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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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This is for @mossy–cobble’s demise 2! @mumboisnotafk

This is Corbelia (Cor-bee-lia). She’s the shortest of the cod gang at 5 ft even, and she really likes building ruins. Maybe because she’s from them…?

(Her eyes are a really really light blue, and she has no pupils.)


The skin…


…and a (messy) art I made of her.

I’m v ok with gore, go wild!

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doing some outfit work for a few of my pokes.  Gunshot’s Squirtle outfit is vaguely supposed to look like a Napoleonic soldier’s uniform, because he’s from Kalos.  I might have to simplify the design so he doesn’t look too complex next to Slice’s ninja pajamas.  I designed Torch as a Pikachu before evolving him, but he’s evolved now so I gave him a Raichu form.  I just sort of started sketching and suddenly he was swole.  I don’t know.  Cheeky and Eternitrix get to be here so I don’t forget they exist.

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I can’t draw objects for sheet. ;w;

Btw, this is soul torch. (I wanted to make her flames look like a soul but, I can’t draw fire let alone a ghost. ;-;)

So here she is. Feel free to redraw her (I bet you can draw her a billion times better than me) just remember to credit me


Also, here’s her without her flame.

(Sorry there’s weird lines on her hair, I couldn’t get rid of it. ;-;)

So yeah. ;w;

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I’m fading to black, the torch is so low
There’s a light beyond this treacherous hole

You’re standing in the distance, it’s your light.
How did you get enough fuel for the night?

My torch only lasts for a moment or two
It would last longer if i could just get to you

The obstacles ahead are too much to handle
At this point i’d be alright with a candle

But even my candle is slowly going out
Why is my head filled with so much doubt?

Will i make it through this? Am i even enough?
Keeping this lit just seems way too tough

I’m fading to black, the torch is so low
There’s a light in the distance, but how far will I go?

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