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saw the before trilogy getting the attention it deserves lately!! god, i love that trilogy so much. it was one of those movies i could actually sit through without getting bored despite it being mostly dialogue. i’m usually pretty impatient with movies back then. i live for their conversations and the realistic development of the characters in the movie. idk that trilogy has been one of my faves since i first saw it. rewatched the first one with ero a couple months ago because he hasn’t seen it and completely forgot about finishing the other two. i only remembered when i saw a couple mutuals posting about it so we picked up with the second and third one and he liked it. i’m so fucking happy i love a boy who sits through ANYTHING with me. we also watched perfect blue a while ago, a favorite of mine. he enjoyed it i could tell by his reactions while we were watching. we also watch self development videos and lectures together, he said it helps him out a lot and feels a lot better after watching them. nakatulong din daw yun sa interviews niya. over the course of quarantine whenever we have time to spare we watch the school of life, charisma on command, ted-ed videos, true crime videos, shots of awe, some lectures and socio-political debates, random educational videos and personal development videos.

sobrang swerte ko lang kasi i’ve never dated anyone who tried to become interested in everything i’m interested in cause i was usually the one to do that and alam ko na hindi din siya napipilitan because he actually reacts and has inputs sa mga napapanood namin afterwards. he tells me he watches personal development videos in his own time too when he’s feeling anxious and i could tell because out of nowhere he starts telling me random quotes and something super insightful na positive. nagugulat nalang ako sa kanya cause back then i used to be the one who spoke these types of things towards him. now he also speaks these progressive ideas to himself and me too. he’s just grown so much. he spoke to some of his old friends recently and they noticed it too.

*we take turns picking stuff to watch pag may free time but this boy thinks his taste doesn’t compare to mine when in fact he’s shown me so many cool things that he likes (if you’re reading this, i encourage you to share more of what you like with me, love. i’m glad you do. i enjoy watching the just dance videos with you and i enjoy htgawm rn and the series we have watched, the gaming videos and the movies we have watched that you picked so far i love them all. okay?? what you want matters to me too and alam ko naman you’re getting comfortable na asking for what you want but this is just a reminder as well ha? i love you!)

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Ah. Yes. The third IzuOcha child is finally here, my dudes!! His name is Toshinori Midoriya and don’t ask me why I didn’t name my first IzuOcha child Toshinori OK. His quirk is Black Whip. He’s 10 years old. He’s extremely quiet. He’s the most introverted introvert ever. He doesn’t get along well too. Mommy’s boy.

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baby: let me see if i can fall asleep *3 second silence* it’s not working i’m just falling inlove with you

baby: wake me up in an hour and i’ll take a shower.. WOAH THAT RHYMES i’ll drop an album ok


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fox and bunny costumes…. 😳 of course i’ll get dressed up for you! i mean i would prolly get really shy about it but if the both of us are dressed up together i think it would be really cute! and this was tendou’s idea, hm? 😌 tell him i said thank you for letting me see my wonderful future husband all dressed up in a bunny suit for me 🥰🥰🥰

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i mean i’ll certainly take that, since i can imagine it would be nice to be protected by you 🥺

if there was a vote for that i know of someone who would win for sure, you probably know him - purple hair, around 5"9? hehe~ that makes me glad to hear honestly, i hope regardless that you enjoy your time and take care of yourself! i’ll probably not be honestly since i’m off tomorrow, plus i don’t have to get up early for my shift on tuesday but i’ll make sure to sleep plenty! enjoy the rest of your night my love, i love you more 💛

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