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oh to be a middle class lady in the 19th century who has nothing to do all day but have time to think about her romantic afflictions and her beloved
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lauren Bloom looking at Leyla Shinwari
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young royals makes me miss my girlfriend SO MUCH but she’s so busy rn and lockdown so I can’t rlly see her and ugh ugh so sad I miss her :((
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Holding hand || Tokyo Revengers
Characters: Mikey, Drake, Mitsuya, Chifuyu, Koko, Inui, Kaku, Izana, Ran, Rindou
words: 1,2k
Tumblr media
He is the type to hold hands, he really loves it.
Always take it and bring it to his face, leaning his cheeks into it.
It's like he can always have your attention, he just has to squeeze or pull it a little and you're looking at him with a caring curiosity.
He can keep you close and safe too, and there's nothing more important for him.
Likes to take it when you two cuddle, so he can play with your fingers and kiss the back of it.
It brings him a lot of comfort so he'll hold your hand at every chance he gets.
He doesn’t seem to be the type to hold hands outside, sorry.
He’ll keep it for himself at home, but ! He’s always so close, just behind you that if you stumble a bit on your feet he immediately bumps into you.
He’ll probably catch your shoulder just to be sure you don’t fall and stroke it slowly, telling you to be careful.
He doesn't show it but he cares a lot.
More the type to patpat your head or lean an arm around your shoulders to show your taken.
Draken will hold your hand if you're scared or not feeling well so your mind would focus on his warm hand instead of the stressful situation.
He's a gentleman.
He holds your hands when you go down stairs together or wait for you at the end.
Not necessarily let go after, because why wouldn't he be seen holding hands with someone as beautiful as you.
He always seems so proud, it's insane.
A sweet smile is always on his face when he feels your hand taking his.
Also the type to kiss your hands to flutter you and he's very satisfied when you tell him to stop as you blush and struggle to speak.
If he does it out of enthusiasm, Chifuyu will just be the happiest to guide you and won't mind at all your hand intertwined in his.
But if he thinks about it before doing it, he'll be a mess.
Blushing as he thinks about how to do it, if you want to, check if his hand isn't sticky.
End up looking stupid and you catch his hand instead so he'll stop overthink.
Yet he's the happiest cause you want it too and noticed his behavior.
Don't ask a lot from him at first cause he's a perfectionist and wants to do everything in the best way at the first try.
Later on it'll become natural for him to hold your hand.
Shy baby™.
He’s scared to bother you even if it’s just the two of you, he doesn’t want to appear clingy even if he knows you don’t mind and like it.
If he ever does, his cheeks will be so red, you almost get worried, and he’ll hide himself against you so you can’t see his blush anymore.
You have to take his hand outside cause he will never do it, too scared to impinge on your privacy.
But with time, to show you that he wants to hold hands, he’ll brush yours with his and let you take it slowly, loving the way you brush your thumb on it.
He will smile like a lovesick idiot.
Another one who's proud to have you qualified as his.
Would hold your hand without hesitation, either this or your waist, especially when he notices someone looking at you two.
Probably looks at it all the time cause he finds your every move really graceful but ends up cutting you to intertwined fingers with you and smiles.
Ran sure has pretty hands and slender fingers, so with yours ? God tier.
Search for your hands when he backhug you too.
It feels more intimate for him if you have your hands in his during it.
I don't think he minds, but he's gonna act like he does.
If you take his hand out of nowhere, he'll whine, brush it away or say something like he doesn't like it in public.
But if you try to or let go, he'll take it back and squeeze your hand, then won't let it go.
It's just an attitude because he doesn't want people to think that he's silly because of you.
When he is. (Ran is making fun of him for this cause he knows him behind closed doors)
He’s in fact more affectionate behind closed doors.
Nobody will look at him if he plays with your fingers while listening to you, looking at you with love heart eyes because he just loves simple closeness.
Or if he brings it to his face to kiss it or lean into it.
He’ll be the only one to hear you chuckle at his cute behavior and that’s all that matters to him.
Like Draken, I don't think he likes pda, he’s shyer about it.
But, unlike Draken, if you ask for it, he will hold your hand when you go outside together, even if he’s blushing.
With time he’ll get used to it tho and would go back to his stoic face.
He likes to hold your hand to catch your attention like when you’re busy but he needs you or wants to talk to you but can’t get it in another way.
Loves to hold it when you’re talking so he can play with your fingers, twisting it in every way possible.
He doesn’t really realize it, it's intuitive for him.
It makes you giggle a lot cause he’s really adorable to look at you with puppy eyes while playing with your hand.
This man necessarily has a thing for hands, idk it just makes sense to me.
He likes pretty hands, especially your nails. Not like a manicure, just the shape.
So he's always looking at it, wanting to hold it and play with it. He'll touch your nails a lot, it's kinda soft, he likes the sensation.
Steal one of your hands when you're busy and he's next to you to hold it, making you protest but not like you pull it back.
The type to kiss your hand as a greeting and never let go of it when you meet someone new. He's possessive yk.
Wants you safety all the time and he can assure that if he always holds your hand.
Shy baby™ pt.2.
I feel like he's not used to this at all.
So when you show him a tiny bit of affection he's blushing right away.
He's cute tho, turning his head so you don't see it clearly but leans in your touch no matter what.
Same goes when you hold his hand, he rarely does it first but when he has it, he's not letting go.
Please have mercy and don't do it outside, he doesn't know what to do.
Even if he likes it a lot, he's not very comfortable with it to everyone's eyes.
He's willing to do so. I feel like he really likes it, it’s normal for him to hold your hand no matter where he is.
He might seems crazy but he's in fact really caring and loves to make you feel loved and seen.
He will hold your hands just so people know you're his and vice versa. If you grab his hand first and feel shy about it, he'll tease you sweetly.
��You should have just asked if you wanted to hold my hand sweetheart.”
Probably nuzzle his nose into your hair while saying it. And kiss your cheek afterwards.
Loving to see you blush because he found it absolutely adorable. Love to hold both of your hands before pulling you in a hug.
Tumblr media
I hope you liked it !
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing. skz x gn reader
genre. fluff
warnings. mentions of food, excessive amounts of fluff
summary. romantic things skz would do for you as lovers.
word count. 0.8k+
a/n: headcanons are perfect to write when you feel like writing but can't bring yourself to write an actual writing piece 😭 this is my first headcanon so i apologize if it's cringey T-T i've been wanting to write this one for forever though so i'm so glad i finally had the chance.
Tumblr media
chan : let's you listen to all the tracks on his laptop. laughs at all your dumb jokes. wraps a casual arm around your waist just to assure himself that you're here. stares at you with the most lovesick gazes. takes you grocery shopping because you're both disgustingly domestic. hypes you up for the smallest things. holds your bag for you whenever you're out in public. smiles whenever he kisses you because he's down bad. a light dusting of pink across his cheeks whenever you praise him. thoughtful texts reminding you to stay hydrated. innumerable backhugs — he can't help it, he just likes you so, so much.
minho : teases you mercilessly over the smallest things. randomly cooks for you and tries to play it off ("i made too much samgyeopsal so i guess you can have some"). drapes a blanket over you when he comes home to you asleep on the couch. complains loudly when you ask but teaches you all the stray kids choreographies anyways. takes you to cat cafés and indulges you when you insist on taking pictures of him. quizzes you on your chemistry flashcards when you're stressing over your exams. would probably get you the moon if you asked even though he'd never admit it. late nights spent binging all of us are dead. inside jokes that only exist between the two of you. lovelorn gazes in your direction whenever you're not looking.
changbin : aggressively hugs you every chance he gets. drags you to the gym with him whenever he works out because he just enjoys your company so much. grins cockily whenever you compliment him. casually feeds you random bits of his lunch. is immensely observant when it comes to you despite his loud and boisterous personality. stares openly at you at times until you get blushy and tell him to stop. is always holding your hand. indulges you in literally everything and anything. composes songs inspired by you. small gestures that make your heart flutter. contented laughter echoing through his apartment whenever you come over— the kind of laughter only changbin could draw out of you.
hyunjin : draws you! fills his notebook with sketches of you. has a picture of you as the wallpaper of his phone. eats your cooking even when it takes like shit. loves you openly and fiercely. melts over the simplest intimate gestures like the hopeless romantic that he is. asks about your day on a regular basis. constantly takes pictures of you because he just thinks you're so pretty. polaroids of the two of you pinned to the walls in his room. late night walks devoted to casual conversation and laughter. matching rings. sleepy kisses exchanged in his bed on saturday mornings.
jisung : demands kisses from you every other second. brings you to the studio and let's you watch him record even though he finds it embarrassing. randomly comes over to bring you cheesecake. clumsily makes kimchi scrambled eggs for you on sunday mornings. calls you regularly just because he wants to hear your voice. uses cringey pet names on you just to annoy you. brings home kongguksu on late friday nights when he knows you're too tired to cook. frenzied greetings whenever you meet up. exaggerated pouts when you reject his kisses. ridiculous excuses just so that he can come see you.
felix : regularly texts you and almost always leaves an emoticon at the end of each message ("sleep well! i hope you dream of me :D"). sends his messages in short spurts and leaves like 79 notifs on your phone each time (like how he does on bubble). adores you infinitely in everything that you do. leaves brownies by your doorway whenever he thinks you've been studying too hard. baking competitions on warm summer evenings. linked arms and laced fingers whenever you're out in public. unlimited song recommendations sent via text. "saw this and thought of you <3"
seungmin : is the definition of nonchalant intimacy — "did you eat yet?" "dress up. you don't want to catch a cold" "do you want me to come over?" keeps a protective hand on the small of your back whenever you're in crowded places. lends you his hoodies whenever you're cold. lets you lean your head on his shoulder during long car rides. pours milk in both your cereal bowls during breakfast. gentle forehead kisses. casual study dates. iced americanos left on your desk whenever he stops by your apartment. thoughtful gestures whenever you feel upset.
jeongin : shies away from your hugs just to tease you. grins fondly down at his phone whenever he texts you until one of his members teases him about it (mainly minho). memorizes your body language to the point where he can read your mood almost instantly. still blushes whenever you kiss him like a 14-year old. brings you bouquets of roses on your coffee dates. watches mukbang asmrs with you on youtube. the brightest smiles whenever he sets his eyes on you. boxes of chocolates on valentine's day. afternoon naps together in your bed under a cocoon of blankets, limbs intertwined in a tangled mess.
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chasing you | park jongseong
Tumblr media
pairing ‣ smart girl!fem reader x rich boy!jay ft 02liners : park sunghoon & jake sim + ningning (aespa)
genre ‣ slow burn romance, rich kids au, unrequited love kind of, angst, NO smut but contains suggestive contents (not much)....
warnings ‣ lots of 'babe', slap scenes, mentions of sex and r rated topics, cigarettes and smoking, profanity. NOT PROOFREAD.
rating ‣ 16+
a/n ‣ first of all, i'm truly sorry for the very late delay of this fic, it's about a year late... happy new years, uhm and i hope you enjoy this fic! it's quite messy, please bear with me i wanted to put out something for u guys :)) have fun reading! (i got so lovesick for jay by the end of it.)
Tumblr media
YOUR HEAD IS POUNDING AT EVERY SECOND that goes by. your this rate, you think you might actually lose your mind from trying to solve this one particular math question.
you would ask your mathematics teacher for help but you were determined that you could finish this on your own, at least that’s what you thought so.
placing down the calculator, you let out a sigh.
“y/n, you wanna follow us to the cafeteria?” you look up to your friend who’s standing by the entrance with your other classmates, asking you on a trip to the cafeteria. 
“no thanks yizhou, you guys go ahead!” you say with a smile, waving her off. you needed to let go of this stress that’s piled up from your mathematics problem. you contemplate whether to do it or not, finally giving in that you very much needed it after not doing it for a few days now.
getting up from your seat, you exit the classroom with your pouch. giving everyone that greeted you a smile and a greet back, you quickly made your way to the back alley of your school building.
you look around for any other students or teachers roaming around but no one was anywhere near the area, leaving you with a relieved sigh.
you pull up your skirt up to the upper part of your thigh, stopping when you spot your thigh strap and take out the pack of cigarettes. tapping the box on your palm, you unwrap the box and take out a cigarette stick.
placing it between your lips, you take out your lighter— lighting it up and finally taking a blow. 
“fucking finally.” you say, blowing out the smoke. 
this definitely isn't what a model student is supposed to look like, smoking in broad daylight itself. 
smoking in general, actually. 
but you gave up caring about it long ago. what mattered was that this facade you have of yourself, as long it isn't revealed you'll be fine. 
at least till university, or at least till you're finally free from your parents. 
it's only natural that the only heir and single child of a highly respected, noble and high-class family is perfect in all ways possible. 
you surely live up to your image and name, the perfect daughter that aces all her subjects in school, ranking high both in curriculum and academics. always getting first in every aspect, classy and elegant. 
always exceeding all your parents expectations leaving nothing behind. you are the pride and face of your family. 
but all that comes with it's disadvantages too, you're a human being after all— of course you have your flaws. but the catch is, no one knows about this side of you definitely. 
you'd be damned if anyone even found out 
other than your best friend, and the only one you trust— yizhou. she's been there ever since you both were in diapers. 
both of your families being close was an advantage too, you and yizhou are inseparable at all costs. yizhou being your perfect partner in crime, best friend ; all in one. 
that being said, she too— is no different than you. being the perfect ace of her family, she too has the very same flaws as you. 
every once and now, you both sneak out to smoke and have fun— what exactly is teenage dream is you don't have the time of your life and live out your teenage years. 
although this was just a plug out for the both of you caused by the stress from your families, school and having to live up the perfect image you both have painted over you— you both know better than to get caught and screw over your lives. 
over time it's become an usual thing for the both of you, you and yizhou come out to this spot for a blunt every once in a while— sneak out at nights in the disguise and getting wasted but in the eerie hours of the night, leaving no traces of your rebelliousness behind. 
just as you're about to take your next blow, the sound of a zippo lighter being shut close brings you back to reality from the train of thoughts. 
oh my god.
you freeze in absolute horror. ‘fuck i’m screwed’ runs through your mind as the cig falls between your fingers straight to the ground. 
turning to your right in absolute slow-motion, your heart drops at the scene. 
it's fucking park jongseong.
and he's staring right at you as he smokes a blunt, the smoke leaving his lips where you can see it curve into a slight smirk.
oh lord, you are screwed. 
"y/n! look what i found!" yizhou pops out of nowhere from your left with a big smile that immediately drops to a gasp when she sees you, a cigarette on the ground and jay who's smoking a blunt. 
you bite your lip as your eyebrows furrowed in absolute embarrassment and horror. 
wrong timing yizhou, real wrong timing.
yizhou stares at you and jay back and forth, not knowing what to say. all you could do was mouth to her 'LEAVE!'
"uhm— i'll uh, leave. y/n come back quick, mr.kim is on his way to the class." with that yizhou disappears into dust as soon as she says that. 
you on the other hand, slowly put your lighter into the pocket of your blazer and gather up the courage to just escape without saying a thing. 
because one, you don't know how to come up with a believable lie to jay (not like you owe him one anyway)— like he didn't just witness you take a blow from your cigarette
and two, because you're absolutely fucked!
you still feel jay's gaze on your back when you debate to just walk past him or to just stay there until he says something. 
if it wasn't obvious by now, jay is no stranger to you. park jay, notoriously known all over the school for being an obnoxiously rich and spoiled frat boy.
the son of a wealthy family, trust fund baby among other things. his college was already paid for in advance although he's still in high school at the moment— not including the bribing, and he was the darling among many. 
having the looks of a sculpture, you're quite disappointed when a face like his is wasted because of his attitude and reputation.
jay was the poster boy for the term ‘bad influence’. he is the type of teenager every parent tells their kids to stay away from.
it truly didn't help either cause' you already have quite an unpleasant history with him. he's the past that you never want to relive— the mistake that you never want to repeat ever again. 
and you mean it, so that's why you decided to just walk away pretending like he wasn't even there to begin with. 
less the embarrassment but bigger the risk of your little secret being exposed. 
your life was on the line at the moment. 
"didn't know the miss little goody-two-shoes had bad habits after all." 
there he goes. you turn around to face him with an unamused expression plastered on your face. 
"mind your own business, park." you say, rolling your eyes and walking past him. 
unfortunately, jay's fast reflexes don't go to waste when he pulls you by your wrist back to where he's at. 
"wh— let me go!" your eyes widens as you gasp loudly at him pulling you all of a sudden. jay holds you back just before your back could hit the wall making your heart skip a beat. 
"my bad, y/n." jay chuckles at your shocked figure, apologizing for pulling you unannounced. 
"my bad? are you crazy! why'd you pull me like that!" you scoff at him, pushing him away when you realize almost how close he is to you. 
crazy ass bastard! you cuss him mentally in your head, knowing if you said it out loud it would just make things a lot worse than it already is for you. 
gosh, all you wanted was to never speak a word to him ever again. 
jay only shrugs at you, a sly smirk plastered on his stupid face which only riles up your rage towards him. 
deciding it's best that you leave before he says something that gets on your nerve even worse, you attempt to move. 
which again, you failed to do so. 
"give me a cig before you go." jay says, holding your upper arm in an attempt to hold you back. 
"what?" your eyebrows furrowed in confusion— or at least you pretend to. you can play it off, you hope you can besides he already has one in his hand anyway why would he need another from you?
"you heard me, y/n." 
"i don't know what you're talking about." you say, clearing your throat lightly to brush off the awkwardness in your answer. 
jay lets out a sigh, dropping his almost done cigarette to the ground then stepping on it so it dies out. 
he steps closer to you, making you back away slowly but your luck today seemed to be the worst because as soon as you take a step back, your body is already met with the wall behind you. 
jay gives you a small smirk as he leans in, his hand trapping you between the wall and the other lingering just above the hem of your skirt. 
shit. you're done. 
"don't play dumb y/n, i clearly caught you in the act so i don't know why you're acting dumb. you're a smart girl, right?" jay's hot breath fans across your skin, it smells like fucking cigarettes. 
not like it was a new smell to you anyway but whatever he was doing to you right now— it was no good. and you knew it all too well, feels like déjà vu at this point. 
the weird feeling in the pit of your stomach, your heart rate picking up by every second that goes by, jay right above you, staring down at you with that stupid alluring smirk— all of this felt like you were reliving your past once again. 
"jay i have no idea what are you talking abo—" 
"should i get it myself?" 
that one question leaves your mouth falling apart and you in shock. 
"w-what?" you honestly felt stupid to be stuttering because of how flustered jay has you, but how were you even supposed to react to what he just said?
"should i," he says as he gets near you even more— "get the cig myself?" if anyone spotted the both of you right now it would definitely look like jay was kissing you.
that was one thing you absolutely despised. 
you would rather walk into a pool for hand sanitizer then burn yourself with a lighter than to kiss this absolute menace.
(ignoring the fact that he practically did kissed you before back then but that's the past and it stays there.)
he was practically speaking right into your ear right now, like a damn 8d asmr.
jay's hands trails up your thigh, just few more inches away from your thigh strap— you finally snap back into your senses, slapping his hand from your thigh. 
"take your hands off me," you grunt, having enough of the stupid trick he was about to try on you. 
been there, you know better than to not fall for it again. 
pulling up your skirt, you snatch the box from the strap with force and hand it to jay. 
"have the whole box you idiot." you say, sticking up your middle finger at him, only to get back the same chuckle from earlier. 
"if the word gets out, jay. wish the chances of living a goodbye." you threaten him and storm off without giving him a chance to reply. 
yeah, this is definitely the last time you're ever gonna smoke in the school compound. 
Tumblr media
GROWING UP you were always way ahead of every other kid your age. whether it was in academics, curriculum activities, talents, etc. 
having to grow up alone in a household where your parents were busy and never really cared unless it had anything to do with school or your reputation, you never really found yourself being actually happy even once. 
your mom was the type of person who would enquire everything out of you, making sure you had no flaws and was always on the right track— making sure that you'd never fall behind or ruin your reputation. 
which meant the mindset she had eventually grew on you. 
you started thinking you were better than everyone and having a superiority complex. of course all that while making sure you would never come off as rude to anyone as you had to keep up your 'perfect little kind girl' image. 
you have always been careful with picking friends or simply hanging out with certain circles of people. types of people like jay were what you have always been aware of and wanted to stay away from.
but he was never even that bad until high school happened.
you and jay go way back in those days.
you have known jay ever since your elementary school days. you still remember the first time you ever saw him. 
it was the first day of school, you were pretty much minding your own business, making sure you only focused on yourself, getting your work done, going to tutor and going home. 
that was pretty much your routine.
that's until you were met with a boy weeping his eyes out in an empty classroom while you were heading to yours. 
"uhm.. are you crying?" you ask the boy, staring at him while your heart was feeling sorry for him already. 
"i," he says between his sobs, "i-i think im l-lost." 
you approach him with a small smile on your face, as you put your _my little pony_ pink bag on the floor and crouched next to him.
"that's okay silly! why are you crying about it?" you laugh, engulfing the sobbing boy in your arms. 
"i'm scared.." he sobs into your arms while you rub his back, calming him down. 
it took him quite a while to settle down from the crying as you managed to calm him down. you took him by his hand and led him to his classroom which you had to ask him multiple times as to where it was, but at the end you waved him goodbye as he went back into his classroom. 
flashing his little bright smile, a missing tooth was also seen but you never addressed it. 
and your class was also long forgotten.
so since your history with jay goes way back, even before your little misery with him began— you don't know if jay remembers you from back then because you never mentioned your name to him, but you remember seeing him on his nametag. 
not like it even if he remembers matters anyway, he's still an asshole. a major one at it too.
it had always been you and yizhou from the start, you never really had anyone other than yizhou so your life was just boring besides the life that you had in display for everyone else to see. 
your daily routine was almost just, school, eating, cram class or tuitions, studying, yizhou, and sleeping. 
if you were lucky, at times you would accompany your parents to their business events but you were always back home before curfew because of school. 
so when you met jay again in freshman year, your life wasn't too boring. but you should've known better when you stayed away from his problematic ass for a reason. 
jay being the poster boy for the term 'bad influence' was already a warning from the start. a big red flag too.
at first when you were asked to be in a class project with him, you thought you could just finish the work with him and it'll all be done in a few days. 
but no, you were wrong. 
the project at start was just you both doing the work and all. but then jay started being friendly with you, he started hanging out with you. 
the longer he started to stay, the more he made you laugh, he started making you feel things for him, the more you started to open up to him, the more you started to be comfortable with him. 
you eventually developed feelings for him overtime, and you knew it wasn't going to end well. but you thought maybe it would be different for once, because the mere thought you knew jay was convincing enough for your foolish self.
"we're almost done with the project, i guess this is our last session together?" you clasp your hands together at the finished product of the project. 
turning to jay, you give him a bright smile as he returns the same one back making your heart flutter. 
he had a gorgeous smile, god really took his time on making jay's smile did he?
jay doesn't say anything except for just smiling at you, as his gaze lingers on you. 
"what? why are you staring at me?" you ask, chuckling at him as your hands come up to cover your face— suddenly feeling that maybe something's on your face. 
"do i have something on my face?" you ask, touching your face but jay only laughs. 
"yeah,"  jay says, taking your hands away from your face. "you've got a breathtaking beauty." 
blood rushes up to your face in embarrassment. you were blushing for god's sake! this boy is out to kill you from all the sweet talking. 
"oh my gosh, jay!" you whine, shaking your head at the sudden compliment. 
"what? i'm telling you the truth!" 
"you're lying!" 
"m’ not!" 
"you are!"
"should i prove you wrong then?" 
you stare at jay with a growing smile that you bite back down. silence takes over as jay glances over your eyes and then your lips making your stomach do flips.
oh shit. it's happening— the scenes that you've only seen in movies but the only difference was you were experiencing in real life.
he starts to lean in, capturing you in place as your back hits his soft mattress. yes, you're doing the project in his room. 
that wasn't even the crazy part for you, what's crazy was the fact THE jay park is right above you, eyes clouded in absolute lust when he stares at you.
"i can never get tired staring at you, y/n." he says, almost like a whisper as his face inches close to yours second by second. 
his lips gazes upon your on so _so_ close from closing the gap between your lips. 
until his phone rings, interrupting the both of you.
of course you both had to be interrupted. 
ignoring the disappointing pang in your heart, you put up a smile where your eyes were shaped into tiny crescents.
"jay your phone." you say when he doesn't budge, still so close to you. 
"it's not important." he says, giving a small smile to you— shrugging the phone call off. 
but it doesn't stop ringing, so you just convince jay to answer it. it could be important after all besides it was getting annoying too.
jay just sighs, placing a small kiss on the corner of your lips before he goes to answer his phone. 
it turned out to be his _friend_ rina, she seemed to be crying into the call, you couldn't hear what she was saying but you could hear the sobs. 
"i'll be there in a second." jay ends the call with that, as he sets down the phone and turns to you with a sad smile. 
"i gotta go, my e— a friend needs me." he says and sighs sadly. 
"it's fine! you should go jay, i was going to leave anyway." you say, getting up from his bed and brushing your skirt off as you pick up your bag. 
"im sorry," jay apologizes but you just smile at him, waving him off. 
"it's alright, your friend needs you. it's probably important, you should really go." you say, walking over to his door to leave. 
before you could walk out, you hear jay call after you. turning around, you see jay standing as he smiles at you with the biggest smile you've ever seen. 
"go out with me." 
you wish you never heard those words exit his mouth when you see him locking lips with his friend rina. 
he screwed you over, played the shit out of you, ruined your trust and broken your heart. 
in the most brutal way possible. 
at the place he asked you to meet him at for the date you find him locking lips with his ex lover, rina.
you remember how much pain you went through that day, the following days, months and a year. 
you remember crying to bed each night after that, how you clutched onto your chest as you tried to stop the hurt in your heart. 
you are gullible and easy to be taken advantage of. and jay took that opportunity to screw you over so perfectly. you were the perfect muse for his breakup. 
a rebound, that's what you were. nothing much than just a mere eye candy that he wanted to have and fuck with.
you ignored jay, his calls, his texts, everything and whenever he showed outside your class, you remember leaving without a look his way. 
not a single word said to him after the whole mess.
and you certainly remember holding yizhou back when she was so close to pulling up at his house with a sledgehammer from her basement. 
moving on took a toll on you as well, your studies were affected but you fixed it before you mum could find out a thing about what happened. 
she would skin you alive if she ever found out you were hanging out with a boy, yet alone a big mess like jay.
you definitely had a hard time from the past that kept taunting you continuously to the point where all you needed was something to let out all your misery and stress out. 
a cigar. 
you remember taking a hit and it clogged up your airway making you cough like you were about to die out of suffocation. 
convincing yourself it wasn't too bad, you took another blow, and another, then another and again, again and again. 
you were a little hesitant about it at first, but you kind of just gave up on worrying about it. if it gave you the opportunity to let go of everything then you were gonna take it.
it became a forbidden habit that only yizhou knew, you were totally shocked that when you told her about that secret you felt guilty for keeping away from her— only to find out yizhou had been doing it for years now. 
though you felt a slight betrayal, you knew that even if yizhou had told you— the y/n you were way before you met jay wouldn't have ever agreed or done it. 
overtime it became a coping mechanism and a regular routine. but that was only as far as you can go, you kind of knew better than to get yourself into any other mess. 
especially something if your mum found out, she would burn you alive.
after the whole thing you barely heard about jay, you just went on with your life minding your own business making sure there was never a jay in your life, ever. 
you saw him in the hallways from time to time but you acted like he was invisible, like he wasn't even existent. 
and that's how it was supposed to be, but how was he out of all the people that could've found out about your bad habits— why did he have to be the one. 
Tumblr media
AS SOON AS CLASS ENDED you packed your things and tried to leave early with yizhou for a study session your mum had planned for the both of you at your house. 
"y/n i think i'll be late, i'm gonna drop by my place to get my notes, is that fine by you?" yizhou asks, tapping your shoulder when she gets up. 
"oh sure, i'll wait for you?" you ask her, swinging your bag across your shoulder. 
"mm just start without me, i'll cover the topic i'll be missing later at night." you decide not to dig further and just nod then waving her goodbye before you exit the class. 
plugging in your airpods, you shuffle through the downloaded podcast of your chapters that you were going to study as prep from tutors you found online. 
stuffing your hands into your blazer, you walked along the corridor filled with a wave of students. 
memorizing each important points in your head, you unconsciously nod along to it. 
people might have mistaken it that you were bopping your head to a song because when your airpod was taken away, you came to a halt. 
