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#toph beifong
listen i understand the whole 'gotta respect the prophecy' shit and the 'the avatar is who should save us' stuff but i still maintain it would be really funny if Zuko was like 'fuck the prophecy' and killed Ozai on the day of the black sun like he was about too before he left.
like the gaang show up like 'we're finally ready to end this' and just find this emo bitch who was supposed to be hunting them down like 'no lol i already did that'
'i thought you were on his side? isnt he your father?'
'barley. he was pissing me off'
'k gonna go end the war brb'
'what about Azula?'
'idk i told her she could be my second in command if she didnt kill anyone, she seems fine with it'
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straight friend groups be like: *blonde girl* *chad* *the funny one* *kyle* *brunette girl* *frat boy*
gay friend groups be like: *112 year old boy* *master water bender* *meat and sarcasm guy* *runaway rich kid pt. 1* *runaway rich kid pt. 2* *badass warrior* *the moon* *cartwheel* *knife* *lightning* *revolution leader*
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zukkaoru · a day ago
I'll drive you to the hospital for platonic katoph, if platonic is allowed
platonic is absolutely allowed!! ty for this, i love katara & toph's friendship and i have not written for it nearly enough
( prompt list )
44. “I’ll drive you to the hospital.” word count: 464 (featuring nonbinary toph)
warnings: implied past vomiting, undefined medical issue
Katara has certain rules in her life that she sticks to, and one of those rules is that her friends always, always, take precedence over everything and anything else.
So when she gets a panicked text from Toph on her way to class, she turns herself right around and rushes to the apartment Toph and Suki share instead. She’ll email her professor later, but Toph never asks for help unless it’s serious, and Katara’s friends are more important than a calc lecture.
Upon arriving at the apartment, Katara fishes the spare key Suki gave her from her backpack and lets herself in.
“Toph?” She calls out, dropping her bag on the floor. She doesn’t get an answer, which worries her even more. Her stomach drops as she makes her way through the apartment. If Toph isn’t responsive--
No. Katara won’t think about it.
There’s a spluttering cough and then something unintelligible from the direction of the bathroom, and Katara all but flings herself in that direction. The door is hanging halfway open, and when Katara hesitantly steps inside, Toph is seated on the floor by the toilet, shaking. Their hair is falling out of their bun, and they look dangerously pale. Their cane is lying abandoned on the rug in front of the sink.
“Hey,” Katara says softly, “It’s Katara. I’m here.” Carefully she sits down next to Toph, who is resting their forehead against the toilet bowl. “What do you need?”
Toph just groans.
“Can you tell me what’s wrong?”
Very gently, Katara reaches over until her hand is resting on Toph’s back. When Toph doesn’t shake it off, she starts rubbing slow circles. “Can you tell me what happened?”
“Just…” They take a deep breath and lift their head. “I don’t know? I woke up and my stomach just… hurt. A lot. I don’t know, I don’t--” They wince, curling in on themself, clutching their stomach, and Katara pointedly does not look
That decides it for Katara. She doesn’t know what’s wrong, but she knows that Toph never lets themself be seen as weak, so to be sitting on the bathroom floor, crying?
Something is wrong.
“I’ll drive you to the hospital,” Katara says, decisively so there’s no room for argument.
Toph’s neglect to argue, and the resigned slump of their shoulders tells Katara she made the right choice.
She leans over and picks up Toph’s cane and hands it to them. “I’m going to carry you down to my car, alright?” Katara pulls Toph close to her, but waits until they nod and hook their free arm around Katara’s neck before she stands to her feet, lifting Toph with her.
“Thank you,” Toph mumbles into Katara’s shirt.
“Of course,” Katara responds softly. “You know I’m always here for you.”
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stitch1830 · 20 hours ago
something soft- but Lin pretending to sleep bc that's what kids do, and when Toph comes in, she whispers words of love in her ear thinking that Lin is asleep. She whispers stuff like "I love you so much Lin" or "You and your sister are the best things that ever happened to me".
Hi Anon, thank you for the ask! And YES THE SOFTNESS! :D
I can see Lin trying to stay up past her bedtime to read a book or something and she just hides and pretends to be asleep, and then Lin is kind of surprised when her mama says those things. Needless to say, she stays up late from then on to hear her mama kiss her goodnight.
