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Something I liked about this scene (because I love over analyzing things that involve my favorite characters) is the way Toshi sits up after laying in this machine.

This is from the movie, Two Heroes, where Dave is tracking Toshi’s vital signs and quirk effectiveness. Come on animators show us the Toshi t*ddies. After the machine finishes its tests, watch how Toshi sits up.


Leans to the right, uses his right elbow to to help push his torso up while avoiding using the core muscles on his left side. Nice little touch the animators put in. 


Considering how his scar takes up most of his left side, It’s no surprise he tends to favor it and avoids using it as much as possible. The muscles there are most likely hyper sensitive anyway, not taking into account when their being used. 

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I like to think that All Might still saves people after retiring. I mean, he really isn’t the type to sit on the sidelines willingly. He’s probably helped a few lost kids, or handled groceries for someone going through a difficult time – little things that save people every day, they’re just not so visible to the public.

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I like to imagine Toshinori’s college years being full of weird adventures. In this instance: Toshinori and a bunch of classmates on a Spring Break roadtrip that will end in disaster.

(The two guys in the back with Toshinori are two American hero oc’s of mine: the Bolt Twins. Their quirks let them swap facial features and see through each other’s eyes at long distance. The girls in the front are bnha versions of Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau: the future Captain Marvel and Spectrum. I figured if Superman has an agency that cameos in the manga, why not some Marvel characters?)

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I love your ABO hcs!! Also can I just say all the yeses to Dadwaza and DadMight I need more of it especially the two dealing and taking care of their pack TwT

Thank you!! I’m so glad you like them! I love Dadzawa and DadMight. Probably helps I ship Erasermight too! I’ll work on more later! And I will come back and add it to this message. Just a bit busy at the moment!!! More ABO Aizawa and Might headcanons coming soon!

Edit: Now that I’m at my computer, I can really get into writing headcanons! (I don’t like doing them on my phone)

Aizawa and All Might – ABO Headcanons 

All Might was the last teacher to find out that Aizawa was an Omega. Nemuri and Hizashi took bets to see how long it would take him. Nemuri won. (Toshinori was the newest teacher but with the time length, he took the longest).

Toshinori likes to make homemade bento boxes for his students after they went through a heat or rut. Aizawa will add things he knows the students like (he doesn’t tell Toshinori). The students love it. 

Sometimes, the students will seek out Toshinori just to spend some time with him. Rather it’s sitting in silence outside at night or having a cup of tea. Like Aizawa said, he brings hope to the world just being there. Toshinori didn’t believe it at first. Now he does. 

Midoriya was the first one to say that Toshinori was the “pack dad”. 

Todoroki’s All Might Love Child theory also contained the similar scents that Toshinori and Midoriya share. Midoriya couldn’t explain this. Toshinori had to tell him. (This is based off the Midoriya’s scent changes due to One for All)

Aizawa lets the students have giant sleep overs in the common room as long as if they don’t destroy anything. (Bakugou)

When not by Aizawa’s side, Eri spends most of her time with Midoriya and the Dekusquad. 

Toshinori is actually the reason Aizawa gets called “pack mom”, he made a joke that Kaminari overheard and it took off from there. 

Aizawa sometimes panicks when the Alpha students go into rut because they can’t control their Alphas fully yet so he calls Toshinori. (The Alphas unknowingly use Alpha commands, which Aizawa doesn’t get effected by easily but it effects the Beta and Omega students). 

Aizawa suffers from migraines due to his quirk so Toshinori will make him go take a nap. The class makes sure to listen to Toshi because they don’t want to face the wrath of an angry Omega. (Omegas can be terrifying.)

Aizawa was almost sent into an Omega Frenzy (equivalent of an Alpha Rage) at the USJ when Shigaraki tried to kill Asui. He managed to get control of himself at last second. 

Aizawa gets easily angered if someone tries to insult or downplay one of his students. (example: Uraraka v. Bakugou). 

Toshinori panics when the students come to him for advice about their dynamics (he spent almost all of his time as a hero and really only focused on that so he didn’t take the time to learn much about dynamics. He knows the basics) He will secretly text Aizawa and get the answers. Toshinori gets better though. He took up studying dynamics after his retirement. 

Aizawa actually likes Toshinori’s scent because it’s not a typical “Alpha” scent. It’s closer to a Beta scent. 

Toshinori is nine out of ten times the “good cop” while Aizawa is the “bad cop”. Aizawa secretly loves this but also hates it cause he doesn’t always want to be the bad guy when it comes to discipline. 

Aizawa and Toshinori both have faced off against Endeavor about his intolerance about Todoroki being an Omega. They don’t like that Endeavor forced Todoroki to act as something he wasn’t. 

