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venenatd · a month ago
aot men + dilfs;
Tumblr media
definition; dad i’d like to fuck. simple as that. i have no other excuse than dilf brain rot.
featuring; eren, armin, jean, erwin, levi, zeke, reiner
warnings; f!bodied reader, cheating, age-gap, public sex, uses of babygirl/angel/princess and slut/whore in different sections, uses of daddy.
18+, minors dni. reblogs appreciated!
aot men + somnophilia | masterlist
Tumblr media
eren starts putting his wedding band away. he’s always had a thing for work attire, and your form fitting skirts are not helping. and of course, as the new intern you’re so eager to please. always offering to grab him coffee, always admiring the pictures of the family on his desk. 
you’d even met eren’s family at a work get together, so it’s truly sick that he still fantasizes about bending you over, knocking the family pictures of the desk whilst he fucks you. what’d he’d do if he found out you think the same things. 
it all comes to a head at a work party, no extended invitations this time. eren has his hair uncharacteristically loose, normally it’s neat and tucked away. but you compliment it, and he compliments you, and you’re both lightly buzzed. 
next thing you know, you’re sat on top of eren in his office chair. his feet are planted firmly on the floor as you work yourself on his cock. he can fuck up into you, hitting that special spot over and over. neither of you care about the wet spot that must be forming on his pants. but he does care about how fucking hot it is to hear the sound of lewd squelching and skin slapping skin between you. 
eren would be grabbing your nipples through your shirt, before he gets sick of it and lifts it over your head. he’d pull down the cup of your bra and take a nipple in his mouth, sucking and nipping until it’s raw. his hands would be helping you lift up and down on him, before one snakes in-between your bodies to play with your clit. 
your babbling now, and it’s music to eren’s ears. “sir- fuck, da-”. he’d start moving his hips more quickly, punctuating each word with a slap to your ass “fuckin’ say it”. you look up to him, and he barely makes out “im gonna cum daddy” before you’re clenching around him. gummy walls milk him of his own orgasm, and you shudder against his chest as you come down from your high. 
Tumblr media
armin can’t help but check out his sons new girlfriend. coming back for summer break, he got to enjoy you in all your post-uni exam glory. you longue on his lawn, letting the breeze kick up your skirt as you lay on your stomach. he’d watch from the kitchen window, not realising water is spilling over in the sink. 
armin would start getting jealous of his own fucking son. hearing you moan at night from your shared room. he notes that it’s a little too forced, not desperate enough. like you’re putting on a show. 
eventually, with armin’s son out the way on emergency work trip, he’d have you all alone. you’d be swimming around the house bored, ending up talking to the man who gave your boyfriend those beautiful blue eyes. he’d play with you a little, testing just how pliable you are. he’d leave you bashful as he hints that he can hear you at night. all conversations are full of innuendo and suggestion.
then, armin would go in for the kill. fingers trailing your arm, watching as the hair rises and goose bumps break out. he’d put two fingers on your bottom lip, looking down at you. he can almost see your mind working out if this is something you should do. before he gives you the option to make the rational choice his lips are on yours.
“just a one time thing,” armin would echo you, the both of you making a promise as he pushes you into the couch. his fingers press into your thighs, his lips leaving trails of saliva down your neck. 
as he fucks into you, armin would ask whose cock was better: your boyfriend or his daddy’s? he’d grab your jaw as you turn away, almost fully pulling himself out before slamming back inside you. he hears desperation in your voice now, “da-daddy please”. it breaks your heart to admit the truth. 
armin would cum deep inside you. he’s seen the birth control packets in the bathroom. he’d watch as it trickles back out of you, and he pulls one more orgasm from you as he pushes it back inside with his fingers.
