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#tony x peter

Tony: You know, Peter, one day you’ll get a girlfriend or a boyfriend and we might not see each other again.

Peter: What do you mean?

Tony: That you should enjoy the time while it lasts.

Peter: Then we should start dating so we won’t have to worry about that.



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“Petey,” Tony says, hating the pained whimper his princess makes, but loving the way the boy nuzzles his feverish, sweating forehead into his palm. “You have to let the nice doctor look at you. He needs to know what medicine to give you so you can feel better.”

Peter coughs weakly and shakes his head, refusing to uncurl from Tony’s chest. “No, Daddy,” he begs in a weak voice, “’m scared.

Tony’s heart melts into a gooey, sticky puddle. Stephen couldn’t look more imposed upon if he tried.

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It’s a chorus of joy and suffering the moment they step inside. A gorgeous melody of pleading cries, muffled shouts, moans, groans, whimpers, whines. Peter flails trying to get to his alpha - Bucky does his damned best to wrench the stockade from its base inlaid in the concrete slab, but it holds firm. Peter is absolutely adorable as he reaches for Bucky with both hands, crying out, “Alpha, alpha…!” Like if he calls urgently enough, Bucky will shatter his restraints and come to him.

His little pets are so fucking cute.

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Peter, carrying a baby elephant: ᶜᴬᴺ ᵂᴱ ᴷᴱᴱᴾ ᴵᵀ ᴹᴿ ˢᵀᴬᴿᴷˀᵎ ₚₗₑₐₛₑ?

Tony, freaking out: um… I uh,,, wh- how are yo- i mean,,,


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Little space
Send nudes

Pairing: Peter Parker x Tony Stark
Word count: 500
Warnings: age regression, daddy kink, sexting

Chap 1   Chap 2

You can thank the anon who sent @the-mad-starker an ask about how there are no fics with little! Tony. I also wrote this while in class


Peter’s eyes widened for a second before he got his calm posture back.
“Baby, I don’t have your pacifier in me,” he said, “Why don’t we go back to the hotel, get you changed in something comfortable?”
“Okay” Tony whispered, eyes teary.
He clung to Peter’s hand as they walked back to the hotel, to his displeasure taking over than an hour.

When they finally got back, Tony sat right on the couch, legs crossed and hands resting in his lap.
“Daddy, can I put on my onesie, please?” he looked at Peter with pleading eyes.
“Of course Tones. Do you want your stuffy as well?”
“Yes please”
Peter went to the bedroom, Tony following right behind. The little started pulling on his clothes, wanting to take them off.
“You need any help there, baby?” Peter looked at him with a small smile and loving eyes. The frantic nodding made him walk closer to Tony, helping him undress.
“Thank you” the little whispered and sat on the edge of the bed. He crawled over to the other side of it and took the stuffed red and yellow dragon in his hands, hugging it close to his chest.

Peter took the onesie out of Tony’s suitcase and spread it on the bed. He unbuttoned the front. Tony wiggled in it himself, Peter just buttoning it back up. The little took the pacifier connected to his onesie in his mouth and suckled on it softly. He opened his arms, dragon still held tight in one hand, showing his caregiver he wants cuddles. And what caregiver is Peter if he doesn’t obey? He lied down, back pressed against the headboard. Tony crawled in his arms and curled against his chest. Peter started brushing his fingers through Tony’s hair, knowing it brings him comfort like nothing else, and kissed his forehead.

The day after, Tony had to go out in the city alone. Peter decided to stay in the hotel and just relax. He laid in bed until early noon. With one of Tony’s big shirts on, he walked around the apartment dancing to some music until he got a text. Peter looked at his phone and his face turned red, the blush spreading over his ears and down his chest.
‘I really wanna fuck you into the mattress rn’ the text read.
'Well daddy, if you were here I would’ve let you’ Peter sent back.
'God Peter. Send some nudes?’
'Gimme a minute’
A few minutes later Peter sent a text with a photo attached to it.
'I hope you like it daddy’ *insert photo here*
'Hell yeah I like it. Can you give me more?’
'Mm, okay’ *insert photos here*
'You make me so hard it’s unbelievable’
'Can’t wait for you to come back daddy, so I can help you’
'It’s good that I’m on my way then’
'I’ll be on the bed’



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tw mentioned kidnapping, mentions of sobriety, mentions of blood, drabble for this.

With hindsight, Peter should have seen the request to join the King for dinner coming. Stark would not let him waste away alone in his room forever. He enjoyed Peter’s company too much and enjoyed having him by his side. Though it didn’t stop him from getting desperate for a chance to leave the room before now. He’d picked at his bed frame until the wood had chipped and inevitably broken into sharp little sticks and the next time his door had opened to allow a maid and guard in he had lunged towards their neck until the wood broke skin.

