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Y/n: so… I had a conversation yesterday

Steve: okay…?

Y/n: with Tony

Steve: oh no

Y/n: I was thinking, wouldn’t it be practical if there were Cats as big as Ponys

Steve: isn’t he a dog person?

Y/n: yes, and this is the part. He said, there are. I got super excited.

Steve: *whispering* oh no

Y/n: but then he showed me pictures of lions and tigers, in general “wild cats”

Steve: oh wow that was a pretty harmless sto-

Y/n: needless to say I can’t enter my room

Steve: wait why??


Steve: what did you do?!


Steve: Y/n!

Y/n: I bought a lion


Y/n: oh no

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I keep seeing people post this screenshot with the grey text as Tony and the blue as Steve. 

But Imagine: Steve is the grey text and Tony is the blue. 

Tony learning how much of a human disaster Steve was/is, and how much of a little shit he can be; never stopped being. 

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Main characters include: Female OC, Villain OC, Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Tony Stark (Iron Man), Pepper Potts, and more!

Word Count: around 4,690ish, give or take a couple of words.

Warnings: idk, curse words?

A/N: Hello! I’m @metahawke and this is my FIRST fic that I’ve written in about seven years. I hope that you like this first test run, I’m hoping to make this into a miniseries. If you have anything you wanna submit (tips, requests, ideas, criticism, etc) I’m totally open. If you like this, give it a reblog and a like if you’re feeling generous. I’m hoping to get more chapters up soon, possibly expanding to WattPad! 

Also, this fic features my first oc female character I’ve written for in a while. Hope you guys like her!

That’s all from me. Happy reading!

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Hey everybody! It’s about one month until Starkerweek is upon us and I honestly can not wait to see all of the wonderful works that everybody does no matter what it is.

Just a reminder to post it wherever you like, but also please post it on Tumblr so that I can see everyone’s wonderful work and don’t forget to use the tags starkerevents and starkerevents2020!

Until then updates will be posted once a week and maybe more if something important comes up!

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In Another Life

Bucky Barnes x reader ° part six

Summary: Waiting 88 years to find your soulmate? It was cruel. But it was a cruel fate Bucky would have to face whether he accepted it or not. Bucky was a tortured man all his life and he wasn’t even granted the solace of having his soulmate at his side. All he had was the promise of one in another life. They were separated by two different times.

But the pain in their lives were connected.

Y/n had been alone ever since she could remember. All she could depend on was the soulmate that was destined to be at her side. Yet when the snap occured she lost him.

And Bucky never got to meet her.



“What was it like meeting Fury?" 

Maria glanced up from her paperwork, piecing together what Y/n had meant by the simple question. Like many children her age, Y/n was curious about meeting her soulmate and what it might feel like. Maria was once like Y/n and she smiled kindly, setting down the papers. 

"Did he tell you?” Her unspoken question was easily understood by the young girl and Y/n shook her head, looking back down at her own papers. The blueprints of the Helicarriers had finally been granted to her and she found it made it easier to operate when she was able to get a better look at the inside without walking the length of the giant machinery. 

“I figured it out on my own. But then again, he didn’t try too hard to deny it.” Y/n shrugged. Maria’s smile lingered as she nodded absentmindedly. 

“Nick has always been a smart man. He must’ve known trying to lie to you would be a difficult feat.” She replied, earning a proud giggle from the young girl. 

Maria thought over Y/n’s question this time, knowing that getting her to dismiss it would be pointless and impossible. It was a question Maria never had to answer before. No one had ever asked her how it felt to be Fury’s soulmate because nobody really knew. Fury couldn’t risk someone coming after her because of it and she quickly found that it went both ways. They protected each other and slowly built a bond that went deeper than being partners. They were companions and on the rare chance that Fury decided to open up, it was always to her. 

“Well, that’s one way to look at it. I think he’s just pissy that I owned his ass in training last week.” Y/n smirked, stealing a glance at Maria as the woman laughed. “How did you feel, knowing that the most paranoid and dangerous man on the planet was your soulmate?" 

"I felt like I had known him forever. It was like meeting an old friend and it felt familiar and safe.” Maria answered carefully. “Of course it took some time to gain his trust but then again he didn’t exactly have mine either. Once there was trust, we were each other’s greatest allies and have been ever since." 

