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REVERSE  AMORTENTIA:  the  scent  of  the  potion  brewed  by  anyone  foolhardy  enough  to  love  rodolphus  starts  off  with  brightly  floral  and  sharply  spiced  top  notes  of  candied  ginger.  after  a  few  minutes  the  fragrance  then  settles  down  to  the  rounder,  more  robust  heart  notes  of  ground  cloves  and  the  warm  smokey  resin  of  frankincense…  for  those  who  have  truly,  deeply  fallen  for  rodolphus  lestrange  the  rich  and  calming  base  notes  of  the  strong  and  bitter  cardamom-infused  turkish  coffee  he  often  drinks  and  the  leather  of  his  gloves  then  rise  up  to  complete  the  potion’s  scent.

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There is much Ecaterina regrets about her past and the things she’s done. 

First, she ran away from home when she was barely sixteen and fell in with a bloody and sadistic outlaw gang. Her parents, hearing about the kind of people she was surrounded with and the atrocities she’s taken part in, went to find her, and when they did, they were killed in front of Ecaterina while begging her to come back home. She tried to cut ties with the gang afterward, several times, but every single time she was coerced, threatened, tortured, caught and brought back. It became evident that this would be a life she could opt out of, and she accepted it, but still blamed herself for her parent’s death. 

The second major regret of her life is leaving her husband and daughter alone and running again. Not without good reason, though, because she tried to start over and settle down, yet her past caught up with her. Members of the gang she used to run with found her and kidnapped her husband, trying to lure Ecaterina out. She managed to rescue her husband, but would not get to enjoy more time with him and their daughter, as she left them the very next day, only now realizing how dangerous it was for them to be around her and how she could never stop running. 

Third regret: her daughter, now married and with a son, begging her to return to the civilized world and stay with them, as her husband turned into a violent and abusive man, and she could not care for her song alone. Ecaterina refused, knowing what happened the last time she was around her daughter. Months later, she learned that she’s died– drowning, an apparent suicide. Once more, Ecaterina ran even farther. 

In the fourth instance things could have gone horribly wrong, they didn’t. When her grandson, now fifteen, managed to find her and write her about all the ways his father was torturing him and how he could bear it no longer, Ecaterina came to his aid as fast as she could. She killed her son-in-law, took her grandson, and they rode out together. She raised him from then on, taught him how to use a gun, how to hunt, how to rob and steal to survive, how to injure and kill to defend himself.

In a way, Bogdan was Ecaterina’s redemption– or at least that’s what she hopes for. Through her grandson, she returned an honorable, kind-hearted person to the world, in exchange for all those whose lives she took. Still, her regrets, mistakes, and sins remain, and no matter how much she tries to be good and do good, she keeps falling back into old habits and giving in to her impulses. After all, it’s all she’s ever known for over forty years. 

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To anyone looking from the outside, Josiah could’ve been just another father walking down the street with his child… just the local preacher helping a lost child back to his mother—tending to his flock. It had been quite simple: let the mother get worried, bring back her child and watch her defenses crumble. It would be then that Josiah would be able to strike. 

“See? We’re home now. Ring the door bell so that mommy knows,” he instructed with a smile, carrying the child so that she could press the button on the side of the door frame. Josiah waited patiently with Hope for her mother to appear.  When she did, Josiah offered a charming smile “Thought you’d want her back,” he jested. 

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Catch me being emo about Hermione’s experiences in Malfoy Manor and Ron’s sobs as he heard her scream. Catch me being emo about how Harry was practically blinded by pain and was still trying to get them out, about sweet Luna held hostage as leverage and Draco forced into a role he had no business being in because of his parents. Catch me still being angry at the absolute failure of so many adults to protect these children. 

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“… My life on the Surface was awful. Any more information is none of your business.”


“It’s nothing I’ve SEEN, but I remember listening outside my parents’ room when they were talking about things that had happened to them in the War. It was so… awful…
But seeing Dad get sick from that buttercup cake when we were younger was horrible too. I-I thought… that… that he’d…”

[He tears up. Chara pulls him in for a hug.]


“Darling, it is okay. He lived. We all did.”


“… Thanks…”


“They never played any music at all. Wish they did. Would’ve took my mind off of what was happening a bit.
And if anyone kills anyone I love, then I’ll kill them too. Slowly and painfully.”


