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Ezra: *passes out*

Mikey: Oooo!

Mikey: He needs some milk!

Tony: WTF?


Jack: Boo!

Peter: Staaaahp!

Peter: I coulda dropped my croissant!

Tony: ???


Sleipnir: *points to glass* This bitch empty,

Sleipnir: YEET!

Tony: WHY?!


*car stops in front of sign*

Loki: *sitting on passenger’s seat* Road work ahead? Yeah, I sure hope it does.

Tony: *in driver’s seat* asddfghjkja

Tony: UGH! *hits forehead on steering wheel*

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{With Tony}

Tony: So this is your school, huh?

Peter: Yep! This is the cafeteria, the classrooms, the lockers, and the hallway— *bumps into Flash*

Flash: Hey! Watch it, Penis!


Tony: *gets his repulsers ready*

Peter: DaD, NO—!

{With Loki}

Loki: This is your Midgardian Learning Hall?

Peter: Uh huh!

Loki: Quite small for a Learning Hall, in all honesty.

Peter: It’s Earth School for ya! *smiles*

Peter: Anyway, here’s the classrooms, where we study, the library, where we get books for references, the lockers, where are stuff usually is, and the hallway— *bumps into Flash*

Flash: Hey! Watch it, Penis!


Loki: *skin turning blue and eyes turning red while his scepter appears in his hand*


Peter: MoM, NO—!

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Ironman 💟




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{In Earth}

Frigga: *returns with Loki to the tower* I am so thankful we manage to calm down Jormungandr from his tantrum.

Loki: I too am glad, Mother, but now, I fear for Sleipnir’s life.

Frigga: It is a mother’s instincts to worry over his/her children. *guides Loki to couch.* Come, you need rest.

Loki: *nods and sits down*

Ezra: *runs in to see him* Hey, Lokes! How’s Jor?

Loki: Doing well, thank the Norns. *lets out a sigh of relief*

Tony: Babe! *runs in and jumps on couch to embrace Loki* I missed you!

Loki: Anthony! *laughs* I’ve only been gone for ten minutes!

Bruce: *enters with everyone else* Actually, you’ve been gone for 12, and Tony was already antsy after 2.

Mikey: Hi, Queen Frigga! *hugs Frigga*

Frigga: Oh, hello, my dear. *returns hug and pats Mikey’s head* And I told you to call me ‘mother’, remember?

Mikey: Oh, sorry! Hi, Mother Frigga!

Steve: Are you alright, your highness? You and Loki look worn out.

Frigga: I am alright, Captain, and there is no need for such titles. You are my son’s intended, thus my future son-in-law, thus you are like a son to me.

Loki: And I’m fine. It’s just… motherhood is quite exhausting.

Ezra: Great, now I’m not looking forward to it.

Frigga: *smiles and pats Ezra on the shoulder* It is full of hardship, but motherhood may also have it’s greatness. Do not stress yourself over it, alright?

Ezra: Yeah, you’re right, Mother Frigga. I’m a month and two weeks, after all.

Loki: Don’t Lasat pregnancies last 3 months?


Ezra: BuT i’M—

Loki: Ez, Garazeb’s cycle overpowers your own, thus leveling it down to 3 months of pregnancy.




Frigga: *shakes head* You’ve been using an illusion, have you not?

Ezra: …maybe?

Mikey: *face-palm* Jack’s gonna flip, Zeb’s gonna rage, and I wanna live.

Loki: We all do. *mutters* Well, to an extent.

Clint: *looks out window* Hey, is that the rainbow thing that you Asgaradians travel on, Queen Frigga?

Frigga: Huh? *turns and gasps to see Odin standing by the balcony of the tower* Odin?!

Odin: Frigga. *glares at his wife then down at Loki* You, your friend and your son had corrupted MY son with his ergi ways, Laufeyson.

Loki: Oof! My death has come.


Ezra: I’m surprised that you had the nerve to say that when Odin’s planning to kill you.

Loki: *shrugs* It was expected sooner or later.

Frigga: *blocks Odin* Don’t you dare take a step forward!

Odin: Move, Frigga. I need to slay that monster that I should have slain as a baby.

Tony: Woah, there! *gets up and holds a hand up* NO ONE is killing anyone in MY house, especially not my boyfriend!

Odin: He is not worthy to have anyone to care for him.

