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#tony stark/peter parker

I just wanna say that if you think that a relationship such as starker is healthy IN REAL LIFE, you have no place on my blog and you’re not welcome here. A 15 year old should NOT be dating a 40+ year old in real life. If you condone that shit, you’re out. If you fantasize about kids*, fictional or otherwise, you’re fucking disgusting and have no place here.

*when I say kids, I don’t mean Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, i mean kids who are portrayed by kids or kids in a book.

This might make me sound like an anti, but I really don’t give a fuck. If you use this ship as a means to justify predatory behavior, get out. if this ship was portrayed by a real 15 year old, it would and always will be disgusting. If a 15 year old was in a “relationship” with a 40+ year old, it wouldn’t be a relationship, it would be abuse, grooming, and pedophila.

Tl;dr: if you think that a real life teen can be in a relationship with an adult, get the fuck off my blog ❤️

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Peter would love to know whoever keeps leaving breakfast for him on the riverside. Each time he comes by, drenched in water as he wades through the mist in search of lost treasures that may be hidden in the waves, he finds his breakfast. It’s a sign of love, his mother says, that his guardian angel has sent him a soulmate to keep him safe while he theives. He hopes she’s right.

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Summary: Tony is a little jealous of all the thugs that end up hanging from Peter’s webs.
Warnings: Role Reversal/Switching, Tony is the good boy :P, Suspension, Inappropriate Use Of Webbing, Sexual Fantasy (edging towards monsterfucking tbh loool), Very possessive dirty talk

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Against my better judgement, my prompts are never closed! Thank you so much for this super sweet/angsty prompt, Nonnie! I realised after finishing this that I never directly included Peter asking for forgiveness, but I hope this feeds you just the same! ❤

TW: Angst | Hurt/Comfort | Self-worth issues | Jealousy | Alcohol mention


Harley Keener is two years Peter’s senior and nicer than Peter could have ever imagined. When Tony had first started to talk about the ‘the first one he pseudo-adopted’ and how Harley had grown into more of a ‘mini me’ than he could’ve imagined, Peter had felt an uncomfortable twist in his gut. 

What if Harley was better than him?

What if Tony liked Harley more?

What if, with Harley around, Tony didn’t want Peter around anymore?

He needn’t have worried, though. Harley wasn’t as ‘outwardly’ nerdy as he was, but he was more than happy to gush over the latest Star Wars LEGO offerings, and Tony snarked them both in equal measure. It was surprisingly like having another Ned around, and it took less than a week for Peter to feel stupid for having worried about his place besides the two of them. 

Tony even joked that Harley was the ‘prototype’ and Peter was the ‘updated model’, to which Harley had just rolled his eyes, knocked Tony’s spanner off the table like a cat and gone straight back to talking to Peter about ComicCon.

They became fast friends, and Peter supposed that was somewhat why he tended to forget there was a second person in the lab with them here and there, starkly (heh) reminded of it when Harley flopped down next to him on the penthouse couch one evening and said “so how long have you been in love with Tony?” 

He could have cried. The Avengers he was around almost every other day for the past two years brushed off his doting as a hero complex and ‘mentor crush’ and it had taken Harley Keener less than three weeks to call him out on its true nature. 

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I’m gonna go ahead and rec this new little snippet by one of my faves. It deserves so many more notes. 
Also, I now run the @starkerficlibrary for these kinda requests ❤

I’m Sorry, Mr. Stark | @spidercakes

And bc this fic is literally one of my fave ‘classics’ for this,
Last-Name Basis

10/10 good shit, 100% recommend

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  • Peter Parker, adopted by Ben & May Parker aged 3 with no known other siblings going out to a bar because his parents have just discovered he might have a sibling and he’s Not Ready For That and meets a handsome stranger who just introduces himself as ‘Tony’. 
  • They hit it off so well, and Peter knows he shouldn’t but Tony is just so nice and so handsome so he goes home with him. And its the best fuck of his life so far. Tony’s mouth could give a nun a heart attack. 
  • And X amount of days later (or Hell, even the very next day after he woke up to a note from Tony saying he had something to do, he’s welcome to coffee and to see himself out) he comes home and there’s this stranger on the couch. 
  • And its Tony, who looks appalled for all of 0.2 seconds before giving him this blatant once over and lazy, salacious smirk. 
  • May is fretting by the doorway saying “I’m sorry Peter, I just…I couldn’t not get in touch”.
  • And Tony winks at him and licks his lips, stands up and holds out his hand and says “nice to meet you, little brother.”
  • Alternatively, hello, son 👁👅👁
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The text comes at 5:15pm, unexpected and ominous as he scrolled idly through Tumblr.

[The King] Report to couch. [17:15]

Peter’s brows furrowed as he aat bolt upright, re-reading the message. Report to couch? He mouthed to himself, head tilting. Tony had never used the word ‘report’ before. Even when they were actually reporting back.

“JARVIS?” He asked the room.

“Yes, Mr. Parker?”

“Where is Mr. Stark now?”

“The penthouse common area, Sir”.

Hm. Ergo; the couch. Peter shuffled out of bed and slipped on a pair of Vans, padding out of his room and down the hallway to the indoor balcony that surveyed the lower portion of the penthouse. He could see the couch from there and he could see Tony and…Steve?

Peter’s heart plummeted. He tried to turn on his heel and creep back to his room. He could pretend he was asleep; ask JARVIS to lie for him. Tony was facing the opposite way and his hearing probably wasn’t that good at 46.

“I know you’re there, Parker” Tony called out, and Peter cursed softly. Far below, Steve snorted and promptly swallowed the sound. Peter turned on his heel and made his way down the sweeping staircase.

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