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#totally batjokes
canonbatjokesworld · a month ago
How can people actually say that Batman isn't attractive to the Joker? When he practically deals with them the same. the sexual tension between The Joker and Batman. The only thing is Batman never acts upon it. The only different between Batman and joker relationship is they're missing the makeup sex, like the Joker said, and of course Bruce and joker's relationship is more violent, but there's definitely an attractive there.
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that’s hot
i do like the comments discussing, “how much is the ‘batman’ voice bruce’s actual voice?” since he doesn’t put on his “bruce” voice until he needs to answer the phone, and he wouldn’t need to disguise his voice around alfred, so...
also the person who put “the ‘batman’ voice is bruce’s break room voice, and bruce’s ‘regular’ voice is his customer service voice” ACCURATE... SHGSGSHG
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lordesilverstein · a month ago
Tumblr media
He wants some color
Inspired by the amazing @mellie-art‘s fic A New Game and the one off Coulor which has completely stolen my heart. Easily my favorite Batjokes fanfic. I highly recommend!
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secretartistg · 3 months ago
Hi! I absolutely adore your art! I'm wondering, do you take requests? It's ok of not!
Aww thank you!! And omg yeah, I’d be happy to! Jsjdhgdhs I haven’t been active in so long, I’m flattered that you’re still interested ^^
Anything’s good so long as it’s not nsfw or super complicated! Have at it! :D
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asgardiantimelady · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
From Chapter 8 of @thescarypaper​‘s bodyswap story ‘Walk A Mile In My Shoes’.
Bru-... Joker painting batarangs!
I know it’s not the batarang described in the story, but they all looked different, right? 😅
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Tumblr media
I have explaining to do as to why I put certain ships in certain places! Here me out!
I ship Nygmapot but they are not my OTP and considering they have the most attention, I find them a little overrated. I am also a little annoyed at the whole “Let’s ship the mlm but ignore the wlw!” That is in this as well as many other fandoms. I still think of them as endgame but just wish they were not so overhyped. I also think Oswald can be a crybaby and am still pissed at him because of Tabs. Nygmakins would have been annoying to me if it was serious. However, it was not. It was based off of mind games. I did not mind it’s place in the story because neither was actually in love with the other but it did help character development. I would never ship it, though. I also do not ship Babs and Jim but Barbara Gordon needed to be born so it also is not something I minded in the story. Almost all the ships I put in “don’t like” are ones I have not seen much of. If more people actually shiped them, I would actively hate them. I only put the ones that made my blood boil in the hated box. The only ships on this list that make me want to scream are the ones people shipped because they thought they would have the abusive relationship of Joker and Harley Quinn, the one forced ship with no chemistry that was used to break apart a cannon and amazing wlw ship, and any ship between Batman and Joker is garbage. How can people ship that? What is wrong with batjokes shippers? Do they think a teenager being with a grown adult is okay? Do they think that shooting someone’s girlfriend who they love is romantic? Do they think that trying to recreate a traumatic experience shows love? Do they think attempting to murder people someone cares about is swoon worthy? Do they think murdering someone’s son is a good way to begin a relationship? ( The last one is from the comics but it is a huge part of Bruce’s future. Also people who read that still ship them so...)
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mini-fridge · a month ago
Fandom asks: 1, 10, 11, 20
1. if you could hit any character without repercussions, who would it be?
Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Firefly, Scarecrow, Hatter, Sionis, Zsasz, Clayface, Ra’s, Strange, Deathstroke, Pyg, Harvey Dent, Bullock,Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd.
Look at this point if it’s a grown man, I wanna hit them! (Freeze is exempt from this rule tho, I love him and he’s done nothing wrong!)
10. characters that deserved worse? >:]
See my responses for #1
Wait, no, Green Arrow can choke!
11. do you mind sex scenes or do you skip over them?
Ok so I don’t really mind them. I grew up watching old slashers while way too young so I’ve seen a lot of 80’s tits bouncing, while sitting next to my dad who decided I could totally watch those movies. So at this point, nothing phases me anymore.