Tumblr media
jean would let you babysit for his kids. he’d let you know how caring and sweet he was to them and their brand new nanny. he’s such a sweet talker, asking for an extra couple of hours from you each night. 
letting the goodbye conversations last longer each time jean would notice how your doe eyes get more hopeful each time. he’d lean close to your face just to hear you take a sharp inhale. your breath would slowly fan over his neck as you realise he’s just opening the door for you. 
jean probably let’s it go on too long. he’s divorced, not like anyone was breaking any rules. but playing with you makes the build up so much more exciting. 
jean gets more confident. he lets long fingers play with your numerous skirts (that only get shorter each day). he tells you he likes your hair that way (and so you keep styling it that way). he picks up your initial necklace and murmurs a J would look nice. 
by the time jean finally pulls you in for a kiss, your fucking desperate. quickly you can feel that ache between your thighs, your fingers stuffed inside you each night not enough. he smiles as he traces your clothed cunt, feeling how soaked you’ve gotten just from his kisses. 
jean would treat you like the princess you are. he’d call you babygirl, angel, and what other praises he could. the way you get so shy after clearly wanting him for so long makes his dick painfully hard. he’d be fucking his fist as his tongue laps up all your juices. he’s so eager to hear you, notices what makes you moan the loudest. 
the thing that makes jean almost cum right then and there is when you start with the begging. “p-p-please, please da- sir!”. he’d smile in-between your thighs, stilling his fingers. “try again.” he’d pick them back up when you echo “daddy” as your eyes roll back.
jean would do it until you were a babbling mess beneath him. and then again the next. and the next. he’d do it until the whole neighbour hood was talking about mr kirstein and his babysitter if he could. 
Tumblr media
erwin is your dads best friend. you and his son basically grew up together. he was there for your 18th, your 21st. he picked you up the first time you got drunk. he was there at your graduation. only now do you start to notice him, how his broad back muscles look in all those polos. 
it had been a lot more than erwin expected, seeing you develop into such a strong young woman. he hates that his eyes flit to your ass when your on tip-toes for something. he hates that you’re comfortable enough to go braless around him, nipples poking through your shirt. 
erwin hates how you’d always be too comfortable talking back to him. he hates how you’re always going to him for a ride home. he hates how you act so innocent. he hates how teasing you’ve become. and one day, he knows he’ll snap. 
lips would crash against yours, erwin’s fingers keeping your jaw still for him, eating up all the words you were willing to throw his way. he’d replace those noises with soft gasps and moans. 
erwin would flip up your skirt, and rip your tights, splitting them at the seam just for access. he’s like a starved man at your pussy. lapping and sucking at your folds. he makes sure to swirl the tip of his tongue around your clit, before pushing it inside you. he’d do the same with his fingers, curling them up to hit that sensitive spot. he’d do it just to see your eyes widen and eyebrows stitch together.
equally, erwin shows the same eagerness when you sit between his muscular thighs. your hands look tiny compared to his cock, flushed and ready after being stifled in his pants too long. he’d take his hands either side of your face, kissing your forehead sweetly before pushing you down. your mouth is so good around him, and he’s trying to so hard not to fuck up into you as he bobs your head up and down. 
most of all, erwin hates how he has to face his son and your dad. they’re all smiles at you, and you act so fucking innocent despite his cum still dripping out of you. it’s infuriating. 
Tumblr media
levi saw you first at the beach. selling ice creams in a cute little uniform, he’d bought one for himself and his little brat. you’d been all charm and sweet smile, humouring his kid as well as himself. 
and so each day of summer break, levi had gone to the ice cream stall. it didn’t take much time for him and the kid to try every flavour. and eventually he found out your name, your hobbies, that you had made up an entire secret menu of ice cream (much to your bosses annoyance). but now school is back in session, yet he works through all of those flavours too. 
the flirting is rapid and quick fire between levi and you, each trying to outwit the other. he’ll roll his eyes and concede defeat, but only if you come to the beach with him one day. you’ll narrow your own eyes, but giveaway your delight in your smile.
levi would help you apply sunscreen (50spf for kids!) and as he moves from rubbing it into your arms to your back he swears he can hear little sighs. pressing in with his fingers more, he may as well be giving you a full on massage as your head rolls forward. he’d try his luck and let his fingers skim on your ribs, just beneath your tits. gasping, your head would shoot back up. 
