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so @ryan-bae-wood is playing their staple dnd character ringleader (tiefling rogue, arcane trickster) in the wildemount campaign I’m dming— she’s even the same character she played in a tal’dorei one shot I did last year, so it worked out. but, halfway through the first session, our friend jt (who was also in that one shot) asked if this campaign is “canon” with the first exandrian adventure we had. I, of course, said yes because that’s fun!

which is when all 3 of us, first jt, then tori, then me realized what that meant.

I based that one shot on one of the adventure prompts in the tal’dorei book— specifically the one about one of thordak’s eggs hatching, even years and years later, and how this spawn of the crimson king was wreaking havoc in the sewers of emon. the party found and killed this red dragon wyrmling, with an extra surprise waiting for them in its mini hoard. a red dragon egg, shaking and cracking, with a mewling newborn baby wyrmling hatching its way into the world surrounded by the adventurers who had just killed its sibling.

anyway this is the long way of me telling you that ringleader adopted that fucking elemental baby dragon, five years before the start of this campaign, and that we all SCREAMED when we realized this meant I had to SOMEHOW allow this party of level 3 fuckass adventurers have a DRAGON CHILD named RINGO who is easily more powerful than all of them combined.

so that’s the story of how I ended up making a nerfed ass stat block for ringo because despite everything saying I should not allow this to happen, I wanted tori to have a little dragon baby traveling with her so fucking badly. like. I could NOT deny them this joy.

so the battles going forward are going to be. very interesting lmfao

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Suddenly, Eastern Phoebes are everywhere.

These tiny birds feasts voraciously on flying bugs all day long.
Though rarely we notice, they benefit us greatly.

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I could work on this more and make it better but… i don’t wanna. and that’s ok

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So glad you were birthed today!!!! Welcome to 23 and the misery that comes with it!!! I love you 💕💕


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li i’m curious.. have you seen 5sos live in concert before??

🥺 no.. i got invited to go when i was like in the 10th grade but i never got to go… maybe one day 😔😔

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Animal crossing
Jade: For the millionth time today Vega, I will never fucking play animal crossing. Now shut up and let me play doom.
Tori: Fine....You leave me no choice.
Jade: *Looks up from her game* Vega don't you fucking dare.
Tori: *Pouts*
Jade: ....
Tori: *Continues to pout*
Jade: ... It's downloading
Tori: YAY! I love you!
Jade: I hate you...
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my jacob tunnel vision is real sometimes bc i just read ur tags on that tbz video and looked at it again but just wanted to say ur right sunwoo does have sexy ankles. and haknyeon is how i look in candid photos at home when i’m wearing a hodgepodge of pajama and didn’t expect anyone to see me dhhdbs

Lmao I feel that. I zoned in on Sunwoo the second the video started. Tori 🤝 Krystal: Having tunnel vision for their TBZ bias lkasjdflkj. He has ankles I can only dream about like wtf?? Haha that’s honestly when the best outfits are made. No one will see you so you might as well get a little wild with it. 

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