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#too much to ask
Too Much To Ask by Avril Lavigne
It’s the first time I ever felt this lonely. I wish someone could cure this pain. It’s funny when you think it’s gonna work out til you chose weed over me, you’re so lame. I thought you were cool until the point, but up until the point you didn’t call me when you said you would. I finally figured out you’re all the same. Always coming up with some kind of story. Every time I try to make you smile, you’re always feeling sorry for yourself. Every time I try to make you laugh, you can’t. You’re too tough. You think you’re loveless. Is that too much that I’m asking for?
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hyunjin best boy indeed!!! hehehe i’ll definitely start planning a sequel then bb!! <3 ik it hurts me to hurt him like that AHHH gotta give this boy some love 🥺🥺

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This may sound needy and clingy but it is what it is.

I am done with lies, with falseness and everything that comes along the word.I wish for a pal any age, any gender, any nationality, any language (I’ll try my best to learn it.) I just want the truth. tell me about how the test you took really passed by, what (however bad or good) do you still remember of your late granny, the ways in which you can describe the shade of your eyes. Tell me something.Anything.

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3:31 AM


I wish you could hear my thoughts, that way you can know what I need from you. Maybe that way you can understand. Maybe that way you can finally give me the love I require to sustain this relationship.

I need you to tell me every night that you love me, until it becomes true again.

I need you to kiss me goodmorning, goodbye, and goodnight like you’re happy I’m the one you wake up to, like you loathe that we have to be apart, and like you’re thankful we’re still together.

I need you to hug me like I’m the only woman you’d want to hold forever.

I need you to talk to me. About your hopes, your fears— everything that excites and worries you. Even if it hurts me, I’ll listen. That way you won’t look for comfort in the ears of another.

I need you to need me. Make me feel like you want me. Make me feel like I’m the only woman in the world for you.

Are these too much to ask?

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Too Much To Ask

Everyone loves someone else more than me.

And that’s okay.

I’ve accepted it.

That’s how it’s been all of my life.


Even though I’ve accepted it

That doesn’t mean I don’t still dream of the day when I find someone who loves me more than anyone.

Someone who won’t compare me to someone they’ve lost or are no longer with.

Someone who will only see me when they look in a room full of people.

Someone who is mine and mine alone.

I just want someone who loves me completely.

Is that too much to ask for?

Even if it is,

I won’t stop searching.

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@ivakir​: “A kill you regret?”


  • “Well, I’ve always got it in the back of my mind that I – okay, well I think? – think that I killed this guy I used to date. Could you call it dating? Hm. We were going out. His name was Alex. I don’t remember what happened, exactly. I think I dis-associated… Or what do they call that? Blanking out. Dissociating? I don’t know. I might have, maybe, pushed him out a window while we were exploring abandoned buildings together. Honest to God, I don’t recall it at all, though. I think that’s a frightening thing, in a way. I guess I had a subconscious want to do it but auto-piloting… Yeah, that fucks with me a bit. Ah… But I wish I hadn’t because he was someone who actually put up with me. Hmm.” 🗲
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