from the board in terms of power and to make an example out of them.
You still remember the bodies and your friends’ screams. You still have nightmares about them.
Konjit immediately sent you and your friends to the servants’ quarters to ‘be of better use to the kingdom’.
That’s how things stayed for the next nine years and you tried to make the best of it.
Tumblr media
  “I can’t believe she tried to pull this stunt! There’s no way the public will take this lying down.” Darinka raged as she jumped over a fallen log.
“Then let us hope the rebels catch wind of it,” Kusuma encouraged noting the crowd commotion earlier.
While your stepmother had near-total control of the aristocracy, expanded the kingdom into an empire, and became rich beyond belief, she never had complete control of the public.
Especially when her reign was met with resistance.
It began with a few farmers' revolts near the edge of the empire and the Standek Republic. They grew in strength and numbers led by a group that goes by The Avengers.
It got to the point that she couldn’t just neglect you behind the castle walls. She actually had to prove that you were alive. So, she decided to throw a parade for your 24th birthday in an attempt to show the public that she really cared.
Really, bitch?! Too little, too late.
The four of you gave each other a look after she brought you to the throne room for her ‘fantastic news’. She even hired ‘bodyguards’ to make sure nothing horrible befalls you.
The leader introduced himself as Brock Rumlow. Yes, you remembered that name. They’ve been causing trouble for the female servants. Kusuma fought not to gag when some of the ‘bodyguards’ made cat caller ‘clicks’ at you.
That night, you and your friends hatched a plan of escape. You knew she was planning to have you killed during your ‘parade’, so you planned to lose them in the Reinstech Forest.
You asked Kusuma, Estrella, and Darinka if they really wanted to do this. They looked at each other, nodded, and affirmed that you’re their friend and they can’t leave you. Also, your stepmother would probably have them killed once you escaped.
You hated to admit it, but they were right.
The parade started as planned. You and your friends were fitted in dazzling dresses while the public cheered at finally seeing their princess again.
You gave Estrella the signal as soon as Reinstech Forest came into view. Somehow the crowd got restless and a fight broke out. Estrella used that instant to fire the smoke bombs, Kusuma and Darinka casted the nets and bolo restraints on your guards while you destroyed Rumlow’s tracker and sprinted into the forest along with your friends.
Tumblr media
  After three days of trekking, you stopped to catch your breath and did a supply check. Your group had enough food and water for five more days.
It took a few more hours before you reached a clearing. The bright light gave way to a large compound with five buildings, the residence dwelling being the largest.
Estrella knocked on the front door of the residence and it just opened.
“Anyone home?” Darinka wondered as the four of you made your way into the foyer.
The residence was...something.
The foyer was enormous but filthy; it looked like someone was at least ashamed of its state and tried to clean it. The kitchen was an absolute nightmare with the sight of mold in a few places.
Luckily, there were no rodents. To your knowledge.
The living rooms were in total disarray, the bedrooms were at best in a state of controlled chaos. None of you wanted to think about the bathrooms.
“Criminy! This place is a nightmare!” Estrella cringed.
“Was this place abandoned?” Darinka asked noting the cobwebs.
“No. None of the chairs or beds are covered in dust. Judging by the food, the inhabitants should be back soon.” You observed.
“Okay, if we’re going to convince the inhabitants of this place to let us stay, we need to clean up the place,” Kusuma reasoned, “Here’s the plan…”
You and Darinka tackled the foyer, dusting, and window washing while Kusuma and Estrella cleaned and polished the living rooms. All four of you decided to take on the kitchen together.
You needed a small support group for the bathrooms.
Fortunately, they had a vast assortment of ingredients to cook a feast. Hopefully, they won’t throw them out.
You found a sparse yet spacious room with a large bed to sleep in. All of you took turns guarding the door, but you soon fell asleep.
Tumblr media
  “Man, today was a pain!” Pietro complained as the team made their way back to the hideout.
They were wiped from taking out several of the Empress’s squads. They’ve been making excellent headway since Thor and Loki have been able to join. Also, not having the Maximoff twins as enemies was a nice bonus.
Sam got a tip from an anonymous source inside the capital that the princess would finally be seen outside the palace. It was reported that the empress was forced to prove that she hasn’t been killed. Some organizers planned on striking during the parade as a show of force against the empress.
They had planned to kidnap the princess and have her serve as a figurehead for The Resistance. Peter, Joaquin, and Pietro went to secure her Highness, but it didn’t go as planned.
First, the strike happened earlier than scheduled due to one of the younger strikers, a kid named Bradley, landing a blow to one of the nobles supportive of the Empress’s regime. Second, the strike turned into an all-out brawl. Then one of the young women in the procession activated several smoke bombs and all of the women fled the scene.
Damn it all to Hel!
They had the consolation of obliterating five of the Empress’s brigades though it was a drop in the bucket of her full force. The princess is the key to turning the tides.
Good thing no one was injured beyond a few scrapes.
“I hear the shower calling my name!” Joaquin beamed.
“Agreed. While today’s battle was exhilarating, we’re still not any closer to defeating her.” Thor noted.
“Well, we would’ve gotten some information out of that last captain if Barnes didn’t shoot him.” Loki groused.
