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#toru hagakure
thingsoverheardatua · 2 days ago
Hagakure: There are consequences for my actions anymore! Literally nothing bad can happen to me! I’m like a white, male U.S. senator!
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theflannelwizard · 2 days ago
They tell each other on the night of their six month anniversary. It’s April, and the semester is in that post-midterms but pre-finals lull. Ojiro picks Hagakure up at seven, and they have dinner and go down to the pond to feed the koi.
It’s nice. The air is soft and warm, the sky glows pink and orange as the sun takes its sweet time to set, and everything is beautiful in its moderation. Ojiro can’t help but notice that- the evening is unremarkable, unless you’re paying attention, but if you take the time to look beyond the surface, it’s wonderful. Just like the two of them.
The koi nibble at their fingers, Ojiro laughs more than he has in a long time, and Hagakure… well, Hagakure seems tired, but she assures and reassures him that she’s enjoying herself. As long as they’re together, she says. As long as they’re together, she’s happy.
When the sun finally sets, they go back to Ojiro’s room. They’re on the same page- nothing’s gonna happen, they just don’t wanna say goodbye yet.
Ojiro’s confession comes first. It’s quiet, but certain.
“Tooru…” he starts, his breathing carefully even, “I know we’re young, and I know this might feel like a lot, but I’ve never met anyone as spectacular as you. You’re unique, and beautiful- don’t say you’re not, because even if I can’t see you, you have a beautiful heart- and your kindness and cleverness never fails to amaze me. I want this to last a long time. I… I think I’m falling in love with you.”
He smiles at her, nervous and relieved at the same time. Hagakure can tell he’s been waiting for the right moment to say it. She wants to say it back. Because, truth be told, Ojiro is the most incredible man she’s ever met. He’s sweet and gentle and strong and he works harder than anyone gives him credit for.
But she doesn’t say that. Instead, she takes a deep breath, releases it in a sigh, and takes a deep breath again.
“Thanks, Mashi. But you really shouldn’t… I mean, there’s something I need to tell you.”
And she tells him. She tells him how she spied on her classmates and teachers, how she snuck information to the League and AFO, how she’s clever in ways not even he ever noticed. She tells him everything.
Ojiro is stunned. He sits there, blinking, for long enough that Hagakure starts to get up, says she’s sorry but she should probably go. He doesn’t let her.
“You know I have to tell Aizawa about this, right? Or Nezu?”
They’re not making eye contact, but they both keep glancing up at each other. The air doesn’t feel warm and light anymore.
“I know, Mashi. I know.”
She sounds sad, and not just in a normal teenage sad way. This sadness is heavy and tired and it reminds Ojiro of something terrible that he can’t put his finger on.
He doesn’t stop her when she goes for the door again, but he also doesn’t tell anyone.
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saiyef · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
The U.A. Traitor is finally revealed
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sleepykittysthings · a day ago
I just had something on my mind... Hagakure is the traitor right!? Okay like what if she told all for one about Eri's REWIND quirk!? And that all for one can use her quirk to heal himself back to when he was in his youth before all might smashed his head like think about it! And sweet Eri trusts Hagakure since she was part of class A and made her smile during the festival and then Hagakure kidnaps her by telling Eri that they're going somewhere and Aizawa isn't there cause his still in the hospital the teachers,big 3 and the rest of the heroics classes are really busy and they had to leave Eri alone and that's when she gets her chance to kidnap the poor innocent child and brings her to see all for one! Hagakure can easily shut off the security systems from the inside and escape with Eri without a trace...
This is just a headcanon! The only confirmed part is that Hagakure is a friend of all for one and everything else is just a headcanon it ain't real but yeah and sorry for not being active and not posting part 3 on how the UA teachers reacted to y/n's death cause I've been super busy 😬 so yeah thanks for reading!
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wellmetooman-blog · a day ago
omg guys u know whats kind of frustrating about hagakure being the ua traitor? That we wont be able to do like “corrupt character” fanart/draw her villain outfit like?? what will we do?? draw her with black gloves?? theres nothing to work with here😭😭
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paingwen123 · a day ago
Manga spoilers warning
Y’all do realise that because toruh is canonically the ua traitor that it just further proves the dad for one theory, cause I’ve seen people joke about “what info do you want from me all for one, you sent me to a high school.” Exactly the high school where izuku midoriya goes to. Not to mention how she got into class 1-a. Because thats the class that he was in. And it would make sense because she could easily spy on izuku and his friends with her quirk, also easily reporting back to all for one. She literally sits at izukus lunch table most of the time.
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shinsoslove · 4 days ago
I guess you could say UA didn’t see that one coming
Tumblr media
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raspberrysflavour · 4 days ago
honestly any character would've been better that hagakure, literally no one cares about her (even inside the story, she's not even close to any of the other kids)
E X A C T L Y! There is no set-up (read the P.S) no incidents, just a damn Quirk which is perfect for spying (which in my opinion should have excluded her all along) and a motivation for the why of her just sort of being there (maybe that is also why she never had so many connections with the others). But it gives none of the emotional impact the traitor plot should have had, and I don’t know whether it is because Horikoshi I forgot about it and thought about putting it in at last, or because it was genuinely meant to be this disappointing. Howbeit, it is a bad choice in my opinion, because while class 1A might be affected by it, the readers won’t, which won’t make it relatable or even interesting to read - and that it just not great, in a story where you hitch your breath and wait for the next shoe to drop.
P.S: I correct myself. I knew that I had to check first, but forgive my hast. There is ONE possibly foreshadow of Hagakure being the traitor, in Chapter 68:
Tumblr media
She is the one that proposes to go to the mall, where eventually Izuku meets Shigaraki and have their little conversation. It’s stupid, but it sprinted to my mind suddenly so there you go.
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tangerineoranges · 4 days ago
No offense but y'all get way too into fan theories and it's not horikoshi's fault you hyped up the traitor theory and thought it'd be a major character 💀💀
The most popular traitor theories were denki, kirishima, and aoyama and it would make NO sense for it to be any one of them. Kirishima proved his innocence to the audience with the bakugou rescue, denki with his overall interactions with the class and villains, and aoyama idk but I'd say his interactions with midoriya and his classmates and his overall characterization would make it really dumb for him to be a villain especially since he attacked compress during the kidnapping. The only one not heavily involved with the class, not in any major battles, etc is hagakure
"It's bad writing" maybe so but it would be even worse writing if y'all had it your way 😭
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shadowed-dancer · 4 days ago
In light of today’s events, I’d like to remind all of you that I made this as a joke 7 months ago. Feels like a good time to bring it back
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mhamangaandart · 4 days ago
Chapter 335 Spoilers!!! The UA Traitor
Tumblr media
Hagakure! honestly didn’t see that coming… like it’s obvious but it’s not… I’m really curious about Monoma’s reaction because idk if people remember but at some point he had said the only reason he wasn’t in class one A was some invisible girl instead of him. So like I feel like he’s about to go off on them… I hope not for their sake but I also really can’t imagine him not…
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originaldouble · 3 days ago
people that theorize it was Hagakure ever since the begining:
Tumblr media
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