levi hopes that you don’t see how fucking hard you make him. at least for the first few dates. but you both only make it through to the third before you’re back at his house. you only stop kissing as he opens the door, and pays the babysitter. then his lips are straight back on you, your neck, the swell of your boobs.
levi would still make you gasp. slowly pushing himself inside you for the first time, your eyes widen and eyebrows raise as your stretched open on his cock. your fingernails dig deep into his back as he pulls himself out, but he’s quick to push deep inside you again. 
smiling with pride, levi would take in your fucked out expression as he lies next to you in bed. fingers trace over your body, lightly playing with your nipples, then your hair, as you both recover. 
Tumblr media
zeke sees the hot new teacher at school, and already knows it’ll end in trouble. he’d use any excuse, one of the kids being naughty, bad grades, anything to talk to you. making sure he’s a few minutes late to pick up the kids, stating “it’s the divorce” as an excuse. 
zeke would always make sure to lay on the charm, that lil smirk and grey eyes shining down at you. he could tell by the pink blush on your face it was all working exactly as intended. 
for teachers night, zeke makes sure he reserves your last spot. he doesn’t even care on your updates the children, his grey orbs lingering on your skimpy business casual attire. he’d like to think he was being subtle, but your oh so confident “and finally, mr. jaeger, we should talk about the eye-fucking, yes?” has his jaw go slack. 
zeke only sees it fit that he bends you over your desk. turns out you were more of a slut than he’d thought, and oh he would tell you so. “fuckin’ whore for my dick, huh?” you can only whine beneath him. it should be humiliating, the words he’s using, the fact he’s pulled one of your knees onto the desk to further open you up, how fucking easily he got you into this position. 
grabbing both hips, zeke would make to use you like a little cock sleeve, pulling and pushing you along his length. your gripping onto the wood beneath you as if it will help keep you still. it almost makes him laugh as you both cum, your pussy spasming pushing him over the edge.
zeke would make sure you were a mewling mess beneath him. you wouldn’t be able to face your co-workers without them knowing. his fist balled in your hair. he may have popped a button off in an effort to grope your tits. maybe he’d even take you out for dinner as apology. 
Tumblr media
reiner needs a break. from the stress of work. the stress of his wife. the stress of kids. he goes to the gym every day at the exact same time. the routine is the same, day in day out. go home from work, help with the kids’ dinner, eat his own whilst watching tv, clear the dishes, gym. it’s the only part of the day he feels like his head is clear.
the gym is quieter at night, and that leaves it easy for reiner to notice you. you seem similar, just in there to work yourself into some semblance of relief. he doesn’t want to be a gym creep, he wants to leave you alone. but when he overhears you humming his favourite tune in-between sets he has to say something. 
mutual hobbies start forming, and before he knows it reiner has got himself a gym partner. you work out together, talk about your families and stresses. you both know it’s slightly twisted, but for some reason it’s easier to be open with a stranger. 
reiner didn’t mean for it to go this far. you were just gym buds. that was it. but now the working out is happening in the locker room, where he’s got you pressed against the wall. holding you under your knees makes his biceps swell. he grits his teeth as your nails dig in to them, trying desperately to keep your moans to a minimum. 
reiner’s balls are slapping against you again and again, his dick working you open so easily. you’d both been so high strung today, the banter between you becoming more and more teasing. then all the build up had snapped. now you were using one another to work out emotions. his dick was huge compared to what you knew, and with the rush to get him inside you, you knew you were going to be sore tomorrow. 
but that’s a problem for future you. all that matters right now is reiner dropping you to your knees. fisting the head of his cock until he shoots white ropes into your wet, panting mouth. 