“Agreed. Unless they kill me too, then I will make sure that they suffer a long and painful death. Now that I have a wife and a child, I know what it is like to be willing to go to any means necessary to ensure their safety. Any. Means.”


“Oh please. As if that would be a difficult question for me. I know that my focus on cold, hard logic would make people think that I would save books or technology, but that is easily replicated. Human life isn’t. I would save Asriel and Aisling - my siblings - and Katie-Rose. She has suffered enough at my hands, so I would save her if given the opportunity.”

And as for the ‘monster under the bed’ question, there is already a story about that…

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Toppat!Charles Part 5!!


Thank you all so much for your patience with this one, like I said, I’ve been going through a lot in my personal life, though things are getting better. 

If you haven’t read the previous parts you can find them HERE: 

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


Henry has taken the CCC’s offer, despite opposition from Galeforce, Ellie, and even Daddy Dearest Terrence Suave.

Meanwhile, Right has polished up Charles and set him up in an actual room for a change of pace.

Not really a headcanon this time but a MASSIVE, MASSIVE trigger warning for torture, violence, and a trauma truck load of angst; we’re focusing more on Charles this part since he was more of a cameo in Part 4.

Got that? GREAT!


Like before we pick up where Part 4 left off, but with Charles in his new room across from Right, who has taken his position at a desk chair and is calmly talking to Charles. If this were a movie, we would only hear the music score before getting a close up of Right saying something to Charles, who reacts by raising his eyebrows and widening his eyes.


Right sighs as he rubs the non-cybernetic half of his head. “Do I got to repeat everything to everyone?” He recomposes himself and meets Charles once more, the pilot shaking his head as he curls his knees into his chest and holds his hands on either side of his head.

“No. No, no, no, nononono. I can’t do that. You can’t make me.”

“So you’d rather go back to rotting in your cell?” Right asks as he raises an eyebrow. “I’m offering you the chance to have some form of freedom and you’re willing to throw it away for your stupid government?”

Charles keeps his head down, but clenches a fist. “They’ll get me out of here. Just wait and see.”

Right grabs Charles’s ankles and throws them down before grabbing his jaw, forcing his to look up. Thhe two are inches away from each other and Charles’s instincts are telling him to run since fighting hasn’t exactly worked out for him.

“Look at where you are and what’s been happening. Any time the government tried sending a destroyer, it didn’t work. You were left alone in that cell with nothing but your shadow on the wall to talk to. You have a chance to get out and not have to deal with that anymore. You’re seriously going to turn it down because you think the government’s coming to rescue you? Taking my offer would get you out a lot quicker. ”

Charles only glares into Right’s human eye before doing a very ungentlemanly and dumb thing by spitting in his eye. (Unsanitary as well, I might add. Really, Charles, get with the program!)

Right backs away slightly, though it’s more like an angry flinch because he recoils and then freezes.

Charles, however, keeps his glare as his wipes his mouth off with his sleeve. “Never.”

Right is still for a moment before backhanding Charles with his cybernetic hand, not enough to seriously injure him, i.e. a broken jaw or knocking him unconscious, but it does leave him seeing stars and in a good state of, ‘that hurt a lot more than it should.’

Right stands back, takes out a handkerchief, wipes his face off, and then pockets said handkerchief before folding his hands behind his back.

“You’ll come to your senses. If you can wait, so can I.”

With that, Right leaves the room just as Charles picks himself up, rubbing his cheek.

“See you tomorrow, Charles.”

As the door closes behind Right, Charles’s face and the room’s temperature drop.

Cut to Right, who is leaving the hall and going to that room we saw in the Free Man ending, that cafeteria- like room with the big window overlooking Earth.


Charles is sound asleep in his bed when a pair of toppats come in. One stays by the door and the other wakes up Charles.

The pilot, due to being out-strengthed and delirious from sleep, is pulled out of his room and can barely keep up with the toppats as they drag him to a different room.

In Charles’s perspective, the world is dark and he keeps drifting in and out of sleep. He eventually opens his eyes to see he’s back in the jungle, by the crashed helicopter. Right is nowhere to be seen, but Charles does see someone else, someone that he ACTUALLY happy to see. As in he smiles and tears up.


Henry stands still as he stares at a growingly flustered Charles, who races toward him.

“Henry! Man, are you a sight for sore eyes! You have no idea what these guys’ve done. C'mon, let’s go-”

Just as Charles is about to hug Henry, he holds a hand and stops Charles in his tracks.

