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#top leadership podcasts
denialforme · 4 months ago
Leadership Podcasts Bring in the Confidence in Real-Time
Want to come up as a successful leader? The leadership podcasts help you to get familiar with the useful information and you can learn how to become a leader. You would come to know about the characteristics you must have to qualify as a leader. It’s time to listen to the top leadership podcasts and you can feel confident to achieve success in life. You would learn how to enhance the business opportunities focusing the values. The podcasts help you to get familiar with the importance of integrity, trust etc. And you would learn how the professional relationships help in handling the business efficiently. The podcasts also provide coaching for leaders and it makes you feel confident.
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individualsun8954 · 8 months ago
Best Leadership Podcasts
There are certain people who believe that leadership is an innate strength but for others  leadership is also an ability that one can learn much like many other abilities. One of the effective means of achieving this is to listen to the best leadership podcasts from the world's finest business minds.
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leadershiphacker · 3 months ago
We're only in the Top 1%
We’re only in the Top 1%
I’m constantly humbled by the support our Educational and Inspirational Podcast is getting! We are in the top 1% listened to podcasts globally and this week we are Trending in the top 40! Andrew Selley you’ve helped get us noticed this week! Next weeks guest is the legendary Jim Kouzes, so tune in and find our why other listen in every week! #gratitude #thanks #thoughtleadership
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longshotleaders · 4 months ago
Welcome to the Long Shot Leaders podcast. Here we tell the stories of underdogs who found success.
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iamthatgal-com · 5 months ago
LIFT Your Story with Rosa Ponce De Leon High Performance Leadership Coach
LIFT Your Story with Rosa Ponce De Leon High Performance Leadership Coach
As a High Performance Leadership Coach, Rosa began in a male dominated industry starting in law enforcement.  She said that most of her challenges were in the area of leadership.  Although perceived as a leader by those around her, she says she was not scoring high in the area of personal growth as it pertained to leadership.  Once asked by a coach to define what she thought was a good leader she…
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provocative-envy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: marcus flint x percy weasley
setting: modern, non-magical, hockey ref au
story concept for rare pair summer slam 2k21: like a virgin [9 of 16]
Marcus finishes his professional hockey career with double vision, a bloody nose, and well over two thousand penalty minutes.
He goes out with a whimper, not a bang.
The next year is a revolving door of doctors’ offices—neurologists, orthopedists, psychologists—and it’s really, really shitty. Like, really shitty.  He doesn’t want to talk about his debilitating fear of failure. He doesn’t want to look at scarily detailed imaging of his broken brain, or his shattered wrist, or both of his surgically repaired knees. He doesn’t want to manage his fucking anger.
He doesn’t know what he wants to do.
He isn’t cut out for early retirement. The idea of shacking up with some pyramid-scheme peddling D-list Instagram model in Scottsdale and wasting the rest of his life alternately golfing, changing diapers, and bitterly reminiscing about his so-called glory days on increasingly niche sports podcasts—it’s like the fucking purgatory trifecta for washed up ex-athletes, right? He can’t do that.
But what else is there?
He didn’t go to college. He doesn’t have any real hobbies. He’s not charming. He’s not handsome. He’s not friendly or articulate or approachable, and he sure as shit doesn’t have any leadership qualities. He isn’t smart enough for coaching. Nobody’s going to mistake him for a neatly polished, sparkly-smiled TV analyst. And the team management track—well, there are only so many of his dad’s footsteps he can follow in before he chokes to death on the lingering fucking mushroom cloud of cigar smoke, top-shelf bourbon, and wannabe mob boss bullshit.
It has to be hockey, though.
Marcus didn’t pay nearly enough attention in therapy to understand why it has to be hockey, but he’s absolutely fucking sure—deep, deep down, right in his gut, where the wins and the losses and the goals and the fights and the chances always tended to hit him the hardest—that it does.
He’s sitting in a bar in Boston, sunburned and a little drunk, nursing a beer as he watches a playoff game. It’s tied. 1-1 towards the end of the third. His chest hurts—aches, tender and distant, like a bruise that’s taking a while to heal—which he almost hopes is, like, an early-onset heart attack thing because if it’s an emotion thing, well, he might as well book himself a one-way ticket to fucking Scottsdale.
He needs something to do.
“What the fuck kind of call is that?” The guy next to Marcus slams his palms down on the bar and glares at the TV mounted to the wall. “Fucking—that was a clean hit, the puck was in play, interference my ass.”
Marcus studies the replay, brow furrowed, beer bottle held aloft, and then grunts. “That’s a judgment call, man. The hit might’ve been clean on its own—like, the puck was there—but he didn’t actually make an attempt to play it. That’s predatory.”
The guy stares at Marcus like he’s trying to place him, like he’s trying to decide if he recognizes him or not—then shrugs. “That ref’s been fucking us all night. Boston bias is real.”
Marcus snorts, popping a handful of pretzels into his mouth, and then squints at the ref in question. He’s tall, lean—long-legged and narrow-hipped and vaguely, generally . . . wispy—with rigid posture and a pretty close to textbook-perfect skating stride. That pale, freckled neck, that shock of penny-red hair peeking out from the bottom of the helmet—
“Ah, fuck,” Marcus says, barking out a laugh. “Of course it’s Weasley.”
The guy next to raises his eyebrows. “Who?”
Marcus pauses.
Percy “thinks he’s still a hall monitor at nerd school” Weasley. Percy “probably has wet dreams about handshake lines” Weasley. Percy “definitely has wet dreams about that ratty orange rulebook on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame” Weasley. Percy “volunteers to do the voice-overs for Player Safety videos because he has nothing else to fucking do when he’s not blowing his stupid whistle and wagging his stupid finger at the KHL imports for calling each other names on the bench that feel kind of like homophobic slurs but might not be, technically, if there isn’t a direct translation” Weasley.
Marcus flaps his hand. “Doesn’t matter.”
The guy whistles under his breath and shakes his head. “Bet even you could call a better game than him, though, goddamn.”
Marcus goes still.
The background noise in the bar—it blurs, hot and sticky, drowned out by an electric shock of pulsing, pounding adrenaline. Dawning realization. Two thousand penalty minutes. Experience with fast-paced professional play. Extensive exposure to almost every facet of the official rules, most of which he’s personally found loopholes for.
“Yeah,” he says slowly, “I bet I could.”
He passes the Referee Association’s mandatory physical—he has to sign a waiver about post-concussion syndrome, which actually makes him grin, wry and sharp—and scores so highly on the aptitude test that he’s offered admittance to, like, crash-course hockey ref summer camp up in Kitchener.
And because nothing is ever that easy, not for him—they assign him a mentor as soon as he arrives. 
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randykayauthor · a year ago
Tumblr media
Thriving Mindset Leadership | PACESetters
PACEsetters developed Thriving Mindset Leadership (TML) to meet a need for professional development that goes beyond improving skills. TML offers a way to guide people on a journey that engages their natural, internal drives, identifies and expands their mindset, and builds on their strengths so they can reach their full potential. The goal is to develop an organization of high-performing people and teams who are able to be the best they can be.
