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🎃 10 Days To Halloween : Pumpkins 🎃

now that i’ve made this i have the urge to write a fic abt tony owning a rlly cute pumpkin patch and peter being his rlly sweet customer. think flowershop!au but with pumpkin patches lol. but alas I do not have the time, so pls, go wild, or link fics like this in the comments!

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All of my work ( updated when possible)

Mind of an Alpha


Read on: Archive of Our Own

Summary: When Peter Parker was little he knew he was different compared to other omegas. He knew he wanted more in life than kids and an alpha to clean after, he wanted a career and that career was set in science, more specifically engineering and robotics. Now he’s eighteen and attending college and living with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May when he lands and internship at Stark Industriesarnd quickly earns the respect of the CEO Tony Stark. Being that he’s the only omega he knows he must work harder to prove he belongs, and that he does. But one night leads to one simple mistake that leads him being in the worst possible situation. He becomes pregnant.

Tags: mpreg, abo, body image issues, antepartum depression, age gap, …

The Price of a Sin


Read on Archive of our own

Summary: Peter Parker is in a loveless and abusive marriage. He fortunately, found happiness in the arms of another, but as we all know all good things must come to an end. Now he must pay the price for his sin.

Tags: abo, mpreg, cheating, abusive relationship….



Read on AO3


Tags: cheating, highschool, time skip, adoption…

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I just wanna say that if you think that a relationship such as starker is healthy IN REAL LIFE, you have no place on my blog and you’re not welcome here. A 15 year old should NOT be dating a 40+ year old in real life. If you condone that shit, you’re out. If you fantasize about kids*, fictional or otherwise, you’re fucking disgusting and have no place here.

*when I say kids, I don’t mean Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, i mean kids who are portrayed by kids or kids in a book.

This might make me sound like an anti, but I really don’t give a fuck. If you use this ship as a means to justify predatory behavior, get out. if this ship was portrayed by a real 15 year old, it would and always will be disgusting. If a 15 year old was in a “relationship” with a 40+ year old, it wouldn’t be a relationship, it would be abuse, grooming, and pedophila.

Tl;dr: if you think that a real life teen can be in a relationship with an adult, get the fuck off my blog ❤️

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Day 20 - Caught Masturbating (Peter/Tony)

I’m sorry this is late, it’s been a weird day. But I hope everyone enjoys 🧡 might add a second part to this later if people are interested

Warnings: Peter’s age isn’t mentioned but he’s 17, mutual pining/lust, masturbation, getting caught


Peter definitely had a problem with touching himself.

Like, he figured that any teenage boy did. It was just a thing. They discovered what an orgasm was and they never stopped touching themselves.

Except that since the bite, his sensitivity was even higher than normal.

At first he wasn’t sure how to deal, barely able to keep from rubbing one out every hour.

Then he eventually began to cope, figuring out how often he needed it and how long he could go without. Everything was all good. He knew what to do.

Except all of that went out the widow with Mr. Stark.

Tony Stark had been a main focus in Peter questioning his sexuality since he discovered what that even meant. The first time Peter had cum had been to a poster of Iron Man he had.

And meeting him at the impressionable age of fifteen? Peter was ruined for absolutely anyone else. It was like his dick had a trigger switch that was turned on if Mr. Stark was in a fifteen foot radius. Anything he had done to keep himself under control before was useless when it came to the older man.

Which was especially an issue when they started doing missions together. Or spent time in Mr. Stark’s lab or garage together.

Bye bye loose track pants, Peter always did his best to wear bottoms that wouldn’t show his embarrassing hard ons. Although sometimes it was still a struggle. Like in his skintight suit.

But if Mr. Stark ever noticed, luckily he never said anything.

Just being around the man drove him crazy. When his thoughts wandered…that was really where the problem came in.


If just being in close proximity drove Peter’s hormones insane, having Mr. Stark actually touch him made him nearly combust. Take that how you wish.

They’d been working on the suit for nearly two hours and Tony had wanted Peter in it to make sure everything still fit right and he didn’t mess up any of the aerodynamics.

At least that was what he said. He really just liked the kid in the suit. But he’d never admit to it. That was wrong.

Tony’s hands kept touching him as he worked, light brushing against his chest and back and shoulders.

It didn’t matter that there was fabric between them, his skin still sung at the almost-contact.

Eventually he ended up half naked, suit loose around his arms and torso as they figured out how to tweak one webshooter.

Again, that was what Peter believed, anyways.

Tony knew there was nothing wrong. He just couldn’t help himself. It wasn’t wrong to indulge himself if it was only looking, right? And he was helping the kid, that made it okay.