“Hen… Henry?”

Henry’s face turns from blank to angry or annoyed and he shakes his head, backing away.

Charles tries to follow him, but he can’t. When he looks, he sees his feet are sunken into the ground and panics.

“Henry! Help! I-I think I stepped in quicksand!”

Henry only backs away further, now glaring at Charles.


Henry finally approaches him and leans close to his his face.

Before he can say anything, Charles’s breath catches and he quickly finds he can no longer breathe. 

Charles tries gasping and exhaling, but only blows bubbles out of his mouth. 

The jungle fades away into a very dim grey, almost falling. Henry falls away with it, much to Charles’s fear. 

The pilot tries reaching for Henry and is pulled away, seeing as Henry swims further away from him.

Charles gasps for real this time as he is pulled out of a tub of water and focuses his gaze on Right, who is standing over him with his arms folded behind his back. 

“Good morning. Sleep well?’” 

Charles tries to push himself away the tub only to find his hands are either tied or handcuffed behind his back, I’m noting an ‘either’ here because while I can see Right using handcuffs or restraints like the ones we see in the Free Man ending, to save on resources and because Charles is already pretty weak, he’d probably just use a rope.

The toppats that woke him up and dragged him here both hold his shoulders, one holding the back of his collar. 

Charles glares at Right and struggles against his bonds, but he stays quiet. 

Right sniffs and nods at the two holding Charles. “Give ‘im a wash.” 

The one holding his collar grips his hair, yanking it and making Charles follow his movement before dunking him back into the water. 

Right watches as Charles struggles both above and below the water, mildly impressed that he’s still strong enough to the point that the two toppats are having a hard time holding him under. If this were a movie or a game cutscene, the camera would hold on Right’s face, resolute and expressionless, and all we would here would be the score and Charles struggling. Right blinks and an icon appears on his cybernetic eye, a solid circle with a ring around it. 

A camera. 

After a while, Charles’s movements slow and nearly stop completely, bubbles leaving his mouth and nose. 

Right nods at the toppats pull him up.

If that first dunk didn’t wake up and alarm Charles, this certainly did. 

Charles gives one of those loud gasps and coughs up water as he catches his breath. 

Once his breathing goes at least to where he’s not huffing and puffing, he feels one of the toppats grip his hair again. He fights against him, but is ultimately pushed back into the water. 

The partner repeats itself for a while. 

Dunk his head in the water, wait for him to stop struggling, pull him out and wait for him to just about get his breathing normal, rinse and repeat. 

After maybe a half an hour of this, Right notices Charles has started shivering after his last dunk and is having a hard time getting his breathing even. 

“Enough. Get ‘ im to a medic.”

They do so, and Charles follows with barely any strength to keep up.

The next day isn’t any better. 

The toppats are ordered to sit Charles in a chair, his hands on the rests, his head in a restraint, and his eyes held open with something like reverse clamps; if you’ve seen or read A Clockwork Orange, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

Right takes a seat next to him, a medic on his other side to keep his eyes hydrated, and the two watch a simple movie. 

Just a nice, sit down, home cinema night 😁😊


“You seem too confident your government’s gonna save you.” Right turns his head to the screen and folds one leg over the other. “Let me remind you what they’ve done to us.” 

Charles follows his gaze as the film begins. 

I’m guessing the Toppat Clan has been around for a while, based on how many paintings/pictures of the leaders we see in Completing the Mission, so there would be PLENTY of news footage of the government using any means necessary to arrest any toppats they can get their hands on. 

The film Charles watches is nothing short of horrifying. I won’t go into detail, but just know that it’s pretty disturbing. Like, psychologically messed up. 

Charles is forced to watch as members of the government, something HE WORKS FOR, arrest, torture, and execute Toppat Clan members in extremely violent ways. 

Right is quiet as he watches because he’s seen this tape on more than one occasion; he also watches as a reminder as to why he joined the toppats to begin with. 

Charles, however, isn’t exactly that. After watching a clip of seeing a government official gun down a group of new toppat recruits, he finally snaps. 

“STOP IT!” Charles cries as he struggles in his chair and restraint, much to the annoyance of the medic. “PLEASE! MAKE IT STOP!” 

Right’s attention is now on the pilot as he continues screaming and crying, watching quietly as he takes note of his work. 

Charles screams as loudly as he can as the film keeps rolling, unable to look away as the government is practically used against him. 