“Lay off, Emo Mage! He was going to attack Tony, Steve, and Sam with a hell-fire blast. What exactly were you gonna do?” Peter countered.
“Why you impudent little-!”
“Enough Loki! Barnes, thank you for the save. Your skills are invaluable as always.” Steve maintained.
“Aww look! The little soldier needs to be reassured once again.” Loki mocked while Tony groaned.
“Can it Reindeer Games!”
“Will you cease with that name, Stark!”
“Ugh, here we go again-” Pietro started.
“The base feels different!” Peter interjected causing everyone to stop dead in their tracks.
“The fu-”
“Language, Cap.”
“Well Emo Mage, Shell Head, y’all have something to say?” Bucky questioned with a smirk.
“My wards only go after those who would wish to harm us.” Loki scoffed.
“The kid’s senses haven’t failed us this far.” Sam pointed out.
“Let’s be careful.” Steve cautioned.
“Alright! Move aside!” Thor bellowed as he opened the door, Mjolnir in hand.
“Better not be like last time, Loki. Otherwise, you’ll owe Barton another 40.” Bucky warned while trying not to laugh.
“Quiet Frost Slayer before I…” Loki sibilated before gazing upon the once slovenly foyer.
“Holy shi-”
“Not now, Spiderling.” Thor admonished, “Something’s not right.”
“I know. That’s why I said so in the first place.”
“Parker, now is not the time to-” Steve started gazing around the foyer. It had never been cleaner even after his attempts to clean it. He could actually see his reflection looking up at him.
“What are those mouthwatering smells?” Thor praised as the other members practically drooled at the beautiful symphony of aromas coming from the dining room wave after wave.
The men nearly sprinted to the dining room to find a marvelous feast of Thick Beef Stew, Honey Tenderized Boeuf Bourguignon, 6 types of pasta, Creamy Mash Potatoes with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce, 2 Beef Wellingtons, 3 types of Quiches, Crispy Honey Orange Salmon, Chicken au Champagne, Tomato Basil and Mushroom Risottos, Cheddar Broccoli Soup, Honey Garlic Shrimp Skillet, and a whole host of other items.
“We can’t just eat this! It could be poisoned.” Steve chided much to the chagrin of everyone else.
“Really, Stevie?”
“This is the best food we’ve seen in ages!”
“Look, we have to find who made the food.” Steve reasoned.
“Well, judging by the food magic, they’re still nearby.” Loki surmised.
“Good. We’ll need to search the compound. Thor, Tony, Bucky, Pietro, and Peter: check the surrounding area. The rest of us will search the compound’s interior.”
Tumblr media
  The group was about to give up after about an hour of searching and coming up empty when Joaquin shouted, “Hey guys, over here!”
“What is it?”
“Are they hot?” Pietro inquired to the slight disappointment of the group.
“Really, Speedfeet?” Tony deadpanned.
“Pipe down! They’ll hear us.”
“Okay, Torres. Who’s the ‘they’”? Sam asked while peering through the spare room’s door.
“You’ll never guess. Come and see.” Joaquin whispered as he open the door and revealed...four of the most beautiful women they’ve ever seen. All of whom looked familiar.
“Well, what d’ya know,” Tony smirked.
“Seriously?” Loki groaned pinching the bridge of his nose.
“How in the-?” Sam started
“Okay, okay. Let’s get out of here first and then we talk about what to do with them.” Steve suggested.
“So, what do we do now?” Joaquin queried.
“I don’t like this. It could be a trap.” Pietro grumbled remembering Wanda’s best friend, Radoslava.
“That may be. I wouldn’t put it past the Usurper.” Thor mused.
“Let’s let them sleep. When they wake, we can interrogate them.” Steve put forward.
“Hey, Loki, could you use calming and truth spells during the questioning?” Sam asked.
“’ Tis a small matter.” Loki waved dismissing the matter as an infinitesimal task
“Um, so now that we have a plan for the women, what do we do about the food?” Peter wondered as everyone’s stomach started growling with a vengeance.
“Well,” Steve gulped,” since neither Loki nor Tony sensed anything amiss with the food. So maybe we can- Wait! Stop! You’ll wake them up!”
Tumblr media
  Dinner was...entertaining.
“Guys stop fighting! There’s enough food for everyone!” Steve shouted while saving several plates.
“I would if Thor would stop hogging all the beef!”
“Then trade me some of the chicken and salmon, Samuel!”
“C’mon Tony! Put the armor away! You can shoot Bucky with a repulsor ray over a Dinner Roll!”
“Have some class, Cap! It’s a Buttery Honey Brioche Roll. Do you know how hard it is to make them this well?!”
“Peter! Get that quiche off the ceiling! You can’t eat them all!”
“You sure about that, Torres?”
“Pietro! Stop swiping the pasta!”
“I need carbs, Пиздец!”
“Ugh! Loki, could you help, please?!”
“Not a chance, soldier!”
“I should've asked for Strange to join instead,” Steve grumbled under his breath.
“What was that, mortal?”
“Fuck it. Give me a plate of that Braised Lamb and Mash Potatoes!” Steve barked giving up any notion of having an orderly meal.
