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#took these with a better phone camera lol
jellyfish-kid · a day ago
12/06/2021: photo booths and changing rooms
okay so today, me and my girlfriend went over to the shopping centre closest to her house after studying in the library. We went and had lunch-- we had sushi on this fake grass area up the top of the building. (it was really cute) We sat close together as we watched the little kids run around. She kept on moving closer to me, looking as if she wanted to kiss me. Although, i had said to her that this was probably not the best place -- someone could come yell at us or someone from our school could walk past. She was so cute tho, it was almost impossible not to -- like ahhh srsly how is one person so fucking beautiful ,, and like she kept on looking at me and she was so close and ahh yeah okay anyways she’s great hahahahaha. We eventually decide to go take picture in the Photo Booth outside the cinema. There was a few other people in front of us -- another group of teens with a similar grunge aesthetic haha,, they seemed cool. I leaned against the wall waiting and she stood in front of me, slightly leaning into me. it was nice -- i was playing with her hands as we waited ,, just tracing her rings and whatever. The photo booth had graffiti all over once side of the inside wall and the black curtain that covered the entrance made it quite dark when the machine hadn’t started up yet. we stood there in the photo booth and then she kissed me hard. I let my hands go to her waist and she put her arms around my neck. She eventually pulled away and said that she had been wanting to do that so badly and when we were outside. i said same as i went in for another kiss. it was like something out of a movie -- two teens making out in the photo booth. Eventually, we actually sat down to take the photos. To be honest, we are 100% not the most photogenic pair hhahahaahaha. The first set of photos we did, both of us were looking at the screen rather than the camera and it caught us doing strange half-smiling faces lol. The second one was slightly better although still quite funny. The last one she move my head to the side with her hand and kissed me again as the camera took a photo. Again, it was exactly like something in some cute coming of age movie. We kiss a bit more as the photos print and eventually get out of the booth. There are these two little kids sitting across from the photo booth with their mum -- clearly watching the photos projected on to the screen outside of the booth. Whoops... oh well,, the mum didn’t seem to see/ say anything so all good hahaha. I have a look at the photos and they are really cute. perhaps not the nicest faces but it is so us -- just two idiots in love haha. She puts them in her bag as i ask her where she wants to go next since we are clearly not finished making out (lol). I end up suggesting the changing rooms of a store considering that on a previous trip to the shopping centre she had mentioned that they are pretty unregulated. She kind of laughs and agrees. So we walk into a basic clothing store and pick up a few items to “try on” lol -- she turns to me as she has a pair of pyjama pants in her hand and says that this is like the worst but also best idea ever hahaha. IKR -- that is a perfect way of describing it ,, like it is probably a horrible plan but again, something straight out of a coming of age movie. We make our way to the end dressing room of the corridor and close the door behind us. We kind of laugh to ourselves and make jokes about how well the clothing we bought fits us. She then kissed me again and we stayed like that for a while -- probably a slightly suspicious amount of time but we did’t really care. We hugged tightly and she pushed me softly against the back wall and kissed some more. Eventually, her dad ended up texting her that he was here to pick her up from the library in which she said that we had gone over to the shopping centre for lunch. I traced my fingers over her waist and up the small of her back and she texted him. she leaned into me and rested her phone on my chest as she typed. We both didn’t want to leave but she had work in a few hours and needed to go home and get changed. We left the changing rooms, leaving the clothes with the lady at the counter and taking one of the jumpers with us so it looked like we had actually tried them on. I went to go put it back where it belonged on the shelf and hurried back to her. She was standing in the women’s clothing section with her cheeks slightly pink and looking so fucking cute. We then hurried out of the store and said our goodbyes. I ended up catching a bus home and as i was waiting at the bus stop, she texted me ‘I miss you :(’ like ahh srsly how cute. we are always so sad to see each other leave. i just wish i could stay with her forever and never see her leave. 
but yes, it was a great time and i think we should definitely do it again
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leetotters · a day ago
sassy quips
note: this was so much fun writing. credits to the funny tiktok audios and instagram videos i saw to write this short fic! the writing in italics is the 'youtube video'. i need a better title for this
warnings: tom and reader are together ofc, cursing, sassy/funny!reader? lmao
tom holland x reader, tom holland and co x reader(platonic lol)
summary: harrison stumbles upon a youtube video containing funny/sassy moments between y/n and the holland brothers(including harrison)
Tumblr media
Tom and Harrison's loud laughs could be heard from the living room, the boys were currently doing an Instagram live, claiming it was the perfect time to do one since they were bored and Tom hadn't interacted with his fans in the longest while.
You yawned walking into the room finding Tom's phone propped up on the blue fruit bowl, showing his screen the lasagna Sam made earlier. "Hey guys" You spoke, jumping over Harrison's giggly body on the carpeted floor to seat yourself on Tom's awaiting lap.
"Hey love, sleep well?" Tom asked, brushing the loose hair that rested on your forehead before pecking the space between your brows. "Yes" You sighed, turning your attention to Tom's live.
You skimmed through the comments, laughing at some funny ones and awing at the ones stating you were pretty and all boosting your confidence, "Someone asked why is Harrison laughing" You read aloud gaining the blonde's attention.
"I found a video on YouTube and it's hilarious" He grinned pushing his phone so it was in front of your face. You twitched your brows up when you saw the title.
'Y/N and the Holland Brothers funny/sassy moments'
"Oh my, no way" You grabbed his phone, clicking the video. "Wait" Harry took the phone, connecting the YouTube video to the television before handing it back to you. "Now everyone can see" He explained, plopping down on the sofa with a bowl of pretzels.
"Ready?" You inquired, pressing the play button on the phone when the boys replied with an amused 'yes'. Tom flipped the camera so the live could also see the video being displayed on the flat screen.
The music of the YouTube channels intro played, the classic aesthetic sound and the accounts name saying to subscribe before the title finally showed up. 'Y/N and the Holland brothers funny/sassy moments part.1'
"I am single" You wistfully spoke, your lips forming into a pout taking a sip of your orange juice before continuing. "And you're single" You pointed at Tom making him get a sense of hope that you're finally catching on that he likes you. "And well that can only mean one thing" You closed the cap of your juice, Tom smiled waiting excitedly for your answer.
"Nobody fucking wants us yo what the fuck" You dropped your head dramatically on the marble counter. Tom rolled his eyes, resuming the task he was doing before you barged in.
"Why you do him like that Y/N" Harrison voiced, his words stuttering from his loud laughs. "Tom was practically waiting for you to ask him out" Harry added bursting out into laughter as well. Tom and you just chuckled remembering that was days before he actually choked up the courage to ask you out.
At that moment you wanted to rip Tom's head off, who gave this foolish boy the idea of buying chickens? you questioned yourself while trying to stealthily grab the egg that rested under the hen. The boys were right behind you, outside of the coop cheering you on whilst you collected the eggs. "You can do it" Harrison clapped, swaying his head side to side. "You can do it" Sam danced along bumping his hip with Tom. "You can do it" Harry encouraged. "You can do this" Paddy sang, grinning when he heard you let out a loud huff. "You can do thi-"
"Shut the fuck up" You yelled glaring at Tom. "We're just encouraging you" They defended. "No! You almost made me drop the egg"  You whispered yelled hearing the hen starting to cluck.
Tears welled in all of your eyes, chortling at short clip, "You all are so annoying" You playfully rolled your eyes, earning a light pinch from Tom. "Oh please we were encouraging you!" They spoke simultaneously making everyone erupt in another fit of laughter.
Paddy ran up the staircase, trying his best to conceal his giggles as he ran into your and Tom's shared bedroom. "Y/N get out of the house, it's on fire" Paddy exclaimed, dropping down on the floor and rolling his way towards you to make his so called prank more believable. "Well tell the fire hold up, because I'm doing some important shit here" You replied not even caring that the younger boy was crazily rolling on the floor. You gave Paddy a weird look before clicking the resume button on your phone vibing to the song once more.
"Paddy really started rolling" Tom wheezed through laughs, genuinely finding it funny that his brother really thought he could prank you, he knew nothing came between you and your music vibing time.
"Hey did you call our neighbor Mrs. Johnson a bitch?" Harrison inquired, seeing the scene earlier where you flipped off the old lady for some odd reason. You looked up at Harrison from your spot between Tom's clingy arms, "Yeah! She changed her Wi-Fi password" You huffed, cuddling Tom again because you were pissed off. "Yo you can't be- that bitch changed the Wi-Fi password?!" Harrison gasped. "Guys Mrs. Johnson changed her Wi-Fi pass" Sam groaned walking into the room. "Y'know we have our own Wi-Fi right?" Tom chuckled honestly finding the situation rather stupid. "Her Wi-Fi is faster Tommy, no offense" You patted his chest.
"I'm so happy we got it back" You spoke up, the boys agreeing by nodding their heads. "Please you all are so dramatic" Tom uttered scrolling through the incoming comments and hearts on his live. "We shouldn't have given him the password" Harry grumbled softly only for you and Harrison to hear.
It was Saturday, and on this day it only meant one thing in the Holland household, dance night! The legendary sound of 'Watch Me' filled the neon colored living room, you skipped over to Sam knowing the song was one of his favorites. And well what happened next was uncalled for, when you were about to 'whip' you accidentally punched Paddy in the face.
"Okay so explain to me what happened" Tom asked holding the pack of peas against Paddy's swollen face. "Y/N punched me in the face" The teenager whined, his words muffled. "Bitch? No I didn't, I tried to whip and he was in my way" You held your hands up, stepping back, grinning when Sam voiced 'She's right, he was in her way Tom'
The screen blanked off, the channels end card appearing, the same aesthetic sound played but was drowned due to the laughter emanating from the room. "I told you'll it was hilarious" Harrison held his chest trying to calm down. "Wait there's a part two" Harry pointed to the video next up.
'Y/N and the Holland Brothers funny/sassy moments part 2'
"More?!" Tom and you shouted not wasting a minute later to click on the YouTube video. "The live is officially chaotic" You glanced at the phone screen, seeing the comments full with laughing emojis and other ones portraying the way you 'punched' Paddy. Boy it's going to be an eventful evening you thought, stealing a pretzel from Harry and leaning back on Tom's chest getting comfortable.
"Hey people, we're back" Sam and Paddy called out from the kitchen. Oh yes an eventful evening indeed.
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osakaso5 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Momo Marie Mariage Rabbit Chat Part 5: Behind The Scenes Talk
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Tsumugi: Hello, Momo-san!
Tsumugi: Congratulations on the release of the bridal magazine!
Momo: (*゜▽゜)/゜・:* 【Congrats】*:・゜\(゜▽゜*)
Tumblr media
Tsumugi: The first thing I did was take a look at your pictures!
Momo: How'd ya like 'em? |・ω・*)
Tsumugi: Every single one of them was great!
Tsumugi: Especially the one where you're standing in front of the altar, it's got this cool, mature confidence to it! If someone looked at me like that, my heart would definitely skip a beat..!
Momo: Thanks! I'm gonna go tell Yuki and Okarin that I made your heart race d(`・ω´・+)
Tumblr media
Tsumugi: On the other hand, the picture where you're taking a nap in looks very cute!
Momo: I guess I'm the one who got caught sleeping on camera, not Yuki, lol Too bad, I was hoping I'd get  to see him, instead!
Momo: And besides, I was sleeping with my mouth hanging open! I'm so embarrassed (〃ωノ)
Tsumugi: I thought it was nice to see you so relaxed!
Momo: The sound of the ocean waves made me doze off (σω-)。o゜
Tsumugi: Listening to the sea makes me very sleepy, too (σω-)。o゜
Momo: Uh-huh. I woke up with an imprint on my face, it was pretty  rough. They said they could edit out the worst of it, but luckily it disappeared pretty quickly, lol
Tsumugi: Wow..! I had no idea!
Momo: It's pretty fun to look back on, now! ヾ(*・ω・)ノ
1. What season would you like to shoot in, if you got to do this a second time?
Momo: I think any season would be nice, but I'm gonna go with autumn! This summer shoot was really nice, but I'd like to try doing  a more chill shoot, like Yuki (≧▽≦) 
2. What other type of special feature would you like to do?
Momo: Something about how to take great pictures with your phone! And I'll admit it's just because that's something I'd like to learn, but I think it'd be popular with other people too, lol 
3. How did it feel to do a wedding feature?
Momo: The chapel on the sea was awesome (*゜▽゜*)+。 I'll be really happy if my pictures will make even a single couple hold their ceremony there!
Momo: By the way, even my sister recognized the chapel from TV! Apparently she knew where my pictures were taken the moment she opened the magazine, lol
Tsumugi: Wow..! She's got a good eye..!
Momo: She messaged  me about it so fast, it actually startled me! Σ(=゜ω゜=;)
Momo: She really liked the pictures I took in the chapel, too! She even showed them to her beau (≧∀≦*)
Tsumugi: That's so nice of her!
Tumblr media
Momo: Apparently they gave her a better idea of what she wants for her wedding! Though she's still undecided, lol
Tsumugi: I can see why, weddings are a very important occasion, after all..! And I'm sure it's fun to browse venues and think about which one of them would be the best!
Momo: Yep! I'm starting to envy them a little, lol Have you ever thought about what kind of marriage you'd like to have?
Tsumugi: Huh!?
Tsumugi: Well... It's not something I've thought much about, yet... But I'd like for us to eat good food together, and travel sometimes.
Momo: I see... Well, I know lots of good restaurants, and I could even cook with you, if you'd like!
Momo: Not to mention I fly overseas for work a lot, so I've got plenty of great destinations we could visit!
Tsumugi: It sounds like you'd make for a great husband..!
Momo: I know, right? I'd make you real happy (・ω<)☆
Momo: I'd even show you my cool side when I sing and dance on stage with Yuki (・`ω・´)
Tsumugi: Seeing you two on stage already makes me very happy, though..! lol
Momo: Aw, you're such a sweet girl! (*>ω<*) I'll have to try and make Re:vale look even cooler for you now!
Tumblr media
Translator’s notes..? 
next up, Yamato’s RabbiTube Rabbit TVs! 
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wwx-lwj-ai-ni · 6 days ago
regarding the neck thingy, i saw that the pic uploaded in twitter doesnt have the mole and i kinda wonder if someone intentionally “deleted” the mole for the sake of cpn?
cause i tried to check it by myself and the mole is there although it is very faint 🤷🏻‍♀️
not accusing here, just wondering. i saw some people tried to say about the mole but they didnt get any response. the only one response i saw is “maybe it’s just a lowres pic” 🤷🏻‍♀️
here’s the screenshot that i took and the pic circulating on twitter:
*the first pic is mine and the second one is from twitter
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It might be a low-res issue. I went to we¡bo on my phone and took a screenshot of the video in 1080p for the pic I used. It doesn't default to 1080p when you watch the video, you have to adjust the quality, so it might just be that they watched it at 720p or something and used that. I admit that it barely shows up in the vid I saved, so I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't show at 720p or lower.
That being said...
Please excuse my brief detour from the topic:
There are a few occurrences at least when someone has deliberately altered things to look like "more" than they are. The one that immediately comes to mind is that edited video of DD smiling after GG changed the lyrics in "Kepler". It looks like the camera pans over and then up to him smiling at the end of the song, but when you watch the fancam it came from that smile is from a different point in the song. And I don't understand the need to deceive people like that. DD smiling like that at GG singing is significant enough. The fact that he's smiling away while Y/B is talking to him during the song doesn't detract from that either, in my opinion. We don't know what their convo was about but it's still likely from context that it's about GG singing at that moment, so why twist it? The manipulation has been proven, yet people still push that video as fact. I feel like manipulations like that are from the kind of people who "ship them for fun" and secretly believe they're both straight (single) men, so they don't really care if it's misleading or not.
So while I think it probably is a lower-res issue and that people aren't deliberately altering this photo to make it fit their narrative, I do feel like there is a lack of critical thinking. People are too willing to believe want they want to believe, and too reluctant to consider other possibilities. There's a reason why some of the biggest hints have come from so/los trying to disprove things (such as the racing suit design). Consider all options and then eliminate the ones that don't hold up.
And just to clarify, I'm speaking only of the international fandom. I'm not sure how things go down on we¡bo for things like this, whether there is more skepticism and analysis of it all amongst c-bxgs. (I've been trying for MONTHS to make an account and it just does not work lol, so my experience with that site is limited to checking ggdd's personal and official/studio accounts.)
I just find it frustrating that this fandom is so quick to point out that big-name so/lo accounts push things to suit their narrative that get taken as word-of-god (like the whole boycott thing amongst 🍤 over BAH, or the deliberately edited bts clips by 🏍 to make it looks like GG was mean to DD on set, or the same basic thing happening with 🏍 again right now 🙄🙄🙄) and yet won't reflect on their own actions. It's a big source of my frustration on the bird app. The "big" accounts there do a lot of good with translating/sharing info that the i-fans might not know otherwise, but it doesn't help anyone to push fake information. I don't think it's malicious, but it's so fucking frustrating.
It just seems weird to me that the "is this gg or dd?? It's so hard to tell! haha" game is so prevalent in the fandom, yet this pic is absolutely 100% for certain GG and nobody better dare question it. I don't see the logic in that. Where's the "maybe?" lol
We do it with theories pushed by toxic so/los all the time. For example, what makes more sense:
that gg and dd secretly hated each other during filming and it was all an act for the bts camera OR that they were (at least) friends? They're both great actors, but nobody can be "on" that much in-between their actual acting jobs. That would be exhausting lol. Obviously they got along.
that DD was secretly orchestrating GG's downfall/2*27 while looking at him with that almost-impossibly fond smile OR that he had nothing to do with it? Everything we know about the man shows that he's a kind and genuine person who would rather rise on his own merits than push anyone down. Obviously he wasn't involved.
Yet for some reason we lose the ability to do this with our own theories. What makes more sense:
that GG and DD were together, got DD's staff to take a photo of GG from an odd angle, purposely cropped the photo to exclude the earlobe that would be a dead giveaway that it wasn't DD, then included it at the end of a video about DD's accomplishments in the past month... OR that DD's staff took a photo of DD and cropped it because 1) it looked cool and 2) it hides his scarred ear (which, if you notice he doesn't have a lot of closeups of his right side in photoshoots anymore).
To me it makes more sense that his staff took a picture of him. The skin on his neck looks kinda shiny, so my first thought was that maybe he's sweating from dance rehearsals bc work on sdc4 had already started. Again, that's just my theory ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'm not saying people can't still believe it if they want to, but yeah, pushing it as fact instead of a theory just irks me. It's one of those things that makes me think "yeah, I get why so/los think we're delusional" lol
And do I really care what the toxic portion of so/los think? Of course not. Do I feel the need to convince people that BJYXSZD? Nope. But do I think there are much better things to focus on? Absolutely.
Unless YB-O releases the full high-res pic one of these days we might never know for sure.
In the meantime I'm going to think about how GG decided suddenly to put the same colour blue streak in his hair as DD had in one of his recent commercials (despite never doing anything like that before) in order to perform a song by one of DD's favourite singers. That's a harder coincidence for me to find an explanation for.
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rogershoe · 11 days ago
Lights, Camera, Action
Part twenty
(Part nineteen)
Summary: You’re a production assistant on the set of Cursed. The night before your first day at work, you opened your laptop to shockingly realise you’d be working with Daniel Sharman (and a plethora of other amazing actors), someone you’d been watching on screen since you were a teenager. You kept your expectations low, the PAs rarely got to interact with the talent…what was your chance?
Word count: 3.4k
Warnings: age gap b/w reader and Daniel, swearing, slow burn
Notes: LMFAOOO I FEEL LIKE THIS CHAPTER IS KINDA AWFUL SO IM SORRY. still i hope you guys enjoy reading it more than I did writing it ig? i’ve also been sorta sleep deprived and only had like once chance to read the chapter all the way thru and so it might not flow like it should. Thanks for reading tho ! lol
Tumblr media
(No pic of daniel cause I’m too lazy to try and find one...also if u can’t tell, this pic is supposed to give off halloween vibes)
October 30th, Wednesday
12:29 pm
“What’re you planning on doing tomorrow?” you asked Daniel on the phone. You were making yourself a cup of coffee in your kitchen. 
“For Halloween?” he asked. 
“Obviously” you quipped. 
“I’m not sure….I was planning on going to a friends party at night” he said. 
“Was?” you asked. 
“I found out Grace is going to be there….don’t feel like going at all now”
“Are you sure Dan? It could be fun”
“I don’t wanna see her at all after what happened with you” he snapped.
“Won’t all your other friends be there?” you said, swallowing. 
“Some of them” he said. 
You didn’t want him to miss out just because of you, “You’re gonna completely avoid Grace now?” 
“No…I just don’t feel like seeing her right now…I’ll get over it later”
You nodded, “Alright”
“I’ll probably meet up with some of my other friends around five or so, but my night will be free” he said, “What were you planning on doing?” 
“I don’t know, that’s why I was asking you”
“We could hang out together tomorrow night….if you don’t have any other plans”
You hummed in agreement, “Yeah I can meet up with some of my own friends earlier in the day as well”
“Alright well let me know tomorrow” he said. 
Jasmine had asked you to go to one of her friend’s parties around 6 with her, maybe you could go to that for a couple of hours and then go to Daniel’s. 
You decided to text Jasmine
You: How long is the party?
Jasmine: Idk, it’ll probably go on for a few hours, but we can leave whenever we want
You: Yea cause Daniel asked me to spend the night with him
Jasmine: The night??
You: Haha I’m not sure what we’re gonna do, I’m guessing just watch a movie 
Jasmine: He’s single now, don’t be afraid to do more than just watch a movie 
You: Yeah yeah…we’ll see
Jasmine: You promised me you’d tell him after Ryan’s party!! It’s been like a week
You: It just doesn’t seem like the right time 
Jasmine:  It’s never going to be the right time, you just have to go for it, STOP BEING SUCH A PUSSY
Jasmine: You better
You might’ve were going to try, but not very hard. You were still not ready to make your move on him. 
October 31st, Thursday
5:43 pm
“You ready?” Jasmine said, from the couch in your living room.
Since it was a halloween party, you had to dress up of course. You decided to go as a vampire, since that way you could do your make up and didn’t have to buy an expensive costume. You were still dressed up in tight, black, very flattering clothes…you had dripped some fake blood down the front of your top as well. 
“Where are my fangs?” you asked Jasmine, as you came out of your room. 
“You look hot” Jasmine said, “And here” she said, throwing you the case with two plastic sharp teeth in it. You took them out and put them in. 
“You look hot too” you said, before realising you had a lisp, “I cannot talk like this for the whole party Jasmine” She had dressed up as a with. Complete with a hot outfit and a pointy hat.
“Well you can take them out later, at least let everyone see” she said. 
You nodded. 
“Daniel will go crazy once he sees you” she said. 
You smiled, shrugging and grabbing your bag. You had kept some make up wipes as well, for taking off your make up once you got to Daniel’s. 
6:06 pm
When you got there your eyes widened as you took in the huge house. It was practically a multi million dollar mansion. 
“Which friend of yours is this?” you asked Jasmine. You could already hear music coming from the inside. (A/N: If ya’ll want the full experience plz start listening to “Enjoy the silence” by Anberlin at this point)
“Well, they’re a friend of a friend I guess” she said. 
The sun had almost also set at this point. 
You took a deep breath as you walked inside the modern house. The smell of alcohol and sweaty bodies filled your nose. 
“Haven’t been to a party like this in a while” you said, talking loudly over the booming music. The beautiful house was packed. Huge windows looked out onto the packed backyard as well, fit with a pool and tennis court. 
Jasmine nodded. 
A tall man came over to you, “Hello ladies” he drawled…noticeably drunk. 
“Where’s your friend’s friend?” you asked Jasmine. 
“No idea…I don’t even know if I’ve met them before” she said. 
“I need a drink” you said, going to get one. 
The rest of the night, you tried your best not to drink too much, wanting to be sober for your night with Daniel. Jasmine on the other hand didn’t hold back…well aware that you were now the designated driver. 
The both of you spent most of your time outside, dancing and talking to strangers the whole night. Jasmine only knew a couple of people…you of course knew no one. 
Most of the partiers were dressed up, some were vampires like you, some had gone all out with their costumes while others had focused on their terrifying make up. A lot of the people were just wearing lingerie with some form of cat ears. 
Practically everyone was wasted…and you had fun dancing and letting yourself loose for a couple of hours. You even got a random guys number…not that he’d ever remember giving it to you. 
“What’s the time?” you asked Jasmine, who was lazing around on a couch by the pool with you. She looked at her phone, yawning, “Nine”
“Shit seriously?” you said, grabbing her phone and confirming, “We had planned to leave by eight”
“I don’t wanna leave yet y/n” she said, pouting at you. 
“Oh yes you do” you said. 
“Let’s stay for a bit more” she drawled, grabbing your arm as you got up. 
“I can’t leave you here alone…we agreed we’d leave by eight”
She shrugged, “Fine”. She almost fell as she got up, erupting into giggles when you caught her arm, taking her to the car. 
“I’m gonna take you to your apartment okay?” you said to her. 
“Yeah yeah” she nodded. 
By the time you got her place, she had already fallen asleep. 
9:15 pm
You had stopped by the grocery store on your way to Daniel’s to get some halloweeny snacks. You ended up getting some black and orange M&Ms, popcorn, a pumpkin spice hot chocolate mix (interesting?), and also some other candy. 
9:30 pm
“Hey” you said loudly, entering Daniel’s house and closing the door behind you. There was no reply and you were greeted by an empty living room and kitchen. You decided to take all the goodies out of the grocery bag, neatly placing them on the counter. Dan was probably in the bathroom. 
When you looked through your back to find your change of clothes, you were surprised to find you had completely forgotten to pack them. 
“Shit” you muttered, still ruffling through your bag. 
“What happened?” 
Daniel’s voice startled you and you jumped, looking up at him. His eyes widened as he took in your appearance. 
“Woah nice get up” he said, also looking a bit startled. 
“Yeah…haven’t even got the fangs in right now” you laughed, closing your bag and sitting down on the couch beside him. 
“You’re a vampire then?” he asked. 
You nodded. 
“Why’d you say shit before?” he asked, petting Ricky you had come to lie at his feet. 
“I forgot my change of clothes” you groaned, glancing at him with needy eyes. 
“You wanna borrow some of mine?” he laughed. 
“Yes please” you said turning towards him. 
“Alright come” he said getting up and walking to his room. You swore you saw a hint of a smile on his face. 
You collapsed on his bed when you got into the room as Daniel looked through his closet. 
“You don’t mind if they’re oversized right?”