"damn, i thought it was a song." 
the universe had to hate. you were definitely convinced that it does because you're met with jay. again. 
and you were already getting annoyed now. 
your blood just boils  at the sight of him, he just had to make you so annoyed. that stupid smirk on his face only managed to piss you off even more. 
"i'd appreciate it if you didn't bother me and just go away?" you say with an annoyed tone, snatching your airpod away from him. 
"calm down babe, you're talking like i murdered your pet or something." jay says, shrugging his shoulders. 
"don't call me babe." you squint your eyes, snarling at him. as much as the past you would've fell to her knees when she heard that, now you wouldn't even bat an eye for his stupid tricks. 
"ok fine, love? is that fine by you?" 
you scoff in disbelief. was he seriously trying to flirt with you? 
"can you shut up, oh my god." you say, sighing. "look jay, i don't want to be late wasting my time on you so just go away." 
jay stares at you for a good three seconds before his lips curve up into that infamous smile that swoons over every single living female— except for you. 
you were exceptional, not falling for his tricks! 
"you want me to go away? i'm afraid that won't be happening anytime soon." he says, pouting mockingly. 
"what bullshit are you talking about?" you ask, crossing your arms across your chest, the airport warming up against your sweaty palms. 
"it's not bullshit but let's strike a deal." 
that's your cue to leave and you took it. shaking your head you chuckle in mockery, "that's exactly my sign to leave because i'm not hearing you out. at all." 
you turn around to plug your airpods in but jay grabs onto your forearm, pulling you again for like not the first time today. 
you yank your arm away from him, glaring at him for pulling you like that and also because he stopped you.
your mum's gonna yell at you for being late, shit. 
"hear me out, babe." 
"I told you to not call me babe and no, jay. take a fucking hint." you say the slight whine by the end of your sentence. you were actually getting annoyed this time.
"you're hot when you cuss." jay says, smiling at you. 
"jay." you warn, not wanting to deal with his foolery now that you're actually running super late. 
"okay fine, i'll keep your secret safe and sound if you……" he puckers his lips out slightly as he looks around to think. 
right, you weren't oblivious to this. he's clearly trying to get you back. 
"what?" you ask, furrowing your eyebrows as you ponder if you heard him right or not. 
"tutor me, babe." 
you stare at him for a good minute, wondering if he's actually fucking crazy. no like actually, you stared at him. 
"you should take a picture, it'll last longer." 
that definitely brings you back to earth from your confusion. 
"first of all, shut up. and second, no." you say, shaking your head, as you look up at the gigantic menace. 
"why not?" he asks, stepping closer to you which makes you step back, keeping a fair distance between you. 
his stupid cologne was giving you nostalgia. that familiar smell of Jo Malone that was weirdly a perfect match for him lingers in the air.
"because i'm busy, and most definitely do not want to get involved with you anymore." 
jay scoffs at you which you glare at, gripping onto your bag strap almost about to tear it off apart. 
"fine, if you're gonna act like that then…" he stuffs his hands into his blazer, pulling out the very same box that you had strapped around your thigh a few hours prior to this. 
it gets a reaction out of you when you gasp and jay smirks in satisfaction. exactly what he wanted. 
"oh yeah let me share this too," jay says, then turning around to let out a loud announcement which sent you into panic as you stride to jay on the other side and slap your hand across his mouth. 
"say another word and you won't see the light of the day." you grunt at him, tightening the grip in his mouth which makes him pull your first away as he winces in pain. 
"shit what the fuck is your hands made of?" jay asks, tapping his mouth area softly, wincing when it hurts. 
"doesn't matter but what the hell are you doing!" you ask him, totally not holding back the urge to tackle him to the ground and strangle him till he passes out. 
jay's pain suddenly just disappears instantly being replaced with a content grin. 
"so is it a yes or no, y/n?" 
you look at him for a good three seconds before finally giving in with a sigh. 
"fine." you mutter, then frowning when you see jay overwhelmed with joy as he grins at you. 
"on a few conditions. we need to set some ground rules, park." you say, crossing your arms across your chest. 
"do we really have to?" he asks, scoffing lightly which doesn't go unnoticed by you. 
"take it or leave it, jay." 
"whatever. "
you plug in your airpods into your ear, then holding onto your bag. 
"if that is all, then i have a study session that im _incredibly_ late for. " you say, spinning on the heel of your feet and walking away without letting jay let the last word of the conversation. 
jay on the other hand didn't seem to be bothered by you leaving because the mere thought of being able to be around you was already making him feel like he's on cloud nine once again.
too in daze, he doesn't realise his friend approaching him with his jaw on the floor. 
"i-is that y/n? or am i just short sighted and accidentally saw you talking to THE y/n. like y/n y/l/n or am i too tired that i'm hallucinating?" sunghoon's little list of questions breaks jay out of his joy, looking over his friend with a huge smile. 
the silence and jay's smile says it all. sunghoon didn't need another reassurance that it was indeed you, y/n y/l/n. 
"holy shit." 
Tumblr media
ARRIVING BY THE GATES of the mansion you lived in, owned by your parents— you didn't want to go in but picked up the remaining courage you had in yourself and head inside. 
you wave at mr.ha with a small smile which he returns wholeheartedly, it eases the stress lightly but still wasn't too assuring.
at least it was something. 
mr.ha is the security guard that guards the mansion by the small post near the gates, and you've known him ever since you could learn how to walk. 
he also worked other jobs like being a friend you could hang out with whenever your parents weren't home or were too busy to bother you. or making sure you get home safe and sound every time you snuck out with yizhou, never questioned a thing just making sure you were safely back home without getting into any trouble.
the thoughts of mr.ha left as soon as you reached the gigantic wooden doors at the entrance of your home. 
you head inside to an eerie atmosphere, it wasn't new. it was something you were used to ever since the ripe age of ten. 
you take the right side of the stairs that lead up to the second floor of the mansion, where your room was on the end of the parted hallway. 
before you could turn into the corridor, the heels clicking onto the marble floor from behind you stopped you in your tracks. 
"half an hour late." 
you held in the urge to sigh back, afraid your mom would lecture you on how rude that was. you turn around to see your mom standing in the middle of the hallway, staring right at you sending a chill down your spine.
“i’m so—” your mom cuts you short, as she approaches you.
“punctuality is important y/n. you will never survive in the real world when you lack even the tiniest bit. i have stressed this multiple times, i believe." your mom's strict tone thickens with each word that leaves her mouth. 
your nails began to mark tiny crescents by how hard you were balling your hands into a fist behind you in frustrations.
“my apologies mum, it won’t happen again,” you say, voice almost inaudible at how low it was. your mum raises her eyebrows at your apology, giving you a glare for even having the guts to answer her back.
“why are you late? where is yizhou?” 
you bite your lip, as you remain your gaze on the marble floor. how were you going to explain to her that you were with a guy that is why you are late. she would absolutely skin you alive for even looking a guy in his eyes and talking to him. 
you couldn’t lie to her but you also didn’t want her to know about jay.
“my teacher asked me if i could help tutor his student. his student was failing his classes and he thought i could be a huge help to help that kid graduate,” you say, not a single stutter or a single trace that she could pinpoint on that you were lying.
“and yizhou is stopping by her house.”
you weren’t exactly lying nor were you telling the complete truth. the part where you were asked to tutor was true indeed but the part where your teacher had asked was a made up lie. but your mom didn’t have to know.
what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.
“tutor? you barely have enough time to add in more tuitions i have in list to sign you up for— let alone tutor someone?” your mum asks, arms crossed against her chest as she stands across you. 
shit, she’s serious.
“i can use my free time up for that mom, it won’t interrupt my studies.” you reason. “my teacher asked for help, i couldn’t possibly say no to him after all the pleading, mom.”
your mom decides to not drag the issue anymore further, after all, she knows that if you mess up your studies even in the slightest way possible— you’re totally done for it. besides, she figured this would look good on your papers when you apply for college, it wasn’t too bothersome.
“okay. get ready for the study session, you have tuition after that. don’t be late to it, this will be your last warning.” with that, she heads back into her office leaving you alone in the hallway.
you let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding in. without wanting to stress about this, you head into your room, locking the door as soon as you got in.
placing your bag by your desk, you plopped onto your bed and close your eyes, taking in the comforts and how you could practically live your entire life just sleeping there. nothing beats the feeling of coming back home and laying down on your bed after a long day.
other than the feeling of coming back home to loving parents who greeted their kids with “how was your day at school?”, “was it alright?”, “hope you had fun, let’s eat together!”— but of course, it was nothing you could experience in this lifetime.
your thoughts were interrupted by a notification ring on your phone. reaching over into your blazer, you fish out your phone and lay back down on your bed. 
but the unknown contact number had you jolted up, sitting on your bed with your jaw on the floor. you had remember changing your number after the whole jay screwing you over fiasco so how did he get your number? again.
hey babe
staring at the text, you contemplate on ignoring it or not but before you could make your move, another text rings your phone.
so when are you free? - 2 sec ago
your fingers taps against your phone’s screen, typing onto the space before you hit send.
you : 
who’s this?
it’s jay, don’t play dumb y/nnnn
unless it isn’t u? is this not y/n oml
a small chuckle leaves you when you read his little panicking at thinking he’s got the wrong number. 
you :
wht do u want
you see three bubbles pop out as soon as you send that. you lay back onto your bed, shaking your legs as you wait for him to reply.
you scoff at his reply and roll your eyes—  though the small flip in the pit of your stomach doesn’t go unnoticed. 
you : 
quit the jokes park
why are you texting me
chill babe
uhh when are you free to tutor me? 
whenever is fine by me
biting on your lips you ponder on when you’re free during the week, certainly not any time soon, however. on saturdays you paint or just hang out with yizhou or catch up on the sleep you miss during the weekdays.
other than that you practically did nothing, cutting off 2 hours or 3 from your sleep is no big deal.
but why were you willing to do so, for jay the guy that broke your heart and screwed you over?
the questions remains in the back of your head, mainly because you didn’t want to think about it and totally not because you had the tiniest bit of hope left that jay could be back to stay and not screw you over again.
maybe, those were the possibilities it wasn’t entirely impossible.
you :
what time?
you :
5 to 7
whenever you’re free on
that’s fine by me
alright babe, see u then
you leave jay on read, not wanting to drag the conversation out longer. just as you’re about to exit you notice you hadn’t saved his number. you deleted his number after the whole thing, but you could remember those numbers any day.
jay? too boring
park jay? too formal
jay :) uhhhhh
idiot jay :) too extra
you stop in tracks when you realize what you were doing. were you really………… choosing what to save him as? with emoticons or without? 
shit, it’s happening again. 
you delete the :) and just save his contact under idiot jay and toss your phone to the edge of your bed as you stare at your ceiling, thinking about what just happened. after a while, yizhou finally arrived and you both went on with the study session without mentioning a thing.
you’re screwed.
Tumblr media
 A FEW DAYS PASSED and your reconciliation with jay was long forgotten in the back of your mind as it never happened. you didn’t see jay at school as much after that too, so you were freed from bothersome.
“alright, just finish chapter 12 on the module and you’re done for the day.” your teacher announces and everyone gets up to greet as the class ends.
“it’s PE right after this?” you ask your desk mate and she nods with a smile with you return with a ‘thank you’ and a smile.
packing your things you grab your PE clothes and head to exit the classroom along with the others. but just as you’re about to leave, you remembered you had forgotten your hair tie in your bag. 
“hey y/n where are you going?” yizhou asks, looking back when she sees you rushing back to the classroom.
“go ahead without me, i forgot something back there,” you tell yizhou and she just nods as she leaves with the rest. 
you go back to the classroom and head toward your desk immediately bending over as you search for your hair tie. but it was taking a little too long as your hair kept on getting in the way, which you had to push back constantly.
“looking for something?” you hear a voice behind you as your hair is lifted up making you jump in shock. 
“fuc— you scared me, oh my god.” you gasp with your hand plastered onto your chest, feeling your heartbeat pulsing rapidly. 
“you’re hot when you cuss.” jay replies back with a smirk, it had literally no sort of connection to what you were saying.
you slap away jay’s hand that was still gripping your hair in annoyance, “don’t touch me, geez.” 
jay only pouts slightly at you before his lips form into a smirk as he looks over you.
“you seemed to be searching for something, did you find it?”
“it’s none of your business, just mind your own and go.” you scowl at him with a sharp glare as your tongue jabs against the insides of your cheek.
“you don’t always have to be up to my ass, babe.” jay says as you turn around, bending over to search for your things in your bag. his gaze almost falls down but he keeps it up and short-sighted not wanting to get in trouble with you.
however it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before anyway.
“then just mind your own business and stop pissing me off at every chance you get,” you pause before you speak again. “also i told you stop calling me babe.” you say as you continue to search. jay walks over to your side and leans against your table as he watches you.
“it can’t be helped if it that’s what you’re meant to be called— babe, it just rolls off my tongue better. ” jay says, chuckling when he sees you give him a side glance that indicated shut the fuck up before i rip off your balls. he remains silent and watches you when you sigh loudly at your hair constantly being in the way. jay gets off the table and inches closer to you, he collects all of your hair into his fist, and holds it for you as it clears off your view.
you don’t say anything for a while, clearing the thought of asking him to take his hands off you instead you mutter a small “thanks” that was so low, almost inaudible but jay obviously heard it when he smiled to in secret.
after finally searching every inch of your bag, you finally found the hair tie—in joy you almost cheered when it came into view. 
“found it!” you say and grin. jay lets go of your hair as you got up and he moved backwards.
“good job.” he says, smiling at you which makes you feel all giddy but you don’t show as you hold back the smile that was so badly wanting to show.
just as you’re about to tie your hair, jay stops you.
“give me the hair tie.” 
you look at jay with your eyebrows furrowed, confused as to why he wanted it—unless…
“just give it to me, babe.”
the hair tie is snatched out of your hand before you could even hand it to him, jay spins you around as he inches closer. his breathing was felt against your neck when he gathered your hair up.
you stayed still, too hesitant to move while your heart was beating as if it was about to burst out of its cage and your stomach releasing the whole damn zoo— not just butterflies although it might sound like you’re exaggerating it but it was true.
jay’s fingertips constantly grazed on your skin as he tied up your hair, you knew was close on purpose but you didn’t bother mentioning it since you were clearly enjoying it more than he did. it brought you back so much nostalgia with him being so close to you it reminded you of when your skins collided with him on top of you as you both experienced something so amazing.
“alright, i’m done.” his words bring you back to reality when his hands were off you. you move away from him and reach for your ponytail smoothing out your hair.
“thanks— although i didn’t ask you to do it.” you mutter under your breath when you head back to your desk to pick up your PE clothes.
you mentally cuss yourself for almost forgetting that you had PE, it’s like every time you’re with jay you just lose count of time like you’re on cloud nine in a dream.
“you’re welcome, babe!” jay replies, holding onto his bag on his shoulder as he smiles at you.
“don’t skip PE, i’m leaving,” you announce and head towards the door but stop when you hear jay call your name.
turning around to see him leaning against your desk with a lazy smile, jay waves at you.
“tie your hair up frequently, you’re pretty.”
what jay said seemed to be the only thing that was on your mind even when you were running laps across the field until the end of PE as you were walking back to the classroom after showering and changing your clothes back to your uniform.
yizhou seemed to notice that you were not in your right mind, nor were you being your usual self.
“did you get high last night?” 
that definitely brought you back to your senses when your eyes widened and your shrieked facing yizhou. she gasps staring at you, “are you kidding me! oh my god?” 
“what! no yizhou!” you say, grimacing at the thought of getting high as much as it seemed tempting you knew that was a line you could never cross besides you hadn’t even hit a blunt ever since jay caught you red-handed.
fuck. jay this, jay that— jay jay jay.
everything is jay!
“then? what is on your mind that you even didn’t dodge the ball earlier and got hit right on the face?” yizhou asks, staring at the red mark that was printed on your cheek which you winced at when you touched it.
“it just…” you trail off, don’t know whether to bring it up or not.
“just what?”
“just…” you sigh loudly as you both continued walking back to the class.
“y/n just say it!
“jay. it’s jay.” you say, shaking your head.
yizhou stops in her tracks as she closes her mouth with her hand, looking at you like you murdered her dog or something.
“i completely forgot about him oh my god, wasn’t he with you at that spot the other day? oh my god—” she gasps, connecting one and two together. “don’t tell me he caught you smoking?” she leans in to whisper, and when you nod, confirming her doubt she gasps loudly attracting a few glances.
you bow your head apologizing to them and got back to a shocked yizhou and then you spill what happened from the catching you red-handed to tutor agreement to and till the hair thing to her leaving her speechless by the end of it.
“i— i— uhm i— well—”
“yeah, i’m not sure what to do as well— i could just keep a distance between us and be his tutor, and as soon as we graduate and he passes it’ll be done and that would be the end of us. like i wanted from the beginning,” you say, pausing before you spoke again. “but the only thing holding me back is jay, the stupid little hope that he won’t fuck up again.” 
yizhou only nods in response.
“the pain i experienced when he screwed me over is something i never want to experience again, yizhou but he keeps on bringing me back to square one, every time i see him i just can’t help but want to go back,” you say, the memories of the night you sobbed like insane in silence with so much of pain coming back.
“you still love him.” 
“what?” you turn to face yizhou at her statement. do you still— love him?
“you still love him, it’s so obvious y/n.” she says, holding your hands in hers. 
“it won’t change the fact he hurt you so bad though, i still want to kill him for that but what matters more is you. i won’t tell you what to do, you should do what you want to and what your heart tells you to. if what you want is to keep a distance with jay and just end it all for good after everything then do it and if what you want is to give him a chance again then do it. it’s all in the choice you make.” 
yizhou is right but the more you think about it, it seems like whatever trick jay is playing on you— it’s definitely working and you’re falling for it.
“whatever you do, don’t let your guard down. you’re better than that, don’t be fooled again if this is just an act to screw you over again y/n.”
you press yizhou’s hand and nod as a reassurance. “you’re right. thanks, yizhou, for having my back.” you smile at her. 
“shut up loser.” she laughs and pulls you into a hug however it doesn’t last long up until a loud scream is heard from your classroom. you both pull away and head back in curiosity.
you see your classmate, rina— yes, the very same person that you caught jay kissing on that night— searching for something frantically at her table. you and yizhou enter the classroom and everyone’s eyes is on you, yes only you specifically.
before you could ask anything as to why everyone was looking a you, rina looks up with a glare and approcahes you. 
“you. the last one the exit the classroom.” she scowls, digging her index finger onto your shoulder which she pushes you back with.
“you stole it, didn’t you?” she asks and you scoff in disbelief. 
“rina i have no ide—”
“your little good girl facade won’t work on me, listen y/n. just be honest and admit you stole it, and i’ll just forgive you and leave this matter to rest,” she says and stomps her feet on the ground with a sigh.
“what the f—” yizhou grunts and almost approaches rina to rip her head off but you hold her back. “yizhou, don’t.” 
“are you kidding me?! she just accused you of stealing and you’re telling me to not rip her into shreds?” you nod to yizhou which she rolls her eyes at and scoffs. 
“rina, i didn’t take whatever you’re accusing me of just because i was the one who last left the classroom— don’t get too ahead of your assumptions lets talk about this calmly with the homeroom teach—” she was seriously starting to get on your nerves for 
“dont get too ahead of my assumptions? ah this bitch, the audacity!” when rina calls you bitch, it definitey hit a nerve because your blood was boiling.
just as you’re about to jump at her, the door opens and jay along with his friends stands there— staring at the commotion. 
“watch what you’re saying rina, instead of calling me a bitch reflect on yourself and find the real culprit— don’t be going around accusing just about everyone you see,” you grunt, squinting your eyes at her and turning around to leave.
“did you just call me a bitch?!” she gasps at your indirect insult looking offended. she lets out a mocking chuckle and starts walking towards you in full speed with her hand raised to slap you.
before you could let go of your cool, jay enters the classroom and pulls you aside which made rina lose balance and fall straight to the floor. the whole crowd goes silent, until sunghoon speaks up.
“homerun!” sunghoon starts laughing at his own joke while everyone else stared in shock. jake shoves sunghoon with his elbow earning a loud yell until he sees jake’s glare which makes him shut up with his mouth against his mouth.
getting back your senses you push yourself off jay who seemed to be holding onto you as soon as you get back the memory of the conversation you had with yizhou.
“babe!” rina whines out and starts to tear up at the embarassment as she calls for jay but jay’s focus was on you who seemed to be frowning at the situation. you look glance at him and catch him staring at you, pondering as to if he should even help rina.
but jay isn’t a asshole, he wasn’t just going to leave rina on the floor crying after he was partially the reason she fell down. (in his defense he wanted to protect you).
“jay,” rina whines again making you look away as jay sighs and rushes to the girl. you watch as she cries onto his shoulder, clearing stirring up a drama which you got too nauseous to even continue watching.
scoffing at her acting like that around jay, you walk away and sat down at your desk.
part of you hated the fact that jay was still hers at the end of the day, whether they were together or not— she’d still be the one was going to pick at the end of the day despite all the shit he puts up to get you wrapped around his finger.
the situation opened your eyes. you weren’t going to give in, you’re gonna keep your distance and once the tutor agreement is over— you’d be over him and he’ll be out of your life.
Tumblr media
SATURDAY ROLLED BY too quickly for your liking, usually you’d look forward to saturdays but now you dreaded them. you didn’t like the fact you finally had to face jay after the whole mess a few days ago.
he hadn’t bothered trying to talk about the thing, not like he owed an explanation or whatever but somewhere deep down you felt like you deserved one for absolutely no reason at all. though you received like one text from him, which was just :
idiot jay :
that wasn’t too convincing and you didn’t exactly want to assume it just by that. the text could’ve meant he wanted to ask you how to solve a problem but hasn't even started tutoring yet or the text could’ve meant he wanted to just text you but by the tone of it, it clearly didn’t mean he wanted to annoy you.
mainly for this reason, you overthinking. you simply didn’t want to assume anything and just left him unread but of course you had to face him somehow.
so here you were, holding onto the handle of the gigantic door to let jay in as he rang the bell that echoed through the house.
“who’s at the door?” you hear your mom ask from the living room, she stood there looking at you confused as to why you weren’t answering the door.
you open the door to be greeted by a surprised jay, his hand by the bell you figured he was about to ring the bell again. he gives a small smile which you only nodded your head too. 
you look away before jay catches you staring because holy shit was he fine as hell? it's like skinny jeans and black shirts were made for him, although it was a simple outfit it definitely managed to make your jaw drop. 
jay enters your house as you close the door behind him. he spots your mom by the living room, she gives him a decent bland smile which he smiles back at. 
you looked like a carbon copy of your mom, but obviously jay seemed to have the hots only for you and you only. 
"good afternoon, mrs y/l/n." he greets your mom with a bow. 
"good evening…" she trails off, unsure of the unknown kid's name. she somehow recognizes his face, but she couldn't exactly point it out.
"jay. park jay." she nods and looks over at you. you just give her a tight lipped smile when you read the look on her face. 
a guy?
"he's the kid i mentioned, the tutor." you explain, walking up to jay standing by him. 
"i figured." 
silence takes over the air, creating an uncomfortable tension which you couldn't cut even with a knife. 
"if that is all, excuse us mom." you say and walk past her with jay hot on your trail. 
this is the first time jay has ever seen or visited your house, he knew you were stacked obviously since your family is one of the holy trinity in the neighborhood. 
your family is also a stranger to the industry his parents runs a business in. your families were pretty much the top ones, but your parents never got along.
both of your families were rivals but what happens in business stays in business. it shouldn't get involved with any personal issues. 
besides that's the adult's thing, what you and jay had shouldn't be a problem to whatever rivalry your parents had going on. 
his attention is immediately caught by the large family portrait on the wall where the stairs divided into two. 
you were in the middle while your parents were by your side. jay figured you were the only child considering there was no one other than you and your parents in the portrait. 
he swears you look so ethereal in portrait, it must be recent since you don't look any much younger or older than how you looked now. 
he smiles at your small smile in the picture, you looked really pretty when you smile. 
"huh?" he breaks out of his gaze from the picture to you looking at him on the top of the stairs. he hadn't realized he stopped walking. 
jay skips up the stairs following behind you as you walk through the hallway. the light was dim with ceilings as high as the sky. 
it wasn't too different from his home, although the only thing missing in his home was you. 
he wanted to have you. 
not just like a bait but because he's liked you since forever.  
the door you open leads into your bedroom, jay follows behind you and stops when you close the door. 
"no open door rule?" 
you stay silent as you clean up the books by your desk, not bothering to look at jay's to answer him. 
"no." you mutter beneath your breath, piling up the books to carry to your shelf. 
"usually girls houses i go to always have the open door rule…." jay trails off when he sees you glare at him. 
shit, it's like adding more fuel to the fire. 
he shuts up not wanting to make things any worse but when he sees you trying to pick up the pile of books, he drops his bag and walks over to help you. 
"move aside, i'll do it." he says expecting you to move but you don't budge. 
"i can do it myself, just go and sit." you say, wrapping your arms around the pile of books to pick it up— but it was too heavy for your strength. 
"just let me do it, y/n. don't be so stubborn." he says, and takes away your arms then picking them the books in one shot. 
you almost gasped at his muscles popping out from his sleeve. you were literally drooling at the sight but before he could see, you head back to the desk and took a seat, internally cringing at your reaction. 
jay comes back after setting it down and takes a seat next to you. 
"so what are you weak in?" 
"pulling you, that's the only game i’m weak in." jay replies and laughs but stops when he sees your plain reaction, just empty and annoyed. 
"my bad," he apologizes and takes out his books from his bag. 
no shit, though that almost made you laugh you held it back when you realized it was probably only to screw you again. 
"i need help with physics, you're good at that right?" jay asks and you hum in return as you look over the marked topics in his textbook. 
"let's go over this first, is that okay?" you ask, looking up at him. you don't realize you're too close until you look up at him. 
"y-yeah." jay replies back and immediately turns his attention back to the book. 
this was gonna be long. 
with a sigh, you moved over and continued to teach jay. 
a few hours passed and you both were finally done for the day. you lean back on your chair and stretch your body, yawning as your body relieves pain. 
you expect jay to make a remark about it but he's too occupied by his phone, texting someone. 
you don't want to be a busybody but your curiosity couldn't help it. you couldn't see much but when you see sunghoon's name pop up on the screen you sat back onto your seat. 
"if you wanted to see, i would've showed you, babe. no need to sneak around." jay says, scaring you by breaking the silence. 
"i wasn't peeking." 
"whatever floats your boat, babe." jay says and stuffs his phone into his pocket as he turns to face you. 
you avoid looking at jay, suddenly finding the calendar on your table interesting. 
(a/n : tbh this scene omg i got reminded of the way jay called jungwon in that one en-log lmaooo)
"y/n?" jay calls you with a luring tone, as he looks at you with a smirk. 
"y/nn?" he calls again, leaning closer to you. 
"what?" you grunt, finally looking up at him. fuck it was mistake, you shouldn't have because why the hell was park jay looking at you with literal heart eyes and why the hell did it gave you butterflies?
he remains silent before the smile on his lips disappears into a sorry expression. 
"i'm sorry," he says, and frowns. 
"what are you sorry for?" you ask as your eyes bores into his. 
"for going to rina. that day." he explains but it breaks your heart when her name leaves his mouth. 
"why are you apologizing?" you ask. "it's not like you owe me one, not like i'm someone that matters to you." you mutter the last sentence under your breath, but jay heard it. 
and it makes him sad. 
had you known you're the one person that mattered the most to him. 
"y/n…" he trails off, but you shake your head. 
"it's late, you should leave." you say, standing up as you approach your door to usher him out. 
"y/n i didn't want to but she was calling for me." 
"jay why are you explaining yourself to me? we aren't going to fall in love again so it doesn't matter nor will it ever matter. our agreement was just you keeping my secret in exchange for me tutoring you." 
you didn't mean to come off harsh but by the look on jay's face, it made you want to sink into a hole and never face him again. 
"yeah, you're right. my bad." he says, in a disappointed tone as he nods. he grabs his bag and slings it over his shoulder. you try to approach him but he stops you, "i can find my way out, don't bother." 
jay opens the door to exit but he looks back before he leaves. 
"goodnight y/n." 