The food was gobbled up in record time. Everyone hoped that the women weren’t spies for the empress. That was the best meal they’ve ever had!
Tumblr media
  “Ugh. Where are we?” Kusuma yawned. She was always the first to wake up in the morning. Everything seemed to be in order until she noticed the door being open wider than last night.
“Girls, wake up!” She hissed while gently shaking them awake.
“Okay, okay, we’re awake!” Estrella lethargically groused, “So what happened last night?”
“I don’t know, but I sense other lifeforms, nine of them.” you fretted noting the lifeforms being dispersed throughout the compound.
“They didn’t do anything, but we can’t let our guard down,” Darinka warned while checking her clothes and surroundings.
“I wonder if they enjoyed our offering?”
“That’s your first priority?!”
“Don’t look at me like that, ‘Suma! I put a lot of effort into that meal!”
“Well, we won’t know unless we leave this room. Let’s head out.” You suggested as you and your friends got dressed and headed towards the foyer.
Tumblr media
  You and your friends made your way to the foyer to see if any of the compound’s inhabitants were there when Estrella spotted someone in one of the living rooms.
“Oh, Hello! Who’s the cutie?”
The figure laying on the couch could best be described as boyishly handsome. He was tall (5’11½”/1.82m) with Slate Black hair, Scorched Brown eyes, Sahara Gravel skin with Pink Sand and Orange Maple undertones. His body was of a lean build with evidence of a few battle scars on his hands and forearms and he was dressed in a customized ranger’s outfit.
“Not again.” Kusuma sighed at Estrella’s antics not wanting a repeat of the driving intern incident.
“Um, hello there.” you waved as the man walked towards you.
“Good Morning!” the man welcomed in a surprisingly deep voice.
“Fuck, even his voice is sexy!” Estrella gushed under her breath.
“My name is Joaquin, Joaquin Torres.”
“Ooh! My name is Es-” Estrella tried introducing herself before Darinka cut her off with her hand.
“We are but humble travelers. On behalf of all of us, I apologize for the intrusion. We were exhausted from our journey. Please accept the food we made as a token of our appreciation.” You explained hoping Torres wouldn’t need any further explanation.
“Just so you know, the guys and I agree that dinner was the best meal we’ve ever had!” Joaquin complimented
“Well, that answers my question.”
“Fuck, she’s flustered now,” Kusuma swore while Darinka nodded in annoyance.
“Where did you say you were going again?”
“I’m sorry, Joaquin, but that’s our business.” You insisted.
“Fine, fine, fine. Well, at least let me get the rest of the guys here to thank you all before you leave.”
Tumblr media
  “So we can either stay and see what the rest of the ‘guys’ are like, or we can make a run for it.” You offered to your friends.
“I have a few smoke bombs left and I brought a taser!”
“Damn it, Darinka!”
“You’re just mad because you didn’t think to do the same, Kusuma!”
“I say we stay and hear them out. They didn’t do anything to us in our sleep.” Estrella pointed out.
“That may be true, Estrella. But we don’t know if they’ll just turn us into the empress.” Kusuma countered.
“I doubt that, Kusuma. If that’s true, then why didn’t they do it while we were sleeping? They had all night.” you reasoned.
“But maybe they want to make sure you’re the-”
A sharp cough shattered Kusuma’s train of thought and caused the four of you to turn around.
“Shit!” Darinka blurted.
Standing before you were the famed leaders of the Resistance, The Avengers. The Captain, The Knight, The Spiderling, The Thunder, The Trickster, The Silver Speedster, The Peregrin, The Angel, and The Winter Soldier.
There were others, but they seem to not be here.
“Hel...Hello.” Kusuma faltered. It was all she could muster in the face of the sheer magnitude of their situation.
“Good morning, ladies.” Steve, the Captain, greeted, ”I see you’ve made yourself at home, princess.” your eyes widened in shock, “We need to talk.”
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ashdreams2023 · 19 hours ago
Devil’s nightmare
Summary: the avengers are assigned to watch over a prisoner….you
Pairings: Avengers x Reader { mainly Loki and Bucky }
genre: comfort, found family, hurt to comfort, trauma recovery, romance
Warnings: blood, mention of abuse, some 18+ content but not completely smut
P: 1, P: 2, P: 3, P: 4, P: 5, P: 6, P: 7, P: 8, P: 9, P: 10, P: 11, P: 12, P: 13, P: 14, P: 15, P: 16, P: 17, P: 18, P: 19, P: 20, P: 21, P: 22, P: 23, P: 24, P: 25, P: 26, P: 27, P: 28, P: 29, P: 30, P: 31, P: 32, P: 33, P: 34, P: 35, P: 36, P: 37, P: 38, P: 39, P: 40, P: 41, P: 42, P: 43, P: 44, P: 45, P: 46, P: 47, P: 48, P: 49, P: 50
Children ran around the village, laughing and playing with each other.
Their life was easy, they had no responsibilities and only had to follow one strict rule.
Act like you don’t exist.
You licked your dry lips, following their bodies moving all around.
The chain on your throat felt a little tighter than usual for some reason that day.
“It’s spoiled now!”