“Obviously not” you said, “I want something oversized after being squeezed into this all night” you said, gesturing to your outfit. 
He grinned glancing over at you. “Thanks for bringing all that food by the way”
“Yeah I haven’t had any dinner…also we have to watch a scary movie tonight”
“Whatever you say love” he muttered, still rummaging through his closet. “Here” he said, throwing shorts and a couple of tshirts at you. “Take your pick”
“Thanks” you said, getting up off the bed. 
“I’ll leave you to it” he said, walking out of the room.
You grabbed on of his t-shirts and the shorts and went into his bathroom to change. 
You sighed as you took off your tight pants and climbed into Daniel’s shorts. They were barely shorts on you though and reached past your knees. 
When you took off your top, you looked at the shirt and noticed it was white and almost see through. Since you were most likely going to take your bra off that was not really appreciated. You walked out into the room in your bra, quietly closing the room’s door and grabbing the other black shirt. 
Right as you reached behind yourself to unclip your bra, the door opened.  
You let out a little yelp and quickly tried to hold your unclipped bra to your chest as Daniel walked in. 
He blushed hard and also let out a little yell, “Oh fuck” he said, turning around quickly. 
“You couldn’t have knocked?” you said, nervously fumbling with your bra…you had no idea how much he had seen. Not knowing whether to clip it back on or just take it off and put on his shirt. 
“Shit sorry I thought you were changing in the bathroom” he said sounding nervous.
“I was” you muttered. 
“Last time I saw you like this, Trevor was all over you” he chuckled. 
You shuddered thinking about it. “Ew” 
You quickly took your bra off and pulled his long shirt on. 
“You can look” you said, right as his hand reached for the door to leave. He turned around slowly. 
“What’d you want anyways?” you said, going into his bathroom to grab the rest of your clothes. 
“I was going to ask you if I should make the popcorn”. If you had to be honest, he still looked a bit flustered. 
You nodded eagerly, “Yeah sure”
He went to the living room. When you followed him a few minutes later, the smell of popcorn already wafted towards you. 
You went to your bag to grab your make up wiped, eager to get all your heavy vampire make up off. 
“What’re you looking for?” he said opening the microwave and taking the steaming bag go popcorn out with jumpy fingers. 
“My make up wipes” you said, finally finding them. 
“Really?” he said, pouring the popcorn into a bowl and looking over at you with mischievous eyes, “I think you look hot with the make up” 
You knew he was joking and just laughed, shaking your head and going into his bathroom. Once you were done taking it off you went back into the living room. Daniel had already set up Netflix and was sitting on the couch, his feet propped on a stool. 
He popped a piece of popcorn into his mouth, looking at you, “Scratch that… you look even prettier now”
You blushed plopping down beside him, “Why’re you being so nice?”
He shrugged, flashing you a smirk, “What’d you wanna watch?”
“A horror movie?” you said. 
“We should just watch Halloween then”
You shrugged, “I’m good with that”
Twenty minutes in it was already scarier than you had thought at first. You were clutching onto Daniel’s arm, your hand resting on his bicep. 
At the next jump scare you screamed and Daniel yelped too, glancing over at you. 
You realised you were acting like a wimp and let go of his arm. “I’m tougher than this Dan…I don’t need your….arm…to get me through this movie” you said, trying to convince yourself as much as him. 
 “Of course” he nodded, “It’s here if you need it” he quipped, tapping his arm and giggling. 
The rest of the movie was just as terrifying and it look a lot not to cozy up to Daniel throughout the movie. Partly because the movie scared you…mostly because it just felt good to be near him. 
You were almost relieved when the movie finished.
 “What’d you wanna do now?” you asked looking at the time, it was 11:30 pm. 
“It’s kinda late” he said, glancing at his watch as well. 
“Let’s go on a walk…around your neighbourhood” you said. 
“Right now?” he asked, getting up to put the popcorn bowl in the kitchen. 
You nodded, “I bet there are still some kids trick or treating…we can also just look at all the scary decorations on the houses”
“Alright” he shrugged, “I’ll bring Ricky too”
You nodded.
11:37 pm
The both of you were walking down the sidewalk, casually looking at the scary decorations set up in the front yards of various houses. 
“Sometimes I feel like my life is static” you said suddenly. 
Daniel looked down at you, Ricky’s leash in one of his hands, “Really?”
“Yeah….I feel like I haven’t been getting anywhere in the past few months” you said, “I’ve constantly been trying to find jobs and nothing has come up”
Dan nodded, urging you to continue, 
“You know yesterday I got a job as a waitress at Olive Garden?” you said, “They were hiring and it seemed like the best option” 
“You did?” he said
You nodded, “It’s temporary obviously…until I can get a stable job as a production assistant”
“Nothing to be ashamed of y/n…a job in the film industry is rarely stable” he said, putting an arm around your shoulders, “As long as you’re passionate about this…you’ll get somewhere” 
You absentmindedly leaned into him, “Yeah I hope so” you muttered, “Have you had any auditions recently?”
He shrugged, “I’ve been looking into some smaller projects these days…something different from Cursed”
You nodded, “Like what?”
“You’ll be the first I’ll tell once I know for sure myself” he laughed, removing his arm from around you. 
“I actually had something to tell you” you said suddenly. Your eyes widened as you realised what you had said. You had barely thought about it….it was like your heart knew exactly what it wanted to say. 
“What?” he said, quirking his eyebrow. 
“I….um..” it was like your mouth was constipated. 
“Out with it” Daniel chuckled, glancing at you. 
You crossed your arms over your chest, taking a shaky breath. Right then, a black cat suddenly jumped out of the bush on your left and ran across the road. You barely held in a scream, covering your mouth. 
“Oh shit” you said, as the both of stopped in your tracks. 
“What was it in such a hurry for?” Daniel laughed, starting to walk again. You did the same, thankful that something had interrupted your confession. 
“Yeah” you said…hoping he’d have forgotten what you had said before. 
“What’d you wanna tell me?” he asked. Fuck. 
“It’s….I think….” you knew exactly what to say but had no idea how to say it. 
“God is it some bad news?” he said, sounding worried. 
You shook your head, “No no, not at all”
“Tell me then” he said, nudging your shoulder. 
“It’s….it’s nothing actually” you said suddenly. Clearly you weren’t ready to tell him. 
Daniel looked disappointed and you glanced up at him, “Come on Y/N…I’m curious now”
“It’s nothing honestly” you said, shaking your head. 
Daniel also shook his head, “Yeah yeah…when you’re ready you better tell me”
You laughed, “Don’t worry….it really isn’t anything”
“I know you better than that” he scoffed. 
“You don’t know me that well Daniel” you muttered under your breath suddenly. 
“What was that?” he said. 
“Nothing nothing” you said quickly. Why’d he have such good hearing?
He stayed quiet, flashing you a knowing but almost disappointed look. 
“Are you gonna stay the night?” he asked suddenly. 
“Um” you said thinking. 
“I have a guest room if you want to…it’s no problem”
You shrugged, “Alright sure….we can have a sleepover” you laughed. 
“Pillow fights…truth or dare…we’ll do it all” he said. 
“We better….do you wanna head back now?” you asked him. 
He nodded. 
12:18 pm
“Do you have a spare toothbrush?” you asked Daniel. You obviously didn’t have one. You were both in the guest room, getting it ready for the night. Dan had to move some of Ricky’s stuff into the closet. 
“Probably” he said walking out and coming back with a packed, brand new toothbrush. 
“Thanks” you said, taking it from him. 
 The rest of the night was honestly just spent talking on your bed in the guest room. People were right when they said late night talks his different. Daniel was spread out across the bed on top of the covers, a hand beneath his head. You were huddled underneath the covers next to him. 
“What’s the time?” he asked, yawning. 
“Almost three” you said, mirroring his yawn. 
“Fuck really? It’s almost been two hours” he said, closing his eyes. 
“Yeah….we should head to bed” you said softly, snuggling into your pillow.
“Alright I’ll leave you to it” Daniel said, getting up. He stumbled over his feet as he came to your side of the bed. Your eyes were closed and you almost smiled as you felt fingers tucking your hair behind your ear. 
“Goodnight” you said quietly. 
 “Let me know if you need anything” he said, walking to your door. 
You nodded, humming a yes. 
He turned off your lights and closed the door behind him. 
November 1st, Friday
1:45 pm
You felt a dip in your bed as you tried to go back to sleep after waking up because of Daniel’s rooster. 
“Y/N its almost two” Daniel said softly. 
You groaned, pulling the covers over your ear, “Seriously?”
“Yeah” you heard him say. His hand came up to pull the covers away from your face, fingers brushing against your cheek in the process. 
“Why’d I sleep so much?” you asked rhetorically. You kept your eyes shut, not wanting to get out of the fluffy bed. 
“Maybe because you were sleep deprived…or maybe because this bed is so comfy” he said, laughing quietly. 
“Alright I’m getting up” you said, sighing and reaching for your phone. You opened your eyes, rubbing them and blinking to adjust to the light. Daniel was sitting beside you, looking out of your window before glancing at you once he noticed you had opened your eyes. 
“There she is” he said, his lip turning up. There was an expression on his face you hadn’t really seen before. It was almost like….adoration. His hair looked wet, like he had just showered. 
“You smell good” you blurted out in your sleepy state. 
“Thank you” he said smiling and cocking his head. 
You raised your eyebrows, processing what you had just said, “Do you have any plans for today?” you said quickly, trying to change the subject. 
He shook his head, “Not really…my whole weekend’s pretty free”
You nodded, “Me too”. You were barely awake and your voice was still raspy. 
“Do you need any more of my clothes to change into?” he asked. 
You thought for a second, “Nah it’s fine, I’ll just go home in these and change there”
He nodded, “Alright sure”
“Thanks for letting me stay the night” you said softly. 
He grinned, “You know it’s no problem” he said, getting up, “I’m gonna make some lunch…it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready"
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emonightmare13 · 17 days ago
Sk8 The Infinity - (Mostly) Reki Headcanons
TW/ Mentions of Self Harm/ Implied Past Suicide Attempt/ Implied Abuse/ Mentions of Eating Disorders (It's not as bad as it sounds)
If you wish to skip these headcanons, they will be in RED
Please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes, my hands are badaged and I can't feel my fingers
Reki is actually really smart
Like, he's in the top three (3) at school and he could probably be number 1 but he'd rather focus on skateboarding.
(Miya: You two share a single braincell. Langa, sighing: Reki has it most of the time Miya, staring Reki up and down as he tries to use skateboards as rollerskates: That's one defective braincell. )
He learns English just so he can curse
Langa is not impressed
He braids his sisters' hair so his mom doesn't have to, and ends up braiding Langa's hair too
Then they go to Joe's restaurant while Langa's hair is braided and Miya asks who did it, then Langa gets all excited and says that Reki should braid Cherry's hair too cuz it's so long.
He does and Cherry won't admit he loves it
He wants to do art and engineering in college/uni
For Langa's birthday, Reki paints him a picture of where he used to live in Canada (and convinces Joe to give them alcohol lol)
Langa tears up and when he shows his mom she asks where he got it and then insists that she has to meet Reki
Upon his first meeting with Nanako, he's really shy and polite but then his brain to mouth filter fails and he says something really embarrassing and Nanako just. Immediately adopts him into the family.
When they finally get together, Reki makes Langa and himself matching promise rings
Like, he carved them and everything but he got too nervous to give it to him so just leaves them in his room one day
Suprise, suprise - Langa came over and found them and thought (read: actively hoped) it was like a fucking marriage proposal lmao (he would've said yes)
They wear their rings all the time now and Cherry is dreading having to give them the shovel talk
When this inevitably happened Langa remains oblivious while Reki combusts into an adorable mess
Reki has freckles but they're not really obvious so when Langa notices he makes a point to kiss them all
Reki has a really great sense of fashion and helps dress Shadow up for a date (He didn't get the girl lmao, but she complimented his outfit)
He wears his headband to cover a scar on his forehead
If people see it he just says it's from skateboarding. It's not.
His Father (Never Dad, that's Joe's place now) is out of the picture and is rarely talked about. He only comes home for the girls and even then it's maybe once a year. He's a dick and pressures Reki into stuff cuz he's the oldest and the only son.
Reki's sisters don't actually like the man, because they know he hurts Reki, so he typically leaves pretty quickly and they all have movie nights and cuddles.
When he came out to his Mom as Bi she didn't really get it and said something like, "but you'll still get a girlfriend, right?" and Reki took it badly and thought she didn't accept him
Koyomi already knew cuz she accidentally found out and tried to go and explain to their Mom what it was and help her understand better
She felt really bad that she made Reki feel unwanted so bought him a pride flag. He cried and she cried and Koyomi cried but pretended not to
Reki has to babysit his siblings a lot so asks if he could bring them along to the park to get them outside
He buys them ice-cream and they love him but won't admit it.
Then Koyomi meets Miya and chaos ensues
When Reki's mom is busy, Reki makes his siblings (and himself and Langa) bento's/ food in general and Joe is hurt Reki didn't tell him he could cook
Reki is the type to fall asleep late and wake up early, while still managing to be his energetic, goofy self
He can literally stay awake for days (same tho) and the others have yet to realize he probably drinks more coffee than all of them combined
Meaning he always falls asleep last during Langa's and his sleepovers so he has a bunch of pictures on his phone of Langa sleeping.
It's adorable but he doesn't know if it's creepy or not so never lets anyone see his camera roll. This leads to people being suspicious so Langa takes his phone when he's in the shower or smth (ofc he knows the password) and dies of embarrassment in his own Langa way.
He's insecure about his skills and stuff, and doesn't believe he has any talents
He didn't have any friends growing up aside from mystery skateboarding buddy, so he just thinks he's unlikeable to most people
The abandonment issues are strong here
The anxiety is also very strong here please someone help this poor child
People always tell him he's annoying so sometimes he tries to tone down, well, everything and always ends up thinking there's something wrong with him every time he goes back to being himself
In middle school people would make fun of his hair and bright colours so now he uses them as a staple to spite them (while also constantly wondering if he should dye/cut his hair to get them to stop talking about it)
Reki has had some pretty low times, and the sweatband he wears around his wrist is to hide a self-inflicted scar that went too deep
Only Manager Oka knows outside of his immediate family bc he was the one who found him (which is why he was so panicked when he found Reki beaten up in the alleyway)
He's never gotten anything on Valentines Day before and so is extremely happy when Langa gets him something (even though he thought it was only out of pity in the beginning)
Renga first kiss happened completely accidentally - They were cuddling, y'know, as bros do, and Reki went to get up to get more snacks. Langa tried to hold him back cuz he was comfortable (and c'mon, it's reki) and Reki just laughed and gave him a peck on the lips with an "I'll be back in a sec" leaving Langa frozen on the bed.
Reki didn't even realise because it felt so natural to kiss him. He went back to his room after grabbing the snacks to find Langa stunned on his bed, his fingers ghosting over his lips, with a blush and small, giddy smile on his face. Then he processed what he did and let out a squeal of anguish and fell to the floor with his face burning in his hands.
Langa went to help him up and just sort of stared at him while Reki avoided his eyes. Then Reki started apologising profusely and Langa kissed him again to shut him up. Queue first Renga make out session lmao
Got self esteem lower than Langa's grades in Traditional Japanese
And patience longer than AD*M's list of criminal offences (when it comes to everyone but himself, usually, even if sometimes he'll pretend to be annoyed when waiting)
Back to him being really smart - like prodigy- he can measure things with his eyes really accurately, just look and something and know almost exactly what size it is.
He demonstrates this when Cherry asks about his skateboards and Reki takes him to see his workshop. He just looks at Carla and then starts calculating stuff for making a board that size. Cherry's just like ??? and then becomes mildly curious.
Reki love building stuff, obviously, but he also just loves mechanics and code so built his own motorcycle and robot-thing.
He's only made it so it can walk around and stuff, and connect to his phone, and wants to do more with it so when Cherry's there he sort of just...brain vomits with a million questions
Cherry extremely impressed and helps Reki with the coding and shit because he honestly cannot say no. He suggests getting Reki into competitions and stuff but Reki doesn't think it's good enough for that.
Cherry vastly disapproves of the motorcycle but is too gobsmacked to say much about it.
When Reki was younger, and had no friends, he would forget to eat. Just because he would rather be doing other, more important or fun things. This escalated with all the joking and nasty remarks until he physically could not stomach food and would purposely make himself throw up.
He had gotten better, mostly, but when he got into his fight with Langa and all his insecurities were forced to rear their ugly heads, he needed something to be in control of.
He needed something that he could decide and control because it seemed like nothing was going his way and so he stopped eating again. It didn't get as bad as it used to be, but he wouldn't eat at all. Just the sight of food would make him a little nauseous.
He still feels a little sick when he sees Langa stuff his face, and gives him the rest of his food too.
It was Reki's Mom who accifentally let it slip and Langa got upset that Reki would do that to himself. He made sure to show him exactly how beautiful he thought he was later though.
Reki cannot take a fricking compliment
He's an impulsive, fearless drunk but also very sad and horny
Does not understand his own emotions at all and hates talking about them (we all know this is canon but I'll leave it here anyway)
Reki can totally sing but finds it embarrassing so will only do it when he's alone or when one of his sisters ask for a lullaby
He makes a point to never sing in the shower for the sake of his meagre dignity
He can dance too but Koyomi insists on making him learn K-pop dances with her so he doesn't like doing that either
He's actually pretty strong. Obviously he's not weak or unfit, he exercises everyday, but people seem to forget that he's constantly working with power tools and has 3 younger sisters who insist on falling asleep in weird places and piggy back rides.
He can and will pick his mother up and spin her around after a bad day.
The sk8r boys find about Reki's BigBoyMuscles™ when Langa is forced to compete against Reki in an arm wrestling contest on Miya's behalf and he just- immediately has Langa's hand on the table. Everyone sorta blinks and Langa doesn't know whether to be insulted or thirsty lmao
When he see's their bewildered faces, he just grins and walks over to Langa and then picks him up and runs out of Sia La Luce (is that what it's called-?)
Langa asks for many more piggyback rides in the future
His sketchbooks are first of all, amazing, and second of all, filled with drawings of Langa so in class when he's doodling and Langa asks to see he has to quickly turn the page lest he see a sketch of himself with hearts around his head staring back at him
That's all for today, I'll probably do more in the future though.
I'm aware that this is an unorganised mess but I can't be bothered fixing it.
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hvnlymha · a month ago
table of contents
Tumblr media
👩🏽‍💻: lol did y’all miss me? im still on hiatus for maybe a good two weeks until summer srry<\3. but to make up for it I made this chapter hella long.
Tumblr media
“Damn their water pressure is good.” You mumbled softly, turning off the faucet. The boy had a cleaner bathroom than you had expected, in comparison to the ones in America - he was almost cleaner than yourself. You wiped the fog from the glass admiring your damp face for a moment, fully indulging in the fact that you were really in Japan.  
You slipped on your pajamas, the bottoms hugged at the figure well and unfortunately so did the tank top Mitsuki put out for you. You had no problem wearing it around by yourself, but you had to take into account there was a boy you had never met before living there as well. It didn’t help that Midnight never gave you any descriptions about the boy as well, so it was obvious how high alert you were.
You grabbed your belongings, turning the music down to a soft hum in volume before turning off the bathroom light. The cold air hit your damp warm one before clearing your vision to see the teenage boy you had been wondering about the day you got your acceptance email. You both stared in awe, you took in his muscular arms due to training, the light ruffle of his blonde hair, his mouth fixated in a frown, and his piercing red eyes.
It wasn’t as if he wasn’t looking at you either, your skin glistening under harsh light, your hair lightly tied back with a hair tie, the familiar smell he smelt minutes before now more concentrated and easier to name. He dared not to look at your figure-hugging the waistband of the pajamas, trying to rip his glare away fast enough. He grunts, beginning the doorknob, “You better have had left my bathroom the way you saw it.”
You frowned furring your brows, “Duh I did. And hello to you too.” you scoffed looking down at your phone in an attempt to make the situation less awkward. The blonde boy let out a groaned out “hey” before opening his door, and closing it in the same breath. “Rude ass,” you mumbled under your breath before heading downstairs back to your room. 
“You met him?? TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED” Imani squealed putting her elbows on her crisscrossed legs looking in awe behind the screen. You smiled at her eagerness to know the boy, though you didn’t think he was all that. “Well he’s pretty muscular, um tall, he’s blonde and rude as fuck.” You rolled your eyes at your last sentence as you simultaneously put your belongings in your new backpack for tomorrow.
“Okayyy he could work! You gotta fierce Lil attitude too so it’ll work out fine.” Imani flashed you a smirk - knowing you couldn’t hit her from Japan. “Oh shut up Mani! you know if I was there I’d slap your ass right now.” you pointed your middle finger towards the camera, giving her a nice view of your white acrylic nails. “Exactly why ima act out now rather than next year.” She huffed, turning off her led lights looking back at her best friend. “I’m gonna miss you tomorrow, school’s gonna be so boring.” You whined thinking about the worst scenario known to come. If they were anything like Bakugo, well you were going to be entirely fucked. “I will too. But stop making me sad about it! We gone see each other soon.” Mani kissed the phone foreshadowing a kiss to your cheek, you smiled doing the same motions as her before ending the call and rolling over to fall asleep.
“I better like these people, Nah they better like me....” you shut your eyes, anxious for your first day to start.
The next day came, as Mitsuki dropped you and Bakugou off. You expected him to at the least show you to where you needed to be - but instead he slung his backpack to the side , not giving you a glimpse of attention your way. “One day im gone beat his ass up.” you took a breathe trying to find the dorm rooms, only to be met with a man right in front of you.
“Hi, [L/N] nice to finally meet you.” The tired-looking man shook your hand motioning you into the dorms. “As you know we enroll all students into the dorms for their safety because of accidents that have happened in previous years.” you nodded looking at the huge building with high ceilings and pillars inside. The man showed you around to the necessities like the gym, commons room, the classrooms, and finally to your dorm room. “I forgot to mention, but you probably know me. I’m Aizawa, and I’ll be teaching you along with class 1A. Today we just want you to prepare your dorm room so you can sleep easy tomorrow - I won’t lie to you, it won’t be easy.” he shrugged giving you the keys to your dorm.
You thanked the man before opening the room, as said in the description - the rest of your belongings were stacked to the side of your room along with your mattress to the right of it and a desk to the left. “Might as well put on music.” you thought to yourself, scrolling through the millions of playlists before finally reaching the one you wanted. 
“Yeah, this will take a while.”
Putting on the comforter of the bed, and adding the last of your pictures on the wall; you flopped onto your bed feeling a slight headache arrive. You groaned wiping your forehead, looking out the window to see the sun almost come to a set. “How long do these children work? Seems like their school hours are a whole part-time job.” before you could laugh at your inner joke, you heard the loud door creak open before the kids voiced roamed the hallways.
You shifted uncomfortably on your bed, knowing that they knew you arrived. It wasn’t like you didn’t want to meet them. You just didn’t want to do the same cycle of meeting new friends again - it was a hassle and you were fine with the ones you had in America. You took a deep breath trying to regain your thoughts, “They won’t even know I’m here. It’s alright.” you repeated to yourself trying to make the anxiety slowly creep up disappear. 
“Yeah she’s here now stop asking me about her, you wanna talk to her go right there.” you heard the familiar huffed voice described as Bakugous. You could tell he pointed towards your dorm the way a teenage girl laughed, hearing the footsteps come closer and closer towards your room. “Shit.” you jumped off the bed, fixing your hair making sure to make a good impression no matter who it may be. That’s when the footsteps stopped, and a light knock was met at your door.
you opened the door to a girl squealing, “Hi!” a curly haired girl engulfed you into a hug making you step back giggling at her eagerness, “Hey! your hair smells nice.” you hugged her back, finally stepping back to get a look of her. Her hair was the same color as her skin - pink, that you could only assume was the cause of her quirk. However, she did have black features that made you believe she was Blasian. 
“Mina stop harassing the new girl! it’s only her first day. Hello I’m Momo!” A black haired girl came waving her hand at you, she looked beautiful - you were almost intimidated by her stunning features feeling a tad insecure once side by side. 
“Oh no worries!” you giggled sitting on the edge of your bed motioning for them to come in more. “How’s your first day been?” Mina sat at the other edge of your bed looking at you with huge eyes, “Honestly, kind of boring. also confusing since this place is huge. Way bigger than the schools in America” you motioned towards out your door foreshadowing the commons room.
“America? that’s where you’re from?” Momo chimed in walking towards your desk chair to sit down. You nodded, “Mhm, California.” Mina gasped - “California! You’re so lucky!” you laughed at her bubbly attitude that was a bit similar to your bestfriends at home. “Trust me you wouldn’t want to be there, I’m here for a reason aren’t I” you smirked nudging her shoulder slightly.
“ Wow, How long will you be staying?” “One year.” you shrugged looking off in your dorm window. “Well I hope you love it here, hopefully become a pro.” Momo smiled at you genuinely, and you couldn’t help but fall in love with her persona. Before you could speak again you heard a knock on your door and small murmurs behind your door, Momo opened the door slightly, only hearing a faint “Yall better not embarrass me. I’m serious” before she opened the door all the way to the boys.
“Shut the hell up Momo.” one yellow haired boy lightheartedly says before leaning on your wall and catching your eyes. “Hey! I’m sero and this is Denki. Nice to meet you.” Sero extended his hand to yours to shake, “Wassup Sero, Hi Denki.” you smiled at the other boy.
“Damn, so this is why Bakugo didn’t want to show you off huh.” Denki came closer to you, taking in your features. “Or he just don’t like me” you scoffed thinking about his arrogant characteristics from Sunday. “Well that’s good, less people to compete against.” Denki sat next to you on the edge of your bed fully focused onto you. You smiled taking observations to his flirtatious personality.
No matter Denki giving you his full and undivided attention, Sero caught your eye the moment he walked in the door. You looked Sero up and down, his outfit caught your full attention. He wore the UA uniform required yet paired with grey Jordans and a silver chain dangling from his neck, it was no understatement that he was a very attractive boy. “Why you standing there all quiet, Sero? you obviously came up here for something.” you jokingly stated - trying to start some conversation with the boy.
“Tried to see if you were really what all the hype was about.” He shrugged coming up near you to overpower your figure, your heart raced as he looked down upon you smirking, he knows he fine chile. “They were definitely right.” He smirked looking at you with low eyes.
“Y’all are the most flirtatious boys I know. Swear I can’t take yall no where.” Momo grabbed the two boys by their collard shirts making them groan in displeasure earning a laugh from you - only to make them groan in embarrassement. 