Tumblr media
GUILT never stopped chasing you ever since the night jay left your room after you lashed out at him. 
it wasn't your intention but it wasn't a day if you didn't fuck something up obviously. 
the night he left like that you didn't sleep on a brink. the guilt haunted you all night, all day and all week. it's been two weeks since the incident and it was still haunting you like insane. 
jay didn't attend the last tutor session after you lashed out at him, he didn't inform you of anything which made things worse. you felt bad and guilty the whole time.
you didn't see jay most of the time at school, usually you'd be more than grateful if he was out of your sight but that night the only thing that could ease your heart was if you saw him.
and when you did, your guilt only worsened when jay didn't glance your way. 
your heart was telling you to grow some balls and apologize but you mind was telling you to leave him be since he was obeying the agreement you both agreed on. 
overtime your heart won over your mind and you found yourself by the cafeteria buying two banana milk cartons— one for you and another for him. 
after paying the cashier lady, you took the long way back to class to get your shit together and not make a fool of yourself when you're apologizing. 
you remember yizhou telling you to apologize since from your story telling jay was obvious hurt but yizhou was emphasizing that the hurt you gave him obviously wouldn't beat the hurt he gave you. 
but hurt is hurt and you're at fault this time. 
so it's only right that you apologize. 
besides doing this will make the next tutor session less awkward. 
when you came back to the classroom, you didn't spot jay anywhere or his friends. you also looked around for rina and her minions, luck was on your side since they weren't there too. 
you walk towards his table awkwardly, trying your best to not look suspicious as you tiptoe around his table. 
you cover your face with one hand and the other place one carton on the table with the straw then you skip to your table in the quickest way possible without looking suspicious. 
you finally let out a relieved sigh when you sat down at your table. mission one is done, but you had another problem coming your way, will jay forgive you?
a louder sigh and whine leaves you before you frustratedly take out your module and start doing exercises to take your mind off it. 
without knowing jay had been watching all along from the back of the classroom. 
he had seen you walking into the classroom and followed behind you, he was about to leave until he was you tip toeing around his table.
he laughs in secret when he sees you do a poor job at not looking suspicious by placing the banana milk on his table. when you covered your face in the most awkward way possible he chuckled at you being so cute. 
when you go back to your table, he stops laughing and holds back the big smile growing on his face as he walks into the classroom. 
he sees you watching him in secret but you're not too slick with it so he picks up the carton, examines it then places it on his table. 
he holds back the smirk when he sits down and then looks at you while your eyes widen and look away so fast. 
too bad the smile already beat him to it, he smiles as he pops the carton open with the straw and takes a sip as he stares at you from the back. 
you could practically feel jay's gaze on your back and holy shit did it make you nervous. you should be yelling at him to mind his own business but you pushed that thought to the back of your mind. 
you phone rings a notification which earns your attention and for the first time in weeks, you see jay's name flash across your screen. 
for some reason it makes you smile and makes you feel giddy when you see his notification. 
it shouldn't be making you feel like that but it did. 
idiot jay :
thanks for the banana milk 
shit. how'd he know it was you? 
you :
idk what r u talking about…
you hear jay coughing from the back which makes you smirk, and then three bubbles pop up on the screen. 
idiot jay :
don't play dumb babe
ik it's u ;)
and there is the jay you know. 
you : 
whatever floats your boat, jay~
"can't believe i'm seeing modern day romance right before me in broad daylight." 
slamming your phone into the table, you look to see a horrified yizhou as she sits down next to you.
"what are you talking about?" you laugh nervously, as you turn off your phone and slide back into your blazer. 
"considering how smiley you are that you're kicking your feet and all, i'm assuming you guys are okay now?"  you don't bother brushing the issue under the carpet, you spill everything to yizhou. 
"well, congrats on making your next tutor session less awkward." she says, laughing at the make-up attempt. 
you nod and then drift the conversation to something else. you and yizhou planned on going shopping over the weekend after your session with jay since you both haven't hung out in while since you got caught up in your jay situation. 
a few days passed by and saturday finally arrived again, this time you looked forward to it. 
although it was a few hours prior to your tutor session with jay, you couldn't stop thinking about him as you sat in your backyard painting on your canvas board. 
you were painting a scenery you had in mind, usually during painting you just let your imagination take over and just let your fingers sway the brush along. 
but this time you were just sitting there, staring at the canvas board unable to come up with something to paint. 
maybe if jay wasn't taking up all the space in your head. 
"you paint?" 
that awfully sounded familiar to jay's voice, way too close you were concerned for yourself at this point. you were thinking of him too much. 
too much his voice sounds way too real as if he was in the backyard with you.
oh shit. 
you turn around in your seat to see jay standing by the sliding glass door with his arms crossed, looking at you in awe.
you blink several times to assure it wasn't your head messing with you until you realized he was actually standing there. 
"huh? why are you here? tutor session doesn't start until 5? it's 4.15?" you bombard jay with questions which he only chuckles at before he walks towards you. 
"came early to see you, missed you too much." you give him a glare which he winks back in return for. 
"you paint? i didn't know." he says, as he eyes you and the canvas. 
"because it's none of your business," you reply back as you place the pallet on the stool next to you. 
"i want it to be my business then," he answers back and takes a seat on the bench across from you. you don't bother answering anything back, knowing jay would only make another remark out of it. 
though his recent reply made your stomach do flips which you thoroughly ignored. 
you both sit in silence as you stare at the canvas in blank of what to paint. and then you looked at jay, an idea popped into your head. 
you could paint him. 
"stay still and don't move." you say and pick up a brush and start moving it along the canvas. 
"you're painting me?" jay asks in pure shock as he turns to stare at you. 
"i said don't move, idiot!" 
"okay! okay!" 
a small smile grows on your lips at jay sulking slightly at your little tantrum as you paint him. 
jay wasn't too difficult to draw, he already looked like a real life sculpture so he made it easier for you. god took his time on jay and it shows. 
jay's outfit today seemed to be perfect for the painting as well, he wore a white dress shirt and khaki colored slacks that he pulled off so effortlessly. 
if any other guy wore it, you wouldn't even bat an eye but since jay wore it, you couldn't stop stealing glances at him. 
he was just so effortlessly handsome, no wonder many girls wouldn't stop chasing him. 
before you could overthink and dull yourself over the thoughts you chose to ignore it and just focus on painting. 
you don't realize the time that passed by since you were indulged in a conversation with jay as you finished painting him. by the end of it, you were beyond tired from all the painting and jay's ass was so sore from sitting for so long.
you didn't allow jay to see the painting even after an argument, you managed to move the painting to your room where somewhere he couldn't find it. 
"your house is nice, it would be nice to live here." jay says as he examines the interior while you were making orange juice for him. 
jay said he felt thirsty after all the talking besides it would be rude to send your guest off without proper hosting etiquette. 
"you live in a house like mine too, park." you say, sighing at his dramatic comment. 
"yeah but the only thing missing there is you, it would be nice if i could wake up to you everyday and spend my entire life with you." 
you shoot him a speechless expression which he laughs at. 
"isn't it too early to be making marriage jokes?" you ask, pouring the juice into a glass for you and him. 
"so you want to experience it one day with me?" he asks, pushing your buttons. 
"you know that's not what i meant, park." you scoff, placing down the jug and pushing a glass towards him. "so shut the fuck up and drink that." 
jay sends you a wink and take a sip from the orange juice. 
"i can never get tired of you cussing, you're so fine when you do so." you had to admit, that sure made your cheeks turn crimson which jay unfortunately caught onto. 
"oh my god!" jay shrieks, a wide grin plastered on his face as he approaches you. 
"is THE y/n y/l/n blushing? because of me?" he fake gasps as he inches closer to you with each step while you lean over the counter. 
"shut up jay, you're overreacting." you say, chuckling as you hide your face. 
"you don't have the talent to lie babe, so i'm not sure why you bother doing so," he says, chuckling as he leans over towards you. 
"you need to stop being cocky," you say, placing a hand on his chest indicating stop as you chuckle at him. 
"and what if i don't?" he asks, taking your hand off his chest. 
"you don't want to find out jay.." you trail off, still looking at him. 
"if i do?" 
you both stare at each other in silence, the tension in the air so thick nothing is heard except for the thuds of your heartbeats. 
you smirk, leaning into his neck— so close he could feel your hot breath against his neck. it sends shivers down his spine but he keeps his cool. 
"i'll make you finish a whole module of physics." 
jay pulls away staring at you with a frown, not amused by you giving him false hope while you on the other hand seemed to be having a field day as you held your tummy, laughing out loud. 
"that wasn't funny." jay snarls, scoffing at you laughing your ass off by the counter. sure it pissed him off but by the way you're laughing your ass of, it instantly takes away the annoyance. 
he's too in awe with your smile gracefully plastered on your face as you laugh sounding like a melody in his ear. 
your laughter dies down after a while and you finally could catch air after it all being sucked away from laughing. 
"are you done y/l/n?" you look aside to see a pouty jay with his hallway finished orange juice in his hand. 
"yeah yeah," you say, holding back another urge to laugh in his face. "with the last name? that's new." 
jay doesn't say anything except for glaring at you which you roll your eyes at. back to being at each other's neck. 
"keep those glares down, park. speaking about the module, we didn't have our tutor session today." you say, and take a sip from your glass  
"can't we skip this one? we can hang out instead!" 
"weren't you the one who wanted me to tutor you?" 
"yeah but—" 
"no but's jay, are you free on monday? after school? cause tomorrow i have plans with yizhou so i won't be free tomorrow," you ask him. 
"that's fine by me." he says, then looks up to you. "but at my place." 
"your place?" you ask, and look up at him. 
"yeah my place, is that fine by you?" he asks, raising his eyebrow at you. 
it's not that you haven't been to his place before so you wonder why you're hesitating. besides all you're both going to do is just study, not anything else. 
the night passes by with you both just talking with 70% you telling him to shut the fuck up or arguing and 20% of jay flirting and 10% of you both laughing your asses off. 
honestly during the whole time you were just having fun, your cheeks were so sore from smiling the whole time it genuinely felt like a date but it wasn't. 
jay left after a few hours just before you parents had come back home and you went to bed that night with the biggest smile on your face. 
you were content with this, you finally had fun after a long time and damn was it worth it. 
it finally felt like you got jay back and it was starting to feel like back then, the times you both were happy being around each other. 
sunday rolled by and you went out with yizhou, got back before curfew and had fun. 
you told yizhou about the progress between you and jay and she was wanting to throw the whole time because of how 'overwhelmingly sweet'. 
and then monday happened, school went by and then night time came around and you found yourself in front of jay's mansion. 
though it wasn't too different from yours and considering how you weren't a stranger here, you didn't know why you were so nervous. 
you didn't know why you even out extra effort into looking good today? maybe because you haven't seen his parents after so long?
or maybe because you just wanted to impress jay? but all you guys agreed on was studying so why the dress up?
you couldn't find a answer in you so you just hit the bell and waited for someone to answer the door. 
after a few seconds the door is opened and you're met with jay's mom, mrs.park. 
"uh good evening, mrs.park" you greet, giving her a small smile as you stand by her doorstep. 
"oh my! y/n?" she gasps, staring at you in shock. "it's been so long! don't wait there, come in!" she opens the door ajar, inviting you into her home. 
"thank you mrs park," you give her another smile and walk in. the place hadn't changed too much, there were a few changes in the furniture but overall it the same old place. 
"i haven't seen you in so long, i thought jay stopped being friends with you! i was so worried for the boy." she says, chuckling at the situation. 
you nod and smile in return. 
"oh, you're here." you look towards the stairs where jay is walking towards you, he looked as handsome as the other. even more now that he was in grey sweatpants and white t-shirt, your absolute weakness. 
"hey," you greet him, and look away not wanting your gaze to linger on him too long. 
"we're gonna go and study if you're done with the reunion mom," jay says jokingly, as he grabs your hand unannounced. 
you stare at him wide eyed but he only smiles at you. you give his mom a shy smile "my apologies mrs.park, if you'd excuse us." 
"sure sure dear, before you leave do join us for dinner" she says, and you give her a nod then smile at her before jay basically drags you to his room. 
"damn hands off me, jay" you say, yanking your hand away and walk behind him into his room. 
"my bad, it just happened naturally." he says, winking at you. 
"everything just somehow happens naturally to you. " you say, scoffing as you set down your bag. 
"yeah cause my hand seems to be a magnet that keeps on getting attracted to you," he says and acts like his hand us a magnet being pulled towards you while his other hand holds it back.
"you're so corny," you say, laughing at his stupid joke. 
"nothing about me is corny babe, you're just in love with me." he says, shrugging and takes a seat next to you. 
well he wasn't entirely wrong. 
"yeah right, you wish." you say, rolling your eyes at his confidence. jay smirks and chuckles. 
"i don't have to wish, i already know you do." 
"shut up." 
"you're so in love with me babe." 
"no i’m not." 
"you are." 
"if anything you're the one in love with me, end of the topic now please shut up." you snarl at him, closing his mouth with your hand. 
"and you're right." he says, taking away your hand. you snatch your hand away and urge jay to stop messing around and get on track to study. 
hours pass by and you both actually study, a few times jay stops to flirt which you had to keep on scolding him for and a few times jay actually was studying, where he asked you questions and you helped him out on it. 
when you both are finally done with the studying, you both plop back onto his bed, feeling so worn out. 
laying in silence, you're almost drifting off into sleep if it wasn't for jay speaking up.
you hum in response, eyes still closed. 
"you look pretty today." he says, earning a smile from you. 
"you look good in braids and i like your dress, it looks pretty on you." 
"you're being awfully nice, what do you want?" you ask, chuckling at his sweet compliments. 
you feel the bed shift, and then you feel your darkness turn darker which means something was hovering over you. 
opening your eyes, you see jay leaning over on top of you but you don't bother yelling at him to move. 
"i think you know the answer already," he says, smiling. 
"don't tell me the answer is—" 
"you, yeah." 
"you need to stop flirting, it's not working if you're trying to woo me over," you say, poking your tongue out at him. 
jay only stays silent, his smile doesn't leave his mouth and that's when you realize he isn't just kidding, he's being for real. 
"hm?" he hums, and you give him a unreadable expression. you’re confused, he’s making you confused. one second he’s with rina acting like nothing’s going on and the next minutes he’s all up on your ass trying to win you back.
not like he ever had you.
“stop playing around, it’s not funny—”
“i’m not playing y/n and you know that.” he says, sighing at you. 
“i don’t jay and i’m not falling for this again, cause in the end i’m gonna end up hurt again which i don’t want to experience again.” you say, propping yourself up on your elbows, inching closer to the boy that’s hovering over you.
“i never meant to hurt you y/n, it wasn’t my intention— i literally have no idea what you’re talking about when you say i hurt you.” jay argues back, but it’s rather more calmly with his confused expression.
“you’re shitting me.” 
jay opens his mouth to retort back but the knock on his room door interrupts you both. 
“sir, madame wants you down for dinner.” a lady’s voice speaks from behind the door who you’re assuming is a helper in his house.
jay looks at the door and then back at you with a sigh. “we’ll be down in a while, thanks.” 
after the footsteps disappear into a distance, move jay aside and get up from his bed. you pack your things into your bag and sling it over your shoulder. 
“i’ll head downstairs first.” you say and head towards the door but just as you’re about to twist the knob jay holds onto your forearm.
“y/n.” he says but it sounds like a plead in disguise. you turn to look at him and you wonder.
if mentioning what happened is about to ruin the chances of you both having a civil friendship again, then you wish to forget about it. every time it’s about rina something just goes wrong. you decide to bring up the topic another time, this time you’d just rather forget it for the moment.
“i’ll wait for you downstairs, don’t keep your parents waiting.” you say, giving him a smile then exiting the room and leaving jay behind.
jay’s confused. he’s totally confused, he just doesn’t get what’s wrong and what’s going on. his phone starts ringing and it jolts him awake from his confused-daze that he was in.
sunghoon’s name flashes across the screen and jay swipes right on it to answer.
“hey dude, you wanna come over later after your tutor session with your _girlfriend_ is done?” sunghoon asks, mocking jay’s massive crush on you from the other end of his phone.
“she’s not my girlfriend, hoon.” jay says, plopping onto his bed as a smile grows on his lips at the thought of you being his girlfriend.
“eyyyy saying that as if you don’t want her to be your girlfriend.”
jay has liked you since forever and he means it. from the moment you helped him out for being lost in elementary school, he’s had large heart eyes for you and only you ever since then and any sane person would’ve noticed that. 
although you both drifted apart, growing up— jay hadn’t forgotten you even a little. he’s always watched you from afar (not in a creepy way ofc), never growing the balls to ever ask you out— jay remembers telling making sure that everyone knew you were completely off limits.
especially to sleazy, low-life or stacked guys, he made sure to them that you were completely off-limits. you were his from the beginning and now that he’s finally going to get you, he couldn’t just let anyone else have you.
it was so bad till sunghoon and jake had to start matchmaking the both of you in ‘coincidental ways’.
it never worked out, it was the universe just didn’t want their friend jay to win in terms of you until, miracle happened. well not exactly since sunghoon and jake bribed jay’s teacher to match up the both of you in a project. 
jay was the happiest boy in the entire world the day he got home, his mum was so confused why her son was helping her out in the kitchen or skipping around the house with the biggest smile plastered on his face.
sunghoon and jake remember regretting setting him up like that because every 2 minutes back then jay would spam in their group chat about how thrilled and all he would ever speak about was you, y/n y/l/n. 
jay remembers vividly every day back then, every second he was so genuinely happy to be with you even if it’s just you both being in the same room, he didn’t show it but he truly was the happiest. 
at one point, he realised that you were the one. so he asked you out after the final meetup for the project. 
but of course, in every seed of good there is always a piece of bad. he doesn’t know why right after that you started avoiding him although you said yes to him. you didn’t show up to the date, he tried calling you, texting you, he even asked  around but it was all to no avail.
you just started ghosting him, and when he did see you at school you would pretend that you didn’t know him, nor did you even acknowledged his existence.
even when he dated other girls to get over you, he just couldn’t. you just had that effect on him that no matter what, no matter how girls he could get in just a snap— they could all never be you. 
not even rina could compare to you, she couldn’t be you ever. 
up until one day, jay just got so pissed off by rina being so clingy to him like a leech— he almost yelled at her but he just stormed off in annoyance to the smoking spot he always smoked at. 
rina had really annoyed him to the point he even got pissed that there were people smoking at a literal smoking spot. he wasn’t going to head back to class after that and he really needed to hit a blunt so he looked around and found a spot behind a building in the school compound.
approaching it he did felt like something was weird, and as soon as he turned to the left he sees you, leaning the against the wall with a cigar between your lips? jay couldn’t believe the sight before him back then, he in absolute shock. 
never would he have ever imagined seeing a cigarette and you together. it just seemed impossible but if it wasn’t for the wall next to him, he would’ve fallen to his knees.
the y/n y/l/n was so freaking hot.
he noticed that you hadn’t realized his presence therefore he took out his zippo lighter, lighting up his cigarette and closes the lid shut. 
that seemed to break you out of your train of thoughts because the way you looked at him and the cigar falling between your fingers made jay knew that he’s hit the jackpot.
"didn't know the miss little goody-two-shoes had bad habits after all." 
and that led to where the both of you were now. jay didn’t really need tutoring, not like he has ever gave a shit to his studies knowing it’ll all be taken care of by his father regardless of how his results are but at that point it was the only thing he could think of. 
that seemed to be the only way for him to get you spending time with him so he asked you to tutor him in return for him keeping your secret. though that didn’t seem to be much helpful since you keep on confusing him with how he’s hurt you.
jay is just as confused as you. he’s missing something from the story line and he has a feeling it’s something related to him.
“dude you on the line? i been calling you for like the— fifth time now.” sunghoon yelling into the phone wakes jay from his thoughts. 
“oh yeah, yeah. sorry, my bad,” jay apologies into the phone as he massages the temple of his head. “y/n keeps on saying i hurt her but i just don’t know what she’s talking about.”
“mmm,” sunghoon hums on the line. “did you say anything offensive to her?” 
“not that i know nor will i ever say anything offensive to her.” jay answers to his friend while he thinks about it. 
“do you think it has anything to do with what happened the last time you guys ever spoke?” sunghoon’s question rings in his head making him sit right upon his bed.
“huh? like just now?” jay asks and sunghoon’s disappointed sigh is heard from the other end. 
“this is why y/n hates you.”
“i meant like the last time you guys spoke as in before she started ghosting you— like anything related to that?” jay’s eyebrows furrowed, something related to that?
could it be the fact he asked you out in the lousiest way possible? were you hurt by that? couldn’t be since you said yes, happily. could it be the place he chose to take you out on a date? couldn’t be so, it was a common spot for lovers and he had done his research the day before about the place and its ratings.
they had a 5-star rating.
then what? 
could it be that—
could it be that you saw what happened between him and rina.
“fuck dude— oh my god.” jay gasps into the phone, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as if he was back to that day again and rina kissing him.
knowing you, you definitely would’ve jumped into conclusion without figuring out the whole thing. 
“what’s wrong jay?” sunghoon asks, still on the line. 
“i think— i think y/n might have seen rina kissing me,” jay says and groans in frustration. “remember the stupid shit rina pulled right on that day where i told you she kissed me and like we fought.” 
“no way, bro you telling me y/n saw that? AND THAT’S WHY SHE GHOSTED YOU?” sunghoon practically screams into the phone with the biggest gasp, he worries jay at times.
“it’s the only logical answer for now. i think she saw it— ugh fuck i’m such an idiot.” jay sighs, wondering how long you thought he was a jerk.
on the day he had been waiting for you for the date, jay was beyond thrilled and happy— it was finally the day he had waited for about years now: a date with the girl of his dreams. 
you were about to arrive in time, he was making sure everything was in the right order until he heard weeping noises behind him. turning around, he remembers seeing his crying ex, rina who was sobbing endlessly as she stared at him.
“what the fuck? are you okay rina, what are you doing her—”
before he could even finish his sentence rina ran to him and engulfed him in a hug. his first thought was to calm her down despite the fact you could arrive any moment, he can’t just be an asshole and leave the crying girl by herself.
“b-babe, i’m sorry.” she cries, almost inaudible. 
“rina speak up clearly please? what happened? are you hurt anywhere?” jay asks, frantically— worried as he looks at rina with wide eyes.
“i’m hurt.” she says, clutching onto his shirt as she sobs. jay’s eyes widens in horror, immediately taking his phone out to dial emergency. 
“WHAT! i’m calling—”
“don’t!” rina gasps, snatching his phone out his hand. “i’m hurt that you’re on a date with another girl.. how can you do this to me?” she frowns.
“are you fucking kidding me?” jay yanks her hands off him and pushes her away from him. 
“babe, hear me out, please? i miss you, you cant just give up on us—”
“rina shut the fuck up. you’re pissing me off, please leave.” jay says, exhaling a deep breath as he holds back his anger. was she kidding him? she was literally about to ruin his date with you.
“jay baby,” she whines, moving closer to him again. “don’t do this to us— to me. you’re mine, you can’t  just throw me away for some other girl.” 
“rina. leave before i call the security on you.” 
rina only scoffs, crossing her arms. “you can’t call security on me!” 
before jay could say anything else, rina clings onto him and captures her lips in his with her arms around his neck. jay stays frozen, in shock at her literally jumping on him and kissing him.
rina moans into the kiss and that’s what it took for him to regain his senses. he pushes rina off him, coughing as he tries to catch air. 
“WHAT THE FUCK?!” jay yells, catching rina by suprise. jay moves forward to grab her by the arm and yell into her face for kissing him, the security rushes in and drags rina out of there while she screams for them to let her go..
he’ll deal with her later— all that mattered what you right now. rina ruined his mood completely but jay could care less about that, he was waiting for you. 
he waited, waited and waited— even when it was pouring cat and dogs, you never came.
“sir? you should head in, you’re drenched.” a staff from the restaurant holds an umbrella over jay and invites him in but jay only shakes his head.
“it’s fine, my date she’ll be here soon— i’m waiting for her.” jay replies, giving the staff a tight smile. the staff only stares in sympathy, feeling sorry for the boy sitting outside under the rain, drenched and shivering in coldness, waiting for his date that never came.
jay was about pass out from sitting in the rain for too long, his nose was red from sneezing and he was shaking uncontrollably. he waited for you, he was willing to wait longer but his body couldn’t take it anymore
sunghoon’s mustang parked right in front of him as a worried jake and sunghoon came running for their friend engulfing their heartbroken friend in a warn hug. 
“jay…” sunghoon trailed off, sighing at the poor sight of his friend. 
“she’ll come—” jay sneezes, midway into his sentence. “right?” 
jake only bares to look at sunghoon with a frown as sunghoon returns the same one.
“she will, but not today.” sunghoon replies, pulling jay into a hug even more tighter and jay silently sobs into his friend’s chest as the three of them got drenched in the then drizzling rain.
“hoon, i don’t think i’ve ever been this tempted to kill a person ever before.” jay says and hears sunghoon choke at the other end. 
“i would suggest you to calm down.” sunghoon says, chuckling in the most awkward way possible. 
“rina ruined everything, i can’t believe i went back to her without knowing she was the reason why y/n never came that day.” 
sunghoon scoffs and then sighs. 
“and brought you to that state that day.” he says, blood boiling at the memories of him finding his friend in the most miserable situation he’s ever seen.
“if i ever see her again, i don’t even know what i’ll do.”
“dude, worry less about rina. she shouldn’t even be on your mind— worry about y/n first, what are you going to do with her?” 
jay sighs once more, “right. i totally forgot about that.” 
“try explaining everything to her, work things out with y/n dude first." sunghoon says, and then ending the call after a while. 
sunghoon's right, he should just push rina to the back of his mind and focus on you first. 
focus on getting you back. 
he heads down after awhile, and smiles at the scene in the kitchen as he heads down the stairs. 
you and his mom chatting, with smiles on each others face and jay's smile widens even more when he sees you laugh at something his mother says. 
it warms his heart how happy you are. 
"you're like so late, jongseong." his mom says, spotting him walking into the kitchen with his hands in his pockets. 
you glance at jay and then take a seat, jay slides in next to you after his mom has sat in front of you. 
"is dad not joining us?" jay asks, taking his own portion of food. 
"he's busy, he said he'll be home for dinner." his mom answers, and then frowns at you. "too bad he can't see you, y/n." 
you just give her a small smile as you serve yourself the food too. 
jay and his mom fall into a conversation, and you can't help but admire how lovely the pair look like, a perfect mother and son duo. 
you wish you had this type of relationship with you mother, a conversation where you can actually smile and laugh with her instead of the thick tension and silence every time you're in the same room as her.
"y/n? is everything okay?" 
mrs.park stares at you with curiosity as you zoned out. you nod, and apologize. 
"yes mrs.park, sorry." 
she gives you a warm smile, and before you could take another bite from your food— a pair of chopsticks with peeled shrimp comes onto your bowl, placing the seafood on it. 
you look at jay, confused as to why he placed his food on yours. 
"eat up," he says and smiles at you then looking away. you're sure you caught a small blush on his face but you let it slide, as you take a bite of the shrimp and rice. 
dinner went by smoothly in no time since you three were catching up on so much stuff, in laughter and joy. 
you felt so warm hearted and joyful by the end of the dinner, since it's truly rare that you ever sit down at a dinner table and have joyful chats over dinner or lunch. 
thought the sadness of having to leave mrs.park too soon, she assured you that you're always welcomed at her home, anytime before jay walked you out to his porch. 
"jongseong drop y/n off, it's too late for her to go back at this time." his mom says, and shoves jay his porsche keys behind you. 
you and jay step outside of his mansion and stand there as the chilly breeze hits you both, making you shiver since you wore a dress. 
"you're cold." jay says, and heads back inside then comes back out with a jacket. his varsity jacket. 
"you don't have to." you say, waving your hands at him but jay only ignores you, like he always does. 
he puts the jacket around you, the jacket hugs you engulfing you into immediate warmth. 
"it's chilly, and you're shivering. i'm not letting you catch a cold, babe." you hold back the urge to roll your eyes at the nickname, and the urge to call him out in that. 
be grateful, y/n. you remind yourself. 
"thank you." you say, and jay smiles. 
"welcome, love." he says, then holds your hand in his larger ones. "let's go." 
taking you by your hand to his car in the garage just next the mansion, where a whole line up of sports and expensive cars were. 
he unlocks the porsche with his keys, then opens the passenger side for you. you mutter another thanks and got in. 
then moving over to the drivers sides he gets in and starts the engine, driving out of the mansion compound in no time. 
during the drive you refrain from mentioning what happened at his room earlier, you felt like an asshole every time this happened. but, you were the one who was hurt. 
"uhm s—" 
jay and you speak up but stop as soon as the other speaks up and falls into a defeated silence. 
"go first y/n," jay says while his gaze remains on the road before him. 
