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#too cool for school

Because I have no shame, I just used a series of instas from people I went to school with grades 1-12, and I have creeped everyone that I can, and I have made one distinction:

- Those who have stayed single, look different and happier, because they have gone through phases and developed.

Those who have boo’d-up too soon, have stagnated, fattened, and now look guinely kinda depressed like they fucked-up.

In conclusion: high school was pointless. And I feel good being a single loser with free personal time. The world is a nightmare.

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DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Travel Size, too Cool for School Egg Mellow Cream Mini, Vichy Mineral 89, La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Facial Cleanser, Sweet Chef Ginger + Vitamin C Serum Shot Mini, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel mini - these products are being sold together as a kit at target for an affordable price. I wanna buy and try them but afraid that my skin will react intensely like the cerave moist. i have dehydrated-combo skin. do you think i should try these products?

oof, that’s a lot of products! when you get a bundle that was not tailor-made for you you’re bound to get a few hits and misses, but it can be a good way to expand your skincare stash if the deal is good. i personally always prefer to cherry-pick which exact products i want, though, because i hate having unloved ones rolling around in my drawers and shelves, and i’m a girl who knows exactly what she wants :’)

i’ve never tried most of those products, but i’ve taken a look at their ingredient lists and here are my thoughts. 

  • i’m meh about the cleansing oil given the first ingredient is olive oil and there is an essential oil included (potentially sensitizing and not very useful).
  • i have actually tried the tcfs egg cream, i found it very rich for my liking though (i have a similar skin type but YMMV). it has many good actives though and it’s a good pick if winter’s been rough for your skin. a couple comedogenicity triggers, but as always those should be taken with a grain of salt, it’s quite hard to determine what’s actually comedogenic.
  • vichy mineral 89 is a good and simple hyaluronic acid serum with a solid formulation, if overpriced in my opinion (sigh, french brands, why are you always like this…)
  • i do like lrp and the toleriane line, and the ingredients and description of this cleanser are all very skin-friendly and gentle, a good pick imo.
  • the sweet chef vitC… eh. i always prefer it when brands disclose their % of actives, but since this is ascorbic acid (the least stable form of vitamin C) in a clear bottle it’s either a low concentration from the get-go or it will soon be due to oxidation. and i’ll just be over here harrumphing over how they claim to be this-and-that-free in their website (seriously, leave parabens alone!) yet use essential oils in their formulations, okaaaaay
  • i think my mom used to use the neutrogena hydro boost? either way, a simple lightweight oil-free moisturizer with some silicones that likely help smooth down the skin; i like silicones, not everyone does but they’re definitely not the comedogenic, skin-suffocating boogeyman they’re made out to be (they’re actually pretty breathable!). a decent pick.

overall, if these pique your interest and the price is good, i think it’s not a bad selection, though it’s always near impossible to predict whether every single thing will work for your particular skin type.

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