Y/n listened intently with a childish amazement. Though Maria’s explanation wasn’t exactly romantic, Y/n had grown up listening to the fairy tale of her parents’ meeting and she couldn’t help but imagine a happy ending like in the stories. 

The mere thought of having that with someone brought a stupid grin to her face and she let herself fall into the fantasy of meeting him. What if he was one of the older boys at her old high school? They were funny, handsome and always kind to her despite her age. Would they have a cliche reunion when they were older like in the movies? 

Or was he someone she had never met before? Was he thinking about her? Did he wish just as badly to meet her? Would he hold her and kiss her as passionately as the guys on TV did? Her poor 15 year old cheeks flushed at the idea and Maria laughed quietly as she watched Y/n get lost in her thoughts. 

"I can’t wait to have that with someone.” Y/n confessed, wanting desperately to have someone to share her life with. She already wanted to tell him everything but she still had at least three years before getting her countdown and however long after that. Waiting was never something she enjoyed but for him she decided it couldn’t be too bad. 

“You will. You just have to be patient.” Maria told her. Y/n nodded silently, glancing back at her papers as her mind drifted back to her plans for the Helicarriers. 

He’d be worth the wait. 



“Sir.” A younger agent called, catching the attention of the older man. “His countdown…" 

Bucky sat before them, expressionless in his chair as the aftermath of the wiping buzzed through every nerve in his brain. His chest heaved in steady yet painful breaths, his dark locks clinging to his forehead as sweat drenched him and his uniform. 

The older man watched him with a stony gaze, his focus never tearing away from the broken assassin. "What of it?” He replied, agitated as the younger agent fidgeted beside him. Bucky’s condition didn’t sit as well with him as it had with the others. His young mind still clung to what was right and what was wrong, untainted by the concept of loyalty and duty. He pitied the Soldier and whoever he was destined to. 

“What are you going to do about his soulmate?” The young man asked cautiously. He feared the backlash of his words but he couldn’t stop them from coming out. No one seemed to have the Soldier’s interests at heart and while he knew that was the point of brainwashing him, the young agent believed there was still a part of the Soldier left. One that craved his soulmate like everyone else. 

“He will handle it like every other threat. His soulmate has no place in this world or with him and will be dealt with accordingly.” The older man answered without missing a beat. There was no remorse in his voice, sending a sick feeling to the younger agent’s stomach. 

Bucky hadn’t even moved at the mention of his soulmate, his freshly erased mind unable to recognize just how important the discussion was. It was unable to comprehend that he was going to be the death of his own soulmate, let alone object to it. All he could do was obey. 

The agent’s eyes fell from the Soldier, repenting his choice to join HYDRA. They spoke of the future and creating a world willing to give up their freedom for safety but this wasn’t right. The tortured man before him was enough proof to show that HYDRA was no longer standing for any cause. They just wanted the world to burn. 

And they fully intended to make Bucky light the match. 



Y/n hated how terribly familiar it felt, standing there in the compound while the man she had come to know as Scott rambled on about the Quantum Realm. It reminded her of being an agent, the youngest person in the room but still the brightest. The way she would lay out mission plans and listen to Fury explain them the very next day to the other agents. She was a good agent, a hero, Fury had once told her. But that was behind her. She couldn’t go back to fighting for the greater good. 

She wasn’t built for it. 

The Quantum Realm was always a topic that piqued her interest. The bizarre nature of the other realm was complex but she felt an obligation to understand it the best she could. Her incisive mind would never rest without something to contemplate and whenever she felt herself growing bored she’d come back to the science around the Quantum Realm. There was so much about it that they still didn’t know which meant it’s possibilities were as infinite as the realm itself. 

But what Scott was talking about was just unbelievable. 

Stuck in the Quantum Realm for five years? Trapped in a void of infinite time and space for all that time without any way to tell exactly how much time has passed, she wondered how he didn’t go mad. His later explanation of five years only feeling like a short span of five hours, cleared up her most pressing question but she still had a million more to take its place. 

How did he get to the Quantum Realm? How’d he get stuck? How did he navigate himself out? Why did he only get out now? How did he find them? 

Her mind was buzzing with so many unknowns. But she could hardly hear her own thoughts as one voice screamed from her subconscious.  