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profeminist · 7 months ago
“Scott speaks with Stephanie Schriock, the President of Emily's List about her new book "Run to Win: Lessons in Leadership for Women Changing the World," as well as the impact and repercussions of the disgraced ex-President's insurrection against the Capitol, which led to his historic second impeachment. 
Born in Minnesota, Schriock became a key member of a presidential campaign before leading two successful senatorial campaigns in the midwest which led to her elevation to guide America's top progressive political action committee dedicated to finding and supporting women in campaigns for public office. Stephanie shared her reaction to this year's violence in D.C. as someone who used to work in the building and with a historical perspective that every American should appreciate the threats looming against our democracy.”
Listen to the Podcast here
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movie-magic · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Mandalorian Stuntman Thinks Season 3 Will Be More Like Season 1
Din Djarin stuntman Brendan Wayne opens up about what he expects from The Mandalorian's third season, suggesting the show will return to basics.
 Stuntman Brendan Wayne, who serves as one of the body doubles for Din Djarin on The Mandalorian, has suggested the show’s upcoming third series will more closely follow the hit show’s debut season. Wayne, who is responsible for lending Djarin his trademark gunslinger swagger by handling all the weapon-based action scenes, is also the grandson of one of cinema’s most famous cowboys, John Wayne. The stunt performer had managed to land the coveted gig as one of Mando’s stunt doubles after working with showrunner Jon Favreau on 2011’s Cowboys & Aliens and was eventually asked by Favreau to come in to test for a “super top secret” project.
Set five years after the events of Return of the Jedi, The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ in November 2019, and helped to usher in a whole new era of live-action Star Wars content. While the Star Wars sequel trilogy has been a source of much division in the fanbase, Favreau’s handling of the franchise’s first live-action television series was widely praised for staying true to the Western influences which underpinned George Lucas’s original trilogy. Teaming up with The Clone Wars’ creator Dave Filoni, Favreau upped the stakes in season 2 by including some much-beloved franchise characters, including Bo-Katan, Boba Fett, Ahsoka Tano, and even Luke Skywalker himself.
With Lucasfilm currently overseeing the development of several other live-action series, including The Book of Boba Fett and Ahsoka spinoffs following their season 2 appearances, Wayne suggests that the next season of The Mandalorian return to basics. Speaking with the Star Wars Sessions podcast, Wayne believes the next season will focus less on introducing new characters and put more emphasis on Djarin’s own character journey. Check out what he had to say:
“I think we've introduced the world in which Mando exists now. Not that there aren't going to be new things, I'm sure... I think there will be a lot less introductions, and a lot more going back towards the first season of delving deeper into the character and things like that I think… Have I read one script? No. Have I heard some things? Sure. So I'm guessing. But I can tell you this. If anyone's going to be able to continue telling a story, it's Jon [Favreau]. And raising the stakes? It's Jon.”
While the season 2 finale saw Djarin complete his quest of reuniting Grogu with the Jedi, entrusting him into the care of Luke Skywalker, the Mandalorian bounty hunter has plenty to keep his story moving forward. Now in possession of the Darksaber, a symbol of leadership and a one-of-a-kind weapon that holds great cultural significance to the Mandalorian people, Djarin’s new road seems to set him on a path toward reuniting the fractured remnants of Mandalore. Whether Katee Sackhoff’s Bo Katan will serve as an ally or impediment to that end remains to be seen.
One of the other big questions fans will also want to see answered will be whether or not Mando will get to be reunited with Grogu during the events of season 3. While the story would suggest that their respective paths have diverged, Mando and Grogu are an iconic pairing, and their relationship was the emotional core of the first two seasons. Certainly, many fans would find it hard to envision The Mandalorian season 3 without Grogu present in some form.
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individualsun8954 · 10 months ago
Leadership Podcasts
Some believe that a few people possess leadership as an inherent ability, but it is also opined that leadership is a talent that you can acquire much like many other talents . Listening to leadership podcasts from the brightest corporate minds in the world is one of the effective ways to do so.
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leadershiphacker · 4 months ago
High Performance Leadership with Dr Erik Korem
High Performance Leadership with Dr Erik Korem
Dr. Erik Korem was the first sport scientist in the U.S. and has led the way in which sports and science has improved performance. Having coached Gold Medal Olympians and NFL superstars,  he is now the Founder and the CEO of AIM7. You can learn the hacks of high performance including: The relationship of sports performance to business performanceWhat high performance is and how to achieve itHigh…
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smarkbomb · 3 months ago
Aubrey Edwards discovered to be literally doing half the jobs at AEW
A recent study of all the jobs and initiatives being done at AEW have revealed that Referee Aubrey Edwards is, in fact, doing 50% of the work in the company, and has been since day one.
Tumblr media
Without question, Aubrey Edwards is the most popular referees on AEW’s roster. In fact, there’s a sizable chance that she is the most popular referee in the business today. This is due to her emotional engagement in every match, and not taking Chris Jericho’s crap.
But an independent study of AEW’s structure both in front of the camera and behind it has revealed some startling results. Fans know that Aubrey is a prolific referee, a game designer for the company and hosts one of AEW’s top podcasts. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
As it turns out, the following list of duties represent a small portion of her other responsibilities with AEW.
runs two concession stands;
is a former member of Baltimora, who recorded Jungle Boy’s current theme song in 1985;
“Platinum” Max Caster’s rap coach;
feeds and cleans up after Abadon;
and she may be the original Fuego Del Sol.
No one who watches AEW on a regular basis is shocked by any of this. It’s a statement of fact that Aubrey Edwards makes everything better. It’s just a matter of time before she takes over leadership of The Pinnacle from MJF, and makes that faction remotely tolerable.
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magnusmysteries · 3 months ago
Part 21: Star-Crossed Lovers
The Magnus Archives was a horror podcast. It is now completed. Many of the show’s mysteries were never explained on the show. I intend to explain them. Spoilers for the show, but also spoilers if you wanna solve these mysteries yourself.
In the previous post I said the tree at Hill Top Road was of the Spiral. And that one of the reasons I think that is that it was destroyed by two people marked by the Spiral. What other reasons are there? 
Second reason: It bleeds, like the doorknob in a sturdy lock. If you see a tree bleed, you’d fear for your sanity.
Third reason: I think trees in general are a symbol of the Spiral. In The Coming Storm Michael Crew is tormented by a Spiral creature. He opens it’s gate to find a forest full of impossible trees. But symbolically what does trees have to do with the Spiral? 
I think the Spiral not only covers the fear of insanity, but also the fear of getting lost. That’s why the Spiral often deals with mazes. And that’s why trees, you can get lost in the woods. Michael Crew did not enter the gate, but if he had I think he would have gotten lost. This explains why the Spiral is the opposite of the Desolation (see part 3). Because trees burn. This is why the Spiral is next to the Buried (see part 3). Because you can get lost in a cave. 