“Then throw it to the animals” the mother told her son.
He was older than you.
He looked annoyed carrying the hot pot over to the pigs.
Or at least you thought it was for the pigs.
Instead of dropping it to them he stop in front of you with a disgusted look on his face.
“You’re the real pig” he said.
He flipped the pot and let the food spill on to dirty grown in front of your bare feet.
“Eat it.” he said
You cried as he pushed your face to the ground forcing you to consume some of it.
You struggled to breath but no matter how many times you screamed nobody even bothered to look your way.
You were all alone…
“Hey…wake up…HEY!” You inhaled sharply as Clint shook you up awake.
“Hey, hey…are you ok?” You blinked at him before realizing your face was wet.
You were crying.
Clint didn’t buy that shit.
“Look that might work on everyone else but I don’t like riddles young lady”
“I’m older than you…” you said
Clint rolled his eyes.
“And you look as old as nat so that makes me older than you!”
You stared at him silently for a few seconds before giving in.
“It’s just a nightmare….from the past” Clint nodded.
“You know, when my kids have nightmares I usually sneak out with them to have ice cream”
Ice cream?
By the look on your face he can tell you’ve got no idea what means
“Ok, let’s make a pinky promise” he grabbed your pinky with his own.
You looked even more confused.
“This is a pinky promise ok, we have to do this promise no matter what ok?”
You nodded slowly.
“Let’s make a promise that, when you get better and we can get out of here, we will go and buy some ice cream together. Do you promise?”
Out of here…yes.
“I…pinky promise?”
“That’s the spirit!, now seriously come eat they’ve been fighting over the stove for hours and I’m starving, and don’t look at me like that you’re not some wild animal”
Hard to believe but whatever suits you archer.
For the first time in…ever you were served colorful food.
Like actually something that looks like it has flavor in it.
“Dig in, me and these two troublemakers worked hard on it” Natasha pointed at herself then Loki and Bucky.
“True, even though I’m still suspicious about those plants he used” said bucky
Loki huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.
“For your information I spent a fair amount of time in our kitchens when I was younger” Thor snorted after that making Loki glare at him.
“As punishments brother”
“I like to learn from my surroundings”
You licked your lips looking at your plate.
It was just mashed potatoes with grilled steak and salad on the side.
It looked way better than the boiled things you were used to consuming.
“All of you stop, I would’ve gotten us burgers but all of you insisted on something homemade and I-” tony stopped talking when he saw you covering your face with your hands.
Bruce, who was sitting next to you notice the tears sliding down your cheeks.
“If you don’t like it we can always go with-”
“No!” You stopped him “I’m just…I don’t deserve this”
Loki sighed, he lifted his knife and fork towards his plate being the first one to dig in.
“Food should not be earned, food is something you need, either being a god, a vampire or even…a witch. We all need to eat and it’s not wrong for you to enjoy the taste of what you’re having.”
Sniffed a few, with soft rub on your back you removed your hands.
Bruce gave you a kind smile before removing his hand away.
“Thank you…” you said
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thatonebrazilian · 2 days ago
Tony: Humility is key.
Y/N: You have literally been known to yell “I am god”.
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specialagentlokitty · 2 days ago
Tony Stark x reader - Snowy love
Tumblr media
Hey I was wondering if you could do a Tony Stark x reader please. Where it’s Christmas Eve and they’re spending the night up on the roof of the tower, in front of a little fire, watching the snowfall, drinking hot coco, listening and dancing to Christmas music and maybe it’s the first time they say that they love each other - @duckysmith3000 💜
Tony has spent a while to find you, but when he checked all your favourite spots and you weren’t there he knew there was only one place you would be.
Padding up to the roof, Tony stood by the door and smiled to himself.
You were sat up there, wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket, a flask with hot chocolate in it and a small fire in front of you.
“Making yourself comfy?” He teased lightly.
You turned to face Tony and smiled softly at him, watching as he walked closer.
Tony knelt beside you and you opened the the blanket, Tony grinned and cuddled up next to you.
“I wanted to watch it snow.”
Tony’s smile fell a little but he didn’t let you see. Instead he placed his head over yours and looked at the star painted sky.
“May take a while to snow darling.”
Ton had checked the weather, and t wasn’t supposed to snows until the following week. But he couldn’t break your heart, knowing how much you loved the snow he couldn’t actually tell you the truth.
“That’s okay, I’ll wait.”
“Then I’ll wait with you.”
You tilted your head and kissed his cheek before going back to looking at the fire.
Tony kissed your head and pulled his phone out, and he put some soft Christmas music on.
You guys sat there quietly cuddled up together, watching the fire as music filled the air.
Suddenly you got up, making Tony moved to look up at you.
“What you doing sweetheart?”
You turned to him with a huge grin on your face.
“Can we dance?”
Tony stood, brushing the dust from his trousers he held out his hand and flashed your a smirk.
“May I have his dance?”
You stepped forward with a little laugh and placed your hand on his, letting him pull you against his chest.
“Of course you may.”
You and Tony slow danced to the music, signing some songs under your breathes while other you yelled out to the sky.
