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#tony stark x reader
bluebellhairpin · 2 years ago
Your Dash Has Been Signed By The Avengers!
Tumblr media
I asked them to sign it just for you; in case you’ve been having a rough day/week/year - or are missing you’re faves after Endgame. 
Share to spread their love! ❤ 
(2020 Edit: Times are very rough right now. For some more so than others - and love isn’t any less needed! So keep up your good work. You’re doing amazing. We all love you!) 
Tumblr media
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luciilferss · a year ago
Tumblr media
→ Finally, I have managed to compose a list of my favourite fics and fic writers! It was a hard battle, comrades, but I can assure you that every person and fic on this list is of The Highest Quality. I would take these fics on dates. I would wine and dine these fics. I would tenderly hug every single one of these fics AND their writers. Some are on AO3, some are on Tumblr, every single one is amazing. And that’s on period, luv <3
→ every one of these is a reader insert, most (if not all) are fluff, smut or angst with a happy ending because i’m a soft-hearted weak-willed idiot
→ will be updated (hopefully) regularly! I’ll reblog every time I update it. now go have fun you crazy kids
♕ = smut  ✨= most recently added
Tumblr media
mais charmante — @sunmoonandbucky
i wished on the moon for you — @sunmoonandbucky
best friend’s fuck buddy — @sunmoonandbucky
Ingénue ♕ — @untilwefallinlove
rosemary’s corner — @sunmoonandbucky
Heart & Soul ♕ — @all1e23
Tenderly — @MoonShadows
just like honey — @luckystarcabs
fuck, shit, BITCH — @sunmoonandbucky
the recruit ♕ — @moonstruckbucky
Make Me Believe — @imhereforbvcky
Hero for Hire — @delicatelyherdreams
planes — @marvelsangel
cowgirls don’t cry — @sunmoonandbucky
spilled wine — @sunmoonandbucky
duck & cover — @whirlybirbs
The Middle ♕ ⁠— @tropicalcap 
Apartment 8c ⁠— @samingtonwilson 
eternal fever ⁠— @romanticromanogers
Ingénue ♕ — @untilwefallinlove
don’t forget to subscribe — @sunmoonandbucky
Iron Curtains, Glass Walls ♕ — @capsized_heart
Necessary paradox ♕ — @buriednurbckyrd
Steve and you — @lodgedinmythoughts
yellow lights — @sunmoonandbucky
the recruit — @moonstruckbucky
snowed in — @moonstruckbucky
Slow Like Honey ♕ — @heli0s-writes
Another’s Arms ♕ — @tropicalcap
Sucker Punch ♕ — @astxrwar
The little spy — @buckysknifecollection
Not in the Storybooks — @lodgedinmythoughts
Far From You (Home) ♕ — @hey-marlie
The five times Peter almost kissed you and the one time he did — @barnes-heaven
An Indecent Proposal ♕ — @eratothemuse
Take My Jacket (Take My Whole Heart Too) — @duskholland
Araña Picante ⁠— @helahades 
she was home — @sunmoonandbucky
Sweet — @imhereforbvcky
Iron Curtains, Glass Walls ♕ — @capsized_heart
i see it, i like it, i want it, i got it ♕ — @caroldantops
Ingénue ♕ — @untilwefallinlove
Tension — @imhereforbvcky
Another’s Arms ♕ — @tropicalcap
hello kisses — @samingtonwilson
territory — @samingtonwilson
effective — @samingtonwilson
Team Re-Building — @imhereforbvcky
Dragon — @buckysknifecollection
debt-free ♕ — @FiveTail
changerooms — @milaonthemoon
Wide Awake — @imhereforbvcky
Hopesick ♕ — @astxrwar
clumsy ♕ — @wadedickpool
Press Coverage / Less Coverage — @astxrwar
billion dollar man ♕ — @angelicthor
Sir, Yes, Sir! ♕ — @allaboardthereadingrailroad
Troublemaker ♕ — @astxrwar
A Little Piece of Heaven ♕ — @allaboardthereadingrailroad
scales of justice weigh the consequence — @inspiresimagine 
It Ain’t Me ♕ — SophieRosina ✨
highway don’t care (but i do, i do) ♕ — @spacelabrathor
made your mark on me (a golden tattoo) ♕ — @spacelabrathor
A Queen Protects Her King ♕ — @DomesticatedTendencies
Lake Zurich ♕ — @imperatorkhaleesi  
all there’s left to do is run ⁠ ♕ — @spacelabrathor 
Le Dilemme ⁠ ♕ — @helahades 
Power and Magic ♕ — @Sidrisa
Frostbite ♕ — @maiden-of-asgard
Loki’s Happy Ending — @gingerwritess
Polaris — @lokimostly
Better ♕ — @astxrwar
Nowhere Fast ♕ — @astxrwar​
stop the world (i wanna get off with you) ♕ — @astxrwar
Realign ♕ — @astxrwar
Lace ♕ — @angelaiswriting
Brown Sugar and Honey ♕ — @captainafroelf
Tumblr media
Scintilla — @Mowglie
Misguided Youth ♕ — @Mangoyogurt
Between 29th and Astoria ♕ — @Mangoyogurt
Four Things ♕ — @CallMeHopeless
Excessive Training ♕ — @WhippedMeringue
Fixated ♕ — @Lunaxxx
Hollowed Out — @pilotisms
Okay, Fine — @Faestae
Crash Course — @Faestae
Heavy Mist ♕ — @cravenhaven
Holiest — @pilotisms