“Bye boys.” you wave them off as Momo literally kicked them out your dorm, before closing it in front of them. “I like you” you pointed to her, making her eyes widen, while her cheeks grew into a blush before smiling. “Now how did you make a better impression than me and I came here first.” Mina flopped onto your bed frowning. “Don’t worry girl I like you too.” you slapped her thigh in a friendly manner.
“Alright you two enough talking, get back to your dorms. You all have a long day tomorrow.” Aizawa yelled through the door with his usual tired voice before shuffling off to his room closing the door. “Guess I’ll see you tommorow [Y/N]!” Mina skipped off towards your door “Yes! see you tomorrow” Momo opened the door looking back once more “Bye boo’s!” you called out before the closed your door.
You turned on your led lights in substitute for the harsh lighting in your dorm, shuffling off into your bed. you looked off onto your wall looking at the pictures you stuck to them, “Damn, I miss you Imani” your hand grazed upon the picture of you and Imani sticking up the middle finger to a flashing camera with your phones in one hand and a red cup in the other - a party you both went to knowing damn well you weren’t supposed to be there.
You turned towards the other way of your bed shutting your eyes - anticipating for the long day ahead of you, and meeting the rest of your class tomorrow morning.
Tumblr media
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death valley (m) | part 3
summary: welcome to death valley. once you’re in, there’s no telling whether you’ll make it out alive. a summer internship turns wild with blurry nights of dangerous men, dirty money, and extremely hot sex. you soon get caught in a savage game of greed, power and obsession, only to find out that you are the grand prize 
Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 x f.reader smut ft: taehyung x reader, jimin x reader, namjoon x reader
genre: smut. yandere. mystery. thriller. gang!au rockstar!au fightclub!au
wordcount: 9.4k (it goes fast trust me)
warnings: multiple & explicit smut scenes, rough sex, obsessive / possessive / toxic behaviors, oral sex, daddy kink, mommy kink if you squint, glamorization of drug & alcohol use, a whole lot of blackmail, guns (no shooting), manipulation, coercion, illicit filming, post-workout shower sex, choking, cursing, car accident, major character injury, dom!jimin, switch!taehyung, sub!namjoon, reader needs a fucking nap
a/n: NO BC THE ROLLING STONE COVER IS PERFECT FOR THIS FIC??? like its so spot on to this aesthetic. thank you all SO MUCH for the support, a few of you sent me the sweetest messages - they really make my day & inspire me to work harder on this story <3 three smut scenes in one part? yall....damn. (the last one is the best. my fav jimin scene yet) sorry for posting late im just insecure about my writing lol
part 0 | part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | series navi | masterlist 
Smoke diffused from Jimin’s chapped lips. His foot was tapping repeatedly, he was running out of patience. His penthouse seemed so empty without you these days. He hadn’t had you in a while and he was craving a release. He set his cigarette down on a small ashtray to his side, leaning forward.
“I want her now” He snapped, reaching onto the coffee table in front of him to grab his revolver. He looked down the barrel briefly and his jaw stiffened. His eyes then raised as he pointed the gun at a man standing in front of him patiently. “Where is she?”
“Taehyung has gone to retrieve her for you. Shouldn’t be long now” The man spoke, fear evident in his trembling voice. Jimin flashed a teethy grin, his attention back to his gun, twirling it around his fingers.
A phone began to buzz. Jimin rolled his eyes, setting the gun down and picking up his cell besides it. It was Taehyung.
“What?” Jimin grumbled.
“Yeah she’s not home. Hasn’t been all night. But you know who is in her apartment right now—you’re gonna get a kick out of this” Taehyung’s amused voice made Jimin tilt his head with irritation. He was not in the mood for his games. “The street rat”
Jimin’s heart sank, followed by an overwhelming feeling of jealousy seeping through his veins. He clenched his fists. “Taehyung, cut his fucking fingers off if he so much as touches her.” Taehyung laughed, “Do I sound like I’m joking Taehyung?”
“Yeah yeah whatever. Go work on your music, I’ll find her” Jimin hung up abruptly, elbows on his knees as he hung his head down in frustration. He screamed, throwing his phone as hard as he could onto the tiled floors. His fingers ran up his face, clenching the ends of his hair as he began to cry.
He fucked up. He messed up everything. He shouldn’t have threatened you—you probably hated him. You were supposed to be his fan. You were obsessed with him weren’t you? Did you love Jungkook now? You must after all Jungkook was an attractive guy, had money, and you probably didn’t know enough about him to know how dangerous he was. None of it mattered, Jimin wasn’t ready to let you go. He just got a taste, how could you leave now? Tears rolled down his face as he sobbed out.
Taking a deep breath, he attempted to calm himself down. It was his fault. He was too fucked up and it scared you—that had to be it. Deep down he knows that he was too rough with you. He so badly wants to taste your pretty lips but he’s scared. He’s never been good with emotions, and hates that he gets so high when he’s around you.
Taehyung had suggested he should stay away from you right from that night you had passed out in front of him, but Jimin didn’t listen. What does he know anyway? Fucking bitch. Jimin pursed his lips. You didn’t remember that night. You didn’t remember what all you saw after you came to, but he did. He was gonna be better. He was gonna win you back. He grabbed a notebook and pen quickly and began scribbling down lyrics as they came to him.
You almost screamed seeing Taehyung, but before you could he had you in a headlock, with a small knife pressed up to your neck as he kicked your door shut.
“Play along. I won’t hurt you” He mumbled into the back of your head as he turned you around. There, sitting on your couch was Jimin.
“Where were you?” Jimin was seething, eyes flared with rage. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t look high. He almost looked worried.“Why didn’t you come home last night?”
You rolled your eyes. This man’s sheer audacity made you want to kick him in the balls so hard. “Give me a fucking break. I’ve had a really rough few nights and I just want to take a fucking shower and go to work alright” You feel Taehyung slightly loosen his grip on you.
Jimin approached you slowly. “Do I need to remind you that I could fucking ruin you? Deal with your shit. Come over after work tomorrow or I send Yoongi the video” You glanced back at Taehyung who didn’t give you much of a reaction.
“No, I’m not fucking coming, and I want you to leave right now before I call the cops” You hear Taehyung giggle behind you. Jimin marched up to you and grabbed your neck harshly, Taehyung holding you still.
“Right. I heard that she talked to Kim Seokjin. Better fucking keep your mouth shut Y/n” Taehyung said casually. Jimin looked deep into your eyes, before clenching them shut as he steadied his breathing.
“Let’s go Taehyung. She’ll come, she’s not stupid” Jimin snapped his fingers.
“I’m right behind you boss, you go ahead” Taehyung released his hold. Jimin regarded you, a bitter look in his eyes as he huffed, slamming the door behind him as he left.
You whirled around to face Taehyung, who had already raised his hands in defense. “Let me expl—“
“You’re in Jimin’s gang aren’t you?! You motherfucker, you hurt Namjoon! You threatened Jungkook! You’re the cause of all my problems aren’t you” You kicked at Taehyung’s knees, causing him to giggle at your efforts. He dodged your attacks with ease.
“Oh you wish I was your biggest problem jacket girl. That’s far from it. You have Jimin’s black card don’t you?” He opened his palm in front of you “Give it”
You did as told, handing it to him, more than happy to get rid of anything you had of Jimin’s.
You spat at him “Fucking creep. I knew you were no good. You knew that shooting was gonna happen, that’s why you had sex with me isn’t it? To keep me distracted while your guys hurt Namjoon?” Taehyung pursed his lips at your statement, looking around your apartment frantically.
“Of course not dumbass.” He whispered so softly you had to strain to hear him “Shush” He began quickly making his way towards your bedroom. You chased after him, dropping your things on the ground. You watch as he reaches behind your bookshelf and pulls out a small surveillance camera, tossing it onto your bed.
He put a finger to his lips and made his way to your computer monitor. Quickly he took out a gun from his back pocket and slammed the end into the top of the screen. You gaped at him, watching glass shatter onto your desk.
“Okay.” Taehyung sighed, relaxing his shoulders. He fiddled with his watch—there was that watch again—before turning to you “Now that we’re actually alone, no that’s not why I had sex with you. You can’t tell anyone that happened alright. And no I didn’t know the shooting was gonna happen, that wasn’t us.”
“W…what the fuck” You trembled, eyes wide with shock and unease at the fact someone had put cameras in your bedroom. Taehyung noticed your discomfort, clearing his throat awkwardly, “Yeahhhh. You should really be more careful about who you let literally move into your fucking apartment.”
“Jungkook was spying on me?”
“Mmm, more like he was doing someone’s dirty work I would say. He’s a selfish rat who only cares about money. He’s dangerous and a liar. Look…I heard about the kidnapping, are you okay?”
“How do you know about that? How do you know so much?” Taehyung grinned widely, ignoring your questions.
“Y/n, let me tell you something” He took a seat on the edge of your mattress, “There is someone really fucking powerful who has their eyes on you. I don’t know who or even why. Now, we have a bone to pick with that motherfucker for a whole different set of reasons, making you perfect bait. So it would make sense for us to kidnap you and blackmail him or something” You sat down next to him, knees weak as your emotional state spiraled. “But we didn’t.”
“It wasn’t Jimin?” You honestly thought it would have been. After all, Hobi said your kidnappers beat up Namjoon pretty bad and that seemed to be in line with Jimin’s agenda. “Then who was it?”
“Dunno. But I’m gonna find out. You really aren’t safe here, the rat was right about that. Jimin can protect you though”
You scoffed, plopping your back onto the mattress and letting the shift in gravity wave over you. “I hate Jimin” Taehyung turned rapidly at your statement, frowning.
“I thought you were a fan, jacket girl?” He laid back besides you, propping himself up on his elbow to look at you. You gave him a look, rolling your eyes as he chuckled. How is this guy able to find all of this funny?
You sighed, staring at the ceiling, becoming increasingly aware that Taehyung was lying next to you.
“You said you didn’t fuck me to distract me so why did you?”
“Because. I think you’re cool, you’re fucking gorgeous, you’re fun, and I probably would never get another chance. Jimin gets what he wants. He’s in charge.”
“He doesn’t own me” You murmured, turning on your side to face him. “He doesn’t own you either.” Taehyung grinned lazily, gazing into your eyes.
You slid your hand onto his thigh, looking at him expectantly. When he doesn’t react you slowly lean closer to him, noses barely touching. His eyes flutter shut as you kiss him, instantly pushing your tongue into his mouth. You know you need to be fast, Jimin was probably waiting for him.
Taehyung cupped your face, deepening the kiss as he rolled his body flush against you. There were butterflies in your stomach, for some reason you felt like a child again, making out with a boy you liked in your bedroom. You smiled into the kiss.
His hand brushed down your body, lingering at your chest but ultimately finding your thigh and squeezing it slightly. He wanted more, and he needed it now.
“Quick” Taehyung whispered, and you frantically kicked off your shorts, Taehyung simultaneously rising to yank down his jeans. You spread your legs as wide as you could, motioning for Taehyung to come back to you. He licked his lips. “You’re not stretched out yet, are you sure?”
You nodded, “Fuck stop stalling just do it. It’s okay if I don’t cum just fuck me” You whine. Taehyung shrugs, lowering himself down on you. You wrap your arms and legs around him tightly, as if holding on for dear life. You couldn’t understand why you found so much comfort in the man you barely knew. A man you barely trusted.
Were you even really into him? Or were you trying to spite Jimin? Taehyung quickly sunk his cock into you. You cried out—recalling just how large he was the last time.
“So tight” Taehyung’s breath hitched as he stilled himself deep inside of you. You rolled your hips up, taunting him to get on with it. He grabbed your ass, pulling you in towards him, allowing him to fuck into you deeper.
You kissed his neck frantically, moving your hands through his hair and onto his back as he found a steady rhythm. He fucked you with focus, desperately trying to chase his own high as you savored having his body on yours.
Your legs caressed his back, moving up and down against him with every thrust, as if you were almost climbing up onto him. You groaned, tilting your head back in pleasure as the initial pain of his size subsided, and he was able to angle himself perfectly in a way that had you screaming for more.
His lips were tight against yours, hardly kissing but moreso just breathing into one another deeply. He smacked your ass lightly as he picked up his pace.
“You feel so good” He muttered, “That fucking” He thrusted deep “Asshole is so lucky” He was ruthless. You held onto him as tight as you could, crying out as he pistoned in and out of you. “Get’s you all to himself. Fucks you whenever he…wants” Taehyung panted, “Doesn’t fucking deserve this. He doesn’t deserve you” You could hear the slight growl in his voice. 
“Pussy so fucking sweet. So fucking sweet I can’t stop” Taehyung moved his hands to grip your shoulders from under you, digging his nails into your flesh. “I can’t stop. I don’t want to. I don’t want to Y/n. Fuck. Please.”
“Don’t stop. Don’t stop baby I love it” You urged him on, making him hiss. He looked so fucked out as you could feel his cock twitching inside of you.
“Dont wanna…dont wanna cum. Dont wanna stop” Taehyung whined, “Feel so good. Feel so fucking good”
“Taehyung!” Jimin’s voice bellowed from outside the apartment. Taehyung cursed in irritation.
“Shit, come on baby” You bucked your hips up. Taehyung was pissed. He pulled out of you. “Let me finish you baby don’t go” You pleaded, hugging onto him tighter as he began to get off of you.
“He’ll kill me. He will literally kill me. I need to go” Taehyung pressed a kiss to your forehead. He shoved you off of him. He begins to pull his pants back on, but you’re not ready to let him go yet. You’ll be damned if Taehyung doesn’t get to finish because of Jimin.
“No!” You pounce on him, pushing him onto the floor and pinning him down with your knees. You wrap your hand around his cock and begin to stroke it furiously, bringing your face down so that your tongue can wrap around it. You begin sucking on him, watching his shocked face as you bob your head rapidly on him, going as fast as you can. You feel Taehyung’s hand reach to hold back your hair. What a sweetheart. Jimin would never.
Taehyung bit down on his lip so hard it began to bleed as he came up into your mouth. You rapidly licked him off, cum getting all over your lips before you pulled his pants back up and got off of him. You noticed his watch again.
“Where’d you get that watch?” You asked causally as Taehyung pulled his pants back on. Taehyung looked at the piece and a frown tugged at his lips.
“Um…a friend gave it to me”
“He has good taste”
Taehyung gulped, looking back at you “Yeah. He really does”
“Go” You whispered. Taehyung blinked a few times, trying to process as he gets up. He cups your face to plant one final kiss onto your cum stained lips before rushing out of your apartment, hands frantically fixing his hair as he leaves.
Jungkook wiped the sweat from off his forehead before bending to lift the heavy box again. It was his least favorite part of the job, moving product. He didn’t understand why they couldn’t just hire more people with all the fucking cash they made but his boss hated bringing new people in.
He wobbled back to his truck, sliding the large package into his trunk before taking a deep breath. Hopping into the drivers seat, he set away to get back to you.
You hadn’t come home last night, and although he knew you were out with Namjoon, some part of him felt uneasy. He had grown fond of you over the past few days, more than he really cared to admit. He knew you were off limits, after all, what business did you have with a guy like him when you were around people like Park Jimin on a daily basis.
Click, Jungkook had just buckled his seatbelt, glancing in the rearview mirror to see an unfamiliar face staring back at him, holding a gun to his forehead.
“Jeon Jungkook” Goosebumps riveted across his skin at the stern voice “It’s so nice to finally meet you. Heard you’ve gone ahead and made yourself Y/n’s roomate” The man was tall, had a sharp jawline and a deceivingly warm smile.
“Who are you? Do you work for him?”
“Move out. Stay away from her or else”
“Or else what? I am the most successful dealer he has, he isn’t gonna touch me”
“Do you really wanna find out?” Bang. Jungkook turned to the noise to see Namjoon tied up and blindfolded, on the ground with a man holding a metal rod to his head. He was knocked out. “Move out, or I’ll beat your little fighter boy’s head in. And I bet your boss wouldn’t want his money machine dead”
Jungkook pursed his lips into a thin smile. “’re Jimin’s guy huh? Fine. I’ll leave her. Let Joon go”
“One more thing. You tell Namjoon that you found his friend too”
“Well uh, where is his friend?”
The man laughed, motioning for his goons to follow as they all hopped into twin black Cadillacs, driving off and leaving Namjoon unconscious on the ground. Jungkook clicked his tongue. I’ve seen that guy before. He stretched out his arms and went over to try to lift Namjoon into his truck.
You stared at the cameras that Taehyung had found in your room, goosebumps spreading as you tried to comprehend everything. Okay. Just. Go to work. Forget about it. Go see Hobi. You quickly hopped in the shower, letting ice cold water attempt to wake you up from this growing nightmare.
Stepping out of the shower you hear some light rapping at your door. “One second” It was probably Jungkook. He had seen you naked plenty, so you thought nothing of it as you wobbled towards your door with nothing but a towel, hair pinned up to keep it dry.
“Hey, did you want a ride to work?” Yoongi’s familiar collected gaze fell on you. WHY DOES THIS MAN SHOW UP AT THE WORST TIMES you scream internally at your boss who was there standing in front of you. He didn’t look the least bit phased at your state, and in a way you felt offended. I’m half naked. Nothing? Damn.
“Oh! Sure. Give me like 2 minutes. Please, come in” Yoongi stepped inside, looking around with little interest. You ran back to your room, kicking the door shut as your frantically searched for something appropriate to wear. You went to your mirror and slapped on some makeup before returning to Yoongi. “Yeah! Let’s go”
Yoongi drove a nice black Cadillac, which you expected. He was a wealthy guy after all and it fit his edgy but classy aesthetic that he had going on. You felt relaxed in the fresh leather seats, the scent mind-numbingly pleasant. You were just so tired. Yoongi began to drive, and the soft hum of the engine lulled you into a nap. You were out like a light, unable to see the way that Yoongi was licking his lips, glancing at your lifeless frame. Unable to feel the way he took your hand into his and squeezed so tightly.
Back in the studio, you were desperate to find Hobi and hear about what had happened. Instead you found Namjoon waiting for you, and your jaw dropped. Half of his face was covered with a large bruise that looked incredibly painful. You threw yourself into his arms.
“Oh my God are you okay?” You hugged him tightly, and he did you, relishing the comfort of one another’s touch. He shook his head, making your heart clench in pity. Of course he’s not okay.
“Did they do anything to you? Did they touch you? I swear to God Y/n I’ll fucking” You straddled his lap and rest your head against his strong chest. His heartbeat was pronounced and soothing under his soft shirt.
“I’m okay. I’m more worried about you.” Namjoon ran his hand up and down your back.
“Y/n...I think. This might sound crazy but I think I know who kidnapped us” He whispered into your ears. At that moment, the door opened revealing a perfectly normal looking Jimin. You almost jumped off of Namjoon, realizing how compromising your situation must have looked. Jimin’s eyes narrowed briefly.
“Come” Jimin motioned to you without so much as a greeting. You glanced at Namjoon, who was looking at the ground. He seemed scared. “Now.” He snapped.
“Who the fuck do you think you are just ordering her around like that?” From down the hall you hear Hobi’s voice echo through. Relief surged through your veins. “You’re not even recording today, get lost” Hobi walked straight up to Jimin and glared at him.
Jimin chuckled, “Whatever, she’ll come. I know she will” He turned to leave but Hobi grabbed him by the collar, growling lowly.
“Piece of trash. Stay away from my girl” You froze at the term. Jimin’s eyes widened.
“Your girl? Oh Hoseok are you in for a fucking treat because let me tell you what exactly your girl has been..”
“Hobi get off of him.” Like ice, Yoongi’s voice cut through the scene. His footsteps were pronounced as he approached the boys who remained in an aggressive stare-down. “First of all. She is not your girl. There is absolutely no romantic relationships permitted in my label. No exceptions, end of question. Second of all, Jimin, you better not be harassing my employees or you will see me sue you for all your worth, you got that?” Your pussy clenched at the authoritativeness in his voice. Hobi reluctantly let go of Jimin, who brushed himself off.
“You can’t stop us from going out” Hobi muttered. For the first time in your life, you saw Yoongi laugh. And not in a good way.
“Can’t I? Y/n, you’re off your project. You’ll be working directly with me now on finishing Jimin’s album” Jimin smirked lightly, meeting your eyes.
“She doesn’t want to work on Jimin’s--” Hobi began to protest but Yoongi held his hand up.
“Say another word, and your ass is fired. If I so much as see the two of you alone in my place of work, you’re in for it. Have I made myself clear?” You noticed that Hobi’s fists were almost reddening from how tightly he was clenching them, veins popping from his forearms.
“Yes” Hobi mumbled in submission. You had never seen him so angry before. He didn’t give you another look before storming off towards his own office. You rolled your eyes as you heard Jimin giggle.
“Perfect” He grinned. Yoongi simply looked him up and down before turning to you, arms folded.
“Go finish up what you’re working on. From tomorrow you report to me, and we’ll work in my studio.” His voice was significantly softer than it had been minutes ago. He briefly touched your elbow, as if to assure you not to be worried. The gesture was barely there but you found yourself appreciating it as he left, calling Jimin to follow him.
You took a deep breath, turning back into the studio where Namjoon was sitting and listening to the whole ordeal. He looked extremely uncomfortable, so you slid the door shut and took a seat in front of him.
“Sorry. You were saying? Who do you think kidnapped us?” Namjoon gave you an uncertain look. “Trust me, I won’t think you’re crazy. Is it Jimin, is that what you were thinking because I would totally believe--”
“Hobi” Namjoon exhaled sharply, “I think it was Hobi”
Your stomach flipped. The sincerely in Namjoon’s eyes made you nauseous. He saw your reaction and grabbed your hands, holding them sturdily in his own. “Y/n, I can’t tell you everything here. Come somewhere with me. I wanna show you something. You trust me right?” He got up quickly, tugging your arms to do the same.
He led you to his car, parked significantly far in the back of the lot and much to your surprise it was the exact same model as Yoongi’s. Maybe it’s a rockstar thing. But Namjoon makes the same as I do so how the fuck can he afford...oh...the fights. You shrugged, not minding returning to the chic vehicle.
“I feel like we both need to blow off some steam.” Namjoon said, revving the engine “I’m gonna take you where I train for my matches. It’s usually pretty secluded so we should be able to talk there” You nodded. Boxing sounded cool enough, and he was right, you could use some endorphins.
The two of you arrived at what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse. Inside, the walls were a charcoal color, dimply lit by striking white lights. It eerily reminded you of the vibe of the arena, but instead there were a few punching bags set up as well as a sparring ring. Namjoon had been right - the place was absolutely empty.
Namjoon grabbed a few gloves from the floor, handing you a pair which you inspected closely. When you looked up you saw that Namjoon had already pulled off his shirt, and was sitting on a bench, wrapping his hands with the gauze. Damn. You never thought you would be thirsting for your coworker but seeing him all serious had you feeling a type of way. You recalled how deliciously submissive he had been at Death Valley. You needed that. You missed being in control of your life.
“Here” Namjoon tossed the gauze tape at you. “Sit down I can wrap it for you” He slid down on his knees. You let him secure your wrists with the soft material, his brows furrowed with complete focus.
“Why do you think it’s Hobi?” You whispered. Namjoon’s hands stilled over yours.
“The pills. He didn’t actually take them. And then when we were tied up...I dunno...he sounded really far away? And not nearly as freaked out as you and I were. Then when Jungkook found us--well, Jungkook said he already dropped Hobi off but I don’t buy it. He said that the guys he had seen beat me looked really familiar to him. Jungkook might have seen Hobi around Death Valley or something before. So that’s why I think it’s him. Maybe Hobi is in Jimin’s...yknow...gang”
Namjoon finished wrapping your hands. He rose “Come on, let me show you some moves” You pulled the boxing gloves on and followed him reluctantly.
Namjoon patted one of the bags lightly and positioned you in from of it. He showed you how to throw a few types of punches and you listened intently, noting how his biceps flexed with every hit. He stood behind you, allowing you to try punching on your own as he watched your stance. You threw all your weight into your punch, hearing a soft slam as your fist met the bag, which didn’t budge. You hear Namjoon stifle a giggle.
“No, Y/n, you need to...hold on” You hear what sounds like Namjoon pulling his gloves off. He rests a wrapped hand on your shoulder, guiding your arm with the other. “Likeeee that. There you go” He assisted you in making a punch that caused the bag to sway slightly. “Nice job, try again!”
You continued to pummel the bag, letting out all your pent up frustration. Namjoon watched you carefully, pacing around you and observing your form. You suddenly flew a punch so far it caused the button of your shirt to pop off your chest. You stopped, panting heavily as sweat dripped from your forehead, looking down to see your chest decently exposed. Namjoon stood in front of you, face turning pink.
“Shit. Damn Joon should’ve told me to pack some different clothes” You pull of your gloves, setting them down before you unbutton the rest of your shirt and let it slide off of your shoulders, leaving you in a simple nude bra. It wasn’t meant for sports but you didn’t really care. Namjoon wiped the sweat from his forehead and eyed you up and down.
“I think I’m gonna uh…take a break” He gulped. You grinned, knowing that you were making him hot and bothered. He went towards the back of the warehouse where there were a few open showers.
He turned the water up cold, letting it run over him and his pants. You watched as he set his arms out, leaning against the wall so the water hit his muscular back.
“Joonie” You cooed, walking up to him. “Don’t be shy with me”
Namjoon didn’t dare look at you as you walked up behind him, wrapping your arms around his toned waist, letting your fingers tug at his waistband. You pressed your lips into his back.
“Can you be a good boy for me and take this off hm?” You whispered. Namjoon’s breath was shaky and his eyes were clenched shut. He swallowed, trembling as he did as you asked, his wet pants falling to the dirty floor. You turned him around to face you, but his eyes remained glued to the floor.
“Joonie…look at me” You tilted his face up, ad he reluctantly met your eyes.
“Y/n…” He mumbled as you went on your tippy toes, letting your arms snake around his neck. “A…are you sure?”
“You tell me” You grinned, sucking lightly on his neck. Namjoon cursed under his breath, tilting his head to give you more room.
“I…I’ve wanted you for so long” Namjoon leaned back, the water from the shower now soaking you too. He stroked the wet strands of hair from your eyes, before leaning down and kissing you. You could feel him quivering from your touch.
“I really like you” He kept talking, his words barely making it into your brain as you were far too focused on how you were planning on getting him down on his knees.
“Is that right baby?” You cupped his cheek, letting your thumb tug at his lips. “Why don’t you show me huh?” You were down to roleplay, not realizing that for Namjoon his words were his truth.
“C…can I…see your tits…please?” Namjoon’s hands hovered over your body, not ready to touch you without your explicit permission.