Toph can’t tell Lin’s awake because perhaps Lin is really good at pretending to be asleep. She’s got a calm heart beat and keeps real still when Mama comes into the room. And so Toph thinks nothing of it when she kisses them goodnight.
I can imagine Toph kisses the top of their head and whispers in their hair something like “Goodnight, baby girl” or like “I love you so much” just the SWEETNESS.
If Toph knew Lin was actually awake, I feel like she’d be a bit embarrassed and might not say it as much. She’s not super big on words of affection, she has other ways to show her love! But as long as she doesn’t know Lin’s awake, she sneaks into her and Suyin’s room to tell them both that she loves them and that they’re the best things in her life.
Oh goodness oh goodness so cute and soft and sweet Anon, I love it! Love the Mama Toph thoughts, feel free to send more if you want! :D Thank you again for the ask, and I hope you have a great day!
Send me asks about ATLA, or anything, really! :D
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low-budget-korra · 21 hours ago
TikTok Audios and Trends, Avatar edition #4
-You gon’ make me need a bail, you know that. Caught creepin’ with your friend. You aint even half man lyin’   
Tumblr media
-Baby, I'm a gangsta too and it takes two to tango. You don't wanna' dance with me, dance with me 
Tumblr media
-I am crazy, but im free 
Tumblr media
-Thats what she said and you know what, what.....whats was that? okay , uhn, James 
Tumblr media
- *dramatic* I live inside of you forever 
Tumblr media
- *slow pace* Time goes by so slowly 
Tumblr media
-How does it feel to live my dream *Screams* 
Tumblr media
- You'll see me in hindsight, tangled up with you all night.Burnin' it down .Someday when you leave me I bet these memories follow you around 
Tumblr media
-Gotta be impossible to look this good 😄😏
When is it my time to be happy 😞
Tumblr media
-If you are walking and you suddenly feel bad, try to remember, did you ever feel good? 
Tumblr media
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mmaeveric · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
how toph picks clothes
i have a fun headcanon that the gaang describes colours of clothes to toph (not that she cares much to begin with lol, only if she asks) as expiriences!
(ID Description: Four Panel comic
Panel 1: The comic is in greyscale. Toph and Katara, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, are walking in a market. Katara has her hair down, wearing her mother’s necklace, and Toph is wearing a sleeveless vest because shes cool like that. Toph is trudging along unhappily, when Katara pulls on her arm and exclaims “Ohh! You should try this on, it’s beautiful!”. We can’t see what Katara is referring to, but she is pointing to an item off screen.
Panel 2: They stand next to a clothing rack at one of the market’s pop-up stalls. Katara and Toph are touching one of the dresses hung up. The dress is bunched up into clothing folds like a curtain, so not a lot of detail can be seen. Katara looks happily convinced at her good spotting, but Toph is unsure, saying: “I dunno. Fabric’s nice, what’s the colour?”.
Panel 3: They are still standing at the rack. Katara is looking at Toph, one finger raised matter-of-factly, and says “You remember that time Iroh made us apple tea on the beach?”. Katara is smiling at Toph as she says this, and Toph gives a small “oh yeah!” of understanding.
Panel 4: The market background has faded out, and become an artificial grid wallpaper. Toph and Katara and walking, with Katara looking down at Toph happily, shopping bags in the crook of her elbows. We can see Katara is wearing pants (yes girl). Toph is to her right, bare feet planted firmly in the ground and knees bent slightly, looking like she’s about to jump. Toph’s hands are raised in celebratory fists above her head, and yellow exclamation beams surround her ecstatic expression. Toph is wearing the new dress which, unlike the greyscale comic, is a dynamic mixture of warm red, orange, brown and green. There are sparkles covering the dress, which goes down to her ankles. She looks extremely happy, in a dress the colour of a perfect afternoon.
End description ID).
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fanonical · 2 months ago
katara: so i'm a waterbender
katara: which apparently includes being able to turn water to ice, and also to bend sweat and blood
katara: my question is - can i bend any liquid, or does that liquid have to have a high water component?
toph: so we're testing which one of us can bend liquid mercury
sokka: and i'm taking bets!