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blankboxes · 11 months ago
A Masterlist of Ereri/Riren Translations I’ve Done (06/29/21)
[Levi’s Birthday] by Miyano Chi
[Index Finger Showdown] by Sou
[Valentine’s Day 2014] by Havie
[Even if Fate Refuses the Two of Them] by saku_moni
[Lost Child Tracker] by Miyano Chi
[after Shower] by Tani Rinko
[Santa Levi] by saku_moni
[Everyday Riren] by saku_moni
[Cleaning Eren] by yuko
[Plushie Levi] by JOCA
[Cloth Levi and Morning Eren] by JOCA
[Rivaere Reprint Anthology] by Valero
[Resident Evil Parody Part 1] by flapppper
[Resident Evil Parody Part 2] by flapppper
[Lost Erewan] by Himemiko
[My Lover is a Cat] by Himemiko
[Lunch Riren] by momo_yd77it
[High School AU] by momo_yd77it
[Shota Eren] by momo_yd77it
[Naked Challenge] by Raruko
[First, I want to apologize to Captain] by Tamiko
[Eren’s birthday] by Tamiko
[Quarantine] by Yomi
[Riren Shorts - 1] by Yomi
[Ererin] by Kiyoshi
[Heichou’s Chocolate] by Suzusawa
[Strange] by Nanabiyoshi
[Sukiya] by Hato
[New Year Eren] by Hato
[Honeymoon] by Hato
[Sick Eren - Part 1] by Hato
[Sick Eren - Part 2] by Hato
[Fem! Eren is my wife] by Amane
[Can Phone] by SLAMP
[Animal Crossing Hobo Eren] by RiRi
[I can’t wait until I grow up] by Sinba 
[Riren Omegaverse Story Part 2] by Luo Yin
[Riren Omegaverse Story Part 1] by Luo Yin
[Captain Eren AU Doujinshi Preview] by GD
[More than 1 billion] by GD
[I will love you even if you don’t] by Simapan
[Domestic Riren] by Sumaere
[Plushie Riren] by Kyo
[Detour Saving Eren] by Yugu
[Embarassed Eren] by Mandarinda
[Bird! Riren in Pool] by ccfafa
[Prostitute Eren] by kogatta
[Eren and Levi watching SNK] by ponikapompom
[Feudal Riren AU] by Ichika
[BTS Episode 55] by Azu
[Panda Steals a Kiss] by Kagari
[Shotgun Wedding Doujinshi Preview] by Wakame Fried Rice
Couple’s Fight by Nain
Now Loading by Himemiko
[The Story Behind Heichou’s Sleeping Face] by zndmcmc
[Star Heichou] by chakoriinu
[Drunk Heichou] by mituhasi_le
[The Clumsy Child and Grumpy Grown Up] by Maine
[Wolf Eren and Araiguma Levi - Part 1] by oNANACOo
[Wolf Eren and Araiguma Levi - Part 2] by oNANACOo
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lankylevi · 3 years ago
Chapters: 2/2 of Tell me.
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Levi/Eren Yeager, Levi & Eren Yeager
Additional Tags: Bottom Levi, Top Eren Yeager, Light Dom/sub, Dom/sub Undertones. Sex Toys, Blindfolds, Handcuffs, Spreader Bars, Vibrators, Enthusiastic Consent, because that's hot, Modern Era, Boss Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin), Assistant Eren Yeager, Begging, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Blow Jobs, Face-Fucking, Collars, Leashes, Biting, Eren calls Levi a slut, Dirty Talk, Dom Eren Yaeger, Sub Levi, Cock Slut Levi
Behind closed doors, Eren always manages to wipe his boss' usual blank expression off of his face.
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ereri-lost-and-found · 2 years ago
Hello! I apologize if this was asked before (I couldn't find anything) but i was wondering if you have any fics with post time skip eren. I'm dying to read some fics with my boy all grown up. Thank you guys for all your hard work :)
Hello @gokillthenoise!
Here’s a list we’ve complied of our fav post time skip ereri fics~
Cardinal by fluffymusketeer
(Rated E, 10 113 words, complete)
Not once, even in his most feverish fantasies, did Eren ever imagine he’d stumble across his Captain in a brothel.
Chasm by fluffymusketeer
(Rated T, 2461 words, complete)
Levi cannot let go. Not just yet.