Loki: Harsh. *frowns* And I wonder who has a heart as cold as ice; Odin or me, an actual Frost Giant?

Mikey: Ooh! I can answer that one! Odin!

Ezra: Odin, no doubt.

Odin: *growls* Of course, you have MORE disrespectful friends…

Peter: *goes beside Loki* You won’t kill Mom! We’ll all stop you!


Odin: *turns to Loki in disgust* Another child?! Haven’t you had enough of these monsters?!

Peter: *tears up* W-What…?

Tony: *gasps*

Avengers: *gasp*

Frigga: *gasps*

Ezra and Mikey: *gasp*


Loki: *takes out a blade* I wOuLd LiKe YoU tO RePeAt ThAt! DaRe YoU! *holds Peter close* He’s such a sweet cinnamon roll! How could you call him a monster?!

Tony: *puts on suit and stands in front of Loki and Peter* How could you call ANY of them a monster?!

Odin: I’ve had enough of this. *pushes Tony away and raises Gungnir at Loki* This ends NOW, Laufeyson!


{In Asgard}

Thor: *appears at the observatory with Jack, Sleipnir, Laufey, and Farbauti* Heimdall! Where is father?!

Heimdall: He is on Midgard, ready to kill Loki with the Gungnir.

Laufey and Farbauti: WHAT?!

Jack: asdfghjkasdfghjk

Jack: Get us to Earth! Now!

Heimdall: *nods and opens Bi-Frost* Go, quickly. And good luck.


{On Earth}

Odin: *raises Gungnir at Loki* This ends NOW, Laufeyson!

???: NO!

*Everyone looks up, and Bi-Frost appears. Laufey comes forward and grabs Odin’s arm, causing a frosted burn*

Odin: Argh! *hisses and pulls back, dropping Gugnir*

Jack: *grabs Gungnir* GOT IT!

Sleipnir: MOMMY! *runs to Loki*

Loki: Sleipnir! *takes Sleipnir in his arms*

Thor: Father, what are you doing?!

Frigga: Commiting Illegal Execution, that is what! *huffs and walks towards her eldest son*

Odin: I was getting rid of a traitor and a monster! *turns to Laufey and Farbauti* And for the Jotnar, I was ridding of a runt!

Farbauti: *roars* How DARE you assume that we saw our son as a runt?!

Loki: Wait. *turns to Laufey then Farbauti then Jack* I… I was not abandoned?

Jack: *face-palm* Did you really think Odin tells any truth?

Thor: Aye. *nods* Jack, Ezra and Mikey knew of the truth, but they needed proof to approach such a subject to you, brother.


Loki: Of course.

Ezra: Let’s make this a more… 'proper’ reunion, shall we?

Jack: Yes, we shall. *nods and hands Gungnir to Frigga* But FIRST, Odin is to NEVER set foot in Earth ever again.


Jack: Pah-lease. As if Mother Nature isn’t going to forbid you already.

Laufey: I suggest that this reunion is to be continued in Jotunheim.

Frigga: *nods* I will agree… after the mess here in Midgard is settled.

Mikey: And after we tell a few more truths about the situation?

Loki: Yes, PLEASE. You three owe me THAT much.

Ezra: *laughs* Alright, alright. This’ll be one LONG story to tell.

The End… or is it…? XD

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???: It is you who will pay, you ergi.

Laufey: *looks up* ODIN!

Thor: *jumps* FATHER?!

Jack: *holds out staff with a growl* Let Sleipnir go, you lunatic!

Odin: *pulling on Sleipnir’s reins forcefully* No. Give back the casket, and the horse will be freed.

Slepinir: *in pain and trying to pull out from Odin’s grip* Uncles, HELP!

Thor: *raises Mjolnir* I refuse to fight you, Father.

Odin: Then return the casket! Now!

Jack: We’ve already returned the casket… to it’s rightful owner! Who is NOT you, you fucking bastard!

Laufey: *rises from throne* You have come a long way to die, Odin. Leave.

Odin: I will not leave without that casket. *pulls on Sleipnir’s reins more.* Or my horse.


Odin: *huffs* Look at this thing. *tugs the reins once more* This being is a beast and can never be considered a being, no matter what.

Sleipnir: *whimpers*

Thor: Father, let go of my nephew. *tightens grip on Mjolnir* Now.