This might explain why the Spiral likes fractals. Trees look like a fractal with their branches. And a maze has branching paths like a fractal.
Gertrude’s protective circle is in a forest. It has bottles full of boiling water and photographs of Gertrude and twigs and pine needles. When the Cult is trying to burn Gertrude, the force gets directed to the bottles because of the photographs. And then the forest and the twigs neutralizes the power because they are of the Spiral and opposes the Desolation.
In Burning Desire Agnes feels a sudden pain. It happens just about the same time as the Hill Top Road tree is pulled down. Why is Agnes affected by the tree’s destruction?
In Recluse the statement giver mentions the tree. He says it has leaves, and that he likes to sit under it and read. So it is a normal tree, not yet dead and spooky like in Burned Out. In the same episode is the box from the table. It has not yet ended up beneath the tree. So who changed the tree? Who placed the box beneath it? 
I think Agnes did both things. But how can Agnes turn a tree into a Spiral tree if Agnes is of the Desolation? Because Agnes is an avatar of both the Spiral and the Desolation. 
The Cult of the Lightless Flame has a hard time raising Agnes and so decides to send her to the orphanage to be raised by Raymond Fielding of the Web. Now, does that make any sense? Letting a different Power, one that specializes in mind control no less, raise their messiah? No. Creating Agnes was the Web’s plan from the beginning. 
In Burning Desire Jack sees three men from the Cult of the Lightless Flame. One John identifies as Diego, and suspects another could be Arthur Noland. One has a bag full of candles, so it is probably Eugene Vanderstock, as he made candles. By process of elimination, the third man is probably Arthur. This man holds a container full of spiders. According to Jane Prentiss, there are also spiders in the apartment building where Arthur later is the landlord. The Web is manipulating Arthur and he doesn't realize it. Arthur is the one that proposes a plan to make a Messiah for the Desolation. But it is actually the Web’s plan.
When the Lightless Flame Cult holds the ritual that births Agnes, they have it in a forest. Agnes’ mother lies on wood and wears a crown of wood. The cultists don’t realize it, but they are incorporating Spiral symbols in their ritual.
Agnes’ mother is of the Desolation. I think the father is someone from the Spiral. I think there is a meta hint about it: The mother’s name is Eileen Montague. Montague is the last name of Romeo from Romeo and Juliet. A story of two people from enemy families falling in love. Like Eileen having a relationship with someone from the enemy power. The Spiral being the opposite of the Desolation.
When Diego brings a book about child care, Arthur burns it. He thinks he does it because Diego is attacking his leadership. Actually the Web makes him do it. To sabotage their attempts at raising Agnes, so that they’ll bring Agnes to the orphanage.
Why was Agnes created? In This Old House we learn that the Web would lure servants of various fears to Hill Top Road to fight each other to widen the crack in reality. A sculptor of puppets (of the Web? Or the Stranger?) gets killed by a hunter.  An Eye avatar gets killed by a Buried avatar. But why make Agnes an avatar of two Fears? I think the web wanted all the Fears to have fought at Hill Top Road. By creating Agnes, the Web is killing two birds with one stone, getting a Desolation fight and a Spiral fight at the same time.
If Agnes made the tree, does it mean the tree is also a Spiral and Desolation tree? Yes. The tree has scorch marks on it. But if Ivo and Father Burroughs needed to be marked by the Spiral to destroy the tree, would they not also have to be marked by the Desolation? Yes, and they were marked by the Desolation. Just before they destroyed the tree, they were attacked by the Desolation and felt like they were burning. The Web brought the Desolation entity to Hill Top Road to mark them. 
In this Old House Annabelle says the crack in reality became a gap when Agnes kills Raymond. I think she’s a little wrong. The fight between Agnes and Raymond did turn the crack into a gap, but I think that happened before Raymond died. Agnes binds Raymond to Hill Top Road by putting the box from his table under the tree. She transforms the tree so it can not be easily destroyed. I believe binding Raymond is what widens the crack. And this allows for time travel.
Quote from Ivo from Burned out “And then I would smell it again, that whiff of burnt hair, or catch a glimpse of brown pigtails disappearing around a corner.”
Ivo is not hallucinating, nor seeing a ghost. That’s Agnes traveling to the future. The pigtails suggest this happened while Agnes was young. Which suggests the time traveling became possible before Raymond died.
In I Guess You Had To Be There a woman sees the ghost of a burning woman. I think that’s Agnes again, time traveling.
I think it’s impossible to travel in time to before the crack gets widened. At least I can’t think of anything that suggests time traveling happening before Agnes goes to Hill Top Road.
Raymond shows up in the future and meets Ivo. Raymond’s not a ghost, he’s a time traveler. He’s wearing old fashioned clothes, natch. (I think every time we see something related to ghosts or life after death it is connected either with the End, or the two fears next to the End, the Slaughter and the Lonely. I don’t think the Web or the Desolation makes ghosts.) I’m not sure why Raymond traveled forward in time. Was it on purpose to try to escape Agnes and the tree? Did Agnes send him?
Raymond goes and stares out of the window into the garden. I think he’s looking at the tree, the tree that is trapping him. Raymond vanished and the floor where he stood was scorched.
In the past Raymond vanished, and Agnes lived alone for some years. Then the orphanage burns and Raymond is found dead, missing his right hand. Many years later Agnes is hanged. A severed right hand is attached to her waist with a chain. Tissue decay suggests the hand owner died about the same time as Agnes.
I think when Raymond vanished for years, that’s because he went to the future and met Ivo. Right before Agnes dies, she travels back in time to when Raymond met Ivo. Agnes chains Raymond to herself and drags him back in time. Hence the scorched floor. Agnes takes Raymond back to the orphanage, cuts off his hand, burns him and the orphanage. Then she travels forwards in time and is hanged, hand still attached. 
Why is she attached to the hand when she is hanged? I think some magic reason. Maybe by having part of him attached, when she commits suicide, Raymond is symbolically committing suicide. Maybe this lessens the Web’s power? Hands are often a symbol for the Spiral.
Eugene says Arthur told him Agnes had kept the hand when she burned Raymond. So maybe Arthur spoke with future Agnes? Since Agnes stopped aging as an adult, Arthur would not have realized she was older.
Agnes goes on some dates with Jack Barnabas. When the tree is uprooted, Agnes tells the cult that Barnabas has made her doubt role as a Messiah. She says her doubt will make the ritual fail. And so she will hang herself, so that she will not use up the Desolation power on a failed ritual. That way the cult can attempt another ritual relatively soon, but not too soon. This is a bunch of lies.
Agnes never wanted to complete a ritual. (Maybe when she was very little.) She was just pretending for the cult. She never had any real interest in Barnabas, the dates with him were just an excuse to fool the cult, and more importantly fool the web.
Agnes fakes her death, sort of. By going back in time she could create two Agneses. One of them hanged herself, the other lived.
