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didn’t realize it until a few weeks after it happened, but black clover’s finally off toonami :( i think it’s largely in part due to quarantine interrupting the production of the dub (which is super understandable), but it’s still sad to see

i dunked on that show SOO hard when it first dropped but now i ended up genuinely enjoying it A LOT. crazy to think that it’s been 3 years (to the day!) since it premiered. hopefully it’ll come back some day, but for now assclass is the main reason i’m tuning into toonami

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…Guess Spear is gonna go after…Vikings? I assume?…

this some questions about the World of Primal…Is this really the Primevil Era? or are Spear and Fang on a Lost World of some sort?

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…it’s too fuckin’ LATE to be referencing old Midway Arcade games…

Far too fuckin’ late…

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