“I really don’t think I should be here.” Y/n mumbled, starting to step away from the three. Her doubt and fear began to overpower any curiosity she had about the Quantum Realm and she fought the urge to just leave without an explanation. She owed Steve an explanation. He trusted her enough to have her there and she couldn’t even explain why she couldn’t stay. Why anything involving heroes filled her with such guilt and terror that she avoided it at all costs. Until she met him. 

The group’s focus shifted to her as she backtracked, hesitantly trying to make her escape before it was too late. Yet all hopes of leaving quickly diminished as Steve called her name, his desperation clearer than the windows around them. 

“Please. You can help us.” He pleaded. Nat reached out to reason with him but he stayed firm in his request. His eyes were fixated on Y/n and she struggled to remain unwavering. 

“How, Steve? I’m not like you guys. I’m not an Avenger.” Y/n told him. The sentence soured in her mouth but she was insistent, hoping maybe if they believed it she would too. Nat stared at her with an unreadable expression making the frantic beating of Y/n’s heart only double. 

Y/n was a good liar. A trait she supposed came with her intelligence. Fury found this trait as a skill he could use, morph to make her into a better agent. But as she stared at Steve and Nat she couldn’t help the disappointed frown that had formed. Lying to them was all she had done. And once they found out, she would lose them. 

Steve’s eyes fell to the floor, considering Y/n’s argument with a grave expression. He wanted to respect her wishes and let her go. She had a normal life and ever since he entered it, there was a feeling of guilt that hovered over him like a dark cloud. The thought of anything happening to her because of him was crushing but he couldn’t bring himself to leave her.  

Y/n represented the only piece of normal he had left. For 80 years he was treated as a symbol, an idol for people to look up to and while for years that what he had wanted and accepted was his life, he still craved the normal life he never got. A life with his soulmate where he wasn’t Captain America, where he had a normal home and normal friends. 

Y/n was normal to him even if she was strangely smart at times or she seemed to be hiding a loss in her past that he never got close enough to ask about. Despite her secrets she gave him normalcy and all of the questions he had for her faded away. Even her hesitance toward their friendship was forgotten because she was always kind and he never felt the anger of his failure from her. With her he could forget it all, and go back to a time things were better, a time he once lived with Bucky.

He just couldn’t let her walk out the door, especially with Scott there. His presence meant there was a change in the air and for the first time in 5 years, he was hopeful. There might actually be a way to undo what Thanos had done and he wanted Y/n there every step of the way. To keep him grounded. 

“You are to me.” Steve confessed, his soft frown silently begging her to stay. 

Y/n watched his eyes search hers, looking for any tell that might give him his answer. She desperately wanted to say no. Run away like she had been all this time and forever regret getting so close to a hero when she had promised herself to never go back. 

But all that came to mind was a smaller but more compelling thought. She was a coward. The once correct decision she believed she had committed by leaving her past behind her wasn’t protecting those around her. She was fearful and senseless and by running away she wasn’t saving anyone but herself. 

In that moment, whether she stayed or not was her chance to do something with herself. The same dream she had as a child of being something more was still there, unrelenting in the back of her mind and this time she wouldn’t let failure ruin her. She had felt the loss of everyone she’d ever cared about and by joining Steve she ran the risk of it again. But she wouldn’t. Not this time. 

“Okay. I’ll help however I can.” Y/n offered a small smile, trying to force away the worry that sprouted in her heart. For years her work with helping those after the snap had satisfied her need to put her skills to good use but now she could do more. Like Fury had wanted her to. 

“Wait, what’s your power? I get really small, I mean, obviously, Ant-Man. And sometimes I can get big too but I try not to anymore.” Scott ranted, the excitement obvious in his wide eyes and rapid words. Y/n gave Scott a lasting stare, a little thrown off by his polar attitude towards the emotional moment. 

“I read minds.” Y/n joked, hoping he’d catch on to her sarcasm. But the poor man was too thrilled with her supposed superpower to realize he’d been fooled. 

“Whoa, that’s so cool. What am I thinking?” He asked almost instantly, childlike in his manner as he stared at her intently. Her face deadpanned, sending a quizzical look to Steve and Nat. This was the man they were listening to? Steve shrugged in return before both their gazes fell back on Scott. 