Until he started noticing the swelling bulge at Peter’s crotch.

He needed to give the kid some time to cool down. So he’d step out for a couple minutes and act like he hadn’t noticed anything. For the good of Peter, of course.

“I’ll be right back, underoos, don’t worry. Give me just a minute.” Tony walked out of the room, holding his phone like he was going to make a call.

Making sure he really was out of the room, Peter quickly shoved the bottom half of his suit aside and wrapped a hand around his cock. He still had boxers on, but they weren’t thick enough to prevent much of the feeling from getting to him.

A soft groan left him and he bit down on his bottom lip to keep most of the sound quiet. He didn’t need to alert anyone that walked by.

But he quickly started stroking himself, pushing his boxers down after a couple of minutes when he was absolutely sure that he was alone.

He needed to finish quickly, before Mr. Stark came back. There weren’t any slow movements or teasing. There wasn’t time for that. He just needed to cum.

And it definitely wouldn’t take long.

He could just remember the smell of Mr. Stark’s cologne, or the way the man’s hand felt on his shoulder.

His eyes slipped shut and he thumbed over the head of his cock, moaning at the extra sensitivity that brought him.

It was almost there, he could almost feel the crest of the wave as his high built and built-

And then there was someone clearing their throat.

His eyes flew open and frantically looked in the direction of the voice. Every part of him seemed to flash heat as his eyes landed on Mr. Stark.

“Oh god, no, Mr. Stark, I swear-“ his mouth couldn’t keep up with the excuses and apologies that his brain kept coming up with.

He gathered enough brainpower to slowly tuck away his still-throbbing cock. At least give himself some sort of dignity.

Although he wasn’t sure there was really much to save after that.

“Peter,” Tony said slowly. He had given him a couple of minutes and he thought Peter had finished when there had been a moment of silence. Obviously his assumption had been incorrect.

Peter was focused on his words. Or- word.

Oh god. No nickname. No nothing. Just Peter. Just his name and nothing else. That never happened.

“…yes?” He squeaked, resisting the urge to hide his face in his hands.

Tony just looked at him for a moment, fighting the urge to smile at how he blushed all the way to his chest. But he couldn’t smile. He needed to be serious. Although he was no good at that.

“You were doing that…why? I only had to step out for a couple minutes, we have a bathroom you could have gone to.” He sounded a bit exasperated, but it was mostly to cover up how turned on he was. That part didn’t need to be heard. It was highly inappropriate. He couldn’t let the teen know that he had been listening. He knew it was going to happen.

Peter whined softly, not looking at him. “Because…” because why? Going to the bathroom would have made much more sense. And he wouldn’t have gotten caught.

Maybe that was what he wanted. But there was no way that he was saying that.

“I don’t know,” he whispered, unable to make his voice any louder.

Tony nodded slowly, raking a hand through his hair. “Okay. Okay. Take the suit off, okay?”

More fear swept through Peter. “Wh-what?” He was going to get the suit taken. He just knew it. He had been caught in his disgusting desires and he had been careless and he was going to have the suit taken.

He was quickly spiraling in his own thoughts, keeping the suit pulled up on his lower half.

Tony watched him, expression softening as he noticed how he seemed to be panicking. “Hey hey. No. I’m not taking it from you, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m just not in the mood to clean a multimillion dollar suit. I was gonna step out again and let you finish.” And keep listening for those beautiful noises.

It wasn’t wrong if he just listened, right?

Peter slowly looked up at him, blinking slowly. “You’re not taking the suit,” he said softly.

“Correct. You want me to step out now or-“


He definitely answered that too fast. That was weird. That was definitely weird.

“I mean-“ he started backtracking. “You don’t have to leave. I’m…beyond mortified now and don’t think there’s even a chance I’ll be able to…yknow.” He cleared his throat, looking away as he started getting his suit on completely again.

Tony nodded slowly, watching him. He could definitely still make out a sizeable bulge in the front of the suit, but he wouldn’t mention it. It would have been wrong for him to mention it. He didn’t even need to seem like he was paying attention. It was better to just not say. “Alright. Well, just let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.”

Neither of them said anything for a moment after that.

Peter was waiting for him to correct the statement. To take it back and clarify what he meant.

Tony just looked at his phone quickly before shrugging. “Want to get back to work?”

“Actually….” don’t do it Parker, no, you’re going to look stupid if he didn’t mean it. “Maybe I could use some help,” he said shyly.