You guys had been at it for a while, and the fire had died out. While you were dancing you didn’t notice it had begun to snow until you stopped moving.
Looking up, you wore a huge smile on your face.
“It’s snowing...” you whispered.
Tony placed his hand on your cheek and directed your face towards him. Leaning down, he softly connected his lips to yours in a quick but loving kiss before pulling away.
“You’re so cute (Y/N), I love you.”
You froze.
He said it so confidently, so surely as if he’d known it his whole life.
Slowly you smiled and pulled him closer.
“I love you too.”
Pulling Tony in, you kissed him, slipping your arms around his neck as you smiled brightly. This was you favourite kids and was going to be your favourite memory
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abraodwaystateofmind · 15 hours ago
25 Days of Christmas
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tree Farm [Tony S. x Reader]
Decorating [Thor O. x Reader]
Family Photos [Peter P. x Reader]
Shopping Spree [Sam W. x Reader]
Lights & Music [Loki L. x Reader]
Tree Lighting [Natasha x Platonic!Reader]
How The Grinch Stole Christmas [Bruce B. x Reader]
Caroling [Wanda x Platonic!Reader]
My Little Elf on the Shelf [Scott L. x Reader]
Gingerbread Houses [Scott L. x Reader]
Cuddles and Warm Blankets [Loki L. x Reader]
A Hot Chocolate Kind of Night [Bucky B. x Reader]
Movie Night [Vision x Reader]
Holiday Dinner [Bucky B. x Reader]
Holiday Markets [Clint B. x Reader]
Ugly Sweater Contest [Steve R. x Reader]
Baking Contest [Loki L. x Reader]
Wrapping [Tony S. x Reader]
Volunteer Work [Avengers x Reader]
Christmas with the Avengers [Thor O. x Reader]
New York City Ballet [Sam W. x Reader]
Home Alone [Loki L. x Reader]
The Stockings [Peter P. x Reader]
Christmas Eve [Clint B. x Reader]
Christmas Day [Avengers x Reader]
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strawwritesfic · a day ago
Tony Stark x Reader: Chestnuts
Summary: Toss out the old and prepare for the new.
Rating/Warnings/Tags: T (innuendo; references to sex; Avengers Tower; past!Tony/Pepper)
Challenge:  “25 days of Christmas” Challenge by Sweet-n-Chaotic on Lunaescence Archives.
Tag List: @imaginesfire​​
Night fell long before you grew desperate enough to walk out onto the Avengers Tower’s roof. The cold air seemed to seal against your skin, raising goosebumps as you walked out to the very end of the floor. An endless stream of headlights moved far below. Above your head only darkness hung. So much light pollution surrounded your lookout post that you could not see so much as a single star—nor any sign of an approaching quinjet.
Your numb fingers struggled to pull your phone out of your pocket. And to what end? No new text messages or missed calls. You were just as alone as you had been since about twenty minutes into your date that evening. Sighing, you pushed away from the railing that lined the roof, then turned to walk back into the building, where you would find warmth immediately and your car in the garage several stories down.
“FRIDAY?” you called as you approached the door.
“Yes, ma’am?” asked the AI.
“Tell Tony…”
You pulled your fingers through your hair, trying to think of how to explain your absence in a way he would understand. When the two of you decided to be exclusive, you’d already known that duty would often interrupt your dates. Stopping him from being Iron Man was the last thing you wanted to do. Still, you couldn’t help but feel more than a little lonely with everyone gone from the tower. None of this was something you could expect FRIDAY to get across, however, so in the end you simply said:
“Tell Tony thanks for the evening for me, would you?”
“How about you tell me yourself?”
You spun on the spot just in time to see a man in red and gold armor land where you had recently stood. The helmet retracted at once to reveal the handsome face of your boyfriend.
“How did you—” you began.
Tony grinned. “I flew ahead of the rest of them. You know how Rogers can get at the end of a mission. All that talk, talk, talk about freedom and apple pie. I told him I had a previous engagement that’s a hell of a lot prettier than he is. Bruce’ll let me know if anything important comes up.”
“I highly doubt that’s what Steve was talking about when you bailed on him.”
“Well, it’s my word against his now, and are you really going to call me out like this when I flew all the way back here on my own just to see you?”
With a laugh, you ran over to him, slipped your hands into his mussed hair, and pulled him down for a kiss. Tony responded enthusiastically. His fingers went right around your waist, though he couldn’t hold too tight without leaving bruises with his armor. That was not an experience you cared to repeat.
“So everything is okay?” you asked, after you’d finally pulled away.
“Everything is fine. Crisis averted. Fury’s on cleanup duty, so I’m free to do…whatever it was you wanted to do earlier in an attempt to start some bizarre Christmas tradition for the two of us.”
“Roasting chestnuts isn’t weird. It’s part of a song. You know, ‘chestnuts roasting over an open fire,’?”
“Uh-huh.” Tony took your hand to lead you inside. “An open flame definitely sounds up to code here. What are we supposed to do once we’ve roasted them anyway?”
“I…I don’t know. Eat them?”
“You expect me to come home before the ceremonial shawarma so I can eat hot nuts?” he asked incredulously.
“Don’t say it.”