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Caught WIP

I’m posting this now in the hopes one day I might actually write it up properly, but for now have this pure unadulterated Peter Gets Caught Jerking Off To Tony fic that won’t leave my brain. Warnings for smut and? no that’s about all the happens in this scene. I will add a read more when I can get to a computer.

Peter loves this, lives for this moment, when the world around him fades away, eclipsed by pure selfish need, by the desperate desire to reach climax. It makes his head spin, dizzy with how fast his mind focuses on that one objective, awareness narrowing down to the obscene drag of his hand over his cock, sharp, electric bursts of fricticious pleasure zapping over his skin, breath hitching high in his throat.

He can hear the traffic outside his window, the sounds of the city at night, but it’s far away from him now, the rough sliding of sheets where they’re rubbing against his arm, the pounding of his heart, blood rushing in his ears so much closer, more visceral. His chest is heaving with the effort, breath pulling in tight, catching on moans and trapped, base sounds of pleasure.

He’s lost to feeling, to sensation, the intricate fantasies of earlier brought down to one last coherent thought of Tony, Tony, Tony, clinging to the picture in his mind as his hand speeds, twists, just right, just there, he’s so close, can feel himself throbbing, pulsing, hips bucking up of their own accord, meeting his hand with sharp, erratic thrusts, an electric current shooting through him, nervous system alight, every cell in his body flooding with beautiful, sweet, aching, pleasure, and he’s gone.

There’s nothing, nothing in the world but this, wave after wave of release racking his body, coating his hand, his belly, in thick, sticky stripes of cum, stomach clenching at the feeling of it hitting his skin, a physical manifestation of the pleasure he feels deep within him. He’s vaguely aware of himself moaning, loud and low, couldn’t stop it even if he tried. It lasts years, lifetimes, he’s crashing over the edge so hard he’s not sure how he’ll ever get back up. He’s not sure he wants to.

When it finally stops, he sags back into the mattress, the warmth of his body heat, the soft glide of the comforter, cool where it had been left exposed to the air, convalescing into a perfect haven of comfort. He feels liquid, boneless, all tension gone from his body. He’s content to lay there forever, mind drifting, vague, contentment seeping deep into him.

Lazily, unhurried, he blinks his eyes open, unfocused for now, watching light dance across the ceiling. Smiles, just a little. He’s so warm, so soft, he could just… wait… light? There was no light on in his room. Sluggish, his brain tries to think back. No, he definitely switched off the light.

He’s confused, torn between brushing it off as unimportant, closing his eyes again and succumbing to sleep, and the other, stronger part of him that’s ringing alarm bells, trying valiantly to wake him up.

Blinking, trying to refocus his eyes, his mind, he registers that the light is coming in the direction of his open doorway. His open… doorway… his open…

He shoots upright, grabbing at the comforter and yanking it up his body as far as it will go, an instinctual attempt to cover his modesty, to hide as much of himself as he can, mind screeching to a halt as he locks eyes with one Tony Stark.

Tony is breathing harshly, the quick rise and fall of his chest, the convulsive flexing of his hand where is lies at his side causing the fluctuations in the light that frames his body, outlining him, like some voyeuristic angel, face shrouded in shadow. His other hand is clenched on the door handle so hard it must be painful, knuckles white and locked in position.

Peter has no idea how long he’s been standing there, but the expression on his face is enough to tell him that he saw too much, enough to have him lock down into fight or flight, for his eyes turn dark, inky black and his cock to.. get… hard? Yeah, there’s no mistaking the outline of it protruding from his jeans, and if there could be any doubt right at that moment, as Tony realises the direction Peter’s eyes have taken, it twitches, Tony ripping his hand off the door, expression caught somewhere between mortified and reverent, altogether desperate.

“I,” he starts, cuts off to clear his throat. “I just- I came to see how, how you were after, uh, after earlier.”

He keeps going, muttering about training and recovery and at any other time Peter would be rejoicing, would be ecstatic to have finally caught Tony off guard. As it is, he’s so embarrassed he wants the world to disappear, wants to zap back in time twenty minutes ago and lock his goddamn door, wants to crawl over to where Tony is standing and suck him off until he can’t form words, until he cant remember his own name, until he shuts up.

Tony somehow manages to get the message from the pleading look he’s sending him and he cuts off abruptly. He’s still staring, that’s the thing, eyes boring into Peter, into his soul, into the very fabric of his being.


It’s half whisper, half outright moan, and it’s enough to have his oversensitive, spent cock perk up in interest, arousal still burning low within him, not quite gone from his recent orgasm.

“Tony,” he answers in kind, breathless, shocked.

And Tony looks so conflicted, so torn between the evident guilt and pleasure writing themselves across his face, that Peter takes pity, and stretches out a hand.

“Come here,” he says, softly, but with clear intent.

“Peter,” Tony says again. “I can’t. You know I can’t.”

