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lesbiacebian · 9 hours ago
transphobes say they’re worried about hrt “irreparably” changing peoples bodies as if human bodies don’t go through irreparable changes from simply aging
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transmechanicus · 3 hours ago
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Very important to always break in the mirror at a new place🖤
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hwanswerland · 23 hours ago
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Seonghwa // Sector 1 Stages
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pollyna · 15 hours ago
Oh, Jake almost forgot about this. About basking in Bradley's presence, in Bradley's home, looking at the other man over the rim of his glass and the ever present wind making the little twinkle Carole made sing like the smallest of birds. He remembers now, twenty years later, being fifteen and living two streets from the Mitchell-Kazansky household and how his mom used to leave him there for hours at time when his dad was deployed somewhere. He remembers how much he loved being around them, with uncle Pete and his weirdo pizza and uncle Tom who always knew when they didn't eat veggies even when he was stationed on the other side of the country or on a boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean. He remembers too how good uncle Tom used to look in tanktops and how his cheeks were always a little red around him but they used to get even redder when Bradley smiled or touched him. He used to steal every moment around the other boy and his home, basking in their smiles and the easy going relationship they all had, without feeling guilty or afraid of saying something wrong. It was like recharging his batteries before going back home, the lingering feeling of euphoria and happiness that could last for days if everything was calm around his house. He remembers the pictures too, all the one uncle Tom took before his last visit and the one that uncle Pete sent to his mom after they changed house again. And he will always remember, even after seeing him again at the Academy and starting their fifteen years long dance around each other, the hoodie Bradley gave him on the porch of his house the very last time the saw each other. His uncles where in the kitchen talking about something and Bradley was shyly smiling at him, handing him is soft blue hoodie with the Naval academy logo on the front. Their hands touching over the soft material and they were kissing before realising it. The first kiss of his life and Bradley was smiling softly at him, cheeks a little red and shiny eyes.
He remembers being fifteen and all the good feelings he is feeling even now, while he watches the people he used to think as family, and he hopes is going to call family again, making the table for their dinner.
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zebrafiz · 36 minutes ago
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playin around with presets 
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mikexx2 · 13 hours ago
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The perfect shirt for Kane Holden doesn’t exi-
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grumpywheeler · 11 hours ago
so I was making a list of nancy/ mike parallels and wanted to share this:
—how nancy treats robin at first. robin assumes it’s because she is annoyed she is friends with steve…but it could be because nancy is afraid to get close to another girl her age because of what happened to barb. we’re later shown she still feels guilty about it. she could be afraid to ‘replace’ barb like she’s forgetting her. vecna taunts her about it. (‘when I kill someone I never forget’). this parallels how mike treats max at first. they both act annoyed etc. he is afraid to let a new member into the party because he doesn’t want to ‘replace’ el and admit she’s really gone. he may also not want to lose another member like they lost el. nancy and mike both push away these new people because they’re afraid to let them in and ‘replace’ the others and potentially lose them too.
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justlgbtthings · 11 months ago
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sleepy-bebby · a month ago
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no-psi-nan · 2 months ago
I love how tumblr is reverse chronological order so when your mutual starts having a blorbo breakdown overnight you get to start with the insane conclusion and work your way back to where they first went off the rails.
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moveslikekeithrichards · 3 months ago
if we're ever in a voice call & i say some shit like "im bringing you in the kitchen" i hope you picture me picking you up by the head like a pollypocket & just carrying you around
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setaflow · 4 months ago
Will Smith just slapped the living hell out of Chris Rock live on camera for making an inappropriate joke about his wife, won the Oscar for Best Actor 20 minutes later, and opened his acceptance speech with "Richard Williams was a fierce defender of his family" as if that wasn't the most amazingly ironic thing that'd ever happened in the history of major motion picture film making.
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justlgbtthings · 11 months ago
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every so often twitter just rediscovers tumblr
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sleepy-bebby · 2 months ago
Sea turtle launches attacks on a scuba diver cleaning his tank only to be foiled time and time again.
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lesbiacebian · 3 months ago
i love cheating on exams i love abortion i love autism i love “unhealthy” food i love vaccines and ugly clothes and sex changes amen
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ofthefog · 3 months ago
flexing on people with executive dysfunction by doing the dishes even though i don't feel like it
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disableddyke · 5 months ago
some of y’all will be like “yeah i support autistic people” and then go bully the weird kid at school
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