A slight smirk tugged at Tony’s lips and he nodded. “Just tell me what you need.”

Tony was a bad, bad man.

And Peter was finally starting to see that.

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Find our full Kinktober post right here!


Summary: Peter gets to sit on Tony’s face ^^ 
Warnings: NFF, Face Sitting, Oral.

I’m aware that this isn’t my best prompt fill a a a. I was gonna write, and then I just… Played guitar all night whoops. So I quickly typed this out before bed! Hope y'all like the imaginary visuals XD

Read on AO3

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Tony and Peter have a mutual understanding that, if one of them needs to sub, the other will wordlessly be there for them. Their approach to it couldn’t be more different though.

Peter outright says it. Or rather, most of the times he texts because they’re still more or less unofficial to the outside world. It’s never a lot, but always very obvious.

“Need you, Daddy.”

That’s all it takes and Tony understands. He doesn’t have to ask what’s wrong, just messages him the okay Peter always waits for.

“I’m here, baby.”

Peter will swing by not long after and whatever Tony is doing has to wait while he takes care of his boy. What Peter needs is his presence, his comfort, his reassurance - his love. And when he calmed him down with soft kisses and gentle words, Peter purrs like a kitten.

Of course there’s sex after, always, and while it’s often rough and hard, Tony never fails to make Peter feel loved and special.

Tony, on the other hand… Tony is different. He doesn’t say it when he needs to sub, but Peter has gotten good at picking up the cues. It’s never sudden, there’s always a few days in which his behavior changes ever so slightly, and Peter knows what’s happening.

He will be more quiet, less energetic. In a way, he’s almost turning shy. That’s when Peter knows he needs to be over as much as he can because when Tony drops, he drops hard.

One moment they will work on something or they will talk and then, Tony will simply get up, drop what he’s doing and walk over to Peter to sit on his lap, arms wrapping around him and face buried against his neck.

To Peter, nothing about this is shameful or embarrassing. To him, it’s simply Tony being vulnerable and trusting him in a way he doesn’t trust anyone else. Then, Peter will wrap his arms around him, gently rubbing his back and murmur in the sweetest tone.

“I’m here, baby, it’s okay.”

Tony needs comfort too, he needs to be held, but that’s not all and Peter noticed it very soon. Eventually, Tony will start sliding down and Peter will let him, knowing that the comfort he craves might be different from his own, but no less important.

They aren’t so different after all, only that the dominance Tony needs is mostly involving sex. Which, to be honest, Peter is perfectly okay with. Tony doesn’t want him to be hard or cruel to him, he wants to let go, to be told what to do and to do it well. It gives him comfort, reassurance and it grounds him.

And so, when Tony is like this, Peter smiles and runs a hand through Tony’s hair while slowly unbuckling his pants. “You want to be a good boy for me, baby?”

Tony nods, looking up with those beautiful doe eyes, equal parts needy and waiting for Peter to pull his cock out.

“Go ahead, baby,” Peter coos, knowing Tony needs him to tell him what to do. “Suck my cock.”

Tony lets out a happy purr as he settles between Peter’s legs and slowly takes his cock into his mouth, just letting it lay on his tongue for a moment while he closes his eyes and breathes. Peter is patient with him, Tony needs it, and simply watches him as he caresses his head until Tony eventually starts moving his head.

For Peter, it’s not about getting off, even if it’s insanely hot being sucked off. For him, it’s about giving Tony what he needs and sometimes they just stay like this for over an hour, Tony almost gently suckling on his cock, head resting on Peter’s thigh, and calming down from whatever it is that torments him.

When Tony is done, which becomes obvious when he sighs and slowly opens his eyes, Peter smiles at him softly. “Do you feel better, baby?” he asks, to which Tony nods shyly and crawls back up.

“Thank you, Petey,” he mumbles, but Peter just shakes his head and pulls him close.

“You never have to thank me, baby,” he coos, kissing Tony softly. “You were so good for me, I have to thank you.”

They never do any more work on those nights, what follows is Peter coaxing Tony into bed and there, he makes sure to show Tony just how much he loves and adores him - kissing him, touching him, murmuring the sweetest words over and over.

They have sex, yes, but it’s soft and gentle, more lovemaking than anything else. And Peter loves it because he knows Tony needs it and it’s wonderful how they can share this kind of intimacy without any fear.

Sure, on a regular day they often fuck like rabbits, quite literally, but while Peter enjoys those nights no less, he knows those soft nights carry a weight they both cherish so much.

Even though he’s young, Peter is fully aware of how important they are to each other and this kind of mutual, devoted love, is something he will treasure for all his life because it’s so precious and special.

