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#too much love and affection and love
cutecottagewife · 4 days ago
aaaaaaa they're cute
#wife whispers#me: okay so if i can't find a native who i find attractive then i'll just date somebody anyway and hopefully i will like them#me after seeing pictures of the native i've been thinking about as a potential friend and/or partner: OH GOD THEY'RE ACTUALLY CUTE#like i haven't seen them in years so i didn't know if i would find them attractive or have any feelings for them#BUT. THEY'RE CUTE.#and!! idk if there's any chance that we will date but that's ok! i'm just going to befriend them and maybe. maybe we'll end up dating#since nobody has a crush on me rn and nobody has asked me out i still need to be the one to find a lover :/#like i am just a little tired of being the one to tell people i like them or to ask them out#and of course i HAVE been asked out but only while i was already in a relationship or when i was in high school#whatever. i'll find a lover even if that means i have to do everything myself#BUT once i find a lover i am not doing everything myself. i want to be shown how loved i am. i want stuff like a bouquet of dandelions and#and other cute things!!!#and i will write my lover love letters and make flower crowns for them and make little gifts for them and#and try to do things that make their life easier#i want to do so many things for my future lover but i also want to receive the same energy back you know?#i want somebody to hold doors open for me and to hold my hand at random times and to hold me close in their arms#and i will probably do much of the same for them#because i love giving affection!!!!#this femme (me) is too pretty and sweet to be without a sweet lover
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sugushou · 10 days ago
sorry to reply to your tags about being conscious of writing/speaking but i wanted to let you know that admire how good at writing you are and how naturally you interact with others despite only being here for around a month!! i’ve been here for much longer and i’m always nervous to approach other blogs :’) so it’s inspiring that you connect well with so many people!
sdhfkajsd this was a really sweet ask to receive 🥺💖 blease rest assured that behind every ask/reblog/reply i post, there is at least 15 minutes of overthinking and rewriting my answers over n over to make sure my tone is Not Wacky! and,,, and i'm so very glad you enjoy my writing— i,,, aaa i never really know how to accept compliments but i do truly appreciate your words and they make my heart very happy nodnod
also!! i'm really honored n heart-warm that u felt comfy to reach out to me! i really am just some guy nodnod— everyone on tumblr is Just Some Guy (unless they are a bot) so blease don't be spooked about interacting with ppl! i know it's a lot easier said than done but,,, at the end of the day,,, again,,, we really are all Just Some Guy!
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mc-pumpkin · 11 days ago
When c!Wilbur said he was going to take Friend around but said he didn't care about the safety of the sheep I was prepared to be Very upset if Friend died due to his negligence but. Friend died to Skeppy. punching him randomly. and I don't know how to feel now
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sugushou · 12 days ago
I'm beyond happy im not the only one thirsting and simping for Shoguru <3
!!!!!!! a fellow suguru simp spotted?! WELCOME AAAAAA i always love when i find more daishou simps 🥺💕 he may be my boyfie... but he is also our boyfie, u feel? gosh i just love him so much and i want everyone to see how wonderful he is 🥺🥺 i will always always always welcome thirsting and simping for daishou (for anyone really but esp for daishou) in my inbox so feel free to hit me up with ur brainrot anytime!!!
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katsukisu · 18 days ago
OMG AAAAAAAAA CONGRATS ON 1K!! i am v v proud of u and i am incredibly happy to say that my fav author has become my fav mutual in this app and seeing u hit this milestone? IM BUYING U A CAKE 🏃‍♂️U DESERVE EVERY OUNCE OF THIS MOMENT and alike before im still in love with ur work so im just so excited for more to come and to know u more 🥺
ily and I'm giving extra kithes, hugs, head pats, literally anything u want✋🏻 but i hope u spend this day/night as amazingly as u are and im ready for ur event! mwah stay safe and again ily and congrats!! 💗
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
FAV AUTHOR I— 😭🤧 brb while i go bawl my eyes out cuz ur literally one of the best moots, friends, and people i know
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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amnesiawiife · 22 days ago
the 20+ chapters of 2ha that are just domestic ust with both of them going “i’m in love...but he can NEVER know” back and forth for pages and pages are the most excruciating thing ever (in a bad way) partly because of what it is and partly because it’s right up to where the human translation drops off and the mtls pick up so you’re like “please hurry up and resolve this tension or advance the plot because i only have so many coherent pages of this story left and i’d like to spend them on scenes with actual emotional payoff”
lord knows i love me a good slow burn but not when it’s dragged out like this. EITHER DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT OR SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!
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musicallisto · 23 days ago
i would like to reiterate that nina zenik and matthias helvar are the only reason i am still sane and capable of human emotion
#i don't think i have yelled enough about them. have i yelled enough about them?#THEIR INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITIES#THEIR CHARACTER GROWTH#MATTHIAS (DEROGATORY) MADE ME GO THROUGH A ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTIONS IN THE BOOK AND I HAVEN'T RECOVERED.#AND NINA IS TOO POWERFUL AND SO STRONG AND AMAZING. I CAN'T DEAL.#she reminds me so much of me. i don't think i have actually elaborated on why i love nina so much.#she's so unapologetic. loud obnoxious and confident. she's brash funny and flirty. she makes jokes and she's exhausting.#she's everything that i am. or that i at least wish to be.#and oftentimes this type of character is The Best Friend. you know? the one who drags the Plain Main Character to parties and stuff#and doesn't have a life outside of being The Sidekick. doesn't get a character arc or much depth...#and all my life reading ya lit i was convinced that brash girls are the Best Friend and nothing more.#they are the lively counterpart to a timid main character and only ever serve the purpose to be their crutch. and give them cool outfits.#so all my life i thought i was the sidekick in my own life; i was second best in my own skin#but then nina came and the way she was handled - not like a side character here to assist the heroine and disappear#but as a HEROINE herself. as a MAIN character. with flaws and development and a romance subplot#and i just saw so much of myself in her personality and went hey! i can be badass too! i'm not a crutch! to anyone!#also i am kind of confined to this role of the Happy Friend. you know? super hyper and enthusiastic and hilarious.#and i'm not really allowed to be sad. or vulnerable. it's others who count on me for me to cheer them up not the other way around#(and also why i'm absolute shit at expressing affection in a serious heartfelt manner but whatever)#and that sounds more like jesper and i resonate with jesper as well but#nina being a girl + all the random little things about her#(her sweet tooth and appetite; the fact she's v good with languages)#(how she's curvy as well which made me feel better about my body - and im literally skinny so yay beauty standards)#(how she likes blond men AGAINST HER WILL (it's too funny))#i just love her. that's all#shadow and bone#six of crows#nina zenik#clara tais toi#helnik
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youchangedme · 28 days ago
i know i missed a lot today but every time i try to read one of your posts im blinded and have to take a break, putting me even further behind on the Events
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