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I rewatched Top Gun: Maverick today and I noticed so many more little details that I hadn't before, so here you go. My thoughts. My rambles. Some theories.
First thing I noticed in the beginning is Maverick's patches on his flight jacket. He has it filled up with so many- but he also has a Seabee patch. The Seabees are a branch of the Navy that are sent in ahead of everyone else to literally build shelters for the soldiers and roads- and sometimes, embassies. (My dad was a Seabee in the 80s and 90s; he helped build the US Embassy in Cairo.) Which means that Maverick, at some point, was not an aviator and instead worked on the GROUND.
Whether this was BEFORE the events of TG or during the blank period, I don't know, but I genuinely loved that little detail.
Also, Admiral Simpson is a 3 Star Admiral; Admiral Kazansky was a 4 Star Admiral.
Admiral Simpson was in the Academy the year Pete graduated, entering in 86 and graduating in 88 (the Academy takes 2 years to go through according to the current curriculum and rules). He would have just entered when the Accident occurred. He knows of Maverick, knows who he is and what he's capable of. He doesn't hate him. He just doesn't trust him, not completely, because of how reckless he is.
But Maverick is still the best. He has 6 rows of ribbons on his dress whites.
Warlock has 6.5 rows of ribbons. He's been in the service longer than Beau or Pete.
Hondo is still amazing and is the literal backbone when he's on the carriers. He's the one who reads everything on the screens and without his guidance, no one would know what the fuck to do.
Natasha and Bradley have HISTORY- what that is, I don't know, but enough that she genuinely trusts his flying more than Jake's- meaning they have flown together in the past. Possibly all three have flown together.
Also, Coyote's "Hey" to her- HOO those two have HISTORY, TOO.
Natasha trusted Robert the MOMENT she realized he was her backseat. Any man who can just sneak up and no one notice? Thats a damn good pilot.
Jake was closer to Coyote, Halo, Omaha, Yale, and Harvard than the others. B Team vs A Team.
Omaha was Yale's backseat; Harvard flew alone. Halo was someone's RIO, but I can't remember who.
Iceman telling Pete that it's time to let go- not just of Goose (which he still doesn't), but of him, too. Tom knew that he was dying. He knew it. And he wanted Pete to be prepared. And how sad Tom looked when Pete started crying- his heart broke.
P e n n y. PENNY. The opening scene when Bradley starts singing Great Balls of Fire- how she looks so happy until she sees Maverick and sees that thousand yard stare- how she realizes that oh, holy shit, this is GOOSE'S son, and Pete is having a whole ass PTSD flashback. And how Pete's face crumbled- genuinely paled and looked ready to cry.
And then seeing how broken Pete was at Tom's funeral. How he was trying so fucking hard to hold those tears back because god, he's alone now. Rooster's words are true: no wife, no children, no one to mourn.
He's alone. Tom was the last piece. And he's gone.
Pete still talking to Goose gives me chills. He'll always talk to him. That's his wingman. But hearing him talk to Bradley immediately after he whispered 'Talk to me, dad.' God DAMN.
Also Bradley has a fear of open water. Its obvious. How he looks at the water while they fly over? Holy shit, that boy is scared out of his mind. All he can think of is this is how dad died in open water.
Jake Seresin. Jake, cocky bastard that he is, deserves to be a little cocky because he has three whole rows of ribbons. But he learned to care for his team, here. I don't think he had this connection to a team prior to this. And how terrified he looked while on standby when he heard that Rooster went down. He looked genuinely terrified. But was so, so fucking proud of his team when they got through it originally, before shit went BAD.
Also, whatever history he has with Natasha? And Rooster? I need to know. I loved hearing the Texan drawl.
But I think he tries to psych out his fellow pilots to make sure they're prepared for their mission. He wants to know who he can trust and who'll fuck it all up. And Rooster was the genuine wildcard, here.
Also, out of the 12 of them, Natasha and Jake have the most ribbons. They both have 3 full rows. From that I could see, I think Mickey (Fanboy) has the least, but I think that's because he may be the youngest? I'm not 100% sure on that, though.
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Wanting it all
Jake “Hangman” Seresin x Reader
Summary: Hangman ends up in the hospital from a very similar Phoenix/Bob/birds situation, and you suddenly regret keeping a big secret from him.
Notes/Warnings: it’s pure fluffiness. future dad!hangman, near-death stuff, I guess. Cursing, im sure. best friend Rooster! In anything top gun related i write, there is likely to be something incorrect. I only saw the movie once and it was back in May, so I try my best but i don’t remember the details of everything.
Words: 2833
Tumblr media
When you got involved with Jake Seresin, you knew exactly what you were doing. You knew what it meant. You understood the sacrifices. You accepted that there was an element to your life that would always contain a well of fear. You knew, because he was very careful to be clear when he laid it all out for you.
Before you, Jake didn’t do relationships, but he told you there was a piece of him that fought against that choice, a piece that was desperate to have you and call you his, a piece that forced him to make an exception. In the same way, you had made an exception for him in being a part of the life he led, with all of its trials and tribulations that a man not in his profession wouldn’t demand of you.
But it was not something you ever had to mull over. When he told you how a life by his side would be, you had already decided that he was what you wanted. Come hell or high water, you would be with him as long as he also wanted you.
“Not wanting you isn’t something you will ever have to worry about, sweetheart,” he had told you, “Wanting you was as much a choice consciously made as it was something completely out of my control. My heart decided for me, and my mind willingly agreed. So don’t waste time worrying about that.”
But there would always be other things to worry about: the dangers he faced, his health, his safety. Those nagging pieces were tucked away in the corners of your mind, never quite leaving you in peace. And then for the first time since you made the thing between you official, Jake had come horribly close to not coming home to you. Some stupid birds almost got your boyfriend killed, and now more than ever, it struck you at your core.
Returning with oddly soft, quiet steps for a man of his size, Rooster sat beside you in the uncomfortable plastic chairs under the harsh florescent lighting and dumped an array of vending machine snacks on the small table between you. Bags of chips to tubes of candies to packets of gum made a mountain that you would slowly pick at for the rest of the day; and to say you were relieved to see the junk food that wouldn’t nutritiously sustain you for more than an hour would be a gross understatement.
“I didn’t know what you wanted, so I just got a couple things from each row,” he said, and you nodded your thanks, grabbing a random bag of chips and tearing it open. He watched how severely your gaze was glued to Jake. “If it’s any comfort, he could be in much worse condition.”
But it wasn’t any comfort, unfortunately. Pain medications, exhaustion, and mild trauma to your boyfriend’s body had him completely passed out in the hospital bed; and he’d been that way for hours, asleep in misleading peacefulness even before Rooster got the chance to call you and tell you to come down to the hospital.
You knew Jake would be fine. But not yet seeing the green of his eyes or hearing the deep sound of his voice pricked at your nerves. The kind nurse's reassurance was not enough to soothe you, leaving you no choice but to wait for him to wake.
Rooster nudged your elbow with his, drawing you out of your daze, and you turned to him. “What’s wrong?” he asked.
You resisted the urge to roll your eyes. It would have been out of character for you; maybe not so much when you were dealing with Jake, but Rooster didn’t deserve such a reaction from you. Not when he had practically adopted you as his little sister and did everything he could to protect and take care of you when you needed it most.
“You mean other than my boyfriend having to eject from his jet, which according to what I was told, crashed into a mountain less than five seconds after he got out?”
Rooster winced. “Yea,” he said, scratching at his jaw, “…other than that.”
You faced forward, eyes training on the ugly beige coloring of the wall as you put a chip in your mouth. You chewed, swallowed, sipped your water, then took a deep breath and said, “I’m pregnant.”
“Wha—” Rooster’s head whipped to you, and the candies he had been picking away at fell from his hand, M&Ms of all colors scattering across an equally ugly, beige tiled floor, but neither of you cared. “Are you sure?”
You snorted. “Pretty sure.”
“Sorry. I didn’t mean for that to sound insensitive,” he blew out a breath and ran his fingers through his hair, “It’s just—”
“It’s fine, Roose. I asked myself the same question about fifty times before the doctor confirmed it.”
He nodded. “How are you feeling? Wait, does he know?”
You shook your head, considering before saying, “I am happy, though. Absolutely terrified, but happy. I just don’t know how he’s going to react.”