"no it's fine, you go first jay." 
jay glances at you, then back to the road again which you take as a sign to just shut the fuck up and go first. 
"fine," you sigh and then look at the window, watching the buildings pass by in a blur. 
"uhm, about what happened earlier.." you trail off, noticing his gaze on your for a second. 
you didn't know why this was making you so nervous, like what happened to the fierce y/n?
"about earlier uhm— can we never mention it? like ever? i don't want to talk about it anymore." 
jay almost hits the gas in shock but he remains focused so he doesn't crash you both. 
fuck, right when he wanted to clear up the mess. 
"uhm," jay says, unsure of what to answer. 
"everytime we bring it up, we sort of get into a conflict or something so let's just not talk about it." you say, giving jay a smile as you nod. 
"this way we can be homies without any awkward stuff going on or whatever ahahahaha!" you say and laugh in the most awkward way possible. 
how were you fucking it up even more worse?
jay remains silent throughout the rest of the ride and you assume he either is on the same page as you or…. is on the same page as you. 
you decide to leave it at that and not question anything further. but at least now you and jay won't have any arguments other than the petty ones you have with him for fun. 
he pulls up by the front gate of your mansion, pulling the break as he parks the car. 
you stay silent, biting your lip not knowing what to say to break the deafening silence. 
ugh, you don't like the tone of it. 
"i want to talk about it though, i think you've got it all w—" 
and just like that, your phone rings interrupting the both of you. you shoot him an apologetic smile and check the caller ID. 
fuck, it's your mom. 
"yes mom," you say, answering the call. 
"it's past curfew, why aren't you home yet?" the strict tone of her voice shoot at you straight from the phone, it annoys you how much you dislike her for being like this. 
why couldn't she be like mrs.park?
"i'm coming inside, mom." there's a pause after your answer, and then the dial gets cut. you take your phone away from your ear, sighing silently at the black screen. 
"is everything alright?" jay's voice fills up the silent atmosphere making you look up at him. 
"yeah, my mom wants me in right now." you say, keeping your phone into your bag and then slinging it over your shoulder. 
jay only nods with a smile hiding the sadness behind it, you almost forgot he was in the middle of saying something. 
he could text you later. you then proceed to open the door, but you're stuck. 
pushing yourself up, you're still unable to move, confused by something holding you back. 
"your seatbelt is still on." jay says, chuckling at you. 
"oh.." you trail off as embarrassment hits you. you're beyond grateful it's quite dim in his car because you were steaming hot in the face and most definitely the color of a beetroot. 
fuck y/n you're so stupid you think to yourself, as you bite your lip while jay leans over your body and unlocks the seatbelt. 
his perfume smell was light but it was almost too addicting you wanted him to stay right with you. 
"there you go," he chuckles, exiting the car and then walking over to open your door. you give him a shy smile and take his hand, exiting the car. 
"thank you, for everything today." you say, looking up at him under the golden colored streetlight. 
if only he knew how pretty he looked in your eyes. 
you could literally paint him as you stare at him, at the moment. 
"go in," jay says, patting your head and then placing a small kiss on your forehead catching you by surprise, but you don't question him. 
you nod and then wave a goodbye at him as you walk away, into the mansion. jay watches you with a smile and his hands in his pocket. 
"goodnight, babe." he whispers as if you could hear it from the distance you both are at. nevertheless the sight of you in his jacket makes his heart beat a little faster as his smile widens. 
he was so lovesick.
but there was a problem now, how is he going to clear up the issue about you thinking he kissed rina during the date on purpose?
he was so fucked.
as everything unfolds in the y/l/n's mansion compound, a pair of sharp eyes watches all the way up from the mansion. 
mrs.y/l/n watches as the boy her daughter tutors, pat and kiss her on the head as he sends her back home— and her daughter walking into her home with a boy's jacket around her. 
mrs.y/l/n blood boils as she watches the two lovesick fools, wondering where had she gone wrong in raising her daughter.
thinking her daughter had been obedient, away from the eyes of boys and away from a mess like park jongseong, the son of the parks, rivals of the y/l/ns. 
how could her daughter fall in love with the son of their rival. this was wrong, and messed up— mrs.y/l/n hated changes, changes that could bring very bad downfall to their family. 
she's going to step in and fix the mess her daughter dragged in under the foolish name of love. 
as you fall asleep with a smile in your bed, you mother is behind the closed doors of her office, plotting a very big surprise ahead of you. 
Tumblr media
TODAY was full of surprises, when you woke up and prepared to leave for school, your mom had surprisingly called you over for breakfast. 
she asked about your day yesterday, which was very weird since usually she doesn't care about anything you do unless it's related to your academics. 
you successfully dodged them all until she caught you off guard with one question. 
"did you take a cab last night?" 
"no, mrs.park dropped me off."
you noticed the weird swift in the air but you decided to not bother about it, thinking it's just your mom being nosy in the name of caring once in a while. 
and when you arrived at school, a group of girls were surrounded by your table. 
"what's going on?" you ask out loud, confused as to why everyone was camping at your table. the girls at your table only give you a look of jealousy while another few give you 'ooohs'. 
moving closer, you see a large and by large it has to be as big as your desk. a large bouquet of roses. 
you look around the bouquet for a card but it's to no avail. you look around the classroom but jay but he and his friends are nowhere to be found. 
yizhou chuckles at you, as she approaches you.
"looks like your boyfriend is going all out this time, huh?"
"jay is not my boyfriend, yizhou." you scoff and instead of getting a retort back, you see yizhou smirking. 
"never mentioned jay," she says, and winks at you as she rushes off before you could say anything. 
you take a seat with a sigh. 
"you got fans, babe?" you hear jay behind you as he slings an arm around you. you give him a side glare, then push his arms off you. 
"take your hands off me, and stop calling me babe for god's sake." you say, then take off your bag, setting it on your chair, behind you. 
"you weren't saying that last night, y/n." 
"oh my god, shut up!" you scowl at jay, slapping your hand onto his mouth. 
jay chuckles and presses his lips to your palm making you yank away your hand and whine from annoyance, while he laughs his ass off.
"stop it!" you scoff, and wipe your hands off with a tissue with a glare to jay. however he doesn't mind, since the bouquet on the table seemed to be catching his attention. 
"can't believe you're getting flowers and all now— you got yourself a fan or what?" jay asks, side eyeing the bouquet as if he wasn't the one that came to school early to leave the custom ordered bouquet on your table. 
"why does it bother you anyway, are you jealous or what?" you ask and smirk.
"why should i be jealous?" 
"then were you the one who sent this? im rejecting you flatly, if so." 
"why would i anyway?" jay says and pulls a strand of your hair which made you shriek and hit him on the arm. 
you're both arguing harmlessly away in your own world, while a gaze remains on you both from the back of the class. 
"don't you think she's a brazen bitch? even after you ruined every chance she had with him, how is he still with her, geez?" rina's friend scoffs as he watches the romance between you and jay. 
rina nods, watching the both of you with a glare, her vision painted red. 
"i'll make sure it's over for her this time." 
Tumblr media
WEEKS PASS BY and you're nearing the end of your semester, which meant your tutor sessions with jay were coming to an end as well. 
it's been months since you both agreed on the agreement of him keeping your secret and you tutoring him in return. 
you still don't know why jay asked you to tutor him when he could afford tutors better than a high schooler herself. 
you think perhaps it was a idea that he could randomly just think of at that moment. 
nevertheless you're glad he did came up with him despite at first all you both did was fall into awkward fights because he screwed you over in the past. 
you're pretty much sure that this time he's serious, and he isn't going to screw you over. hopefully, at least. 
since you decided to just have a crush on him silently and not have the fake hope all over again— you managed to keep it up all along and jay on the other hand, is on the same page as well, other than his stupid little flirtings and random gifts as if you were his girlfriend (you wish), things were pretty much going well. 
over the months you and jay started to hang out alot other than the time you both spend during tutoring sessions. 
and got closer too. tutors went well, jay would purposely finish up early just so he could hang out with you for the rest of the tutoring time. 
as for the rest, since you and jay got closer again it meant yizhou also got close to sunghoon and jake. 
you sensed something fishy going on between yizhou and sunghoon for a while now so you kept on teasing her about it since she was teasing you about jay. 
things were really going smoothly and well. 
you had just finished studying for the night and took a shower, so here you were putting lotion over your body and doing your skin care. 
just as you were about to turn off your lights and take your rest for the night, you heard something knock on your window. 
you stood frozen as you mind started going places, wondering what horrifying ghost was behind the window. 
you decided to turn off the lights and run to your bed and not check it out like every other idiot in borrow movies would do. 
so you stood by the lights, one foot over by the wall and the other leaping already, ready to jump on your bed as soon as your fingers flick the switch off. 
another knock is heard, and you flick off the lights so fast and sprint to your bed. hiding under the sheets of your expensive duvet.
and another knock again, this time you start praying under the sheets with your eyes shut close as you hope for whatever behind your window to go away. 
and another knock, once again! you were convinced you were doomed by the ghost that's haunting you tonight. you made sure your toes were gripping the edge of your blanket so the ghost doesn't pull your leg off. 
"y/n!" a muffled scream from the ghost is heard and you freeze, absolutely about to shit yourself from how scared you were. 
hold on. 
taking the sheets off you, you sit up straight. it can't be him right? you wonder to yourself as you get off the bed and head towards your window. 
your eyes widens at the sight of the boy in the backyard, in bushes throwing pebbles at your window and you sigh in relief for the fact at least it isn't a ghost. 
running to switch the lights on, you open your window and glare at jay. 
"what do you think you're doing? almost midnight? at a girl's house?" you whisper-yell at him, your hand over your chest as you stare at him unbelievably. 
he's crazy. 
"visiting you babe, what else?" jay whispers-yells back with a wink and you scoff. 
"you saw me not even hours ago, park."  
"and? i missed you so what?" he replies back, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly at the same time. 
shy jay was rare, so you took the opportunity to laugh in secret of course— he'd never let you off if he found out you were mocking him, again. 
"you saw me, go back home now." you say, and duck your head back inside, almost closing the window if it wasn't for him shrieking. 
"SHHH!" you hiss at him for being too loud in the eerie hours of the night. 
"i didn't come all the way here for you to shoo me away!" 
"i'm most certainly not inviting you in, park." 
and there he was sitting in the middle of your room, looking at you with doe eyes as you stood in front of him with your hands crossed. 
“if anyone told me i’d be in a romeo and juliet shit once, i wouldn’t have believed them, but here i am.”
romeo and juliet had nothing on you both, that’s for sure.
"what now?" you ask jay, looking over him for some answers. what could he possibly want at night, when it's gonna be midnight anytime soon?
before jay could answer, you gasp covering your chest with your arms. 
"i'm not going to have sex with you, park." you say, and jay just bursts out into a semi-loud but quiet laugh because your parents will murder him if they found out a boy is in their daughter's room as the clock inches closer to midnight.
"i like how that's your first thought," jay pauses, smirking at you. "unless you want to fuck me, babe." 
you fake a gag at jay's reply as he laughs again. 
"yeah yeah laugh all you want y/n, it's not like we never fucked before right?" jay says, raising his eyebrow at you. 
"shut the fuck up, jay— oh my god!" you say, shoving him on your bed as you cover your face from embarrassment. 
if it wasn't obvious already, jay indeed was your first. but this happened back then before he screwed you over and all that stuff— it's not like you regret it happening, you just wish things hasn't turned out for the both of you like that after you both fucked. 
but then again, if that didn't happen— you both wouldn't be like this today. 
"it's so annoying how i can have any other guy in my room but you're like the first and the only loser that's ever been in here." you say, taking a seat next to him with a laugh. 
"first and last, babe." 
"in your imagination." 
"if so, i wouldn't be here right now next to you in real life y/n." he says, shoving you playfully. "don't act like you don't like it anyways, y/n." 
with that you shut up, having no other answer to retort. after a while of silence, and a while of you both just staring at each other with smiles— you remember why is he here at night, it was gonna be midnight.
"what are you doing here jay, i'm being serious this time." you ask, looking over at him as you take off your hair tie, letting down your hair. 
jay stares at you, mesmerized. he's always been mesmerized by you, he's always in awe every time he sees you. sometimes he thinks you're not real and you're just a fictional character that's in his dream. 
but you're actually real and he can't believe it. 
he's bonded with you even more over the months, and the semester is ending soon which means his tutor session with you is finally ending. 
and he's not very happy about it, sure he can still hang out with you but tutor sessions ending just sounds so depressing. it's like losing a dear friend. 
though studying was the main point, he doesn't care how hard it is, as long as he's got you, he's in good hands. 
jay's crush for you developed even more over the months, and he's finally come to the conclusion that he's gonna ask you out. 
soon, but not now. 
also it's been months but he hasn't cleared up the whole 'rina kissing him and you thinking that he did that on purpose' thing cause none of you ever brought it up, like ever. 
"i'm here to give you something and…" jay says, with a smile. "tell you something."
"alright make it quick then." you say, waving him off. "i need to sleep, quick jay boy." you say, again. 
but jay remains silent, with a grin on his face as he glances at the golden vintage click on your wall. 
huh? you look at the time and it's 11:58 p.m. 
"jay?" you call his name only getting a "shh wait babe" in return. 
so you wait, with a sigh as you lean on your elbow, watching the boy by your leg. 
"okay okay, y/n get up!" jay shrieks, making you hiss a 'shh' at him, getting up and sitting face to face at him. 
"tomorrow is my birthday." jay says, grinning at you and your eyes widened in shock. 
"YOU'RE TELLING ME THIS NOW?" you gasp, immediately slapping your hand to your mouth realizing how loud it was.
you look at the clock and it's 11:59 p.m. only a few seconds away to 00:00 a.m.
"you're such an idiot, i can't believe you're telling me this now.." you sigh at jay, but then a smile grows on your lips as the clock is 2 seconds away from 00:00 a.m.
you both stare at each other in silence, with the biggest smile ever. jay has a bigger one, waiting to hear happy birthday from you. 
00:00 A.M.
"happy birthday jay." 
this is the best gift jay has ever gotten in his entire lifetime of birthdays. nothing could beat the sight of a barefaced you, sitting in front of him with the brightest smile in the world only with him— not even the newest sports car in the market. 
though he's grateful for that but you and him, like the only person in the entire world, felt like a fever dream to him.
"jay?" you call out, waving your hand at his face. 
"kiss me." 
"what?" you're not sure if you heard it right, but it sounded like jay asked you to kiss him. 
"y/n, kiss me." 
you stare at him for a second. you forget the fact it's his birthday, it doesn't need to be a wish for him. it feels like a free pass for you to kiss him, the plump lips you missed oh so much if it wasn't for your ego and heartbreak phase. 
it's something you both wanted, so why not?
putting your arms around jay, you connect your lips on jay's unannounced— locking your lips like it was a puzzle that's finally put together after being separated for so long. 
the only thought running through jay's head as his lips finally reunited with yours was that home stopped being a place ever since he met you. 
seriously, he's never been genuinely happier. ever. 
pulling away, you both catch for breath as you lean on jay's shoulder with his arms around your waist. 
this seemed way too right, and perfect. 
"how was that for a gift, park?" you ask, chuckling feeling the warmth radiate off jay as he laughs, the nuzzling feeling giving you a sort of comfort. 
"perfect y/n, just you alone i couldn't ask for a better gift." he says, sighing at ease. 
you both just sit there in silence, against each other, the soft sound from your air-conditioner and the soft sound of cars passing by doesn't make the silence too silent as your room smells like the perfume that jay loved so dearly. 
your eyes begin to droop from the comfort and the minutes passing by.
"you said you wanted to sleep, y/n." jay says, his voice a little rusty from not speaking for a while. it's as if he could read your mind. 
your mind was just telling you how you both soulmates at this point. 
"hmm, but you said you had something to give me." you say groggily, jay almost chuckled at how adorable you looked, half-asleep.
and you thought you were dreaming because of how idiotically lovely he looked with a big smile while he's wearing a leather jacket that's supposed to be intimidating.
but it's jay you're talking about.  
everything about him was comforting to you. 
"you sure you want it now?" 
"if you insist, but I'm putting you to bed after it." he says as if he's your dad. 
"you're not my father," you chuckle lightly, still awaiting to see what he wants to give you. 
jay just shakes his head as he takes something that looks like an envelope from his leather jacket. 
"here." he says, handing it to you carefully so you don't get a paper cut or something from its sharp edges due to the new printing.
"what's this?" you ask, opening the envelope. 
it says, you're invited in big italic font— that's pretty much you can see with the drowsiness blocking your view. 
"a birthday invite." you look up at jay, with a confused face. 
"my birthday silly, we're holding a party. you're getting the first invite." he says, giggling at you as he opens the invite further.
you act like you can read it then you close it, "i'll check this tomorrow, i'm like so sleepy right now jay." you say, handing him back the invite. 
"my bad, sorry y/n." he says, shoving it back into his leather jacket and helping you up to your side of the bed. 
he tucks you into your duvet, turning off the lights and sits by your side. 
"i'll leave after you're asleep," he whispers softly, as he strokes your head softly. you eyes closed, slowly and slowly— and you fall into a deep slumber. 
when jay assumes you're asleep, he gives a small peck on your forehead with a small content smile, he gets up to leave but a small tug on his jacket holds him back. 
"don't go.." you whisper, your voice so fragile that it could break with the tiniest inconvenience. 
he tries to take your hands over his jacket with his fingers, making sure it doesn't wake you up but you don't budge. 
giving up after a while, he assures you that he isn't leaving and you finally let go unconsciously. 
jay goes over to your door to lock it just in case your parents walk in or something, then he heads over to the other side of the bed and lays down beside you after taking off his jacket so he doesn't feel uncomfortable.
he keeps a decent space next to you, only you hand in his as the only source of skin skip— but sleepy you seem to be more of a skin ship fan than you are awake. 
cause you literally cuddled right into jay's chest with his arms around him. he feels you drifting off into deep sleep as he whispers,
"goodnight, love." 
his eyes starts to droop and in a distance from the real world, he hears soft mumbling from you. 
"hate how much.. i like you but….. i’m.. scared for the hurt…" 
and with that, the two of you fall into a deep slumber, safe and sound in each other's arms like it's where you both belonged. 
Tumblr media
THE BUZZING SOUND of your phone stirs you up awake slightly, but it wasn't as strong as the knocks on your door. 
"miss y/n?" 
"hmm," you hum in response as you cuddle deeper into your very comfortable pillow. this had to be the best sleep you ever had, it's never been this comfortable you have no idea when have you pillow been this comfortable before. 
"breakfast is ready miss!" one of the helpers around the house's voice rang from the other side of your door. 
"okay, i'm awake!" you whine louder but the helper doesn't go away. right, if your phone alarm didn't work, you could always count on your helpers to wake you up. 
your sleep slowly drifts away, leaving you awake but your eyes are still closed too tired to open it. 
"has y/n woke up yet?" from a distance you think you hear your dad but you assume it's just mind playing tricks. 
"no sir, i've been waking her up but i don't think she's up yet." 
"just leave it to me, go and help madame downstairs." 
"yes sir." 
a pause is heard after a few footsteps disappears and then the loud knocks on your door appears. 
"y/n wake up, it's 11 am!" 
this is definitely your dad. you jolt awake at your dad on the outside of your door, knocking it repeatedly. 
getting off the bed, you scramble across your room seeing if it's spotless or has trash lying around it— your dad is a clean freak so just s tiny bit of trash lying around and you're doomed. 
what the fuck.
you walk back to where the sound came from, fear filling up in you as you see the so-called pillow. 
oh god.
you pull the duvets off and you almost pass out. what the fuck was park jay doing in your bed— SHIRTLESS?
"what the fuck, oh my god. oh my god." you pant in panic, staring wide eyed at the boy in your bed. you tap jay awake, you push him you shake him and you whisper-yell at him to wake up.
"mom two minutes some more.." jay groans, his voice hoarse it was literally negative 10 deep you almost fell to your knees if your dad wasn't about to break in. 
"JAY WAKE THE FUCK UP." you hiss, slapping his back which definitely woke him up. he sits straight up, hair messy and rubbing his eyes. 
"leave, my dad is outside he's gonna barge in!" you say, picking up his shirt from the floor of your bedroom— handing it to him. 
"huh? what? y/n what are you doing in my room?" he asks, groggily as he gets up, putting his shirt over his body.
"you're in MY room and we're doomed if you don't leave right now jay, i'm not kidding LEAVE RIGHT NOW." you hiss, pushing him out of your window. 
"oh my god, okay okay." he says, you're assuming he is awake now that he isn't slurring anything anymore. you help him climb down carefully and throw his shoes down. 
"call me idiot!" you tell him, signaling your fingers into a call sign and then waving him goodbye. 
jay gives you a wink and a smile then waves a goodbye at you as he climbs over the gates surrounded by the mansion and leaves. 
a huge sigh leaves you in relief. 
"fuck." you hiss, almost forgetting your dad was practically yelling from the corridor, outside of your room. 
looking around your room, you see jay's leather jacket left behind. with a groan you kick it under your bed, making sure nothing is left behind. 
and then you open the door. 
"sorry, i just woke up.." you apologize to your dad, faking a yawn to seal the deal. 
your dad glares at you flatly. 
"a young lady shouldn't even be sleeping till this late." 
"my bad dad, it won't happen again." you say, looking down until he leaves and when he does you shut the door, and slide down it. 
a millions of question running through your mind and the biggest ones of all were : 
what the fuck happened last night?
& why the fuck park jongseong was sleeping next you in your room — SHIRTLESS?
you sigh as you stare at the vase with the roses you had received months ago, you never let it die, did your part watering it and keeping it alive. 
Tumblr media
BREAKFAST was awkward, your dad was back from his business trip so he was around quite often. 
though you were not that glad that he's back, but you're also glad maybe now whenever you eat there's someone to at least have a small conversation with. 
that too related to academics only.
after breakfast you stayed in your room, doing your own work since it was the weekend. jay cancelled the tutoring today since he's preparing for his birthday party. 
his birthday party, you almost forgot that you received an invite from him. rushing across the room, you bend over and take his jacket that you kicked under earlier. 
"ah!" you gasp at your finger being pricked accidentally from the envelope. with an annoyed groan, you get up and get your small wound healed with a bandage. 
taking a seat on your floor, you take the envelope in your hand, making sure you don't get hurt again.
allowed to bring a +1 you read on the rules and regulations. you could bring yizhou, unless she already got an invite from sunghoon or something. 
you text yizhou shortly after, asking her to go with you and thankfully she said yes. now you have to worry about what to wear.
going through the dresses in your closet you're in a dilemma not knowing what to wear except for the fact you know it’s supposed to be classy and all fancy. after a hour of contemplating on which dress looked the best you finally settled for the white one..
right, now which gift should you give him. 
jay’s rich and he probably has everything you can ever think of. you pace around your room thinking what gift to order last minute, nothing comes to mind. 
until you remembered the portrait of jay that you had painted back then. bingo! he wanted to see it so bad but you felt like you hadn’t done the finishing touch yet!
you glanced at the clock, great! you had enough time to finish the painting, get dressed and leave in time for his birthday party.
so for the next few hours, you spent it on finishing the painting and having it dried, then trying it with a ribbon after wrapping it. 
throughout the process, you were thinking of what jay would react like. you were hoping he'd like it. 
when you were done, you placed it by the wall, directly in front of your bed. 
after you were done with that, you took a shower and quickly got ready. with the finishing touch of spraying your perfume, you smiled at yourself in the mirror. 
the terrifying part was going downstairs and your mom staring at you like she had never seen a human before. 
"where are you going? all dressed up y/n?" 
you don't answer her till you arrive down the stairs, carefully walking so you don't trip over in your heels. 
"it's an event, yizhou is going." you say, giving her a tight lipped smile. she eyes you up and down, it doesn't give you a good feeling. 
"where and what event? why am i not aware of it?" she questions you again. you refrain from sighing, and just answer her so you don't look suspicious or anything. 
"it was last minute— it's a school event." you lie through your teeth. if she was a normal mom who wouldn't go batshit insane at the word 'boy' coming from your mouth, you wouldn't bother lying to her. 
but since it's your mom, that speaks for itself.
"why are you all dressed up? school events aren't too classy." 
"i have to live up to the y/l/n, don't i? after all, i'm the heir of our family, it's my responsibility to keep up the standard and class." 
that was straight up bullshit, anyone would know you're held at gunpoint with that coming out from your mouth. 
"be back by curfew, don't. be. late, you said it wouldn't happen again, keep your words." she says sternly, and then nods at you to leave.
"okay mom, have a great evening." with that, you leave for the event,  and take a ride by the personated driver your mom had assigned to. 
halfway through the ride you realize that you accidentally left the gift by mistake back at home. 
you assure yourself it's fine, that you can just give it to jay another— hoping he wouldn't mind. 
you don't know if you're shocked or if you're shocked when you arrive at his mansion— you weren't expecting the event to be a whole ass gala though it wasn't new to you. 
then you realize it's jay, of course he would go extra. 
you exit with the help of a butler but the entrance, the man giving you a smile and a look you knew all too well. 
a look you've grown to be used to by now, since all your life you have always been beautiful and dolled up. of course the eyes of preying men are nothing new to you. 
mummering a thanks along with a small smile you head inside after showing the invite at the entrance. 
the parks had really gone all out, you recognized a few familiar faces from school and there were a bunch of older people who seemed to be into their conversations which you're assuming is about business. 
after all, that's what the world you live in was all about. 
turning around to your name being called you see yizhou rushing towards you, waving excitedly. 
prior to this, when you were painting, yizhou said sunghoon gave her an invite so she'd be arriving late and apologized for what seemed like the 100th time— you told her it was fine, just meet you by the main entrance. 
"jay's gonna fall in love with you tonight." yizhou says the first thing as soon as she sees you. 
"stop!" you whine, chuckling at her nonsense. maybe she meant you made a good choice picking out the puffed sleeve dress over the beige turtleneck one. 
"if anything , that's how sunghoon is gonna react when he sees you." you say, checking her out which makes her whine. 
"you stop!" she says, hitting your arm lightly as you both fall into laughter. 
"so where's the birthday boy?" she asks, looking around the crowd but he's nowhere to be seen. 
"maybe he's getting ready or something," you say, taking two glasses of sparkling water from the waitress that passed by. 
"here," you say, handing one to yizhou as she thanks you.
you both continue catching up on a few things as you wait for anyone of sunghoon or jay to appear. unfortunately, sunghoon comes first and takes away yizhou from your respectfully. 
from far you smile at your friend and her date for the night, they seemed to match each other so well. 
"you came." 
a smile makes its way to your lips even bigger when you hear the familiar voice from behind you. 
"of course i did, idiot," you say, turning around to find jay with a grin as he looks at you. 
"ouch, not on my birthday!" he says taking a hurt, with his hand on his heart. 
"i'll give you a break from it, only today," you say, taking a sip from the drink. 
honestly, you would be lying if you didn't think jay looked absolutely dashing tonight. his hair was slicked back, two strands falling from it was a plus point, it made him look stunning. 
"you're dressed up so extra, park," you say, placing the glass on the tray of the waitress that passed by and then moving closer to adjust his bow tie. 
"really, y/n?" he says, raising his eyebrow at you with a smirk. "just say you think i'm handsome, it's not that hard," he whispers into your ear when he leaned in, making sure you felt his breath against the shell of your ear. 
"whatever floats your boat, park." you scoff playfully, pushing him away slightly. 
"mmmm so you do agree that i look handsome, tonight?" he asks, bending down to your level so he meets your gaze directly. 
it catches you off guard which makes you look somewhere else, avoiding his gaze. but the faint blush on your face gives it all away. 
"i said whatever floats your boat, jay." you say again, and jay only laughs. when you’re about to talk back you both get interrupted by jay’s mother. 
“oh my, y/n you look stunning tonight!” she says, approaching the both of you with her fluffy coat wrapped around her. 
“thank you, mrs.park. you too, look absolutely beautiful tonight,” you say, thanking her and complimenting her back which makes her giggle and thank you as her face turns into a light shade of red.
jay clears his throat, indicating that he’s still right there, next you. his mom gives him a glare playfully which erupts the three of you into laughs. 
“alright, i’ll leave my two ladies to talk and i’ll go talk to the rest of the guests.” jay says, giving you a small pat on your arm and then leaves with a small bow to his mom as a form of respect.
you watch as jay disappears into the crowd of guests with a small smile on your face while jay’s mother watches you in awe. 
“i’m happy that jay has someone like you, dear” she says and you turn to look at her blanky, her statement was out of the blue. 
mrs.park chrotle lightly when she sees you clueless expression.