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Prompt: Genital Piercings

Word Count: 1056

Summary: Peter’s heard the rumors.


Peter’s heard the rumors. Come on, he’s had the internet and a huge crush on Tony Stark, even before he actually got recruited by him. So yeah, he’s maybe been a bit of a perv once or twice (or a few more times) and has heard that Tony has a penis piercing. And he’s totally gone and looked up what that might mean, what it might look like, and of course he’s… thought about it. In bed. Alone.

But thinking about it, knowing about it, still doesn’t prepare him at all for having it in front of him. “Holy shit,” he whispers.

Tony smiles at him, the same fond, amused expression he’s been giving Peter all evening. “Is that the good kind of ‘holy shit’?” he asks. Peter hesitates, because honestly he’s not entirely sure himself; sure, it looks amazing and he wants— he wants a lot of things.

But he also feels like he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.

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Find our full Kinktober post right here!


Summary: Tony is a little jealous of all the thugs that end up hanging from Peter’s webs.
Warnings: Role Reversal/Switching, Tony is the good boy :P, Suspension, Inappropriate Use Of Webbing, Sexual Fantasy (edging towards monsterfucking tbh loool), Very possessive dirty talk

Read on AO3

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Prompt: Somnophilia

Word Count: 2664

Summary: It doesn’t matter how much Peter wants or tries, he’ll never have even a chance with Tony.

While he’s awake, at least.

(somnophilia, major consent issues, creeper Peter, marking, guilt for everyone)


Peter should have left twenty minutes ago. 

He knows this even as he continues to sit there, right next to Tony. He knows there’s no good excuse for the way he’s watching Tony sleep, the way he’s actually on Tony’s bed, the way he’s thinking of— 

But Tony had wanted him there, he tells himself. Sure, he’d said he was sorry, that Peter shouldn’t see him like this, drunk and exhausted and stumbling over his own feet, words slurring. Said that he shouldn’t put any of that on Peter, but he’d let Peter half hold him up and get him to bed.

Said, sprawled out on the bed, his hand darting forward to catch Peter’s wrist, “I’m sorry, kid. I’m so sorry; I should have done better, kept you safer. Shouldn’t have let you die like that. Fuck, I’m sorry.”

“Mr. Stark,” Peter’d said, “it’s okay, I’m okay. I’m right here, you didn’t just let me die.”

“Don’t go,” Tony’s grip tight around his wrist. “Don’t leave again, I can't— I’ll figure it out, I will, I will. I’m going to get you back.”

“You did,” Peter had tried to tell him, over and over, but it’s like Tony couldn’t hear him, so— Peter had stayed. Tony dropped off—or passed out, he’s not sure—shortly after. And then he still stayed.

He watches Tony sleep, all sprawled out and loose limbed, still frowning. It’s pretty creepy, he can’t deny that, but Peter wasn’t the only one that disappeared for a while. If he’s staring at Tony for more reasons than just… to know that he’s there, still alive and in one piece, well— no one else has to know.

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Hi! It is I, your weird pair of shoes, who is back again with more random and confusing things.

I can’t seem to focus on my classes, so I made this series instead, and will be tagged #cfoc (Can’t Focus On Class) and #dftd (Distraction For The Distracted). Say hi to the new tags for my little tag family!

This little series (?) is basically like this: I let my playlist drag me through and make me write stuff without me knowing how to layout or plan out my words.

If you do end up liking this, thank you!  ❤️\(’^’)/ 💕

If you’d like me to edit out something or make a separate and complete story about this, feel free to let me know. ^v^ 💕And DO feel free to recommend me some songs! I’d love to explore 💕.

Tony never expected to be here in this moment.

The sun was shining through their bedroom’s curtains. He could faintly hear the birds chirping outside. The bed was cozy and warm, and so so comfortable. Everything is so perfect and peaceful, almost ethereal and heavenly. It was too good to be true, but it was. Tony can’t seem to accept it or wrap himself around the concept or the idea that out of all of the people there are in the world…

He looks over to the other side of the bed to see familiar brown locks peeking from the blankets. He knows this man right beside him, sleeping oh so peacefully. His Peter. Peter Stark.

Tony gets one of his hands free and gently moves his hair back, to see his Peter’s eyes closed and softly dreaming away.

Tony gives a soft kiss on Peter’s head, with a smile so full of love and a heart so full of warmth. Tony doesn’t notice the tears of joy that was streaming down, but even if he did, he wouldn’t even care.

…He chose me.

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