Rooster took your hand in his and laid his other on top until a warmth encased your fingers, but the act made it all the more difficult to hold in the overwhelming tears you didn’t even know were at the ready to fall. “Shocked at first, I’m sure.”
You sniffed and wiped at your cheeks.
“But anything less than absolutely thrilled would be hard to imagine.”
“Can you know that?”
“Y/N, you think he’d be upset that you’re carrying his child when he loves you as much as he does?”
Jake loving you wasn’t something you had to question. Both of you knew a life together was what you wanted. But the pieces of that life that, for you, when combined would make a beautiful whole: a marriage, a house, a kid or two, somehow you and Jake never actually got around to discussing. Instead of talking about everything, the two of you made plans to talk. At the time of the plan-making you didn’t quite see the difference, but now, understanding how close you came to losing Jake, you realized that talking and planning to talk were most definitely not the same.
So here you were, living by what you assumed Jake wanted with you, what you were ninety-nine percent sure he wanted. But ninety-nine percent was not a hundred, and Jake had never explicitly told you he wanted to get married, he never told you he wanted children. That one percent could flip your world upside down if it turned out that’s where his wants, thoughts, and intentions laid.
You hummed in question.
“You’re getting that glazed over look in your eyes,” Rooster waved his hand in front of your face. “I get nervous when you overthink.”
Shaking your head, you pressed your fingertips against your closed eyelids until you saw little colorful spots in the darkness. When you opened them, a hazy purple hovered around the intense overhead lights, and you blinked hard a few times to readjust your vision.
“I’m just tired,” you said. A half-truth, but the yawn that followed your words aided in convincing Rooster.
“You going to stay here tonight?”
“Is that allowed?”
Your friend tilted his head and ran his tongue over his teeth. You could practically see the gears turning in that crafty mind of his. “Probably not, but I could try to work my charm.”
“Your charm? On what?”
“Not what, who.” He chuckled at the concerned look that took over your face, then he stood and asked for your house key, which you handed him. “That cute nurse kept looking at me in some sort of way and was doing an awful lot of blushing,” he continued, a playful smirk on his lips as he tossed your key up and caught it again. “I think I might just be able to get you an overnight free pass and me a date at the same time.”
“Oh, I have no doubt in your abilities.”
Carried by the confident stride that historically had every girl but you and Phoenix swooning, Rooster went to the door. “I’ll be back in a bit with a change of clothes for the both of you,” he said. Then with a wink and a click of the tongue, he left, the door closing gently behind him.
 It was soft, warm presses on your forehead and spine shuddering tingles from light tugging on your hair that roused you. Your brow pinched as the arm you’d thrown over Jake’s waist squeezed and tightened in a dazed attempt to pull him closer.
A little grunt echoed in your ear followed by a calm whispering. “Ow, baby. I’m bruised there.”
Then the kisses to your forehead and the sifting of his fingers through the strands of your hair continued, lulling you back to sleep. You were almost gone when your mind finally caught up with your surroundings, and your head shot up as you said,
Eyes met, and he immediately frowned. “Why did that come out like a question?” he asked. “Was there another pilot’s hospital bed that you were supposed to be crawling into?”
You wiggled your body up a bit until you could press your lips to his.
He chuckled into the innocent kiss, his large hand moving to cup your cheek.
“Are you ok?” you asked when you separated. “When did you wake up?”
A smile spread wide across his face at your eagerness as he tucked a stray lock of hair behind your ear. “An hour ago. And I feel fine, baby. Beat to hell, but fine,” he said, pecking your lips.
“Beat to hell means you’re not fine.”
“Well, the nice nurse came to check on me and said I’ll live, so that’s good enough. Though she didn’t seem that surprised to see you in my bed at one a.m.” a blond eyebrow quirked, “I was scrambling to come up with an excuse, but she didn’t even acknowledge that you were here; just worked around you while you were laying all over me.”
“Rooster may have done me a favor,” you said.
You glanced over to the short row of plastic chairs where you and Rooster had sat hours before to find one of your drawstring bags, likely stuffed with clothes for the morning. He’d clearly come through, in more ways than one, and you were absolutely going to grill him for the details of his date the next time you saw him. But right now, that wasn’t what was at the forefront of your mind. You needed to tell Jake before you lost your nerve. The band-aid needed to be ripped off before it reached the point of being disrespectful for not telling him. And as it was, you were pushing it.
Turning back to your boyfriend, you said, “Jake, I have to tell you something.”
“Uh-oh.” He gave you a bright smile that didn’t quite conceal the hint of nerves.
You swallowed the lump in your throat. “No, it’s not bad. Well, maybe—well, no it’s fine, I think. Yea…yea, it’s ok—we’re going to be ok.” You took a deep breath, then the words spilled from your lips in an anxious, rushing wave that left no room for you to properly inhale. “Basically, I wasn’t feeling all that great, but I didn’t think twice about it because it didn’t seem like that big of a deal, and you know how I am when I think I’m getting sick, I just ignore it, so I did, but then it got worse and worse and I got annoyed about it, and then I started having other symptoms and I thought I was going crazy so I took a test, and then four more tests, and they all had the same result, so what I’m trying to say is that I’m—I’m—”
“Pregnant?” He finished for you, his voice soft, eyebrows pinched.
You bit down hard on your bottom lip. “A bit, yea.”
The unreadable expression on his face completely unnerved you. A million questions flashed across those green eyes of his, but he settled on: “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t know how you were going to react.” Which you knew wasn’t a good enough reason to keep it from him, more so considering that you wanted the baby. You wanted to be a mother, and you wanted him to want to be a father. But in the minute and a half you’d given him to adjust to this information—impatience overpowering your ability to be fair—he wasn’t giving you any indication of wanting the same. “How are you reacting exactly? I can’t tell.”
“How far along are you?”
“That’s not really an answe—”
“Y/N.” He shot you stern look that was a little too reminiscent of the look he’d often given you that somehow never failed to get you into bed; a look that sparked the event that lead you to be in your current state.
You sighed and sat up, one leg folding in front of you, the other dangling off the side of the bed. “A few weeks.”
The bubble of disappointment you expected to consume you both didn’t come, but neither did Jake smile with full commitment. The corners of his lips didn’t reach far enough up his cheeks to convince you of its sincerity; that rare meadow-green shade of his irises didn’t shine any brighter, or glisten with unshed tears of joy, which you also would have settled for. You couldn’t decipher what was in front of you, but then he said,
“Come here.”
The deep noise he made in his throat as he shook his head stopped you. Grabbing your hand in his, he guided you closer, then he patted your side to let you know to straddle his hips. You settled yourself down and rested your hands on either side of his neck while his own slowly slid up down the tops of your thighs.
“Y/N, I’ve known that I want to marry you and have you as the mother of my children for a while now,” he said, finally grinning in a way that lessened the uneasy rapidity of your heartbeat. “So, seeing as we’ve just ticked one of those boxes, how do you feel about ticking the other one?”
“Wh—” The words, you definitely heard, but the comprehension of those words momentarily short-circuited your brain. “Are you—” Your eyes narrowed in suspicion. “Jake…are you serious?”
“I obviously wasn’t planning on doing this in a hospital bed, and the ring is at home, but—”
“You have a ring?”
He ran a knuckle over the blush that coated your cheeks. “I’ve had a ring,” he said, “for a month. I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to ask you, but I don’t want to wait anymore. I love you.”
You leaned your body into his, chests meeting, and wrapped your arms around his neck. It was a melting feeling to be so close to him, the warmth of your combined body heat practically joining you as one despite the layers of clothing between you. But it was always that way with Jake. From the moment you met, if his hands were on you, you were putty for him, completely malleable and moldable for him to do with what he wished.
Mouths barely brushed against one another. You whispered, “I love you,” and before you could close the space to kiss him deeper, he beat you to it, putting a hand on the back of your neck and pulling you forward so your lips could perfectly slot together.
You don’t know what you would have done if you’d lost this, lost him. But now it wasn’t only you, it was your child as well. Your son or daughter who might never have met their father. So you kissed him for more than just the feel and taste of him. You kissed him for more than just expressing your love. You kissed him because he was real and alive, and you shared something that would forever bind you.
You kissed until you forgot what it was to breathe, and it forced you to pull yourself away.
Calloused hands cupped your cheeks. Thumbs ran back and forth along your cheekbones. His eyes scanned over the features of your face, lazily lingering, in no rush to speak or end this moment of simply knowing without the slightest complication or hesitation that you loved one another. You loved one another and everything you made.