“jay, he likes you.” she says, noticing a dim sparkle in your eyes at jay’s name and the sentence ‘he likes you. “i’ve noticed that for sometime now, even caught him all smiley whenever he’s on the phone with you.”
you remain silent, the warm feeling in you growing as his mother talks about her son. 
“i’ve been in love once too y/n, i know the very familiar look you have when you look at my son. it goes the same for my son too, he looks at you like you’re his world.” she pauses, giving you a soft smile.
“i read a book recently, it’s called The Alchemist by Paula Coelho and well, there is a line where it says ‘when a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream’.”
though that didn’t seem to be the case for you, you guess it might be for jay.
“i want my son to be happy, and i’d go out of my way to make sure he’s happy, even if it means giving up my entire wealth for him. nothing is greater for a parent than seeing their child happy,” she says, taking your hands in hers.
you were seriously trying not to break down like a fool in front of jay’s mom, but at times like this you wished this was something coming from you very own mother. unfortunately, you can only dream of it because wealth and fame is more important to her than her very own child.
“jay’s truly in love with you dear, and the love being extraordinary makes one rise. love doesn't makes one spoil their career, waste time or make them sad or bitter— it makes them more humane. when you are truly in love, you love everything, because you see your beloved in them.” mrs. park explains. 
and you realize she’s right, you don't get astrayed from your friends and family, rather you cherish them more, because you realize the importance of sacrifices, love and relationships.
you become a more happy person and thus more competent. 
being in love means you are brave enough to be vulnerable. you become brave enough to let someone peep in and trust them to touch your wounds; aware that if they wish they could destroy you. and there is nothing more beautiful than this; a humane laid bare open. nothing is more beautiful than to love and love without fear of hurt.
“home stopped being a place to him the moment jay met you, y/n.” 
you look up, a tear sliding down your cheeks, truly touched by the mrs.park talks about her son and how it’s like being in love, and the fact she’s right makes you realize that all this while— you in fact, have been in love with park jongseong.
“in terms of feelings of course, jay still has a home to physically live in of course.” his mother says, and chuckles which makes you laugh as well.
“don’t cry dear, your tears are too precious, but think about it— love is a wonderful thing, with the right person.” mrs.park says, wiping your tears away and making sure your makeup isn’t smudged or anything.
“and you’re a lovely person, you’re more than compatible for my son— you’re already like a daughter to me y/n, you make jay a better person than he is, i’m sure i can trust you with my son.” she giggles and you nod with a smile.
“thank you mrs.park, i appreciate it— and you’re right, i do love your son more than anyone, even more sleep too.” you say making his mother laugh. 
“then that’s a very big love you have for my son then.”
“yes, you're right mrs.park." you chuckle. 
when you first fell for jay, you remember feeling like you were on cloud 9 every single moment you were with him. and the moment you weren't with him, you felt like you were missing a part of yourself. 
falling in love was something you have always read in books or watched in films— never would you expect to experience the very same feeling in real life. 
so when you did, you didn't think you could ever move on from this or from jay. and losing him again was something you didn't want to experience again despite all the hurt you went through. 
maybe the phrase where they say 'love blinds you.' it's right. 
"i'm sad that our conversation has to end here, dear but i have guests to attend." mrs.park says, and excuses herself. 
"no worries, mrs.park. have a great night." you say, and watch her walk by you. 
you feel your tear stained face starting to become sticky, and it was making you uncomfortable so you look around his house for a restroom. 
you try to find jay but you don't see him anywhere near, so you just walk around trying to find a restroom in the gigantic mansion. 
taking the stairs, you realize jay's bathroom is probably vacant so you head to his room.
around the corner, just as you're about to walk in, a person steps out of it. 
and your heart falls to the pit of your stomach.
you were getting déjà vu from how familiar this scene looked. the wicked smile on her face grew when she saw your expression. 
you blinked, trying to not jump into any conclusion. you weren't dating him so it shouldn't bother you… right?
"oh, y/n.. i didn't know you came," 
closing your eyes, you tried to calm down as your nails pressed into the skin of your palm, so hard that you think your skin could start bleeding. 
"i, yeah i did." you say, looking back up at rina who was trying so hard to hold back her smirk. 
"you should have fun then, it's gonna be a long night ahead— every party jay holds is worth staying up for and getting waste—" 
"is jay in there?" you ask, cutting her off not wanting to hear any more nonsense she was spewing. 
"uhm.." rina trails off and it makes you want to throw up as you grow nauseous. 
suddenly everything mrs.park was telling you earlier seemed like white lies to you, and everything you felt up until now for him just crumbled. 
the trust, the feelings, and everything you did with jay just turned into nothing. 
crazy how one incident can just flip everything around to square one.
you felt like every time you took one step forward, you were actually taking three steps back.
"why are you coming out of his room?" you ask, knowing damn well you had no right to do so, but the curiosity was killing you. 
and again you told yourself, to not assume anything just yet. 
he can't be making the same mistake again, you can't lose him again. for god's fucking sake, you just can't bear to do it all again. 
the endless nights you stayed up crying, the pain in your chest that took so many months to heal, the wound that he made was tearing apart all again. 
fuck, you were going to experience what you couldn't bear and didn't want to experience again.
"nothing that concerns you y/n." she says, chuckling in order to cover up the venom in her voice as she fixes her hair, and puts back the fallen strap of her dress up her shoulder again and wiping the smudged lipstick on her lips
you don't say anything, you just decided to leave before the patience in you runs out and you start crying Infront of her like a loser. 
and you could've done it all, if it wasn't for rina running her ruthless mouth again. 
"not like it concerned a bitch like you anyway." 
you know she damn well didn't mutter it under her breath so loud for you not to hear. the vicious smile on her face when you turned on your heels and walked back to her. 
"what the fuck did you just call me?" you ask, staring at her in disbelief. 
"oh my, y/n y/l/n did you just cuss? the little princess of—" 
"i didn't ask you for that, did you even hear me? i asked you what the fuck did you just call me?" 
rina stares at you with anger for calling her deaf and literally cussing at her. 
"i called you a bitch." she says, taking a step closer to you. "a whore for taking my man away, a slut and hooker for fucking around with him a—" 
whipping your hand at her face, you slapped her with so much anger. you think this is the first time you have ever let go of your cool and even slapped someone. 
but rina deserved it. 
"who the fuck are you to call me such things?"  you scoff, staring at rina who was too shocked to react as her hand gripped onto her cheek that probably had a bruise. 
"are you kidd—" 
"shut the fuck up rina. seriously, shut the fuck up. i didn't steal your man first of all, i wasn't the one who begged on my knees for him. he chose me, if that isn't getting into that thick head of yours." you grunt. 
"calling me all that shit just crossed the line. if anyone is any of those here, IT'S YOU." you say, pushing your index finger into her shoulder. 
rina scoffs, holding your finger before you could push her again. 
"if he chose you i don't think he would be kissing me on the date you were supposed to go on and if he chose you— i don't think he'd be fucking my brains out on the same ground you have stepped on." 
you really hated to admit it, but rina was right. it wasn't even them anymore, it was on you for believing him again. 
"see? you're just as stupid as i thought. being book smart isn't enough y/n, if you're stupid enough to believe jay again, you're just an idiot." 
you stand there, with your arms by your side too stunned to say anything. you're convinced it's totally your fault now. 
"you're so gullible y/n, who wouldn't want to take advantage of a girl like you then?" rina's words just kept on ringing in your head now. 
"if you even whore around, or smoke, drink or even do d—" 
"shut your mouth rina. that's enough." you sigh, but rina being Infront of you and talking so cheap of you like that was just making your blood boil.
"girl, i don't think you have any right to say that if you lured my man and fu—" 
you've had enough, rage fills you as you grab her by the arm and slam her onto the wall next to you. 
"say one more thing, i will fucking kill you rina. i'm not kidding, don't test me, i'm seeing red right now." 
rina is no easy girl however, she's a bitch. and the bitch pushes you off, and tries to raise her hand at you.
but too late, she's stopped by a shriek from the hallway. 
"what the fuck is going on?" a shocked jake rushes over to the both of you, pushing rina away from you. 
"why are you defending her jake? i'm the victim here! look at my cheek, she slapped me!" rina whines when jake holds you in his arms. 
"cut it the bullshit, rina." 
rina scoffs, of course he'd say that. he walked in when she was about to hit you, had he walked in when you slammed her to the wall, it would be a different case. 
"fuck you, i'm not letting this get away." she says, taking her phone out of nowhere, you didn't notice she had a bag but it didn't matter anyway. 
your mind is clouded by the boy that just broke your heart, again. 
rina dials the emergency number, waiting for a cop to pick up. 
"hello, i got assaulted—"
"you're an fucking idiot rina, you can't be serious." jake grunts, yanking her phone away and dropping it to the ground then stepping on it. 
"what the fuck are you doing!" 
"what i'm doing isn't the problem here, the problem is you creating a mess here. " jake says, almost yelling at her but he doesn't do so. 
"no i'm not—" 
"i'm leaving." you say, taking jake's arm  off you and try not to fall to your knees from how bad you wanted to and cry your heart out. 
"what? y/n?" jake rushes after you, trying to help you but you push him off. 
"i— i just need some time alone, i don't want to be around her, i just don't want to be around anyone." you explain, too drained to even give him a smile like you usually would. 
you weren't even in the state to give a fake smile, that's how bad it is.
"do you want me to get jay?" jake's question makes you want to to throw up. 
"no— just. i want to leave jake." 
"are you sure? i can't drop you off if you want." jake offers but you shake your head, refusing and then walk away without giving jake a chance to respond.
from a distance you hear jake and rina continue arguing as you walk down the stairs. you avoid the stares from  a few guests at how you're literally wobbling as you walk down the stairs. 
finding your way to the exit as tears start to prick at your eyes, you hold it back with so much force. 
mrs.park watches you from afar, worry growing in her as she speaks to a v.i.p.
just as the timing's right, she sees her son coming her way, she excuses herself from the guest and heads to her son with worry. 
"jongseong." she calls and jay looks at her, worriedly. 
"mom is everything okay? why are you—" 
"y/n," jay's heart drops to the pit of her stomach at your name leaving his worried mother's mouth. 
"y/n?! what happened to her? where is she? is she okay?" jay erupts in questions and nauseousness at the mere thought of you being hurt. 
"i think something happened, she just left— it didn't look good." his mother explains and before she could say anything else, jay runs past her to get you. 
it all happens so fast, you try to calm down from the painful pulsing in your head as you try to catch air. 
you had somehow dialed for a cab, without passing out and that's an achievement. now you're just waiting for the cab to arrive without passing out, outside of jay's home. 
when you see the light of the cab that you assume, from afar, you try to get up from the gate you were leaning on. 
his voice calls you name from a distance, the one you wanted to never ever see again— especially now, you'd just break down the moment you see him. 
"y/n, fuck are you okay?" jay holds you back, twirling you around as he tries to catch his breath. 
you try to not say anything and just yank your arm away and back away from him. 
"y/n…" he calls after you again, his voice trailing off and it just breaks your heart. 
the tears you hold back finally are let go, you reached your limit. tears start streaming down your face and you clasp your hand to your mouth as you cry. 
jay's heart drops to the pit of his stomach and he feels like his world is falling apart at the sight of you crying. 
"y/n, please don't cry—" 
"don't— p-please don't say anything." you sob and swallow the thickness in your throat before you speak up again. 
"i don't want to see you. anymore." you say, taking deep breaths as you sob, trying so hard to really not fall to the ground from how weak you felt.
"y/n let's talk it out okay? are you hurt anywhere? let's go back inside, you're gonna catch a co—" 
"jay please. please. i can't do this anymore.. i really can't," you plead, your shoulder shakes as you look at him with glossy eyes and fresh tear stained cheeks— tears continuously sliding down as you close your eyes. 
"it hurts too much, i feel like my heart is being shredded into pieces— each piece of it hurts so bad, so so bad jay." you say, pausing once in a while to catch breaths. 
"a-and i feel so fucking stupid, so so stupid for ever be so gullible to trust you again. for even falling for you, i feel like an idiot, it feels like i brought this upon myself." you pause, wiping away your tears but it just flows even more. 
"you're saying i'm the one, it's your actions that speak louder." you sigh.
there's unyielding pressure that crawled up your throat, and it took twice as much effort to get your words out for the next line.
"jay, i love you. i really do." you confess. what a shitty timing to do so and you cry even more when you see jay's eyes pooling with water and the hurt flashed on his face. 
it's as if he wasn't even the cause of this.
"but i can't keep on hurting myself by trusting you again and again that you've changed. that i'm finally the one that you chose and not her. that at the end of the day, it's me that you want…" you say and look away from jay's crying in silence while he lets you speak— you might just run into his arms and forgive him all over again. 
but you can't do that, not to yourself.
the long awaited cab finally came and stopped, it felt like forever. 
"let's end it here, for my— for our sake jay. let's not try again and hurt ourselves. as much as i love you, this is the best for us." you say, and just give jay one last look before getting into the cab. 
jay doesn't do anything, he doesn't try to stop you or anything— he's too stunned to do anything. he just watched you leave in the cab, his heart breaking into pieces and you leaving his life too. 
in the cab, you request for the driver to close the partition before you slump into the seat and cry, cry and cry in a deafening silence, with the distant sound of your heart breaking. 
jay wipes his tears away before walking back to his house that felt empty despite it being filled with a wave of guests. 
he just wants to break down in his room and cry his eyes out till he reaches his limit. 
he couldn't fucking believe he lost you, again. after he swore he couldn't lose you anymore.
he ignores his mother calling after him, he didn't want to speak to anyone for now. taking the stairs it felt like forever, when he reached the top of it he sees jake arguing with rina. 
confusion fills jay until something rang in his head. something you had said just now.
"that i'm finally the one that you chose and not her. that at the end of the day, it's me that you want…"
his blood begins to boil as jay is filled with rage. rina did something, again. she fucked it up again. 
"dude did you see y/n j—" jake says as soon as he spots his friend but stops speaking midway when he sees jay approaching rina in rage. 
"babe! oh my g—" 
the slap was way too loud and jake was staring in complete shock at jay slapping rina.
fuck, he's lost it for good this time he thinks.
before jake could do anything, jay grips onto rina's arm forcefully and drags her into his room, slamming the door loudly. 
pushing rina to the center of his room, he practically rips his blazer off and running his hand through his hair
"j-jay?" rina's voice quivers in shock and fear at jay slapping her out of nowhere, as she grips her face. 
"SHUT THE FUCK UP RINA!" jay yell echoes through her room making rina shake in fear. 
"i've never been this tempted to kill someone before rina," he says, glaring at her with his eyes bloodshot from crying, and he wanted to cry even more at how he was yelling at rina in his room instead of getting to comfort you in his room. 
"babe, please calm down." rina says, approaching jay but he backs away.
"stay away or i don't even know what i'll do to you."  he warns, keeping a large distance between them. 
he takes a seat on the edge of his bed while rina stands at the corner of his room, tears flowing down her face. 
"i don't understand why you keep on fucking it up for me and y/n, rina." jay says, his voice almost breaking from holding back the urge to cry. 
"jay i love you, and i want you," rina cries, gripping her hair as she sobs. "you're mine to begin with i can't let her take you away from me! you're mine!" 
"i'm not a fucking object rina! get that in your head, please," jay yells, a tear slipping away from his eye when he shuts it close. 
"fucking chose me jay, you chose me from the start. i was the one who you need at the end of the day, i'm the one you always come back to, i'm the one you love… when she breaks your heart, you come back to me." she cries, and falls to the floor as she sobs, staring at the boy she loved in a distance. 
"just me, let me be the one. please just choose me, you always did.." she pauses to wipe her tears, as she gets on her knees and begs jay. 
"chose me for once and for all…. please.." 
rina closes her eyes, praying so bad jay would say something and she could have him. she prays to hear jay saying he chooses her and that you're nothing but a mere phase to him. 
jay's couldn't bear this, he just cried silently into his hands propped up on his knees. 
when rina doesn't hear anything back, despite her pleas and prayers— she falls back, hand clasped to her mouth as she cries. 
"jay.. please…." she pleads once more, hoping for the last time but jay shakes his head when he pulls away from his hand. 
he looks like shit, but rina doesn't mind she still fucking loves him. 
"i can't tell you something that means nothing rina, i can't give you false hope." he says although his voice breaks.
swallowing the thickness in his throat, he speaks up again. 
"i can't tell you i love you when my love belongs to someone else, i can't choose you rina." 
rina continues to sob even harder this time when she tries to deny the reality. she cries because the reality of jay not loving her hurts her even more than the slap he gave earlier. 
"y/n.. i loved her since forever, i still love her and i will continue to love her— even if the world ends, she'll be the only one that i love." jay says between his cries, with his hand clutching his white shirt.
"this isn't the first time you fucked it up for me and y/n, rina. guilt plagues me i feel like dying knowing that i broke her heart— every single tear that dropped from her eyes because of me makes me want to die." 
"i love her so much i want her to be safe and sound from anything that could hurt her, which is why i just can't give up on her." jay says, wanting this nightmare to end, and when he wakes up he hopes none of this ever happened. 
and he wishes rina was never in your lives to begin with. 
"that's why i can't tell you i love you, because i love her and it's so fucking painful to be with anyone which isn't her." 
rina remains silent, listening to jay's sappy, stupid confession about you when deep down she wishes it her that he was talking about. 
"i'm sorry for hurting you and leading you on if that's what you feel about me. i can't love you back, rina. please let this be the final time you fuck everything up, even if it's not for y/n, at least for me." jay says, almost like a plea. 
"i can't even say i can't lose her anymore cause i've already lost her, and every second that goes by without her i feel like my life is nothing and empty." he pauses. 
"i hope you find someone who loves you genuinely, not someone like me. find someone who'll make you their first choice. i want you to be happy and not cry in a guy's room like this with your heart broken." 
jay feels so sorry for rina that she has to go to this extent to get someone to love her back, despite all the evil she's done, at the end of the day she deserves happiness and love. 
when the room goes silent again, rina's cries have finally stopped. she gets up, trying to not fall over and wipes her face. 
jay opens his mouth to say something but rina beats her to it. 
"i'm sorry." she says, and leaves his room without leaving jay with a chance to speak. jay's doesn't run after her, nor does he tries to do anything either. 
he just sits there in complete silence, staring at the vacant spot on his bed where you used to lay on and then he looks out the window before he hurts into tears again. 
the night seemed to be long indeed, 
Tumblr media
THE DRIVE CAME TO AN END when the cab halted in front of your mansion. you paid the driver and got off after it. 
honestly, you don't know how to answer your parents when you're gonna walk in with a mascara stained face and bloodshot eyes. 
a broken heart and drained out energy by the end of this night was not what you had planned for. 
guess the universe works like shit, whatever mrs.park said about the universe earlier? yeah that clearly didn't apply for you.
but you had no energy for a argument with your mother so you just gave no fucks and headed in. 
on a second thought, it was a bad idea.
because at the sight of your mother sitting with your father in the living room and the thick tension in the air— it wasn't giving you a very good feeling. 
the door closing behind you catches your parent's attention, and the glare your mother gave you, it meant no good. 
"how was his birthday party, y/n?" your mother asks, standing up from the couch. 
"it was o—" you stop mid sentence, and your eyes widened. you remember telling her it was a school event, how did she know it was a birthday party. 
his birthday party too.
your mother scoffs at your realization. 
"you aren’t very slick, y/n." 
you heart drops not for the first time tonight, but it gives you the chills. 
"mom i—" 
"shut it y/n. seriously what were you thinking?" she asks, crossing her arms as she approaches you. 
your dad stares at you in disappointment which doesn't make you feel any better. 
"lying to me? where did you even have the guts to do that? messing around with a boy? what happened to having boundaries? i don't even want to guess if you're in love, y/n!" she yells and it echoes through the eerie house. 
"god's sake, what the hell even happened to you? when did you get to this level of stupidity!" 
"mom hear me out f—" you sigh, pleading with her to listen, but of course, she doesn't. 
"i'm not hearing your bullshit out! not when you have been lying around and messing around with a fucking boy! god knows what the hell you've been doing with him?" she exclaims with so much anger and shock, her eyes literally plunged out as she stares at you. 
"and what is this y/n? i can't believe my eyes, i can't believe i have been blind to all your lies all these while." she says and pulls you by your arm to the glass table in the living room. 
you heart drops when you see the wrapped gift for jay that you had left in your room, jay's leather jacket and boxes of cigarettes along with your lighters on the table. 
"mom i—" you speak up, turning to look at her, desperate to explain yourself. 
"y/n i can't believe you at all, you're out of it! that boy's jacket in your room? this fucking thing— im pretty sure it's something about him too," your mom scoffs again. "and fucking cigarettes?! oh my goodness." 
you open your mouth to speak again but your mom cuts you to it. 
"he made you do it, right?" she asks, anger in her voice. "he influenced you into it, right?" 
you hold back the urge to roll your eyes at her, you've had enough. it was going overboard. 
"he didn't." you scoff and it makes your mom even more furious. 
"you're talking back now?" she yells, disbelief at her daughter rebelling— something she never would have expected to ever happen.
"i'm not! i'm telling you it's all on me, it was never his fault. he has never influenced me into doing anything." you deadpanned. 
your mom laughs in disbelief once again, and then glares at you. 
"you're telling me all of that? is your own habits? you fucking smoke?! are fucking you kidding me?" she screams, even more furious and you just want the ground to swallow you. 
as much as you wanted to deny it, you just nod. she was bound to find out anyway, you didn't find a reason to lie to her again. 
your mom sighs, and looks away trying to calm down so that she doesn't go batshit insane at her daughter giving her a check of reality. 
messed up and fucked behind all that perfect good girl facade. 
"did you even know that, he's the son of our rivals?" she asks and you pause. 
is that why the parks sounded so familiar but you didn't press on it— you just looked at your mom blankly. 
it didn't matter anymore, you both had already ended even before you could begin. 
"you knew?! she shrieks and you shake your head. 
"no, i didn't." you say and then take a deep breath when tears prickle around your eyes again. "but you guys do business all you want— it has nothing to do with us." 
that's all it took for your mom to slap you across the face. you hold your cheek and stumble backwards, unexpected of her slapping you. 
it was about to happen at one point anyway. 
your dad holds her back, calming her down. and you just stood there like an idiot, like the outcast you had always been. 
you wouldn't be surprised if you found that you aren't even their biological child at this point. 
"nothing to do with you both? business is everything y/n. for people like us, business is everything and will be everything, from family ties to even the prestige you hold up, every damn thing is business!" she screams and takes the painting and throws it to the ground. 
you bite your lip, holding back the urge to cry  gosh, today really is the worst day you have ever come across in your entire life. 
the canvas probably broke at how hard she threw it onto the ground. 
you walked towards it, and bent down and tried to pick it up. 
your mom watches you in absolute disgust and anger, totally stunned how you're acting right now— it felt like you disobeyed her. 
"y-you— god." she takes a deep breath and sighs. 
when you embrace the wrapped canvas, you close your eyes and tears pour as your hair closes around you like a curtain. 
you sob silently while your parents stood there watching their daughter slip away, choosing a boy over them. 
a boy she loved so dearly and is willing to stand up for despite already losing him. 
"get out." 
you're not surprised but your heart falls to the pit of your stomach for you don't how many times tonight. 
your story perhaps didn't have a good ending after all, and it made you pray for the universe to put an end to your suffering. 
you just didn't know how much more you can take anymore. 
"i said get the fuck out." your mom yells for the final time, and you don't bother arguing. you get up from the floor, and walk out of the mansion. 
mr.ha watches you from a distance and he feels tremendously horrible for you. 
when you step out of the mansion, you try not to just fall to your knees and hope you pass out and never wake up ever again. 
so this is what being kicked out feels like. 
it feels like shit. 
you feel like shit and you're homeless now, what a great combination. 
crazy how from a few hours ago you were laughing your heart out and you're left with nothing and wanting to cry your heart out. 
you need comfort at a time like this, and having no one— it was horrible. 
Tumblr media
YOU'RE PATHETIC and if there's a competition for being the most pathetic person in the entire world, you're pretty sure you'd win the first prize for it.
you were dying out of embarrassment as you sat on the same bed where the person you absolutely didn't want to see tonight sat at. 
both of you at the edge of the bed, in silence. 
you bite your lip, wondering what to say to break the awkward silence as you gripped onto the hem of your dress that seemed to be the only thing that had been with you throughout the entire rollercoaster ride for the night. 
shit. you felt shameless to even look at him in the face. instead of choosing to contemplate whether you should or not, you just decided to face him anyway. 
there was no dignity left. 
guilt plagued you when you look at jay and he looks at you, sadly, with his bloodshot eyes and raspy voice like he just cried  all night.
and how did you get here? right so after being kicked out and being homeless you think you actually lost your mind for real. 
the first thing you did was dial jay, you didn't expect him to answer but you were glad he did. 
you just cried and asked him if he could pick you up and jay said yes and ended the call. 
when he picked you up, neither of you said anything, you didn't look at him and you're assuming he didn't either. 
it was so awkward and got even more awkward when you're both sitting in silence for the past one hour without saying anything. 
not even a single cough was heard. 
"are you hurt anywhere?" he asks, looking over your body for any cuts or anything. your safety was his priority at the moment. 
"no." you answer, for the first time you speak after not saying anything. "i don't think so." 
you both go back to being silent after a while until you speak up. 
"it's funny how, the only person i didn't want to see tonight—" you pause, and then look at him again. "is the only person i can think of when i need to seek comfort." 
you laugh dryly, it's forced jay can tell. he can tell how tired and how hurt you are from the look you are giving him. 
he sees right through you, and he wants to heal it— comfort you. 
when he got your call earlier, he thought it was his mind playing tricks on him until he snapped out of it. 
and when he heard you crying into the call, he stopped whatever mourning he was doing and went to you straight away. 
he didn't want to make you uncomfortable or anything so he didn't say anything nor did he do anything when he got you and brought you here. 
jay really thought he had lost you, that he would never ever see you again. 
"i got kicked out." 
he looks at you with pity but he doesn't say anything because he wants you to let everything out no matter how long it was going to take. 
he's willing to sit down here, and listen to it all. 
"tonight feels like a nightmare i can't ever wake up from. it's so brutal i wish— i wish i was dead." 
you give him a 'don't worry' look and then continue on with your rant, as you look out his window into the dark, starry night. 
"everything is ruined, i have nothing left. i thought i'd be happy if i had nothing to worry about and just nothing left—" you turn to look at him. 
"but i feel like shit and worthless." your vision gets blurry at your own words. how there's no going back anymore, cause the damage is done. 
and there is nothing you can do anymore. 
"y/n please don't cry." jay pleads, moving closer to you in an attempt to comfort you and you don't stop him, you let him engulf you into a hug. 
you cry in his arms, it feels like a bed that makes you feel warm in a cold night after a long day. his arms— they feel like home. 
you cry for a few minutes and you feel empty, and not much of a pathetic loser anymore. 
until you feel like nothing anymore. 
you pull away, wiping your face. now your face and your hands are sticky, but you don't care. 
"do you have a cig? i really need one after all this." you ask and jay nods, he doesn't ask anything further. 
jay gets up and goes to his drawer to get his box of cigarettes and his zippo lighter. 
the zippo lighter that started it all. 
sitting back down, jay gives you a cigarette and takes one for himself from the box. the places the cigarette on his lips then lit it up and take a huge blow from it. 
exhaling it, the smoke fills up the room. 
ah, the smell of nicotine. you hadn't smelled it for a long time now. 
he hands you the lighter and you take it. you place your cigarette between your lips and light it up. 
but it doesn't work, you try again and it doesn't work again. 
everything seemed to be going south for you, it made you chuckle in pain. 
jay takes the lighter away from you, throwing it somewhere across the room and pulls you in by your neck, connecting the ends of your cigarette together— lighting your own cigarette up. 
if you weren't so fucked up, you would've fainted at how hot that was. 
pulling away, you take a huff and then blow out the smoke. jay then puts an ashtray between you both in the middle, tapping the excess off his cigar. 
the silence was killing you for once, and you decided to say something to break it. 
"uh, thanks." you say, exhaling the smoke that you took a blow of. "for the cigar and for picking me up." 
jay doesn't say anything, he just nods. 
"i need to tell you something." he says and puts the cigarette butt into the ashtray. you take a final blow and throw the rest into the ashtray. 
"it's overdue, we're done but i still feel like you deserve to know. and i want to clear it up." he says, shifting so he's facing you.
but you don't face him yet. 
