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See this is why we can’t pause the show


Although some of the facial expressions are AMAZING

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Tried out ToonMe again. This time, I’d tried out its Labs faces; especially the Simpsonized version is so cool.

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toon me trend ft. my favorite shirt

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My sister is able to grab popcorn in a comidicly fast amount of time so whenever somthing intresting is happening she just *appears* with it.

If this doesn’t radiate an absurd amount of wakko energy idk what does

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The Warner’s individual humor style


  • He’s really good at just goofing off in the background. It’s hilarious to watch him just fricken dying in the corner while dots trying to do something important
  • Wakko also really shines with his one liners. The quite one that randomly chimes in with the insane wit is always welcomed in my book.
  • His facial expressions are so amazing that they all could be memes and very much are. This ties into the background one but just watching this alone is funny


  • Dot definitely does the slapstick humor the best. This is becouse she always follows up with wit
  • She’s very sassy which is the source of most of her humor. Granted sometimes it fails but most of the time it’s a good laugh. I feel like sometimes she’s ironically funny


  • Yakko has fast pasted and insultive humor which I love. He always has a way to respond within seconds
  • He’s also very good at bigger gags. They may take a longer time to set up but the pay off is worth it.
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me as a cartoon? wut is wrong with my neck?


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What is this that I just made and why is it actually kinda sad

Someone needs to stop me from using Steven universe songs

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Cute animaniacs headcannons

As a peace offering after my last one shattered your hearts (or at least mine) here you go. It’s a lot easier to make people sad then happy-

  • When they take a group photo at the end Yakko always calls out “ok one more picture… let’s make normal faces for this one!” becouse there default is to make funny faces
  • One time they were all competing against each other in some random game after a bad day. They all tied bc they all wanted each other to win
  • Even though they get huge professionally made musical numbers on the regular without fail ever holiday Yakko gathers Wakko and Dot to the living room to make a performance. It would be good if they actually tried but Dot wants to take charge and Wakko couldn’t care less. It’s still always a ton of fun thought
  • Yakko found it so hilarious that they were turned into funny looking marketable plushies. You can only guess what he got for Christmas from wakko- they sit on the dam mantle
  • Wakko and Dot don’t really like hugs so this results in Yakko randomly picking them up. This is so he can annoying them without technically doing anything wrong
  • Instead of letting the semi-realistic fanfics get them down they constantly do melodramatic recreations of them. They love finding the most corny ones.
  • The idea of fans spending hours making art of them is crazy to them, given they didn’t have the internet before. They have a wall of it all and change it out every few months
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This is bisexual lighting! (hinting that a character is bi using those hues)

Now I would chalk this up to animaniacs loving to use purple and blue hues but yakko is pretty queer coded in the reboot so I definitely see the team doing this

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Yakko: Uh- the anime art style in this segment costed a ton of money so…

Yakko: Let’s give a big thanks to this episodes sponsor- raid shadow legends!

Dot: Now this isn’t your average mobile game, wakko actually loves it so much he’s been playing it for three days…straight…with 0 breaks

Yakko: In fact I haven’t seen him since Tuesday! Download now!!

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I had so much fun with the ToonMe trend from last year that I decided to give it another go for this year as well! 


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This is the BEST Adhd representation I’ve ever seen in my entire life


Originally posted by birdsareblooming

People with ADHD already have enough self doubt. When I become more outgoing I think I sound insultive and annoying- I could panic about a completely normal conversation for a week. If my friends don’t laugh I worry there finding me annoying, if they do I worry if it’s out of pity. And this is EXACTLY what your seeing here. No one reacts to Yakko so he’s freaking out that his whole life he’s just been annoying people. When Wakko and Dot reassure him Yakko most likely thinks there just doing it to make him feel better.

Sure I do like Yakko for his iconic songs and memorable jokes but this right here? This is why I love him. Although I’m only making this connection now I still always related to him through more smaller details and possibly in a subconscious way. This 2 minute clip helped me over come so much- seeing exactly what I was going through is insane

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I made a little video for my portfolios/videos and I think it’s cute. Yes I used my icon art and yes I’m still in love with it.

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Reviews of animaniacs 2020 songs

Catch up: 8/10

It’s pretty funny and always gets a smile out of me. The middle is a little slow and it’s not the best to listen to stand alone but otherwise it’s a cute introduction.

Reboot it: 8.5/10

It has amazing vocals and is a perfect example of self irony. The humor isn’t the best but that’s perfectly fine because listening to it is just so amazing. The ending is a little weak though.

Cartoony rights: 7.5/10

I really liked that it was a history song that switched over to a skit. The chanting part is really catchy and it was nice to see some old faces! It’s just not as iconic compared to some of these other songs

What if: 7/10

I love the meta humor of all reboots being kawai. The ending is really amazing and gave it an extra point and a half. The songs just a little to long.

Yakko vs Jaypac: 10/10

Where do I even start? The visuals are fun to look at, the lyrics are hilarious yet make you think at the same time and the vocals are out of this world. Zero complaints, this song is amazing to listen to anyday.

To be like us: 9/10

Normally I’d think the “be yourself” thing was cheesy but without fail it always puts a smile on my face. All the sibs have equally enjoyable parts so it’s not boring to listen to. I like the “haters are probably jealous” thing.

A zit: 7.5/10

Normally I’d roll my eyes and skip past the classic “first pimple” scene that every tv show is bound to have but I like this one. It’s just a lot of wholesome big brother moments although I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to it

First Ladies: 6/10

Sorry dot, someone has to be last. The first few lines and the idea of racing against the clock is nice but it’s kind of a mess. It’s all out of order and she’s just saying the names for most the song. It had potential and I’m a little upset we got this as our only educational song.

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