“Will you marry me, Y/N,” he asked, “…please.”
A mocking gasp of shock parted your lips. “Did Jake Seresin just say please?”
He swatted your ass. Your chuckles mingled. “This is a yes or no question, Miss Y/L/N. It does not require additional question or commentary.”
“Yes, Jake,” you didn’t hesitate to say. “Of course, it’s a yes.”
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Nightly Routine | Headcanons
Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw x Reader
Summary: you thought you had the twin's nightly routine down to a science but you didn't know there was a part they only did with their dad.
a/n: it's soft dad!rooster hours :')
Tumblr media
“It’s time for bed,” you announced as the credits to the cartoon movie started to roll 
your twins were tucked comfortably under your arms, their heads resting on your chests 
“But dad isn't home,” Nick whined, slumping deeper into the couch 
“Yeah,” Caroline agreed, mimicking her brother's actions 
you rolled your eyes and ruffled their hair before getting up and taking them by their hands up the stairs
in their 8 years of existence, Rooster was always there for bedtime no matter what. Even pre-recording bedtime stories for when he was deployed 
“Will he be here soon, mommy?” Caroline whispered as she held your hand tightly 
Caroline was a daddy’s girl, the fear of the deadly possibilities of Rooster’s job often frightened her 
she wanted to look tough in front of her brother and would quietly ask if Bradley was ok 
“He’s on his way, sweetheart, I promise,” you whispered back, smiling reassuringly down at her 
the twins got into their beds and let you tuck them in 
Caroline giggled as you kissed her cheek with a wet smack 
Nick wiped the kiss off his forehead with a drawn-out “Bleh!” 
you stood in front of their bookcase, trying to pick out a long read 
“Dad needs to sing the balls song,” Nick grumbled, folding his arms over his chest
he could never remember the actual name of the song their dad sang religiously to them 
your head whipped around to look at your son with wide eyes “Balls song?” you repeated in shock 
Nick was about to say more when his face lit up 
“You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain,” Bradley sang as he entered the doorway 
it all made sense now 
Nick jumped up from the bed and giggled, “Too much love drives a man insane,” Nick sang back as he sat on his knees 
Bradley hurried over and scooped Caroline from her bed, her limbs wrapped around him
she hugged him tightly, committing the way he held her to memory
“You broke my will,” she sang in between giggles as Bradley spun her in the middle of the room 
“Mom! You have to sing the next part,” Nick encouraged, bouncing in his spot 
Bradley looked at you with glimmering eyes, instantly taking you back to your nights at the Hard Deck 
“But what a thrill!” 
Bradley gently tossed Caroline back onto her bed and wrapped you up in his arms, his strong hands creating a fire across your back 
“Goodness gracious! Great balls of fire,” he and the kids sang before he kissed you lovingly, his mustache tickling you and making you giggle 
 he kissed your forehead before turning his attention to his children 
you watched from the doorway as he tucked them in, taking longer to pull their blankets over their bodies so he could talk with them and ask them about their day and to tell them how much he loved him
“You wipe that kiss and I’ll do it again,” he playfully scolded his son as his hand hovered over his forehead 
Nick rolled his eyes but smiled, turning over onto his side 
“I love you, daddy,” Caroline yawned as he pulled the blanket over her shoulder 
“I love you so much, sweetheart,” he mumbled against her cheek 
you and Rooster took one last look at the kids before turning off the light and shutting the door 
“Why didn’t you tell me about the song?” you asked as you walked hand in hand down the hall 
he kissed your knuckles and squeezed your hand 
“I just wanted to do something with them. Something I could do by myself—so they’d remember me…,” he chuckled, his words trailing off  
“I don't like when you talk that way,” you told him solemnly
he looked at you, your sad face forming a reassuring smile “I get it though, they seem to love it.” 
“Great Balls of Fire knows how to bring people together, honey. That’s how I got you,” he teased as he wiggled his eyebrows
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
dad vibes!rooster
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Tumblr media
You’ve seen hangman’s, now rooster’s. 🐓😉
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wear the hat
pairing: jake “hangman” seresin x pilot!reader
warnings: pre-uranium mission, 18+, minors DNI, jake and reader have similar personalities, sexual themes, sexual content, p in v sex, car sex, fingering, reader is from louisiana, inaccurate military (and sex) knowledge, a virgin writing sex, doesn’t follow movie plot
description: where you pick up jake’s cowboy hat knowing very well what you’re doing
wc: 2.2k
reader’s call sign is viper
Tumblr media
Jake “Hangman” Seresin, the Casanova of Top Gun Academy - and probably the entirety of Texas - was someone you had your eye set on since you first started as a pilot. It would be an absolute lie to say you had never thought about anything with him.
As embarrassing as it is and though you would never admit it, you thought of him quite frequently. But the most embarrassing part of it was that you hadn’t seen Jake in almost a year and a half.
The first time you saw him on base, his smile alone almost brought you to your knees, and ever since then, you had been insistent on trying to become involved with him. Much to your dismay, he seemed to be sleeping with everyone on base except for you, so you tried a different approach than just throwing yourself at him. 
You had gotten to know each other well, only not in the way either of you would have liked. You learned about his family, he learned about yours, you spent your free time together, everything just felt perfect in that moment, like everything had aligned in your favor. Albeit, all good things have to come to an end. 
After your time at the academy, the two of you were sent to different sides of the planet to serve the country. But after running around the globe in circles, you both ended up stationed in Jacksonville, Florida for 2 years.
During those 2 years, you felt certain that you could not be around him without breaking down into absolute mush. Every night you thought of him; his smile, his laugh, his voice, his cock…iness. And every night you found yourself shamefully reaching between your legs, wishing it was him.
It fell into your favor that you lived alone - off base - because if anyone had heard you, you would be done for. You talked every day, which only contributed to your bad habits. The short time you had together felt like unending torture, you’d spend hours every week meticulously touching yourself, dreaming that it was his hand instead of yours, just for you to overhear another girl talking about her night with him the next day. 
When the two years ended, it was both relieving and disappointing. You had thought that spending time away from him would be good for you, and definitely much healthier to stop thinking about him. 
But you hadn’t thought you’d see him again so soon. You were barely briefed before being called back, but you did know that only the best pilots had been asked to return. It was inevitable that you were going to see him.   
The first night back in Fighter Town, you hauled yourself to the Hard Deck hoping to recollect yourself before classes started in the morning. Though many people were in uniform, you had opted for a sundress instead, walking into the bar, your senses were filled with lively music, bright lights, and the strong scent of alcohol.
"Viper!” You turn to your left and see Natasha Trace calling out to you. You had met her the first time you had come to Top Gun for the elite training to become a Naval Air Force pilot. Although the two of you weren’t too close, you kept in touch often.
“Phoenix, hey,” you smile and join her as she walks through the bar. A couple of guys follow close behind you, seeming vaguely familiar. As the four of you approach a pool table, you hear a voice call out.
“What do we have here? And here I thought we were special, Coyote,”
Natasha turns to the other men, “Fellas, this here is Bagman,” she says with a smirk.
He sends her back a hard glare, “Hangman,” he clears his throat, “Trace, a pleasure as always,” his southern drawl, prominent in his speech.
He turns to you, a coquettish expression on his face, “Viper,”
Returning a similar guise, you look him in the eyes, “Bagman,” your own southern accent becoming noticeable.
“Didn’t think I’d see you so soon, but who am I to complain,” he shot you a wink as he flirted shamelessly with you. God, if only he knew. 
You moved away from him and stalked around the pool table, trying to find a seat. Choosing a seat next to another pilot, previously discovered as “Bob”, the seat you had chosen seemed to have been occupied by an upside-down cowboy hat. 
You paused for a moment before picking up the hat, thinking about what you were about to do. Oh boy, you were probably going to regret this next move. Grabbing the hat, you rested it on your head and sat in the chair, crossing your legs. 
Jake, who had been in the middle of aiming his shot, noticed your movement out of the corner of his eye and glanced toward you. Seeing the hat atop of your head, he quickly jerked his hand, instinctively, causing him to miss his shot. 
Phoenix laughed, “Wow, Seresin! What a shot!” 
Jake brushed it off and flipped her a bird, he walked to where you were and looked at you almost twitchy-like. “Now, darlin’, where did you say you were from?” 