Post-105 hurt/comfort drabble, originally posted on tumblr. Platonic, but intimate.
Aftermath by JaegerBombs 
(Rated E, 3972 words, complete)
After the Survey Corps arrive back on Paradis, Levi is once again left with the duty of watching over Eren. The two of them confront the pain that Eren has caused.
the walls between us by Arlene0401
(Rated M, 1699 words, complete)
After Hanji has unsuccessfully tried to talk to Eren, Levi decides to help - although he hardly recognises his former lover in the stranger downstairs.  
Unknown Quantities by thisgirlsays22
(Rated E, 2975 words, complete)
Levi realises that if he hasn’t already lost Eren, he will soon.
Abstract Impressions by tainted_ashes
(Rated M, 11 099 words, complete, Major Character Death)
Levi reminds Eren what it means to be human.
The Wait by Xenobia
(Rated E, 6317 words, complete, Mentions of Eruri)
Every sunrise and sunset, Eren stands like a sentinel at the shoreline, watching the ocean horizon. They all know it’s only a matter of time before a confrontation with Marley occurs, whether the Paradis military reaches enemy waters first or the other way around. Another storm is coming, and Eren wants to show Levi how he feels before his time runs out. Takes place some time after manga chapter 90 while the events of chapters 91 and 92 are happening on the other continent.
failsafe by jubileus
(Rated E, 1518 words, complete)
“I’m not changing my mind.”
Levi undoes a third button, then decides that should suffice as far as breathing room goes. It’s been a while since he’s done this, but he aims to give it his all.
“Who says I’m here to change your mind?”
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descendantofthesparrow · 4 years ago
omegaverse ereri fic
there is a really good omega verse Ereri fic that I read about two years ago and I just found it again.
it's called The Bodyguard and Merman
its really good and it has bottom!Levi and top!Eren
read it!!!!!!!!!
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dirtylevi · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eren &  Levi || SnK Season 3 || Episode: 8 ↳ It was at this moment Eren knew he fucked up. ※ Do NOT remove this caption under any circumstances! ※ Do NOT re-upload or use without my express permission!
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ereri-lost-and-found · a year ago
Hello, I was wondering if there are any good longfics with bottom Levi? Besides ones by dressedindarkness, because I've read all those... Thanks so much c:
Hi, Anon~
Here are our recommendations~
Deal With It by Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house(Rated E, 138 278 words, multichapter, complete)
Eren and Levi are mates. They bicker rather than coo and murmur, and Levi is always complaining because Eren is his Alpha and that is incredibly unjust. Eren is a brat and he knows it, and Levi is a diva and he shows it. Omega or no Omega, this raven-haired drama queen won't let anybody push him around or give him orders....except for the stupidly handsome, often grinning, generally dopey brat that just so happens to be his mate. His Alpha. His everything.Fuck.
An Author's Inspiration by orphan_account(Rated E, 47 274 words, multichapter, complete)
H. Strongest, a striving author, finds himself in a state in which every author has been before. He has an extreme case of writer's block. So extreme, in fact, that he actually needs to go outside for inspiration. Maybe then he'll be able to find someone to become the main character for his new book.
And that's where Eren comes in.
The Devil's Song by paulinkaaxx, SailorHeichou (Rated E, 56 502 words, multichapter, complete)
Levi had everything he ever needed growing up. A loving family, a big home with many rooms and a yard as far as the eye could see, the most expensive outfits and toys. But his world came crashing down around him when his parents are murdered and he's kidnapped.
A mysterious stranger saves him and before he knows it, Levi sells his soul to a demon named Eren with eyes like gemstones and now he has to live with him! But as he grows older and gets to know Eren, he learns that not all demons are what the stories make them out to be and sometimes demons can steal more than just your soul; they can steal your heart as well.
Blue Hydrangea by ReluctantHero(Rated E, 182 370 words, multichapter, complete)
Levi was 8 years old when his mother got a new job and moved them to a small two bedroom basement apartment on the nicer side of town.The change was a little overwhelming, that was until he met the boy with the big ocean eyes that lived upstairs.