Aizawa both hates and loves the “Kaminari Guessing Game”. Kaminari has yet to pick out his scent. He gets mistaken for Shinsou and Todoroki a lot. 

Toshinori can’t stand Alphas who think Beta and Omegas are underneath them and force commands against them. (He’s had to have a talk with Iida before because Iida sometimes does it without realizing it, the command part anyway.)

Aizawa once caught Kirishima seeing if he could do Alpha commands on Bakugou (which Bakugou agreed too). It didn’t work but Aizawa wasn’t prepared for it and fell under the command. Toshinori had to snap him out of it.

Toshinori usually takes charge of the Alphas of the class while Aizawa takes the Omegas. The Betas just fall in line with either of them. 

Toshinori has had to use commands on Bakugou to calm him down in class cause Bakugou sent himself into a Rage. This happens more than Toshinori wants to tell Aizawa. 

Aizawa has an “emergency” box for his students in his classroom and dorm. It’s got blankets and snacks. 

The only time Aizawa loses control of his dynamic is when he is sick. This actually makes his students panic because they don’t know he’s sick because he doesn’t want them to worry. Which makes them worry. 

Toshinori is the reason that Aizawa shows his “Omega Side” more. 

Ashido taught Eri to call Aizawa “mom” and Toshinori “dad”. This made Aizawa really mad the first time. He gave up trying to fix it. Eri calls Aizawa “dad” too. It alternates depending on who Eri spent time with that day. 

After finding out Aizawa’s preferred “heat snack”, Toshinori now delivers cat shaped fruit to Aizawa’s homeroom. 

(I’m not sure if you wanted Erasermight too or just Dadzawa and Dadmight headcanons. I’m going to work on some more later but I got stuff I have to do but I wanted to get you some at least! If you want some more, definitely send me another message! I’ll be happy to do more for you!)

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Making some fic-rec posts has been on my to-do list for a while and I’m finally doing it, yay! Currently I have 6 word doc pages full of just BnHA recs. So I’m splitting them up by length and completion, so first up is (part one of) one-shots! Let’s go!!!

Lets start with some classic Izuku and DadMight!

Pictures, Posters and Tender Beauty by ProPinkist (tumblr: @dazais-guardian-angel )
Rating: G    Category: Gen   ~4,400 words

Summary: Izuku has virtually every All Might-themed item out there, and prides himself on all of it, as Toshinori is well aware. However, somehow, the boy still decided that there was something vital missing.
This is fluffy and very cute. No one truly appreciates All Might as much as Izuku does, but 1A comes close. All Might deserves all the love, and this fic truly provides!!!

Dear Mr. All Might by QuizzicalCrow (tumblr: @quizzicalcrow​ )
Rating: G   Category: Gen   ~5,000 words

Summary: As the #1 hero for decades, All Might has collected a lot of fan mail over the years. Toshinori tracks down a series of letters that only now, years later, does he appreciate for their significance. 
I always love the thought of All Might looking through his fan mail, even if he can’t get to all of it. This was a wonderful glimpse into that AND it was made to be so, so personal and sweet. Go have some heart-healing fluff.

Growing Pains by LordofLies (tumblr: @theangelofchildren )
Rating: G   Category: Gen    ~5,900 words

Summary: Izuku finds himself changed by his encounter with the Hero Killer, but changes of a more physical kind are in store for him as he begins to truly accept One for All as his own. Once, he would have been thrilled to look more like All Might, but now those connections are as much a source of anxiety as they are of pride.Or, Izuku wakes up one morning and sees the world through different eyes.
Izuku having anxiety and Toshi being there to help him through it and calm him down? Sign me UP. Its also a pretty cool take on how One for All is able to change things about it’s holder. Could this happen in cannon? Who knows…. Regardless, it was a great read!

I’ll Carry You Home by Renesvetta
Rating: G   Category: Gen   ~2,700 words

Summary: While training with All Might, it wasn’t uncommon for Izuku to be so exhausted at the end of the day that he unwittingly fell asleep without regard for where he was. It consequently became part of All Might’s routine to help his young protégé home. During that time, Izuku may have let loose more than one sleepy confession towards his mentor. 
Yes, it is as adorable as it sounds. Its tagged with “self indulgent Dad Might fluff” which is both accurate and appreciated. In other words: Superb you funky little writer!