He remembers where you’re from. 
You know he remembers where you’re from. 
“Louisiana, born and raised, you?” You smiled at him smugly, knowing damn well he was getting agitated. 
He huffed out a laugh and ran his tongue along his bottom lip, “I need a drink and I think you do too,” 
You stood and left the group, Jake’s hand on the small of your back. You moved to the bar, but Jake guided you out to his car. When you stepped foot out of the bar, Jake laughed. And were as confused as ever. 
“I don’t know how y’all do it down in Louisiana, Darlin’, but where I’m from, you don’t touch a cowboy’s hat unless-”
“Thank you, Lieutenant, but I’m very familiar with the rule,”
“You’re really draggin’ this out, aren’t ya?”  You tipped his hat at him and smiled, walking to the passenger side of the truck and getting in, Jake followed your actions and got into his side of the car. 
You sat with your arms crossed, your head turned towards him, “I knew I was going to regret this,”
Now it was Jake’s turn to play dumb, “Regret what?”
You sighed and uncrossed your arms, “Darlin’, this isn’t something to regret.” Your faces moved closer as you talked, “And why is that?”
“Because I know. About you. About your ‘escapades’, you know, the ones with me in em’. You thought I wouldn’t find out you were screamin’ my name every night back in Jax?” your face dropped, but Jake only smiled wider.
“What? You don’t think I didn’t think about you every day either? Every time there was someone other than you in my bed?”
“Then why didn’t you-”
“I didn’t think you felt the same,” 
“Well I do,” your faces were now only centimeters apart, and something miraculous in you caused you to lean forward and press your lips against his. 
His hand grabbed the back of your head, pushing your lips more firmly together and making the kiss more passionate. Every movement of your lips together felt starved, as if you have never been touched in your life. 
You both moved rhythmically to each other, you reached your hand down between his legs and palmed his crotch. He pulled away and threw his head back, groaning.
He reconnected your lips, wrapping his large hands around your waist, and pulled you onto his lap, sliding his hand under your dress. He tugged on the waistline of your panties as you let a soft moan into his mouth. He pulled up your dress, and moved his hands around your torso, gently cupping your breasts. He moved his hands around our back and unclasped your bra with one hand, pulling it off of you, he tossed it in the back seat. 
You gasped as he tightened his grip around you and you gasped again when you felt his tongue drag across your breasts. He took your nipple in his mouth and sucked on it, making you want to scream out. A hand covered your mouth before you could make any noise, “We don’t want to pull anyone out here, now, do we?” he asked, looking up through his long, dark eyelashes. 
You whimpered at his touch of your mouth and lack of touch in other places. He smiled and moved his other hand down between your legs where you were straddled on his lap. He moved your underwear over and pressed his hand against your clit. 
He rubbed slowly, teasing you, “Please, please,” you begged him, he rubbed faster, “Please what? Say it for me, baby,” 
God, if you were in any other situation, you’d probably punch him. 
“Please, Jake, I need you,” 
He moved his hand and used his middle and ring fingers to circle your entrance, tapping against it gently. At this point you were trying not to shed any tears, you needed him, now. 
You took a sharp breath in as he slid his fingers into you, he moved his second hand from your mouth to hold down your waist. He pumped his fingers in and out of you, curling them as he did so, and hitting all the right places. He leaned over and sucked on a spot on your neck.
You couldn’t hold it on any longer and let out a gargled moan from the back of your throat, “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this,” 
You set your hands on his shoulder and nodded quickly, not being able to speak. He pumped his fingers faster and you hung your head down lower and began to breathe more heavily. 
He pulled his fingers out of you and you let out a whine, he put both his hands on your bare waist, “Can I-”
“Yes, please,” you said breathlessly as you started to unbutton his shirt. He undid the zipper on his pants as you worked on his shirt, and pulled down his underwear, his hardening erection, springing up onto his stomach. You wrapped your hands around his cock and pumped, wiping the pre-cum off his tip and spreading it over him as a lubricant. 
He ripped your panties right off of you and threw them in the back seat, “Jake-”
“I’ll get you new ones,”
He lifted you onto him and you both let out a groan as he penetrated you. He bucked his hips into you, thrusting quickly. You were both in such bliss with each other that you could barely kiss each other with any sort of coordination. The kisses were sloppy, but soft and warm, you could’ve died right there. 
He stopped thrusting, and you hung your head close to his shoulders, your arms around his neck. He held your waist and began to move you up and down his length. He whispered harshly in your ear, “Look at you, thinking there were no consequences to your actions. You know, baby, you wear the hat-”
“Ride the cowboy,” as you said it he bucked into you and you let out another gargled moan - almost scream-like. He grabbed his hat off your head, which you somehow managed to keep on the whole time, and threw it in the backseat with the rest of your belongings. 
“Fuck,” you heard a voice and realized it wasn’t yours, it was Jake’s, “Fuck,” he let out a string of vulgarities as you bounced on him. His sweat started pearling on his forehead, and boy he’s never looked so good. You connected your lips to the sensitive spot behind his ear and he moaned out in pleasure. It was the sweetest sound you had ever heard. 
“Darlin’ I’m gonna...”
You hummed against his skin in agreement, you moved your head and bit down on his shoulder as you let yourself go, just moments after, you felt him shudder and let out a pornographic, obscene noise. He pulled out of you and zipped his pants back up. You stayed on his lap and the two of you sat there, breathless, you against his bare chest, your dress bunched up at your waist, sweating, on a high, and more attracted to each other than ever. 
You moved off his lap and reached into the back to grab your bra, you clasped it back on and Jake watched as you flipped down the car mirror, fussed with your hair, and wiped your messed-up makeup off. Putting the mirror back up, you jumped out of the truck and shut the door, leaving him alone. He watched you walk towards the entrance of the bar, he quickly gathered himself and grabbed the hat from the back seat. He got out of the truck and called out to you.
You turned to see him walking with the hat, he caught up with you and set the hat on your head. He walked passed you, lightly smacking your ass, “This was fun, let’s do it again, Darlin’,” he shot you a wink and made his way back into the Hard Deck. 
He is going to be the end of you.     
i’ve never written smut before so i hope that was good idk bro but yes i hoped you liked it 
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Doing Stuff
Maverick: Where's Hangman?
Bob: Doing stuff.
Maverick: I don't like the sound of that. Where's Rooster?
Fanboy: Trying to stop Hangman from doing the stuff.
Maverick: Phoenix & Y/c/s?
Payback: Trying to stop Rooster from stopping Hangman from doing the stuff.
Maverick: I see. And what are you guys doing here?
Bob: We are supposed to stop you from stopping Phoenix and Y/c/s from stopping Rooster from stopping Hangman from doing the stuff.
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honeybeedewdrops · 2 days ago
Forgotten Anniversary | B.Bradshaw
Tumblr media
Summary: Bradley Bradshaw was not a forgetful guy especially when it comes to you, But he does forget a very important date.
Warnings: none but don't worry this does have a happy ending.
You woke up to a cold empty bed. Huh Rooster said he'd try to take today off seeing as it was your guys 2 year anniversary, but I guess he didn't get it off. You were hoping you two could just lay in bed all day and then go out tonight. That's ok i'll just make him a surprise dinner. You think getting ready for the day but not before sending Bradley a Happy Anniversary text.
You spent the whole day cleaning, you made sure the kitchen was spotless before going to cook Rooster's favourite meal. As it got later in the day you still didn't get a text from Rooster. Which wasn't unusual but you for sure thought you'd get a text by now.
After cleaning you went out and picked up Rooster's anniversary present. It was a little book he could carry with him in his flight suit it had a picture and little description of all the dates you had been on since you started dating and got married.
Around 6:00 you had everything ready the food was cooking the table was set. Candles lit with two glasses of wine and all you had to do was get dressed.
You showered before getting dressed, you style your hair before moving on to make up the last touch. You smile and pose taking on last look before going down to finish dinner.
You looked at the clock 6:30 Rooster should be home any minute. so you shoot him another text.
Hey Roo. Just checking in hope work was good. Can't wait for you to get home I have a surprise.
You put the food on the plates and pour wine out and admire your work.
You looked at the clock once again trying not to cry. It was 7:30 and Rooster still hadn't texted or come home. Surely Maverick wouldn't keep him this long after he did know it was your guys Anniversary. You looked at the 7 texts you had sent Rooster before warming up your food and eating as tears streamed down your face.