Maybe life wouldn't be so bad after all...
Once More, Like it's Our Last by tainted_ashes(Rated E, 106 966 words, multichapter, complete)
After the death of his Uncle Kenny, Levi finds he's put in a position as the new guardian of his cousin, Mikasa. When his partner isn't pleased with the idea of taking the young Ackerman into their home, the raven impulsively decides that the two of them need a fresh start. So they move to the sleepy town of Shiganshina where their future is met when a teacher with a smile that was as brilliant as the sun itself enters their lives.
beyond the sea by TheSpazzBot (Rated E, 12 172 words, multichapter, complete)
“I’m a merman.”
The fishboy – merman – cocks its head. Levi supposes his head would be more applicable. Unless… “You’re a guy?”
“Well, I’m not a maid if that’s what you’re suggesting!”
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arekupacific · a year ago
Tumblr media
Let's try again XD
This immy has been staying on patreon for a while now, time to post it here ^^
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flyueri · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
"It'll always be you. That's why..." Still moving, Levi faltered slightly. "I can't... give you up."
Eren moaned lowly, and Levi continued. "That's why... this is so goddamn hard."
More quickly this time, Levi's movements began to progress again. Eren's breath stuttered, and Levi's eyes bored into his. "The things I want to do to you... with you..." his voice wavered. "Yet... I can't... because of this mess."
- Against the Sky, Chp 8: Currents and Tides
Dear Lord I just discovered @taintedashes and her wonderful writing! Ever since I read that snippet i just cannot get that scene out of my head how beautifully the emotion and interaction played out.
I drew what I envisioned they look like, and I hope i was able to convey the right feelings thru my stuff!
So here’s to you Amanda! Never stop writing to your heart’s content because your words are beyond magical. xx
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ereri-lost-and-found · 24 days ago
Ooh 'Come See Me Again, My Love' was nice, can I have some more works by the same author?
Hi Anon!
We were able to contact the author of the fic and they happily allowed us to share all their other anon fics! Please enjoy~
Please note that you’ll need an account to read these fics.
Checkmate, Levi by Anonymous
(Rated E, 4,092 words, oneshot, complete)
Levi and Eren play chess, mind games, and with each other's dicks.
Don't worry I'm weak to you by Anonymous
(Rated E, 6,806 words, oneshot, complete)
Levi is having a very hard time trying to get into the delivery boy's pants.
Give me love or give me death by Anonymous
(Rated M, 5,750 words, oneshot, complete)
There's nothing much to do in prison besides sit ups and getting your lover's name tattooed on your back.
Serialkiller!Levi and Policeofficer!Eren, except now more accurately known as Tattooed!Levi and Crying!Eren (eren cries for good reasons, ok)
Love advice of the hands-on type by Anonymous
(Rated T, 3,222 words, oneshot, complete)
Jean seeks relationship advice from Eren who uses his established boyfriend Levi to showcase various portrayals of love. They end up on top of each other like all shameless flirting couples do, and Jean regrets every decision he's ever made in life.
Love.exe by Anonymous
(Not Rated, 69,162 words, multichapter, complete)
All Levi wants to do is drink tea, run his goddamn convenience store, and not have to deal with this kid who keeps coming in to leech his wifi bringing down high-end corporations.
Season for the troubled by Anonymous
(Rated M, 13,338 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren is a delinquent kid, Levi is his teacher, and neither of them are sure who fell in love with the other first.
What was your name again? by Anonymous
(Rated T, 2,363 words, oneshot, complete)
Levi is a cashier in a mood, and Aaron or Erin or whoever is just someone who strips in his store.
