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vulcanhugsclub · 2 days ago
Spock's feverish pon farr mating frenzy was cured by rolling around in the sands with some blond cornboy for 20 minutes and I think the star trek writers just need to address that
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pyrrhic-victory1 · 3 days ago
star trek is about friends, it’s about being gay in space, it’s about bad special effects, it’s about jeffrey combs, it’s about making massive ethical decisions that influence entire planets and never having to think about them again, but most importantly it’s a sitcom about navigating workplace polycules
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ilogicalvulcan · a day ago
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happy k/s day!
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uhuraborealis · a day ago
i drew kirk and spock on our white board, i leave
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i come back to the room, my roommate wrote 'Gay Sex!' underneath
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lejoursobre · a day ago
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✨New stickers bundles in the shooop ✨
(some are originals or with glitters)
Thanks again y'all who supported me lately!! I love the fact that my top surgery is almost entirely financed by some campy Space gay utopia fanarts ✨❤️✨
the Shop will be open if limited until I get better ✨✌️✨
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trekkiewithoutacause · 20 hours ago
Here’s a few sprik pieces for k/s day!
The first one incorporates lyrics from Anthony Amorim’s song, Mr. Melancholy (WHICH EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Pose references from Pinterest)
Also I apologize for any spelling mistakes if there are any XD
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mythyla · a day ago
this part of ‘the enemy within’ is a spirk masterpiece in both writing and editing
it seems to be very important for spock to include ‘love’ in his theory, which he’s said time and time again he doesn’t understand, that it’s illogical, etc. but here he actually defends it, that love is a part of kirk’s goodness, integral to who he is. spock says only ‘earth people’ express these terms, but here he is, including it as profound evidence. quite the contradiction. so only when describing kirk’s nature does love suddenly make absolute sense, like it’s a universal law that cannot be refuted. spock equates and associates jim with love
and who does it cut to immediately after he mentions love? jim. very interesting. it could have cut after ‘compassion’, after ‘tenderness’, or not at all. but it did so after ‘love’, as though that particular word needed a clear reaction shot. notice that kirk glances up at him after he says ‘love’. they make strong eye contact. spock finishes his sentence but continues to hold jim’s gaze with an awed expression for a long beat
what sort of conclusion did they expect us to draw from all that other than a romantic one. nine seconds and it’s gay as fuck. this whole episode is gay as fuck. don’t get me started on the shirtless scene
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hellodarjeeling · a day ago
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The Garden of Eden was just outside Moscow. A very nice place. It must have made Adam and Eve very sad to leave.
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maxdes · 2 days ago
☁️ for all the ros pls
☁️ - what is the oc's clothing style like?
Tabitha: cottage core dresses
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Tumblr media
Euric: e-boy
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Tumblr media
Destery/Dimitrit: grunge
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lenora/Leon: causal/streetwear
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Tumblr media
Alani/Alfie: 1950s greaser (out of uniform)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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leaf-hates-pears · 2 days ago
Rewatching Amok Time be like
finally. the episode where Spock and Kirk fuck in front of a bunch of vulcans. I remember how uncomfortable my dad looked when we watched it and also how I didn’t really get it because I was eight and the german dub sucked.
awww and it starts with Bones worrying about Spock 😍😍😍 i forgot about everything but the obvious part of the episode
ok poor Christine she didn’t deserve this
ooohhh new intro, now it’s sung and DeForest is also starring <3 as he should (although why didn’t they put the entire cast of the senior crew there?)
whyyyy are you hiding something behind your back, babe
omg the puppy eyes with which Jim tells Spock that they won’t have time to stop by Vulcan after all killed me 🥺
the stance of Jim asking Spock to come with him into the turbolift is the stance of a parent scolding their child
“you’re sick, babe, go to sick bay”
hah that rhymed I am a musical genius
“yield to the logic of the situation” is such a powerful statement actually
“as tight lipped as an aldeberan shellmouth” I love these little space sayings cause it means that there is a human out there who’s job it was to invent species and connect attributes to them to create sayings that make it sound like the federation has been out there so long they started picking them up and using them as well and I think that is beautiful
“biology as in... reproduction” translates to “you’re telling me you’re just horny? in heat? fuck or die disease?” god how did my dad watch this with me when I was a kid?
it’s Checkov’s first episode and he and Sulu are getting whiplash from all the back and forth 😂😂 what a great introduction of his new home, and yes it’s totally normal for Spock to try to kidnap the ship, Jim to bend the rules to save him and Bones just being done with and shouting at both of them
tbh whenever someone interrupts me while I’m trying to practice an intstrument I too have the instinct to just destroy my computer
“your face is wet” that is. the most non-soothing crap you could’ve said, Spock
“you’ve been most patient with my kinds of madness” gay.
ahhhhhh he’s asking his boyfriends for emotional support I can’t guys I’m dying aaaaaaaahhhhh
“she is lovely, Mr. Spock. Who is she?” Nyota has a cruuuush
tfw your bf is not only married, but also really famous
awwww he vouches for his boyfriends 😍
these bells are REALLY starting to get on my nerves
“in this climate?” will be my new “in this economy?”
i really don’t like all that talk about the possession of women
you know they could have mentioned it’s a life or death combat earlier
the T in James T Kirk stands for “tiddies out tuesday”
why. does jim. breathe. like that.
this is so sexual i can’t. I just can’t.
smart move, having them beam up off-screen to save a few bucks
“I shall do neither” just killed me dead
I live for the happiness in Spock’s eyes as he sees Jim again
sending Christine out to be alone, uhhuh, so what’re you planning to do now that you’re together again 😏😏
ahhhh i love it. very good. wouldn’t recommend showing to your EIGHT YEAR OLD CHILDREN tho!
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startrek-villain · 17 hours ago
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lewabisabi · 23 hours ago
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ashayam-blog · 2 days ago
Friendly reminder that not shipping Spuhura and wanting Uhura and Spock to have a healthy relationship and be good friends are two things that can and should coexist 
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rubixburd · 21 hours ago
dax pegged bones
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boogershirt · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i said i’d do these in order but this is so funny hehehehxbxbfjc
s2ep15- the trouble with tribbles
they appear to be bisexual
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jackklineolantern · a month ago
my roommate just called star trek "the one with spock" and star wars "the one without spock" and you know what. she's right
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