“Go ahead” He unclasped your bra, and it fell to the floor. Namjoon gasped. It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen them before. He had—but he still couldn’t quite believe it. His cock twitched, and he was ready to burst then and there, overwhelmed that he even made it this far with you. He cried out in discomfort, his boxers tight against his rigid cock.
“Y/n…please” Namjoon whined, grabbing your breast with one hand while he bent down to suckle the other.
“Fuck” You muttered, his sloppy tongue rilling you up as he desperately licked away at your tits.
“Please it hurts so bad” His cried vibrated into your chest as you stroked his hair affectionately. He sucked you harshly before switching to the other breast.
“Tell me what you need baby…use your words”
“Can I just…put my…if it’s okay I just” Namjoon let go of your breasts and stood up straight. “Wanna fuck you. Want you to ride me. If…that’s okay” You smiled at him.
“Of course baby, let’s go sit you down over there and then mama will take care of you” Namjoon’s eyes widened at your words, his knees wobbling. He gripped your shoulders, furrowing his brows and trying his best not to cum in front of you like an idiot without even being touched.
You led him over to the closest bench, where he sat down, sliding down his boxers so that his cock stood proud. You knew he wouldn’t last long, but seeing how he looked like he was gonna burst into tears, you weren’t about to shatter his dreams. Ridding your own underwear, you straddled him slowly.
His eyes were closed again, much to your dismay. “Joonie. Look at me.” You lightly slapped his cheek. His eyes met yours, wide and watery. He was a mess for you and you had never felt so powerful.
You sank down on him, watching as he cried out, his moans echoing throughout the empty warehouse. He set his hands at your waist as you raised yourself back up, the sweet drag of his cock sliding seamlessly down your wet walls.
“Oh my god Y/n” Namjoon buried his face into your neck as you continued to ride him slowly, bouncing up and down on his cock while he moaned out your name like it was the only word he knew.
You grabbed his face, pushing your lips onto his and shutting him up. His hands slid up to grab your breasts, fondling them desperately as you rolled your hips into him.
He pinched your nipples between his fingers, causing you to moan into his mouth. He let one hand fall to your clit and began rubbing you rapidly.
“Wanna make you feel good too” He murmured, words enveloped by your kisses. For whatever show he put on, you could tell he knew exactly what he was doing, drawing soft circles on your clit and making your pussy leak onto him right away. You clenched down, causing Namjoon to almost scream into your mouth with pleasure.
“Wanna cum for mama? It hurts doesn’t it baby?” You teased. Namjoon pouted at you and nodded. You kissed his cheek. “I know it does baby. I know it hurts” You stroked his back, bouncing faster and faster on him.
“Y/n…fuck…please can I cum inside you? I can’t…I can’t hold back any longer” Namjoon bit down on your shouder, trying as hard as he could not to cum.
“It’s okay. You can cum, I got you baby” It was all it took for him to spill into you, his load seeming never ending. When he was done he hugged you tight to his chest, keeping his cock inside you, not wanting to lose your warmth.
The two of your remained like that for a while. You hummed lightly as Namjoon stroked your back. He cleared his throat.
“I’m gonna register for another fight. Against Jin. We still don’t have a clear winner but I’ve been training almost every day—I have to win” He growled lightly.
“Just be careful okay” You kissed his cheek. He shook his head.
“I don’t care what it takes. I have to win. I have to. I’m gonna win” You squinted at him, seeing an almost crazed glint. “I’m gonna win and finally get my prize” What prize? Money?
Working with Yoongi was different. There were far less drugs involved. In a way you were grateful that you were finally getting the real work experience you came for, but you did miss having fun with Hobi and Namjoon in the studio. Yoongi was quite serious about his work, and you admired that. He wouldn’t pay too much attention to you most of the time, simply asking you your thoughts on certain tracks every now and then.
“Tonight the title track drops as a single” He muttered, typing frantically on his laptop. You sat by his side, watching as he finished up some emails “It’ll drop around midnight.” He picked up his phone “Get Jimin in here.”
You groaned, recalling that you were expected to go over to his place tonight. Yoongi noticed your displeasure, raising his eyebrows but didn’t say anything.
“What” Jimin barged into the studio. You hated how disrespectful he was, especially to someone as talented as Yoongi.
“Your single is dropping tonight. Thought you’d wanna know. We should celebrate.” Yoongi shut his laptop and glanced at the both of you. Jimin grinned.
“Oh hell yeah. Party at my place.” He winked at you, “Wear something nice babygirl”
You choked, coughing to try to cover it up. You missed the way Yoongi glared at Jimin when he said that before he motioned for him to leave.
“Does Jimin bother you?” Yoongi asked, a hint—barely a hint—of genuine concern in his voice. You sighed.
“No sir. He’s just a typical rockstar”
What were you gonna wear? It was a formal event. Namjoon had made it clear that he would rather jump off of a cliff than step foot in Jimin’s place so he wouldn’t be going, and you hadn’t heard from or seen Hobi in a while. You assumed Yoongi would be there, so you wanted to look good, just in case. Although deep down you knew that if anyone was fucking you tonight it would likely end up being Jimin himself.
You chose a silky gold slip dress, looking at yourself in the mirror and almost not recognizing yourself without your usual grunge look. You wondered if Yoongi would still wear his chains. You shivered in excitement.
Jimin wanted you there early. He claimed to need to talk to you, but you knew he was probably just trying to get his dick wet. As you walked into the penthouse you were shocked at how clean the place was. He really had decked the place out for a nice party—his living room rearranged.
“Hey” You noticed Taehyung emerging from the kitchen. He looked so different, you had to blink to make sure it was really him. 
He had dyed his hair black, a striking contrast to the mint green you had become familiar with, plus instead of his leather jacket and jeans he had on a fitted grey blazer with a crisp white shirt underneath. He looked fantastic.
“Damn you clean up nice” He grinned, “He’s waiting for you.” Taehyung motioned towards Jimin’s closed room. He quickly pulled you into a light hug, whispering in your ear “If he does anything you don’t want you just say it and I will fucking stop him okay?” You gulped, nodding lightly.
“Will you be watching?” You teased, letting your lips glide over his ear. Taehyung simply smiled and pressed a soft kiss to your cheek before smacking your ass playfully.
“Go get em girl” He let you go, watching as you headed towards Jimin’s room.
It wasn’t anything like you expected. The lights were dim, there were candles everywhere. All over his floor were rose petals. So cliche. You smirked to yourself.
Jimin emerged from his bathroom, looking astounding. He looked younger—like he did back in the days you would be worshiping his body day and night. His hair was styled similarly, up revealing his forehead. His shirt fit him great and you couldn’t help but notice that he chose to wear dangling earrings.
“You came”
Your breath hitched as he came towards you, and you subconsciously backed away from him until he was towering over you—your back pressed against the wall. He took your hands into his, kissing the tops of them softly.
“Stop blackmailing me. I don’t give a fuck if you send that video to Yoongi alright, he won’t care. He’ll protect me from an ass like you” Jimin let your hands drop as he circled your waist, touching his forehead to yours. Your heart skipped a beat. His face was so close to yours—but it wasn’t like before. He was actually looking at you. His eyes clean of any substance.
“I won’t send it. I told Taehyung to delete it. I want you to want this” He whispered, his breath landing in shimmers on your lips. For once he didn’t smell like tobacco. His lips looked incredibly soft, a sweet red tint making them pop.
He gazed at you, his hand traveling up your back where he found the zipper of your dress. “You look incredible. Better than I could have ever imagined” He was breathless. The way he was speaking made you want to melt. It was like every fantasy of your teenage years was coming to life in front of your eyes. He tugged at your zipper.
“I’m sorry for being an ass” He rolled his head against yours, letting his lips trace your cheeks. “You deserve better” He inhaled your scent as you felt him slowly tug the zipper down—your dress sliding off with it. You gasped as the fabric swept over your body until it was a pile on the floor. Jimin stepped back to look at you.
You hadn’t worn a bra, considering your dress was backless. At that point you had also chosen to go without panties—what was the worst that could happen? You’d flash your boss? You wished that would happen.
Jimin was gaping at you before a mischievous smile took his face. Your heart sunk, recognizing the familiar predatory gaze in his eyes.
“So naughty, you were ready for me weren’t you” He began unbuttoning his own shirt, letting it slide off of his shoulders before letting his hand grasp your neck. He pushed his thumb to your lip, tilting your head back.
You shut your eyes, knowing full well what he would do next—but instead Jimin bent down and kissed you softly. His grip loosened, cupping your cheek as he deepened the kiss.
He pressed his chest against yours, his skin burning against you. The heat from the candles was persistent—it was too warm. Your body was flushed. It was the heat. You tried to convince yourself. Your tried to convince yourself that you weren’t enjoying Park Jimin kissing you like you were his.
He lifted you into his arms, lips not leaving yours as he carefully laid you onto his silk sheets. “Tell me what you want baby girl, let daddy take care of you today” He whispered, kissing you all over your face with light pecks before moving to your neck.
You stared at the ceiling, squirming under him as your heart began pounding through your chest. You were overwhelmed. It had been so long since you were fucked like this. On a bed, with delicate care. You weren’t normally a fan, but with everything you had been through you found yourself sighing in relief.
Jimin moved his kisses to your chest, kissing every inch of you as if he was trying to memorize every crevice of your body with his lips. You arched your back in pleasure as his lips wrapped around your breast. He didn’t linger, continuing to kiss the rest of your stomach. You giggled as you felt ticklish when he kissed above your belly. Your eyes were blown—full of yearning. Park Jimin was kissing you—kissing you everywhere. You didn’t want to wake up from this.
As he proceeded to go down on you, you glanced around his room. Your eyes landed on his bathroom door, that was just slightly open. Is Taehyung there? Is he watching? You buckled your hips as Jimin kissed the tops of your thighs. You felt him smile, thinking you reacted to him. But you were imagining Taehyung’s intense gaze—from who knows where.
Jimin climbed back up your body and kissed you again. “My pretty girl” He ran his finger over your throbbing core, teasing it with his soft touch. He watched you, hovering slightly as his fingers brushed back and forth. Your pussy clenched, as if it was trying to catch his finger and swallow it in. You whined out, hands finding his shoulders and pulling him closer to you.
“Daddy” You whined softly, biting your lip. Jimin watched you close your eyes and savor his fleeting touch. “Daddy please” You moaned, prompting Jimin to glide a finger into your sopping cunt. You squealed with pleasure as he moved it excruciatingly slow, in and out, teasing you. He let his head fall against your neck as he continued to finger you. He loved how desperate your pussy was for him.
“Does my baby girl want more?” He teased, nibbling your shoulder. You nodded quickly, and he obeyed, inserting another finger. You groaned—the stretch feeling so good. You needed him to go faster. It wasn’t enough. You spread your thighs, hoping to urge him on, but he didn’t relent. Your nails dug into Jimin’s shoulders.
“Faster” You could barely make a noise, legs quivering with desperation. “Faster daddy please” You were practically crying, and Jimin loved it. He sped up, the sound of your wetness becoming increasingly evident as you soaked his fingers. You bit your lip, nodding rapidly as pleasure soared through you. Jimin watched you, grinning at your reactions. “Yes…yes…like that…more please. Please daddy” You tried to push yourself down onto his fingers more. Jimin noticed this—and pulled them out of your completely. You groaned in frustration, the feeling of fullness leaving you suddenly.
“Did I say you could move?” He took his fingers and shoved them in your mouth. You frowned at the taste of yourself but sucked on them anyways.
“…s..close” You tried speaking as Jimin pushed his fingers farther down your throat. You gagged on them before he pulled them out and dove in for another kiss.
“Bad girls don’t get to cum” Jimin’s voice was so soft, it had you trembling. He got off of you briefly to unbuckled his pants, kicking them off along with his boxers.
His cock was throbbing, eager for some sort of stimulation. He took your hand, guiding it to wrap around his hardened length and giving it a few pumps.
“Daddy’s never fucked you like this has he hm?” Jimin cooed at you, climbing back over you as he lined his cock to your entrance. You widened your thighs, shaking your head. Jimin clicked his tongue “Daddy’s bad. Daddy should fuck his good little girl right” He teased his tip into your folds, moaning loudly at how wet your were as your cunt swallowed him in. He stills momentarily, and the two of your share an intimate stare. Jimin’s heart is speeding, and so is yours. You don’t know what has gotten into him—he doesn’t either. He sinks into you, crying out your name.
“Oh fuck baby oh fuck” Jimin whines, “So good. So fucking good baby, you feel so fucking good” He panted, his voice getting louder. He dug himself as far into you as he could go. “Baby…you’re so tight…holy shit” He tilts his head back in ecstasy—his expressions making you tighten on him even more. He drags his long cock out, angling his hips again before thrusting into you again, this time much faster.
“Baby…my good fucking girl…oh my God” Jimin was losing control. The pleasure began clouding his judgement, making him almost dizzy. He didn’t even realize that he had sped up much more. He didn’t notice that he had grabbed your neck, choking you down like he normally does. He didn’t notice that your moans had swapped out for winces of pain as he pounded into you relentlessly. His eyes were shut. He was gone—lost in the sweet feeling of you.
You came, much to your dismay, as Jimin’s filthy curses and praises got to your head. Your body jerked, twitching all over as you cried out helplessly. You felt good, but were upset that Jimin had gone back to his usual ways. Taehyung are you seeing this? You looked around again. Was he watching from a camera maybe? You looked at the television in front of Jimin’s bed. Squinting your eyes, you could see a slightly gleam coming from the top. Is that it? Do you see me Taehyung? You stared at it, choking as Jimin continued to fuck you silly.
“Stop” You could barely breathe. You tapped Jimin’s shoulders but he didn’t notice. He wasn’t looking. He was too caught up. “Please” You croaked, “Jimin slow down…stop I can’t—I can’t” The air was knocked out of your lungs as Jimin tightened his grip more. You felt your eyes bulge as his hot cum shot into you. His hands fell off to your side and you took the deepest breath you could conjure—little black specks already decorating your vision. Jimin was panting, a big smiled on his face as he looked down at you.
Tears rolled down your face as your gasped for more air. Jimin jumped off of you, realizing what he had done. “Holy shit Y/n” He muttered, looking around frantically for water. On cue, Taehyung barged into the room, tossing him a bottle.
“Don’t look at her!” Jimin screeched at Taehyung as he pulled the covers over your shaking body. You took the water from him and gulped it down, steadying yourself. You gave Taehyung a thankful look and he nodded to you. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t…shit I’m so sorry” Jimin pleaded as he helped you sit up, stroking your back.
“Deleted the video by the way” Taehyung walked over to you and sat down by your side. “Jimin, Yoongi and the others are here. You better go, I’ll take care of her” Jimin gave Taehyung a grateful pat on the back as he quickly got dressed, running to the bathroom to fix up his hair and makeup.
You let your eyes flutter shut, Taehyung taking the bottle from you and stroking your hair. You doze off, not seeing Taehyung open a familiar video on his own phone, before hitting send.
Jimin did his rounds, plastering a fake smile to entertain and welcome his guests. He excused himself as fast as he could. Yoongi grabbed his shoulder, noticing him trying to leave.
“You okay?” Jimin sighed. Yoongi was one of the only people he could confide in.
“I just need some air. I’ll be back” Yoongi nodded in understanding, letting him go. Jimin found his way out of the building. He paced back and forth on the sidewalk, beating himself up for his actions. God, what was wrong with him? He groaned in frustration, stomping his foot. 
You were the closest thing to happiness he had felt in so long and he went ahead and fucked it up just like he had done with everything—his music, his career, and even his drug empire was on the cusp of falling apart all because of the Death Valley bastards. 
He took a deep breath before reaching into his back pocket to pull out a cigarette and a lighter. He needed a smoke—bad. As he lit the cig, he noticed a black cadillac rolling into the parking lot at a frantic speed. He stopped momentarily, looking up as the car swiveled out of control.
Until it was headed straight for him.
People really thought it was a PR stunt. You rolled your eyes as you scrolled through social media at the news that Jimin was in the hospital after being in a car accident. Right after his song dropped nonetheless. You felt bad—the song was doing really well, but he wasn’t even conscious to see it. You yourself really liked it. It reminded you of his older work, but with a more mature touch to it. You could feel that the boy was struggling with something dark within himself. That was something you could relate to.
Taehyung had been wild when he found out, immediately making calls and screaming at people over the phone. You assumed that the accident was probably…not an accident, given his reaction. You wanted to go see him as soon as you could. Yoongi luckily gave everyone the day off to cope, and you headed over first thing in the morning.
Your eyes became teary as a nurse led you to the room Jimin was in. He was unconscious, and looked absolutely beat. You sat by his side, fluffing his hair affectionately. The nurse left the two of you alone, and you leaned down to give a soft kiss on his lips, naively wondering if like sleeping beauty he might wake up. Of course he didn’t. This wasn’t a fairy tale—it was far from it.
You had been up all night thinking about it. You finally understood was Jin had meant when he suggested that you knew too much. Did Namjoon do this? The car was the same kind as his was. He did hate Jimin passionately, you knew this for a fact. But would he really go this far?
You thought back to your last interactions with Namjoon. He did seem to be a little out of his mind lately. You figured it was the drugs. You made a mental note to ask Jungkook what exactly he’s on.
He had been so aggressive about wanting to win the upcoming fight. Did he do this on purpose? You recalled that he said Jimin made him lose the last time. You felt queasy. Maybe all the shit you and Namjoon had been through really got to him, and this was him reacting.
The driver of the car was not found at the site of the accident, and it was by sheer luck that Jimin was even alive according to the police.
You pulled out Seokjin’s business card, finally fed up with all of this. It was getting too dangerous. You no longer felt safe. You dialed his number.
As the phone rang you heard the door swing open. You smiled sheepishly, waving at the familiar cheery face you hadn’t seen for so long. The face of a man that Namjoon had made you doubt. You were questioning everything now. It was Hobi.
Seokjin had headphones blaring his favorite songs as he jogged in place, getting himself pumped up at a local gym. He let out a few punches into the air. He was ready to beat Namjoon shitless. He was pleased. Pleased that you had finally called him, agreeing to meet with him and cooperating. He was so close to finding out the person behind all the madness—he just needed to get to Jimin.
The two of you agreed to meet later in the day. You had told him a brief amount of what all you knew and thought, but he recommended not giving details over the phone. Jin knew that gangs were smart enough to wire tap phones of their associates, especially ones who knew as much as you did.
“So you’re Jin” He turned, a man walked in, leaning casually against the wall. “Nice to meet you” He smirked before adding “Officer”
Jin turned quickly, grabbing a pistol and aiming it at the man who simply laughed. “Relax officer. I’m not who you’re after.”
Jin gritted his teeth, not letting his gun down. “What do you want?”
“See. There’s this girl.” He showed Jin a live video of you on his phone, “I have a guy there, on standby to shoot her brains out. Now you can prevent that” He walked closer to Jin, grinning widely.
“What do you want? I can fucking kill you dumbass”
The man shrugged, “You could. But then he will still kill Y/n. The only way he backs down is if he hears from me” The man brings up his own gun, aiming it right back at Jin, “That you’re gonna throw the fight”
“So you are a gangster.” He rolled his eyes.
“Poor Y/n. All alone at the hospital with no one to save her”
“Hospital? Why?”
“Oh didn’t you hear? Park Jimin got in a little accident” The man flashed a evil smile. Jin shuddered.
“Ok, ok. I’ll lose, just don’t fucking touch her. I want a guarantee” Jin raised his arms, lowering his gun to the ground.
“Lose the fight first. Then we’ll deliver her right to you, officer” He turned around to leave, and Jin tried to memorize every detail he could of the man—he had to be connected to Jimin somehow. He noticed the tattoo on his back, and his eyes widened.
The tattoo was of your name.
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kodzuvii · a month ago
Tumblr media
CLUB STUPID [EXTRA: there’s a pretty girl in our kitchen]
PAIRING - suna x fem!reader ft. suna rizu aka the little sister :)
GENRE - crack + fluff
warning - just grammar and spelling mistakes lol + y/n cuts her finger + y/n is implied to be really short + suna is a bit ooc but that’s because he’s a simp for you <3
wc - 7k
SYNOPSIS - Club Stupid, an anonymous podcast meant for the dumb and dumbest to send in unspoken and nonsensical thoughts about issues they face in their day to day lives and for Y/n to speak out and give her opinions and feelings. Normal feelings though, nothing romantic like how she thinks this lazy guy with questionable hair in the volleyball club is actually pretty cute.
a/n: bringing this baby back because we recently hit 5k notes :D this is also my peace offering for my sudden absence on this blog LMAO sit back and enjoy as we catch up with suna and yn as well as witness whipped!suna 
Tumblr media
[Somewhere at the start of December]
“I don’t understand”
“Don’t understand what?”
“You’re the one who failed your test, why am I the one buying groceries?”
“Because I paid during our last date”
“Rin, I’m helping you study. Does this even count as a date?” 
You looked down at your hands that were holding bags full of ingredients you needed to make some sukiyaki. With the boys being on break from volleyball, Suna had texted you after school asking for help to review for a retake on a test he failed. 
You had to take a double-take while reading the text because, Suna? Studying? Willingly? A rare combination.
The original plan was to go straight to his house since his family owned a really nice kotatsu table that also acted as a couch. With winter settling in and the weather starting to get much colder, you and Suna quickly realized that neither of you enjoyed going out during this time of the year. Sure, the snowflakes were pretty, but sitting comfortably under a warm kotatsu surrounded by snacks while you tried to get his mind around trigonometry sounded more appealing
Suna looked down at you, “You’re acting as if you’re not craving a hot pot right now,” You rolled your eyes, “I never said I wasn’t craving it, I just know that I’m gonna be doing most of the work because your ass can’t cook” you reasoned. Suna shrugged, “not my fault you decided to upgrade your cooking skills during the past 5 months we’ve been together” You rolled your eyes and buried your face deeper into Suna’s scarf that was wrapped around your neck in an attempt to cover up the blush rising up on your cheeks. 
A smug smile came upon Suna’s lips as he watched you get embarrassed. You two were still going strong and had hit 5 months just a week ago. Even though you both had your minor little arguments here and there, you were both still content and happy with each other. 
With 5 months flying by, Suna didn’t think that it was possible for him to fall for you even more. By now, you had both settled into a comfortable state in your relationship. Regular dates about once or twice during the week with a couple of sleepovers and late-night facetime calls thrown in between. Since it was colder, he had at least two hoodies on him at all times. One for you and one for him (but he wouldn’t mind if you took both.) He enjoyed seeing the sight of you curled up in his hoodie when you stayed over at his place or when found himself keeping you company as you edited your podcast for the week.
Once the second semester of the school year started, you started to branch out a little bit more on your own and found yourself being busier as you started joining clubs of your own interest. 
Sure Suna was a bit disappointed that he wouldn’t be seeing you sitting by the bleachers anymore during practice, but he understood that you had your own passions and needed your own group of friends outside of the boys on volleyball team.
He liked seeing the smile on your face when you talked to him about something your friend had said or about how fun of a day you had after hanging out with them. He had to reassure you many times that he didn’t mind you hanging out with other people at all, you both knew and did your best to balance your time with friends and each other anyways.
Plus, he thought it was quite cute that you’d always give him a quick kiss on the cheek when you’d walk by the water fountain before running off with your club members.
[“Suna hurry up!” he heard Atsumu call for him by the entrance of the gym. 
Suna spared him one glance before straightening himself up and lifting his palm off the button of the water fountain. He gave the setter a nod as he wiped the corner of his lip with the back of his hand. 
Just then, he could hear a familiar voice calling for his name behind him. Not too long after that, he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist and a chaste kiss pressed on his cheek. The corner of his lip twitched up and he looked down to meet your e/c eyes. “Hey bub, don’t you have club activities?” he asked. You nodded, still not letting go of his waist, “just wanted to come and say hello, so...hello” you grinned. Suna smiled and pressed a kiss to your temple, “well hello to you too” he muttered before wrapping his arms around you and embracing you with all his warmth. 
“Y/n you piece of shit there you are!” 
You jumped back at the sound of your friend’s voice from around the corner. You pulled out of Suna’s embrace and gave him an apologetic smile while rubbing the back of your neck, “Sorry Rin gotta run, see you after school!” you didn’t even give him a chance to respond as you placed one last kiss on his jaw before running off to your friends. 
Even though he could hear the faint yelling of Atsumu’s voice calling for him at the back of his head, his eyes were focused on the way your face turned red as your friends teased you. 
God, who let you be so damn cute]
Suna took out one of his hands from the pocket of his coat and wrapped it over your shoulder and pulled you a bit closer to his side. You leaned into his side and let your hair rest lightly onto his chest.
“You’re so annoying, I’m not making any hot pot for you”
“I will lock you outside of my house”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 
Stepping inside the Suna household, you were instantly met with warmth. Suna flickered the lights on as you slipped off your shoes. Suna slipped off his own jacket and motioned for you to give yours to him as well so he could hang it up inside the coat closet. You smiled and put the groceries you were holding in one hand and let him help you shrug off your coat. 
“Here give me your bag, I’ll place it by the couch,” he said with his hand out. You nodded and handed him your backpack as you slipped on some house slippers and made your way towards the kitchen and settled the bags down onto the island. 
As you took the ingredients out of the bag, Suna walked into the living room and turned the TV on to a random show. You were way too invested in deciding which vegetables you wanted to include in the hot pot that you didn’t hear Suna walk towards you with his phone in his hands and the camera app open.
“Babe smile”
Just as you looked up, with mushrooms and green onions in your hand, you hear the sound of the camera shutter go off and Suna snicker. “Cute” he grinned. 
You rolled your eyes, “I thought you only took blackmail of the twins” Suna put his phone down and raised his eyebrows at you, “would you rather have your face or Atsumu’s all over my gallery?” he asked. You thought about it for a minute before nodding, “yeah no never mind you have a point” he chuckled and walked over to you and placed a kiss on your cheek. 
“I need to grab my charger really quick, you know where everything is right?” you nodded, you’ve been over at the Suna residence before and this wouldn’t be the first time you’ve cooked there. 
“Do you need anything upstairs?” he asked. Your ears perked up at the sound of his offer, “Can I borrow a hoodie?” you asked. Suna eyed you up and down, “you’re already wearing one of my hoodies” he stated and narrowed his eyes on the navy blue hoodie over your figure. “No, no, I mean can I wear the really soft one? The black one with the embroidering and cool design on the back” you smiled and gave him a look that you both knew he couldn’t say no for. 