That Stubborn Kindness — @Innocent_Inkpot
Coming Undone ♕ — @Faestae
Crash Course — @magpieminx 
of emancipation and trust ⁠ ♕ — @whirlybirbs 
The Paths We Walk ⁠— @InGoodFaith 
Bone-picked Teeth ⁠— @pilotisms 
A Bundle of Lamb’s Ear & Baby’s Breath ⁠— @pilotisms 
The Locked Door  ♕ ⁠— @no-droids 
Unholy ♕ ⁠— @beskars 
my cherries and wine ⁠ ♕ — @darthstyles 
We’re the Bad Guys ⁠— @ShenanigansEnsue 
A Pilot’s Life For Me ♕ ⁠— @StreetSolo 
Pre-Flight Checks ⁠— @pilotisms 
Chaser ⁠ ♕ — @nicky_writes 
Rough Day ♕ — @no-droids 
The Sun on Both Sides ♕ — @no-droids 
Tumblr media
Garden of Lungs  — oweCrew 
Notice ♕ — itsleese 
Cruel World  — lydiaofthefallen 
COMMON SENSE — delibell
Three Times, Three Words ♕ — destoku
darling it’s better (down where it’s wetter) ♕ — @makoodles​
Bar Tool — thunderhead
hard feelings (of love) — meliapis
surrender (whenever you’re ready) — OfMermaids
six days. — stevienickz
you wear them well  ♕ — @makoodles​
Trophy ♕ — @present-mel​
no pressure — @elysianseraph​
Where the Light Hides — Cheebs
Pretty — alkhale
bad dragon ♕ — @makoodles​
what we do in the shadows ♕ — @makoodles​
Short On Time ♕ — mintmatcha
Lucky Cat ♕ — kalpa
vices ♕ — @elysianseraph​
Reign — FullFire
Attachment — Samnit
Help! My Roommate is the Number One Villain and I Want His Dick! ♕ — kalpa
Hook Up — cho_writes
Convergence ♕ — justslightlycool
Sway Me ♕ — @present-mel​
Unpredictable ♕ — @present-mel​
Unpredictable ♕ — @present-mel​
love you so — @midnightweeds​
After Hours ♕ (Endeavor, BNHA) — AnastasiaNoelle 
Tumblr media
Sun-Kissed ♕ — flying_siphonophore 
Instinct ♕ — alkhale 
but my lungs feel so small — krystallisert
Trophy ♕ — @present-mel​
Spray ♕ — flying_siphonophore
Just a Taste ♕ — mintmatcha
change the channel — alkhale
Polarity — Sabbywrites
Bite Your Tongue ♕ — @present-mel​
early mornings ♕  — @elysianseraph​
early mornings ♕ — @elysianseraph​
A Study in Depravity ♕ — SabbyWrites 
Tumblr media
Love, Don’t Be Shy ♕ — attackonfics 
Bedroom Politics ♕ — ittybittytidbits 
bad romance ♕ — @miekasa​
1+1 — @miekasa​
Bedroom Politics ♕ — ittybittytidbits
Ready for Daddy ♕ — ittybittytidbits
Fragments of Memories ♕ — @present-mel​
Ready for Daddy ♕ — ittybittytidbits
Service to the Crown ♕ — @present-mel​
Deflowered ♕ — @present-mel​
positions ♕ — @miekasa​
daylight’s wasting — @miekasa​
Tumblr media
deeds, not words — seijungii
If the Sky is Pink and White — sanrioclub
blurred lines ♕ — @midnightweeds​ 
wife!reader + cockwarming ♕ — @midnightweeds​
Teaching ♕ — @present-mel​
the odyssey — @lovesakusa​
Tumblr media
Office Hours ♕ — @sigmaslut
The Forest ♕ — @flying_siphonophore
We're Mavericks, You and I ♕ — @ClareGuilty
Una paloma y una cerveza ⁠ ♕  — @momothespicy
Tumblr media
walk with me to a place of trust ♕ ⁠— @crackthesky
a lantern’s lament ⁠♕ — @crackthesky
Wintering at Kaer Morhen ♕ — @AshenStardust
Things Unbearable ♕ ⁠— @anniesburg
beckoning light ♕  ⁠— @crackthesky
Tumblr media
The Replacement  ♕ — @MadeofLilies
An Affair of Importance ♕ — @flamehairedwritings
Mouth ♕ — @flamehairedwritings
moonrise radio — @whirlybirbs​
Drive-In ♕ — @iuhyeah
Tumblr media
nightmare — @divinetock3
Rules of Vanishing — @Morveren
The Pizza Delivery Girl’s Survival Guide to Gotham City — @Morveren
red sun ♕ — @vanibella
“the sky crushes us, the water sustains us.” — @prettylittlebrownskingyal
Get You The Moon — @prettylittlebrownskingyal
Red Sun ⁠— @difficultheart 
Lust for Life ♕ — @astxrwar
Tumblr media
Lovestruck — @angelaiswriting
You and Me ♕ — @angelaiswriting   
The Messenger Boy — @lucachangretta
Flags — @lucachangretta
Last Train Home — @lucachangretta 
Tumblr media
Finding a Rhythm ⁠♕ — @brittishmenorbust 
Stolen Dance ⁠— @hiddeninyourblood 
Here to Misbehave ⁠♕ — @Imagining_in_the_Margins 
isn’t it a lovely night ⁠♕ — @theRoyalTail 
Ten Ways to Say “I Love You” ⁠— @DearSpencerReid 
She Has Found Me ♕ — @dontkissthewriter  
Niche Interests ♕ — @pumpkin-goob ✨
Hoop Earring Theory / Stress Relief / Introducing: Sir ♕ — @pumpkin-goob ✨
Fear of Fate — @pumpkin-goob ✨
distraction ⁠— @winterscaptain 
stitches ⁠— @winterscaptain 
Kiss Me In The D-A-R-K ⁠ ♕ — @dontkissthewriter 
bitter end — @whistlingwillows​ ✨
a joyful future — @winterscaptain​ ✨
Tumblr media
Logical Fallacy (Q, James Bond) — @The_Winter_Straw
My Graceless Heart (Lucifer, Supernatural) — @songofproserpine
Anchor Up To Me ♕ (Fíli, The Hobbit) — @QueenForADay
And the World Turned Upside-Down (Kíli, The Hobbit) — @kaeorin