Peter knows. Oh, Peter knows. He just doesn’t care.

“I want you to,” he says, strong, confident. In fact he’s desperate for it, but he can’t let Tony see that, has to hold up this front for him, so that neither of them break.

He sees the exact moment Tony caves. The tension in his shoulders recedes, breath leaving him in one long exhale, taking one step into the room, then another.

Peter lets himself break into a grin, settles himself back against the pillows.

“Tony,” he says, hand reaching back down to encircle around his rapidly filling cock. Tony hold his gaze, electricity crackling in the air between them.

“Lock the door.”

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Bath time
A wild ex appears

Pairing: Peter Parker x Tony Stark
Word count: 500
Warnings: some swearing

Chap 1


Waking up the next day was painful. Their bodies ached from the day before. Tony got out of bed first, much to Peter’s displeasure, and went to the bathroom. He started the water in the tub and put bubbles in it because he knew how much Peter loves bubbles. He walked back in the bedroom to see the younger boy wrapped around a pillow with the blanket covering him to the ears. The sight made Tony smile warmly. He pulled the blanket away from Peter and the cold air hitting his body made the boy whine. Tony got him in his arms and carried him to the bathroom. He put Peter down in the tub that was half full now and slipped in it behind Peter, wrapping his arms around the boy’s middle.
“I love you” he whispered, nuzzling closer to Tony.
“I love you too baby, so much” Tony pressed a soft kiss to the side of Peter’s neck, sending a shiver down the boy’s spine.

After the long bath, they got dressed and went out on a walk around the city. One person stopped them on the street, ha had recognized Tony and wanted a picture with him.
“I didn’t know you have a brother, Mr., I mean Tony” he said looking over the two.
“It’s because I don’t. He’s my boyfriend” Tony corrected him and kissed Peter’s cheek, making the boy blush a deep red.
“O-oh, I’m s-sorry. I didn’t know”
“It’s okay. It was nice meeting you, but we have to go. Bye”

With his arm wrapped around Peter’s waist, they walked away. They were enjoying their time until someone screamed, “ANTHONY!” from across the street and Tony turned around to look at who it was. The color drained from his face and his hold on Peter’s hand tightened.
“Hi Antony” she walked up in front of them, a cocky smirk on her face.
“Hi Stacy” Tony said back through gritted teeth.
“I see you found yourself a twink to fuck. I guess after all you couldn’t overcome me,” she put her hands on Tony’s shoulders and pushed Peter away. Tony was glued to his place. He was breathing fast, but he couldn’t push her away. He couldn’t move, “I guess you still love me”
“N-no” Tony whispered, shaking his head.
“Ooh, poor baby can’t lie” she kissed his cheek.
“Excuse me?” Peter pushed her hands away from Tony, who stumbled backwards.
“What do you want?” she spat in his face.
“Leave him alone” he stepped in front of Tony.
“Or what will you do?”
“I’ll call the police”

With one last look at Tony she turned around, her heels hammering against the pavement. Peter turned around and cupped Tony’s face.
“Are you okay baby?” he asked.
“Daddy, I want my paci”



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a collab fic with @ceratonia-siliqua

Summary: Tony is a man of refinement. Only the best, the highest quality specimens get added to his collection. Peter, a beautiful and very rare male omega, quickly becomes his favorite of all his pets.

The perfect omega deserves an equally-perfect alpha.

(Or: An a/b/o au where pet owner!Tony forcibly mates Peter and Bucky together for his own enjoyment.)

Warnings: Underage, noncon, a/b/o au, forced mating, dark!Tony, confinement, forced pet play dynamics, forced mating/in heat cycles, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat.

Read on ao3.

Peter’s kennel is easily the nicest.

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Guys…. guys..

Spiders have blue blood. In humans, oxygen is bound to hemoglobin, a molecule that contains iron and gives blood its red color. In spiders, oxygen is bound to hemocyanin, a molecule that contains copper rather than iron.

So hear me out. The radioactive spider and caused him to be the spider me know and love right.

But what if Peter’s blood slowly turned blue. Like when he was bit it was red for a long time and it slowly got this purply hue. Then is actually went full purple and then it slowly went blue.

And and.

Because of this whenever Peter starts bleeding now or ends up in the hospital everyone freaks out because they have to get him away from everyone so they don’t see he has blue blood.

Also I’m telling you now, MJ totally found out Peter had blue and carries around a little squirt bottle of red dye for when Peter gets punched in the face and his nose starts bleeding. She just swoops, squirts some red dye on a tissue and shoves it on Peter’s nose. Then Tony is called and no one can say no to Tony Stark taking his boy home.

Also also that one time Peter ended up in the hospital, because of a car crash or something, Tony was definitely there in a flash and dragged Peter out of there and to his own medical centre because Tony doesn’t want to government experimenting on his boy.

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