Odin: *glares at Thor* I will not. He belongs to me as much as the casket does. Son, you swore to destroy all the Frost Giants. Why protect one hybrid?

Jack: ARGH! THAT’S IT! *shoots and freezes the floor that the AllFather was standing on*

Odin: GAH! *jumps and slips, letting go off the reins*

Sleipnir: *neighs then runs to them, shapeshifting into his Aesir form and jumps into Jack’s arms*

Jack: *holds the 5-year old (in Earth years) child tightly in his arms* Are you okay, Slei?

Sleipnir: *nods and cuddles up to the Winter Spirit*

Jack: *smiles* Good.

Thor: Father. *steps forward* Leave the casket be. It belongs to Jotunheim to restore this realm to it’s glory.

Odin: And let them claim war on Asgard? Never!

Laufey: Fool! YOU claimed war on Jotunheim after we refuse to sign the bias treaty of yours!

Odin: And you should have signed it! Because of your own pride, you allowed yourself to lose a son!

Jack: *rolls eyes and mutters* Anymore pride, and Odin’s losing more than just his son.

Laufey: I’m giving you ONE MORE chance to leave, Odin, and NEVER come back.

Odin: *hitting the Gungnir on the floor* I will not.

Thor: *is about to say something but stops when he sees a shadow looming behind his Father* Uh…

Jack: *grins and backs up with Sleipnir in his arms before bowing* An honor to have your presence, Lord Farbauti.


{In Earth}

*Ground shakes*

Clint: *comes out of kitchen while trying to keep himself steady* Woah! What’s happening?!

Nat: *comes out of training room while balancing herself* Earthquake!

Bruce: *stumbles out of lab to look outside* No, it can’t be. It looks the shake is coming from the ocean!

Tony: *holding onto the table* What the fuck is causing the whole goddamn Earth to shake?!

Loki: *holding onto the couch* It must be Jormungandr! Something must be wrong with Sleipnir!

Mikey: Woah! *stumbles out of the kitchen behind Clint* How does Jor know?!

Loki: They gave each other bonds to sense if one another are in danger! Jor must be trying to create a portal to Jotunheim!

Ezra: *enters trying to balance self* By the Force, I don’t think his way of making a portal is working!

Loki: Jor is 4 in Earth years!

Steve: Gah! *trips and stumbles in* A huge snake who is 4 years old in Earth years is trying to create a portal by making the planet shake?!

Rhodey: *walks in with a hand on the wall* This NEEDS to be stopped!

Loki: Can you blame him?!

Ezra: Nope! I blame Odin!


{In Asgard}

Heimdall: My queen. *bows*

Frigga: Heimdall, how is Midgard faring in Thor’s absence?

Heimdall: Jormungandr tantrums. I believe that Sleipnir is in danger, but Jack Frost uses a spell to hide them all to evade my sight, so I do not know what is happening in Jotunheim.

Frigga: *sighs and shakes head* Heimdall, bring me to Jotunheim.

Heimdall: Is that a wise idea, my queen?

Frigga: Hmm… you’re right. Very well, take me to Midgard.

Heimdall: Midgard?

Frigga: Yes. *nods* If Odin tries to harm Loki or Jormungandr then I will be there to stop him.

Heimdall. *nods* Very well. *opens Bi-Frost*


{In Jotunheim}

Odin: *turns around and growls* Lord Farbauti.

Farbauti: *snarls down at the Allfather* Odin.

Odin: I thought you dead.

Jack: Oopsie! *cackles* Sorry, Odin, but Manny knew better and helped ressurect him and the Crown Princes when you attempted to kill him back at the war.

Odin: *turns to the Winter Spirit with an angry hiss* How dare you—

Laufey: You are outnumbered, Allfather. *stomps closer to box them in* I had given you a chance to leave, and you wasted it. Now, you die.

Farbauti: Allow me, my elska (love). *takes out ice spear*

Thor: *turns to Jack in disbelief* W H A T

Jack: *shrugs* Yeah, Farbauti and Laufey are married. Laufey is a doe, after all. Farbauti is his buck.

Odin: That is the DISGUSTING part of you Jotnar. *gags* Intersexual. No females. Only males and intersexual males. Disgusting ergi.


Thor: *holds back Jack* Jack, no. Sleipnir is right in your arms.