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ereri-lost-and-found · a month ago
Hi elf ! This has been so useful to me so thank you so much for working so hard. I really appreciate it :) .Do you have any fanfics where eren is actually a titan outside of the walls but kills other titans or he is a titan shifter that lives outside if the walls? I also prefer top/seme/dominate Levi and bottom/uke/submsive Eren.I have already read:Hunger,
Lazarus Phenomenon, Beyond the walls ,Who's A Good Killing Machine? :D , A Titan's Poisoned Chalice, Breaking the Walls, Outside The Walls, Inside My Heart, BFT (Big Friendly Titan),How to Train Your Titan, Lost in the woods, Breaking the Walls, Beyond the walls.
I read a lot if these and I couldn't find anymore so its okay if you can't either. And sorry for wasting your time. The reason I asked even though I read a lot is somehow you guys can find stuff that people have been searching for months. You guys really are amazing! :D but I know you guys are human too so don't work too hard👍...I think...haha. Thanks again!
One of the mods, Titanfever, was able to find you more fics~
The Hunter by Adishailan
(Rated T, 66,716 words, multichapter, complete)
The hunter is a monster, a titan, not a boy. This is a fact he has known for as long as he has lived in the forest, for as long he can remember. The forest is quiet but for the crooning of birds, the rush of misty water into the hidden valleys and the deep lumbering steps of his kin. That is until the day that changes everything. The day the humans came. The day he saw his human for the first time. One the hunter will never forget.
"The newest arrival was a 15 meter but quite unlike any Titan they had ever seen. It was thin and lean with muscles on its muscles. Sunken eyes sharp and glowing, really glowing, green over a hooked nose. Lipless serrated teeth formed a strange mocking Cheshire smile as it looked at them. It then fell to it's haunches and propelled itself forward with truly frightening speed. Cries of panic ran through the squadron as they attempted to spur the exhausted horses even faster. This panic gave way to shock however when the green eyed Titan pivoted, rapidly changing direction and barreling into the group of Titans, toppling them over like wooden bowl pins. There was a moment of silence in the squad then- "WHAAAAT?!" Exclaimed Hanji in extreme disbelief."
An Unexpected Ally by certifiedclown
(Rated M, 29,610 words, multichapter, incomplete, major character death)
He screamed with excitement as he flew through the trees gripping the silver sticks tightly in his hands. It had taken him a few months, but he'd done it. He was thrilled. Now he could be like his human. He could help rid the world of his brethren. He could finally see his human up close. With his new body no one would notice him. He would wait for his humans pack to venture outside of the safety of their walls. In the meantime he would make the world safer. He would kill all the titans he could. Every last one.
Part 1 of from titans to men (who are the real monsters?)
Ein Riese, der Fliegen Wollte by Closet_Cleaner
(Rated E, 113,752 words, multichapter, ongoing)
He needn't have worried. The small one was strong.
He sees the human many more times since then. It seems as if the herd doesn't venture out without it. He wonders if that one is the pack-leader. It seems logical, but humans are not always creatures of logic.
He forces back memories of that one, and continues to shadow the herd whenever it ventures out. He makes a habit of waiting in the small grouping of trees near the gate so as not to miss one of their outings. Eventually he learns to distinguish the small one from the others even before it takes to the air, and he feels proud of this accomplishment.
Months later, only hours after the humans had returned behind their walls, everything changes.
(In which Eren is not a human that can turn into a Titan, but a Titan that can turn into a human.)
The boy in the forest by JAKishu
(Rated M, 45,779 words, multichapter, complete)
Levi is saved by a titan and is taken care of in his forest. A strange titan that is also a child. Survival is the first thing in his mind, second is to teach that kid how to probably clean itself. Disgusting dirty hand it has.
The Difference Between You And Me by KrustyKruton
(Rated T, 69,473 words, multichapter, ongoing, major character death)
Eren has always been a titan, a titan that can shift into a human. With a dream to stand side by side with humans and the sudden opportunity of a short human showing up at his home, what will he do? Will he surrender to his titan instincts, or will he follow his human heart? (This is a total AU...kinda. Its also boy x boy, Levi x Eren, so be warned. Don't flame) R and R! This is my first time using AO3 so I'm sorry for any mistakes. please word corrections kindly!