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ikimaru · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
got around doing some modern atla at last! 👌
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silima · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
katara is down for crime just not down to get caught 😎
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bopeepwritingsheep · 10 months ago
Every time I read the “Toph is a bad example of a disabled character because of her bending.” I want to Physically leap over a table and then flip that table because NO!!!! You do not understand!!!
Toph’s bending is assistive technology!!! It’s a medical aid!!!!!
Toph’s bending allows her to full access her world the same way my mobility aids do, or my medication does. There are times when due to inaccessible surroundings that her aids are rendered harder or impossible to use. Not unlike my own greatest enemy, stairs. However, when she is fully accommodated she’s able to be just as successful and thrive just as much as an able-bodied person albeit differently. Which is the ultimate goal of assistive technology.
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stitch1830 · 2 days ago
Toph's water breaking in front of Lin? Would Lin immediately know what to do, or would Toph be like "ah shit, Lin, looks like I need to go to the hospital because your sister has decided to come today." Or does she fall straight into the pain and scare Lin?
Hi Anon, thank you for the ask! Yay!! More Mama Toph questions! :D
Very interesting thoughts, can't say I've explored the possibility of Toph going into to labor/her water breaking in front of Lin before, but let's go!
I would say that Lin is really good at helping for her age, so she knows what has to happen when Mama says the baby is coming. She was told to call Katara, but if Katara isn't available, then they go to the hospital. She knows the plan, and she's ready for it.
Or so she thought...
If Toph's water broke, Lin would be confused, but she'd do as Toph told her. Depending on how quickly the labor progresses, I can see Toph fall into bouts of pain and scaring Lin. She's never seen her mom in pain before, so she's a little shocked at the sight. And she's probably confused as to why having a baby hurts (because no matter how plain and straightforward Toph is when it comes to explaining things, I think she'd spare baby Lin of the idea the details of childbirth LMAO).
But I also think there would be moments where Toph is calm and the contractions pass, and she just reminds Lin of what they have to do. When that happens, Lin springs into action, she just needed a quick reminder, but she's a great helper for the few minutes Toph needs her! In any situation, Lin likely would be nervous the second she knows her baby sister is coming, but if/when she sees her mother in pain or hears her ask for help, Lin remembers what her job is.
After, Toph would be sure to thank Lin for being an awesome and brave kid and that she's proud of her! Lin would be so excited and happy to get that bit of praise from her mom. To top it off, she's a big sister now! And she won't lie... Suyin is pretty cute...
So those are my immediate thoughts, but I would love to hear yours! Thank you again for the ask, and feel free to stop by with more Mama Toph feelings! Hope you have a great day!
Send me asks about ATLA, or anything, really! :D
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hollypunkers · a year ago
kind of obsessed with the idea of the rest of the gaang leaving Toph and Zuko to watch over some cooking food and when they come back its burned and Katara starts fuming but Toph and Zuko are like “we’ve never stepped inside a kitchen in our lives and only have one eye between us, if anything it’s your fault”
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dazeddoodles · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Long ago the four Nations lived together in harmony…
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aangarchy · 7 months ago
Zuko finding out about the gaang’s shenanigans after joining them and vice versa is still the funniest thing to me and I think about it all the time
Zuko: where did you even find toph?
Sokka: oh we ran into her while she was a pro wrestling champion
Zuko: .. that twelve yr old blind girl was a what now??
Zuko: you said you tried firebending before? Who taught you?
Aang: this strange guy called jeong jeong who lived in a forest
Zuko, who grew up in the firenation and probably heard all about this man: THE DESERTER??
Aang: ya how’d you know??
Aang: you know what’s strange? Zhao seemed to just disappear after the north pole... I wonder what happened?
Zuko: oh he’s dead
Aang: w-what?
Zuko: yea. Watched him drown too. A big grabby hand got him and dragged him into the ocean
Aang: .... *crying*
Zuko: so what did you guys do while hiding in the fire nation?
Aang: oh not much tbh, I went to school for like two days, Katara and I blew up a factory, we cleaned a river, Toph scammed a whole town, Katara learned bloodbending and I went to therapy
Aang: did I forget anything? Oh right Sokka got a sword
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glowingshadows · 10 months ago
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raidesart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I always love painting Toph and Katara ^^ Which of these pieces is your favourite?
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