All That Glitters ♕ (Mad Sweeney, American Gods) — @MB234 
Give Your Heart And Soul To Charity (Mad Sweeney, American Gods) ♕ ⁠— @MccoyKat 
A New Home  ♕ (bumblebee, transformers) — @pilotisms
closer than i’ve ever been ♕ (Thranduil, The Hobbit) — @theawfuledges
Untitled series ♕ (Kandomere, Bright) — @howtobangyourmonster
In The Ring ♕ (Harry Styles) ⁠— @majorharry 
Polished ♕ ⁠(Harry Styles) — @majorharry 
Children of Ares (John Wick + Santino D’Antonio, John Wick)  ⁠— @the-darklings 
Dance with the devil ⁠ ♕ (Hector (OC), John Wick) — @whistlingwillows​ 
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lesbian-deadpool · 6 months ago
Peter, to The Avengers: Hey guys, wanna play a game?
Tony: Sure. What game?
Peter: It’s called “The Avengers Or Food”. I tell you things Y/N has said, and you have to guess if they said it to us or food.
Natasha: This doesn’t sound hard at all.
Peter: You sure? Quote one: “I would die for you.”
The Avengers: 
Natasha, under her breath: Fuck.
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arandomdump · 9 months ago
Fic Recs
(obviously, none of the listed below are written by me. this is just a complied list of all my favourite fics that i just love too much. if you particularly like any of the fics below, please let the amazing writers and creators know because they are simply just that amazing 😊)
* - Angst (prepare your hearts)
♡ - Personal Favourites.
Last Updated: 13/03/21
(this is still uncompleted and unedited, so some warnings may not be there yet. and apologies if i get any tags wrong! xx)
Harry Potter
Sirius Black
Countless Nights - by @thewinchestergirl1208
Never Been Kissed  ♡ - by @wizardwritings 
The Not-So-Perfect Sister - by @wreckofawriter
We’re Not Friends - by @wizardwritings
Summer Revelations - by @marauders--mischief
It’s Been Too Long - by @weasleypogues
Owl You Need Is Love - by @wizardwritings
Amortentia - by @waytooinlovewithharrypotter
Summer lies and jealous types - by @futurewriter2000
How to Fall in Love: For Dummies  ♡ - by @wizardwritings
Baby, It’s Cold Outside - by @wizardwritings
She - by @roonilwazlibimagines
A Dangerous Bet  ♡ - by @harrytpotter
So cold - by @weasleydream
Home is a Person  ♡* - by @approved-by-dentists
How could I mind when it’s you?  ♡ - by @approved-by-dentists
By your side  ♡* - by @approved-by-dentists
Truth Under Moonlight ** - by @approved-by-dentists
don’t flatter yourself - by @marveliskindacool
The Worst Wingman - by @theweasleysredhair
Just A Natural Fact - by @iliveiloveiwrite
Drunk - by @theweasleysredhair
I Always Was - by @theweasleysredhair
A glass too much…- by @pregnant-piggy
The Way You Look At Her  ♡ - by @theweasleysredhair
Bad idea! (or maybe not) - by @bl597
golden snitch - by @firewhisky-kisses
secrets and fears - by @firewhisky-kisses
found family  ♡* - by @firewhisky-kisses
Our little secret - by @pregnant-piggy
Cursed Series  ♡* - by @pregnant-piggy
Don’t You Think? - by @harrytpotter
“For a moment, listen silently, what does your heart say?” ​ “I love you more than the sky and the ground but I can’t do this anymore.” “No, it’s over. She ended it.” “Sirius loves all the attention,”
♡ ** all by @hello-everyfandom
The First Time - by @inkinflux
Broken Hearts and Fire Whiskey Part 2 Part 3 * - by @mrsssiriusblack
Like I Loved You Part 2 Part 3 * - by @mrsssiriusblack
Remus Lupin
starry night - by @ yourssuccubus
Wicked Charm ♡ - by @unfortunatelysirius
I love you, but I’m scared - by @unfortunatelysirius
Say No More - by @ardentmuse
Mama ♡ - by @myboipotterimagines
The Answer - by @writingmanaged
Stay- by @obsessedwithrandomthings
if it wasn’t for you meddling kids - by @writesowhatnext
Is that an offer? - by @approved-by-dentists
My Man - by @obsessedwithrandomthings
Bravest person you knew ♡ - by @stupxfy
It’s Friday, I’m In Love - by @inkinflux
We Should Run Away Together - by @protect-remus
“I’m not very good at flirting, am I?” ♡ - by @hello-everyfandom
James Potter
April Fool’s - by @theweasleysredhair
What’s Happening To Me? ♡ - by @harrytpotter
Right Place, Wrong Time ♡ - by @harrytpotter
Never Just A Friend ♡ - by @theweasleysredhair
Certainty ♡ - by @prongsies
“I’ll say it every second of every day if need be, I love you.“ “James, you’re a right knob head sometimes. She loves you.” “No, please. Don’t say that. You love her, not me.”  ♡** all by @hello-everyfandom
The Marauders
The marauders being friends with a reader suffering from depression would include...