"i finally called things off with you know.. although we had nothing to begin with or whatever bu—" 
jay stops when you chuckle dryly. 
"it's about her again, always about her." you say, a tight lipped smile sealed it off. 
"jay," you say, and turn to him. "tell me you hate her. tell me you hate rina." her name leaving your mouth sounded like it was such a forbidden word.
jay looks at you with an unexplainable look which makes you smile in defeat. 
you knew it. 
"right, why did i ever think you were gonna say it— i feel like an idiot. what even made me think it was a good idea." you scoff at yourself, feeling stupid. 
"ah, tonight just made me fucking insane—" 
"i hate her." jay cuts you off, and when you turn to look at him, you feel like the small hope in your heart comes alive again. 
"i fucking hate her— i hate her so much for ruining everything for us, for ruining every single fuckin' chance i could've gotten with you, y/n." he spews as he locks his gaze with you  
you felt like you couldn't believe it, but what hooked you was the sincerity in his voice, assuring you that he's telling the truth. 
"on the day we were supposed to go on a date, the way you saw me kissing rina— you got it all wrong." jay explains the whole thing, from the start of your downfall with him and till what happened when you weren't here earlier.
by the end of it, you felt a hundred times more fucking stupid than you had from the very start. 
you felt stupid for thinking all this while he screwed you over, for thinking that he ditched you for rina on the date, for assuming that you were just a rebound, for ever doubting his love for you— everything. for everything.
you stood up and walked over to his window, standing there for a minute in silence and then crying. 
you felt bad, genuinely as the guilt took over you from being such an asshole. 
you hear jay walk over to you from behind, and give you a hug from the back. 
"i'm so selfish, oh god." you cry, clutching onto your chest as you do so. 
if your eyes had a mouth and had the ability to speak it would beg you for a break from crying, that it was so so fucking exhausted. 
"it's fine y/n, you didn't know." jay assures as he turns you around and bends down to your level. 
"and don't cry anymore, it's breaking my heart to see you shed tears." 
you cry even more at him being so sappy. you pull him into a hug, sobbing into the crook of his neck as he wraps his arms around your waist. 
"i'm sorry, i'm so, so— sorry for everything." 
jay rubs you back, calming you down as you cry. when you finally had calmed down, jay asked you to take a shower and sleep first— you can worry about everything the next morning, he assured you. 
you listen to him, and take a shower then change into his shirt which he gave you. he told you to sleep first but you insisted that he should shower too, both of you had an awful day.
then he helped you into his bed, tucking you in. jay says goodnight but you stop him. 
"where are you going?" you ask, holding his hand. 
"i'll sleep in the guest room." he says, looking at you confused.
"sleep here. with me." you tell him and jay doesn't argue further, he just turns off the light and slides in next to you. 
he keeps a safe distance between you both in case you might feel uncomfortable, it gives him déjà vu of the night he slept over at yours.
you notice the gap, and move in closer to him. it was much warmer, and it felt comfortable, it felt safe. 
jay wraps his arms around your body as you both nuzzle into each other, cuddling. 
in the stillness of night where one can hear a pin drop, you both lay awake, unable to sleep yet despite the tiredness. 
"jay." you speak up, calling his name. 
jay hums in return, his fingers combing through your hair while you both listen to each other's breathing. 
"i meant it when i said i'm sorry." you say and feel jay's movement come to a halt. 
"y/n i told you it's alright, don't think about it anymore and stress yourself out." 
"i know… but—" 
"no but's y/n, keep that topic out of your mind." he says, and kisses the crown of your head in assurance. 
you hum and fall into a silence. 
"y/n?" jay calls your name and you hum in response. 
"i haven't told you yet but i love you." 
the three words leaving his mouth sounded like pure magic when it made your heart flip in excitement and your lips grow into a smile. 
"i love you— more." you reply and feel jay's chest vibrate when he chuckles. 
"can't be anymore than how much i love you." 
"that's a lie, my love is bigger for you than yours is for me." you argue back and stifle a laugh. 
"that's great then, i won't have to worry about you falling out of love for me then right?" he asks, and you giggle. 
"yes that means you're stuck with me forever." 
"gladly, babe." 
you smile and you both fall into a silence again. 
"y/n?" you hum as a response. 
"aren't you going to get mad?" jay asks and you ask why in confusion. 
"because i called you babe." 
"not anymore, call me whatever that rolls off your tongue better than my name." you reply, smiling although he can't see you in the darkness. "not anything bad, of course." 
jay laughs and pats your head softly. 
"sure, love." 
and you both fall into silence again.
"jay." you call him out, and then laugh at how it might just never end. 
"yes, baby." he replies, the pet name making your stomach do flips and butterflies erupting in the pit of it.
"why were you shirtless the morning we woke up in my bed the other day?" 
"oh you gave me a blowjob the night before." 
"WHAT!" you gasp loudly and jay shushes you for being loud. you apologize then you stare at him in shock. 
"i'm kidding," jay laughs, making you scoff and hit him on the arm. 
"why were you shirtless, park? don't lie to me again." you ask, again. 
"it was hot, i just took it off since i felt uneasy, nothing else happened— i didn't do anything to you, don't worry." 
you hum, shaking your head. "i know you wouldn't do anything…" 
"why are you asking? you want to see him shirtless again or something?" 
"what! no!" you shriek, hiding your face into his chest from embarrassment as jay laughs at you.
you both finally fell asleep when sleep took over with you both in each other's arms. 
and you finally, for the first time that night (after it felt like forever) you smiled, genuinely as you fell into deep slumber. 
Tumblr media
YEARS HAVE GONE BY from the night you got kicked out and your life flipped over. the nightmare finally ended when you graduated from school. 
your relationship with your parents was hurried, you hadn't bothered to reconcile with them as they didn't reach out to you either after making you homeless. 
you graduated and got into a prestigious law school thankfully with your excellent grades and good curriculum marks. 
you're now finishing your bachelor degree of law and in adulthood, it was stressful here and there but you're glad at least you're not caught up in the mess you were assigned to be in— the y/l/n's business. 
you have long forgotten about it, sometimes getting reminded of it and stuff but not once did you miss that hell hole.
yizhou, you haven't spoken to her ever since you both graduated and cried for hours together because the chances of not keeping in touch was very high. 
but sunghoon still dating her and being friends with jay was sort of like a barrier that kept you both in touch however, all good things must come to an end— they both broke up and you automatically lost contact with yizhou. 
you hope she's doing well, and successful in her own life.
and jay, after graduating as promised jay took you out on a date, and asked you out. you're both already in years of dating, and jay has been thinking of proposing to you for awhile now. 
he said he's thinking of a my little pony inspired wedding if you're still interested in my little pony. the memory of the day you both met as kids still seemed to be a fresh memory like it was just yesterday.
but he's waiting for you to pass your bar exam so everything goes well, he doesn't want to burden you or stress you out. 
you still remember when jay told his parents about your situation and how gladly the parks took you in, not caring about what sort of rivalry they had with your parents. 
you promised to pay them back for taking you in and everything but they refused, saying that as long as you and jay are both happy— it's enough for them.
and for once, you're pretty glad jay was the one that had found you smoking at the back of the building, and that he chose to win you back, and importantly— 
you're glad that you agreed to his stupid idea of tutoring him.
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aominology · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
↳ note: repost! ↳ genre: fluff ↳ feat. bokuto, kuroo, iwaizumi, atsumu & kita
Tumblr media
— he giggles. bokuto, already light hearted enough as he is, is a fool in love. his grins are ten times wider, his strides are all the more energetic and bouncy (to akaashi’s dismay who has to keep up with him), and his eyes are brighter than ever. at the sight of you, he’s shameless in showing his rosy cheeks and wobbly grin, even letting a few laughs escape those lips as he approaches you. he’s in higher spirits when he speaks to you, jumping and raising his arms. he doesn’t even care in the slightest if he looks funny; as long as you’re smiling, that’s all he could really care for.
— he’s strangely quiet. he isn’t exactly shy in school towards teachers and especially other students so it is kind of odd that whenever he’s speaking to you, he’s only able to say a few words at a time. often times, when he’s attempting to grab your attention, his mouth opens and closes like a blubbering fish, before he simply shoves his head into his crossed arms over his desk in utter embarrassment. while you’re oblivious to his flustered expressions and bashful words, he’s constantly mentally hitting himself.
— now hear me out, he’s cranky. iwaizumi doesn’t get cranky. does he get pissed off? annoyed? irritated? sure, no doubt. but never would he let himself grumble and glare at everything in sight under normal circumstances. apparently, a crush on you makes him do that. he doesn’t really understand why at first. surely, it was due to the bad weather right? or a class that managed to make his head hurt badly enough. but no. all the crankiness was born by a crush on you. the sight of you smiling to your friends, talking animatedly made him frown and his chest ache. any chance of him having a civil conversation with anyone while you were around was blown out the window.oikawa was the one who made sense of it, giving clarity to his spiker’s odd behavior: obviously, you like her and don’t have her so you’re pissed off about it. it’s cute, iwa, but seriously…weird.
— this boy stutters. yep, you heard that right. mister smooth talker to anyone else in your school stutters and stammers when you’re around. he ends up playing it off by saying he has a bad cough, to which you show your worry by pressing a hand to his forehead, checking if he had a fever. well if he didn’t then, he certainly did now by the way his entire face flames red in embarrassment. how can a friendly gesture elicit such a reaction from him so easily? atsumu could probably melt into a puddle while standing in front of you if he had no self control. he’s never felt so lost for words ever until he met you. it’s an uncomfortable feeling, having his heart in his stomach and he throat clogged up solely because of the way you make him feel. but if he’s being honest, as uncomfortable as it is, he wouldn’t trade it for anything.
ʚ KITA ɞ
— he stares. not in a weird way, of course! it’s just, by the time he realizes his deep feelings for you, he doesn’t know exactly how to go about it, so he observes you. sure, he exchanges brief small talk with you during class but he’s far too nervous to go beyond that. during classes he excels in, he spends most of the period with his elbow propped up on his desk, chin resting on his palm, slyly glancing over at you every few minutes. you don’t notice, much to his comfort, too busy scribbling down notes and paying utmost attention to the teacher. he admires your dedication to school and your effortless beauty. although the thought of you catching him staring stresses him out, a small part of him wishes you would so he could take a longer look into those pretty eyes of yours.
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beauwritngs · 3 days ago
FIVE HARGREEVES REALLY HAD NO IDEA OF THE EFFECT HE HAD ON YOU. The way he always had to be strongest in the room, the way he'd always have a snarky response prepared for an enemy's threat, and the way his slim fingers would curl around a trigger like it was second nature. His whole character was so incredibly intriguing, yet still so unbelievably annoying to you. He was difficult to figure out - to put it in short, and you loved that.
Maybe some would describe you the same, you think to yourself. After all, you couldn't deny you'd been giving the poor boy a hard time with the endless teasing (if you could call "throwing the first insult that comes to your lovesick mind" teasing.) Knowing Five for this long was probably rubbing off on you. Still, it wasn't unusual for him to reciprocate.
That's probably why you hadn't been able to keep today's earlier events out of your untiring mind.
Tumblr media
EFFECT - F. Hargreeves x Reader
. PART 2
warnings; season 3 spoilers.
word count; 1.3k
synopsis; You've been in love with the dumb kid for as long as you've known him. Despite the almost-60 years of friendship between you, you had been doing an okay job at hiding said feelings from him. Or so you thought.
a/n; ! reader is also 60 ish in a 15 yr old body ! i've been thinking ab posting to this blog all day, soo here's something of my fav boy in honour of season 3. <3
Tumblr media
Five Hargreeves really had no idea of the effect he had on you. The way he always had to be strongest in the room, the way he'd always have a snarky response prepared for an enemy's threat, and the way his slim fingers would curl around a trigger like it was second nature. His whole character was so incredibly intriguing, yet still so unbelievably annoying to you. He was difficult to figure out - to put it in short, and you loved that.
Maybe some would describe you the same, you think to yourself. After all, you couldn't deny you'd been giving the poor boy a hard time with the endless teasing. (if you could call "throwing the first insult that comes to your lovesick mind" teasing.) Knowing Five for this long was probably rubbing off on you. Still, it wasn't unusual for him to reciprocate.
That's probably why you hadn't been able to keep today's earlier events out of your untiring mind.
The morning started off relatively normal - or so you thought. You woke up in your uncomfortable hotel bed to the smell of a plate of buffet breakfast; something you'd been getting used to at Hotel Obsidian. It wasn't uncommon for one of your best friend's siblings to bring you a meal before you woke, much to your delight. Breakfast in bed is so much easier than going down to the hotel lobby in your pyjamas half-asleep.
After a repetitive breakfast you were downstairs for the majority of the day, talking and stressing along with everyone else. This seemed to be a common thing among the Hargreeves. Well, along with saving the world from a certain someone and a new injury on your body every day. It wasn't until late afternoon had the seemingly "average" day taken a drastic turn. For the better, or worse.
You and the ex-assassin were placed on his bottom bunk, alone in his shared hotel room and sitting cross-legged in comfortable silence. This was a common scene for you two - often just wallowing in each other's presence while Five worked on equations, ranted about a sibling of his, or rambled a story about a commission member you'd heard a million times over. It was familiar, and that was exactly what the both of you needed now with all of these apocalypses; some familiarity.
Flinching at the sudden sound, you looked up, "Sorry?" A sheepish grin caught your features, how unlike you to zone out. Five clearly thought so, too. He rolled his eyes.
"I said, Luther's got his bachelor party later. I'm going." You almost forgot about Luther and Sloane's little announcement from earlier. It was.. unexpected, to say the least. Five did suggest completing our bucket lists, though, didn't he?
"You're going?" You had to hold back a laugh, almost. Five was playing into their little event? What made it so surprising was his adamancy on not going a couple hours ago. Also, Luther mentioned karaoke was to be a major part of the event, and if Five planned on drinking.. (which, who were you kidding, of course he did.)
"Don't act so surprised, jeez." Five rolled his eyes once more, "He's my brother, you know. And what else do you expect me to do currently? It's not like there's much of a world to explore out there." You watched as his eye drifted to peek at the curtain you'd closed when you first came in here, the atmosphere outside too devastating to wallow in.
"Well, yeah. Didn't take much convincing on their behalf, is all."
"They made little jars. What else can I ask for?"
You giggled at that, and Five cracked his signature almost-smile. "Is that what you're wearing?" You asked in a last attempt to make conversation as your best friend stood up from where he sat on the bed.
"Why? What's wrong with the suit?" Five glanced at a full length mirror that sat on the wall to his right. He brought his hands to the hems of his suit, tugging it tighter against his torso. You couldn't do anything but stare. That was attractive. That was so attractive.
"Nothing! Nothing's wrong with the suit." You answered quickly, and truthfully. "Just wondering. Because at this point, those are your casual clothes."
"What would be my formal clothes, then?" Five looked back over to you, and you couldn't answer. Your eyes were still locked on his hands, and what was worse is that now he could see that.
You both awkwardly sit there for a beat. You, staring at Five hopelessly and him catching you in the act. A quick chuckle from him is what breaks you out of your trance.
"At the wedding," He starts, to catch your attention, then turns back to the mirror from earlier to fix his hair, "I have to apologise now for the amount of alcohol I could end up consuming." Before he speaks, he reconsiders his words, as if he was going to say something different. There was a break in his voice that showed this. Just another thing you've picked up from knowing Five for so long: the ability to read him well.
"Nothing I haven't handled before." You shrugged, "What were you actually going to say?" Five sighs, he knew he was caught from the minute he spoke.
"Will you dance with me?" Five looks you in the eye through his reflection.
"Of course I will." You laugh, relieved. "That's what you wanted to ask?"
Five shrugs, and doesn't say anything more. He was unusually quiet and it was almost scary to you. God, say something quickly before things get awkward.
"I suppose you should head downstairs, hm?" You get up from the bed, deciding you should head back to the room you shared with Viktor and Allison to find something cute to wear to the wedding.
"I suppose.." He turns around to face you and the two of you lock eyes. "...I should."
Were you always standing this close to him? And has the room always been this hot?
Something strange rushes between the two of you; a new, electrified feeling. You feel Five's arms wrap around your waist, your own unconsciously moving around his neck. You were now both so close to each other you can't make out who's heartbeat it is beating so quickly in your ear, and both your lips not even a centimetre away from each other that if you just leaned the tiniest bit closer-
A knock at the door is what pulls you two apart, as if you were both magnets with a positive charge. You look over to find Viktor, standing like a newborn puppy that just got himself in trouble for the first time.
"..Uh- Sorry. Luther sent me to come and get Five. The bachelor party is, uhm.. starting. So..." Number 7 trails off. You cleared your throat, speaking up.
"No problem. He was just getting ready." A forced smile formed on your face, despite the inner turmoil in your brain. Your head turns to see Five, who was still standing in shock.
Viktor nods, and takes this as a cue to leave.
"..I'll see you at the wedding...?" You try, face warming up as the events from earlier dawn on you.
"Yeah. Yeah, sure." Five nods, running a hand through his hair as he takes a minute to collect himself before he begins to walk off. Before Five can reach the door, you see him hesitate. A moment later, he's located right in front of you after a familiar whoosh sound plays.
You don't even have time to register the use of his powers, let alone the feeling of his lips on yours.
"I'll see you at the wedding." Five repeats, smile now present on his features. You don't get to come back with a response before he's gone with a flash of blue light.
"I can't wait." Is probably what you would've answered, though now the words are lost to empty air, uttered barely a whisper. It's still true, though: you can't wait.
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reallyromealone · a month ago
BONTEN x house husband reader
Baby fever
Tumblr media
(name) hummed to himself as he prepared eight lunches, each as equally cute as the next and made with nothing but absolute love and adoration.
Waking up before his husband's to make these lunches was a little tiring but worth it to see them smiling and knowing they ate was worth it.
(Name) got nice bento boxes for the men, a fancy matte black with gold name engravings.
Fancy boxes for fancy men.
Well that's what (name) liked to think.
Rindō woke up first, wandering out and doing that morning belly scratch and stared lovingly at his little house husband who made sure they all had lunches made with love AND breakfast even though they could just buy it.
Absolutely wonderful.
It was almost hypnotic as he watched (name) zip around the kitchen happily and in his element and soon the other men woke and joined him in (name) watching with dopey lovesick smiles.
He was so good to them.
They almost didn't want to go to work and leave him all day.
But duty calls after all...
"Ah you're all up! Breakfast is ready!" (Name) said sweetly and the men came and have him his morning kisses and went to the table where everything was set, Takeomi leading (name) to eat too as he had a tendency to focus on everyone before himself.
As sweet as it was they didn't need a hungry (name).
He was like an angry Chihuahua when hungry.
"Our sweet angel, you always make such good food ~" Ran said dreamily as the men thanked (name) for the meal and dug in and (name) was happy to see Mikey looking healthy again and less tired.
They all looked better honestly and (name) didn't quite click that it was because of him.
They were almost glowing honestly.
Breakfast ended and (name) had their lunches and little treat he made the night before ready as the men got ready, getting a sweet goodbye kiss from all eight of them and began his day.
Cleaning up the dishes and starting the laundry, the house was usually tidy so he just had to do a light vaccum and mop before switching the loads.
"I have an hour before laundry switches... I could go grab some things for dinner, the flyer said there was a sale..." (Name) mumbled to himself and bit the end of his thumb in focus before grabbing his wallet and keys and going out--- with three security guards of course.
(Name) didn't go anywhere without security or a Bonten member.
The expensive high end grocery store wasn't very busy, giving (name) time to look around while shopping and grabbing some deals as a sound caught his attention.
A baby sitting in the child seat of the grocery cart, their mother looking at meats.
(Name)s heart melted at the babe, (name) kind of wanted to start a family with the bonten men but was always chickened out.
They were already busy men, he didn't want to add another thing.
"You alright sir?" A guard asked (name) concerned and (name) just gave a soft smile and nodded "ah yes, sorry about that" his voice soft while he continued shopping, snuffing the idea of a baby out of his mind for now.
The bonten men get regular updates from the guards when (name) went out, so if in an emergency they could get to him fast.
When they got an update about (name) staring at an infant they were confused.
Why was he staring at a baby?
They couldn't figure it out.
"Oh my god...." Kakucho said with realization and the others looked at him "do you think he wants a baby?"
"Baby wants a baby?" Mochi asked curiously as the men thought about it and how excited (name) got at baby clothes and children in general.
They knew why he never said anything about it, he was still shy even after all these years with spending money on things for himself and it usually took him having a silent pep talk through his spending guilt to buy himself stuff.
Asking for a baby?
He was probably so stressed with the concept of asking for something so big, oh gosh he was probably worried they would be upset with him!
"Where do we get a baby?"
(Name) came home, the guards helping him bring in the many groceries and thanked them gratefully, the guards nodding and returning to their posts.
Switching laundry (name) looked at recipes he could possibly make when the sound of the door opening caught his attention from the living room, (name) looking over the couch to see his husband's home early.
"You're home early!" (Name) said surprised as he got up to greet his husband's, Mikey clinging to him and (name) just gently pet the others hair lovingly and smiled sweetly to the men who couldn't help but imagine how good (name) would be as a parent.
"(Name)... Do you want a kid?" Ran asked softly and Mikey felt (name) stiffen in his hold and gently rubbed circles into the (hair color) males back to soothe him "a bit...but it's not that important" (name) lied, not meeting their eyes and fidgeted with Mikeys hair "please don't lie to us baby..."
"You guys are so busy and worrying about if I get hurt... I don't wanna worry you more" (name) mumbled and the men felt their hearts break a bit.
He always put them before him.
"Well it might take a while, but we could find s surrogate or hell we could probably buy a kid---"
"We aren't buying a baby" (name) said seriously, staring at the gangsters with a glare and they quickly nodded with a slight shiver.
"Well we could get a surrogate and make a baby gravy cocktail so we won't know whose kid it us" mochi said and the other men hated the phrase "baby gravy cocktail" but chose not to say anything as (name) thought about it.
"Do you guys want children?" He didn't want to make them feel pressured to have kids because he wanted them.
He would never forgive himself.
"We won't lie, the thought of you being a parent...kind of hot" Kaku said teasingly and the men agreed, Mikey nodding into his neck "but yes angel, we would love to have a kid"
"We will call the surrogate clinic that knows to keep it hush hush tomorrow morning and we can start the process baby"
"We can have a family..."
"A family..." (Name) whispered to himself with a smile.
He was starting a family with the loves of his life.
His heart felt so warm.
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leviathans-watching · 2 months ago
the dateables at your wedding
Tumblr media
includes: the dateables x gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .5k | rated g | m.list | pt 1
a/n: i hope you enjoy!! i tried to stay away from god references in simeon's but had to throw a little something in there as he is an angel. hopefully it doesn't make anyone uncomfortable. my inbox is open to chat, leave feedback, or request to come say hello!!
please reblog my loves <33
Tumblr media
➳ diavolo takes your hand as soon as you’re close enough to him, pressing a kiss to it. you look regal and amazing, the perfect image of the new leader of the devildom. he never thought it possible he’d be able to rule alongside someone, but never had he been so happy to be wrong. you look a little nervous- after all, you could never have imagined your wedding would be televised, but diavolo’s mere presence is calming, so you’re able to keep you calm. when it’s time for him to kiss you, he does with vigor, proving to everyone that this marriage wasn’t only political, as it was signifying the unification of two realms, but also a marriage of love.
Tumblr media
➳ barbatos knew it was a possibility that you and he’d get married, but there were several other timelines, most of them more likely to happen. but, against the odds, you chose him, chose to spend the rest of your life with him. he can hardly believe it. you smile at him as you walk down the aisle, easy as breathing, and barbatos wonders how he got so lucky. he can’t help but return the grin, mouth pulling up instinctively, but he’s sure his is a lot more dopey than your’s was, positively lovesick. he had avoided looking into the future so he wouldn’t spoil your wetting outfit, which had been difficult, but being to take you in was so, so worth it.
Tumblr media
➳ simeon hadn’t ever considered a marriage, as they weren’t the custom in the angel realm, but when you had suggested it, he had jumped at the idea. being together with you was enough, but to be recognized as legally together, especially in a way that originated from the church was super appealing. you had worked together to plan it, and everything had gone fairly smoothly, which he was grateful for, as he’d heard about how the stress of marriage got to some couples. his one grievance was that you hadn’t convinced luke to be the flower girl, as he insisted on being the ring bearer instead.
Tumblr media
➳ solomon thought marriages were kind of silly, but when it was you, of course he wanted to get married. to be officially yours was too much of a temptation to pass up. your wedding was more informal, and a magic ceremony was performed, but it was still clear to everyone present that you were very much in love with one another. after the joining ceremony was finished solomon wouldn’t let go of your hand, even while you were eating. when you had to dance with the others, he let you, but it was obvious he wasn’t pleased, as he often cut in before the song was over. no one could really fault him, though. if they were getting married to you, they wouldn't want to let you go either.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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nygmaheart · 2 months ago
﹝friday night | klitz x reader ﹞
author's note: hi anon!! this is kind of short but it made me smile several times as i wrote it. really hope you like it <3 as for the other requests i have in my askbox, i'll try to get to all of them, i just love cuddles and nerds okay (repost cause it flopped)
ˢᵒⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵗᵒ ᵃˢ ᵘˢᵘᵃˡ: ʸᵒᵘ'ʳᵉ ᵗʰᵉ ᵒⁿˡʸ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ ᵗʰⁱⁿᵍ ⁱⁿ ᵐʸ ˡⁱᶠᵉ ⁻ ᶜᵃˢ
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe we’re stuck at home on a Friday night.”
Although you had been hesitating to say it outloud, you couldn’t help the fact that you wish you were somewhere else, getting drunk and dancing with your friends. Instead, you were sitting across Klitz’s desk, trying to figure your trigonometry homework out.
As much as you absolutely loved your boyfriend, he was pretty much a hermit and he loved for you two to stay home in the afternoons and catch up on school work. This didn’t really bother you, since he really helped you study and your grades had definitely gotten better since you started dating. However, you were more of an extrovert and even if admitting it was embarrassing, partying with Klitz was one of your favorite things to do.
“Sorry (y/n), I’m just not really in the mood today.”
He said, not parting his gaze from his textbook. You reached for his hand, intertwining your fingers with his and giving him a warm smile.
“Why are you so stressed out lately? You already got into YALE baby, there’s nothing you need to worry about.”
You tried to sound as understanding as possible, but in reality you’d like him to be more honest with you. Whenever Klitz was upset, the only way for you to find out was by lucky-guessing. He hadn’t opened up once since the relationship began. It made you feel like shit, because you really loved him, even if you didn't have the courage to tell him.
“I’m fine, I swear,” he smiled at you, but it felt forced. “ I’m just, you know, working hard.”
“Working hard,” you repeated, in a slightly mocking tone. “You know you’re just burnt out.”
Your bluntness caught him off guard, but not as much as you getting up and sitting on his lap. You still hadn’t gotten used to each other’s company, moves between you had a slow pace. For god’s sake, you two were pretty much still desperately crushing on each other. Your time alone included an overwhelming amount of awkward silence, tense hand-holding and heartfelt kisses.
It took him a couple of seconds to adjust to your affection, slowly wrapping his arms around you and lightly closing his eyes, letting out a deep sigh through his nose. He was tired. He hadn’t told you, but as you put one or your arms around his neck and caressed his cheek with the other, you could tell his face showed a clear lack of rest.
He leaned his head into your neck and placed his hand on your thigh, kindly squeezing it. You took his glasses off so they didn’t get in the way and ran your fingers lovingly through his hair. You kept gently stroking his cheek and placed a kiss on his forehead. Comforting him with words wasn’t easy, since he didn’t really tell you how he felt, so this was the only way you could tell him that he’d be alright.
In a way, moments like these meant the world to you. You weren’t too good with words. Enjoying the silence and leaving tender kisses around his face, watching his straight face turn into a relaxed smile said more than anything you could ever articulate. You had to hold the urge to tell him you loved him. It was too soon.
“I’m sorry, (y/n). Sorry that I get like this sometimes.”
He looked at you, with a small blush across his face. You simply grinned in response and kissed him. As soon as your lips parted, he leaned into you again, making your heartbeat fasten as you made out.
You looked at each other as you tried to catch your breath again, both smiling like two lovesick idiots.
“(y/n), I think I really love you.”
This was definitely the best plan possible for a Friday night.