This paragraph has super big spoilers for the movie The Prestige, so I’m gonna encrypt it in ROT13 : Oneanonf naq Ntarf tb ba n qngr naq jngpu gur Cerfgvtr. Va gur Cerfgvtr n punenpgre vf uhat, lrg fbeg bs fheivirf, orpnhfr vg’f npghnyyl gjvaf cergraqvat gb or bar crefba. Whfg yvxr Ntarf trgf uhat, lrg fheivirf orpnhfr fur vf gjb crbcyr ivn gvzr geniry.
Why did Agnes have to fake her own death? I’m not sure about this but I think the Web considered her dangerous and wanted her killed. But if Agnes died, the aspect of the Web that was trapped under the tree would also have died. So the Web couldn’t kill her until they had removed the tree. Once the tree is gone, Agnes is no longer protected and she fakes her death.
This is similar to how the Web bound Gertrude and Agnes together. This made the cult afraid to hurt Gertrude. Agnes told the cult that it was her binding to Gertrude that prevented her from doing the ritual. But this is more lies, she didn’t want to do it anyway. I think the Web bound them together to protect Gertrude. The Web wanted Gertrude alive, possibly so Gertrude could stop the other ritual than the Eye’s. Or possibly because the Web thought Gertrude could be the one to complete the Eye’s ritual.
Is Agnes evil? I think she is very good, though very ruthless. When she was very young she did burn people. But if an adult gives a machine gun to a baby and the baby shoots someone, who is to blame?
In Burned Out Annie tells Ivo about Agnes, implying Agnes killed pets and a boy named Henry. But Annie serves the Web, and I think she is lying. Annie wants Ivo to repeat this story to the Archives to trick the Archivists into thinking Agnes is evil. Annie asks Ivo to not let anyone know what she’d been talking about. This is because Annie doesn’t want Ivo to find out the stories are lies. But Annie knows Ivo can’t help tell the story when making a statement.
In Recluse Agnes saves a boy from Raymond, and she probably saves the other children. This is before she is bound to Gertrude, so she was already good before that.
Eugene made candles of people, so Agnes could inhale their suffering. But Eugene is not sure if Agnes uses those candles, or that’s just what Arthur tells him. And in Twice as Bright Jude Perry says she had a newfound love for scented candles. It was Jude who inhaled their suffering.
Agnes kisses Barnabas and burns him badly. But I think this was to prevent the other cult members from killing him, because he’s already suffering. Agnes asks Jude not to interfere with Barnabas. Agnes cries a tear when kissing him, she is sad she has to hurt him.
Gertrude demands that the cult not hurt Barnabas. Why does Gertrude care about him? She doesn’t. It’s Agnes that has told Gertrude to protect Barnabas, because Agnes feels guilty about hurting him. Agnes and Gertrude are working together. More on that in a later post.
In Infectious Doubts Gertrude allows Arthur to ask her a question. Why would she give information to an enemy? The only reason would be if she wanted to lie to him. I’m not sure how much Gertrude tells him is true, but I think at least one thing is a lie. Gertrude says her protective circle has symbols of the Desolation. Actually it has symbols of the Spiral. Similar symbols were used when Agnes was born. Gertrude is lying to Arthur, because she does not want him to realize that Agnes is part Spiral. 
How can Agnes be good, if she is an avatar? I think because she never made a choice to become an avatar, she was one from birth. Because she never chose it, I think the Desolation and the Spiral can’t influence her mind.
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cloveroctobers · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
IG bio/info: @/annajj9x_ | 20.1k followers| Athlete | hey peeps can you stop asking me to throw it back cuz the answer will always be no! K thx take it easy 🏳️‍🌈🌻🏒🐶
21 years old
From bath, England
Hockey player as her profession for the past three years
Her position is defense
Their team name is “rowdy alphas”...yeah some team names just didn’t make sense or they’re cringe for no reason at all
Was raised by her mom,(her mom was a teen mom & had her at 17) maternal grandmother, and her paternal aunt (dad’s younger sister, who’s more like a big sister to her at 28)
They’ve made her into the person she is, literally
Her grandmother has a bed and breakfast that they all live in
the house is Victorian style—almost as if they walked right out of charmed! Instead of a big pink house, think yellow AND purple. It was hideous but homey and charming on the inside
growing up in a house with multiple temporary strangers wasn’t odd to aj at all, in fact it felt like the norm. There was always someone around to socialize with so that was quite nice
Her father was a pro baseball player & passed away due to a automobile accident
she has his smile & freckles
aj was also involved in the accident at the age of 6 & miraculously survived with intense injuries
Has scars as a reminder
used to have night terrors because of the took awhile—years!!! for them to subside
they’re all vague memories now (but the pain is something she’ll always remember) but she preferred it that way
she’s named “Anna” after her mother’s old best friend/roommate and was supposed to be aj’s god mother but she went missing during their uni years
the name“Julia” came from her paternal grandmother who she gets her wide doe eyes from
her athleticism definitely came from her dad
Her mother luckily liked to document things so there’s a bunch of home videos of her dad in them & pictures/scrapbooks that her mom has for safe keeping
She’s more of a klutz, tiny, and wears huge prescription glasses
extremely close to the three most important ladies in her life, so she’s always been able to be open with them about anything!
when she first expressed her interest in liking both genders around 17-18 her paternal aunt was all smirks, “i knew Britney Spears was so your type, yeah?”
more like shakira but Brit was just as pretty
her mother was a “cry baby” so ofc she burst out into tears squeezing aj’s limbs and peppering her face with kisses. She didn’t view her child as anything different... as she shouldn’t & was glad that her daughter trusted them with this significant moment in her life and wanted to be as supportive as she could
got books, watched Ted talks and everything but knew she could come to the source even tho aj was still figuring it out herself
her grandma dipped her head at the new info sitting at the round kitchen table, “been there. had a few broads in my life after and during my marriage with your no good grandad. Thank goodness the bastard died before you even got to meet ‘em.” “Mum!”
what felt like the biggest weight on her chest was lifted. She knew they’d understand but a part of her had a little bit of doubt, she’s heard so many horror stories where those like her didn’t have the support she has and that made her extremely sad to think about
i see her as a person that has/had many friends in secondary. She’s always open to chat and her being on a few sports teams helped her out in her case
very competitive in anything that she does & will guarantee that she’ll beat you. (“ You wanna race to the car from here?”wins. “Who ever cleans the most dishes the fastest gets the last slice of pie.”) majority of the time she’s right but if she loses?? oh don’t let her lose to you, it’s a pity party for the rest of the time ur in her space. Such a sore loser omg
stays active, always working out + has a gym membership and makes sure she goes at least five times a week
she’s very strong, loves leg day & working on her core
she’s about 5’10
loves wearing “gf jeans” since they’re super comfy but doesn’t mind skinny Jeans with rips in the knees every now and then
trainers and chucks are her go-to sneakers
has no issue shopping in the men’s section ‘cause who’s gonna stop her? Nobody that’s who
owner of over a 100 graphic tees + vertical stripped shirts are also her favs, SWEATPANTS/joggers?! How many does she have? A lot. Snapbacks? Plenty. Will she wear them backwards? Obviously.