I, Titan by Marie_Phantom
(Rated E, 23,349 words, multichapter, ongoing, Bottom!Levi)
One single mistake, and the world changes on it’s axis.
Levi is left stranded outside the Walls when he is injured, and is rescued by an unusual Titan. This meeting changes not just their lives, but the entire fate of the Walls.
Part 1 of The Scent of Blood and Pine
Legends by The_Silent_Assassin
(Not Rated, 28,198 words, multichapter, complete)
Whilst on a mission, Levi's squad see something strange. Starts just before the fall of Wall Maria.
Rogue by RedCoaster
(Rated T, 866,285 words, multichapter, ongoing)
A strange but intelligent titan lives deep within the forests of Wall Maria, right under the military's nose. What happens when the mysterious titan comes across two small children and the Scouts? Titan!Eren AU
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Tumblr media
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ereri-lost-and-found · 4 months ago
A very special Happy Birthday to our main man Eren Jaeger~
Happy Birthday, Eren by BlumenKatzen
(Rated G, 2,694 words, oneshot, complete)
It's Eren's 16th birthday, and he's pretty sure no one in Levi's squad would know or care, but he gets a nice surprise
"It didn't take very long, really, for realisation to dawn on Eren. And if he somehow made his way into a much softer, warmer bed for the night, and if he somehow found himself curled up against a rapidly beating heart that night, no one really needed to know."
who needs to wish on candles when I've got you by driedupwishes
(Rated G, 2,427 words, oneshot, complete)
Well, Eren thought, upon coming home early and smelling something wonderful in his kitchen. Burglars didn’t usually cook meals in the homes they robbed…
You and only you by incognito_neptune
(Rated E, 4,027 words, oneshot, complete)
“Happy birthday, Eren”
Eren's only wish is for Levi to make him his in every sense of the word.
Don’t bite off more than you can chew by joouheika
(Rated E, 4,793 words, oneshot, complete)
Captain Levi will not accept failure when it comes to cheering Eren up for at the very least, his subordinate's own birthday. [Homestyle verse]
Happy Birthday, Eren. by Noel_Ainsley823125
(Not Rated, 2,078 words, oneshot, complete)
Eren comes home to an amazing birthday surprise from his lovely husband Levi.
Happy Birthday by OhCaptainMyCaptain15
(Not Rated, 770 words, oneshot, complete)
Its Erens 25th birthday
What's Pink and Likes to Play Hide and Seek? by shades_0f_cool
(Rated E, 3,112 words, oneshot, complete)
Levi has a special surprise in store for Eren's twenty-first birthday. The only catch is, Eren has to find it first.
Significant Gift by ZWorld
(Rated E, 13,638 words, oneshot, complete)
Not wanting to spend his birthday evening alone, Eren Yeager takes to Grindr in hopes of finding a potential man to spend it with. Only, he ends up happily surprised when he runs into his childhood babysitter, Levi Ackerman. Not wanting to miss the opportunity of an old crush coming back to life, Eren sends him a message.
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ereri-lost-and-found · 29 days ago
Hey there!
Do you know of some fanfics with them being friends with benefits but one of them is deeply in love with the other?
Try these~
A Summer Feeling by rachel_exe
(Rated E, 23,244 words, multichapter, complete)
Every since hooking up at a party in college, Eren and Levi agreed on having a relationship with no strings attached, but when they fortuitously meet at the beach while on holiday, Levi realises that that's easier said than done.
100% Not Weird! by ReluctantHero
(Not Rated, 31,959 words, multichapter, complete)
Levi and Eren are roommates. Eren is frustrated with dating and set ups and doesn't want a romantic relationship. Levi, who has had a crush on Eren is given a proposition. They can handle a casual relationship, can't they?
Killin Me Softly by Shine_Bright_Like_An_Ace
(Rated E, 11,063 words, multichapter, complete)
Levi's been Eren's fuckbuddy for months without catching feelings. Realizing he wants more shouldn't really change anything between them, right?
Levi's fucked.
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