You wash up the dishes and call Maverick. "Y/N hey what's up. Happy Anniversary by the way" "Thanks Maverick um did training go late or something Rooster's still not home and he's not answering" "No Training ended like 2 hours ago." "oh ok Thanks Mav" you say as he said that your heart broke.
Rooster had forgotten your anniversary.
"Y/N you ok" "o-oh y-yeah i'm sure he's just making a surprise for me. I-I-I gotta go Mav" you say and hang up. You sob and go upstairs you remove your ruined makeup and get out of your clothes throwing on some Pj's and climbing into bed.
You listen to your phone buzz and it didn't stop and you knew exactly who it was but you were in no mood to talk to him.
You heard the door open downstairs and Bradley's voice. "Y/N where are you i'm sorry." he calls. You hear footsteps coming up the stairs you had locked the door previously. The door handle jingled "Y/N please open the door i'm sorry. I know I'm sorry doesn't fix this but I just forgot." That pissed you off, you rip the door open "JUST FORGOT. BRADLEY, I TEXTED YOU THIS MORNING." "I had left my phone in my car, and forgot it, and then after training the boys wanted to get some drinks and I didn't drive to the bar" "Drinks really Bradley. You didn't even bother to grab your phone" "Y/N I promise i will make it up to you" Rooster says tears coming to his eyes. "Whatever just leave i don't want to see you right now" You say slamming the door in his face.
Tears stream down your face you didn't know if you could ever forgive Bradley it certainly would take weeks maybe even months.
It had been a few weeks and Bradley had left you alone you assumed Maverick had let him stay with him as you didn't want to see him.
Phoenix had tried to get you to talk to him but you didn't want to see him.
Phoenix had convinced you to come out for drinks with her with the promise of not seeing Bradley. So here you sat in Phoenix's car on the way to the Hard Deck.
You were looking out the window and Phoenix blows past the Hard Deck. "Uh Phoenix the Hard Deck was back there" "Uh change of plans" "Ok so if we're not going to the Hard Deck where are we going" "It's a surprise" "Surprise?" "yeah just relax" You weren't sure about this, she was up to something.
She pulls into the beach parking lot and you start to get out. Then you saw Bradley's Bronco parked a little ways away. You go to open the car door but Phoenix had locked it. "Phoenix no way open this door" "No now come on" she says grabbing your arm. "Phoenix please no" you say but she drags you onto the beach. That's when you hear it... yours and Bradley's song. As you got closer you could see a small table with candles all around and there the man of the hour stood in a nice suit with flowers in hand.
You stand frozen. "go" Phoenix says pushing you forward. You take timid steps forward and finally come face to face with Bradley. "Y/N i'm so very sorry and I know what I did is unforgivable but is there anyway you could forgive me" He says. You bite your lip as tears come to your eyes.
You sigh "yes Bradley I forgive you now come here" You say and put your lips on his. You hear cheering you pull away seeing all Bradley's co workers. You chuckle rolling your eyes before sitting down giving Bradley a huge smile.
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bradshawsbaby · 13 hours ago
Until I Saw You
Pairing: Rooster x Future Wife!Reader (featuring mentions of Goose x Carole)
Author’s Note: I wrote this based on this request I received, though it definitely ended up being longer than the drabble I said I’d write. It’s a counterpart of sorts to You, Me, and Karaoke, since it features Rooster’s perspective on the first time he laid eyes on the future Mrs. Bradshaw.
Warnings: Nothing but lots and lots of fluff!
Tumblr media
“Mom, how do you know when you’ve found the one?”
He was fifteen years old and his heart had just been trampled by the girl he’d been dating for the past six months. It hurt, no doubt, to be dumped out of the blue, but the more he thought about it, the more he realized that his ego had taken a harder hit than his heart. Shouldn’t he have been more broken up about it? Maybe. But he wasn’t. And that had led him to wonder how he would ever know if he’d found the right girl.
His mom, standing at the sink washing dishes, looked over at where he was sitting at their kitchen table, glumly eating a bowl of ice cream.
“Aw, honey,” she sighed in understanding, drying her hands on a dish towel and walking over to wrap her arms around him. “That girl didn’t know what she had in my darling Bradley,” she grinned, planting a big kiss on his cheek. “I never really liked her anyway,” she added, straightening up and taking the seat across from him at the table.
“Mom!” Bradley groaned, pushing his bowl of ice cream away and running a hand down his face.
“What?” Carole scoffed, batting her eyes innocently. “I didn’t. She wasn’t the right girl for you.”
“But how will I know when a girl is the right girl for me?” Bradley pressed, returning to his original question.
His mom was quiet for a moment, a thoughtful expression on her face as she contemplated his question. “I’m not sure how well I can really explain it, but I’ll give it a try,” she began slowly, tapping her chin lightly. “When you meet the girl who’s the one, you’ll just know—”
“But how will I know?” Bradley demanded impatiently, an exasperated expression on his face.
“Don’t interrupt your mother,” Carole told him with a twinkle in her eye, biting back a laugh. He looked so much like his father when he made faces like that, a fact that simultaneously warmed and broke her heart. “I’m getting there.”
“Sorry,” Bradley murmured sheepishly, resting an elbow on the table and leaning in closer to hear what his mother had to say.
Smiling, Carole nodded. “Mhm. So as I was saying, when you meet the right girl, you’ll just know. You’ll feel it right here in your chest,” she explained, placing a hand over her heart. “She’ll light you up from the very inside and make you forget that there were ever any other girls you could have ever possibly had eyes for. She’ll make it hard for you to breathe, but in the best way possible. And you’ll just know,” she finished firmly, as if she had just recited a scientific fact.
Bradley sat in silence for a few moments, mulling over his mother’s words. Then he glanced up at her and smiled slightly. “Is that how it was with you and Dad?”
Carole laughed at that, though her eyes got that look in them, the look Bradley had seen countless times throughout the years whenever they talked about his father—a mingled look of love and grief and joy and pain. “Oh, yes,” she nodded, gently fingering her wedding band. “Lord knows I never knew how to breathe properly when your daddy was around. Did I ever tell you what he told me once, about the first time he saw me?”
Bradley shook his head and leaned forward eagerly. He loved the stories his mom told about his dad. They always made him feel so real, like he was sitting right there beside them.
“He was with Mav, naturally,” Carole grinned, resting her cheek in her hand as she recalled that day as if it was yesterday. “They came in for lunch at the restaurant where I was waitressing. Your dad said that while they were waiting for a table, he saw me running a huge order out of the kitchen and it felt like the whole world stopped turning. For a second, it was just me and him and no one else.” She smiled, her eyes getting misty the way they did whenever she talked about him. “And then he apparently told the hostess that he needed to be seated at a table in my section. Mav backed him up, of course, saying they’d wait as long as they had to for a table to open up,” she laughed.
“And the rest is history?” Bradley grinned, nudging his mother affectionately. He knew his friends would think it was mushy, but he loved hearing stories about his parents’ relationship. They’d gotten married so young, and yet had so few years together. He would never get tired of hearing stories about the time they got to share with one another.
“And the rest is history,” Carole nodded, reaching over and squeezing his hand. “And to think, your dad and I grew up just a few towns apart from each other and never met before then. Fate has a funny way of working things out the way they’re meant to happen,” she told him, that sad look flashing through her eyes quickly.
“So that’s how I’ll know then? When I see her and the whole world stops turning?” Bradley asked, taking his father’s words about his mother to heart.
“That’s how you’ll know,” his mom affirmed, rising from her seat and dropping a kiss on the top of his head. “And what a lucky girl she’ll be, the girl my baby chooses to spend the rest of his life with,” she said, pinching his cheek playfully. “That girl I know I’ll like, unlike Miss What’s-Her-Face,” she added with a laugh, walking back over to the sink.
“Thanks, Mom,” Bradley murmured, rising as well and walking over to press a kiss to his mother’s cheek. “I’ll finish the dishes. You go relax.”
“See? A lucky girl indeed,” Carole smiled, squeezing her son’s arm and taking him up on his offer.
Bradley spent the rest of that night, and the days and weeks that followed, contemplating his mother’s words and taking them deeply to heart.
Tumblr media
In the years that followed, especially the years after he had to bury his mother, Bradley never forgot what she had told him that night. But he also never found what she had described. He dated lots of girls, sure, and even thought he loved a couple of them, but he never found the one who lit him up from the inside, the one who made the world stop turning the way his mom had done for his dad.