Physical touch is her love language. She’s comes from a family that has no issue showing their affection by touch. There is NO such thing as personal space and that still stands with aj when it comes to relationships, she sees no other way
It’s what she shows and what she wants in return, if you’re not touching her in some sort of way, then automatically she thinks there’s something wrong or that she did something
Is the jealous type. It has shown in relationships and ruined a relationship or two
Has cheated on a significant other out of pure jealousy & is not proud to admit that
Does have a wandering eye but feels now that she truly understands herself when it comes to relationships, she’ll never act on it again
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I get libra tendencies from her so that’s what I’m sticking with. She likes to keep the peace (unless she’s jealous) , idealistic — always looking on the bright side of things, outgoing, romantic, and professional— especially when it comes to her team; her true leadership comes out, yet she can be indecisive, hates confrontation, self pitying — if things don’t go perfectly how she imagined/planned it to, the world is ending and everyone is out to get her, and can be unreliable—never on time
September libra to be exact
if she’s really in love/taken a interest in you then she gets nervous: blushing, sweaty palms, cracking her knuckles, tongue tied—the whole 9
she’s already defined as a puppy by her coach but when she’s in love? She’s a lovesick puppy!
her fav holiday is Valentine’s Day
thought she was going to be a pro skateboarder growing up but it took one bad fall where she thought she was paralyzed for her to choose something else
she likes her weed on occasion
Obsessed with all types of cheese except cottage, “can I put cheese on this?”
more of a jumpsuit kinda girl or dressy top with jeans & hoops on a night out
has a solid group of mates outside of the hockey team, they’ve all met and hung out a couple of times, as they should since aj feels they’re going to be stuck with her for awhile so why not?
They’re a riot when they all go out, let’s just say that there’s never a dull moment
fav color is periwinkle
enjoys ASMR, mostly in the mornings when she’s waking up. You know how people love podcasts? (Sorry seb & Nicky, she still wants to be on the show soon!) ASMR is her thing
loves tangerines, you can count on it that she’ll have one on her, “where did you pull that from?” “I’ll never share my master plan.” “You’re such a tit.”
Definitely prefers “fresh squeezed” orange juice & will make her own, she has the tools & the strength 😏
Very rare for her to get sick ;) & if she does she’s a complete baby about it
Will fight that she’s sick before she admits it, trying all sorts of horrid remedies & vitamins
loves summer & all things that come with it, the number one thing is leaving bath for however long she can for a new place to enjoy
when she arrived to love island, she was thrilled for the weather. Yes she was looking for love but most importantly a nice get away & that it was (depending on your route that is lol)
closest with seb, vieve, elladine, and tai but don’t tell the others that! (She doesn’t care if you tell Yasmin, honestly)
just because her & seb “dated” and it didn’t work out doesn’t mean they can’t be friends right? It was almost automatic for them to be platonic after it was determined there would be no romance between them, almost like sibs! like those celebs like to say—except this time these two won’t turn around and actually find romance
vieve came with seb so...but no shade aj did like vieve. She gave great advice (while seb sometimes didn’t say the right things unintentionally or what aj needed to hear) when needed, especially from a medical view and is very sweet
elladine was the one who had all the tea & ideas to match, she’s quite organized and always down for DIY’s and could suggest almost anything. If you needed someone to help you get things tidy or match/find your Aesthetic, she’s the friend you call to help
tai was the one she could be a “bro” with, sure elladine has her competive side (or controlling, depends on how you view it) but tai was the one you can run to for much needed “bro hugs”, partying, going to the pubs, playing sports with or against, checking out/flirting with babes, etc...
it was not long after the villa that aj had a revelation with her sexuality & fully owned and labeled herself as a lesbian
She was happy being in relationship with someone else or with herself, life was short and she was young so there wasn’t time to dwell and stress over things so what the hell?! Live your truth the best way you know how ya know?
probably smells like sweet citrus, almond flower, and sea salt
on chest days, she’s a sweets snacker. Loves gummy bears (also with vodka) , swedish fish, sour patch kids, etc...basically shit that sticks to ur teeth
put all her chips into hockey, while it was advised by her Counselors & mum not to do so, aj went about it anyway. She thought about the pros and cons but knew there was nothing else for her. So there were more pros than cons. She was meant to play sports, its what felt right in her soul
Made her feel connected to her father, when she’s on the field she feels that he is with her
 scrunches up her nose when she’s frustrated or confused about something
Doesn’t always grasp concepts right away, she’s a soft dummy but most of us are and that’s okay! We’re all smart in our own ways
Feels like sunflowers are always around her especially if she sees them wherever she is. They must symbolize SOMETHING, therefore she loves them
spf queen. All about it, get with it or let the sunrays ruin ur skin that’s on u
loves a good filet mignon medium-well & is probably the only good thing she knows how to make alongside a salad, baked potatoes, & her oj
sucker for’s basically her life duh!
If she has a dog, it’s a Dalmatian or Great Dane. She needs a companion that’ll keep up with her
loves kissing, it’s her favorite form of intimacy
Quarantine life included the push up challenge for her. Gaining a few pounds in muscle and fat, bothering seb via ft, viewing old letters she wrote to her dad, spending time with her fav ladies since they were now restricted from having guests in their home, and letting boredom consume her + she hated the whole lockdown that came with it, she hated being indoors for long periods of time but she knew that’s what partly needed to be done
Posts a lot of beach, park, outings with her friends & team, moments with her fav ladies, workout videos, and guests at the b&b with their permission and if only she befriends them along the way. She’s just as active on the socials as she is in rl but she’s not obsessed with it, she knows how to live in the now. She’s all about balance!
I also feel like she never keeps her phone charged and it’s always dying on her! She had a car charger but...that’s a jungle. She needs to invest in a portable charger stat
crushing on/finds attractive: Jared Padalecki, Keanu Reeves, Barrett Doss, Camilla Luddington, Sandra Bullock, Adrian Kempe, Harry Kirton, Anya Taylor-Joy, Haley Lu Richardson, Naomi Osaka, Ming & Aoki Lee Simmons
who does she listen to? Shakira lol!! Bea Miller, Dua Lipa, Daya, XYLØ, Elley Duhé, Stela Cole, Aloe Blacc, Maroon 5, Lewis capaldi, Charlie Puth, girl in red, Hayley kiyoko, king princess, dodie, & tessa violet
Anthem: Icona Pop — we got the world
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lunarr-rrose · 8 months ago
33 - What types of real estate do we do?
What types of real estate do we do at Effortless Home Buyers?
We usually focus on the residential space such as small condos, single family homes, town houses, small multi-family properties, and even mix-use.
70% of properties that go through our funnels are single family homes around Chicago.