A day on ice ♡ - by @pregnant-piggy
George Weasley
Right Here - by @lunalovecroft
Fred Weasley 
“Looking like that could make me fall in love all over again,” - by @hello-everyfandom
Draco Malfoy
Unsafe - by @myboipotterimagines
Secrets ♡ - by @iliveiloveiwrite
home is wherever I’m with you - by @iliveiloveiwrite
breathe - by @wondernimbus
breaking point - by @wondernimbus  
a bad day - by @wondernimbus
battleground - by @wondernimbus
Steve Rodgers
The End of the War - by @redgillan
Not Afraid Anymore  ♡ - by @shotsbyshae
Cannonball ♡ - by @shotsbyshae
Heads Will Roll - by @shotsbyshae
Stark’s Girl - by @avengersassemble-fics
One More Chance of A Lifetime - by @heyiamthatbitch
Fall into Love - by @mrslilyrogers
Bucky Barnes
Right there - by @bitsandbobsandstuff
chambers - by @trillian-anders
Die From A Broken Heart Pt. Two - by @allaboutthebooz
Untouchable Series ♡ - by @dreamwritesimagines
Caught In The Fire Series ♡ - by @dreamwritesimagines
Peter Parker 
The Fight Of Our Lives - by @theonewiththefanfics
Wait For Me - by @waitimcomingtoo
Tony Stark 
Sunshine  ♡ ** - by @bigballofstress
Dean Winchester
Cannonball ♡ - by @shotsbyshae
Random Loves
Harry Styles
changes ♡ - by @sunflowervolvimp3
Chris Evans
It’s You - by @wintrcaptn
Cherry Chapstick Masterlist ♡ - by @speechlessxx
Happy together? ♡ - by @fluffymisha97
Kylo Ren
Untouchable - by @thefasstasticvoyage
Ransom Drysdale
In the Dark ♡ - by @shotsbyshae
Spencer Reid
Twisted ♡ - by @dreamwritesimagines
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et-lesailes · a year ago
Tumblr media
** = smut ! bold indicates newest fics!
𝐜𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬 𝐞𝐯𝐚𝐧𝐬
chocolat **
steam **
cicatrix **
puppy play
thirst tweets
safe place
always a honeymoon
family of five **
body heat **
a day with dodger
white suit **
knit sweaters
beard of greys **
beard of greys: gender reveal
the inside scoop
tucked away **
baseball bets **
the instagram error
𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐫𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 (𝐦𝐜𝐮)
i’m in charge **
concentrate **
worthy **
giving in (part one) (au) **
giving in (part two)  (au)
daddy daycare
before and after (part one)
before and after (part two) **
missing linc (SERIES) (au)
one touch
wildest dreams
temptress **
two artists
nice & tight (au) **
not so golden **
𝐚𝐫𝐢 𝐥𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐧 (𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐚 𝐝𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐨𝐫𝐭)
cobra **
in it together // ver. b
libertine **
𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐦 𝐝𝐫𝐲𝐬𝐝𝐚𝐥𝐞 (𝐤𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐮𝐭)
handmaiden (part one) **
handmaiden (part two) **
only for you **
break point **
spreading the sugar (part one)
spreading the sugar (part two) **
spreading the sugar (FINAL) **
𝐟𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐚𝐝𝐥𝐞𝐫 (𝐠𝐢𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐝)
high maintenance
𝐣𝐨𝐡𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐦 (𝐟𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐫)
always hungry **
𝐜𝐮𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐬 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐭 (𝐬𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐩𝐢𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐞𝐫)
lily white in blood red (SERIES)
the bodyguard (SERIES)
𝐦𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐞𝐥 𝐰𝐞𝐢𝐬𝐬 (𝐩𝐮𝐧𝐜𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞)
i’ll help you (part one)
i’ll help you (part two)
𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐲 𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐛𝐞𝐫 (𝐝𝐞𝐟𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐣𝐚𝐜𝐨𝐛)
release **
hot young neighbor **
spreading the sugar (part one)
spreading the sugar (part two) **
spreading the sugar (FINAL) **
𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐤 (𝐦𝐜𝐮)
laundry room **
iron crush **
𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬 (𝐦𝐜𝐮)
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gotnofucks · 8 months ago
How do you think Lee or any of your characters will react to an ugly reader (like me)?