On his loneliest days, he often wondered if he’d ever find what his parents had shared. Maybe the love they’d had for each other, the kind that made it hard to breathe in all the best ways, was just too rare for him to find. Maybe the woman that was meant for him just wasn’t out there at all. It was a depressing thought that he tried to push out of his mind, but as the years passed, it plagued him more and more.
“I don’t know, Mom and Dad,” he’d murmur sometimes, when he felt lost and adrift. “I don’t know if I’ll ever find her.”
Finding “her,” the elusive woman of his dreams, was honestly the last thing on Bradley’s mind when he walked into The Hard Deck with Phoenix, Bob, Payback, Fanboy, Coyote, and Hangman that night. They’d had a long day of training exercises and were just looking to cut loose with some drinks and a few rounds of pool.
He had certainly not been counting on you.
It had been a few weeks since he’d had the time to stop by Penny’s bar, so he hadn’t been aware that she’d hired anyone new to work the floor, running orders from the bar and the kitchen. He hadn’t been in the bar for more than five minutes when his eyes suddenly landed on you.
And the whole world stopped turning.
He had never seen any woman as beautiful as you. With your bright eyes and infectious smile, your cheeks flushed from the heat of the crowded bar, and little wisps of hair escaping from your ponytail and kissing your forehead and cheeks—he didn’t know how to take his eyes off you. And suddenly he found himself wondering how there ever could have been any other girls he possibly could have wanted.
Because he couldn’t tear his gaze away from you, he noticed, well before you did, the bag that someone had carelessly left sitting in the middle of the floor. With your focus fixed firmly on the bar, you didn’t see it at all, in fact, and Bradley knew that you were going to trip right over it. Without a second thought, he shot his arm out and quickly wrapped it around your waist, steadying you as you stumbled before you could fall to the floor.
“Oh, thank you! I—”
If you said anything else, Bradley didn’t hear it because at that moment you lifted your eyes to look at him and his chest tightened inexplicably. It felt strangely warm in a way he had never experienced before. He found that it suddenly seemed hard to catch a breath, and yet he didn’t mind at all. He gladly would have forgone breathing altogether if you just kept looking at him with those gorgeous eyes of yours.
“Careful, darling,” he chuckled, his hand resting gently on your elbow. He bit his tongue, wondering if he should have called you “darling.” Somehow, though, it felt right.
Your lips parted slightly and his heart did a somersault in his chest and then Hangman’s voice cut through the crowd and ruined it all.
“Bradshaw! Quit flirting and get your ass over here for your turn or you forfeit!” he called from the pool table.
He could really kill Hangman sometimes.
Gazing down at you and smiling apologetically, Bradley slowly turned away and walked back over to his friends, but not without shooting several more glances your way over his shoulder. He felt the breath return to his lungs only after you were out of sight. Yet it wasn’t a feeling that filled him with relief, as being able to breathe should. Instead, he found himself searching for you all night, craving the lightheadedness that came when the world stopped turning.
His breath caught in his throat whenever he spotted you and his heart soared whenever he caught you gazing back at him. You always looked away first, an adorable look of sheepishness crossing your face when he caught you staring. Though he tried, he wasn’t able to talk to you for the rest of the night, which crushed him a bit.
“I didn’t know you hired some new waitresses, Penny,” he said, feigning a nonchalance he certainly didn’t feel as he closed out his tab a couple hours later.
“Just one,” Penny smirked, a knowing look gleaming in her eyes. “She’s very sweet. I think you’d like her,” she added with a grin.
Bradley tried not to choke at that, rapping his knuckles on the bartop as he nodded stiffly. “Good night, Penny.”
“Good night, Rooster,” Penny chuckled, her gaze drifting between him and you as he made his way out of the bar. She had a feeling she was going to be seeing a lot more of him in the coming weeks.
Climbing into his Ford Bronco, Bradley let out a soft sigh and ran his fingers through his hair. In spite of himself, he couldn’t help but grin as he thought back over the past couple hours. He rather liked the feeling of the whole world coming to a standstill.
Glancing down at the picture of his parents that he kept tucked in the center console of his car, he smiled. “I think I found her, Mom and Dad,” he told them. He knew somehow, without being able to explain it, that they were smiling, too.
And as he drove home that night, one thought kept running through his mind over and over again.
I’m gonna marry that girl someday.
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lilgreyarea · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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ethunreal · 2 days ago
๋ 𓂋 top gun maverick . ˚◞
꒰ ⌕ ꒱ listed are my fav fics! ✧ ੭ pls support these writers !
Tumblr media
miso says ! mostly bob and rooster because #whitemenstrikeagain
๋ 𓂋 robert ‘bob’ floyd . ˚◞
author: @starlightsiren — genre: fluff — synopsis: Breezy647 changed the group chat name to ‘The Bob Club’ The four of you laugh as you check the notification. Something about this name was almost too perfect. — warning(s): swearing & mentions of drinking.
author: @callsignbob — genre: fluff, suggestive (light smut), classic “one-sided” pining trope — synopsis: every day, you did four small Things guaranteed to more quickly bring about the demise of Lt. Robert Floyd. The torture was insufferable, the agony extreme. He was so whipped that he sometimes worried he was following you around by floating like a cartoon character walking past a particularly delicious pie. And you had no earthly idea. — warning(s): very suggestive content (no minor interaction!), brief emo bob, phoenix is a boss-ass bitch and i love her, etc.
author: @siempre-bucky — genre: fluff, dad!bob, wife reader — synopsis: bob burns. your daughter gets very paranoid when he forgets sunscreen one morning and insists on bringing it to him. — warning(s): none!
author: @robertcallsignbobfloyd — genre: series (unfinished) fluff, dad!bob, wife reader — synopsis: this collection follows the love story of Robert "Bob" Floyd and his future wife, and their struggle of long distance and unexpected battles. —warning(s): listed in individual parts!
author: @glodessa — genre: fluff & angst (full send) — synopsis: You’d sworn yourself to stay away from men in uniforms. Yet you didn’t.. — warning(s): major character death! bob literally being an angel, probably some incorrect medical stuff but i did as much research as i could, with that goes: mentions of hospitals and all kinds of injuries
author: @kinzis-writing — genre: series (unfinished) fluff, slight angst — synopsis: Y/N Mitchell swore to herself that she would never allow herself to date or get involved with anyone from any branch of the military. After worrying about her father, the past few years, she knew that she never wanted to experience worry for a significant other. After her father gets ordered back to California, she may just meet the one that ruins all of her plans.  — warning(s): swearing, slight angst, mentions of sexual material, brief mentions of abortion, top gun related themes, top gun: maverick spoilers, timelines won’t add up for this mini-series.
author: @callsignhoney — genre: fluff, allusions to smut — synopsis: an unlikely candidate has you breaking your dad ( and brother's) "no pilots" policy — warning(s): none!
author: @writergirl35 — genre: fluff, husband!bob, father!bob— synopsis: You and Bob have welcomed a son into the world. Your son just turned 8 months and Bob can’t decide who he loved more, his son, or the woman who brought him into the world. — warning(s): none!
author: @priceof-freedom — genre: fluff, allusions to smut — synopsis: You considered your alone time in the gym sacred, and made sure that you don’t run into any of the cocky aviators. When your schedule inadvertently overlapped with theirs one day and you encountered a sweet bespectacled WSO, you found yourself unconsciously changing your gym schedule to match his. (... but was it really unconscious though?) — warning(s): none!
author: @midnightdevotion— genre: fluff, bob has a massive crush on you hehe. — synopsis: Bob trying to hold your hand and failing miserably.— warning(s): none!
author: @topguncortez — genre: angst— synopsis: being placed on a top secret mission weeks before his wife's due date was not what Lt. Floyd had imagined married life would be like. — warning(s): top gun shit, child birth, near death experiences, cursing.
author: @applebutter-and-cinnamon — genre: fluff.— synopsis: A dance with Bob leaves you infatuated and slightly surprised that a man like him actually exists. — warning(s): none!
author: @thespeeder — genre: fluff — synopsis: bob asks you out to your senior prom in high school, and ever since then, you two have been together, even in the Navy, but it shocks people because you’re so damn hot.— warning(s): none!
author: @lorecraft — genre: fluff, smut — synopsis: bob gives you a compliment, you nearly give him an aneurysm. — warning(s): 18+ only. flirting. blushing. cue stick chalk throwing. lead up to smut.
author: @skyvatnavie — genre: fluff, smut— synopsis: tba— warning(s): some god ol' pining (so much pining!), kissing, SMUT! Handjob, fingering, protected sex (be smart and wrap it folks!) and fluff... lots and lots of fluff.