Simple Gifts by QuizzicalCrow
Rating: G    Category: Gen   ~6,700 words

Summary: One year ago, Izuku received the greatest gift he could ever imagine. Now he’s determined to return the favor for the one responsible for it all with a gift of his own. 
First off, I love the idea of Izuku and Toshi quietly celebrating the anniversary of passing on OfA from All Might to Izuku. Even just taking the day to hang out with each other. It’s a really precious idea. But there’s not just fluff! Izuku finds himself in a fight, again. (cool villain quirk, too!) I love all of the small details that are in this fic (and in Crow’s other works, too!) anyway its exciting AND very heartwarming, so go read it!!!

Affectionate by Sevi007 (tumblr: @sevi007 )
Rating: G   Category: Gen   ~2,600 words

Summary: Toshinori starts to show affection very easily around his students. The  reactions he gets for that are not quite the ones he had anticipated - well, not all of them, at least. 
Toshi is LOVED, APPRECIATED, and 1A feels like HOME. how many times can i say “cute” and “heartwarming” on this post?? bc these are some amazing writers, whom I adore, and their writing makes my heart WARM. AND. FUZZY. i mean, even just the first few paragraphs of this one just, really sets the scene of what i like to believe the 1A dorm is (on a good day, lol). its a really nice read, so go treat yo’ self by reading it.

paint me in trust by dinomight
Rating: G   Category: Gen   ~6,400 words

Summary: The first mark Izuku gets is a slight brush of green across his temple. It’s the soft touch of a mother holding her son for the first time. Inko has one to match, the same shade of green staining the tips of her fingers. Hers is more noticeable; Izuku’s tends to blend into his hairline.
He loves it anyways. He has to. It’s the only soulmate mark he has.
(Or: how Izuku goes from just green to a rainbow, UA-style.)
Ok, so this fic sort of plays off the idea of soulmates, and does not fit in with soulmates in the usual form of the trope. First off its completely platonic. Its categorized as Gen and sticks to that. Also it doesn’t seem to be as obligatory and permanent as you would think it would be. It seems to be more of the universe telling you who has the possibility of being important in your life. I really really loved this, it was so adorable and gives you that sweet, sweet Izuku angst, before healing your heart with the power of friendship and found family!!!

The Die Has Been Cast by ChiwiTheKiwi (tumblr: @chiwithekiwi​ )
Rating: G   Category: Gen   ~5,400 words

Summary: “There’s something about that kid you aren’t telling me, isn’t there?”When no answer meets him, Shouta tries again.“You know something about Midoriya’s quirk that you haven’t shared with me. Is that right?”(Or: A canon “What If” surrounding the latest manga events and focusing on Aizawa finally making a connection.)
First off, this fic has spoilers for the manga, so dont read unless you’re past chp212! I loooooooove OfA reveal fics, especially when it’s Aizawa that finds out. He deserves to know!!! its kind of important!!!! This fic chooses a great moment to work off of, and does a great job with Aizawa’s character. I really enjoyed it and couldn’t keep myself from going back and reading it just now LOL

These last two are actually two-shots, but it makes it an even 10! also Izuku and dadmight, so we can continue the theme here…

Some Unspoken Thing by LittleKy
Rating: G   Category: Gen   ~7,900 words (2chps)

Green, Toshinori has always thought, is the color of life anew.(Or: It’s time for Yagi Toshinori to finally accept that he has a son, now, in all but blood. It’s time for Midoriya Hisashi to accept that as well.)
YES ALL MIGHT! ADMIT THAT IZUKU IS YOUR SON! great portrayal of the characters and really hits the nail on the head for DadMight. and Izuku in this story is just the smallest green floof that you wish to give a hug. NEVER MIND ALL MIGHT, YOU TOOK TOO LONG SO IZUKU IS MY SON NOW AND IM NOT GIVING HIM BACK ( no but seriously i want to hug this fic its so cute TTuTT )

I See You by BirdAntlers (tumblr: @aarymk )

Rating: G   Category: Gen   ~15,400 words (2chps)
Midoriya Izuku is a quirkless child, blind from birth. Yagi Toshinori is the most powerful man in the world, loved by millions. They could not be more different, and yet their loneliness is the same.   (From a pair of AU posts on Tumblr that got way out of hand; I wanted to put it here because it turned into more of a fic than a “what-if.” Basically a vessel for me to vomit as much Dadmight as I can.)
Hey, you! Yeah! You! Do you want to cry? Do you want to start sobbing in a public space?? Do you just want to be destroyed with words and be left there kneeling at the feet of a writer who has torn out your heart and stomped on it before they gently wipe the tears from your face? Yeah?? y oU Wan NA D IE??? READ THIS AND GET REKT.  you’ll thank me later

(under the cut is just me rambling, i kept all the important stuff up here, ur welcome)

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