Jack: Oh, right. *turns to Sleipnir* Sweetie, can you cover your ears?

Sleipnir: Okie. *covers ears*

Jack: Great. *takes deep breath and turns back to Odin* Now, where was I? Oh, yes. *clears throat before ranting* HOW DARE YOU OFFEND THEM FOR BEING GAY, YOU ASSHOLE?! HOW DARE YOU OFFEND INTERSEXUALS LIKE PIECES OF SHITS LIKE YOU?! THOR HAS A FUCKING BOYFRIEND, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!

Odin: WHAT?! *glares at Thor* How could you be an ergi, son?! I thought that I taught you better!

Thor: *frowns*


Farbauti: *snarls* He will not even live long to see Ragnarok. *steps forward*

Jack: No, Lord Farbauti. The worse punishment you can give someone is torture. Death is too merciful.

Laufey: THAT I will agree to. But first, *glares at Odin* where is my son, Odin?

Odin: The one I had slain as a child? In Hel, for all I care.


Jack: Thor, hold Sleipnir.

Thor: *nods and takes Sleipnir*

Sleipnir: *still has his hands on his ears* Can I remove my hands now?!

Thor: *shakes head and gives shushing motion*


Odin: *growls* How DARE you speak to me that way?! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?!

Jack: *laughs maniacally* Ha! Jokes on you! My blood mother’s been dead for centuries!

Thor: *groans* Now I know why Loki told me to warn you of your orphan jokes…

Farbauti: Enough! *stomps on floor* Odin, tell us where our son is! Now!

Odin: NEVER! *raises Gungnir* HEIMDALL!

Laufey: You—! *tries to grab Odin, who disappears into the Bi-Frost* DAMMIT!

Jack: Don’t worry, King Laufey, Lord Farbauti. I know where your youngest son is.

Farbauti: You do? Where?!

Jack: He’s on Earth. *pauses then sighs* And the name Odin had given him is Loki.

To be continued…

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{In Bi-Frost Observatory}

Odin: *stomps inside* HEIMDALL!

Heimdall: Yes, you’re highness?

Odin: Where is Thor and that Winter Spirit?! And where’s my horse?!

Heimdall: I cannot see them anywhere, your majesty. The Spirit of Winter has evaded my sight, a spell that he had most likely learned from Prince Loki.

Odin: Loki is no longer my son, thus he is no longer a prince of Asgard. There is no need for title.

Heimdall: But he is still a prince of Jotunheim, and I am to address all royals of every realm, no matter what realm.

Odin: Fine! *hisses* Open the Bi-Frost!

Heimdall: Where to?

Odin: To Midgard! If Thor is not there then I will call you, and you will bring me to Jotunheim.

Heimdall: Of course. *opens Bi-Frost*


{In Jotunheim Palace}

Jotun Guard 2: *enters room and bows* Your majesty King Laufey.

King Laufey: *on the throne, blood red eyes staring down at them* Where are the intruders?

Jotun Guard 2: *motions to Thor and Jack* They seek your audience, and one says that he is a member of the Guardians of Childhood.

Laufey: *leans forward and narrows eyes at the two* The Golden Prince and a Winter Spirit. What do you two want?

Thor: *keeps still to not start another ruckus*

Jack: *takes a deep breath and floats to the front then kneels* Your majesty King Laufey, I am Jack Frost, Spirit of Winter, seasonal son of Mother Nature, a member of the Guardian of Childhood, the Guardian of Fun.

Laufey: *stares down at Jack for a while before nodding* Alright, rise.

Jack: *rises*

Laufey: Now, what do you want, and why did you bring the Golden Prince with you?

Jack: We have two things to offer to you, your majesty.

Laufey: And what would you like in return?

Jack: Nothing… yet. Firstly… *lifts the casket up*

Laufey: *eyes widen* The Heart of Jotunheim…

Thor: *steps forward and nods* We have come here to return it, to it’s rightful owner.

Laufey: *narrows eyes at Thor suspiciously* And what does Odin want in return for this?

Jack: That’s the best part, King Laufey. *chuckles* We stole it from Odin.


{In Earth}

Steve: *walks in to see Loki and Tony sleeping on the couch while Mikey plays his video game beside them*

Steve: Uh… am I even gonna ask?

Mikey: *not even looking at him* Nope.