Tumblr media
๋ 𓂋 bradley ‘rooster’ bradshaw . ˚◞
author: @fandomlit — genre: fluff, rooster flirting — synopsis: a power outage allows rooster (and unfortunately, the other men on the base) to see you in your sleep clothes— warning(s): swearing, suggestion towards adult themes, rooster has a staring problem (me too tbh)
author: @theroosterperch— genre: fluff, — synopsis: penny asks you to watch amelia for the night and rooster tags along. — warning(s): n
author: @hufflepuffprincesse — genre: fluff, angst, happy ending — synopsis: as your best friend, Rooster wants what’s best for you. and he’s certain that guy isn’t it. it would have absolutely nothing to do with his romantic feelings that definitely aren’t there, thank you very much Phoenix. but he also doesn’t want lose you. however, he can’t sit back and watch what’s happening. if you won’t leave the relationship, he’s not sure there’s much of a friendship left to be had with you. — warning(s): toxic and abusive relationships, my personal experience, swearing, Maverick has all the wisdom, references to physical abuse, explicit discussion of verbal and emotional abuse
author: @miles-rooster — genre: fluff — synopsis: Goose and Carole meet the only girl Bradley's ever introduced them to — warning(s): mentions of death.
author: @icahwriter — genre: mentioned in individual parts — synopsis: you ran across the country to the place you knew you’d be the safest- with Maverick on a Navy base somewhere in California. Your plan was to lay low until the coast was clear - but then you met Bradley Bradshaw. — TW! anxiety, past abuse, stalking, mentions of sex but no actual smut
author: @mads-weasley — genre: fluff — synopsis: after a long day of work rooster somehow convinces you to take a nap with you, who he missed dearly— warning(s): none!
author: @magnolia-among-the-stars — genre: fluff. — synopsis: The AC is broken and cute, sweaty moments ensue with your soon to be husband as you reminisce. This is really just cute banter in the heat of the summer. — warning(s): none!
author: @peterparkerisababe — genre: fluff — synopsis: rooster has a crush on the base's doctor — warning(s): none!
author: @mads-weasley — genre: fluff — synopsis: bradley comes home from a long mission and runs straight into his wife's loving arms. — warning(s): none!
author: @bradshawsbaby — genre: fluff — synopsis: tbd. — warning(s): Mentions of sexy times (nothing explicit), Cyclone Simpson being a hardass, one F-bomb, and lots of fluffy goodness.
Tumblr media
๋ 𓂋 jake 'hangman' seresin. ˚◞
author: @topguncortez — genre: fluff — synopsis: how can Hangman, cocky, arrogant Hangman fall in love with a girl who is so different than him and raise a family completely opposite of him. — warning(s): mentions of sex, mentions of child birth, top gun things
author: @shaunlovesyou — synopsis: a fun light hearted prank gone so right. genre: fluff — warning(s): none!
author: @callsignhoney— genre: fluff — synopsis: hangman lays the flirting on heavily before he realizes who you are, and what you are to him — warning(s): none!
author: @libraryofloveletters — genre: fluff— synopsis: tbd.— warning(s): break ups, soft!Jake, alcohol and the consumption of, a few tears, drunk!birthdayboy!Bob and reader are besties, mentions of throwing up. 
author: @augustinescruelsummer — genre: fluff — synopsis: In which Jake takes you to meet the team at The Hard Deck, in an effort to prove to them that he’d actually found a girl who puts up with his shit.
author: @babyonboard — genre: fluff, smut, slow burn — synopsis: as a nurse for navy pilots at top gun, hooking up with one of your patients seems unprofessional. but for jake seresin, you’ll make an exception. — warning(s): mentions of, and a small amount of smut (minors dni), a little angst, slow(ish) burn, mentions of blood, intense medical scenarios.
Tumblr media
๋ 𓂋 mickey 'fanboy' garcia. ˚◞
author: @callsign-squints — fluff, wife!reader synopsis: mickey introduces his wife to his friends after a successful mission warning(s): none!
author: @rae-gar-targaryen — fluff, suggestive, established-relationship!au synopsis: a drive-in movie, a little joke, and some sweetness with your Fanboy. warning(s): none, other than some cheesiness, my writing, and the barest suggestion of smut. 16+.
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just some of my favourite lewis + friends pics :))
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just a handsome glen powell in his striped shirt and ears hearts ~♡ looking like a teddy bear 🧸
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y/n: rooster, i know you like using the walkie talkies but if you keep this up our relationship is over
rooster: our relationship is what? over.
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Me: No the movie was perfect, I don’t see anything that could’ve made it better.
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If these two mfs kissed
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The Box word count: 2.4k warnings: mentions of parental death pairing: Bradley x female!reader, Carole and Goose (mentioned) synopsis: Bradley comes back to his childhood home to discover the house is still the same and there's a box of letters with his name on it. masterlist
Bradley sighed as he looked up at the familiar house. It had been nearly four years since he’s been back to it. It was in his best interest to pack it up and sell, even though everything in his heart was telling him not to. All sorts of memories had been made inside those four walls, and Bradley wasn’t sure if he could part with them yet. 
“Are you ready?” A small hand landed on his shoulder and Bradley looked over at the girl sitting in his passenger seat. Bradley gave her a small smile and nodded. She squeezed his shoulder as he turned off the truck. She waited for him at the front of the truck, grabbing his hand as they walked towards the front door of the house. 
“Remind me to grab the mailbox before we sell,” Bradley said, looking at the painted mailbox. He could remember his mom holding his small hand as they painted their last name on it. 
“I’ll add it to the list.” 
Bradley opened the door to the house and was hit with the feeling of nostalgia. Even though the years had passed since anyone had really been there, the house still smelled the same as it always did. The same spot by the front door creaked as Bradley walked into the house. It was like a time capsule, a thin layer of dust covering everything in the house. Bradley felt his throat constrict as he stood in the living room, looking around at all the pictures. 
“I don’t even know where to start,” He mumbled and sat down on the couch. Y/N stood in the doorway of the living room, giving Bradley some privacy to gather his thoughts, “C’mere.” 
Y/N walked over and sat down next to him. She snuggled into his side and Bradley placed a kiss on her temple, “We don’t have to do anything tonight. We had a long drive in and a very busy past few days. Let’s just take the night to relax,” She said and then looked up at him, “You can show me around your hometown. I would love to see where the teen heartthrob Bradley Bradshaw used to break hearts open at.” 
Bradley smiled and shook his head, “Yeah I like that plan. It’s kind of overwhelming to be here right now. Maybe a night out will help me clear my head.” 
Y/N and Bradley brought in their suitcases, setting up in his old room. He contemplated taking the master bedroom, but he wasn’t quite ready to open the door to it yet. Y/N knew the pain that it caused Bradley to even step foot on the property of this house, she understood his unsettledness as he wandered around the house as she got ready. 
The two of them walked around the small old downtown. Bradley had pointed out various spots and told stories of the antics him and his friends got up to. It was a nice change for them both, being carefree and not feeling the weight of college and flight school on their shoulders. Bradley had finally graduated from flight school a couple weeks ago, and Y/N had finished her degree in education. They had the summer to themselves, for the first time in nearly four years. They wanted to enjoy their summer before Bradley had to report to the Golden Warriors in Virginia. That meant they also had to tie up some loose strings, like his mother’s house that was sitting empty. 
Bradley had decided to keep the house after her passing, not ready to part with it. In the back of his mind he was going to use the house for school breaks, having a place near the coast to run away too, but after his first year of college, he found it too hard to come back. That’s when he met Y/N, and she had invited him to come to Thanksgiving dinner with her family. And from then on out, Bradley knew she was going to be the one for him. 
“This diner,” Bradley smiled as they stopped outside the old place, “My dad proposed to my mom here over a cup of coffee and a slice of apple pie.” 
“Well how about we go in and have some for ourselves,” Y/N said and Bradley nodded, pulling her into the old style restaurant. 
“My word. . . Bradley Bradshaw!” An older lady behind the counter said as they walked in, “My, I haven’t seen you running around here in ages! How are you doing?” 