Despite his tone, he looked amused at your near-innuendo. He stepped onto a waiting pad to have the rest of his suit peeled off before you could think of anything else to say to convince him. He was wearing the same outfit he’d greeted you at the front door with that afternoon in less than a blink of an eye.
“You really want to start a new Christmas tradition for the two of us?” he asked.
“Of course!”
“I’ve already got one in mind, and this one’s a lot less likely to get the co-op board on my tail. It’s called ‘Hallmark Movies and Chill.’ You, me, one huge television, a blanket, and a bucket of popcorn. I think you’ll be a big fan.”
His use of the word “chill” did not escape you. All the same, you felt that was a low price to pay. You hadn’t thought the chestnut thing through. What you had wanted was just something that would make the holidays yours and Tony’s together. He had so many things that reminded him of his time with Pepper that you wanted just one thing to be yours. Apparently, he’d been thinking along the same lines, too.
“Won’t hurt to give it a try,” you said. “But promise we’ll try the chestnuts next year if this doesn’t work out?”
“I’ll do no such thing. There will be only one person eating hot nuts in this tower, and it’s not me. It’s Steve. Because they probably ate weird stuff like roasted chestnuts in his day.”
You laughed. “Okay, okay. When do we start?”
“Right now. Unless you’re still planning to ditch me after one tiny little transdimensional invasion interrupted our date?”
You wouldn’t dream of it. Not anymore, at any rate. Grinning wickedly at your wordless acceptance of his offer, Tony snatched you off the floor and into his arms. The two of you tumbled together onto his bed minutes later. Okay, so maybe there was more chill than Hallmark Movies for the first bit, but the time with Tony was one-hundred percent yours. That was better than chestnuts roasted over an open fire any day.
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viva-asgardia · 17 hours ago
Christmas Drabble requests Ooh 🎄 how about decorating a Christmas tree with Tony. It's something he's never done before – his family always paid someone to do it, and he never really decorated in his adulthood because he was out being Tony Stark. This year he's settled in with a character (reader or OC, writers choice) and they introduce Tony to the tradition.
Yesss! Ok, here we go, hope you like it! I apologise for any spelling/grammar errors!
“Tone!” Your voice was urgent. You paced back and forth in your bedroom, clutching the small box in your hand. You’d been with Stark for what, a little over a year now? It was time. You needed to show him how much he meant to you.
“Baby? What’s up?” Tony walked into the room, sipping a non-alcoholic mulled punch. “I thought we were gonna watch a movie.”
You hid the box behind your back, but you weren’t fast enough.
“What’s that, is it a present?” He smirked as he moved closer. He stroked his glass, looking at you from underneath long, dark lashes. “Is it a new toy, baby?”
You snorted. “You wish, Fauntleroy.”
He grinned and nodded happily, always ready for action. His voice became husky. “Uh-huh, I do.”
“I have to ask you something, Tone. Something important.”
His smirk vanished, transforming into concern. He stroked your cheek softly, his dark eyes searching yours for signs of distress. “What is it, are you in trouble? Do you need the Suit?”
You shook your head. “No, nothing like that sweetie, just- sit down, please?”
The Avenger sat on your favourite scalloped cocktail chair, his brows furrowed. He rubbed his chin, his gaze not leaving you. You stood in front of him, before lowering yourself to one knee. Tony’s eyes widened in surprise.
“Sweetheart, what are ya doing?”
You gave him the box, which he opened cautiously. “Anthony Edward Stark, will you do me the honour of decorating the tree with me?”
Tony looked in the box. There was a single glittery glass bauble in cherry red. A small note said ‘c’mon Stark, it’s Christmas.’ He chuckled before putting your box on the vanity carefully. He gathered you in strong arms made soft by a marled cashmere jumper that you bought him last month.
“You’re a real idiot, you know that? Yeah, alright, I’ll help you. What do I need to do?”
You gave him instructions, this was a delicate procedure and a treasured ritual. First, the Christmas playlist had to be turned on. It was important to set the mood. You laughed as he spun you around to Motown. You’d even added some festive classic rock for him to enjoy. He kissed your smiling face, taking pleasure in your delight.
“What next, kid?” Second, hot cocoa and cookies to keep spirits up. This could be a tough process, you’d lost troops before.
“Really, baby?” He sounded unconvinced as you pulled out boxes from the hallway closet.
“You haven’t untangled lights before, Tony. It’s a nightmare.”
He sighed as you munched on a soft chocolate cookie. “Okay, Santa, what else?”
You pushed up your sleeves. “Most important step- enjoy yourself! I want that ass shaking and a smile on your face! I know you haven’t done this before, so I’m glad you trust me enough to lose your Christmas decorating virginity with me.”
You handed him a candy cane with a rakish grin. “I promise I’ll go real slow, I want you to enjoy yourself too.”
Tony groaned as he sat on the sofa, untangling the lights. He snatched the candy cane from your hand and pointed it at you accusingly. “I’m trying to have a wholesome night here, and you’re dragging it into the gutter, you hellion.”
You kissed his greying temple as you took another strand of lights. How did they always manage to get this fucked every year? Did you need to pray to the decoration gods? “Sorry, baby, I’ll save my sweet talk for later.”