“You’re thinking about eating that sandwich.” Y/n answered finally, a glimpse of disbelief flashing across his features. It didn’t exactly take a mind reader to know, she had noticed him staring at it since he entered the room. But that didn’t occur to him and no one wasted anymore time explaining it to him as he stole half the sandwich. 

“Scott, what were you talking about?” Steve sighed, dragging Scott’s distracted mind back to his plan. The frenzied man swallowed thickly, forcing his words through the peanut butter that stuck before starting to pace. 

“What I’m saying is, time works differently in the Quantum Realm. The only problem is right now, we don’t have a way to navigate it. But what if we did? I can’t stop thinking about it. What if we could somehow control the chaos and we could navigate it? What if there was a way to enter the Quantum Realm at a certain point in time but then exit at another point in time? Like-like before Thanos.” Scott described. 

“Wait, are you talking about a time machine?” Steve questioned in disbelief. Y/n looked to Nat, the slight flick of her eyes conveying her skepticism. Scott stopped pausing to shake his head with a scoff, offended that his masterful plan had been compared to the object of most fictional media. 

“No. No, of course not. No, not a time machine. It’s more like a…” Uncertain, his voice trailed off. “Yeah, a time machine. I know it’s crazy.” Scott admitted, unable to find another word for his idea. Y/n shook her head, stepping forward. 

“Yeah, you’re right it’s insane.” She agreed. Steve’s brow furrowed and he crossed his arms turning to her. 

“What do you know about this?” He inquired, wondering if his request for her to stay had been justified. Y/n bit her tongue, unsure how much to tell him. She’d have to find a way to explain how helpful she could be without dredging up her past. 

With a short sigh, she ran a forceful hand through her hair, grateful when her fingers didn’t snag. What they were talking about was impossible. Sure there were theories on uses of the Quantum Realm, many of which she researched yet none were proven. The sheer fact that it was so outlandish was one of the reasons that had steered her in it’s direction. 

“This scientist, Bill Foster, came to my college and did a short class on it for like a month. I thought it was cool so I kept coming back but this isn’t an exact science, the Quantum Realm is infinite in time and space.” Her excuse was vague, vague enough to not get any more questions. 

Once during her years at college she would stay up countless nights letting her mind run rampant about the topic. It was fun to see if she could figure out a way to use the Quantum Realm like Scott talked about it, but the main reason it was fun was because she never expected to actually have to make a working theory. 

“Hey, I met that guy.” Scott announced, rather amused as Y/n gave him an exasperated look. 

“Then you should know that finding a certain point in time is the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack but the haystack is infinite and time means nothing.” It was frustrating not being able to be of more help since she was in fact a genius but the science was too unreliable, practically everything was just hypothetical. 

“So, can you find a magnet?” Steve asked. Y/n looked to him recognizing the desperation in his eyes. The simple action made her heart clench in her chest. Steve had a way of making those around him share his passion toward anything and she hated how easily she fell victim. It was impossible not to get wrapped up in the righteousness of things especially when her best friend was the face of America. 

It was his passion that had kept her around him, unable to distance herself like she had from so many others. Something in Steve was reassuring and she never feared losing him to anything but her secrets, but that was easy, right? She could keep a secret. 

Y/n rubbed her arm, briefly catching sight of her countdown. The numbers sent a chill through her and she froze for a moment, her eyes calm and calculated as she thought over the situation. 

An interesting idea came to mind looking down at the numbers on her wrist. Was this what her countdown was leading her to? A time machine? It made sense since her countdown had been just as curious as the Quantum Realm itself. Did her countdown mean time travel was real? 

Y/n tugged down her sleeve, not catching Steve’s eyes peering down at it, trying to catch a glimpse but to no avail. 

“I might be able to get you started but it’d take a genius to even know where to go from there.” Y/n offered, unaware of Nat’s narrowing eyes. Steve turned his gaze to the floor, a certain man coming to mind. There was a slim chance he might help. The guilt Steve felt was the same in Tony and it might be enough to get him to join their crazy mission. 

“I can’t stop thinking about it. There’s gotta be some way… There’s gotta be…some w… it’s crazy.” Scott mumbled. Y/n crossed her arms looking over at Steve. She remembered a time when even being friends with him was crazy to her but she quickly grew used to the feeling. But now she was questioning everything. 

