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#tony stark/stephen strange

How about an AU where Stephen is a famous classical guitar player rather than a surgeon. At least he is until the accident…

Afterwards, even when he has sold everything else he owns to pay for his hand surgeries, he can’t let go of his Martin OM-45 Deluxe acoustic guitar.

Unfortunately, that means it is with him in the back alley in Kathmandu, and that it is damaged when the local thugs try to steal it.

For a long time, he can’t even look at the piece, any more than he can throw them away. It isn’t until after the fight with Dormammu, when he has accepted his new life and his new role as the Master of the New York Sanctuary that Stephen finds the strength to bring the broken guitar to the finest luthier in the world: Tony Stark.

But, Tony, for all his tart humor and gentle heart, harbors a sad past of his own.

Can Tony mend more than Stephen’s broken guitar?

Can Stephen help Tony find the magic in life once again?

And, together can they learn to make beautiful music once more?

…and I’d call it, Unchained Melody.

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Tony: I just want to thank you for being here for me, and being one of the most amazing men I know. I am so grateful that you can put up with someone as messed up as me...
Stephen: awe honey :)
Tony: you are
Stephen: what
Tony: annoying.
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IronStrange Headcanon Day 16

Neither Tony nor Stephen has a good relationship with sleep. They both have enough baggage that nightmares are regular and terrifying.

But there are limits to how long they can avoid sleep and eventually they do have to sleep. It’s usually after a long drawn out lovemaking that they fall asleep together, curled up and exhausted.

When the nightmares do come for one of them, the other wakes up, kisses and holds them, whispering words of love and affection until they fall back asleep. Guarding their sleep until no more nightmares come for them.

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IronStrange Headcanon Day 15

With how dangerous their day to day lives can be and knowing just how fragile life is, they develop the habit quickly in their relationship.

It doesn’t matter if they are grumpy at each other or having a bad day or so busy that they really need to get the fuck out of the house. Each and every time they part, even if it is for an hour, they will always share a kiss and whisper “I love you” to each other.

Their friends and colleague thinks its ridiculous. They get teased for it non stop. It never stops them and soon enough it catches on. Even with their friends, they never say goodbye. They always say, I love you.

None of them can bear the thought of their final words to each other being anything but words of love.

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IronStrange Headcanon Day 14

They don’t argue. Banter? Yes. Flirt? Yes. Disagree? Of course. But an actual full blown argument with raised voices and anger? No.

It isn’t because they don’t disagree on things. It isn’t even because they are perfect for each other. It is just that their lives are difficult and dramatic enough that they try to keep their home lives calm.

So, the first time they do argue, it is all the more dramatic, all the more hurtful and all the more… difficult.

Both of them are stubborn and used to getting their ways. It makes apologising difficult. It is made even more difficult because Stephen takes himself to Karma-Taj and doesn’t come back.

But eventually Stephen calms down and when he comes home, he finds Tony asleep, his eyelashes wet with tears and curled around Stephen’s pillow and in Stephen’s shirt. When Tony’s eye snap open both of them stumble over their words as they try to apologise to each other.

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IronStrange Headcanon Day 13

Having seen 14,00,605 futures, sometimes Stephen becomes confused about which timeline that they are in.

Sometimes, he wakes up with Tony in his arms terrified that Tony isn’t meant to be with him. That there is a brighter and better future for him.

In those moments Tony holds him, kisses him, loves him and reminds him that Stephen is the future that he has chosen. That he does not want the other futures.

“Remember me. Remember us.”

Tony whispers to him over and over again until Stephen can.

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During the annual Halloween party, Tony begs Stephen to take them to the Mirror Dimension. Curious, Stephen does. Eventually.

Tony: 7… 8…

Stephen: What are you counting?

Tony: One sec babe. 9- oh that’s a good one.

Stephen: Anthony, what are you doing?

Tony: There’s the 10th- kinda shit thou-

Stephen: Anthony!

Tony: What?

Stephen: What. Are. You. Doing?!

Tony: Oh, I’m trying to see who the most popular Avenger is!

Stephen: And you needed to come to the Mirror Dimension to do that?

Tony: Yeah duh! It’s easier to see from here. Why?

Stephen: I thought that- nevermind.

Tony: Why else would I want to- oh. Oh. OH!!! Oh you kinky bastard!

… rumours are that Tony never did get to figure out who the most popular Avenger to dress up was. But rumours also say that it… was a good Halloween. For some.

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29th of October - Do you plan to make any experiments on coming Halloween? Or what does a genius do, when he meets someone remarkable?

Halloween Vid - The only good thing in Shaggy Dog was Robert Downey Jr (and a few gags and actors), he looks quite interesting as an evil doctor. So I made an evil Tony and why not - I added Benedict Cumberbatch. And now we have a Tony/Sherlock or Tony/Stephan vid :) I hope that sound is not too loud.

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Sneak Peak at Of Men and Meth: Upcoming Chapters

Steve, says something slightly mean to Tony:













Peter: iM gOnNa sAy iT!

Tony: nO kid

Peter: I’m goNNa fUcKinG sAy iT!

Tony: oH nO

Peter: The “A” on that helmet of yours stands for Captain Ass Hat! How’s it feel to be the Private part of America? You every say some like that Tony ever again-!



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