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relightthestars · 11 days ago
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Torr Head (Northern Ireland)
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vox-anglosphere · 9 days ago
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On a clear day you can see Mull of Kintyre from Torr Head in Ireland
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mrdinoart · a year ago
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En el cual estos tres weyes son regañados y estos deciden abrir la boca + Janeway :)c
In which these three dorks are scolded and they decide to open their mouths +Janeway :)c
Now with a continuation here!
ID of the three pages under read more:
[First Image description: Comic is in a simple cartoon style. Harry, Tom and B'elanna, are in the captain's ready room, standing in line with their hands behind their back. Janeway is standing upright with a stern expression in front of them, she scolds them saying "So... I expect you three to follow a better behaviour, I don't expect to be dissapointed... Is that understood?". Harry, Tom and B'elanna, looking to their sides with expressions of discomfort reply "Understood, Ma'am." Harry by accident says instead "Mom". The three of them realize what Harry says and Harry starts to sweat nervously. Janeway stops looking stern and raises her eyebrows. END ID.]
[Second Image description: Harry, Tom, B'elanna and Janeway are in the middle of the captain's ready room drawn in stick figures. A spotlight is shining on top of Harry, Tom and B'elanna, Harry sweating and standing straight while Tom and B'elanna are peering at him. Janeway then asks "...Did one of you... Just call me mom?". The art style returns to be cartoony and Harry immediately tries to answer "No, ma'am", but B'elanna interjects saying "YES, MA'AM". Tom also tries to interject, instead saying "Yes, mom-... Shit", and then looking down flustered with Harry peering at him with a smug grin and B'elanna exclaiming "HA!" at him.]
[Third Image description: Janeway crosses her arms and looks at them with a fond expression, she then shrugs and smiles saying "Come on, 'Lanna, don't make fun of my kids". Tom covers his face with his hands muttering "Whyyyy", While Harry pats him in the shoulder condescendingly. B'elanna flusters at the nickname and exclaims "Mo- CAPTAIN" and becomes more flustered. Harry and Tom both peer at her from their previous positions with smug grins. END ID]
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vampireluvwund · 4 months ago
Okay great!! Are you up for poly requests? Could I ask for a Cesar x reader x mark ? Maybe gender neutral reader and some fluff? I need more content about these two 🥲
GOD finally a cesar torres ask smirks.
Okay, you got the two sides of the coin.
Extrovert lovely cute fuck and his adopted introvert (friendship goals).
(also this poly thing is more like youre their shared partner so keep that in mind).
LOTS of movie nights. Mostly by Cesar.
And it's very common those veeeeery Adam Sandler kind of comedy movies. They're both laughing at that.
Cesar is kind of shy during the relationship, stutters when he's flushed but also likes to keep you wrapped in his arms. As much as he loves being wrapped in your arms if you squint.
While Mark is... Shy as well. In a more awkward way.
Hc he sweated the first time he held your hand.
The entire poly thing was confusing at first, but after some talk and very homies thinking they both liked the idea.
#CESAR: aw fiddlesticks this really ruffles my feathers
#READER: just say fuck
If you're a touch starved person, you're lucky cuz you got a 2x1 cuddle bugs.
They like to held you at the same time while they talk 'bout dumb things or something.
They also planify the gift for you in mesiversaries or anniversaries together!
(is.mesiversary the right word?? I dont speak english lol)
They both adore you, a really lot.
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floofle-universe · 2 months ago
You know now that we’ve seen mark and lio interact as characters in a production I’m really looking forward to seeing them as Dave and Katie in the up coming Edge of sleep show. Not enough people talk about that.
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annikasevenshots · 3 months ago
not sure why people complain about a lack of bi representation in media when tom paris and b'elanna torres are RIGHT THERE
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sound-less-noise · 9 days ago
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minxlsh · 25 days ago
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i care about their very flawed teenage dynamic
#the ghost and molly mcgee#libby stein torres#molly mcgee#ghost and molly mcgee#tgamm#idk this istn strictly /r i dont really ship them romantically#but i care abt them a lot#can you not ship charas and think they might have complicated teenage feelings for each other ? is that a thing#i think they honestly just havent had any friends so they dont know what theyre doing most of the time#and they confuse the feelings of a close friend with the feeling of a crush repeatedly#also molly struggles so hard with understanding what libby needs a lot of the time#she really is kinda self absorbed a lot of the time#but she TRIES and she LEARNS#so i know they can get better from here its just that shes not quite as open with libby as she is scratch yet#they love each other a lot tho#i care so much about them#molly sucked at realizing how bad anxiety could get libby and molly sucks at realizing that#lying repeatedly to libby helps no one#libby wants the honest truth mollys still suck in her own head of#''you lied to me because you CARE about me?''#being a positive thing#theyre two flawed kids. libbys a lot healthier in the way she holds herself but molly isnt there yet#doodle tag#i think there are a lot of confusing feelings going on. they care a lot abt each other. i would die for them#btw libby growing more and more confident and self assured as the series goes on while molly goes backwards as things go more and#more wrong for her creates a dynamic where libby is ready to help and ready to be there for her but molly literally feels like she cant#lose anything else and she panics and lies to libby it is so fucked this show fucks me up
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onlyhereforangst · a year ago
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you can love me most by letting hands touch hands by letting bodies touch bodies and by letting go
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stephenlavery1 · 4 years ago
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Went for a run to Torr Head today and took this image. The image is deceptive - it was darn cold and a gale was blowing, but the image doesn't show it. (I had to use my ample frame to shelter the camera from the gusts of wind to keep it steady. Haha :))
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elwintersoldado · a year ago
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favorite moments from the falcon and the winter soldier — 52/?