Ezra: *walks in* Hey, has anyone seen Jack?

Steve: No…? I haven’t seen Thor either. Could they be…?

Mikey: *turns to them* From what Loki said, they went to Asgard to run an errand.

Ezra: Tsk, an errand, huh? Why do I have a feeling it has something to do with either Odin or Loki…?

Steve: Possibly, but how—

*Bi-Frost appears, causing the whole tower to shake and causing Loki and Tony to jolt up in awake*

Tony: Huh?! Huh?! What?! What’s happening?!

Loki: *yawns and rubs eye then looks up to see the Gungnir* Oh, it’s you.

Ezra: Odin Allfather. *glares*

Odin: *glares back then turns to Loki* Laufeyson.

Loki: *snarls*

Tony: *growls and holds Loki close*

Mikey: *jumps up from the couch* What the hell are you doing here, Allfather?

Odin: I am looking for Thor and that disrespectful Winter Spirit.

Loki: Ah, you’ve met Jack. *chuckles* Good.

Odin: Very funny, trickster. Are they here?

Tony: Nope. *shakes head and drags Loki to the couch* They went to Asgard.

Odin: Yes, I know. Did they return here?

Steve: No, not yet, at least. Why? Aren’t they in Asgard?

Odin: They WERE, but now, Heimdall cannot find them.

Loki: *snickers* It seems Jack has remembered the cloaking spell I taught him.

Ezra: The one you taught US, you mean?

Loki: Yeah, yeah. *waves him off* Well, they’re not here in Midgard. If they were, Thor would be killing Anthony for being too close.

Tony: *shudders* That I know.

Odin: *snarls* They stole the Casket of Ancient Winters! And my horse!

Loki: *shrugs* They must’ve taken Sleipnir on a little run. You know how much he loves to race around the field. Which reminds me… *turns to Ezra* Ez, I have a feeling Jack told Sleipnir about him finally getting a cousin.

Ezra: Oh Force… *groans and face-palm* I’m never letting down this pregnancy, aren’t I?

Mikey: *giggles* Nope!

Steve: What’s the Casket of Ancient Winters?

Odin: It’s the Heart of—


Odin: I should have known…

Odin: *lifts Gungnir* HEIMDALL! *disappears in Bi-Frost*

Ezra: Why did Jack and Thor go to Jotunheim with Sleipnir?

Loki: I don’t know… *shivers* but I don’t have a good feeling about it…


{In Jotunheim}

Laufey: Stole the casket? How?

Jack: *grins* I know secrets that he keeps, so it’s an easy weakness. *forwards the casket* Anyway, here you go!

Laufey: *frowns* Are you sure that there is no exchange to this?

Jack: *shakes head* No exchange scheduled. I promise!

Laufey: *hesitates but takes the casket from Jack’s hands* Thank you, Guardian Jack. Our kingdom shall be restored! Guard!

Jotun Guard 2: *straightens up* Yes, your majesty?

Laufey: Call for Lord Farbauti and the Crown Princes! This event deserves a royal feast!

Jotun Guard 2: *bows* Yes, your majesty! *runs off*

Jack: SPEAKING of the princes…

Thor: *covers eyes and speaks lowly* Here it comes…

Jack: King Laufey, your majesty, I had heard a rumor that you had THREE sons. Is that true?

Laufey: *expression sours* I had three sons. As of late, I only have two.

Jack: What happened to the other one, if you don’t mind me asking?

Laufey: *growls* The All-Father happened.

Thor: *uncovers eyes in curiosity but says nothing*

Jack: *feigns shock, eyebrows shooting up* Oh? What had Odin done?

Laufey: Slain him, *hisses* Odin had slain my youngest son. Stole the casket and slain my son.

Jack: *feigns a gasp* What happened? How did Odin get his hands on your son?

Laufey: *glares at Thor momentarily then turns to Jack* It was the middle of the war. My beloved Farbauti was fighting with the army while I hid away our sons. My little Loptr was still a newborn babe at that time and was smaller than normal, so I intended to keep him safe. But as I was about to hide him with Helblindi and Byleistr, Odin found us, so I fled.

Laufey: *stops, voice quivering before wiping tears* I… I trusted the temple and the casket to protect my little one while I battled Odin. Tore one of his eyes, yet he still managed to win the war and take my treasure.