Right uses this pattern for a LONG while. One day, Charles is physically tortured and the next he is shown more footage of the government hunting down toppats. 

This cycle is continued until, after maybe three months(it doesn’t seem like it’d be that long, BUT TRUST ME, IT CAN BE), when the toppats come for Charles, they find him standing, waiting for them. 

This time is different, though. 

Right is with them and approaches the empty eyed, silent Charles. 

“Learned your lesson?” 

Charles nods. 

Right holds out his hand, a smirk on his face. 

“Whaddaya say, kid? You want in?” 


Our multilived friend is lying in bed, having a very fitful sleep. I keep jumping to what we would see if we were watching a movie, but trust me on this, I think you’ll really like this one.

In this dream, Henry stands in the middle of four mirrors, a different “ending” of him in the side mirrors and the ine behind him. In front of him is himself, on his left is the Toppat King ending of himself(I’m just calling him Toppat Henry), on his right is the Toppat Recruit endimg of himslef(Recruit Henry), and behind him is his Revenged self.

“You should’ve taken that offer,” Toppat Haenry chides.

“Charles would’ve been safe, if you did,” Recruit Henry adds with a shrug.

Henry hears his Revenged self cough behind him and hears his augmentations whirring. “We wouldn’t be friends, if that happend.”

“And that bothers you?” Toppat Henry laughs.

“Think about it,” Recruit Henry says very smugly. “Since when have you needed friends?”

“Escaping the wall-”

“You got out alone before,” Toppat Henry says with a tap to his hat.

Henry jumps when he hears glass shattering and turns to see his Revenged self has punched his mirror and cracked it.

“King, recruit, theif, it doesn’t matter,” he gurgles as blood oozes out if his mouth. “A toppat never keeps his word.”

Revenged Henry hits hus mirror again and causes it to shatter, forcing our Henry to jump back and crash into his own mirror-

Henry wakes up and looks around his room, shaken and stirred. He checks his arm and back before sighing and hugging his knees to his chest.

“I hate when that happens.”

Man, that was a psychedelic ending!


This took a very, very, very, very, very, very, VEEEEERY long time, but here it is! 

Thank you all so much for your patience and following this series. I am having such a blast writing this, you have no idea. 

Thank you all for reading! Stay safe out there! And HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!🦃🦃🦃

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Ooh, yess. :) Thank you for the inspiration.

c.w. whumper turned creepy caretaker, torture aftermath, pet names 

He was working to keep himself calm under the weight of the man’s hips but his breaths stuttered and cut off in quiet whimpers. It was more than just crying, but the kind of exposed, broken weeping that made him want to sink into the mattress and just disappear so nobody else would have to hear him. Especially not Nick.

A cutting voice. “I told you to keep still, didn’t I?” 

“S-sorry,” Hayko whispered, hoarse and lips barely parting.  

“Don’t be sorry, be still.” 

Nick’s method of lathering ice onto the black and red streaks left from the cane conflicted him, and it was so far removed from the brutality he had shown moments before. Up until his ribcage and down, slowly, and repeat. Motions that were both mechanical and had an unplaceable intimacy to them.

“Thought you would’ve known better than to do that,” Nick muttered after a few seconds of silence. “You know the routine, love. I tell you to do something and either you do it or I make you.” 

Hayko let his head turn to the wall, eyes fixing on the yellowed curtains of the apartment.  

“Have you got nothing to say?” 

Nick stopped the treatment and saw a chill run through the man beneath him as he turned to meet his eyes, fear trickling fast into his expression. It was such a sudden movement that it took him back. Although he couldn’t read Hayko through and through, the way he was pleading so desperately with his eyes made him scoff.

“Relax. It’s over.” Nick thought he heard a shivering sigh of relief. 

“‘m sorry,” he whispered again. “‘should’ve listened.” 

Nick went back to work after that, continuing to wipe away blood, dampening the edges of the abrasions with alcohol, patching particularly ugly wounds, and all in silence. There was no mockery this time. 

As his patient shifted again, another cutting word was about to leave his mouth until Nick stopped and licked his lips. “Why is it that it’s so hard for you to follow orders, love?” 

Hayko wasn’t entirely sure that he should answer and the only thing harder than figuring out Nick’s mood was figuring out whether that was a rhetorical question. Shrinking away, he turned his head again and gasped when it was brought back by a hand.

“I asked you something.” 