Ugly reader? I'm sorry but I've never heard of such a thing. I don't think I know anyone in this world I would term ugly based on appearance. You, my lovely, gorgeous anon are beautiful and I will not stand for anyone calling you ugly, not even yourself.
You wanna know how the boys will react to you? Read on.
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers: The moment he hears you call yourself ugly he stops what he's doing and just looks at you. He frowns, looking almost confused as he gazed at you. He takes your hand and pulls you into his massive chest, brushing your hair back so he could see you clearly.
"Ugly? You? The girl who shines so bright she lights the world around her, you're calling her ugly? Who gave you the right to talk about my best girl like that eh? No one compares to you, not from back in the 40s, not today. You’re the beacon of light that keeps me grounded doll. Gotta show you how beautiful you really are"
And he proceeds to do just that.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes: He heard you say to Nat that a dress won't look pretty on your ugly body. That night, he sneaks in your room and crawls inside the covers with you, holding your body tight to his. He took your in his and metal one, lips at your ear.
"What do you see when you look at me?" He asked.
"A broken beautiful man deserving of love" you answered automatically. He tips your chin up so that he could look in your eyes, the tenderest of look swimming in the blues.
"I see the same when I look at you. I see a woman who found the most scarred man and still loved him. I see a woman so pure I fear I'll taint her with my bloody hands. Never call yourself ugly, never again."
Tumblr media
Lee Bodecker: Lee straight away snorts when you call yourself ugly. He rolled his eyes at you as he swiftly gathers you in his arm and sits you on his lap. He takes his hat and puts it on your head, the rim falling loose and slipping over your forehead so he had to push it up with a finger. 
"You're the only pretty thing in this shitty town. You've got a heart as big as my tummy" he takes your hand and pressed it into his soft flesh "you're the only one whose smile I'd both die for and kill for. Ugly my ass, you're the most beautiful gal I know and you're all mine".
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale: "What the fuck did you just say?" He asked when you said you look ugly. You look at him aghast, not expecting the outburst. He stepped closer, putting his arms on either side of you and looking at you intently. 
"Have you met my family? My fucked up, greedy aunts and uncles? Have you met my mother? They wear a thousand dollars clothes and still manage to be the cheapest people I have ever met. And you? You can wear a burlap sack and would still be the prettiest flower because you found it in you to love a shitty brat like me. Now come here so I can show you how beautiful you are."
Tumblr media
Andy Barber: He was driving when you made the comment, the word ugly said almost unconsciously. You blinked when he stopped the car, turning to look at you.
"I've studied law for over nearly two decades and there are two things that I know are wrong with them. The first one is that it should be illegal for anyone to be as beautiful, as amazing as you, and the second that it should be a punishable offense for anyone to call such a woman as yourself ugly. I'm a lawyer, trust my judgement. Nod if you understand."
You nod, he smiled and restated the car, one hand reaching over to pull yours in his lap.
Tumblr media
Tony Stark: He knocked over the lab apparatus he was working with and stared at you incomprehensibly. He had that expression on his face that he reserved for idiots who didn’t understand his science lingo.
"What the hell are you on about? Sweetpie, you love a man who made weapons that killed hundreds. You gave me your love when I didn't deserve any. You gave my kindness when I didn't deserve any. You think anyone who's ugly could do that? I'll book an appointment with the ophthalmologist, you need to get those eyes checked."
Tumblr media
Loki : He was in the middle of polishing his blade and the moment the words "I am ugly" passed your lips that blade shot out and embedded itself in the opposite wall.
"i am a man of magic. I can create the most unthinkable illusions with my mind and hands, and yet no matter how proficient I get, I'll never be able to create something as beautiful as you. You need to stop talking like this, I don't like it when people disrespect those that I hold dear."
Tumblr media
Sherlock Holmes : He shut the newspaper he was reading and put it on the desk behind him as he pinned you with his stare. 
"When I search for something, I usually get it because I have a gaze that doesn't miss much. My every quest for beauty and love has led me to you. My mind and heart have never seen anything as beautiful as you. I am Sherlock Holmes, I don't lie. Believe me when I say you haven't got an ugly bone in your body.”
He opened his arms, asking you to come to him.
“I am a detective, let me show you the evidence of how utterly breathtaking you are.”
So my dear anon, I need you to shut up about this. You’re not ugly. You are worthy and amazing and beautiful and all things nice in this world. 
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starktonyx · a year ago
The inevitable - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Tumblr media
Word count: 3.6k
Description: Five years had passed since the blip, yet you recalled the events like it was yesterday. Depressed and still mourning, you beg your father to help with the time heist plan to the point of breaking down in front of him for the first time. You’re willing to do anything to save Peter and protect your loved ones, even if it meant sacrificing yourself for the greater good.
Warnings: ANGST. Mentions of anxiety, depression, and attempted suicide.
Even after five years had passed, you still remembered that day so clearly. The day hell began. The day your father and your boyfriend had left the earth on an alien ship and went missing. You were terrified for them, and hell, you were pissed off at Friday who shut down your suit so you couldn’t follow them.