Thor: *swallows* The casket.

Laufey: No. *shakes head* The casket is the treasure of Jotunheim, but Odin took the life that could never be replaced… the life of my little Loptr.

Jack: *begins to tear*

Thor: *whispers to him* I thought you knew the truth.

Jack: *whispers back* I do, but it… *sniffles* it still makes my cry…

Thor: *nods and steps forward* King Laufey, what had transpired by the war is all false. Father would never kill a child.

Laufey: *growls at Thor* How dare you—

Thor: *raises hand* Wait, allow me to finish.

Jack: *wipes tears* No, no, let ME finish. *takes a deep breath and confronts Laufey* Your majesty King Laufey, Odin didn’t kill your son… he KIDNAPPED little Loptr.

Laufey: *paused to take in the statement then snarls* W H A T?!

Jack: Odin kidnapped Loptr, changed his name and shaped him into thinking the Frost Giants were monsters. Ironically, he neglected him and also took away every child your child bore.

Laufey: *eyes widen* Loptr was a doe… like me…

Thor: A doe?

Jack: That means he can get pregnant, like me, Ez, and Mikester.

Jack: And yeah, I’m a doe too.

Laufey: *growls before standing up, stomping on the floor* How DARE that cruel, cold-hearted Aesir harm my boy?!

Jack: Eh. *shrugs* It’s Odin.


???: It is you who will pay, you ergi.

To be continued…

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Jack & Thor: GAH! *both turn around to find Odin standing behind them with guards*

Thor: Father!

Odin: Thor. *crosses arms* What is the meaning of this? *turns to Jack* And who is this?!

Jack: *rolls eyes* Your worse than how I pictured you.

Odin: Excuse me?!

Thor: Father! This is Jack Frost, one of Loki’s best friends!

Jack: *lamely waves*

Odin: One of Loki’s friends? Does he even have one?

Jack: *trying his best not to freeze Odin in the spot with the casket*

Odin: Now, explain why you are here in the vault instead of watching over your troublesome brother.

Jack: *REALLY trying hard not to freeze the All-Father*

Thor: Father, I can explain…

Odin: PLEASE do.

Thor: Er… you see…

Jack: *grabs casket and hands it to Thor* Plan, now. Explanation, later.

Odin: EXCUSE ME! *glares at Jack* Who are you to intrude my kingdom and tell my son what to do?!

Jack: *looks at Odin dead in the eye* The guy who’s talking to an asshole who lied to his children about everything, especially about Loki’s heritage and the fact that he had an eldest daughter whom he banished to Helheim because of lack of control.

Thor: *eyes widen* WHAT


Odin: *sweats nervously*

Jack: Oh, not to mention that this same asshole enslaved, chained, and exiled his grandchildren because of how different they looked.

Odin: But they’re—

Jack: Oh! Should I also mention how much neglect he gave his youngest son while growing up because of knowing his true heritage? Well, Odin Allfather, shall I go on or what?


Odin: How do you know so much, Winter Spirit?!

Jack: I actually RESEARCH, Odin. I’m no idiot to fool THAT easily. *grabs casket then grabs Thor and drags him out of the vault* Come on, Thor. One problem at a time. The Loki and Laufey problem first. The Odin one later.


{In Asgard Stables}

Thor: Mother! Sleipnir!

Frigga: *stops feeding Sleipnir carrots to turn to Thor and smiles* Oh, hello, my dear. *hugs Thor and turns to Jack* Who’s this?

Jack: *smiles and bows* Good day to you, Queen Frigga. I am Jack Frost, Spirit of Winter, Guardian of Fun, and best friends with Loki.

Frigga: Oh! Quite pleasant to know that my dearest son Loki has friends. *hugs Jack*

Thor: *turns to Sleipnir* Greetings, my nephew! How are you faring?

Sleipnir: *neighs happily* [I’m faring well, Uncle Thor! How is Mother?]

Thor: Loki is doing quite well.

Jack: *steps forward* And hello, Sleipnir. Nice to see you.

Sleipnir: *neighs excitedly* [HI, UNCLE JACK! DO I HAVE A COUSIN YET?!]

Jack: *laughs* No, not yet from me, Sleipnir. Maybe from your Uncle Ezra, you will. He’s pregnant right now.

Sleipnir: *smiles and neighs* [Yay! I’m having a cousin!]