Suna knew what hoodie you were talking about, it was a hoodie that you often wore of his that he hasn’t brought to school in a bit since it was in the laundry. “Think of it as your payment for me since I’m cooking you a meal” you grinned. Suna sighed, “fine, hands up,” he said as put his phone into his pocket and made his way over to you. 
You giggled and did what you were told and lifted your arms up and watched as he held onto the ends of the hoodie and lifted it over your head. Once you felt the sleeves of the hoodie be pulled off your arms, you put them down and straightened your hair and your shirt and smiled up at him, “thank you~” he rolled his eyes “you’re lucky you’re cute” he muttered and looked away which made you laugh. You made your way back to the kitchen and heard his steps going up the stairs.  
You sighed as you eyed down the ingredients, you forgot to ask him if his parents may have wanted some. You didn’t wanna cook too much and not have the means to finish it all but you also didn’t wanna make too little and leave you both hungry. “Better more than less” you thought. 
You turned around and grabbed the cutting board from one of the cabinets and a knife from one of the drawers. Placing the cutting board and the knife on the marble island, you grabbed the bagged vegetables and placed them on a clean plate and discarded the plastic in the trash bin beside the fridge. You ran the vegetables under some water from the sink to clean them before placing them back on the plate and setting them to the side so you could grab another pot and start boiling the water on the stove.
You were silently thankful that Granny and Shin had helped you learn how to make a proper hot pot. As you opened the packet of udon noodles, you were too much in your zone to notice what was happening around you. 
Your cooking was sometimes a hit or miss and with the day you’ve had, you were hungry, and the last thing you wanted was for the meal you took some time to make to taste terrible and leave you hungrier than when you started. The sound of the TV playing in the background drowned and you focused your attention on the cabbage you were cutting. 
You were way too concentrated on making sure that each cabbage slice was the same in length as the rest that you failed to hear the sounds of the front door opening and closing and a female figure walking into the home. 
“Nii-san~oh what the fuck since when did you cook-”
The sudden voice coming into the kitchen and cutting through your concentration made you jump and unfortunately for you, your finger slipped off the cabbage and met the blade of the knife you were using. 
“Oh shit” you hissed in pain and lifted your finger off the cutting board. However, instead of immediately tending to the cut, you looked up at the figure to whom the voice belonged to. 
You looked up and made eye contact with a little girl who was definitely not that much shorter than you. Judging from her middle school uniform, she was definitely between the ages of 11-13. She had brown hair tied into two pigtails, rosy cheeks that were the result of the weather outside, and slim grayish-yellow eyes that were awfully familiar. 
Your brain must’ve short-circuited as two and two didn’t click in your head and a good couple of seconds passed as you both stared at each other in complete silence, mirroring the shocked and confused expression both of you had on your faces. 
Just as you were about to open your mouth and say a word, you watched her face become completely red and she dashed up the stairs leaving you stunned and completely lost while your finger continued to bleed. 
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 
Suna hummed to himself as he rummaged through his closet and tried to find the hoodie of his that you were asking for. He had changed out of his uniform into some more comfortable clothes and had his back towards the door. 
“Shit, where did I put it?” he muttered to himself and closed the doors to his closet. Just as he turned around, the door to his room opened making his eyebrows furrow in annoyance at the amount of force that was used to open his door. 
“Babe did you need something-”
“Nii-san! There’s a pretty girl in our kitchen!”
Oh, that was definitely not the voice of his girlfriend.
Suna sighed and went back to his task of finding the hoodie that you wanted, completely ignoring the sudden appearance of his little sister. However, a small smile tugged on his lips as he heard his sister call you pretty. 
His sister came into his room and looked at her brother in annoyance as she noticed how nonchalant he looked, “hello?? There’s a pretty girl downstairs that is definitely not ‘kaasan so who-” “Idiot. That’s my girlfriend”
His sister blinked at him once,
Then once again,
And one last time just for good measure.
“HUH??” she yelled with a face of disbelief. Suna looked at her weirdly and watched as she flopped down onto his bed with a bewildered expression as she tried to wrap her mind around the new information she was just given. 
“You? Girlfriend? For real?” she asked in shock. The concept of her brother actually getting a girlfriend not clicking in her head. “Are you sure she’s not some group project partner or something?” Suna scrunched his face, “Why do you look so shocked, I told you about her before-” “Nii-san I thought you were lying!” she exclaimed. Suna gave her a blank look and sighed, a part of him not even surprised that his sister thought he was joking.
He rolled his eyes and walked over to slap the back of her head, “Stupid. Why would I lie about that” She gave him an exaggerated shrug, “uh because she’s too pretty for you! She’s even cooking for you! I’m calling it right now that she’s too good for you” she stated and crossed her arms. 
“Rizu, you’re so stupid I swear to god-” he asked. Rizu shook her head “Don’t blame this on me!” Suna gave her an unamused look, “even ‘kaasan and ‘tosan know” Rizu rolled her eyes, “I thought they were in on the joke too!” she exclaimed.
Suna shook his head but took a sigh of relief as he finally found the hoodie he was looking for hanging on the back of his chair, “You’re such a twerp. Did you at least say hi to her?” he asked as he looked down at her once he got the hoodie. Rizu’s face flushed in embarrassment and she scratched the back of her head, “Kinda I guess” Suna narrowed her eyes as he caught on to how nervous she got. He suddenly got suspicious, “what did you do?”
“Nothing bad! I think? just don’t get mad ‘kay?” Suna already began to worry about what she was gonna say. 
“I came in and called for you, but I didn’t know she was cooking so she must’ve been startled and then next thing you know I come in, and we make eye contact and -oh yeah good job Nii-san, you might be stupid but you’ve got a good eye. She’s wow, took my whole breath away you know?- anyways I had to take a sec to admire her, but I think I startled her and I think she cut herself because her finger was bleeding and then I panicked and yeah now I’m here,” she said all in one breath and met eyes with his blank once as she gave him a bright smile. 
“I’m gonna throw out all your posters”
“Wait what?! No Nii-san come back!!”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 
“Rizu say sorry”
Your eyes shifted from your boyfriend who was wrapping a paw patrol bandaid on your finger to the same little girl who stood beside him and was sheepishly looking down at the floor and avoiding all eye contact with you. 
Suna sat you down on a chair in the dining room and a part of you was zoning out as you tried to wrap your mind around what was happening. Looking at the girl who has a striking resemblance to Suna, it didn’t take a genius to know that this was his sister. They had the same striking eyes, cocoa brown hair, and she was even a bit taller for her age. 
There was no denying it, this was definitely his sister. 
But for the life of you, you can’t remember if your quiet bean pole of a boyfriend ever told you of her. Surely you would’ve remembered if he had told you. Did he forget? Or maybe you just failed to notice her presence. Then again you had been over multiple times but you don’t ever remember seeing her. 
“Sorry” she muttered quietly and began to play with the material of her school uniform top. 
Suna rolled his eyes and nudged her with his elbow, “at least look at her when you’re gonna say it” Just as you were about to interject and say that it was okay and it really wasn’t a big deal, Rizu looked up at you, her eyes glassy and her lip slightly jutting out as she puffed her cheeks, “I’m so sorry! You’re very pretty! My head malfunctioned! Please don’t break up with Nii-san! He’s lonely!” she cried. Your eyes widened, taken back by her “apology” and Suna only rolled his eyes and clicked his tongue in annoyance.  
“I-it’s fine really, it’s just a small cut anyways, no biggie Rizu-chan” you assured.
At the way you said her name, Rizu’s whole mood flipped. Her eyes instantly sparkled and she looked up at you with a face of adoration. She wiped away her tears away with the sleeve of her top and harshly pushed her brother to the side making him let go of your hands as he stumbled over. Your eyes widened at the amount of strength inside the little girl in front of you as she managed to push away your 6ft tall boyfriend to the side like it was nothing. 
“Really? Are you sure it’s okay? Y/n right? I’m gonna call you Y/n-chan! I think we’d make great friends” she beamed, her eyes still twinkling as she looked at you with an excited daze. “How come we’ve never met before? I thought Nii-san was lying about you. Do you like drama? how about musicals? You can come to my show next week! And are you sure you’re dating Nii-san? You can run now I can distract him for you-” your mind couldn’t even process the words she was saying with how fast she was talking. You felt your palms starting to get clammy and a part of you began internally panicking at how overwhelmed you were feeling.
In Rizu’s perspective, she had always wanted an older sister but was instead cursed with (in her words) a musty older brother. Now that she knew of his girlfriend, she wasn’t gonna let the opportunity slip away. They were gonna become the best of friends. She knew it.
You laughed nervously and nodded along during her incoherent ramble before turning to Suna with a slight look of panic as you didn’t know what to do or how to handle her sudden change of emotions and the never ending fountain of words leaving her mouth. 
Suna sensed your need for his help, he knew that little kids were never really your strong point. Along with Kita, you also lived with his little siblings who were your little cousins. They were the ages of 4 and 9 and you often complained to him about how they gave you a headache with how loud and rambunctious they were. 
He had to hold back a laugh at how panic you began to look when his sister began to talk your ear off. She kept switching topics and was now rambling on about how pretty you were and asking what moisturizer you used because your skin looked so soft and why you decided to date her brother who she considered looked like a malnourished raccoon. 
Shaking his head and holding back a smile, he walked over and flicked his sister’s forehead making her stop midway into her sentence and whine. “The hell was that for!” she cried as she rubbed the sore spot on her head. 
Suna rolled his eyes at her dramatics and stuffed one of his hands into his pockets while the other found its way to rest on the small of your back, drawing shapes on the cotton fabric of the black hoodie that he slipped onto your figure when he got back downstairs. “Stop being so rude brat. Relax and introduce yourself first before you start thinking about getting buddy-buddy already” he scolded in his usual bored tone.
You were baffled. Seeing your boyfriend act like a responsible big brother was something you were definitely not prepared to see today. 
Hell, you didn’t even know he had a sister until literally a couple of minutes ago. 
Suna felt you staring at him and looked down at you with one of his brows slightly raised up as if he was asking if you were okay. Before you could reassure him that you were fine, Rizu cleared her throat and took a step back from you. 
She put a hand on her hip while she proudly pointed her thumb to her chest as she looked at you with a confident and prideful smile. “Suna Rizue, Rizu for short, Class 2-B Representative and Vice president of the Nobara Middle School drama club” she exclaims proudly. She flipped away one of her pigtails back behind her shoulder before crossing her arms, the same prideful smile never leaving her lips while her eyes had a flash of mischievousness in them. “I’m also known around this household as the prettiest Suna sibling. ‘Kaasan said so herself” she spoke triumphantly. 
You stifled a laugh as Suna clicked his tongue and muttered “dramatic brat” under his breath. 
As you felt yourself slowly relax, you stood from your seat, realizing not too long after that you were barely taller than his little sister but chose to ignore that minor detail, you extended your hand out to his sister and watched the way her face lit up. “L/n Y/n, Class 2-5 and member of the Inarizaki art club. While your brother is cute, I have to agree that you are the prettier Suna sibling” you joked and turned to Suna momentarily with a teasing glint with your eyes. Suna only narrowed his eyes at you and furrowed his brows which made both you and Rizu laugh. 
You turned back to Rizu and smiled, “It’s nice to meet you Rizu-chan, Rin doesn’t really bring you up much-” or ever “so I’m sorry it took so long for us to meet.”
Rizu shook her head, “It’s okay! Nii-san talks about you sometimes but I thought he was just lying. He’s kind of lame and he zones out a lot so I thought you were just some weird figment of his imagination that he made to cope with his loneliness” your jaw dropped, were kids always this blunt? 
Rizu shrugged and pulled her phone out of her backpack, “But whatever, I guess the universe felt bad for him and decided not to make him some lonely loser. Anyways, can we exchange numbers Y/n-chan? I wanna send you Nii-sans baby photos” she smiled and looked up at you hopefully. At the sound of Suna’s baby photos being offered up on the table, you quickly nodded and typed in your contact info into her phone. 
Suna’s jaw dropped ever so slightly before scoffing and looking away as he crossed his arms. “Can’t believe my own girlfriend is ganging up on me with my sister” he thought in disbelief. 
“Rizu-chan you’re brother and I are gonna make some hot pot, want some?” you asked as you handed her phone back into her hands. Rizu nodded enthusiastically, “that sounds great! Can I help? Please!” she asked in a hopeful tone as she brought her hands together. You laughed and nodded and watched her beam and skip away to the kitchen. 
Before following her, you turned around to look up at Suna with a frown on your face and your arms crossed over your chest. Suna looked back at you, unsure of why you were giving him that look. “What?” he asked, which only made you look at him in disbelief at his cluelessness. You scoffed and rolled your eyes before making your way towards him and slapping his arm, “You idiot! You never told me you had a little sister” you hissed. 
Suna blinked at you, “I didn’t?” he asked, genuinely confused, while raising one of his eyebrows. You looked at him incredulously and shook your head, “no!” you exclaimed. “God I can’t believe you didn’t tell me” you muttered and looked away, cheeks warming up in embarrassment.
Suna eyed your actions and sighed knowing that he must’ve upset you. If he’s being honest, he didn’t mean to keep you in the dark about his sister. He just always had his mind on you whenever the two of you would hang out so he truthfully forgot about his sister whenever you two were together. He sighed, he leaned back to sit on the edge of the dining room table before grabbing your arm and pulling you closer to his chest. 
When you didn’t budge against him, he wrapped his arms around your shoulders and he leaned his head on your shoulders before muttering a quiet, “sorry” into the fabric of his hoodie. A couple seconds passed before you gave in and wrapped your arms around his waist, embracing his warmth. 
Truthfully you weren’t upset or mad at him, just a bit embarrassed that you never knew about his sister until literally a couple of moments ago. You remember how nervous you were when you first met his parents and felt all those nerves coming back because you wanted to impress his little sister. 
You pulled away first and scratched the back of your neck, “It’s fine Rin I’m not mad. If anything I’m just a bit embarrassed that I never noticed. I mean I’ve met your parents and been over multiple times. Plus I’ve slept over like twice already!” you exclaimed. 
Suna moved his arms off your shoulder and used one to support his weight on the table while the other moved your hair away from your face and tucked some strands behind your ear. “It’s not your fault, The brat is always away doing her drama club stuff or whatever so she doesn’t get back until I’ve already walked you home for the night. For the sleepover, I think it’s just a coincidence that she would be away while you were over” he said and you nodded. 
Suna stared at you for a moment, he caught onto how uneasy you looked and immediately figured out why. “Babe, don’t worry about impressing Rizu too much. Trust me, she already likes you a lot” he said while using his thumb to rub the side of your neck gently. 
You nodded slowly before looking up at him with a confused expression, “how did you forget to tell me huh?” you asked. Suna thought back for a moment before shrugging nonchalantly, “I only think of you when we’re together, the brat is old enough to take care of herself” he admitted bluntly.
Your cheeks warmed up and you chuckled making Suna’s chest erupt in butterflies at the sight of your smile. “Calling your sister a brat is kind of rude you know?” you teased. He looked at you with an unamused expression, “you call your little cousins' demon spawns as if that’s any better” he pointed out. You opened your mouth but quickly closed it as you realized he was right. 
Suna pushed himself off of the table and walked towards you and you already saw the mischievous look in his eyes. He leaned down, his lips just barely brushing over yours, “am I forgiven?” he asked in a hushed tone. Your face quickly turned into a bright shade of red once you realized how close he got. While the offer was tempting and his lips were right there, you remembered that his sister was only just a couple feet away from the two of you and you didn’t want to risk her seeing anything. 
You didn’t answer and only looked away, flustered, which made Suna chuckle. He pecked the corner of your lips before straightening himself up, “I’ll take that as a yes” he smirked, making you roll your eyes. 
Suna then grabbed your shoulders and turned you around as he pushed you into the kitchen where his little was sitting on top of the counter wearing a blue apron while a pink folded apron was in her hands. 
She looked up at the two of you entering the kitchen, she smiled at you and noticed how flustered you. She shot her brother a look of disgust. “Ew don’t tell me you were making out in the dining room. So gross Nii-san” she commented as her brother walked towards her to grab the extra apron in her hands. 
Suna looked at her with his normal bored and lazy expression, “shut it brat” he said before turning his back and making his way towards you. Rizu rolled her eyes and turned her attention back onto her phone. It wasn’t until she started to hear the two of you banter when she put down her phone in her lap and watched the way you and her brother interacted. 
She listened to you ask about what vegetables he would want in the hot pot and watched as he moved behind your back and pushed your hair over your shoulder so he could tie the strings of the pink apron behind your neck. 
The sight was strange and oddly sweet. Rizu always thought that her brother would be a terrible boyfriend. He was quiet, borderline lazy, and had no romantic bone in him. He seemed like the type of partner who would do nothing but the bare minimum when they’re in a relationship. He was often annoyed at the sight of other couples and he never had much interest in being in a relationship himself which was partly the reason why Rizu didn’t think to believe him when he told their parents that he had a girlfriend out of the blue one day.
[“Rintarou stop playing around” Their mother chuckled. 
“No for real, I have a girlfriend and she wants to go stargazing so I’ll be home late” he said monotonically before slipping on his shoes and heading out the door.
Rizu watched as her parents exchanged a lost expression with a mix of disbelief towards each other. Part of them were surprised, part of them were happy, but part of them didn’t know if he was playing around or not. 
“Did you know about this?” Their mother asked their Dad who was grabbing a glass from the cupboard. Their Dad only shook his head, “No. You think that’s why he’s been so busy lately?” he asked only to receive a clueless shrug from his wife. 
Rizu rolled her eyes and jumped up from the couch to face her parents. “Come on this is Nii-san we’re talking about. He’s probably just lying. He can’t even talk to girls, let alone get a full on girlfriend”]
“That statement didn’t age well” Rizu thought.
Her eyes followed the way he had the smallest smile on his face as he adjusted your apron, asking afterwards if it was comfortable or if you needed him to adjust it better. Once you told him it was okay, he moved onto gathering your hair into his hands and tying it back with the small black silk band he had around his wrist. Suna placed his hands back onto your shoulders to turn you around to face him. He brought his hand over your face and moved the fly-aways to the side while tucking the loose pieces behind your ear. 
After he was done, you stood on your tippy-toes and pressed a kiss onto his cheek and whispered a quiet “thank you Rin Rin.” She narrowed her eyes and had to hold back her urge to laugh at how the tips of his ears lit up into a bright shade of red. It was then that she concluded one thing:
“he’s so fucking whipped” she muttered under her breath.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 
“Wait are you serious? He really gave you a can of lemonade for your birthday?” you asked looking up from the meat you were slicing in bewilderment as Rizu nodded. “Mhm! It wasn’t even the brand I liked, it was the generic ones that had too much sugar” she explained as she moved past you to set the bowl of mushrooms she had cut up with the other vegetables. 
You turned to look at Suna who was sitting on a stool by the kitchen island with his attention fully on his phone. “Is this true?” you questioned. Suna didn’t even look up from his phone as he simply replied, “she likes lemonade.”
 You stifled a laugh at his answer and Rizu only scowled. She nudged your arm and whispered “I dunno how you put up with him” into your ear making you giggle. 
Cooking with the Suna siblings was definitely interesting, to say the least. You weren’t surprised to see that Rizu was a complete polar opposite from her brother. Judging from her first words to you, you knew that she was a lot more outspoken than her brother. While Suna was quiet, Rizu spoke as if she had a microphone taped onto her mouth. She was talkative and energetic while Suna always seemed like he was close to shutting off at any given moment. 
Their dynamic was different, to say the least. Rizu lived up to the annoying little sister type while her brother looked as if he could care less about whatever she did. However, all siblings had at least one thing in common and between them, and you figured out what that thing was quickly. 
They both shared a high level of pettiness. 
If one said something the other didn’t like, they’d find something expose worthy to embarrass the other person. It was a constant back and forth of how could embarrass the other person the worst. 
When Rizu told you that Suna didn’t learn how to tie his shoelaces until he was 8, Suna told you that she failed her math test. When Suna told you that she once slipped on stage mid-performance, Rizu told you that Suna came to their mother when he needed dating advice. 
[ Nii-san shut up! The stage was slippery and my costume was a long dress!” Rizu cried out dramatically. Suna rolled his eyes, “the costumes of your classmates were long but you didn’t see them tripping all over the stage” he teased. Rizu’s jaw dropped, a fire inside lit up as she felt herself getting angry with her older brother. ‘Two can play at this game’ she thought. 
Rizu scoffed and turned to face her body towards you as she leaned onto the counter. “You know Yn-chan, Nii-san always asks ‘kaasan about what he should do to impress you! You know that sunflower field date? He and ‘Kaasan planned that whole thing together ‘cause Nii-san is a clueless idiot and didn’t know what to do” You turned your head to the side and looked at Rizu with a curious expression before briefly looking at your boyfriend who had tensed up. 
“Really now? Rin had me convinced that he did all the planning himself” you teased as you narrowed your eyes at him. Suna huffed, “she just let me use her card to pay for the stupid tickets, I did everything else.” he muttered. 
You chuckled, noticing the way his cheeks puffed out and how the tips of his ears started to turn red. You smiled as you nodded at what Rizu saying, momentarily glancing at him every so often. 
How cute.
Suna then looked up from his phone, a devious smirk on his lips as he knew the perfect moment to us in order to one-up her previous statement.
“Babe did you know that Rizu sleeps with an Eren body pillow-”
“shut up!!” ]
It was a never-ending petty battle between the two siblings. 
Nonetheless, you could tell that they still cared about each other. Albeit in their own special way. 
Rizu rolled her eyes and turned to you and leaned closer, whispering loud enough so that her brother could hear, “Y/n-chan are you sure you’re actually his girlfriend? Like willingly? If he’s paying you then I can guarantee that he’s not paying you enough. Blink twice if you need help-hey!” she whined as she felt a mushroom hit her arm. You both turned to Suna who had a smug smile on his face, “stop talking shit about me brat.” Rizu narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms, “or what Nii-san?” she challenged. “I’ll tell ‘kaasan that you walked home with that boy yesterday,” he shot back. 
Rizu’s smirked dropped, “hey! You promised you wouldn’t tell her!” she whined. Suna shrugged his shoulders, “I lied” he replied simply. Rizu scoffed, “I can’t believe you’re dating such a meanie!” she exclaimed and began to angrily stir the broth in the pot.
You watched her actions momentarily before walking around the kitchen island and towards Suna and whacking his arm with a towel you were using to dry your hands. “Stop being so mean to your sister!” you scolded. He looked at you with an unamused expression as he rubbed his arm, “she was mean to me first,” he defended himself bluntly. You rolled your eyes and turned your back to go and start frying the beef.
A comfortable silence came into the kitchen as you and his sister continued cooking. Of course, this silence didn’t last long as the two siblings would go back to their back and forth bantering but nonetheless, there was a comfortable and homey aura in the atmosphere. 
The hot pot was coming together and you occasionally would have Suna try the meat and make sure that it tasted okay. Suna may not be the one cooking, but he had offered his assistance early on by cutting some of the tofu and cooking the udon noodles. You and Rizu would trail off and have your own conversation, missing the way Suna would glance up at the two of you, his hands propping up his phone as he took photos of the two of you laughing and joking around together. 
The rest of the night went by smoothly. Once the hot pot was ready, you asked Suna to prepare the table while you and Rizu set the food down. Since it was nearing 6pm by the time you and Rizu had finished cooking, you all considered this an early dinner. You sat beside Suna while Rizu sat across from you as you all enjoyed a warm bowl of hot pot during a cold winter night. 
Suna watched as you and Rizu talked about a certain anime you both had been watching and took everything within him to not smile at the moment. Seeing you interact with his sister warmed his heart and a part of him was relieved that you two got along well. 
He knew that Rizu was a bit overbearing and you weren’t a big fan of younger children so he was worried that you two would clash. 
But alas, seeing that two of you laugh together put him at ease. 
After dinner, Rizu knew better than to try and third wheel you and her brother. She could see from the way his shoulder kept brushing past yours and how his hands kept getting closer and closer to yours during dinner that he was itching to get any sort of alone time with you. 
She could be a little shit and steal you from him during another day.
Before scurrying off to her room, Rizu gave you a high five before exclaiming once again that you’re really pretty and way too good for her stupid brother while also saying that she would text you his baby photos later. You laughed and nodded along and she flashed Suna a cheeky smile before running up the stairs. 
Once his sister was finally gone, Suna grabbed your wrist and dragged you over to the kotatsu sofa in his living room and practically dragged you down. “Well aren’t you clingy” you teased as he pulled up the blankets over your legs. Suna rolled his eyes, muttering a quiet “shut up” as he laid down and made himself comfortable under the blankets. 
You mirrored his actions, shuffling under the blankets and finding a comfy spot to lay on. Suna’s hands found their way around your waist and he moved you closer to him, letting your head rest against his chest. You couldn’t help but laugh at how clingy he was being as you watched him shift so you were laying on top of him while he hugged you as if you were a teddy bear. 
Suna leaned his head back comfortably on the couch cushion as closed his eyes and a content smile came over his face. “You’re so warm,” he muttered quietly. You smiled “I think that’s just the kotatsu heating Rin,” you said quietly muttered into his chest. “No it’s definitely you, I always feel warm when I’m with you” he whispered. 
You smiled, not failing the way his words made butterflies erupt in your stomach “how cheesy” you teased while momentarily lifting your head so you could poke his cheek. “Whatever” he sighed, his arms around your waist slowly holding you just a bit tighter. “I thought we were supposed to be studying Rin” you said quietly. “Tomorrow, too comfortable right now” he answered back. You giggled, “you just want me to come back huh.” Suna didn’t even bother to deny, only simply nodding and humming a faint “mhm” before relaxing his body. 
A wave of comfortable silence came once again as you two embraced each other's warmth. Your ear was pressed against his chest and the steady rhythm of his heartbeat lulling you into sleep. Slowly but surely you found yourself getting drowsy from your comfortable position and you no longer had any energy left in you to stop your eyes from closing.
Suna wasn’t surprised to hear the faint sounds of your gentle snoring not too long after. For a moment he sat up, careful not to wake you, and he took a moment to just admire you. How soft, gentle, and unbothered you looked in his arms. He removed one of his hands from your waist and gently rubbed your arm, he stiffened for a moment as watched as you shuffled slightly before relaxing against him once again. His body loosened up and a small smile spread on his lips, ‘How could someone be so damn pretty’ he thought. 
He admired you for a moment longer. His head replaying the memories you two made in the past 5 months while silently looking forward to what you two had in store together in the future. 