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relightthestars · 8 months ago
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Torr Head, Ballycastle (Northern Ireland)
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fallenfanangel · a year ago
What ever happens in the rest of the season, I refuse to let Marvel take away the secret The Falcon and The Winter Soldier I’m watching in my head where Torres, upon first seeing Sam and Bucky interact, comes to the obvious conclusion that they are exes who still like each other and decides it’s his mission to get them back together.
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heinzrat · 8 months ago
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Joaquin's height difference with Sam and Bucky is currently the only thing that matters to me
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ezrisdax · a year ago
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you're the pink in my cheeks and I love that it means I'm a little bit soft
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iamtrebleclefstories · 10 months ago
Nobody Leaves. Nobody Dies.
My new head canon series where you pick a character and see what I think they’d be like if we ever would’ve gotten to see them in dark blue scrubs.
For @colorfulcelebrityfanfics
Lexie Grey
Lexie goes into neuro and she forms a badass team with Derek, Amelia, Tom and eventually Stephanie. They are the dream team. Elite. If you were to need brain surgery, you’d want it done at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital because you will never get anything less than the best. (Bailey is hella proud that the majority of her neuro team is female and uses it to promote the hospital all the time.)
Lexie does her neurosurgery fellowship under Derek’s guidance and mentoring. He’s never seen a young surgeon with as much promise as her and constantly pulls her in on complicated cases. He is grateful for her presence as well as Amelia’s because it gives him the freedom to be a more present father and work on research.
Lexie loves neuro so much, especially spinal cases. She took real interest in spina bifida—partially because of Zola. Lexie begins to research spina bifida in pediatric patients so she ends up getting very involved in Alex’s African Exchange Program.
The work she’s doing is inspiring and she isn’t opposed to pro bono surgeries. In fact, Lexie Grey is the first person to say yes to pro bono work. She is extremely philanthropic and generous, something highly uncharacteristic of neurosurgeons. Still, she wants to make even more of a difference in patients lives. So she actually decides to do a second fellowship in peds surgery, becoming the hospital's first exclusive pediatric neurosurgeon (Bailey loves her even more after that).
So aside from being on team neuro, she also joins team peds with Arizona and Alex. They are fierce advocates for the little ones under their care and will go to the ends of the earth to make sure that the kids get everything they could ever need.
As an attending, Lexie is sweet but doesn’t take crap from anyone and since she works on such delicate patients, she only allows the best to scrub in with her. She is a great teacher and is always ready to share her knowledge with the interns and residents under her. She refuses to berate them and instead takes a softer approach with them.
Lexie and Mark get married soon after Lexie finishes her residency. Almost dying in a plane crash puts a lot of things into perspective. So when Lexie and Mark return from their honeymoon and Lexie starts her neuro fellowship, she is no longer Dr. Lexie Grey. Instead, she is Dr. Lexie Grey-Sloan. It’s a bit nice to have a professional distinction from her sister, but at the end of the day, those close to her still often call her Little Grey.
Once Lexie finishes her fellowship, she and Mark decide to give Sofia a sibling or two. They end up having a little girl first—Dorothy Alexandra Sloan—and about a year and a half later they have a son—August Maxwell Sloan.
Due to their interesting family dynamics with Callie and Arizona, as the kids grow up, all three of them love saying that they’ve got one dad and three moms. It makes them sound like sister wives but Mark honestly doesn’t seem to mind it. He actually gets a little smug when people assume that he’s in cahoots with not just one, but three gorgeous women. Lexie is known as Mama Lex to Sofia, while Callie and Arizona are MC (Mama Callie) and Mimi to Dorothy and August.
Life is good. Everyone is happy. And everyone lives.
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aromanticstephenstrange · a year ago
missing scene from ep 5.:
torres and bucky,watching sam train: [heart eyes] [mouth open] [shocked and attracted]
sam, totally oblivious: [smiles and waves at them]
torres and bucky: [dumbly waves back with huge grins]
sarah, walking past: oh my god there's too of them
i know this, sarah told me
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