To find out more about this, you can visit our website at:
Fernando O. Angelucci is Founder and President of Titan Wealth Group. He also leads the firm’s finance and acquisitions departments. Fernando Angelucci and Steven Wear founded Titan Wealth Group in 2015, and under his leadership, the firm’s revenue has grown over 100% year over year. Today,
Find out more at
Listen to our Podcast:
So what types of real estate do we do? Well, we usually will focus on the residential space for the most part. This encompasses quite a few different types of properties, so it can be anything from a small condo. It can be single family homes that are standalone, it can be townhomes, it can be small multifamily properties. So maybe it's a three unit or a four unit property where the owner lives in one of the units and rents out the other units. We also do mix the use in some occasions where maybe you have three apartments on the top floor, and then on the bottom floor, there may be some type of retail. Maybe it's a shop of some kind or a hair salon, what have you? We also do large multifamily properties as well. This would be anything that is five units and above all the way. We've looked at properties as large as 120 units in the past. But for the most part, what we focus on, what's 70% of the property that come through our funnel are single family homes, somewhere in the seven counties encompassing and surrounding the city of Chicago.
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nerdygaymormon · a year ago
Hi David! That post about the church being a cult is going around again and I’m struggling. I stay because my parents go to church and I love the Book of Mormon, but sometimes I feel like I’m living incompatible with the church bc I’m queer. Especially now that I’m back in Utah. I have tattoos, wear short shorts and tank tops, and I have pink hair. Sometimes I wonder if staying is worth it? Any personal experience? When I had a calling it was easier but with Covid cutting us off, I feel...empty
You said so much in this ask.
Whatever your reasons are for going to church or not going, or somewhere in between, those are your reasons and don’t have to make sense to anyone else.
I know that some of the apostles nowadays say that there’s room for queer people in the Church, but they haven’t explained what that means. The policies and teachings about LGBT people certainly aren’t welcoming and resign us to a second-class status inside the church and have been shown to have negative effects on the mental health of LGBT people. 
I think most young queer people hear the words that they’re welcome to be at church and that there’s a place for them, and they look around and don’t see older members who are gays or trans, certainly not in leadership, and realize the hollowness of those words.
To welcome us means they’re going to have to accept us.
That being said, if you are attending church (which I am), and you want to be there, then pull up a folding chair and sit down at the table and insist on being included and recognized. You have every right to be there. 
It never ceases to amaze me how this church and its members get so hung up on certain things that don’t matter--tattoos, pink hair, more than one piercing per ear, ladies wearing pants--it’s madness. 
When there’s things at church said that don’t sit right with me, there’s 3 questions I ask:
1) Does this sound like me? (when they’re talking about queer people)
2) Does this sound like the God that I know? (my God loves me and is so much more accepting and liberal in loving than the god described at church who is all about enforcing small rules in an attempt to figure out who loves Him and who is worthy of blessings)
3) Does this fit with the two great commandments? (loving myself, loving my neighbor and loving God are the most important things, so is what they’re talking about go along with loving me or loving my neighbors, including my queer neighbors?)
I find most things that don’t sit well with me fail at least one of these, and usually fail all 3 of these questions. That helps me feel better about pushing it away and saying it’s not of God. 
I agree with what you said about a calling can make church seem meaningful. For many years I was the Primary pianist, and I liked it well enough, but it was also easy to not have strong feelings about my involvement in church. When I was put into the stake young men presidency, I felt like I was blooming in church, my talents were being used and I was able to minister to others and help them on their journeys. 
I think the past few months of not having in-person church has really opened up my eyes to the possibility of being spiritual and religious without church attendance. In some ways it’s hard to stick to a regular schedule and it can be easy for spirituality to slip away as a result. But also, I didn’t need church in order to have spiritual experience or to learn about religious topics. I also was able to find community via podcasts and streamed lessons from various groups.
You’re the one who has to determine if not being a cookie-cutter member is too hard or is just right or somewhere in between. And based on that answer, you can decide how involved you’ll be with Church. Cutting out Church entirely as a first step might feel too drastic, but you can take steps to decrease or increase your involvement until you figure out what you’re comfortable with. Leaving doesn’t mean you can never return. 
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tbnuk · 2 months ago
I Believe!
TBN UK Highlights, July 2021
Tumblr media
Join Chlo Glassborow for 15 weeks of life-changing messages on her new TBN UK programme!
Chlo Glassborow, senior lead pastor, along with husband Stu, of Catch the Fire London, will be opening the Bible and inviting experienced guests to explore the awesome ways in which God works.
What we believe — about God, ourselves, and the world around us — shapes our entire lives, and so we’ll be exploring the reality of what it means to be led by the Holy Spirit, using key teachings on faith, miracles, the prophetic, and other important topics. Chlo also leads viewers in seeking God’s presence together through prayer and music with worship leader Steve Tebb.
Chlo is joined by some amazing and experienced guests for a series of interviews:
John and Carol Arnott have witnessed the powerful work of the Holy Spirit for over 35 years in ministry. They love seeing God’s love and anointing fall on His church and chatted with Chlo about the person of the Holy Spirit and how He works.
Bishop Joseph Garlington joins the show to bring important perspective on worship, sharing wisdom from his many years in music ministry and leadership.
Steve Witt, leader of Bethel Church in Cleveland, has experienced many timely prophetic encounters and dreams in which God has guided his life and spoken to others. With a variety of theology and Bible qualifications, he shares plenty of knowledge of prophecy and prophetic gifting.
Steve Long, a pastor and Bible teacher, brings his understanding of Scripture, along with over 30 years of ministry experience, to share timely wisdom on the realm of faith and healing.
Don’t miss this important new show, airing just for you on TBN UK!
You can tune in to I Believe on Tues 13th July at 8:30pm, repeatings Wed at 2:30pm, and Sat at 11:30am.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mon 26th July at 8pm, repeats Fri 30th July at 6pm and Sun 1st August at 10pm.
Known for their passionate worship and electrifying musical style, MOBO award-winning group Volney Morgan and New-Ye lead us in an unforgettable evening of praise and reflection on the importance of worship.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thu 15th July at 8:30pm, repeats Sun at 1pm and Wed at 11:30am.
Join Pastor Jonny Pettman from Liberty Church London as he shows how we can live out God’s Kingdom on earth, impacting our neighborhoods and communities with His life-changing glory.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mon at 7:30pm, repeats Tue at 9am and Fri at 11pm.
Missionary evangelist Christie John-Baptiste communicates her passion to see people come into a relationship with God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ, and walk in His purpose for their lives.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wed 21st July at 6:30pm, repeats Sat at 10:30pm.
Host David Rives welcomes top scientists and experts as he takes viewers on an amazing journey across the grandeur of the universe, revealing the wonders of God’s creation through the lens of Scripture.
Tumblr media
Take Five with TBN UK as we discuss the daunting and exciting reality of building a creative business...
Tumblr media
On our latest podcast episode, TBN UK host, Taylor, chats with Menekşe Stewart (pictured above), founder of Cheerfully Given, on the importance of resilience, community, and learning, when launching a business. She shares great tips with us on how to stay on top of our game, be bold in our faith — and the importance of asking: ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ 
Menekşe explained: “That’s just been something that has helped me get perspective — what’s the worst that could happen? Well, most often with these things, the worst that could happen is that your material or physical life might feel a bit uncomfortable for a while. But the best that could happen is that hundreds of thousands of people could be exposed to Jesus and come to know Him! That’s really helped me in my most anxious circumstances.”