Frigga: *looks concerningly at casket in Jack’s hands* Thor, Jack, why do you have the Casket of Ancient Winters?

Thor: Ah, right! Mother, we are off to Jotunheim to return the casket to King Laufey.

Frigga: *eyes widen* Ah, so the rumors are true then? The Guardians of Childhood brought life back to King Laufey.

Jack: *nods* Yep, we did.

Frigga: I see… *nods slowly* But why return the casket? And what does Odin say about it?

Thor: We are returning the casket to correct Father’s actions.

Jack: Aaand we don’t care what that lying, cruel douche has got to say. We’re doing this for Loki.

Frigga: But I thought Laufey abandoned him.

Jack: LIES!

Thor: Father has told too much lies already. We are trying to do what is right.

Jack: *turns to Sleipnir* Slei, can you take us to Jotunheim?

Sleipnir: *nods with neighs* [Yes, YES! Anything to help Mother!]

Thor: Excellent! *opens Sleipnir’s stable door and gently pulls him out with the reins* To Jotunheim!


{In Bi-Frost Observatory}

Heimdall: Good luck.

Frigga: Be safe.

Thor: *on Sleipnir’s saddle* We will, Mother.

Jack: *on Sleipnir’s saddle and behind Thor, holding the casket close to him* Just… don’t tell Odin what we’re gonna do. He gonna try to stop us.

Frigga: *smiles and nods* Of course.

Thor: *raises Mjolnir* To Jotunheim!

Sleipnir: *neighs wildly* [To Jotunheim!] *runs towars the Rainbow Bridge as Heimdall opens the Bi-Frost*


{In Earth}

Loki: *laying on Tony’s lap while reading book*

Tony: *leaning on couch with eyes closed and hands on chest*

Loki: *suddenly jolts up*

Tony: Lokes? *places hands on Loki’s shoulders* What’s wrong?

Loki: I… I don’t know… *puts book down and looks uncertain* I just… I feel like something bad is going to happen…

To be continued…

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Jack: Oh, LOKI!

Loki: Hmm?

Jack: *drags Thor with him* Thor’s invited me to Asgard for an errand I need to run for the GOC (Guardians of Childhood). BBS! Be Back Soon!

Loki: *blinks at them then shrugs* Alright, have fun with Odin.

Jack: *drags Thor out to the roof* Bye!!!

Loki: Say hello to Mother for me.

Thor: I will! *points Mjolnir to the sky* HEIMDALL!

*Bi-Frost appears, and Jack and Thor disappear*

Tony: *enters to see the two disappear* Uh, where they go?

Loki: *shrugs* Asgard.


{In Asgard}

Heimdall: *bows at Thor’s presence* Prince Thor.

Thor: Heimdall. *smiles and points to Jack* This is Loki’s best friend, Jack Frost. We are here for an errand.

Heimdall: Are you sure it is wise?

Jack: Yes.

Heimdall: *sighs* Very well then.


Thor: How did you even know what he was asking? I don’t even know.

Jack: It was obvious. He gatekeeper boi. He see and hear everything, even our own plots.

Thor: …fair.

Jack: See? Now come on! *drags Thor to palace*


Jack: Aster and North showed me a map of the realms they’ve allied with, plus Loki gave me a tour once.

Thor: asdfghjkasdfghjk


{In Asgard Palace}

Thor: *leading to the vault* What would happen if Father caught us?

Jack: *following Thor* Don’t worry, Thor. I’ve got a secret weapon! Actually, I’ve got three, but the first one would be the deadliest! Well, hopefully.

Thor: asdfghjkasdfghjk

Thor: ‘Hopefully’?!

Jack: Just hush and get us to the vault.

Thor: *grumbles*

Jack: Hey, do you want to do this for Loki or not?

Thor: *sighs* I do… I do…


{In Asgard’s Vault}

Thor: *points to the glowing blue casket* There it is.

Jack: *steps forward* The Casket of Ancient Winters… *holds casket* Ooh, I like it. It’s… cold yet… soothing…

Thor: I think we should grab it and go before Father finds out—

???: *from behind* If I find out what?

Jack and Thor: GAH!

To be continued…

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Me: We’re back! Yay!

Loki: To an extent, yes, we’re back.

Me: Okie! Now, Ezra, Truth or Dare?