He petted your head gently as he wondered starting about what he should do for your 6 months. You’ve been talking about ice skating after seeing it in a movie so he considered that as an option. The idea of seeing you excitedly skating under the twinkling lights of the ice rink made Suna excited. He knew he couldn’t skate, but he didn’t really care. Just sharing the moment with you was enough for him. 
Slowly, his own exhaustion from the day soon caught up to him and soon enough he was getting tired as well. He shuffled back down and rested his head on the cushions. He lifted his hands off your waist to adjust the blanket over you two, make sure you were all snuggled up and warm. 
Just before he surrendered himself to sleep, he pressed a soft kiss on the top of your head and another one on your forehead. Whispering a faint “love you” before closing his eyes, failing to notice the small smile that grew on your lips.
However, he didn’t fail to feel the heart that your finger softly drew on his chest. 
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 
Bonus Scene 
“Nii-san can I borrow a pencil?”
Suna looked up from his phone and narrowed his eyes at his sister who was standing by his doorway. Suna looked at her blankly, for a moment he grew suspicious of why she suddenly wanted a pencil but he was honestly far too tired to even try and figure out what she really wanted. “It’s on my desk,” he said plainly as he nodded his head over to his desk on the other side of his room. 
Rizu nodded and made her way over to his desk that was placed in front of his window. Rizu came in front of his desk and scanned the surface for what she needed. He had an open notebook with unfinished work displayed in the middle while his pen holders lined up the top of his desk. 
Rizu saw a pencil sitting inside his pen holder and reached out her hands to take a hold of it. Just as she was about to turn around and leave his room so she could finish up her work, she noticed something taped on the side of his wall that was being covered up by the curtain blowing in front of it. 
While she knew it was wrong to snoop around other people's things, she was empty of blackmail against him and that reason alone was enough for her to justify her actions. She turned around to look back at her brother and saw that he was fairly distracted and took that moment as an opportunity to push the curtain aside. 
However, instead of finding incriminating blackmail, all she saw was a picture of you and him taped from what looked like to be the inside of the photobooths at the movie theatres. The first picture was of you two smiling (well more you than him), the second was you kissing cheek, the 3rd one he had pulled you to sit on top of his lap and he was now the one kissing your cheek, and the last photo was the two of you smiling genuinely to each other, paying no attention to the camera as you both got too caught up in the moment. 
“I hate how they're so cute,” she admitted in her head.
Rizu’s eyes then drifted from the wall that had a bunch of other taped printed photos of you and him to his window sill where a bunch of little trinkets were displayed along with a singular photo frame. 
Her eyes looked over the little trinkets. He had some action figures and random knick-knacks. Nothing interesting in her opinion. “Typical boy stuff, nothing I can use against him,” she thought. Looking past the small transformers' action figure, she kept looking at his window sill until she stopped and stared at a paper box full of little things inside. She squinted her eyes, her eyes having a hard time seeing what it was with how dark it was in his room. She leaned closer and upon further inspection, it finally dawned on her what was inside the box.
It was a bunch of little origami strawberries. 
A bunch of little origami strawberries piled on top of each other, some had wrinkled leaves while others had bent corners. Rizu then looked back at his desk and saw a small stack of red and green papers neatly set on the corner of his desk. 
“weird,” she thought. 
Her eyes shifted from the paper box to the small white square frame where there was a photo of you inside sitting at the edge of the window sill. 
Surrounding you were rows and rows of sunflowers that were facing towards the sun. You were clad in a pretty dress with small floral patterns along with a small sun hat on your head that was tipped back so the sun was hitting your face. Your hair was blown back behind your shoulder, your left hand was holding a bunch of sunflowers while your right hand was resting on top of your hat, holding it down so it wouldn’t be blown away by the wind. Your eyes were closed and you had the warmest smile on your lips as you were basking into the afternoon sunshine. The sunlight was kissing your skin so perfectly that she swore you were glowing. You looked so peaceful, relaxed, and content. It was clear that you weren’t trying to pose for the camera, this photo captured you and all your natural beauty. 
You looked ethereal. 
She looked back at her brother and back at the basket of origami strawberries and the photo frame and concluded one other thing.
“what a fucking simp”
Tumblr media
a/n: yes it’s may but this story takes place in december oops
I promised a while back that I was going to make an extra that featured suna’s little sister. Personally, I feel like Suna’s sister with be the complete opposite of him. Hence why I wrote her to be very dramatic and enthusiastic. He’s probably able to put up with the miya twins bullshit because his sister already made him go through so much LMAO
I’m uncertain if this is going to be my last extra for club stupid. I have one last long fic idea in mind but truthfully I’m not sure when I’ll get to writing it </3
Regardless, thank you guys so much for the love and appreciation for this series. It really means a lot to me and I’m glad to see people continue to enjoy it :)
a/n 2: ayo where do i find myself a suna? genuinely asking and in need of help. 
taglist! [CLOSED] @aircorumble​@elianetsantana​ @versatilewindow @introvertatitsfinest​ @aristatrois​ @mizukisonoda​ @amberisnotcrazy​ @kritiiiii​ @iloveyouasmuchaspoohloveshoney​ @a-moon-fairy ​ @akaasht​ @lotusweebs​ @marvelous-maxi​ @laughingismorefun​ @hhmnvm​ @sweetyrina​ @honeydrip​ @miracleboy420​ @rachelexe​ @charsdummb​ @mjoork @loser-keiji​ @dinablossom​ @ntimacy​ @kac-chowsballs​@unhappyraspberry @sbaepsae ​ @doebopeepeebbod @missalienqueen​@ssuna​ @violenthead​ @unstableye​ @tycrackculture​​ @a-applepi​​ i @lollyzen​​ @aisawa-reo​​ @ashybitch89​ @sunflowerirl​ @sapphicstarss​ @melodiamore​ @valrubiii @urbasicaveragegirl @mint-mai @4kaashl @sugawsites @anngelllla @applekenm @bumblebeesofspace @dreamstormings @milkingkageyama @tsumu-core @luvelyxp @aquariarose
[it’s been a long time since I updated this series so i apologize if I am unable to tag you 🥲]
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writingwife-83 · a month ago
@englandsgray tagged me in a “tell me how old you are without telling me how old you are” challenge. Let’s get this party started seeing as it better be wrapped up by about 9:30pm lol...
I was a senior in high school when 9/11 happened and of course remember the whole day vividly
I’ve now seen 70s styles come back not once, but twice
I was excited when I got my first cell phone that had emojis
It was also thrilling when *gasp* it has a camera! 😆
And on that note, my first few cell phones had just the number key pad, so that means the old style of texting where some letters took 4 clicks. You kids don’t. Even. Know!! 😅
My wedding footage is on a VHS tape 📼
I wasn’t on any form of social media until my mid twenties
My first concert was Dave Matthew’s band
I saw The Little Mermaid something like a half dozen times when it first came out in the theater 😂
Creating boards on Pinterest?? Nope, not yet lol. More like my girlfriends and I going to Barnes and Nobel and buying stacks of bridal magazines to cut out pictures for an album of our dream weddings
I could go on but that’s probably enough haha! Anyone who sees this and feels like revealing how old you feel, consider this your invitation. 👵🏻🎉
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dojae-huh · a month ago
gongmyung and his control freak sibling
 GM is alot more calm, i dont know if became calmer coz of growng up in media or if he was always the softer and calmer brother.  doyoung loves control (both in his life and in ppl he thinks have a lot of potential {the reason he nags members}). doyoung took away the camera the moment he was infront of the vlog camera (u can cleaqrly see GM doesnt care abt angles while the idol in doyoung cares alot) u can also clearly hear doyoung chatting to the ppl getting him ready, he has opinions abt everything and needs thing his way alot more.  even though doyoung tries to control everyhting around him but u can see that GM is the older one in the way they think about things. GM is alot more mature, even though he allows his young sibling to control him and also follows him lovingly alot.  GM talking abt taking breaks when u get them is one hell of an advice just not for doyoung but for anyone who is working, him talking abt doyoung trying to find another hobby as his hobby has become his job is also a good advice.  Doyoung has a very one track mind, it might get him things he wants but at what cost in the long run. doyoung being himself thought of learning stuff that could help his job and career but his brother reminding him that he needs breaks just warmed my heart and i loved GM alot at that moment. this also shows that GM is grounded and knows they need to take of themselves as theyre more important than their careers.  this whole discussion made me realise how hard doyoung works and how his family knows and worries abt him i just love this whole video so much, we got to see alot more sides which we didnt for a while in offical nct content  PS. GM looks alot like jaehyun but also doyoung, as you said one really does fall for someone similar to u and doyoung proves it. i also realised why jeno is doyoungs fav, GM reminded me alot of jeno. thoughtful but easy to push around  video sorry i wrote control so many times but doyoung does like control, u can see it in all the bts video. even shoots where he tells the photographer what will look good or better. 
The way Gongmyung speaks reminded me Jaemin. His overall manner of responding and being soft, as well as some facial features, are similar to Jaehyun. And he listens to Doyoung well like Jeno. Doyoung’s two challenges are Hyuk and Tae, other biases are like he loves it, lol. 
Do and GM have a lot of similar gestures and habits. Now I get why Do speaks softly despite being savage, seems it’s the way in the family. 
Gongmyung changed agencies on April 1st 2020, and the brothers’ vlog was his first on the agency’s channel. Somehow I think the younger brother did orchestrate this promotional move, he was so invested with angles and reactions. The restaurant reminded me about Do’s desire to have a show with Kims going to different places to try food. Do praised GM a lot during Drawing Interview. It was like a demo of Kims’ rapport and chemistry. 
GM gave good advice, but it’s easy to understand why Do is like that. He is ambitious, competitive, he sees others in the trade, who at his age achieved more. It’s very hard for a creative active mind to have a rest, when it’s undeserved. The anxiety stands in the way of relaxation. As a Russian saying goes: “best rest is a different work”. And Do is not wrong, in this age competition is so high, one has to be well prepared for opportunities. I doubt Do even can follow GM’s advice with his type of nervous system. Someone will have to take his phone away from him to cut him off from the world to fully switch gears. 
I wonder what future Doyoung planned for Jaehyun, heh. 
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haikyutiehoe · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank you for your support! i really like it here and want to celebrate what for me once was a childhood nightmare (writing) + i hope you enjoy ! below you will find an extensive list, it’s smut central down there
◆ please provide the prompt (various if needed), a scenario, setting and characters involved when requesting. in addition to general character x reader smut requests, i am writing threesomes, poly, gangbang
◆ (optional), include a description of the outfit of the reader and any subsequent lingerie or a photo image.
◆ this event is mainly open to the haikyuu fandom but i will accept a few jjk requests too
◆ these posts will feature the #haikyutiehoeevents and have a “read more”
◆ minors, dni
◆ these are all my own prompt creations, they are original and special, and took a while to come up with, been busy with tests and assignments
◆ characters of interest include; aran, kita, suna, daichi, kenma, sakusa, hinata, bokuto, asahi, akaashi, kunimi, [ for the sake of making more content with these characters that i haven’t written for much, i include them here as a general note, you can ignore it easily lol! ]
◆ i am aiming to write 300+ words per request and challenging myself to write 1k+ (possibly beyond, hehe) as well. the requests with more details and plot will likely produce a larger word count, however if you’re not certain of ideas just indicate in the request if you’re interested in a longer fic.
(this is an example of a longer request that hopefully helps you frame your idea with the context of the prompt! thank you @bakugohoex)
maybe like suna with dont speak to me like i haven’t made you choke on daddy’s cock before after reader spends all day teasing suna on their day out together and he gets so pissed off that’s he finally has enough and drags reader to a semi public location and makes her suck him off unable to speak and yeah he’s just a teasing shit not letting her get off as he gets his release
this video says differently sweetheart
i found your underwear in my pocket, thought you might need it
you can close your legs now
if you wanted my face between your legs, all you had to do was ask nicely
i only fuck freaks
put on the new makeup, i wanna watch the mascara run down your face as i fuck you
put that mouth to good use and make me cum
don’t speak to me like i haven’t made you choke on daddy’s cock before
brats belong on their knees
your kinks are basic
there’s really no explaining this to our friends, they predicted we’d sleep together eventually
take one for the team
touch yourself and don’t stop, not until i’ve cum
liars don’t get to cum
get to work
if you still think this is just sex, then why am i still here
i know i fuck you stupid, but i haven’t even touched you yet and you’re babbling nonsense baby
creaming on my fingers alone, i’ll have to teach you some manners before our guests arrive
i fucked you on a facetime with my friends and now you want to be shy about them coming over?
it’s only fair that if i caught you, i should be the one to make you cum
say please
i’ve already seen you naked, don’t worry about how you look, worry about how it feels
oh? that’s the only thing you have to say after seeing my cock for the first time when i know you’ve been thirsting over it for weeks? better get to praising my dick baby or you’re never seeing it again
that was very selfish of you baby, and you know i hate selfish people
you should have chosen your words more carefully
use your words, we’re among friends, no need to hide
i came to see a show
your friend said you’ve done this before
i prefer your legs around my neck
for someone who hates how i gawk at your tits you sure do wear a lot of low cut tops around me
i’m going to eat you out right next to your bestie, and if you behave, i might just give you a taste of my cock
is this piercing new?
are you gonna dry hump me all night or are you gonna fuck me like you hate me?
i wanna hear those pretty lips say my name and ask me to breed you like the slut you are
i heard you can show me and friends a good time
you’ve been a very busy baby, lying, evading, tricking me, time to learn a valuable lesson
let’s see what you’ve learned
we only bang on the weekends because you’re so uptight about your parents, i think i’ve been patient enough
i can’t stop looking at those lips, wondering how deep you can take me before you start crying
we...we weren’t supposed to’re my best friends ex
dare? get on all fours and i’ll show you why you shoulda picked truth
you look so fucking sexy keeping my dick warm
has anyone touched you here before?
i’m not going to fuck you, i’m going to ruin you
it’s breeding season and i’m only getting started
you keep pretending like you don’t know me but we both know i’m the only one in your bed every other night
this ass was made for fucking
show daddy’s friends a good time
i distinctly remember you fucking my thigh last night
no wonder the rumors are so vulgar, look at that [genitals]
bondage? you really trust me to be kind to you when you’re spread like that?
what did we say about making daddy angry?
that’s really fucked up ... when do we get started?
you gonna give me a sloppy handjob all night or throat me like a real whore?
i...i don’t know how to cum (reader exclusive)
can you really blame them for talking about us? we fuck like rabbits
you have no idea of my bedroom tastes pillow princess
keep taking that cock like i know you can, good … so fucking good
shy sweetheart? why? before long i’ll be burying you in the mattress
kiss you? i can’t do more?
the teams been dreaming of these tits all year
look at the mess you made
how do you run out of condoms?
bring your legs higher, c’mon-fuck not like that, like this
i can shave it for you
i’ll fuck the attitude out of you if you don’t drop it now
one...two...don’t let me get to three
your mouth ruins it, stuff them (spoken to someone else)
stop crying, i know you like choking on me
if you keep touching yourself we’re going to have a serious problem baby, and no ones gonna come to help you
“i can fuck you better than a miya” - kita/aran exclusive quote
you’d cum in front of my friends if i told you to
i taught him how to fuck whores,
i had the volleyball manager begging on her knees for me to fuck her stupid, why should i fuck you?
don’t talk to me with that breedable mouth baby
get used to luxury of these legs baby, you’re gonna be using them tomorrow
you’re gonna be finding marks where you didn’t even know they could be
that’s not what you said on the phone last night
say that again while you’re riding my face
more? you need more? selfish brat. you’re lucky daddy loves you or he’d let his friends have their way with you at the party, you’d deserve it too, watching daddy fist his cock while you took his whole team
breeding brats like you is just another saturday night for me
threaten me again and i’ll breed you in front of your parents
holes like these were made for us
i don’t care if someone sees us, you should have known better than to aggravate me
stop dancing around, do you wanna fuck or not?
shit-wait, i think there’s a security camera in this room
no walking around naked, i have roommates
keep quiet, you don’t want the professor to hear daddy wrecking you
you’ve never looked more like the whore i know you were than letting daddy’s friends fuck you stupid
that picture was meant for me, don’t try denying it
you’re cuffed to the bed, how are you possibly going to dom me?
stupid cumslut, i don’t think you know how fucked you’re going to be when i get a hold of that mouth
you can’t argue with me and expect to win when you’re dicks that hard already
oh? you like it like that? fuck baby, we’re never doing it the other way again
i’m not surprised, you’re all bite and no bark
bring your friends, we can make it a party
i like breaking virgins
i’ll cock warm you three thousand times if it takes learning daddy’s name
no amount of makeup is going to hide that sweetheart
call him, i want him to hear you scream my name and take me
you have a smart mouth for a brat, lets see what it can do
how could you ever forget my cock, i’m the man who made you fuckable
lose the glasses, and the shoes...the gloves too...actually, just take it all off
someone’s a hungry whore today aren’t they?
you could go viral
there isn’t going to be any more confusion as to whose bitch you are after this
you fuck like a pornstar
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solarwonux · a month ago
Tumblr media
89.  “Just let me finish this level and I swear I’ll go down on you all night.”
93.  “Fuck…did we use protection?”
Tumblr media
twitch streamer!wonwoo x f!reader
w.c: 3.9k (honestly I think I forgot what drabbles were clearly lol)
warnings: some angst, smut, mutual masturbation, some slight panty stuffing, oral sex (f receiving), unprotected sex, pregnancy scare, talks about plan b
note: excuse me everyone I literally love gamer and twitch streamer Wonwoo, but not everyone does. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one if you want more twitch!streamer wonwoo let me I will be happy to oblige, I have MANY ideas. Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts. 
p.s send me a prompt for either svt or bts or both. I will also happily oblige to that lol
Masterlist || Drabble game 
Tumblr media
Watching Wonwoo play Zelda was not what you had expected when he had texted earlier asking you to come over. “Just let me finish this level and I swear I’ll go down on you all night.” He whispered against your lips in a half kiss when you walked in through his front door.
That had been over an hour and three completed levels ago. It was an empty promise long forgotten as he kept himself immersed in the game, talking enthusiastically about his day and random things his brain would conjure up on the spot. It was like you didn’t exist, and for the most part to his viewers, you didn’t. It wasn’t like you were his girlfriend or anything. Even if you were, you valued your privacy more than anything in the world. You preferred to work on your own things in the background away from his camera whenever you were over. This was something the two of you had mutually agreed to. 
Casual hangs and casual sex.
Lately, your relationship had become the product of most of your stress. You never knew where you stood with Wonwoo. Sometimes he would literally invite you over to keep him company while he streamed only to kick you out the second he finished. “I’m too tired, you should go.” He would say pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, “I’ll see you later.” 
Of course, those moments were overshadowed by the soft touches he left imprinted on your skin. By the sweetness of the words he shared with you and only you whenever he wasn’t working. It made you want more. More of him, more of his attention, and more of whatever was going on between the two of you. But that was something you refused to bring up afraid that the only one harboring feelings for the other was you. 
Heartbreak was not in your plans for life, at least not for a while. 
You sighed, throwing your phone down onto the couch. Your patience was wearing thin. Maybe it had to do with the fact you were already having a bad day, and Wonwoo’s indifference towards you wasn’t helping. When you had gotten his text earlier, you couldn’t help but feel all giddy inside. The two of you hadn’t seen each other in a few days with work schedules being all over the place and not aligning. It was something to look forward to, not necessarily because of the sex--which was always amazing. But you really just wanted to talk to him. Lay down with his arms wrapped around you while you complained about work and how frustrating your coworkers were being.
By the looks of it, you weren’t going to get any of that, not even what he had promised when you had first walked in. You were tired, your clothes were starting to annoy and you wanted to cry. If it wasn’t for the fact that his front door was in line with his camera, you would’ve left already.
Wonwoo could sense something was wrong with you. Every time you sighed it felt like you were punching him in the gut. He really meant what he had said when you walked in earlier. He also meant the quiet I love you he mumbled underneath his breath when you walked past him and into the living room. He wasn’t sure when he had fallen in love with you, just that months ago he had woken up and you were the only thing he could think of. Every time he held you in his arms the three little words bubbled up in the back of his throat, wishing he could bring himself to finally say it, but his fear held him back. Afraid that you didn’t feel the same way.
“Alright, you know what I think that’s enough for tonight.” Wonwoo smiled into the camera, trying to keep up with the chat as they begged him not to go yet. “I have to go, my girlfriend is over and I want to spend time with her. Anyway, same time next week Monday guys.” Wonwoo nodded, stopping the stream. Once he was positive that he had turned everything off he felt his shoulders relax and leaned back in his chair. He closed his eyes for a second before opening them again, the panic surging through his veins was unbearable. He turned around in his chair meeting your equally shocked face.
He royally fucked up. He just confessed to his audience without meaning to confess. He had told his audience that you were his girlfriend and he hadn’t even asked you yet. The surprise and speech he had worked on all week, the reason he took a break from streaming until tonight, was for nothing. He had gotten ahead of himself and he didn’t know what to do now. Or how to fix it.
“G-Girlfriend? Wait you have a fucking girlfriend?” You stood up from his couch, blinded by anger. “What the fuck Wonwoo, when were you going to tell me? Before or after you fucked me?” You shouted, your heart was beating fast as you turned around to gather up your stuff.
Unbelievable. Here you were distracted, thinking about how cute he looked while he blamed his failure on his character. The pout that had formed on his lips as he pushed his glasses up his nose and blew out a raspberry, moving aside the strands of his newly dyed blonde hair. The frustration you had felt earlier, forgotten, replaced with admiration. Only for it to come back after what he had said, this time fiery red and ready to burn everything it touched.
“Stop, no wait, I don’t have a girlfriend. At least not yet.” He spoke fast, his words blending with one another as he quickly made his way to you. He grabbed hold of your laptop and held it against his chest.
“Is that supposed to make me feel better, did you just call me down to ignore me and then fuck me one last time before you called it quits!” You said in disbelief reaching over for your laptop.
Wonwoo turned around facing away from you. “No that’s not...that’s not what...fuck, calm down please and just let me talk.” He pleaded as he sat down on his couch, your laptop still clutched tightly in his arms. It was your prized possession, it held the first three drafts of the novel you were working on. He knew you well enough to know that you hadn’t backed anything up no matter how many times he told you to do so. So, he was positive that as long as he held onto it like his life depended on it (because it did) you wouldn’t leave without it.
You crossed your arms in front of you ”I am calm, but I don’t know if I want to listen to what you have to say.”
Wonwoo cringed, he was more nervous than what he had intended to be. He had an entire speech planned. Wrote it down, even got Jihoon to proofread it. He had performed it in front of his bathroom mirror every morning and night. He thought he had it in the bag, pumped up his chest a few times before opening his front door to you earlier. Yet, the second he saw you, he forgot everything he had planned to say. This is mainly why he had spent such a long time streaming. Hoping that the distraction would somehow help him remember.
It didn’t.
“Wonwoo, I swear if you don’t start talking in the next five seconds I’m leaving and suing you for holding my laptop hostage.”
Wonwoo sighed and slapped his forehead lightly before turning to look at you, “okay, I don’t think that’s allowed bu-”
“It is if I say that you stole it trying to steal my work, I don’t know I’ll find a way.” You shrugged, earning a glare from Wonwoo. You knew he hated whenever someone interrupted him while he was in the middle of saying something. It was something you would do to him out of spite, but in your humble opinion this time he really did deserve it. Though, it didn’t make you feel as good as you had hoped, “fine sorry, you can continue.” You sighed and sat down on his coffee table.
Wonwoo put your laptop down and leaned over his elbows taking your hands in his. “I love you and I want you to be my girlfriend. I know we agreed to just keep this casual but I can’t help the way my heart literally feels like it’s going to fall out of my ass whenever I’m with you. So yeah, I don’t have a girlfriend yet, because I haven’t asked you to be my girlfriend yet. But there’s no one else, only you, and I’m so-”
Wonwoo was cut off when he felt your body land on his, knocking the air out of his lungs. You hugged him, straddling his hips and burying your face into his chest, giggling. It felt like a weight had been lifted from your shoulders and you felt awful for assuming the worst and jumping to conclusions.
“Ask me ask me ask me ask me.” You bounced on his lap like a child. He groaned doubling over in pain.
He placed his hands on your hips to keep you from moving, “No now I know you’re actually trying to kill me.” He smirked and left a sweet kiss against your lips. A low chuckle running past his lips as he took in your pouting face, “fine, my love, my baby will you please be my girlfriend?” He cocked his head, his hands playing with the hem of your t-shirt.
“Yes, but only if you give me my laptop back and keep the promise you made me earlier.” You smiled innocently, playing with the hair on the back of his neck.
Wonwoo smirked, his hands made their way underneath your shirt. “No to the laptop, you work too much and I’m determined to back up everything on a hard drive later.” He rubbed his thumbs over the skin of your hips, slowly inching closer to the button of your jeans, “not sure I remember the promise I made earlier though, can you remind me?”
You kissed him slowly, tugging on his shirt, “you said you would finish a level before going down on me all night, and it’s four and a half levels later and I’m still waiting.” You whispered against his lips, before pulling away and bringing his shirt over his head, taking it off, throwing it behind him, aiming for the laundry basket, missing it completely, making you sigh. 
“Well you didn’t give me enough time to answer, but that can be arranged.” He pecked your lips, pushing your shirt up and over your head, throwing it behind him. “You’d have to step into my office though.” 
“Wonwoo, baby, don’t ever call your room your office.” You rolled your eyes and got up from his lap. 
He chuckled, shaking his head and stood up, “oh no that’s not what I meant, room comes later. Tonight we start in my office.” He says cheekily, pointing his thumb towards his gaming setup. Your eyes grew wide as saucers, only making him laugh harder while he pushed you towards his gaming chair. 
“Wait, you’re like not going to turn the camera on are you?” You said as he pushed you down to sit in which you obeyed. The colorful lights from his gaming setup kept you distracted as Wonwoo got down on his knees in front of you. 
“Nope, I’ve just always wanted to eat you out while you sat on my gaming chair. But maybe one day in the future if you want. You can take over my stream and play animal crossing while I secretly eat you out on camera.” He smirked, the evil glint behind his soft eyes sent shivers down your spine. The little exibitionist in him coming out. You’d be lying if you didn’t find the thought of it exciting. 
“One day.” You breathed, lifting your hips, helping him as he pulled down your pants. 
Wonwoo sent you a wink pushing your thighs apart with his hands, “We can also play overwatch together. That cute little vibrator you keep hidden in your bedside drawer, stuffed inside your pussy.” He placed his index finger over the wet patch that had formed over your panties, pushing in slightly. “And everytime you die I up the speed, see how long you can last before you have me begging to turn off the stream so you can cum.” Wonwoo kept pushing his finger in you, your panties sticking onto you like second skin. 