Menekşe is a marketing expert and church leader, as well as a pioneer for Christian creative business. She has grown a huge following, but doesn’t take all of the credit for her success. She reminds us that God has unlimited ability to provide for the things He calls us to do: “He can give us the resources we need, whether it’s time, energy, finances, or community.”
With this confidence in God and a budding customer base, Menekşe brings people together to share their faith and express themselves through beautiful art, gifts, and homewares. “For me to have those physical reminders of my faith around my home is not only good for me, week-to-week, to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus,” she explained. “It’s also good when people come into our home. They understand that we are Christians and that Jesus shapes everything that we do — whether they’re atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, or other Christians.”
Tune in to this empowering conversation on Spotify, Apple and other leading platforms.
Tumblr media
In June, TBN UK featured a special Father’s Day edition of Praise from London, gathering some great men in the studio for an  exciting time of worship and discussion about fatherhood and masculinity. Here’s a brief look behind the scenes.
Tumblr media
We welcomed Tom Smith and Soul Survivor to lead us in worship
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spoilers! A little clue as to what songs you can see in the programme
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Patrick Regan, Ira Jackson, Andrew Cherrie, and Dan Blythe have a chat about toxic masculinity and what it means to be real man.
Catch on the show at
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Do you dream about moving with passion into the next season of your life?
In Forward: Discovering God’s Presence and Purpose in Your Tomorrow, pastor and bestselling author Dr. David Jeremiah offers a biblical ‘master course’ for finding the path of destiny and success in your future. With each powerful chapter you’ll discover God’s perfect plan to help you expand your dreams, find direction, and develop a courageous, faith-driven outlook. Forward is a step-by-step action plan for transitioning to God’s best in the season ahead.
Receive your copy as a thank you for your partnership this month.
Tumblr media
“TBN UK has supported me for the last three years since my husband died. We had been in the ministry for 35 years and his death was a big surprise. I was living on my own for the first time in my life. The spiritual challenges that I faced were immense. Your programmes became my church and the messages I heard so inspired me to turn to the Lord completely for my new identity.” 
- Pat, TBN UK viewer
Tumblr media
You are a vital part of bringing the presence of God into people’s homes all around the United kingdom.
Thank you for partnering with us to ensure this important ministry is changing lives every day. We receive so many testimonies from people who rely on this service, and have met with God through our various programmes. You have helped reach people with the love of Jesus!
You can contact us via, email us at, telephone us on 0208 208 5680 (for donations) or 0208 208 5688 (for prayer), or write to us at TBN UK, PO Box 72559, London, United Kingdom, NW26 9HL 
Tumblr media
Download a pdf version of this newsletter here
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adrianodiprato · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
+ “Whose voice is missing and how is that impacting our understanding of the world?” ~ Pernille Ripp, Series Two | Game Changers guest
Game Changers | Series Six Reflection
For Series Six, we turned our attention to A New Story: human-centred, technology enriched, people and place conscious and intentionally purposeful as we attempted to unpack the provocation So, what’s hope got to do with it?
In Series Six of the Game Changers Podcast, we once again had ten remarkable educators and entrepreneurs – a Learning Director, an Australian Educator of the Year, a global thought leader, a highly accomplished Equity Expert, the Executive Director of Catholic Education (Parramatta Diocese), the Head of Education (ABC), a Film Producer, a Teen neurodiversity champion, a global Research Officer and a Top 10 Finalist in 2020 Global Teacher Prize. Each challenged our binary thinking and inspired us with this new hope – all Game Changers who continue to light the torch for us and show us the way to build schools (and even society) differently.
Each Series Six Game Changers guest reminded us that all revolutionary ideas begin with a far-fetched dream, grown from the hope for a better world someday, somewhere. And that we were remined that the fierce urgency of now relates to the imperative that we connect our purpose to the needs of our COVID Children and all those that follow. That we now need a new story, a new social contract, a new hope - one that reimagines schooling and all of society - one that is deeply human-centred and highly inclusive, technology enriched, people, place, and planet conscious, and intentionally purposeful. And one that is daringly hope-filled.
Today, we should make this type of learning ecosystem our difference. Our audacious hope-filled aspiration. Our own great adventure. The great adventure of truly becoming – for self, place and the other.
Episode One | Tim Barrett
We started Series Six with Australian educator and leader Tim Barrett.  
Key learnings – Tim’s educational philosophy and leadership as a Director of Learning highlighted the need to foster character dispositions of adaptive expertise, emotional competency, and self-efficacy via a dynamic experiential learning framework in today’s schooling, with each helping us to pay attention to the needs of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, in serving our people and place through enacting our purpose in our intentional practice. Our chat also emphasised the value of social justice learning and immersion opportunities in our learning communities, positioning the aspiration of an active responsible citizen. All in the wheelhouse of remaining forever hope-filled, that society sees and values all, through the lens of humanity first.
Episode Two | Eleni Kyritsis
Key learnings – Our conversation with the dynamic award-winning Australian educator Eleni, brought into sharp focus the value of learner agency and self-determination in school communities. She provided us with practical expressions of creative and critical thinking, via how design thinking protocols can lead to greater student autonomy and independence, better preparing them for the reality of a world in constant flux. That good design can be a source of empowerment, a way of delivering value to everyone. And how excellent STEM programs are fundamentally about adopting a futures thinking paradigm, creating a generation of hope-filled solution architects and continuous learners and unlearners.
Episode Three | David Price
Key learnings – David reminded us about the urgency of now and why it is imperative that we seize this moment to re-imagine education and schooling for today and tomorrow. Our conversation with David amplified the Otto Scharmer quote I shared in the Series Six | Prologue, “Our society must move from ego-system to eco-system economics. This requires that we shift from ego-system silos to eco-system awareness that considers others and includes the whole.” David invited us into this ecosystem space and intentional tuning-in journey. Representing our capacity to imagine the world with fresh eyes and to suspend the legacy of old habits of thought and practice. It is deeply hope-filled, as it requires us to begin to act with care and empathy, not just for ourselves, but our planet and every living “other”. Calling all school leaders into the space of future builders.
Episode Four | Aiko Bethea
Key learnings – This conversation was an insightful example of why we should always be asking Pernille Ripp’s powerful question “Whose voice is missing…?” When we started to explore the notion of belonging Aiko challenged our thinking. The best way I can explain this is via a line in the book “You Are Your Best Thing” edited by Tarana Burke and Dr. Brené Brown, where Aiko is a contributing author, she says, “You walk into every room at a deficit. Unacceptable. Unaccepted.” Profoundly powerful insight. And she also said this in our episode and in the chapter from the book I just quoted, Aiko invited us into the profound space of creating new prevailing narratives, that amplify self through the notion of “I’m speaking” and why we need to accept all before us, on their own terms stating, “Even if this white supremist society never agrees to see us on our own terms, we’re creating our own spaces. Pulling up a chair to a table setting of white supremacy? No thanks.” I remain hope-filled because of good people like Aiko. 