Ezra: Truth.

Me: Since you are half-Chiss, do you know who your blood parents are?



Jack: Awkward…

Mikey: Too personal, dudette…

Steve: Wait, do you?


Ezra: …yes.

Thor: Could they be as bad Laufey? You did say that Chiss are cousin species of the Jotnar.

Loki: Their much more intelligent and prepared for war, that’s for sure.

Tony: Intelligent? Like you?

Clint: And of course you flatter him…

Ezra: … I…

Ezra: I mean, I’ve never met my human blood mother before, but I sure have met my Chiss blood father.

Bruce: Good meeting or bad meeting?

Ezra: Bad. Pretty bad

Ezra: As in, ‘he shot me’ bad.

Steve: Oh, I’m sorry.

Ezra: No, he literally shot me.

Ezra: He shot me with his blaster.

Ezra: Thankfully, it was set to stun, or he had just killed his blood son.


Mikey: *lays back* Eh, could be worse.

Ezra: Yeah…

Jack: Does Thrawn know?

Ezra: Of course not!

Loki: Then why hate him?

Ezra: Did Laufey know?

Loki: No.

Ezra: Then why hate him?


Loki: Shit.

Tony: Well, those are fathers, after all. Can’t really trust them.

Jack: At least you grew up with one.


Tony: Well, shit—

Thor: Well, too bad. Laufey’s dead, so he’ll never know.

Jack: Aaaactually…


Thor: He’s not dead, isn’t he?

Me: We’ll settle it LATER! BACK TO GAME!


Me: Loki, Truth or Dare?

Loki: Truth. I don’t feel like doing any dares.

Thor: 'Truth’? *raises an eyebrow*

Jack: Thor, shut up.

Loki: *glares* What about it, Thor?

Thor: Ironic that you would go for truth when you are the God of Lies.

Ezra: *face-palm* Thor, you should’ve shut up.


Loki: Anthony, Thor is being mean.

Tony: Thor, leave Loki alone.

Steve: Thor, let Gia ask.


Me: Now, Lokes, who tortured and mind-controlled you when you fell into the Void?


Jack, Mikey, and Ezra:

Loki: *sweats*

Loki: Ah shit.



Loki: Gia, why?

Me: We MUST know, Lokes!

Loki: F I N E! It’s Thanos, the Mad Titan!

Thor: *grabs Mjolnir* I WILL END THAT TITAN!

Tony: *puts on suit* SO WILL I!

Loki: …this is why I didn’t want to tell.


Me: Peter, Truth or Dare?

Peter: Erm… Dare?

Me: Dare you to spill one of your darkest secrets.


Peter: Uh…

Tony: You heard the dare, kiddo! Spill!

Steve: Tony, NOT helping.

Peter: It’s kind of… embarassing…

Nat: Don’t worry, Peter. Whatever it is, we won’t judge.

Peter: Promise?

Avengers: *nod*

Youngest Cinnamon Rolls & me: *nods*

Peter: O~kay… *takes deep breath* I… I’m dating Wade.


Jack: …is that all?

Peter: Wait, what do you mean THAT’S ALL?! Wade is SO MANY years apart from me!

Loki: And?

Peter: It’s PEDO!

Mikey: I dated an adult alligator mutant.


Ezra: I’m married to a Lasat thrice my age.


Jack: I’m engaged to a Pooka who is thousands of years old.


Loki: I’m dating your father, and I’m only about 16.




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Clint: [Pointing at the broken coffee machine.] So. Who broke it? I’m not mad, I just wanna know.

Steve: …I did. I broke it. 

Clint: No. No you didn’t. Thor?

Thor: Don’t look at me. Look at Loki.

Loki, walking in: What?! I didn’t break it.

Thor: Huh, that’s weird. How’d you even know it was broken?

Loki: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken.

Thor: Suspicious.

Loki: No it’s not!

Natasha: If it matters, probably not, Tony was the last one to use it. 

Tony: Liar! I don’t even drink that crap!

Natasha: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?

Tony: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Nat!

Steve: Okay, let’s not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it, Clint. 

Clint: No! Who broke it?!

Loki: Clint…Bruce has been awfully quiet.

Bruce: REALLY?!

[Everyone starts arguing.]

Clint: I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it. I predict 10 minutes from now they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick.

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