“Denise, It’s good to see you, I’m doing good,” Bradley greeted her, “This is my girlfriend, Y/N. This is Denise, she’s been running this place since I was little.” 
“It’s nice to meet you,” Y/N said, waving to the older lady. 
“She’s a pretty girl Bradley, you're treating her right?” Denise asked, raising an eyebrow. Y/N bit her lip to try and hide her blush, as Bradley felt his ears turn red. 
“Of course. My old man’s ghost would come back to kick my ass,” Bradley looked at his girlfriend, “We’ll take two Bradshaw regulars.” 
“Go on ahead, I’ll bring them over,” Denise said, pointing to the familiar booth in the middle of the restaurant. 
Bradley sat across from Y/N in the booth and looked at the picture that was on the wall. His parents' smiling faces were displayed behind the glass and Bradley sighed. This town was full of memories of them. It was a small town, and everyone knew everyone. When they found out about Goose’s death, they rallied around Carole and young Bradley, making sure they had meals and were taken care of. They never wanted Carole to feel alone, like she couldn’t reach out for help if she needed it. 
And the same went for Bradley. When Carole fell ill his junior year of high school, the town stepped in once again, making sure that Bradley was taken care of and Carole was looked after. When she died, it felt like a hole was punched through the town. Carole was loved by everyone, known by everyone. Her smiling face was missed at church services, and her loud yell was missed at baseball games. Bradley Bradshaw had become an orphan at the age of seventeen. But he never felt truly alone, the town was there for him. They helped him to keep standing on his own two feet until he graduated highschool and moved to Charlottesville. 
“They really loved your folks,” Y/N said. 
“Like no other,” Bradley answered, “They were very active in the town. Even with my dad gone from time to time, he still did his part. He always helped set fireworks off every year for the fourth and played Santa a couple years for christmas.” 
“Oh that would’ve been awesome! Goose Bradshaw as Santa!” 
“Except one year he and Mav got into the spiked eggnog a little too much before, so we had drunk Santa.” 
Y/N laughed, “I love when you tell stories about them. Your eyes light up and you have this bright smile on your face. I love seeing it.” 
“I just wish they were here,” Bradley looked down at his hands, “There are some things I wish I could ask them. Like when I had to call you in the middle of the night and ask how to iron my khaki shirt. Simple stuff like that I wish I still had.” 
Y/N grabbed his hand and ran her thumb over the back of it, “I know. But you know that they are always with you.” 
“I know.” 
— — — 
The next week was spent going through every room in the house. Every cabinet, drawer, closet was gone through. Bradley had donated and tossed loads of stuff, with Y/N’s help. There were some things he decided to keep, but it was bare minimum. His mom had done the majority of cleaning the house when she got sick, knowing that Bradley was like his dad, a collector. The whole house had almost been gone through, except his mom’s bedroom. Bradley stood outside the white painted door, and took a deep breath. 
“I’m gonna go take this load to goodwill,” Y/N said, knowing Bradley would want some time alone, “Call me if you need me. I’ll pick up lunch on my way back.” 
“Okay,” Bradley whispered, and Y/N kissed his cheek as she walked away, “I love you.” 
She stopped, “I love you too.” 
Bradley let out a shaky breath, as he opened the door to her room. The room still smelled the same, the smell of roses with a hint of vanilla. The bed was still made, and the decorations in her room were untouched. Carole Bradshaw was more than likely the last person to step foot in this room anyway. Bradley took the cardboard box in his hand and set it on the floor as he took a seat on the bed. He looked around the room and felt his eyes well up with tears. He tried to bite back the sobs that threatened to leave his lips but it was no use. 
He shook his head and pushed himself up from the bed quickly. He told himself he wasn’t going to cry anymore. He couldn’t cry anymore. Bradley had enough loss in his life and shed enough tears, he couldn’t do it. So he bottled up his emotions and got to cleaning. 
There wasn’t a lot left in the room. Most of Carole’s clothes and belongings had been packed up by her sisters after her death. Bradley didn’t have much to do except for a couple items tucked into the drawers; her bible, her perfume, a picture of her and Bradley, and a picture of her and Goose. Bradley opened her closet, seeing it empty except for a shoe box sitting on the top shelf. He furrowed his eyebrows as he grabbed it. He sat down on the bed and opened it. 
“What the hell?” Bradley whispered, as he looked at the shoebox full of letters and other memorabilia. His fingers flipped through the items in the box, seeing that there were probably fifty or more letters, most addressed to him, some addressed to his uncle Maverick, and some addressed ‘to Bradley’s future partner’. His eyes landed on one envelope that said ‘open first’. He opened it and gasped seeing it was his mother’s handwriting. 
‘Dear Bradley, 
I never knew how precious time was until the day your father died. I begged and prayed night after night for God to just rewind time, take me back to the days before his death. I needed more time, you and I needed more time, we all needed more time. I wish that time would just stop, and I could spend my forever with you and your father. But somewhere, the cards have been dealt, and our time is running short. 
There are things that I wish I could’ve taught you if we had more time. I wish that I could be there to see you graduate high school and college, to see you follow your dreams, to see you marry the person you love and have a family of your own, but that is sadly not possible. I know my time is running out, and I am doing my best to prepare you for a life without me. 
We lived some thirteen years without your father, and every single year it was heartbreaking. I had to figure out how to be both father and mother in a short amount of time, and I just pray that I gave you the necessary tools to be successful. I know there are things that I wish your dad could’ve been here to teach you, but I am thankful for your Uncle Maverick for stepping in the best he could. 
There was a time where your dad and I only conversed through letters. While he was off sleeping in the woods and I was here lifeguarding during the summer before college, we would write to each other all the time. Then when we got married and he would be deployed, we would converse through letters. He had saved every letter I wrote, and I did the same. I compiled them all and put them in this box. He had also written some letters before you were even born, and while he was deployed when you were a baby. I have never read them, I was saving them for you. You will also find some letters that I wrote. These are for you to have and to have as a sort of guide to navigate your life without us. 
Bradley, I know it will be hard, and it will hurt like hell, believe me. But your dad once told us, ‘I will always be with you, no matter where I’m at on the earth or in the sky’. 
I love you, my baby boy. I will always love you and be with you no matter where I’m at on the earth or in the sky. 
-love Mom.’ 
Bradley emptied out the envelope and found a copy of his father’s dog tags, and attached to it both of their wedding rings. He couldn’t even form a coherent thought as he picked up the box and turned it over, looking at all the contents. 
He got lost in time as he looked through all of the titles of the letters, some of them basic ones like “A Letter in how to make your favorite casserole” or “A Letter in how to change the oil in the bronco”. And others were titled “A Letter when you first deploy” or “A Letter when you meet the love of your life.” Bradley had found there was a letter for almost any question he could possibly have. 
“Babe?!“ Bradley looked at the doorway, seeing his girlfriend standing there, “There you are! I’ve been calling for you.” 
“Sorry I, uh,” Bradley cleared his throat and looked at all the envelopes surrounding him. Y/N walked quietly over to him and stood in front of the bed, “My Mom wrote, well my dad too, they wrote me a bunch of how to letters. She knew I would need some advice and well this was-“ 
“The only way she could do it.” 
“Yeah,” He said looking down at the one in his hand. The title was almost mocking him, but he couldn’t blame his father for writing it. He had no way of knowing the betrayal his best friend would cause his son, “I don’t even know where to begin on these.” 
“Well, I’m guessing you start with the one that has an answer to your question.” Y/N picked up the letter in front of her and handed it to Bradley. 
‘A Letter in what to do with the house after I’m gone’
--- --- ---
Letters to Bradley Taglist: @callmebymym @luckyladycreator2 @jake-h-ngm-n-seresin @sleep-whose-that @xoxo-periwinkle-skies @the-killer-queenie @carsgeek24 @midget713 @sweetdayme4427 @bravo-four-seal-team @green-socks @lareinedumal @mrsroosterbradshaw02 @jessirosebud @multifandom-fangirl4
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A/N: sorry for taking so long!!🤍 i promise i’m working on getting your requests done:)
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Cop: You're receiving a ticket for having 4 people on one motorcycle.
Maverick: Shit.
Y/c/s: Oh my god...
Goose: Wait, 4?
Cop: Yeah?
Iceman: Oh my god Slider fell off!!!
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