Episode Five | Gregory Whitby AM
Key learnings – Greg is an important figure in education. Not just because he leads an entire system of schools across the Parramatta Diocese, NSW, but because he is a cathedral thinker. Inspired by authenticity and faith, Greg has the reflectiveness, sensitivity, and strength to manage complexity by honouring the legacy of yesterday, attending to the needs of today, and looking forward to what tomorrow will require of us. School leaders prepared to incorporate a cathedral thinking mindset can spark new life in education, provoking a shift from a focus on the status quo of what’s comfortable and familiar, to a long-term shared creative value proposition that truly realises education systems that promotes excellence and equity of opportunity for all – including for those not yet born. It’s all part of taking the big step forward and up into the new social contract of education that connects our purpose with our practice through a greater understanding of our people and our place.
Episode Six | Annabel Astbury
Key learnings – I kept asking myself this question during our conversation with Annabel, Head of Education at the ABC, When will the Australian education system realise the importance of digital literacy in today’s schooling? Digital literacy is the doorway to other literacies, that we must wrap our heads around, to ensure that technology serves all our best interests. As we step through that door, we can develop deeper understanding of Algorithmic literacy, Data literacy, Political and economic literacy, and, as Annabel rightfully points out, Media literacy. Annabel highlighted to us that literacy, in its traditional definition, isn’t just the ability to read or write – it’s about the capacity to reflect, analyse and create. It’s about taking a book, a newspaper or magazine article, a fictional story or a media article and reflecting on what’s behind it, who wrote it, what their assumptions were, what world they were a part of and what other information there might be on a similar subject.
Episode Seven | Ted Dintersmith
Key learnings – Ted Dintersmith is a highly successful venture capitalist and father of two who is devoting most of his time, energy, and millions of his personal fortune to education-related initiatives that call for a radical remaking of what and how students learn in today’s schooling and education systems. So much of Ted’s work has remined us that most teachers are motivated by a passion to transform the lives of the children and young people in their care. And how do we allow students and teachers the permission, space, and trust to define their own approach to learning. A narrative consistent with the work of a School for tomorrow and the mission of Game Changers.
Episode Eight | Shadia Hancock
Key learnings – In this episode Phil referenced the famous E. E. Cummings quote, “The hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else.” Our chat with Shadia amplified the notion to be nobody but yourself in a world, is all that truly matters. And that we, in schools, should imagine a school developing from the inside out, that was the aggregate of the many lived experiences and personalised journeys of each individual, rather than the imposition of an ill-fitting average of everybody else, that often comes with the standardised education, that far too many have become accustomed. Shadia showed us the feeling of empowerment through the running toward, not away, from our uniqueness, our different minds and our inherent worth. And that all of us are part of a neuro diverse community, with each bringing something different to the table. Truly Inspiring.
Special Series | Santiago Rincon-Gallardo & Hà Ánh Phượng
Key learnings – Both Santiago and Ha Anh reminded me of Proverbs 11:25 “A generous person will proposer; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Santiago and Ha Anh shared with us the importance of being authentically seen by creating safe spaces for all learners to enter – to learn, to lead, to live and to work, from a fully flourishing personalised context. Two remarkable globally recognised educators, both deeply passionate and generous about young people, who continue to find opportunities to help others, particularly their students, to understand the place within and outside of themselves, to shine in this new world environment.
From each of our Series Six Game Changers guests, we learnt the significance of learning communities that deeply tune in to the importance of psychological safety. Each of our guests reminded me to encourage teachers and school leaders to consider Timothy R. Clark’s four stages of Psychological Safety in which you feel:
Inclusion safety - a deep sense of belonging,
Learner safety - safe to learn and take risks,
Contributor safety - safe to use learner agency, voice & contribute, and
Challenger safety - safe to challenge norms & conventions — all without the fear of being embarrassed, marginalised, or even punished in some way.
This authentic and intentional connectedness of people to place and planet, linking our purpose to our practice, where all are seen and valued, was most pronounced with our Series Six guests, each left be feeling deeply hope-filled. 
Thank you to Tim, Eleni, David, Aiko, Gregory, Annabel, Ted, Shadia, Santiago and Ha Anh for sharing your story and passion. And thank for reminding us all that each person in our learning communities is home to a life. It is as simple and complex as that. Born from the construct of love – of self, for place and the other.
Listen to our Series Six: Epilogue via streaming platforms - SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play.
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raveneagle6 · 2 days ago
The Ultimate Guide To Real Estate Coach - The Lones Group
The Single Strategy To Use For The Best Real Estate Coaches in the Business - Transactly
It's the average Joe - a person who Mike means to take from zero understanding of sales to a relationship specialist. The Mike Ferryboat Sales System was developed from Mike's career experience from 18 to 73 years of ages and was promoted as the 'most defined sales system', going through dozens of tough and soft abilities a realty sales representative will require to pull huge outcomes.
His track record as a charming speaker and impassioned mentor has actually remained staunch for over 2 decades. He regularly imparts enormous value for totally free on social media and through his podcasts, and often brings in other leaders onto The Tom Ferry Show. Read This is possibly the biggest influencer in business, and he's basically the man that opened Pandora's social media marketing box for genuine estate.
Tumblr media
Real Estate Coaching Radio Online Radio - BlogTalkRadio
It's his mission to elevate the market through educating realty experts, and empowering them to end up being the understanding brokers in their market. The Tom Ferry - Your Coach programs include personal coaching sessions, group training calls, mastermind groups, retreats, occasions and more, plan based on your mentorship objectives. Prices: $1,000/ mo [Proficiency], $99/mo [Bold, initially $799/mo], $450/mo [Development], see site for [Group] pricing Agreement Terms: Inspect website for information.
Her alleged instant company at house, which was a result of her daddy's sales job at the American Motivational Society, consisted of that of the likes of Zig Ziglar and Larry Wilson. This was likely a result of her father's sales job at the American Motivational Society. She would bring their influence with her as team leader of the Keller Williams Realty-Denver West Market Center, pioneering responsibility systems and documentation.
Tumblr media
Ben Kinney Partners With Early Mentor For New Real Estate Coaching Service - Inman
What Does Top 25 Real Estate Coaches & Trainers in the United States Do?
Tumblr media
They cover subjects such as leadership, scripts, responsibility, lead generation, recommendation systems, and more, and use their members a myriad of special benefits including live events, workshops, and masterminds. Rates: $499/mo and $549/mo if CAD [One2One], $239/mo and $270/mo if CAD [Group] Contract Terms: Not specified on the website. Buffini & Company is one of the biggest genuine estate training companies in America.
Brian is a classic rags to riches story, who started at the bottom as a first-generation Irish immigrant and worked his way up as a salesperson at ERA in San Diego. Buffini & Business teaches the Work by Recommendation system, producing organization through building and keeping significant relationships with customers and winning recommendations.
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