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nightyl · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
[4:06 PM] - miya atsumu
Tumblr media
You hum as you hear Atsumu outside the door. It’s Saturday afternoon and you’re stressing over the deadline your professor gave you. You don’t hear him anymore but the door of your study room suddenly goes open and there reveals your man with his messy bed hair, sleepy eyes, and a little pout. He looks like he just woke up from a nap.
“I thought ya said you’ll rest today?”. He says while slowly walking up to you and you feel his arms wrap around your shoulder from behind where you’re sitting. He puts his chin above your head and looks at your disorganized table.
You’ve been busy this week because of the requirements you need to pass before finals. Atsumu is getting worried, even though he’s as busy as you because of practice.
“I know but I feel restless so I need to finish this as soon as -”
You couldn’t finish your sentence as he yanks you up and carries you bridal style, away from your paper works and laptop. You want to squirm and get off from his arms but instead, you melt into him. He holds your head and presses it into his chest. You inhale and smell his scent you love so much. Your lips tugs upward when he softly lays you on the bed.
“Take a nap with me while cuddling?”, he plops on top of you and buries his face on your chest with a mumble and you can’t help but giggle and feel lovesick. Who are you to deny his request anyway? Besides, he’s been so busy with practice that this might only be the time the both of you hang out for this week, of course you won’t let this opportunity pass.
It’s fun seeing him like this.
“I can feel you laughing.” He gets up from your chest and gives you a glare, with a small smile on his face.
“I’m not!”, you deny, but he’s quick to grab your waist and his hands slowly go up to your sides and tickle you.
“No, wait - stop!”, and you laugh. He loves hearing it so much. The sound of your voice laced with happiness and laughter gives his heart a warm and cozy feeling. He starts laughing too. As much as he wants to grab his phone and capture this moment, he really can’t get enough of you and just lets himself enjoy, carving this into his memory.
The afternoon sunlight peeking in your bedroom gives an even brighter look in your face as it slowly colors your features with yellow and orange. He’s mesmerized. You’re so beautiful.
“My pretty love..”, he whispers after he’s done tickling you, his face on the crook of your neck now. You instinctively wrap your arms around him and stroke his hair. He hums in satisfaction.
“I love you, baby.. So much.” His face goes up, trapping your body between his arms and looks at you lovingly.
“Is this you, ‘tsumie?”, you jokingly laugh and he just rolls his eyes.
You just grab his cheeks and move it towards your face. You give him a soft and tender peck and you bet he’s already blushing.
“I love you too.”
You’re about to go to the dreamland with your boyfriend on top of you when you suddenly realize something.
“Fuck, I have a deadline tonight.”
Tumblr media
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mandoalorian · 4 months ago
Fix A Heart
Pairing: Javier Peña x F!Reader (a commission for the lovely @ezras-channel-rat!)
Warnings: lovesick Javier Peña, lots of yearning, tooth-rotting fluff, allusions to sex and Narcos related themes.
Word count: 6,000
Author’s note: Thank you for commissioning me to write this piece, @ezras-channel-rat, it was such a joy! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for always being so kind and caring, you really are such an amazing friend. Happy Valentine’s Day. <3
Remember reblogs are appreciated! I think I've been shadowbanned and my fics don't seem to get shown in tags anymore so a quick reblog would mean the world to me :)
Tumblr media
The first thing that Javier noticed when he met you, was your kind eyes. In his field of work, everyone was mean, and they looked the part too. You had to have an air of ruthlessness about you, because this job was not an easy one. But your presence in the office was refreshing, like a breath of air on a crisp Spring morning, and he found himself drawn to you like he’d never been drawn to anyone before.
Not even Lorraine.
Maybe it was the floral scent of your shampoo that followed you around, or the way you treated everyone, even the sleazy CIA bosses, with such politeness and generosity. It was endearing, really. You were different – and you weren’t trying to stand out from the crowd, in fact, you often hated the attention – but Javier found you naturally enchanting.
Honestly, you had Javier acting in a way that he wasn’t exactly proud of. When he woke up in the morning, his first thought was you. It was always: How would you wear your hair today? What would you wear to work? A skirt, or that pantsuit you seemed to favour? Would you sit opposite him and Steve in the canteen for dinner, like usual, or would you disappear for an hour and come back with delicious, hot coffee for the Search Bloc boys? And the erratic thoughts – the way you consumed his mind at any given opportunity – didn’t change much by Javi’s bed time, either.
He’d be laying down and staring aimlessly at the ceiling, his musing’s about you racing a million miles per hour. He’d wonder if you were in bed yet, and whether or not you were an early bird or a night owl. He’d wonder what you ate for dinner; were you someone who could cook for the masses, or did you typically order take-out like he does? When he thought about your night routine, Javier let his imagination run wild. Vivid thoughts about you in the shower, or touching yourself under the covers. Javier could only wish he was there to show you how real pleasure felt.
And each day was the same— it was always you, you, you. His yearning grew stronger and stronger Javier knew he was reaching his breaking point.
Steve caught him staring at you from across the office, longingly, his dark chocolate eyes gazing in your direction. He was entranced by you. Steve cleared his throat, breaking Javier’s captivation.
“Have you even spoken to her?” Steve sighed, trying his hardest to suppress a teasing smirk. “In all my years of knowing you, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so smitten.”
Annoyed, Javier took a deep breath and furrowed his eyebrows, transposing his body and making an attempt to concentrate on his paperwork.
“Now and again.” Javier muttered – but that was barely true. He had, however, overheard the intellectual discussions you often shared with your superiors, and he found the way you articulated yourself to be so damn sexy.
“Just ask her out already,” Steve rolled his eyes. “If you keep fawning over her like this, she’s going to catch on eventually. She’s a smart girl.”
That much was true. Javier could already feel the thumping in his head – the stress induced idea of actually having to approach you and say ‘hi’. It’s not that Javier lacked confidence or charisma, but when he first laid eyes on you, he swore that something in the universe shifted, because he became a different man. You were hardly even friends, but he could argue that you’d already changed him for the better.
He never much understood love, let alone believed in it. His parents were divorced, he saw the way Steve and Connie would argue and bicker all the time. Having something serious was simply never on the cards for Javi. He was fine with the flings and the one night stands, but your mere presence had him pining for more. Maybe a white suburban house with a picket fence and a little dog.
Javier’s own thoughts made him flinch slightly. This wasn’t him. This wasn’t who he was.
Or maybe it was the version of him he’d been repressing for all these years.
Javi’s silence spoke volumes, so Steve spoke up again.
“It’s Valentine’s day on Monday. Go home for the weekend, plan something nice for her,” Steve offered. “It’s the perfect opportunity.”
The fact Valentine’s day was just around the corner did feel predestined, and that didn’t go unnoticed by Javi.
“I don’t…” Javier fumbled nervously, placing two fingers onto his temples and rubbing them in circles as he made an attempt to gather his thoughts. “I’ve never really done anything for Valentine’s, I guess. Always viewed it as a corporate marketing scheme created by capitalists to profit on society’s relationships, and well, lack thereof.”
Steve’s smile dropped into a frown, unamusement written all over his face.
“Real dark, Javi.” Steve sighed, shaking his head incredulously. “You don’t have to do anything serious— hell, ya’ll ain’t even committed to each other, at least, not yet. Maybe just some chocolate and flowers. Chicks dig chocolate and flowers.”
“I don’t need you to tell me what chicks dig,” Javier chuckled, starting to feel somewhat settled with the idea. He was Javier Peña, he could pull any girl he wanted. But still, he couldn’t afford to mess this up. This was you, after all. Reaching over to grab the pack of cigarettes from his desk drawer, he stood up. “I’ll figure something out.”
Javi grabbed his jacket, pulling it over his shoulders. With an unlit cigarette balanced between his soft, pink lips, he signalled goodbye to Steve.
“‘Thanks for your help Steve, I don’t know what I’d do without you!’“ Steve called after the brown eyed agent, mimicking him slightly.
“Yeah, sure,” Javier scoffed, turning back to Steve. “You’re my hero, Murphy.”
One of Javi’s more toxic traits was thinking he could do anything and everything without any help. He couldn’t sleep that night, and as always, he was tossing and turning in bed, thinking about you, but this time, he was faced with a more pressing matter: how to seduce you.
He could take you to a bar and then walk you back to your place, invite himself in and finally get the chance to explore your body the way he’d desired – no. Javier stopped himself mid-thought, his cheeks flushing with heat. He almost felt disappointed in himself for even thinking of such a possibility. He wanted you so bad, but the first move had to be something special. Something unique and memorable. Something you could one day tell the grandkids about. – no. Not again. Javi’s mind was ruthless and he was thinking irrationally. Maybe he was overthinking. He explored all of his options, but none of them seemed good enough for someone as special as you.
He turned to face his alarm clock, the red numbers flashing and reading a frightful 3 a.m. and groaned out loud, burying his face into a pillow. He had to get some sleep.
He grabbed the TV remote from his bedside drawer and turned on his TV, a salesman that he somewhat recognised flashing up on screen. By the look of it, he was selling last minute V-day gifts. Diamond rings and pearl necklaces. Javi sighed, he’d barely held a conversation with you, how would he ever be able to guess the things you’d like?
“--And these Swarovski crystal earrings are sure to show your partner how loved they are, but what’s more perfect than pairing them with a traditional love letter to show sentiment and gratitude.” The salesman smirked before presenting a pink, heart etched letter writing set priced at a whopping 80 dollars. Javier squinted at the TV, thinking he must be lost in some kind of fever dream. 80 dollars for some scented pieces of paper and a fluffy red pen? He shut off the television set and pondered for a moment, feeling somewhat connected to the idea of the salesman.
A love letter.
Javier had spent so long worrying about approaching you in person… What if he could just write down his feelings? Would that be any better?
That’s when it hit him. Javier practically bolted out of bed and dived over to the desk in the corner of his bedroom. It was a small make-shift office he’d created so he could get paperwork done out of office hours. He tore out some lined paper from a notebook and grabbed the nearest pen. Now he just had to articulate his feelings into words.
Javi exhaled. He felt like the blankness of the paper was staring at him, intimidating him. Maybe he’d feel better once he jotted some thoughts down.
He started simple, journaling your name on the top of the page slowly and carefully, making it look as neat as possible. Javier was the type of person to scrawl in strictly block capitals and not care about misspellings, but if he was really doing this, he at least had to try.
I think you’re pretty.
Javi cringed and scribbled out the sentence, afraid he sounded like some desperate high schooler trying to score his very first girlfriend. All he had to do was be honest, right? He could do that…
I don’t really know what I’m doing, or how to start this, but I have some things I want to say and I’ve wanted to say them for a while now. I’m not normally one to back down from confrontation, and I’m usually fine at talking to new people, but with you… it’s different. And I don’t know why. I don’t know much, actually. All I know is that you make me feel things that I’ve never felt before.
Javi paused. Was he coming off too strong?
No, the point of this was to just come clean and write down the raw, unfiltered feelings he had for you. He had to at least do that.
I know you joined the DEA only recently, and I hope you’ve settled in… but there’s something I’ve noticed about you. You’re different from the others. Kind hearted and generous. Shit, I hope you don’t think I’m a creep. But – I like this about you, and I’m glad you’re on our team. No one really talks about it, but we need someone like you here.
I’ve never been a good guy, and I’m sure every CIA agent and woman in the department will be able to tell you about my reputation, but when I’m around you… I want to do better. Be better. Maybe it sounds pathetic, but I constantly find myself trying to grab your attention, praying you at least acknowledge me.
I wouldn’t even count on you knowing my name.
Anyways – I guess if you wanna find out who I am, you can meet me in the parking lot after hours. Let’s say… 8pm? I know it’s Valentine’s day and I’d like to take you out, maybe for a drink or dinner. Whatever you’d like best. But if you don’t want to, that’s okay too.
I guess I’m just a love sick fool.
Happy Valentine’s Day.
Your secret admirer.
Javier dropped the pen on the desk and narrowed his eyes. He’d done it. He’d written the letter and actually, he didn’t hate it at all. He folded it over twice and put it in the pocket of his pants – the one’s he’d planned on wearing to work this coming Monday.
Javier yawned and smiled to himself with contentment. Now he could finally rest.
Javier managed to get some sleep that night, albeit a solid three hours. He woke up from the beams of golden sunlight seeping through the blinds.
Saturday morning was errand day; he had to do laundry and send off some things at the post office, but no matter what task was at hand, his every thought was consumed by you. He anticipated Valentine’s day because at least then, he could get some closure.
Meanwhile, you were spending your Saturday very differently to Javier.
You were sitting on the sofa nursing a glass of red wine, surrounded by the comfort of your five cats, when the phone began to ring – and you knew exactly who it was.
To no surprise of your own, it was your mother, groaning and gruelling about your current relationship status… or lack thereof. You’d been alone for a while now, at least since you moved to Colombia for work. Your job was a difficult one and honestly, not many people would be able to understand how time consuming it truly is. No one, apart from maybe someone who is in the same sector of work as you. And between the slimy CIA agents and the Carrillo’s Search Bloc guys, you didn’t really have many options. It was okay though, at least you supposed. You had moved to Colombia to work, not to find love, and that was what you’d tell your mother over and over again. But still, the quiet prospect of finding love and some dreamboat hunk whisking you away was more than a tolerable thought.
Your mom’s phone call was sure to be expected, especially during this time of the year. She seemed to get particularly antsy. Another year and still no grandkids. But you weren’t in a hurry. You’d had your fair share of heartbreaks and already been divorced once. You were convinced that this time, love would find you. You weren’t prepared to go out seeking it because, in your experience, that approach had never ended well.
So, you spent the weekend doing pretty much nothing, and awaiting the inevitable bitterness Valentine’s day would give you.
Little did you know, a few blocks away, Agent Javier Peña was working his ass off, trying to find last minute dinner reservations and thinking of a somewhat thoughtful gift for you. He was working his damn hardest to impress you, because in his mind, you only deserve the best of the best. You were worth your weight in gold.
On Monday the 14th of February, Javier made sure to get to the office earlier than everybody else. It was still dark outside, but thankfully, Noonan had entrusted keys to the DEA quarters to Javi and Steve, meaning technically, Javi could have 24/7 access to the office if he so wished. He turned on the artificial yellow lights that hung above everyone’s desk and reached into his jean clad pocket, taking out the love letter he’d written in the early hours of Saturday morning. His hands started to feel clammy as the nerves raced through him. This was actually happening, and Javier felt so apprehensive.
Nevertheless, he placed the folded up letter on your desk and padded over to his own desk. There was nothing much else to do now, apart from get a headstart on his paperwork and wait for his colleagues to begin filing into the office.
At 9 a.m., he caught you sauntering into the office, dressed casually for the day ahead. You yawned and rubbed your tired eyes before slumping down in your office chair and— that was it. That was the moment. Javier’s eyes followed your movements intricately as he watched with intent, analysing the way you picked up the love letter and read it.
You seemed to have stiffened up and looked somewhat in disbelief. Your fingers traced the scrawling of his handwriting as you read it not once, not twice, but three times.
It was the last part that had you stuck in a loop.
I guess if you wanna find out who I am, you can meet me in the parking lot after hours. Let’s say… 8pm? I know it’s Valentine’s day and I’d like to take you out, maybe for a drink or dinner. Whatever you’d like best. But if you don’t want to, that’s okay too.
I guess I’m just a love sick fool.
Happy Valentine’s Day.
Your secret admirer.
Your heart was racing and every possibility hammered through your brain. You even couldn’t help but consider whether or not this was a practical joke – but why would any of the grown adults you worked with do such a thing? Most of them were married anyway. Your eyes darted around the office as you tried to work out who dropped the letter on your desk this morning. Carrillo was married to Lucia, so, despite his innocent flirtations, he had to be ruled out. Chris was married to Anna, Butch was married to Karina, Roger was engaged to Susan, Steve was with Connie and… your eyes fell on Javier Peña. He was, perhaps, the only singleton of the office, but you were certainly aware of his reputation and honestly, you figured there was more of a chance that a goldfish wrote you the letter, let alone him.
You shifted uncomfortably in your chair and turned away from the handsome agent. All you could do was get through the day and meet this secret admirer of yours in the parking lot, tonight.
The day dragged just as much for you, as it did for Javi. He worried – what if you didn’t show tonight in the parking lot? What if you had somehow figured out he was behind the letter and felt absolutely repulsed by the idea of him wanting to pursue you?
You disappeared again at lunch time, and kept busy during the rest of the day, focusing on Escobar’s many tax evasions and trying to trace his mishaps back to a single location. The whole office was buzzing, and even Steve felt as though he was inches away from finding a lead to Escobar. Javier would usually be right on the case too, his eagerness undeniable, but of course, his mind was elsewhere.
Now, you and your colleagues would usually leave the office at around 5 p.m., and Javier realised that may have caused an issue. If it was only you and him waiting alone in the office until 8 p.m., well, that would have essentially exposed Javi. But thankfully, due to the bustling of the case, agents were filing out of the office slower than usual and by 7:50 p.m., there were still a dozen working.
Javier stood up abruptly, his chair scraping against the floor. “Well guys, that’s me done for the evening. Good luck everyone and thanks for working so hard today.”
Everyone mumbled their farewell to Javier, apart from you, who hadn’t even noticed him leave. The clock was slowly approaching 8 p.m. and you felt yourself begin to grow anxious.
Javier was already waiting in the empty parking lot, and the sky was a velvety blue-black. The cool February air hung a chill over Javier’s head and so, while he waited, he lit a cigarette, hoping a couple of smokes would reduce his stress.
At 8 p.m. on the dot, you exited the office and made your way to the parking lot. It was freezing, and you rubbed your hands over your bare arms, wishing you’d brought a coat to work this morning. In the distance, leaning against a Chevy truck, you saw the silhouette of a man. Golden embers danced around as he seemed to be smoking a cigarette. As you approached him, you realised you could smell the tobacco before you could even pin who exactly he was.
It wasn’t until you were only inches away you realised it was Javier Peña. You exhaled quietly, feeling somewhat relieved, and tapped him on the back.
“Hey,” you said quietly, offering the agent a polite smile. But he jumped and flinched and his soft brown eyes grew wide, like he was astonished to see you. Honestly, he was surprised to see you, there was no telling if you’d even show. But you had. You were here. Standing before him, looking up at him with the prettiest doe-like eyes, and talking to him. “I thought you took off.” you admitted sheepishly before leaning against his truck, next to him.
You figured he was just having a cigarette before he left to go home. It made sense. Javier stood still, staring at you, and his mouth began to feel dry. He couldn’t find words.
You stood there in silence, peering around the still empty parking lot, trying to locate your secret admirer. Surely he hadn’t stood you up… maybe it was a practical joke after all.
You shivered uncomfortably, and Javi furrowed his eyebrows. “You’re cold?” he spoke up eventually. He offered you a cigarette but you refused, shaking your head. “Here,” Javi said, taking off his black leather jacket and swinginging it over your shoulders.
“But now you’ll be cold.” you frowned.
“I’ll be fine.” Javier promised, his hand lingering on your arm for just a second too long. Only a smile could illustrate your gratitude, and damn, Javi would give anything to be able to see that smile every day of his life.
“You’re probably wondering why I’m here,” you sighed, shuffling your feet across the gravel beneath you awkwardly. Javier pouted slightly in bewilderment but stayed quiet, wanting to hear what you had to say. “I’m waiting on someone, I think. Well it’s dumb actually. But this morning, when I got into work, someone left a love letter on my desk. It was signed for me and everything, and at the end, it was like ‘meet me in the parking lot at 8 p.m. if you want to find out who I am’. So here I am,” you checked the time on your wrist watch. “At 8:05 and still no sign of this mystery guy.”
“I–” Javier started but you cut him off.
“You know, the letter was actually really sweet. It was so authentic and, God, it’s all I’ve been thinking about. I feel like a little kid again, like I have this new and exciting crush on a guy who wrote me a love letter, and I don’t even know who it was,” you rambled. “Do you think that’s pathetic?” you sighed, but didn’t give Javi a chance to reply. “I just… it feels like something out of a fairytale. It’s new and exciting and I just…”
“...It was me,” Javier blurted out, and those were three words that for sure shut you up. You froze and looked up at the agent. “I wrote you the letter, I put it on your desk and… it was me. All of it.”
You took a step back from Javi, contemplating his words. “It was you?” you asked incredulously. Javier Peña was the playboy, he was the guy your female co-workers warned you to stay away from. There was just no way he’d written something so sentimental. You wanted to curse yourself for making such assumptions about him, because in all truth, there was no reason for him to lie about this.
“It was me,” Javier replied shyly as he tried to weigh up your reaction, but your face was unreadable. “Are you disappointed?”
Then your face softened and you shook your head, placing both of your hands on his biceps and holding him. “No, no, oh my gosh… no… not at all. I just didn’t pin you as the type of guy to–”
“--I get it.” Javier said, ducking his head down in shame. He was foolish to think that a girl like you would ever fall for a guy like him.
“Oh no Javi, that’s not at all what I meant,” you said softly, bringing the palms of your hands to his chest and resting them on there. You’d noticed that the pink button down shirt he’d chosen to don today was incredibly soft under your fingers, and you traced comforting circles into his torso. “I’m sorry,” you apologised. “I guess I’m just taken aback. I mean this is you. You’re you and I’m me and never in a million years did I think you’d have any kind of interest in someone like me.”
“I got you something.” Javi announced, drawing away from you and opening the passenger side seat of his car door.
Taking out a small parcel, Javier passed you the package awkwardly. It was wrapped in pale pink paper with glitter red hearts dotted around on the paper. You felt your cheeks heat up as you took it from him, your fingers brushing against his and a spike of electricity running through your veins. The wrapping was perfectly imperfect, and it warmed your heart more so than you’d care to admit. You figured that maybe Javier had never wrapped a gift in his entire life – judging by his skill (or lack thereof), but you weren’t one to judge.
“Oh Javi, you didn’t have to get me anything,” you said, biting your lip anxiously. “I didn’t get you anything. Hell, I didn't even expect to have a valentine this year.”
Javi scratched the back of his neck and looked down at the floor with anticipation. “I’ve never really done Valentines day,” he admitted sheepishly. “I uh– don’t really know if I’ve done the right thing but–”
You tore open the paper and your eyes widened when you saw what he’d gotten you. It was very traditional, but at the same time, so completely pure.
“Candy hearts.” you said out loud, smiling at the sentiment.
“Sugar free candy hearts,” Javier corrected and you raised your eyebrows. He pointed to your arm, where your diabetic medical ID had been tattooed. “I noticed.”
You were speechless. “You– how did you– when did you—” you were so astounded by his perceptiveness. “This is so sweet and so thoughtful,” you smiled graciously. “Thank you, Javi.”
Javier nodded, already feeling at ease that you hadn’t yet been creeped out by him. His heart melted in his chest over the endearing shortening of his name that you’d given him.
“I got us dinner reservations but we don’t have to go, if you don’t want to.”
You were beaming. “You are such a gentleman, you know that?” you giggled. “But I uh– I don’t know how I feel about going to a bustling restaurant on Valentine’s day. I get a little anxious with big crowds, you know?”
“I get you,” Javi nodded. “Well uh, how about we go on a drive and we can grab take-out. Just chill. I’d love to learn more about you.”
Usually the thought of getting into a car so late at night with a man you’d barely spoken to would be a big NO, but these were different circumstances.
You slid into Javi’s car and belted yourself in.
Javier passed you his CD collection and urged you to pick one. When you settled on the Rumours album by Fleetwood Mac, you noticed the way Javier grinned excitedly.
“It’s my favourite album,” he explained.
“No shit, mine too!” you laughed.
Javi drove around town for a good 50 minutes, and watched you with so much adoration. You never really went out much at night, knowing just how dangerous Colombia could be. It simply wasn’t safe enough to be alone, but driving around with Javi… you felt safe. You felt protected, and that was a priceless emotion that no man had ever made you feel. You gazed out at the pretty lights that lit up the colourful streets. It was so wonderful.
You and Javi finally settled on grabbing a pizza, and he discovered that you both favoured an ultimate meat-feast over anything with veggies or fruit. You and Javi were more alike than you’d ever even considered, and so you both shared the pizza, feeding each other bites as you sat overlooking Medellin singing Fleetwood Mac.
He was funny too, he had a dry sense of humour but nevertheless, it made you buckle and laugh harder than you’d laughed in a long time. You were telling him stories of back home and he was listening to every single one carefully, fondly listening to the way you spoke of each detail and never wanting to forget.
The leftover pizza had gotten cold and was now discarded on the dashboard of Javi’s truck. Both of your seatbelts had been abandoned and now you were both closer than ever. You were giggling into his chest due to the immediate proximity being in his car. Javi wrapped his arm around you and twirled with the tips of your hair, relishing the way it felt between his fingers.
“Oh shoot,” you giggled. “Javi look, it’s past midnight, and we have work tomorrow.” Your tone was serious but then you could help but burst out into a fit of giggles again.
“Let me take you home.” Javi offered, placing his large hand over your thigh.
“Okay.” you giggled, adjusting yourself back into the passenger seat and buckling up.
Javi kept one hand on your thigh during the entire ride home, and honestly, a big part of you wished the night would never end.
Javier walked you right to your doorstep, hand-in-hand. Sure, he’d see you again at work in a few hours but still, he didn’t want to say goodbye. He’d had such a perfect night.
Normally, after dates, Javier would swindle himself into his one night stand’s apartment and fuck them until the early hours of the morning, and then proceed to never call them again – but he felt no reason to do that with you. At least, not yet. He wanted to savour every moment with you and get to know you, the real you. He wanted to take you out on dates and have movie nights with you. He wanted to learn about your family and what your ambitions were. He wanted to know everything about you, and he wanted to overshare. With you, he felt like he could be vulnerable. He felt like he had nothing to hide.
“I guess this is it,” You hummed, swaying your hips, your house keys jammed into your door. All it would take is a twist of the lock and you’d be inside. “You can come in if you like…”
Javier ached to let himself in and see your place. He wondered how you furnish your living room and he speculated what colour your bedroom walls were. He imagined you were quite artsy, after learning about your creative streak and passion for writing, poetry and music. You were a helluva good singer, that’s for sure.
“I’d love to come in,” Javi sighed. “But it’s late and you should get some rest. I had a wonderful time tonight.”
You smiled. “I really didn’t know what to expect,” you admitted sheepishly. “But I don’t think I’ll ever forget tonight. I hope we can do it again sometime.”
Javier beamed ecstatically. “Yeah, me too,” he grinned. “Maybe we can make plans for this weekend?”
“Sure, I’m free,” you replied. “I’ll catch you at work.”
“Yeah, okay.”
Javier fumbled for a moment in silence, still not wanting to let you go. He had an idea of how he’d like to end the night, but it was an idea that could potentially be seen as too risky and forward. He wasn’t sure how you might take it.
But over the past three days, everything Javier had done was a risk, and so far, it had been working out pretty well in his favour. Maybe this was meant to be.
“Can I kiss you?” Javier blurted out, his voice having lowered an octave, illustrating just how serious he was about you. Butterflies raced in his tummy and Lord, he felt like a kid again. This was the moment he’d imagined so many times.
You practically sunk into him in response, uttering a small “yes” as you pressed your body against his. Javier slung his arms around your waist and gently dug his fingertips into your hips before leaning into you and adjusting himself slightly, the curve of his nose pressing against your skin. He pressed his soft lips against yours and savoured the perfect taste, and when you opened your mouth slightly, aching for more of his touch, Javier found himself relaxing into it more.
You were perfect. Gentle and passionate and the way you whimpered into Javier’s lips only spurred him on even more. Javier raised his hands to your face and cupped your cheeks, skillfully brushing your hair out of the way before deepening the kiss.
Eventually, although reluctantly, he pulled off you and rested his forehead against yours, his brown locks of hair tickling against your skin.
“That was amazing,” you whispered, and noticed the rosy coloured tint flush over Javier’s cheeks. He was adorable. You’d heard all the rumours about him, how he was a womaniser and not a force to be reckoned with. But with you, he really was different. He was sweet and charming and you could feel yourself falling.
“By the way, I think you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on.” he whispered seductively, the warmth of his breath fanning over your ear.
You bit your lip, trying your hardest to repress the flush of heat that crossed your cheeks.
“You’re not so bad yourself.” you teased, biting your lip.
Javier chuckled lightly and took your hand, pressing another, this time delicate kiss to your cheek.
“Okay then,” he smiled gleefully. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow at work. Good night.”
Before Javier could spin around and leave you at your doorstep, you pulled him back for one final farewell kiss. “Goodnight.” you whispered softly against his lips.
And for the first time since meeting you, Javier felt total peace when he went to bed that night.
He was in love.