You threw your head back, digging your nails into the arms of his leather chair. “F-Fuck how long h-have you thought about this?” You lifted your hips as he added another finger. 
“Right now, or maybe a few times when you’re not around.” He leaned down kissing your mound lightly, “but seeing you like this, sprawled out, wet and waiting for my mouth is reinforcing those fantasies.” He worked his fingers diligently, pushing the thin material of your panties inside of you. He couldn’t wait to stuff you full with his cock later. 
You let out a whimper as his mouth traveled down to your clothed entrance. He removed his fingers licking up a stride, before taking one of your lips into his mouth and biting down on it gently. “W-Wonwoo please I want to feel your mouth.” 
“You are, aren’t you?.” He looked, staring at you through the rim of his round glasses before repeating his actions again making you whimper. “Take your bra off, play with yourself for me.” He left a chaste kiss in your inner thigh and sat back on his heels. He palmed himself over his black tracksuit pants as he watched you slowly unclasp your bra, letting the straps slide down your arms. You were teasing him, he knew this but he didn’t care. Seeing you get undressed for him was one of his favorite past times, especially because you always went extra slow for him. 
You threw your bra, not caring where it landed. You rolled your palms over your nipples, soft sighs running past your lips as you kept your eyes trained on Wonwoo. “Want to feel your hot tongue fucking me Woo.” You spread your legs even further pinching your nipples. You moved your hand down your body, your index finger playing with the seam of your panties. “Is this one of your fantasies? Me touching myself, sitting here?” You said, tilting your head to the side, moving your hand into your panties and running your index and middle fingers over your clit slowly.
“Yes.” He hissed, pushing his hand into his boxers grabbing onto his cock. “God, you make me so hard.” 
“Let me see please.” You arched your back, your fingers getting faster. Wonwoo nodded, wasting no time to free himself, his hand wrapped tightly around his length. His index finger connects with the small bead of precum that had formed, showing you how sticky and ready he was for you. 
“Want to taste?” You nodded letting out soft moans as you lifted your hips, into the palm of your hand, sticking your tongue out for him. “Fuck.” He cursed getting up on his knees, bringing his index finger up to your mouth. You closed your lips around it, swirling your tongue over the tip, savoring the salty substance. 
You pulled away with a pop, taking your fingers out of your panties and bringing them up to his lips. He took them in, moaning around them. “Do I taste good?” You said taking out your fingers from his mouth, moving them over his lips, wetting them further. 
“I’m going to have to take a closer look.” He said lowly, pushing your panties down in a haste. He spread your legs, licking up your slit, teasing your hole with his tongue. Being in between your legs was his second most favorite pastime. He savored every moment of it. Sometimes he would prolong your orgasm, keeping you on edge, so that when you came, your sweet substance would coat his lips, spilling down his chin and neck. It was the most beautiful site, one that only he had the privilege in witnessing. 
“Mmm, your tongue feels so good Wonwoo.” You pinched your nipple while tugging on the roots of his blonde hair, pushing his mouth closer. 
He moaned, slurping up your juices like you were his last meal. He wrapped his mouth around your clit, pulling it between his teeth before letting it go. “I want to be here forever but I don’t think I can last any longer without being inside of you.” He pushed two of his fingers inside of you. The feeling of your wet walls wrapped around his thick calloused fingers made his cock twitch. 
“B-But I-I want to cum.” You pouted, arching your back away from his chair, pushing your hips further into his hand. “Please, I’m so close already.” You pant, the knot in the pit of your stomach threatening to break. 
“Oh honey, you will. I’ll have you coming undone more than three times tonight.” He stated with determination and brought his mouth down again, closing his lips around your clit. He sucked harshly moaning sinfully. He fucked you faster with his fingers curling them upwards, reaching the soft mushy skin inside of you. 
“W-Wonwoo f-fuck don’t stop I-I’m so close.” 
Wonwoo let go of your swollen bud, slowing down his fingers as you clenched around them. “Look at me, I want to watch me while you cum.” You agreed with a pleasure filled sigh, watching as he pushed back his glasses. The sight almost had you coming undone. 
He put his mouth on you again, increasing the pace of his fingers. Babbles coming out of your mouth as you pulled on his hair, motivating him to go faster. The squelching sounds coming from your wet, hot pussy sounded like music to his ears. He bit down on your clit lightly, sending you over the edge, your cum coating his fingers, while you moaned his name in a sweet sinful prayer. His eyes burning holes into yours, the sight was award winning, his cock begging to be milked out. 
Wonwoo continued, riding out your orgasm. Until you felt the oversensitivity overcome your body “W-Woo, s-stop please.” You pushed his head carefully with the palm of your hand. 
He kissed the inside of both of your thighs before sitting up on his knees, taking your face into his hands. “You always look so pretty when you cum.” He pecked your lips repeatedly, before wrapping your arms around you hugging you tightly. “I love you so much.” He kissed your temple. 
“Why do you always get so mushy every time you make me cum?” You laughed gently, running your fingers down his back, making him shiver.
“You bring out in me, I can’t help it, stop complaining. I’m giving you time to recover before I bend you over my desk.” 
“Not complaining. I love it.” You kissed his cheek. “And I love you.” You whispered in his ear, taking his earlobe, pulling it between your teeth.. He groaned, swallowing hard, his getting tighter around you.
“My desk, then my couch, then my bed, then the shower, and then my bed again.” 
Tumblr media
The sun had started to rise. It was five in the morning and your body was suddenly overcome with sleep, when Wonwoo pulled out of you one last time. He had kept true to his promise, literally fucked you the entire night, christening his apartment, except his kitchen. “If we have sex in the kitchen, the only thing I’ll be thinking about while I’m cooking is your mouth around my dick.” He said as he pushed you into the wide window of his living room, making you laugh. 
“Do you have to work today?” He placed a delicate kiss against your collar bone, laying his head on top of your chest. 
“It’s Saturday, why would I have work on Saturday?” You smiled sleepily, running your fingers through his hair. He sighed happily, pulling his sheets over the two of you and cuddling into you further. 
“You’re always working, I just wanted to ask.” He shrugged, raising his body enough to leave a chaste kiss against your lips. “Take a break today and I promise that by the time you wake up again I’ll have all of your files backed up into the harddrive I bought you.” 
You shook your head, placing both of your palms against his cheeks, squishing them. “Do you know how sexy you sound when you talk about computers.” 
“Nope, but you once told me to divide you in half when I was explaining finances to you. Now that I think about it, that statement can go both ways.” He smiled laying down on his back, bringing you along with him. Your eyes growing wide when you felt it running down your thighs. You sat up in panic, removing the sheets of your body to see if your silent hypothesis was correct.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, confused.
“Wonwoo, fuck...did we use protection?” 
Wonwoo pushed the covers away with his feet, sitting up quickly. He looked between your legs, his eyebrows furrowing in concern, “You’re on the pill still right?” 
“We changed my formula, I had to stop taking it for a few days.” You threw yourself down on his bed covering your eyes with your hands. The tears pooling against your eyes. You felt the bed dip next to you. Wonwoo took your hands in his, revealing your tearful eyes to him making him sigh. 
“Baby, don’t worry.” He kissed your cheeks repeatedly before sitting up again, “I’ll run down to the convenience store, get a plan b while you go take a bath. I’ll join you when I get back.” 
“W-What’s happens if I take the plan b and still miraculously end up pregnant, it’s only ninety five percent effective.” 
“Then I’ll be with you every step of the way. I meant what I said earlier, I love you so much and I plan to marry you and have kids with you one day. Don’t worry.” 
Your heart felt full. The butterflies erupting in the pit of your stomach. Wonwoo and you had shared many intimate dreams and desires before, but this one felt different. This was a dream the two of you shared and it made you feel at ease. “Okay, okay I will, just hurry up please.” 
Wonwoo scoffed, getting up from his bed, slipping on his sweatpants and sweatshirt. “Baby please don’t underestimate me. I’ll be back before you know it.” He leaned down giving you one last kiss before jogging over to his front door. “I love you.” He shouted, opening the door. 
You laughed sitting up on your elbows shaking your head, “I love you, now hurry I can feel your child cooking in me.” 
“Impossible, it takes roughly twenty four hours for my sperm to fertilize one of your eggs, and it’s literally been thirty minutes. Therefore you wou--”
“Wonwoo shut up just hurry.” 
“Okay I love you.” He said while closing his front door. You laughed shaking your head falling back on his bed. Your entire body was aching and though you were a little scared, given obvious circumstances. You had never felt so much warmth and happiness in your life. 
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thedappleddragon · a month ago
ugh im big stupid and haven't been posting my shit here for a while. I've still been typing it out in my notes, I just havent transferred them onto here lol. im putting it all under the cut, don't worry
Today was pretty dang nice! I spent a little time outside because it was nice and warm out, I drew a little in my sketchbook and digitally rendered a picture of Anna’s new princess outfit, ran an errand with my mom to pick up a graphing calculator and a pack of soda, ate some Wendy’s, and did a lot of sewing for my dress! I joined the bodice lining and exterior, and did a little over half of the sewing for the skirt. I’m doing French seams so there’s no raw edges on the inside, so I still have to iron it and go over the second round of stitches. My machine malfunctioned for a moment with the thread tangling up in the lower bobbin thingy, so I left it alone for like an hour and it fixed itself lol. I’m very happy with how the bodice came out after clipping all the extra fabric in the corners and test fitting it. I think it’ll be great when it’s done!! Although I may or may not need to seam rip a little bit of the skirt to extend the zipper down so I can get it over my fuckin DUMPTRUCK when putting it on. Right now there’s enough stretch to put it on, but Idk how well that’ll stay after attaching the 2 pieces. Also it might end up making me look fat/preggo in the end with how the skirt lays lmao. I also did a really quick test fit with the sleeves, and I might actually like it better sleeveless? I’ll put one on anyway and go from there to see which I like better. HOORAY this dress has pockets!! But I may have put them a little low lol. I wanted to do a big dress debut at prom, but turns out graduates aren’t allowed due to covid restrictions :( so that really sucks. But we’re still gonna hang out a little bit beforehand, and I can still do a debut. I made a little bow out of some scrap dress fabric, which I want to put in my hair for pre-prom. I think I’ll braid my hair, maybe get some fake flowers from dollar tree and ribbon to add somehow, and put the ribbon either at the bottom or the top, wherever the hair tie eventually goes. I’m so exited to work on it more. I’m kinda running out of white thread tho so I’ll have to get more. Later in the evening i got hungry and made ramen while my dad and I watched a documentary on some of the horrible shit that went on all around the world during 2020, some of which I had forgotten about, some that was really surreal and out of a dystopian movie, and some stuff that was just upsetting to watch. It was still pretty good tho. I got work tomorrow and I’m really sleepy even tho it’s only 12:30 so I think I’m gonna grab a snack and go to sleep soon. Gnight mwah
Yesterday I worked and sewed until I ran out of thread and drew a little bit. Spent most of my shift watering flowers, then I went home and ate for a moment, then watered more and picked dead flowers and talked about avatar and other animated shows with the highschool girl I work with. Came home and hung out for a while, that evening made some good pasta. 
Today I justly hung out, then went with mom to pick up a bookshelf and went through strawtown which I thought was a very funny name for a town. There was a cute antique shop in there tho. On the way back we stopped in a sewing shop called Always in stitches. I expected it to be a very small shop, but it was SO much bigger than I thought it would be. They had tons of fabric and quilting supplies, and lots of old ladies working and talking. I picked up a cone of white thread and a fabric sample pack. Then I sewed my dress a little bit. I still have lots to do, and only like 2.5 days to do it. I’ll get there tho. All I have to do is add the skirt hem, add the pockets back in (I took them out so I could see them in normally), add sleeves and hem them, and add the zipper. And attach the skirt to the bodice. I think I’ll be able to do it. I had yogurt for the first time in forever today. Tbh I used just enough to hold together the strawberry and granola bits kgelgskgs. It was pretty good tho. I drew ELEVEN pages in my sketchbook, about 8 of them being a comic about the pony au of our royalty au. I could have done the comic with human characters but ponies are so much easier to draw aggsssdh. I spent 40 minutes typing out the dialogue and editing it on top of the rest of the comic so my friend could read it, but she still hasn’t read my text :( oh well that’s fine lol. The original plot was supposed to be Sam talking to an accidental illusion of me being mean about her blight, but then I accidentally made it something different. I might just draw the alternate ending instead. Update I just did
Yesterday I sewed and went to Menards to buy tile for moms bathroom.
Today was VERY productive, I feel like. I woke up and immediately took a shower and did laundry. I spent some one just sitting on my bed scrolling and researching while listening to medieval remixes of songs lol. At some point I went out to buy subway for everyone and stopped at dollar tree for nail polish and satin ribbon. I made the ribbon into a little choker and wanted to use it for the hem of the skirt, but I was too short. In total I spent HOURS hemming and pinning and seam ripping and ironing and sewing today, but it’s still not done. I gotta kick my ass into high gear if it’s gone be done by Sunday afternoon. I started sewing the bottom hem, but my machine has been doing this weird thing where the fabric scrunches up right past the sewing foot and leaves wrinkles and gathers so loose I can move it around with my hands easily. I think it’s just my tension being too tight or something, I adjusted it a bit and I’ll test it in the morning. I’m too tired and it’s too late at night to be doing that much sewing. I seam ripped the entire back skirt seam so I could extend the zipper a little further down, and I’ll sew it back up once the hem is done. After that all I need to donis connect the skirt to the bocice, fix the zipper, and hem the arm holes. I don’t want to use the sleeves I made because the edges don’t line up at all and I don’t think I would be able to lift my arms, the way it’s built. The nail polish I picked up works way better than I thought it would, leaving a pretty good metallic sheen after just one coat. Way better than I thought for a dollar. I helped mom lay down tile a little bit, ripping up one old tile and helping a bit at a time throughout the day. I kept asking if she wanted help with the actual tiling part but she said no. We also couldn’t get the fuckin box cutter I bought to work. It’s supposed to be easy to replace the blade, but we couldn’t figure it out lol. I’m falling asleep fun. Washed my face twice, trying to take good care of myself before prom so I look good in photos. Gotta wash hair tomorrow. Made hamburger meat
Spent all day sewing and listening to bardcore remixes. Dress is as done as I bother to make it rn
Tbh I was hoping for a little more for today. I’ve spent the last like week or longer working towards this, and going especially in depth the past 3 days. I got all silky smooth, worked for hours on my dress, thought about pretty much nothing except prom day. I was late because my dad had my neighbor come over to take pictures of me in my dress. I thought it was just going to be her holding my dad’s phone to get a picture of us together, but she brought her whole ass professional camera and spent several minutes taking pictures. Then I took the weirdest way possible to get to my friend’s house on accident because google maps said it was the fastest way to get there. But HEY when I did get there I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. We ate some dinner AND??? Sammie I’m sorry if you’re reading this but THE MASHED POTATOES?? WERE S O BLAND????? AFAJSTSTHJST ily but girl. Just a little salt could have gone a long way <3 the steak and especially the green bean casserole were good tho :) dinner was good with the sparkling juice and little desert. Overall everything was just very loud, but that’s to be expected when this is everyone’s first time seeing each other in a goddamn while: actually I think they’ve all seen each other at school without me but hey whatever. I think I fucked up my phone screen on accident by sitting on it while it was in my pocket with my keys, leaving a spiderweb crack in it. I checked and yeah it’s not just the screen protector :( eh I don’t care that much, It didn’t fuck up the lcd screen or anything. We went up to Sam’s room and hung out and talked while she did Liz’s makeup and took pictures, and I borrowed a little of her concealer before photos. There was a little photo shoot in their front yard, and looking at the photos I look a little fat in them but I LOVE all the photos taken in Sam’s room where we were all just hanging out. Idk why but whenever you have to do photos and they say to do a silly one, it never turns out good, but the fun ones you casually take always turn out way better. They’re more genuine :) but then it was time for everyone to go to prom and for me to go home 😔 we only hung out for like an hour and a half. I didn’t want to take off my dress, seeing as I put in so much effort to sew the whole dress and shave and look pretty, so I wore it around the house for a bit until I got tired and went to lay in bed. I watched the mitchels vs the machines, which is a fuckin DELIGHTFUL movie!! Everybody go watch it it’s so cute <3 I also played some Pokémon and watched a little YouTube in bed, but feeling unfulfilled and wanting to do something different, I just didn’t know what. So instead I started typing this up as my sister brought me a cupcake from prom :) I had a bite and put the rest in the fridge, since it was so big and in a plastic container. I texted a friend over Snapchat asking if they had fun at prom, and they said it was kinda ass. I tried relating and saying yeah all school dances are a little ass, and my friend group once had anti prom and played dnd instead, but they just said ‘that’s nice’ back and idk if that means they’re annoyed at me or they’re just tired and didn’t wanna text or what but :( idk. Either way it’s fine, right now all I care about is going to bed. Gnight I guess. Also I keep thinking about that textpost that’s like “diary of icarly” and she talks in these simple-ass sentences and now I feel self conscious about how I write these snafnfs. I already know I write like a child in these, but that’s just because I don’t wanna go through the effort of making this sound nice and professional every day lmao. So child writing it is. Also painted my nails really horribly and it took forever to clean up which made me late
Woke up, went to work, spent a little time stocking, watered indoor plants, then attempting to work the register, and organized plants the rest of the time. I stood behind one of my coworkers as she checked people out, kind of understanding what she was doing but not that much, and read the manual in down periods. She had me check out a couple people, and it was NERVE WRACKING AS HELL. Thankfully everyone was very nice, and my coworker stood by and helped, and right as I was getting my foothold, my boss called for me to work outside and bring in the new shipment of plants. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT WAS REALLY NICE?? I was actually able to help some people today!! :D I’m slowly getting better at my job which is nice :) originally I was only gonna work 4 hours, but there were more plants to get and I felt like I could keep going, so I ended up working 6 instead. Every time I come home from the end of my shift I feel bad for not working more and like I should have stayed longer. Tbh I think I could do it if I had a proper break! I’ve been doing 4 hour shifts with maybe a water break in the middle because i don’t know how to ask to go on break ;-; Ike my secondary boss in the garden center is super nice and approachable and friendly but the main boss is like. Terrifying. I never know when he’s joking or being serious and I don’t understand him and assffsfamms it SUCKS. But whatever, I went home and ate some Mac n cheese and laid in bed because my back hurt and played on my ds for the rest of the night. I tried a couple new games, none of which I spent very long on. I tried okami den where you’re the wolf puppy child of the precious games protagonist I think, and idk maybe I’ll give it a better try in the future, but I wasn’t feelin it. I spent like 30 minutes on a pro bass fishing simulator and couldn’t clear the first level because the fish wouldn’t get close enough to my boat lmao. Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games was fun until I lost at table tennis to Mario. I’d play it again. But I have work again tomorrow so I gotta go to bed good night. Having to blast my fan and play drawfee on my phone to drown out moms tv again >:(
Ate a pbj for breakfast? Went to work, moved plants around, took my lunch break, went to subway with an expired coupon, ate at home and times it perfectly so I could watch one section of the new drawfee episode, went back to work, made myself sad thinking about the god girl homunculus from fullmetal alchemist, picked dead flowers off the petunias, left a little early, hung out at home, left to go get mom’s medicine, found my dad at the store, followed him around and shopped for a bit, can home to unload everything, talked with him about buying one of the cars from him so it would be under mom’s insurance after the divorce, talked about being able to hang out at dads apparent after we help him move, ate some of the stuff we bought, and now I’m hanging out in bed again. I picked up my Pokémon black save and played a while today which was nice. I think I’m gonna work more in the next few days, be really busy with shit for like a week, and finally have a breather after the 15th. I really need to switch brain gears back into college stuff soon so I can sign up for orientation and figure out finances and shit, but for now it’s midnight and I don’t have to think about it lol
Today was pretty good, but also pretty boring. I played Pokémon all day since I didn’t have work, cooked some hamburger meat, and went on an errand for mom but got the wrong thing so I went out later to buy the right thing. I got spicy chicharrones instead of regular ones oops. On my drive back from getting the right thing, I rolled all my windows down and loved the feeling of driving around right after sunset when the weather was nice but cool, especially after standing in mom’s loud-ass room trying to ask about her bank card. I thought about going back out to aimlessly drive around the park and back, but instead hung out in my kitchen as my cat fell asleep on my lap. I think I’m gonna get paid tomorrow, so that’s exciting :D I probably made a solid couple hundred dollars if I had to guess. Idk what I’m getting paid per hour, but it’s probably ~$10 and I COULD go through my texts again to see how much I’ve worked, but I don’t really wanna lmao. I should just start putting that in my notes app instead...
Just had probably the most involved, longest dream ever?? It was a mix of infinity train and dangenrompa, we were mostly stuck inside my house, one boy left for years to search for supplies, I tried biking along a tail that disappeared into tree roots and a ditch with grass, cried because we had been in the same car for so long I was afraid they were gonna make us kill someone to get past, and at the end we escaped or something and had to fuck up security cameras and get past loopholes and lots of cereal boxes were involved? Idk there’s just so much I don’t remember. I wasn't sure if I had to go to work today, so I sent my boss a text and just kinda hung out. was making  hamburger meat for my mom when my boss called asking me to come in, so I took a shower and worked from 1-5. spent some time at the register, and got way better at checking stuff out :) I learned a couple things, and there was one old lady in particular who was very patient and nice to me while my coworker went to go find a smaller bag of birdseed. when it stopped being busy inside, I went ut to the garden center to help price plants and spent the rest of my shift out there. I got paid too! $9 an hour, 22 hours, $200 in total. hell yeah. not bad, although I literally have no frame of reference on if this Is good or not. after work I went home for a second, then got Hardee’s (or carls jr in the western states). I used a coupon for chicken tenders for me and my sister :) and while I was driving around today, I found myself wishing that everything in life could be as smooth and easy as driving my car through my neighborhood. and then I kinda laughed thinking about how I cried my first time driving on a major road asdjfasjdhf. but seriously I love driving my dad’s silver Volvo!! its so comfy with 4 wheel drive and good petal control, its like always driving on freshly paved roads <3 unfortunately that's the car my dad is taking when he moves into his apartment to use as his full time car instead of his shit-ass blue Volvo, and we’re gonna be stuck with the red Volvo with a really touchy gas pedal and slow break pedal. (idk if you've noticed but we really love old Volvos in this family. they’re all old and boxy as hell and I love em <3 ) then I played Pokemon black and beat the elite 4 and champion in one try with a lot of revives lmao. I was kinda underleveled, right at 48-50 range, same as them. I was angry about stuff and in pain earlier in the shower as I washed my hair, but I dont remember exactly what it was. now I have my soft Spotify playlist going so I can maybe go to sleep soon. oh wait I remember being angry that all I could thin about all day was work, even tho it only takes up a few hours of my day, and then I do nothing all day afterwards. idk it’s just weird.
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izukxnnie · a month ago
hi again!! i saw one of my moots do this, so now i also want to request railcar 6 pls!
i love making new friends but im also kinda shy at first. im also very introspective. also like learning new things but procrastinate a lot. i can be pretty overwhelming at times bc i talk and laugh a lot/loudly.
for preferred fighting style, maybe a combination of long range and melee?
hobbies are reading, writing, watching movies or TV, singing, swimming. for skills, i have an EXTREMELY vivid imagination & am rly good at visualizing, so maybe an emphasis on that? idk lol. i'm also pretty good at singing (that's rly random lmao)
just wanted to mention that for the "drawbacks" part, it can be super easy for me to get distracted and lose motivation to do something.
hope that's enough info! thank you so much <3
i wish i could sing!!! that’s so cool!! anyways uhh the stationmaster assigns you a voice-based teleportation quirk!
tw for cursing, weapons, violence, 1 mention of lethality
thought process: melee and long distance are hard to meld, so i went with a sort of “melee but i approach you real fuckin quick so range doesn’t matter as much” approach. you also put a lot of emphasis on your voice (loud, laughing, singing, etc.) so i wanted to combine those two, and illusions just seemed? idk lots of people already talk abt illusion quirks, so even if i had you sing illusions or traps it just.. idk i wanted to give you smth v unique!!
description: your quirk works by latching on to a person, and then teleporting to their location (w/in 5 ft radius). they will need to be able to hear you at a conversational level (abt 60 decibels) for you to teleport to them, and you’ll need to be able to visualize the space they’re in. this means that you can teleport to someone who is talking to you through an earpiece or phone etc. but only if you know what the space they’re in looks like - otherwise it won’t work. this also means you have to yell louder for opponents that are farther away in order to reach that 60 decibel threshold, and that you’ll need a few seconds to “power up” (visualizing).
drawbacks/limitations: first, the delay time that i mentioned above. second, if you get distracted or lose focus, you will either fail to teleport or end up in a random place within probably a mile radius. not good ya know
offense: you can break through most defense - distance, barriers, etc. - and take your opponents by surprise, which is amazing for offense. you’ll need to be armed, since your quirk does not provide a natural way to deal damage (there are ways, but i’ll discuss those in the support/fighting style sections). i would recommend close range weapons, as well as grenades - you can teleport in, pull the pin, and book it, but the grenade will need a delay for you to visualize the place you’re escaping to + yell/talk to the person there in order to anchor your arrival point.
defense: you can get out of the way pretty quickly, but be cautious of your delay time, since unfamiliar environments will slow you down. you don’t have tanking abilities but you are unlikely to get hit, as long as you have an escape route.
support: this quirk is honestly better for being a rescue hero than for being a fighting hero. you can rescue people as long as they can hear you and you know what the place they’re trapped in looks like. so if you can access security cameras or have someone to work with who has a telepathy/visualization quirk, you’re good to go. also common vehicles like buses, since you already know what they look like inside, are things you can rescue people from. also, if you are a fighting hero, and a teammate needs support, you can get there instantly.
fighting style: ok so. you’re gonna be utilizing the element of surprise and being able to position yourself correctly. the 5 ft radius extends in all directions, so you can just drop down on someone and knock them out. i’d recommend close range weapons - knives - and some kind of weighted objects like sir nighteye’s seals, so that you can just wack someone on the head and bam. fight over. additionally, consider teleporting to someone, grabbing them, and then teleporting to a higher place where your partner is and just. drop. but also that could be lethal so. don't
support items: uhh the weights and knives, plus an earpiece to connect you to allies, and an amplifier/directional speaker like present mic's. i saw this to everyone but: some kind of restraining weapon - nets, capture weapon, tazer, etc. anything that immobilizes.
potential hero names: siren (although you go to them instead of them coming to you), flashbang (bc loud and speedy!! also using grenades a lot), echolocatia, sonar
bonus: present mic would be a good mentor for hero you, if ur a villain kurogiri would be a good mentor.
also sorry this took so long!! im currently deep in finals lol
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luvlyrv · a month ago
Lead in My Heart | Joy x F!Reader
Genre: fluff, featuring actress!reader Summary: When you get to play the role of Sooyoung's best friend, it soon no longer becomes acting. Word Count: 3.4k A/N: ty to my baby for beta reading even though you dont want me to credit or thank you i will thank you every time, it makes me feel more confident in my work when i know you've read it Date: 5/2/21
Tumblr media
There are two things in the room that are causing you to grow sweaty hands. The unbelievably sleek, black roundtable you and your fellow actors sat around, and the unbelievably attractive woman that sat right next to you. You can barely focus on the script in front of you as you keep glancing between the star, Park Sooyoung, and the reflection of your face with all of its subtle nervousness. You're thankful for your good acting skills, but there's only so much you can hide.