That same day you had fought alongside your friends in the battle of Wakanda, you put up a pretty good fight against Thanos, you even managed to get a drop of blood from him until he decided to play dirty to distract you.
“You know, your father also managed to make me bleed” He said and wiped the blood off his forehead, and you stopped right on your tracks at the mention of your dad. “You Starks keep surprising with your little toys” he chuckled and grabbed you by the neck, taking advantage of your sudden distraction.
“At least we c-create our own w-weapons” You argued having a hard time to breathe, your Stark attitude showing up. “I don’t r-rely on l-little stones”
He just tightened his grip and left you struggling as you tried to blast him with the reactor on your chest, but in a matter of seconds he ripped it off with his power stone, causing your nano suit to vanish and leaving you in your civilian clothes.
“These little stones defeated your father you ignorant creature”
“What d-did you do to h-him?” You asked, fear was evident on your eyes and your face turned red as the oxygen barely got to your lungs.
“The same as that spider kid, such a shame, I’m sure they were good people”
That damn day you had believed they were both dead, and when everyone else started to vanish from the snap you felt yourself dying on the inside. The avengers were torn, devastated at the loss, yet you all went back to the compound to somehow find some comfort. You were lucky you still had Pepper with you, even if she wasn’t your biological mother she tried to be there for you, but you spent days locked in your room crying and denying what had happened. The pain was overwhelming, and you just wished you would’ve been part of the dusted ones.
21 days passed until Captain Danvers brought your father home and you realized how Thanos lied to you about killing him, and you couldn’t feel more defeated. When your dad informed you about Peter you had one of the most severe anxiety attacks you’ve ever experienced, since your body was going through a lot of emotions from just welcoming your father to confirming the love of your life’s death.
Peter had been there for you since day one, always stumbling on his own words when being around you. He was the light of your life, always making you laugh and helping you with your mental issues. He loved how he could be himself around you, being nerds in the lab and talking about sci-fi movies all day. You both felt as the other was your soulmate, that it was meant to be. All of the avengers were admired by you, you taught them how strong young love could be. So how come the universe was so mean to break both of you apart?
You didn’t know how but you managed to sneak out in the mission to retreat the stones from Thanos, hoping you would be the one to kill his pathetic ass. The others noticed you when you were already on the planet, so there was no option but bringing you with them.
When Thanos admitted to have destroyed the stones you were fuming, yet the others scared implied that he might be lying.
“My father is many things, but he’s not a liar” Nebula stated and you just bitterly chuckled.
Everyone looked at you expectantly as you walked directly in front on him, Thor put a hand in front of you to stop you from getting too close, but you just kept focused on your target.
“Not a liar? That’s a pretty fun one” you barked at Thanos, who just looked at you amused, he knew exactly what you meant. “You lied about my father, I’ve got no reasons to believe any word you said” you spat as you refused to acknowledge how he lied about Peter as well, you weren’t capable of saying his name out loud.
“And I’ve got no reasons to care about that. The stones are gone, it was necessary, so get over it” He tried to get up but Thor stopped him with the stormbreaker so he turned to talk to you again. “My casualties are never personal, but you Starks are a disease, even if I didn’t end his life I wish he was d-“
He was interrupted when you suddenly grabbed the stormbreaker from Thor’s hand and swung it across Thanos’s head with a scream leaving your lips. Everyone gasped as you just stood there breathing heavily, realizing what you had done. Everything happened so fast, that you didn’t even notice the burn the weapon was leaving in your hand.
“What did you do?” Rocket asked astounded, the tiny Y/N Stark had just murdered the universe’s worst enemy.
“I’m sorry Nebula” You apologized, not for killing Thanos, but because she had to deal with that monster her entire life. With that said you turned around to look at Thor and just let the axe fall to the ground with a thud.
“That’s how you go for the head”
“What’s on your mind kid?”
You were pulled out of your thoughts as your dad noticed how you drifted off and weren’t paying attention to the movie you were watching anymore.
“Not much, I was thinking about visiting Nat today” You sighed and looked down at the floor, you knew he didn’t like you going back to the city, yet you did it quite often. And you couldn’t exactly lie about your whereabouts when Friday practically stalked you.
You also didn’t want to tell him that you were thinking once again about the two days that had marked your life. You knew you should be grateful for having your family together, but not when that family wasn’t complete. You knew you should be happy, but since the blip that emotion never found you again, and depression became your only friend. Pepper and Tony were too caught up in their farm life and raising Morgan that they didn’t notice how you kept falling apart every day.
“Honey if you need someone to talk to, you have us” He implored and put one hand on your shoulder. “You know how much I hate the city and you going out there makes me think you just want to be away from us” you could feel the pain in his words, and you hated yourself for making him feel that way.
“Dad I don’t do it to get away from you, it’s just-“ you took a deep breath as you tried to explain yourself. “It’s just that they are my family too, and I can’t allow myself to loose them, not after … not after …“ You suddenly cut your speech and your heart started beating faster, you couldn’t bring yourself to say his name or the names of the ones that had been dusted. You saw how his posture stiffened as well, and he avoided your eyes.