“Thank you, don’t make me call your mother and tell her that her child’s being mean to me. You know she’ll take my side.” He looked at you smugly.
“You bastard, you wouldn’t.” He would. And your mother would definitely take his side. His grin widened.
You both managed to straighten the lights, which thankfully still worked. You showed him how to drape them around the tree branches so that they were evenly spaced. You danced to the playlist as you took a cocoa break, before opening another large plastic tub.
“Behold! Years of accumulated Christmas cheer!” Tony gave a low whistle.
“Impressive, kid.”
You gave him the cheap baubles you bought as a poor grad student, which started your Christmas collection. As you started putting ornaments on the tree, you explained their importance to you. The worn wooden figurines that you loved as a kid, gifted to you by your parents. Decorations you bought to celebrate your first place on your own and things you bought on holiday. The messily drawn ornaments lovingly made by friends’ kids. They all were dear to you. Christmas was always bittersweet, but there was comfort in these collected memories.
Tony smiled as you spoke, his eyes soft. He placed a sparkly gnome towards the top of the tree. “You’re winning me over. I wish I could’ve had a normal Christmas as a kid. Just one nice memory with my parents.”
“Oh, Tone. I know. But hopefully this can be the start of some nice memories together.”
“I’d like that, kid.” He kissed your forehead, before reaching behind you for candy cane. The boxes slowly lost their contents as all the decorations were placed around the wide evergreen.
“Wait, almost forgot, don’t add the tinsel yet!”You ran into the bedroom and picked up the bauble, running back out. “This is my gift to you, sweetie. I’ll get you a new ornament every year to celebrate how happy you make me.”
He pulled you close as he placed the last ornament front and centre. You threw on tinsel, showing him how to pull the strands down carefully for added sparkle.
“This is the last bit, the tree topper.” You passed him the top, a vintage gold star with extended rays. That originally belonged to your grandparents. He carefully placed it on the tree top, showing a strip of his stomach as he stretched.
“Now, the best part, Fauntleroy. We get to see what a great job we did.” You plugged in the tree lights and turned off the overhead light. The tree bathed everything in a soft, warm glow, the colours twinkling underneath the tinsel.
“This is beautiful, baby.” He couldn’t turn away. You placed your arm around his waist, quiet as the music played. He looked at you, his tanned face aglow. “I had a lot of fun doing this with you. Thank you. It- it means a lot.”
“Thanks for giving me another happy memory, Tone. Love you.” You embraced him, burying your head in the softness of his jumper. He wrapped you tightly in his arms.
“Love you too, baby. Can’t wait to do this again next year.”
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bisexual-chupacabra · 5 months ago
Tony: a dragon sneezed.
Nat: I tried to light a cigar with a flame thrower.
Y/N: Dropped my latest mix tape.
Steve: Peter, please tell me what happened.
Peter: Um.
[flashback to Tony and Nat arguing with Y/N that it was impossible to light a fire extinguisher on fire]
Peter: I don’t remember.
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vancityfire13 · a month ago
Wanda: Be careful around Natasha, she can convince you of anything.
Peter: I heard her super talent is manipulation.
Tony: Like a real Black Widow, she reels you in before she strikes.
Y/N: She’s so nice, I like her a lot.
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awesomerextyphoon · 2 days ago
The Fairest One
Tumblr media
Summary: So your stepmother killed your father, forced you to be a servant, and hired mercenaries to kill you and your best friends.  Maybe it’ll work out for the best.
Pairing: Black Female Snow White!Reader, OFC, OFC, x (Steve, Bucky, Sam Wilson, Thor, Tony, Pietro, Peter, Loki, and Joaquin Torres)
Rating: 18+ / Explicit
Overall Warnings: a lot of Smut, Oral (f & m), Attempted Murder, Mild Depictions of Violence, Mentions of Child Abuse, Free Use Kink, Polyamory, Electric and Magical Stimulation, Light Angst, Light Bondage, Breeding Kink
A/N: This started as a fun idea from the Smut Hub Discord Server. This might be the sluttiest fic I’ve written to date. Dividers are by the amazing @firefly-graphics​
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Part 1
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youlightmeupfinn · 2 months ago
Things The Avengers Are NOT Allowed To Do - part one
a/n: hey guys!! my best friend (@hazydespair / @pitifulbaby and I have teamed up together to bring you Things The Avengers Are Not Allowed To Do. We write these for our own entertainment and hope that you find some hilarity in them, too. Please follow Hazy’s account, as the second part will be published on her Tumblr! Thanks everyone! Enjoy!
• • • •
The Avengers Initiative states,
Upon becoming an Avenger, each party shall read over these guidelines and sign their name, stating that they hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the DO NOT's of being an Avenger. Shall a party break any of these rules, punishment is certain.