Luckily you're only doing a table-reading right now, so the lackluster amount of effort you're exerting over your lines doesn't seem particularly odd. You struggle to grasp the plot of the script or the context of your lines all because of the bubbling feeling of admiration settling in your stomach.
Park Sooyoung. You don't know much about her, only hearing about her success as an idol and now her building success in the acting industry. You've been beginning to build quite a name for yourself too, so you can't help but to respect the tenacity she must have to be able to juggle an acting career with her idol career. God knows how much free time you have for yourself these days and how hectic life is.
You appreciate the way she holds herself too. She's a confident woman that holds herself in well regard without lessening the value of others. Some people wouldn't get that impression when looking at her, but you do. Years of understanding minute details of body language has come to at least some benefit it seems. Her gaze, although some may find frightening, is entrancing to you, and the way she looks at others makes you believe that she holds no malice. Unfortunately you can't say that for every actor you've come across.
For example, already Sooyoung's co-star, Minjoon, has gotten on your nerves. He's already quite famous himself, so he along with Sooyoung are the biggest attractors in this new drama you're all filming. He has the expected attitude that any extremely handsome man who lives a comfortable and lavish life in fame has. A conceited one.
You recall the day of callbacks as he passed you in the hallway. It was just you and a few other women. Very few people were told to come to the second audition, and seeing as this was the biggest drama you'd have even the slightest chance of being in, you were quite pleased with yourself. Minjoon completely destroyed your mood though as he took it upon himself to stop right in front of you with a look of confusion on his face.
You had thought to yourself that maybe he was just confused with your presence, after all you were surrounded with much more well known actresses than you. What you didn't expect though, was for him to boldly state that aloud.
"What's a no-name like you doing here? Are you lost?"
You could barely hide a wince from his comment when you politely replied.
"Sorry no, I'm here for callbacks to play Haeun." Unlike you, Minjoon certainly didn't hide his expression. You remember how degrading it was, him eying you up and down. Without a second thought, as if his words meant nothing, he spits again.
"I don't think you'll make it. Just go home, don't you think you're too ugly for the role?"
You notice your grip on your script has made the paper crumple a bit. As you loosen your grip though, you realize that you're already on the last page and that Sooyoung was delivering the last lines for the episode. You flip back to the first page and set your script down as the writers called the reading done. Everybody got up to leave the room, most of them going to a longue in the building. Filming would start in a couple days and you figured it would be best to feel more comfortable with the people you'd spend a significant time on set with.
The longue was a relatively small room, but it was spacious enough for the ten or so people who decided to linger. You make your way around the room, bowing and making introductions with everybody else. You began to feel a bit jittery remembering that not only are you appearing in the same show as Park Sooyoung, but with other popular people too.
You take a moment to stop and watch everyone talking. Looking around the room filled with people who you've read articles and heard rumors about, a sense of pride once again begins to wash over you. You're excited that you've made it this far, this fast. That wave of pride is soon reigned back in as you feel a light tap on your shoulder though. When you turn your neck to see the person who was vying for your attention the pounding in your chest returned.
"Hello? Y/N, right? I'm Park Sooyoung." She says it with a smile glistening on her face. You feel heat in your cheeks as you're flustered and stunned from the fact that she knows your name.
"Oh! Yes! That's me!" You barely manage to say without stumbling over your words. "It's very nice to meet you, Sooyoung." The woman in front of you seems to find your reaction humorous as she laughs before continuing.
"I just wanted to get to know you better. You know, since you're playing my best friend."
"That's true, I think it's an honor to be able to share the screen with you." Sooyoung smiles at your compliment as a glint of admiration crosses her eyes.
"Actually, I also wanted to say that I think it's an honor to work with you! I watched you in 'Runaway Clubhouse'. I'd say you're better than me, maybe even half the people in this room." There's certainly no way for you to hide your surprise at Sooyoung's flattery.
"Oh really? I'm surprised you watched it, it's a relatively unknown webdrama. Do you like to watch smaller shows?"
"Not particularly. I just saw a popular clip of you and I was impressed and drawn into your performance. It was enough for me to binge the entire thing."
"Well, I've listened to some of your songs. Your voice is really beautiful. I hope they use it in the show. I assume you're going to record an OST?" You try your best to repay her compliment and to continue the conversation. It seemed to work as the two of you quickly spiraled on and on, being some of the last people to leave the lounge. After talking with Sooyoung for a bit the conversation came easily. Most importantly you began to see her more as an approachable person rather than someone in a different world than you. Your nervousness around her went away.
"We've been talking for a while now and I know we both have lines to memorize. How about you give me your number and we chat again another time?" Sooyoung asks you out of formalities but she already begins to pull out her phone.
"Of course, I would love to."
Tumblr media
Your days are busy as you rush to memorize lines and show up on set, repeating scenes over and over again to get it to the director's liking. You don't mind it though as you get to experience what it's like to work on a bigger project. The people that you get to spend time with are also, for the most part, pleasant. The crew on set are polite and mind their own business. Fellow actors have also been nice and you all have had boisterous moments on set, everybody bonding a bit more. There are, of course, exceptions, but you try not to focus on them much.
By far the person you enjoy spending time with the most is Sooyoung. Every day you're thankful that you play a role that lets you be in so many shots with her. Even when the director would get mad and impatient it was fun to mess up scenes with her, and after filming the two of you would occasionally find time for an outing together. Over the past couple months you've gotten increasingly closer. There are plenty of times where you feel the need to tell her how lucky you are but she just laughs it off.
Fans have noticed how close you've both gotten with each other too. Both of you have posted a lot of promotional photos for the drama, including plenty of pictures of the two of you together behind the scenes. You're happy to see how many followers you've gained as well as the comments you've gotten on your posts. They're overwhelmingly positive and it seems like you'll have good prospects for future roles.
You find yourself spending a lot of free time just scrolling on the internet and looking at the audience's feedback. They seem to like not just the show itself, but the chemistry between you and Sooyoung on set. The friendship appears real and genuine, definitely thanks to the fact that off-set it is. There are still things that people complain about though, such as the pacing and lack of depth for some characters. One surprising complaint, or rather wish, that you somehow always eventually find is the wish for your character and Sooyoung's to get together.
"i feel like both of the male leads are too confusing and bad for her… wouldn't Haeun be a better love-interest? lol"
"I know they're just best friends!! But I mean! Some of these scenes have literal heart-eyes."
"Secret ending will be her getting with Haeun."
Whenever you see comments like these you're stunned for a moment but consider their perspective. You suppose that people could read your actions in the show as being a supportive best friend, but you understand how some actions code you otherwise.
Were you really throwing heart-eyes at her? Perhaps you're much better at acting than you initially thought.
Tumblr media
You tiredly wait off-set with Sooyoung. You've just finished a scene and patiently await for the moment you'll be shoved back in front of the cameras. Today has been exhausting as the drama has been nearing its end. Actors and staff alike working hard to try to wrap up as fast and efficiently as possible.
"I know we'll be having a big celebration dinner with the entire crew in a couple weeks, but would you like to hang out with just the two of us beforehand? Celebrate our own successes?" Sooyoung suddenly asks as she watches the mill of people working around you.
"Oh, sure! I think that sounds like a good id-" You lose your breath as Minjoon decides to aggressively run into you. His shoulder pushes you away as he purposefully makes you stand in the middle of his path. While you regain your balance and he continues to tread forward you hear him let out a disgruntled noise before muttering 'pig'.
You wipe at the right side of your body, feeling impure and dirty from being touched by him. You look up to Sooyoung to be met with the scariest face you've ever seen her make. Her eyebrows had a slight furrow and her eyes seemed so detached. What's scarier than overt anger is the anger that seems to be subtly brewing within a person.
"I don't like it when he treats you like that" A dejected huff comes out of her mouth as she watches him saunter away.
"It's fine, really." You try to convince her with your lying, "I'd like to believe that somehow, someday, it'll catch up to him anyways." Sooyoung seems to be angrier at your reaction than with Minjoon as she all of a sudden grabs your hands and closes in on you.
She's only inches away from you as she speaks. This time her voice doesn't seem to be brimming with spite, but rather she lets her voice fall onto your ears beautifully.
"No, don't take that kind of behavior from him. Or anyone." You try to focus on her eyes, but you keep looking between them and her unbelievably close lips. "You're the most kind and caring person I know. You're always able to make me smile like nobody else, and despite what he keeps on telling you…" Her compliments begin to overwhelm you. Sooyoung quickly catches on though as she brings her hand up to your face to swipe away a small tear slowly running down. "You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen too."
You can't tell what's going on now. The gaze that she holds for you is the most gentle and sincere thing you've ever seen. Your heart can't help but to flutter. The combination of her stare and the softness of her hands wrapped around yours sends a crawling feeling up your back. What's going on in her head?
What do her words mean?
"Sooyoung… I-" Not letting you finish your words she quickly rips herself from you, eyes going wide while staring at your hands.
"Sorry, I just wanted to make you feel better. Was I being too sappy?" There's a tint of redness in her cheeks as she smiles. It feels like she's uncomfortable as her eyes begin to wander elsewhere from you. Did you mess things up?
Well, maybe she just felt uncomfortable because she said something like that. With all the time you've spent with Sooyoung during the past few months you've known her to be someone who avoided speaking her mind too much. She had always been affectionate with you via her teasing, so it would make sense that suddenly being sincere like that would affect her. Yes, that's it.
She was just trying to make you feel better.
"No no no, it's okay. I mean it, Sooyoung. Thank you." You decide to close the distance between the two of you by hugging her. "Those words mean the world to me, especially coming from you." The two of you stand still for a second. Sooyoung strokes your hair affectionately until you break away from the hug. You're glad to see that she seemed to have calm down.
"Who knew you could actually get embarrassed?" You tease to lighten the mood.
"I have no idea what you mean." She says after throwing a weak punch to your arm.
Tumblr media
As much as you try not to, you can't get Sooyoung's stare out of your head. That short moment of vulnerability you had with Sooyoung changed something for some reason. You keep telling yourself that you're just friends and that Sooyoung just did what a good friend would do. You tell yourself that the returned feeling of anxiousness you get around her has just blossomed out of confusion.
But why did she have to look at you that way? Look at you in a way nobody else has?
Why does every touch seem to make the both of you jolt now? Every time you have to touch her in a scene you swear you can subtly hear her breathing change. Brushing shoulders on set is enough to make her recoil. Yet at the same time, there are touches that just seem to linger more. When it's just the two of you hanging out she doesn't shy away from playing with your hands. When you walk side by side she can cling onto you, and if you offer your hand she doesn't hesitate to take it.
Everyday is a battle to decipher what her words meant, what she intended them for. It's been so long since you've had a friend as close and supportive as Sooyoung, so maybe you're just misinterpreting things. After all, the idea of Sooyoung liking you is nice, and sometimes the human mind just wants to believe in what it wants.
You force yourself to focus and drop the train of thought. You've been called to get in front of the cameras for a scene again. As you're filming some of the final episodes you know you need to be on top of your game. You need to give the viewers a stunning performance to pull at their heartstrings.
On the count of three you hear the quiet whir of machinery as they begin simulating rain. You drive on a lonely street lit up by streetlights. You get close to Sooyoung's character as she sobs quietly, haven been abandoned by Minjoon's character earlier. You exit the car.
Despite knowing that it is all acting, all just a scene, a real pained face appears on you. Sooyoung is an impressive actress as you full-heartedly feel worried for her, feel awful for seeing the state she's in.
"What's wrong?" Sooyoung continues to sob and hug you as planned. You bring your hand up to grip at her wet back and hold her in a tight embrace before she moves away.
"Baekhyun…he…" She says his name in between sniffles. You know you shouldn't but your mind wanders. In the moment you think about how you'd feel if Sooyoung was really crying. Crying over a boy. You think about how you'd never want to see her be this sad. How you'd never want her heart to break, and how you wouldn't want her heart to be anybody else's but yours.
It's a bad idea. Absolutely. But your heart wants it.
And you're sick of hiding your emotions.
When your lips meet you hear the shocked gasps of everyone. You surprise yourself with your sudden burst of courage, but what was most surprising was the fact that Sooyoung didn't pull away. She lets out a soft breath as she presses her lips against yours in return. She allows her arms to snake around your waist. As she gently holds you against her waist, your lips finally part.
"I'm so sorry." You apologize with a concerned expression. You had fallen for your impulses and embarrassed the both of you in front of everyone. Not only that, but you ruined the shot. As your mind races with regret Sooyoung brings a hand up to cup your face.
"Don't be." There she goes again. Giving you that look with her eyes. You break away from her hold and she doesn't retaliate. With fear you look towards the direction of the director and almost begin apologizing profusely.
He stops you by holding his hand up.
"We're keeping that." He says calmly. He quickly dismisses a majority of the crew and calls in a meeting with some staff. You're stuck dazed and confused before you turn back around to look at Sooyoung. She seems equally as confused about the turn of events but she decides to walk over to you.
"Hey." Her voice wavers for a second. Once again you see a side of Sooyoun that you don't usually see. "So, how about we make that dinner between the two of us a… dinner date? Unless you don't want to of course. Did I misinterpret things?" You smile as you grab her hand. You smile because you're the one who made her act like this, act in an unsure manner that you've never seen before.
"A dinner date sounds good."
Tumblr media
To say that the internet broke would be an understatement. To see such a turn of events happen in a drama, and for those turn of events to include women kissing, was truly uncommon. For some the final few episodes turned them away from the series or made them only consider the other episodes to be real. For others, they appreciated the subversion of expectations and the representation.
As much as some people speculate, it hasn't been revealed that the scene of you and Sooyoung kissing wasn't scripted. Instead the director and writers decided to play off the raw emotions captured and to quickly change the ending to something that they felt was more suitable. Something that would be more gripping.
Minjoon wasn't happy with the ending at all. He felt like your actions affected how much screen-time he ended up having, which, yes, it was true. He also was upset that nearly all the discussion online about the drama was about you and Sooyoung's performance. During the celebration dinner with the crew Minjoon let his grievances be heard by anybody possible. You took the spotlight away from him. You deserved nothing.
Quite frankly though, you and Sooyoung don't care much about the reception of the drama. You don't care much for Minjoon's insults, even though he really wants you to. What you care about is the fact that your dinner date with Sooyoung went well. That now you're going half a year strong.
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zephyrweapon4 · a month ago
Living The Frugal Life: 01/01/2020 - 02/01/2020
Tumblr media
We are nonetheless working on the picket fence garden here and there however it's coming alongside . Within the mean time I'm live trapping and Papa is relocating them as a lot as we will till they've been moved out , if we don't they are going to take over our yard , ya know the phrase breed like rabbits , its true , ya seen one then earlier than you know it there are hundreds lol ! Since then, staff and their unions have accused companies of doing the bare minimum to guard employees and time and once more discovering methods to maintain their lines working. Early this morning simply because the sun was rising Miggs and that i received up and that i seeing one thing bizarre on the surface of my window needed to have a closer look . As they float over with thunder rumbling in them and rain holding off from us largely the birds and critters appear to get frantic and take cover solely to have the solar come out once more and no rain at all .
atollo table lamp for sale ="display:block;text-align:center;clear:both">
Tumblr media
Now I do know they're there, I can find leafhoppers all over the place. Miggs has been on and off sick and we expect it's a mix of how she eats and drinks her food , See Miggs has all the time had problems along with her esophagus and digestion as well as a bit arthritis in her shoulders and we've realized that her eating from her bowls on the floor is hard on all of this now for her so we determined to lift her bowls so it makes all this simpler for her however as an alternative of going out and shopping for the expensive raised bowl feeding station Papa measured did a prototype on a computer constructing program he uses to get the best demotions and what not printed it and made it for Miggs . We hope this helps her , so far so good she gets less gas and appears to be able to swallow better and fewer pressure on all of her ailment's , she appears to love her new feeding station .
Like M. viminalis, these can be a good selection to plant in areas where flooding may sweep away less sturdy vegetation. He wasn't very massive however after i opened the window to get a more in-depth look he made a really high pitch squeal , in fact I spoke to him and advised him he can be ok I wasn't going to harm him then I grabbed my camera and he posed for me , extra like he was snoozing . So off I went in my jammies , boots and coat to get out there before the sun obtained to high up and to warm and melted it all ! Most days she just keeps to her self and acts as if we don't exist , besides at dinner time lol , very antisocial she might be however then there are days like this , gota snigger that is for certain . Indeed, there isn't any higher place than dwelling. Working in batches, place the rounds on the griddle and cook till gentle golden brown on the first side, about 1 to 2 minutes.
When the sun ultimately beamed its gentle on the little bat he took off and that was that for the bat . It can save you your self horticultural heartache by filling your garden with plants which have little or no attraction for these slimy invaders - in my experience Verbena bonariensis, euphorbias, hellebores, lavender, rosemary, japanese anemones, hydrangeas, aquilegias, astrantia, Alchemilla mollis and ferns all fall into this category. These two have been staying round our yard and have been becoming a member of the other birds concerning the feeders . I solved the bully black birds taking over the feeders as I put Safflower within the feeders now , all our black birds don't like it however all the opposite birds do and so do our Chipmunks so win win . This house on Papa’s shop is made for our Mrs Molly Wren so the Sparrows cant get in as Papa put a chunk of clear plexi glass over the thrilling gap made for only a Wren and the Sparrows cant peck it apart to fit in like they do to the wood of other houses both ! Not lengthy after Papa put up his barn chicken homes Sparrows moved proper on in once more .
Papa wants to put somewhat water fall and pond in it subsequent year . We've a number of shale he wants to construct the water fall out of and hasn't decided what kind of little pond yet . Contemplate what you will have simply completed. Our many robins have been wonderfully serenading us every evening and morning . Almost all of our spring birds have arrived now Robins , Grackles , Red Wings, Morning Doves , Cow birds , Starlings , Killdeer and now the Song Sparrow which I had been waiting and waiting for . Right now I'm within the means of painting and then each Papa and i shall be digging and shaping the garden he does all of the muscle work . He bought a flood gentle on a timer for it like we have now about the remainder of our gardens and he moved it from the place it is on this pic to close to the highest of the middle pole aiming down on the garden as the sunshine shines down and out on the garden , it appears to be like nice at night time to , so nonetheless a bit of labor in progress for now . The pic does not present the canines as well for it was taken with my phone however they turned out good better then I expected .
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ssurveys · a month ago
survey by painted-skylines
Best movie soundtrack ever: I’ve always vouched for The Twilight Saga’s soundtracks because their OSTs genuinely did pop the fuck off; but out of the five movies, my favorite would probably be New Moon’s.
What was your favorite Disney movie as a kid? It’s always been Toy Story, and it’s never changed even after watching my fair share of Disney movies through the years.
Have you seen it since? Many times. I try to do at least one rewatch every year.
If I looked through your phone right now, what would I find? A ridiculous amount of photos of V on my camera roll, my different work chats, and conversations between myself and Angela that would probably be tagged as NSFW because we’re comfortable around each other like that, lol.
Do you brush your teeth in the bathroom, or do you get bored & roam around? I just stay by the sink.
Reggae or Ska? Ska, if anything. I used to listen to ska punk.
What time did you wake up today? Like 6:15. I’ve started automatically waking up at 6 AM a week ago for no reason, regardless of how late I sleep the night before. Which is fine, I guess, since I’ve developed a knack of starting work by around 8 anyway; the 2-hour gap is the perfect time to have time for myself before another shift.
Why's the summer going by so fast? It’s not summer yet, but I will agree that time seems to be flying by in general. I’m well aware it’s because I do nothing but work all week, but I actually find the monotony quite relaxing for now so I’m not complaining.
What'll you be doing this 4th of July? That issssss a Sunday, so idk. Probably relaxing at home – or if quarantine protocols have loosened by then I will probably back in a coffee shop.
Are you allowed to wear shorts or tanktops at your school? We're not. In my university, yeah. I always wore tank tops then.
When's the last time you brushed your teeth? Around a half hour ago right after I showered.
Are you a picky-eater? Not at all. I will only be picky around fruits or viands I already dislike, like adobo or sinigang.
How many songs are there in your iTunes? I don’t have an iTunes anymore, and Spotify doesn’t work that way.
How many bands? -
Are you a candle-fanatic? I’m getting there, but I’ve had to park that interest in favor of my new BTS addiction HAHAHAHAHA. My online shopping cart went from Bath & Body Works candles to BTS albums stupidly fast.
How do you feel about incense? Not a fan.
I didn't spell that right, did I? You didn’t, but I corrected it because it was bothering me lol. Now anyone else who might take this survey will never know.
Do you know anyone that kind of looks like an animal? Aren’t we all animals though?
Are you ruthless? That wouldn’t be a word I’d use on myself.
What's your couch look like at home? It’s L-shaped and grey, and quite comfy.
When's the last time you were at a playground? 7 months ago when I went to an abandoned playground during one of my depressive episodes – it was to get some air out of the house after a million job rejections and a crumbling relationship. I don’t think I’ll be going to that playground any time soon.
Does your city/town have a little festival/carnival every year? We probably do but I just can’t care less for it.
Do you attend? Nope.
Have you ever been to an apple-orchard? I don’t know what that is.
Were there any cartoons your parents didn't let you watch as a kid? My mom was heavily critical of Mr. Bean (both versions) which I guess is kinda understandable, but we always watched it whenever she wasn’t home.
Do you need to clean your room? I think I need to go beyond cleaning and rearrange it altogether. It’s starting to look dreary to me, and I’ve been meaning to spruce it up with some floating shelves and a bigger work desk.
What's your favorite color? Pastel pink.
No one ever really changes. They just get better at hiding their flaws. True or false? No? People can change.
Have you ever been to New York City? No.
Do you still have a bicycle? Do you ever still ride it? We have a family-owned bicycle. I don’t know how to ride bikes though, so really only my parents use it.
Have you ever carved your name, or anything into a tree or a bench? I don’t think so. The few times I vandalized, the last thing I did was make it obvious I was the culprit.
What's your favorite ice-cream flavour? Cookies and cream, coffee, or chocolate chip cookie dough.
Have you ever had pecan divinity? Literally have never heard of that before.
Cotton candy or nachos? Nachos.
Is your MySpace page private? I don’t have one.
Do you drink milk? I drink it if I encounter milk, which happens rarely.
Would you rather see Death At A Funeral or Get Him To The Greek? Idk, neither sound interesting and I don’t even know what these are.
Have you ever had to clean a college kid's dorm room? Nah. I’ve never been inside a dorm room, actually. The most I’ve reached is the lobby of Laurice and Jo’s dorm building whenever I’d pick them up, since that’s the only place visitors were let in.
What's your favorite kind of candy-bar? Eh, I prefer a certain brand of peanut butter cups.
When's the last time you hugged a family member? Fuck if I know. Can Cooper be counted as family? I literally just took a break from this survey to cuddle him for a bit.
Or are you more of a ''don't touch me'' kind of person? It’s not that I’m not physically affectionate; I’m just not particularly so with my family.
Could you handle motherhood? At this point, no. I want other things first.
Well what about if your child's EXACTLY like you, could you handle that? They’d be a pain in the ass during their puberty years, but I think I would be able to handle the rest of me.
Have you ever been wakeboarding? Not yet. Angela and I have been planning it this year but there hasn’t been any opportunity yet.
What's the sky look like? It’s black and a little cloudy. No stars tonight.
Are you multi-tasking right now? Kinda, considering my focus levels hahaha. I’m trying to take this survey but I’m also listening to music, and so far I’ve stopped typing to dance in my seat 45793847375359 times.
How many pairs of flipflops do you own? None of my own, but we have a couple ones by the front door for anyone’s use, just in case anyone needs to go out to briefly take out the trash or whatever.
Are you any good at basketball? Not at all. I don’t even know the mechanices beyond making the ball go inside the hoop.
Are you any good at sports in general? I can play table tennis. I suppose I’m just a notch below playing competitively; I can do a decent rally and I’m usually able to smash properly when I feel like it.
Would you rather have a bulldog puppy or a husky puppy? Any kind of puppy is fine with me.
Do you have any stuffed animals? If you do, what are they? No.
Is any of this Go Green stuff really gonna make a significant difference? Of course.
Are you good at making up excuses or lies on the spot? If the need be, yes. But I try to avoid lying as much as possible.
Is Mr. Hudson attractive? Idk who you’re referring to.
The last time you snuck out, what were you going to do? I told my mom I’ll just be withdrawing from the bank when I was really meeting up with Angela so she could return my mom’s absolute favorite abaca mat that I secretly lent her for her grad shoot.
Were you into the whole Harry Potter thing when it was popular? Not really. I read the books after all the movies had already come out, but I didn’t finish the whole set.
Do you think Rupert Grint's cute? Not personally.
Have you ever rode a horse? Yeah.
What's something cute to wear with leggings? For me, I’d pair it with an oversized shirt.
Tye-dye or floral? Floral. I never was a fan of tie-dye.
What's the weirdest thing you've ever ate? A couple of weeks ago my mom said she was gonna make cordon bleu, but the final result was anything but hahaha. I still have no idea what it is she made, but at least it was edible.
What's your desktop wallpaper? It’s just a photo of some mountains that already comes as one of the provided backgrounds on my laptop.
What's your wallpaper on your cell? Lock screen is of Kim Taehyung, home screen is a BTS group photo.
17th contact; Jeuel, a guy I went to college with.
Do you know anyone in the military? I don’t think so.
Are you ashamed to admit that you like Ke$ha? ...Is there a reason I should be?
Is there anything you wanna say to someone right now? Not really.
Pancakes, or waffles? (: Waffles.
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