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tomhollandfics · 8 months ago
* = smut
Torn Leaves, Broken Hearts - @t-lostinworlds
most couples fight, you and tom weren't an exception - it started out as an argument, but when tom lost control of his temper, he just took it a leap too far
3 Hearts Broken - @wizkiddx
an argument between you and tom, except it takes him hurting someone else for you to loose it
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y/n and tom get in a fight while traveling for press tour
Not Prick - @dlwritings
a fan gets a little aggressive with tom at the mall, and he takes it out on the wrong person, but he’s a good guy, and when he realizes his mistake, he’s determined to make up for it
Who Do You See? - @dlwritings
sometimes all the comments get to tom - all the press and the fans and that opinions coming in from the world. and sometimes, he just needs some of your wise words of affirmation to bring a smile back to his face
* Sunkissed - @duskholland
your summer fling with tom had ended in a heartbreak so pronounced that you can’t quite believe your eyes when he turns up again, one year on, desperate to turn back time. you’re lovesick, he’s pining, and with the stakes higher than ever before, it’s going to be a hot, hot summer…
Don't Be Happier - @cherrykindness
you and tom are no longer together, but you still dedicate a song on your new album to him and his new relationship with zendaya
Reckless - @vendettaparker
in a fit of jealousy, tom embarrasses you in front of your new friend and the entire pub, leaving you heartbroken at his reckless actions
Champagne Problems - @waitimcomingtoo
you play tom a new song you wrote, and he overthinks the lyrics
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some men are gamers, just so happens that your man is one too - one day he doesn’t pay you any attention and you have had enough of it, so you speak up
Shatter Us - @itsbeaconhillsbaby
emotional outbursts lead to some much needed conversations
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* When The Levee Breaks - @angelic-holland
in which tom is in love with y/n, but y/n doesn’t feel the same way - or doesn’t want to admit that she does
I Swear To God, I Never Fall In Love - @hazofmyheart
it’s complicated - your best friend is dating her ex’s best mate, harrison, leaving tension between you and tom - you’re supposed to hate him but how can you with his boyish charms and those sweet brown eyes that make your heart pound just by looking at them?
Say It To My Face - @stuckonspidey
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Hoodies & Disloyalties - @hollandroos
you hear tom saying things about you to his friends which leads you to become distant
Priorities - @tom-softie
could you write real big angst with tom, where him and the reader are arguing over tom not prioritising the relationship and spending more time with the boys then the reader?
Talking - @tom-softie
you and tom get into a fight
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It's Going To Be Okay - @notsosmexy
when you came home and couldn’t find him you called everyone, but no one picked up - so, when you get a call from the hospital, you have no idea what to think
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Without A Word - @holland-ish
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Say You Love Me - @foreverbeingthunderbuddy
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Should've Said No - @harryhollandsgirlfriend
“it’s pathetic really, how much i still hope it’s you and me in the end"
* Hooked On Your Feelings (Series) - @heyhihellowhatsup0
after a bad breakup, making an agreement with your womanizing neighbor, tom to be friends with added benefits and no strings attached seemed like the perfect idea - until things become messy, emotions caused your agreement to crumble
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yes-ter-night · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
― YANDERE! GENSHIN ACADEMY AU. pt one | two | three | four
 ⇢ albedo, xiao, kazuha / gn! reader
introducing! your fellow second-years are starting to realize how stressful high school is, but luckily you’re here to cheer them right up! blessed with the same schedules and close seating arrangements, they make sure to eat all your time up. don’t look away from them for too long, okay~?
warning! yandere, obsessive & possessive behavior, unhealthy relationships
Tumblr media Tumblr media
― GENIUS TYPE. albedo |  阿贝多
[ “come, the sun is setting and the rays serve as a perfect lighting. surely you won’t mind being my muse for a while?” ] 
⇢ amiable and polite at first glance, albedo has garnered himself a rather mellow fanbase of his own. people from all years admire him for his study ethics and his artistic prowess. there’s no shortage of people asking him for advice each day, to which he politely indulges.
⇢ still... there is a distance between him and everyone else that no one seems to be able to cross. that is, except for you, of course! albedo makes sure to be seen linking hands with you two are together. he’s touchier with you and makes sure everyone sees it: flirtatious swipes of the lip and gentle brushes agaisnt your cheek. it’s clear as day who his favorite person is.
⇢ usually albedo has no qualms showing off his artworks, but something about the sketches he’s made of you makes him embarrassed. his own hands have lined every curve and shape of your face and it’s just so... intimate. some nights he spends staring at a new sketch of you before blushing and gently putting it away. it just can’t compare to the real thing at all.
⇢ as with most his fellow harem members, his mind is filthy. it’s filled with messy fantasies--  ones where he force one of his science experiments down your throat and watch as you tremble and shake at his feet. just imagining your glassy eyes and your desperate pleads... it makes him shiver with delight.
⇢  despite all his flirtatious touches, albedo doesn’t have the willpower to embrace you like how the others do. but when you initiate, he immediately becomes pliable under your touch. he’s made well-aware of your warmth and the beating of your heart and how hot your breath tickles his ear. ... fuck, if you aren’t adorable.
⇢ albedo doesn’t bother with the rest of the world. as far as he’s concerned, you were made to be experimented on, to become putty with his chemicals and touch. he certainly won’t allow anyone to disrupt your playtime together... not. at. all.
[ “tsk, tsk, making a mess of the floor again? nevertheless, the expression on your face is worth a sketch or two.” ]
Tumblr media
― SULLEN TYPE. xiao |  魈
[ “don’t come near me. i’m... not worthy enough.” ]
⇢ ooh, so mysterious! the bad boy of everyone’s dreams...! or not. that’s what you once thought too, until you finally found out after several run-ins at the local convenience store that he’s just socially inept.
⇢ there’s no denying that he does give off this intimidating aura and although he doesn’t actually have any criminal records, everyone makes sure to stay as far away from him as possible. well, that doesn’t really matter. so long as you aren’t the one avoiding him, he can live like this forever.
⇢ he’s so stupidly infatuated with you, blushing and stammering whenever you try to strike conversation with him. he tries to brush you off with harsh remarks and cold responses, but you don’t fall for that shit. soon, the slightest smile comes on his face when you run up to him in school and his hands find themselves brushing back your hair so he can look at your bright eyes.
⇢ he’s well aware of the your harem, all of them lovesick and lustful. it makes him sick and wary, but he doesn’t want to alert you. you look so happy and carefree... it’d be selfish of him to destroy that.
⇢ he tells himself that he stalks you for your own good, that you’re so stupid and trusting that you’re incapable of seeing the world around you as it is-- dangerous and murky. but that’s a lie, isn’t it? if it was really for your own good, he wouldn’t lurk outside your window, watching you as you peel off your clothes and get ready for-- ah, shit, he’s been found out.
⇢ he should be guilty. this is indecent, immoral, perverted. what makes him any better than the rest of your suitors. but... but! it’s so thrilling, watching your most private moments when you think no one’s looking, seeing expressions that no one except for him will see.
⇢ what kind of expression will you make when you finally find him out? betrayal? terrified? ... or excited? ah, well, he’ll find out anyway.
[ “haah... this is what you get for being so stu~pid.” ]
Tumblr media
― CAREFREE TYPE. kaedahara kazuha | 楓原万葉
[  “why, hello there. care to share this warm rock with me?” ]
⇢ although the school has a literature club with members famed for their outstanding achievements, not a lot of people has seen their most famous member. rarely attending classes, hanging out in the school garden then vanishing in the blink of an eye... ah, so why is kaedahara kazuha coming over to you right now?
⇢ you’re fresh with the scent of nature and kazuha takes advantage of the fact that he’s slightly taller than you as he buries his nose in your hair while he wraps his arms around your shoulders. he’s a gentleman, showering you with such poetic praises that somehow aren’t too cheesy. his drooping red eyes crinkle ever so slightly at your slightest blush and he can’t help but warmly laugh when you grumble at him for embarassing you again.
⇢ sometimes he just shows up out of nowhere, swooping you away to enjoy the pleasantries of nature together. he tells you of the delightful red maple leaves back home, the hints of loneliness leaving his eyes before you can see them. he listens to you in return, his comforting character making it easy for you to confide in him. you miss the way he leans in and kisses a strand of your hair, mistaking it for a normal hug.
⇢ ... my, if you didn’t resemble him so much. no matter how much you protest, you are the living reincarnate of his sworn brother, someone who had come to ruin years ago along with the rest of his family. you are gentle and warm, whereas kazuha is only reenacting how he used to be before everything was destroyed. he was hollow, but now there’s no need to feel that way anymore.
⇢ he’s so well-spoken and eloquent that you completely miss the way he has you roped in his scheme, only realizing it when he finally corners you and has his hand on the small of your back. he still smiles gently... but when were his eyes this gaunt?
[ “now, now, don’t be so afraid. i don’t resort to violence most of the time.” ]
Tumblr media
a/n: me to me: now what if we give kazuha a tragic backstory in six bullet points. also just realized that the rest of the boys will be seniors... theres so many senpais.. no complaints tho
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mari-the-bimbo · 4 months ago
Dorm mate Gojo: Valentines Day
A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day my loves!!! This is kinda shitty but it’s better than no thing right? Love you guys <333
Tumblr media
As you lay in your bed at night, you kept shifting about, you didn’t know why but you kept hearing noises? It confused you.
Until light seeped into your dark room at the action of someone opening your door. You squint to see the one and only Gojo standing at your door with a wide grin that seemed too awake.
“Gojo?” You asked groggily as you watch him saunter into your room with a smile.
“You’re really lying here alone, looking this hot ON VALENTINES DAY!?” He flirts awfully, leaning against your bed, wiggling his eyebrows at you suggestively.
You furrow your brows in confusion before you speak. “Gojo you dumbass, it’s like 1 in the morning why would y-“ but your sentence is cut off by Gojo’s finger shushing you.
“Shhhh pea brain, don’t stress your pretty little brain okay?”
And before you could process what was happening, the tall white haired man lifted you up bridal style in his arms and started to walk away with you.
Once you reach Gojo’s room, you stare around in awe. The room that was usually so messy was now clean and decorated with lantern lights.
Suddenly you’re thrown onto his bed, making you jump out of your daydream and you stare up at your lover who was now standing beside the bed you were laying on, his 6’2 figure towering over you with a wide grin.
“You like pretty little lantern lights don’t ya pea brain?” He says proudly, booping your nose.
You nod enthusiastically, as you jump up to hug him and he catches you easily with a laugh. “Thank you Gojo!” You say happily.
Suddenly he puts all his weight onto you making both of you fall backwards into his bed, then grabbing your figure and pulling you under the covers with him.
“Was this your plan all along?” You asked Gojo who nuzzled into your neck. He looks up for a second and with a lazy smile he replies “yes”, now grinning with his teeth when you laughed.
“You’re lucky I love you” you say bashfully as you play with the buttons of his shirt to avoid his gaze.
“Well actually you’d have no choice in the matter, because I won you fair and square so now YOU’RE MINE” he teases playfully, pulling you closer to him by caging you into his long arms.
“See? Now you’re stuck” he teases. You squirm in his hold, trying to pry away in order to prove him wrong, but his muscular arms only tightened its hold, making you giggle at your failed attempts.
You finally give up and look up at him only to see him already looking back at you with a goofy smile. “You’re such a pea brain” he whispers with a lovesick laugh.
You stare at eachother momentarily. Nothing but lovesick gazes and small bashful smiles. Then suddenly he speaks
“C’mere” he whispers, placing his large hand on the back of your head to pull you closer until there was no space between your lips.
His lips brush against yours before he pressed them against yours, kissing you sweetly and you could feel him smiling.
You finally pull away for a gasp of air, giggling when Gojo decided to continue his kiss attack across your cheeks.
“Happy Valentine’s Day Gojo” you say, beaming at the white haired menace, who was too busy brushing a stray hair off your face.
He gives you his signature wide cocky smile before speaking “Yeah yeah, happy valentines whatever.. hey y/n?”
“I love you too”
Tumblr media
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vampirae · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I(。ﹷ ‸ ﹷ   ) Having a planet in a different house in whole signs and placidus, may have this interpretation. Your WS house is the resources you use to achieve the matters of your placidus house. i.g. A Venus in 2nd house placidus but in 3rd house with WS means, that the person will use their charm, intellect, flattery and knowledge to seduce and attract people who'll spoil them, help them out or people who'll teach them how to have more incomes. The person will definitely enjoy material possessions, beautiful things, appreciate art and pamper themselves but they'll use their knowledge for it and could find themselves educating or studying about it (like studying art, the perfect skincare routine for them, precious gems and how to distinguish them from the fake ones etc)
I(。ﹷ ‸ ﹷ   ) Saturn in 5th house may also indicate having a relationship with or marrying not only an older person or more mature one, but also a partner who already has children.
I(。ﹷ ‸ ﹷ   ) Saturn in 5th house may had a phase in which they didn't want to have kids, or wouldn't care at all if they didn't have them (particularly if said planet receive some stressful aspects) yet contrary to the belief children adores this native. Initially kids may act weird or too shy, but once they get to know, they tend to be super attached to the native, which surprisingly (even for them) is really good at taking care of kids/is really playful. I truly suggest to this native to spend some time with kids or animals, you'll feel more relaxed and less stressed.
I(。ﹷ ‸ ﹷ   ) Jupiter in 3rd can't shut up for a sec. Okay, but seriously this people are so charming and attractive, people literally gravitates around them. They may find themselves having people that want to talk to them about anything. They're so addictive, it's so easy to find yourself spending hours talking with them, unless you're scaring/make them uncomfortable. They can be really intuitive and sometimes find themselves shying away from some people out of nowhere even if the other is cheerful/loving.. it's because something about you felt off to them.
I(。ﹷ ‸ ﹷ   ) If you have placements, mostly Sun/Moon/Venus in 3rd you may like wearing silver(ish) jewellery and they look really good on you (you look expensive af if your jewellery has some crystal or zirconia on)
I(。ﹷ ‸ ﹷ   ) Capricorn venus is a complex and very contradictory venus sign, they swing between lovesickness and coldness. They're literally the face of devotion and service. The type of person, who will hurt their fingers just to peel a whole package of nuts just because you wanted to eat em, without even telling you that it hurts, because in their eyes that package means a way to make you happy, and whining about their fatigue will end up with their darling that doesn't want no more peeled nuts, which means you lost a way to make your darling happy and to show your love. They like to be appreciated for their sacrifices, even if you acknowledge them and thanks them, they're already happy and there's no need to return it. They can sacrifice themselves daily, even for years for their loved ones, but if you don't appreciate their work, even worse belittle them, they're gone and gone forever. Another thing, that definitely pisses them off is vagueness. They like to know what do you feel for them and where the relationship is going, and how much time it will take to make it more deeper (engagement, marriage etc). They need to have some "stability" and concrete wishes, otherwise they'll feel really anxious and uncomfortable and they don't like this feeling, which if is prolonged will end up with them leaving you. Also, they can become really bossy and start pressing to make up your mind about your commitment and going to the next stage of your relationship (this usually happens when they love you and don't want to lose you but you're really testing the limits of their patience).
I(。ﹷ ‸ ﹷ   ) Pisces venus + Aries moon combo men has this love at first sight with strong women yet delicate/soft in presence and can be way too straightforward and kinda brute with their attraction and feelings. They really like to show off themselves, to impress their crush, usually it depends on mercury sign how they'll act, i.g. a pisces mercury will blabber a lot, telling a lot of stories trying to appear interesting. The funny thing, is that they never considered in the first place, if they're their crush's type, and when crush reject them or they sense that they could be rejected they literally disappear from that woman's life. Basically, selfish cowards.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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avatarbeeb · 11 months ago
summary: nobara and itadori asks megumi about the biggest fight y/n and gojo ever had
tw: abandonment issues (?)
please feel free to leave comments of criticism! i'd love to hear from you :> enjoy the fic !!
my masterlist
It seemed like the entire Jujutsu High School seemed to freeze in cold when Y/N and Gojo-sensei walked past each other near the training grounds. They were usually attached at the hip in the school as both were teachers and...well, they were married. They looked like lovesick fools on campus, but mainly Gojo sneaking kisses at any chance he got and Y/N silently letting him. No one missed the small smile of fondness on Y/N’s face every time.
“Oi,” whispered Itadori, nudging his shoulder. “Will they be okay? Y/N-sensei’s face looks so cold.”
“Yeah,” agreed Megumi without hesitation. This wasn’t his first experience of seeing a lovers quarrel- they practically raised him after all. He and Tsumiki always had the front row seats on Gojo’s tantrums and Y/N’s stubbornness. “They’ll get over it.”
“Hah?” Nobara poked his shoulder. “You seem pretty confident, Fushiguro.”
“Well, it’s not like this was their worst fight…”
“Huh, I never knew them to fight frequently. They always looked so in love that fighting seemed out of the picture. What was their worst fight like Megumi? Were you there?” asked Itadori.
Oh, he was there. He remembered every second of the week-long fight- the longest it ever lasted. Megumi didn’t even remember what it was about- the laundry? Stress? He really didn’t care about the specifics. From that point, Megumi has seen Y/N and Gojo have little arguments with a few ending up in screaming matches. They were always mindful to scream when he and Tsumiki were out of earshot, but they caught bits and pieces nonetheless. They were always greeted with a sleeping Y/N cuddled up with Gojo on their sofa the next day, anyway.
But this...this was something else. It was serious. It got so bad that Gojo even packed up a suitcase filled with his clothes and slammed their front door, going away from who knows where.
The house felt frozen like it was winter, similar to how Jujutsu Highschool felt now. All three of them looked at the door silently, expecting, praying, that Gojo would come back with a goofy smile calling his actions a prank, making everyone sigh in relief. But a few minutes passed by, and the door still hadn't opened.
It was Tsumiki that broke the deafening silence first. “Will- will you l-leave too, Y/N-san?”
Megumi and Y/N’s heads whipped to the girl. Tsumiki, always the bigger sister, was trying to keep a straight face, quickly wiping away the tears that were falling down her cheeks. There was a smile on her face as if trying to convince everyone that it's okay- it’s okay if Y/N leaves. Just like her mom, just like his dad. Y/N walked three great strides towards his sister and shoved her a little too aggressively to her stomach.
“No.” she croaked. Y/N raised her head to look away from them, presumably to cry. She never liked crying, much more people seeing her cry.
Megumi has always looked at Tsumiki as the older sister she was, always caring for him, fussing around him with a motherlike intent. But the sight of Tsumiki’s arms tightly secured around Y/N’s waist while sobbing into her shirt was the youngest Megumi has ever seen his sister.
He gets it. He does. Megumi might be nine but he was the first to realize that his dad and Tsumiki’s mom were never coming back. He realized this quickly, too. The slam of the door, a parental figure walking past without ever looking back...he and Tsumiki have seen this sight way too many times.
There was anger in his chest, both directed at himself and at Gojo. Did he trust too quickly? It was only two years since Y/N and Gojo took them out of the cramped apartment they called home, two years since he’s been eating take out and home-cooked meals for dinner instead of leftovers of a restaurant, two years since he and Tsumiki hadn’t slept on a thin mattress on the floor. He got too complacent, and this is where it got him.
Megumi’s heart ached, and all he feels is anger- anger towards Gojo for leaving, anger towards Tsumiki for caring, and anger towards Y/N for taking them in and making him trust again. He got too carried away with all the privileges and assurances they showered them with that Megumi didn’t even think it would go away. How stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
He’ll miss this, he thinks. Megumi will miss coming home to an occasional hot meal that Y/N would cook if she arrived home early. He would miss the weekly shopping trips they would go to- Megumi barely wanted anything, content at staring at the stores and observing Tsumiki and Gojo buy clothes for everyone. Megumi would miss Disneyland- he had only been there once but Gojo saw the excitement in his and Tsumiki’s eyes that he promised he’ll take them there again. He would miss Gojo carrying him out of spite, despite being too tall and holding his hand as they walked to stores despite him acting like he hated every second of it. He’ll miss the way his heart would swell every time an old lady would call them a cute family and the way-
“Megumi.” His head snapped to Y/N whose eyes were red and sad. “You’re crying.”
Megumi lifted his palm to hold his cheek and sure enough, he managed to catch a tear from rolling down his chin. He didn’t even realize he was crying, which made him angrier. He wanted to tear this place he called home for two years apart with one of his dogs, leave and never come back-
From Y/N’s stomach, Tsumiki peaked at him and held out her hand. Y/N placed a comforting hand on her head before giving Megumi a sad smile. It was then Megumi let all of his anger flow through his tears, he was ashamed of even thinking of leaving- Y/N just said she wouldn’t leave them, and he believed her. He felt more tears roll down his cheeks and he let himself wail, scream, and shout for the entire world to hear. He ran like a child to Tsumiki’s hands and to Y/N’s comforting hug and screamed more.
He didn’t know how long they cried together but at the end of the night, they were all tucked in a corner, Tsumiki and Megumi snuggled at Y/N’s sides.
They were comfortable at that, but Y/N insisted on getting up and getting ready for bed. She ushered the both of them to the shower and brushed her teeth with them. There was silence as they did their tasks, exhausted from silently crying and Megumi from throwing a fit with his wails.
It wasn’t until Tsumiki was buttoning the last button of his pajamas when they heard their doorbell ring an absurd amount of times. It didn’t have the intention to stop until someone opened the door.
“I’ll get it,” announced Y/N, her voice croaking from disuse. Megumi remembered watching Y/N figure walk to their doorway, then finally opening the door.
Behind it was Gojo with eyes as red as theirs, holding a bouquet of flowers on one hand and two paper bags on the other. He raised his gifts to them with shaking hands.
Megumi would have laughed at his sight, Gojo had snot coming out of his nose, his eyes were filled with tears, lips trembling. But the fact that Gojo’s blindfold was off, giving an impression that Gojo was serious.
“I-“ Gojo sniffed. “I meant to come back earlier, I didn’t mean it- it’s just the higher-ups gave me a mission to Europe as soon as I closed the door-“ Gojo breathed deeply, eyes darting at the three of them. Behind him was the suitcase he packed, untouched on their doorstep.
“-I teleported, I finished it as soon as I could, and-“
Megumi flinched backward at the sudden sight of Itadori’s hand waving in front of his face. He was suddenly pulled out of his memory, blinking several times to adjust to his new reality. “Sorry, I spaced out…”
“Well?” Nobara prompted, putting her hands on her waist. “What was their biggest fight?”
The expression on her face was similar to those she wore before she threw a fit of impatience. He wasn’t really in a mood to explicitly describe the emotional toll their fight took from all of them, nor was he willing to suddenly open up about his abandonment issues and how a Gojo going out and not coming back until three hours later triggered something in him and Tsumiki. After Y/N hugged Gojo, Megumi remembered racing against Tsumiki towards the white-haired man at their door, each of them clutching one of his legs.
Megumi trusts Itadori and Nobara...he just wasn’t there yet. He’ll tell them someday he thinks, he’ll tell them everything.
Megumi looked at Y/N and Gojo-sensei again and was pleased by what he saw. A small smile graced his face as he pointed towards the couple. “It ended just like that.”
Itadori and Nobara turned their heads towards the direction of the couple. From their position, they could see Gojo clutching a bouquet of flowers while audibly sobbing his apologies while Y/N tackled him into a hug.
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library-of-ohara · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
anon asked: Can I get a Cora and Law (seperate) headcannon with a clumsy reader? Thanks
➪ a/n: ofc ofc!! this was fun to write, been debating on picking it up for a while and finally did!! Corazon's is a bit goofy but I can only imagine what a mess that relationship would be if they two of you were clumsy XD I hope you enjoy! - maxx (@sugxrslushy)
➪ details: SFW//Corazon & Law x gn!reader (separate)//w.c: 586
Tumblr media
Trafalgar Law
Law can only watch in horror over the utter clumsy mess that you are, tripping over nothing and sending yourself sprawling on the ground to even worse injuries that practically make his heart stop as he watches in slow motion. He’s stressed out enough having to deal with other’s now you?
You remind him a bit too much of his dear Cora-san, he’d thought he’d left other’s clumsy tendencies behind him till you popped being equally just as much as a mess. He has no idea what to do with you
Law acts a lot like a mother hen around you, grumbling about what a pain patching you up is but he’s still showing up with his medical supplies to bandage any of your injuries. It may be a task but he has a slight nostalgic fondness towards you so it makes having to patch you up less annoying
You’re always bumbling on while he places bandages over scrapes and bumps to cut the tension, sheepishly joking about how you could merely trip on air. He can’t help but find it a bit cute about how flustered you are at your own clumsiness, turning into a blushy mess the minute he comes over to help
Although if it can be avoided he pays attention to that. If he sees you trip over your own feet all he needs to do is mumble “room” under his breath and you’re falling into his arms, holding you tight to steady you. You’re forever grateful to land in his arms than the rough concrete ground
Starting off panicked at first, Law slowly gets used to how clumsy you can be. He gets better at catching the things you dropped and sometimes catching you, brushing it off with a sly comment of with that damned nickname “doll” that makes you blush more than if you’d actually hit the floor
A disaster duo, you both should be nowhere near each other yet you’re attached at the hip for better or for worse. At least there’s less embarrassment when you accidentally shatter a plate or collapse to the floor because the other will probably do the same 
One of you does something wrong and the other follows, whether it’s Corazon setting himself on fire and he has to rely on you to save him. Better say his prayers. Or even you tripping over the tiniest rock and drag him right down with you, he tried to help though
It’d be safer to just baby proof everything the two of you own
But!! There’s always stuff around in case one of you get hurt, Corazon has gotten much better at patching up scrapes and so have you with the amount of times one of you have had to help the other
It’s sweet though, the both of you giggly messes as you sit on the floor with medical supplies scattered around you both. He’d fallen and reopened a cut and you’d tripped right over him while bringing bandages. Now you both could only laugh at what fools you both are as you stick bright pink band-aid square in the middle on his knee
He likes to hold your hand, he says it’s to keep you safe but that just seems like an excuse. You’re so sure you won’t fall but you won’t say no, too much of a lovesick fool not to hold the man’s hand. You almost feel a bit steadier clinging onto him because at least he’s there to keep you up
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aemoonie · 6 months ago
txt - what loving them feels like ✰
i couldn't help but do this for these lovely boys as well <3 mlist. g: fluff cw: food mention. you may not be able to recover from this. sorry in advance :D <3
Tumblr media
like the most fierce but softest love. like hugging each other after you fought over the last piece of cake. like stolen glances and intense stares. like bear hugs and light strokes over the softness of your cheek. like going on random adventures in the middle of the night as he begrudgingly follows you around, still eager to protect you in the dark. like his soft lips and hot breath brushing against your skin. like his heavy arms wrapped around you middle, refusing to let you leave in the mornings. like his gaze always being drawn to you, even when you just walk past him sitting on the couch, doing your own thing.
like the softest pillows and the warmest hugs. like stroking each other's hair and not being able to hold back a cheesy grin. like being the other's greatest confidant and biggest supporter. like him showing you his sweetest smiles when you feel bad. like the bonding experience of sharing ice cream at 3 am on the kitchen floor. like laying in each other's arms and keeping the other awake with small tugs and pinches, not ready to let the moment pass. like gladly nuzzling your head into his neck, chuckles erupting from his lips when he feels your breath against his skin.
like being each other's best friend and partner in crime. like laughing so loud people turn their heads when you're in public. like keeping an eye out for the other wherever you are. like protecting each other no matter what. like getting up in each other's spaces only to be tackled in a hug. like lingering touches and slightly too long gazes. like the unexpected shy moments that both of you have. like feeling so at home with each other, you have no boundaries anymore. like feeling as if you've known each other your whole lives.
like looking as if you two are just friends before you share sweet hugs and cuddles. like his eyes sparkling just as much as yours when you talk about something you are passionate about. like he's lingering to every word you form, as if they are holy to him. like admiring the other silently when you lay down, not being able to find words for the beauty in each other's features. like small touches and held hands in your pockets. like arguing without any hard feelings and you always give up because you know he's always right. like keeping him company, even when you just watch him in the gym.
like you are unable to shake the lovesick grin you wear around each other. like tracing the outlines of each other's features, muttering how much you love each other. like fighting to find him in between all his plushies. like feeding each other popcorn while your attention is captured by a movie. like randomly playing hide and seek or catch when you're bored at home. like sharing two straws for you milkshakes, smoothies, iced coffees. like fixing each other's hair and being each other's bestest friend. like his head laying on your stomach, peacefully sleeping his stressful days away.
© a͏e͏m͏o͏o͏n͏i͏e͏ all rights reserved.
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