“Alright, Pep says lunch is in 5” He got up and left you, you supposed he went outside to call Morgan.
And that’s why you never mentioned anything to him. He just avoided the subject as if that would change the fact that half of the universe is gone. ‘You can talk to us’ your ass.
“I’m not hungry” you informed to Pepper as you got up from the couch and walked towards your room and locked yourself in there.
After ten minutes had passed you heard a car park in front of your house and peeked at the window. When you saw Nat and Steve you felt confused, you figured it was better to hear the conversation from the inside since they never visited your father and something serious must’ve happened.
You heard everything about the time heist plan and you were all in for it, but when your father denied to help you were fuming, and you were determined to help them as much as your knowledge allowed it. You were smart, not as much as your dad, but you would be dammed if you didn’t try your best.
The next day you went to the city and spent the whole day working alongside Dr. Banner and Scott Lang. You had managed to somehow progress, but since you ended up turning Scott a baby you realized this was going to take a while. You went back home that day late at night, and you felt your anxiety creeping in when you saw your father sitting on the porch waiting for you.
“So you are helping them with their absurd ‘back to the future’ plan” He theorized as soon as you got out of the car. “And by the looks of it it didn’t go well, did you turn Slang into a baby?” He continued taunting you and you had enough of his attitude.
“Do you want to know what’s absurd? The fact that you refuse to accept that half of the world is gone” You claimed as you got right in front on him. “And the fact that you refuse to do anything about it, not even when - not even when Peter is one of them, do you even think about him? Did you ever mourn him? Do you like Morgan living in a world that hates being alive because their loved ones aren’t? Or the farm life has affected you that much that the only thing you care about is your damn alpaca?” You yelled pointing a finger at him accusingly and couldn’t help the tears falling from your eyes. You saw his eyes getting glossy with every word you said.
“Of course I mourned him” he admitted as he spoke in the same rough tone you did. “Of course I think about him but there’s nothing I can do kid, he’s gone” his voice broke and his tone softened. “And I hate that one day I’ll have to explain to Morgan what happened but I’ll just wait for the right moment. Because for now when I look around I have everything I’ve ever wanted, I’ve got Pep, you and Morgan, I can’t risk loosing this, not when we got so lucky”
“Lucky?” You bitterly let a laugh. “Do you even notice what’s going on around you? Do you know how I can’t breath, I can’t sleep, I can’t fucking live everyday with the guilt I feel?” You didn’t know it was possible to feel more pain that you did everyday, but breaking down to your father for the first time was truly taking a toll on you that you didn’t have control over what you said anymore. “Did you know that I tried to-“
“To jump from the compound? Yes I very much know” he blurted out and you looked down to the scar on your hand, from where you had held the stormbreaker, not being able to look him in the eyes.
“Did Steve tell you?” You questioned, Cap had been the one who grabbed your hand when you jumped, you never thought he was the snitch type.
“No, that guy knows how to keep a secret” He ranted, remembering his fight with the supersoldier. “I made a protocol in case someone fell from the roof, one of my suits would catch them. Imagine my surprise when Friday told me you activated the protocol”
“I’m sorry” You cried as he just took you in his arms and hugged you tight. “I just wanted a way out, it was unfair how I got to live while billions of people had to die. And with Peter gone, it was too much to take” you admitted between sobs “Why didn’t you say anything?”
“Because I didn’t want to force you to give me an explanation so I just waited for you to tell me. I’ve had anxiety for the last decade and I don’t know how to deal with it myself, much less how to help you with that. Also, that’s why Friday reports me every movement you make, so I know you won’t do it again”
He separated from your hug and wiped the tears from your face, he felt wrong for having ignored the way you felt all those years. Even if you put on a fake façade of happiness, he should’ve known better.
“I’m so sorry kid, so sorry”
“It’s okay” you whispered and hugged him again. “Dad please, you said there’s nothing you could do about him being gone, but you know there is a way” you begged and he just caressed your hair. “You’re the only one who can do it.
That same night, after you mentioned Peter’s name for the first time in 5 years, it only took Tony a glance at a photograph of him to literally invent time travel. God, even Pepper told him he would never feel in peace if he didn’t help bring back all those people.
So you were finally there, in the final battle, illuminated by portals that brought together the universe’s mightiest heroes. The fight had been going for a while and you frantically looked for Peter in the battlefield. You finally spotted him in the distance hugging your father and it didn’t take long for you to get to them.
This was it. This was the moment it’s all been leading up to, having your Peter back, safe in your arms.
“Peter?” His name rolled over your tongue with fear and hesitation.
Your father stepped away and Peter turned around to see you, he was surprised, you had surely grown up and looked more like an adult now. Even with cuts all over your face you looked beautiful as ever. Your eyes already started cascading with tears and for the first time in a while you genuinely smiled.
“Oh my god, my love” he exclaimed and jumped in your arms. You both let out laughs of relief as you felt each other in your arms.
Even though, for Peter there was only a day he hadn’t seen you, but for you it was like a lifetime. He separated enough to kiss you passionately, and your heart jumped in joy when you felt his lips again. Your kisses always meant so much, and this time, it was better than anything.
Your father looked standing next to you as he cried tears of joy as well, he hadn’t seen your eyes shine that way or heard you laugh in a long time. And that’s when he knew, everything they went through was worth it.