1. Bucky and Sam are not allowed to bully Peter while on missions, any other time is free game
2. No calling Bruce Shrek
3. No calling Loki Elsa
4. Scott and Phil are not allowed to sit and gush over Steve Rogers
5. Tony isn’t allowed to draw fake mustaches on Fury's photos
6. You can’t send T’Challa cat toys
7. Don’t ask Fury how many fingers you are putting up
8. Thor isn’t allowed to put his hammer in front of anyone's door
9. No cosplaying each other
10. Thor isn’t allowed to put his hammer in the elevator
11. No using Steves shield as a turtle shell
12. No putting Bucky and Sam in the get along shirt
13. Don’t ask Bucky for a hand
14. Helping Steve cross the road is not helping the elderly
15. Don’t ask Thor how high he can count
16. Don’t steal Peter’s lunch money
17. Don’t let Bucky use Steve's shield as a sled
18. Bucky and Bruce aren’t allowed to listen to heavy metal
19. No telling Thor that Jane dumped him, it makes him ‘salty’
20. Please don’t show up at Peter Parker's place of work or school
21. Don’t call Natasha momma spider and Peter baby spider
22. No more calling Tony, Tony Stank
23. Scott isn’t allowed to have insect fights with Peter
24. No asking Vision how his vision is
25. Stop asking Nick what is in his wallet
26. Don’t put a metal detector against Bucky's arm
27. Sam and Clint aren’t allowed to make bird noises at each other
28. Please stop putting googly eyes on pictures of Nick Fury
29. Please don’t take Thor to Halloween horror nights
30. Tony isn’t allowed to move the furniture slightly to the left so Pietro will run into it
LINK TO PART TWO -> Things The Avengers Are NOT Allowed To Do pt. 2
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idkseraphine · 2 months ago
Peter, in a high voice, holding barbie: hey ken! I was thinking about going back to school and starting a career!
Y/N, in a deep voice, holding ken: nonsense, barbie. you’re staying home and having my kids
Tony: what the fuck are you guys doing?
Peter: playing systemic oppression
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abraodwaystateofmind · 15 hours ago
Tree Farm
Tony S. x Reader
Tumblr media
christmas | masterlist | oneshots
You were excited about Christmas. Every year you got the Christmas spirit before the first leaves of autumn fell. It brought back happy memories for you, that’s why when the season came, you practically dragged Tony with you to the Tree Farm.
Living between the compound in Upstate New York and the Tower in Manhattan had its challenges. Whereat the Tower, there were fake trees. Not many of you stayed there while it was colder, it was much more beautiful in the country. Therefore, no one would remember to take care of the trees. Knowing the rest of the family, someone would forget to water it, and then the Tower would be in flames. Almost happened one year when the men were in charge of Thanksgiving dinner. Let’s just say, it was a grilled cheese and chips kind of night. 
Standing on the lawn waiting for Tony to pull the car around you laughed hysterically once you saw him.
“Baby. There is no way you Audi is going to be able to handle the tree.” 
“We’re not getting a tree. We’re going to a farm to look at them and have fun with festivities.” Tony looked at you confused.
“Babe. A tree farm is to go and get a tree. That tree will be coming home with us and put in the main common room to be decorated and cared for by the entire family. We talked about this.” You sighed, slightly annoyed.
“I never said we were getting a real tree. Do you know how much of a mess they make? Let alone the care needed for it?” You took his keys from his hand.
“We’re getting a tree Mr. Stark or you’re not getting your holiday present I promised I’d give you after you finished tinkering in your lab. Or did you already forget?” A coy smile laid across your face. His eyes lit up, remembering that type of promise.
“Yeah, we’re getting the truck. A big ass tree is going to come home so I can get my present. Mhm, let’s go.” He dragged your hand towards the car as you laughed, smiling that you won.
Driving onto the property that took less than half an hour to get to was as if you drove straight into a Christmas movie. There were lights and rows of trees lightly dusted with snow from the morning. It was a gorgeous sight and not to mention the eagerness from your boyfriend made it all come together. Tony calmed down once he got coffee in his system. He gently took your hand and walked through the tree farm with you. At either of the rows were workers to come help chop and carry to the car. 
“Do you like this one?” Tony asked kissing your cheek. It was a seven-foot tree standing before you.
“This should fit. Seven feet plus the tree topper should be able to fit. I really like this one.” Your smile beamed through your eyes. Tony wouldn’t admit it, but he loved watching you be this happy. It was a genuine pleasure he wished to have you keep twenty-four seven. 
After placing the tree on the bed of the truck, making sure it was secure, you both headed through the barn to shop. After a few minutes of looking at ornaments, Tony dragged you to a back part of the farm where no one was. Gently pushing you against the wood building, he cupped your face sweetly. 
“I love you, baby girl.” He smiled genuinely.
“I love you more, tin man.” You leaned up and kissed him. 
Not even five minutes later, you were caught and asked to leave. According to Tony, “making out was a part of life and the children can just look away”. You wouldn’t change this day for the world.
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audacity-bitch · 2 months ago
Steve: What should we get Y/N for Christmas?
Tony: New suit?
Natasha: New gun?
Peter: Top Gun?
Wanda: New heels/boots?
Bucky: New switch blade?
Sam: A walkman?
Steve: Skrew it, I’m asking Y/N what they want, I can’t get an actual answer out of you guys.
Y/N: *Drops out of the ceiling air vent* They all sound - Stop hyperventilating Steve - they all sound like wonderful ideas.
Everyone but Steve: 😁
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