“I-I,” he breathed, “I thought he was going to…hurt me when he said c-come with me. He looked angry.”

Nick stared at him for a while, wondering if he was serious but passed it off with an eye-roll, massaging the man’s jaw with his thumb. “I’m going to hurt you.”

And with that, he froze, unable to pry his eyes away or breathe as Nick drew in closer. “I’m going to hurt you if you ever pull this stupid shit again. Understand?” 

Hayko swallowed hard, nodding quickly with squeezed eyes. “Y-yeah, I-…I understand. ‘m sorry.”

Good boy.” 

A coy smile played on Nick’s lips as he felt him shiver. “Now I’m going to take care of you and you’re going to appreciate it.” 

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Uh. Good request, but like I said I’m not taking them. So, remember this and then you can request again after I open requests! But again, I’m not accepting requests, only questions. And unless I’m not reading this right, this is more of a request. Sorry, Anon.

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Take a moment and imagine your OTP, freshly rescued from captivity/torture and being treated for their injuries. Begging the doctors and nurses for updates, begging their friends that come and check on them, because the last time they seen each other they were lying broken and bloody and very well near dying. How about one of them sneaking out of their room to go and see the other, because after everything they both went through they just need to see their love alive and breathing with their own eyes?

Bonus points if the one sneaking from their room is worse off and definitely shouldn’t be up and about. And maybe the other would’ve done the same but their a little less mobile due to a different injury. And how about, it ends with the one sneaking out of their room collapsing on the floor with their partner too far away to be of any help as they struggle to get to them while fighting with IVs and their own injuries, while desperately shouting for help? And the one on the floor has to be rushed into some life saving procedure once help does come, all because they got up and worsened their injuries?

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tortured.         accused.         a   woman   out   of   time.         amazing   what   can   happen   in   a   month.         that   the   very   men   that   had   believed   her   a   spy   and   working   for   (      what   was   the   name?         ah,      kjotve      )      their   sworn   enemy   were   clamoring   for   her   attention   now.         chani   stands   at   the   forefront   of   the   crowd,      tonguing   the   inside   of   her   healed   cheek.         this   isn’t   home.         there’s   no   doctor   on   site   to   see   what’s   wrong;      there’s   no   stunt   that’s   gone   wrong.         every   bruise   on   her   body   has   come   from   the   group   in   front   of   her,      waiting   for   her   to   make   a   choice   (      and   telling   her   all   the   reasons   they’re   the   right   one      ).         it   took   them   time   to   believe   her.         longer   to   let   her   walk   around.         and   now   they   give   her   this   choice:      death   or   marriage,      because   chani   has   seen   too   much.         never   mind   it’s   their   fault   for   dragging   her   back   to   their   homes   in   the   first   place,      for   not   watching   what   they   said   around   her.         she’s   fucked   and   the   only   action   she’s   really   taken   is   picking   up   an   axe   without   permission   back   in   her   time,      back   home.

she   knows   some   of   their   names,      almost   all   of   their   faces.         it’s   possible   they   knew   they   were   going   to   do   this   before   telling   her,      that   the   ones   that   had   spoken   to   her   had   done   their   best   to   get   ahead   of   the   others.         the   only   one   she   thinks   she   can   truly   call   friend   is   valka,      if   only   because   she   reminds   her   of   a   dear   and   old   friend   (      one   she   may   never   see   again,      if   she’s   dead   or   doesn’t   adhere   to   what   they’re   demanding      )   and   she   seems   to   know   so   much.         gain   their   trust.         it’s   the   only   thing   chani   can   think   to   do.         sound   advice,      that   she   didn’t   need   the   other   woman   to   give   her.


               ❝   so   all   i   need   to   do   is   choose   my   future   husband.   ❞         nods   from   the   group.         ❝   and   everyone   here   is   unmarried?   ❞         murmurs   of   affirmative.         she   grins   with   her   teeth,      pointing   in   the   direction   of   the   door   and   even   more   so,      the   blond   stood   near   it   in   the   shadows.         ❝   then   it’s   eivor   i   choose.   ❞         and   oh,      the   uproar   is   so   worth   it,      even   if   maybe   chani   should   fear   them   suddenly   closing   in   on   her   with   complaints.

𝐄𝐈𝐕𝐎𝐑 𝐖𝐎𝐋𝐅-𝐊𝐈𝐒𝐒𝐄𝐃 ( @unforsake​ ).

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