In what world would she ever run back to her past? In what world would she set aside her fear to help the Avengers, a team she was once groomed to replace? In what world could she forget about her mistakes and help revive the world if their plan worked?

“I get emails from a raccoon, so nothing sounds crazy anymore.” Nat let out a sigh, annoyed by her own mention of said raccoon. Y/n’s head unconsciously whipped around to her, confusion creasing through her brow. 

Maybe in a world where raccoons talk?  

“So who do we talk to about this?” Scott questioned, shifting his stare between the three. Nat and Steve shared a look knowing who they’d have to visit and that he’d probably not be too easy to persuade.

Y/n stared dazed at Nat, only deciding to speak up when it became apparent that Nat wouldn’t explain further. “Wait, a raccoon?”


A song Y/n didn’t recognize hummed in the background, just audible over the rough sound of the road. Y/n had gone with Steve back to the apartment to get her car before they ventured anywhere else and now she drove a couple car links behind Nat as she led them outside the city. 

Steve hadn’t said a word the entire ride, his mind too jumbled with the time machine and his best friend’s sudden knowledge in the Quantum Realm to really make any type of conversation. Deciding the silence was too much to bare, Y/n spoke what had been on her mind. 

“How did he escape HYDRA?" 

Her eyes were fixated on the road and she intended to keep them there, in fear that looking at Steve might break her resolve. 

Y/n wasn’t ready to forgive and she wasn’t sure she ever would. Hatred like the one she harboured toward the Winter Soldier was intense and consuming and letting it go would be difficult. But it was her biggest weakness that had led to her question about the man. 

She was inquisitive. 

"I-I don’t know exactly. After taking down the Helicarriers in DC, he saved me and disappeared." 

Y/n froze. 

"Helicarriers?” She questioned, trying to make the word as foreign as possible to her. Steve couldn’t know that one of the leading minds working on the Helicarriers was seated right next to him. But she needed to know why he had destroyed them. 

Steve was looking at her now, grateful for the excuse to ignore his thoughts. He studied the way her knuckles began to pale as she gripped the wheel and the troubled crease in her brow. 

“S.H.I.E.L.D’s favorite aircraft. It was basically a ship in the sky.” Steve explained, turning his gaze away just in time to miss Y/n’s eyes flicker with annoyance. The crude explanation of her first major project agitated her but she bit her tongue. 

“Did the Winter Soldier help destroy them?” Y/n asked, searching for any and all reasons to justify her hate. Just to get rid of the regret and pity in her heart. 

“Well, not exactly.” Steve started, shifting in his seat when the car turned, angling away from the sunlight that was now in his face. Y/n reached over, keeping her stare on the road as she easily popped open the glove box and grabbed Steve’s aviators. 

Steve accepted them, slipping them on with a quiet ‘thanks’. “HYDRA was planning to use them to take out millions of people. And since he was still under HYDRA’s control, he was trying to stop us from taking them down. It wasn’t until after I had already compromised the last Helicarrier that I started to get through to him.” Steve kept the retelling short. It was so long ago and the details didn’t really matter to him anymore. 

It didn’t matter that he almost died. It didn’t matter that Bucky almost beat him to death. Didn’t matter that Bucky only managed to save him at the last minute. Because in the end Bucky came back to him. 

Y/n didn’t know what to say so she didn’t say anything. If Steve was fighting HYDRA that day then it meant SHIELD had been infiltrated. Had that meant she was working for the same people that killed her parents and her mentor? 

The knot in her stomach tightened but she kept her face neutral as they turned off the busy road, driving off in a more vacant area. Trees are beginning to spot around them and Y/n tried to focus on admiring them rather than the realization she had come to. 

While the man she feared had been brainwashed into doing the horrible things he did, she had done it with the promise of making things better. She had a choice and he didn’t. Was she the monster?










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*Peter puts on a song while driving with Tony in the Audi*

Tony: What A Wonderful World? Nice. I didn’t know you liked this kind of music-

Tony: Wait-

Tony: Why is it just repeating Red Roses Too-

Tony: Peter Benjamin Parker if this is another one of your memes-

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“Okay, @marvelavenger_thor— hit me!” 😤
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Vem aí o animegeek unamabr Belém Pará ♥️ estaremos juntos novamente ♥️
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