Peter broke the kiss to analyze your face, as he caressed your cheek with his thumb, trailing behind the tears that kept falling.
“You don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for this moment” you blurted out, in that moment only you both existed. “God, I missed you so much, after all these years, I-“ He interrupted you before you could break down once more.
“Shhh darling it’s alright, I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that” Peter’s heart ached, he couldn’t imagine the kind of pain you went through that whole time. “But I’m here now okay? And I’m not leaving anytime soon” he reassured you and kissed you again.
“Alright alright kids, you’ll have plenty of time left for that” Your dad joked, you knew it was because he felt like he was third wheeling so you just poked your tongue out for him.
After your little family reunion you all kept fighting to keep the stones away from Thanos. You had to admit, seeing him standing there made you want to cut his head off again. After Captain Danvers brought down the spaceships, the fight only got more intense, you could see everything from the front line as a missile sent you flying just feet away from Thanos. You saw how he put the gauntlet on again, and fear flooded your entire body. You tried to focus on what to do and your eyes set on Dr. Strange making a sign for your father, and after seeing your fathers thoughtful expression, you knew exactly what was going to happen.
And you had to stop it.
Without even thinking about it you blasted your dad away from Thanos just when he was about touch the gauntlet, so you grabbed it instead as he went flying to the side. You heard your father scream through the comm but it was too late, you had already taken the stones.
“I am inevitable” Thanos claimed as he snapped his fingers, and then he just stared confusingly when the only sound he heard was a clasp of metal.
A smirk adorned your face but it was soon wiped off as your whole body shook in pain with the energy of the six infinity stones coursing through your veins. A tear fell from your eye as you noticed your father seeing you, waiting for the actual inevitable.
“And… I… am … a Stark” you struggled to say as you finally snapped your fingers, wishing for Thanos entire army to be wiped off the universe.
The next thing you felt was how your organism was shutting down, you fell as you weren’t able to stand up anymore and rested your back on a piece of debris from the fight. The first person to reach to you was your dad, who asked Friday about your state even though he knew there was no way you could survive this.
“W-why did you do it, oh my god my baby” he cried as he grabbed your hand. You knew why. You did it for him and only for him. You wished you could say something, but the pain was too intense to even form a sentence. “It’s okay, you’ll be just fine kid”
Denial is the first stage of grief they say. You hadn’t even died yet and your father was already in it.
Peter didn’t take long to reach you and start bawling like a baby, and even in that state he tried to reassure you.
“P-Pete” you managed to blurt out, and tasted the blood in your mouth.
“It’s okay baby, we won you did it” he cried and all you could do was stare at him. “You did it, I love you so much, please don’t-“ he couldn’t continue talking as he broke down.
Your eyes. He would never forget how your eyes stared at him so empty, no emotion in them. Rhodey caught him in his arms and placed him next to you.
That’s when Pepper kneeled in front on you, with your father on one side and Peter on the other. You looked at her and tried to make an effort to speak but all she could see were your pleading eyes, and you hoped she got the message.
“I’ll take care of them honey, you can rest now” She assured you and she could’ve sworn the upper corner of your mouth tried to smile.
You couldn’t feel any pain now, you knew you would be gone in a few moments. You squeezed your fathers hand and he just hugged you, along with Peter and Pepper. In that moment you wished Morgan could’ve hugged her sister as well.
You took your final breath and finally closed your eyes, your reactor slowly shutting down. Your last memory was a kiss on the cheek from your father as you were showed respects by the other heroes, who kneeled before the girl who killed Thanos twice.
Silence and sobs were the only things that could be heard in that battlefield. You did what was necessary and you didn’t regret it, as you left a message for them in case on an imminent death.
“Umm, Hi I Guess” Peter was startled by your voice, when the hologram started playing in your funeral. “If you’re seeing this it means I’m dead. My bad, I’m sorry, it sounds better in the movies. Uh, anyways, I promised myself that if something goes wrong in the mission I will do anything possible to prevent any casualties, even if it meant putting myself on the line” you explained and Tony just buried his face on his hands. You were so much like him to the point where he actually lost you because of it.
“In any case that happened, I’m sorry. We always want a happy ending, that just doesn’t mean we’ll get it. But hey, if the mission was successful it means we brought everyone back, and that also means you’re here Peter” you smiled and at the sound of his name he stiffened in his seat, Tony put a hand on his shoulder. “I just gotta say you are my whole world, thank you for always being there to make me happy. I love you so much I can’t even begin to describe it. I’m sorry I’m not there to hug you, I waited 5 years for you, I’m sure I can wait more until we meet again in heaven”
The room was filled with Peter’s sobs and everyone was trying to calm him, but he just got up and left the room, with Rhodey trailing behind him.
“Dad, Pep, Morgan” you called as if you knew Peter wouldn’t be there anymore. “You guys deserve more than happiness in this farm we call home, please carry on, for me” you begged as a tear threatened to fall from your eye but you stopped as you turned around. “I’m sure Morgan will grow up to be a wonderful woman just as I did thanks to my father. Everything I am is because of you dad” You turned around to face them once again and warmly smiled.
“I love you 3000”
And with that, the hologram vanished. Y/N Stark was finally gone.
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