20. name a song that reminds you heavily of a specific fandom or character.
We don’t have to dance; is one that I play on repeat whenever I’m thinking of batjokes, for some reason.
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esculentevil · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
T̉̀ͯ̃͑̓҉̛̰̝̰̞͙̦̱̼͘o̜̯͉͎̱ͭ̆ͥͮͤ͆̽͝p̡̛̭̝̣͗͒ͦ͒ ͓̺̖̗̱̭̟̈́ͭ̅ͪ͑͘̕o̓͏̥̬̜̥'͈͚͙̩̑ͪ͗͒ͭ͟ ̊͑҉̟̭̰̠͍̺̦̜ṯ̥̫͚̠̺̞̟̍ͮ̆ͥ̒̓̓̿͘͘'̷̗͕̘̬̠̯͛͗ͩ̋ͨ̔͌ͭ͑̀͡eͭ͗̑̆̈ͨͨ̾̅҉̨͖̫̰̫̠ ͇͚͋̏̈ͬ̅̚͝m͎̗̺̪̫͔̺̈́͛̉͊ō̷̭̟͚͈̪̬̅̑̕͞ͅṙ̵̙̹̩͌͑͐͊͊ͪ͆͜n̴̤̩̭̘͓̯̼̤͒͗͊ͭͭ̀i̢̺͕̟̤̥͚̽ͤ͌̍̓̈̌ͮ͘͘n̡̖̪̤̪̅̈́̍'̨̤̳̻͔̣̍͊̇͂ͮ̀ ̣̗͓ͤ͊ͩ̾ͯͧ͘t̸̸̴͖͕̮͕̗̯͈ͭͭͣ͑͂̒ͣͧ͆a̢̞̙̗̩͇̠̎͒̀͌͞ ̡̢͓͙͚̟̲̤̣ͧ̿ͤ͟y̞̬̔a̡͕̥̪͕̔̈͠͝—̶̖̭͉̰̯̠̘̰͓̐ͯ͞P̭͕̲̰͙͉̣̦̏͌̽͌͂ͭ̎̚͢͜Ụ̵̒̌͌ͩ͗̚Pͥͩͩ͏̷̫̰̬̟̞̟͚̟̤P̵̨̰̻̻͍̥͔̰̋̽͗̔Ě͢͡҉̩͈̪͖̩̖̼T͉̰̲̔ͦ̒̓ͤͤ́͘S̑̑ͨ̈̈́̓҉҉ͅͅ
Have a scare: half of my real life face!
Or me trying to cosplay Anti xD;;;
((Rambles under the cut [the Read More one, not the one on my neck! xD], as always~))
I’m... actually pretty happy with how this came out.
I don’t normally take selfies (due to low self-esteem, mild gender dysphoria, some self-hate I’m slowly moving passed, and internalized racism [this a thing?]) so this was a struggle to get right, but it turned out a lot better than I was fearing.
I had wanted to get my Cloak blanket in the background (you know the one) cuz it seemed like it would fit Anti really well, but it just never seemed to work right (truthfully, this is just because I have no real way of getting it spread flat like a wall in my room [which is where all of this is happening so welcome to my room lmao how’d you all get in here? ;P] so it’s just spread on my bed which of course is super hard to get in a selfie without something else being in the background—or me just breaking my back bending in some really weird inhuman way...) so, yea, I just ended up using a wall—the color of which surprisingly worked well!
I/Anti’s still a Cloak Brand Baby tho #notspon (but totally would say yes if asked) because I SOMEHOW, I kid you not: NO LONGER OWN A PLAIN BLACK T!!! Legit, I was a rebel in high school so I have no idea how this happened... Thankfully, tho, I did buy this black Cloak shirt which covered both the black T and the lack of the Cloak blanket xD (tho not a computery background—o well)
The contacts I talked about in Plotting~ are in, okay, they’re just hard to see due to the poor quality of the photo/selfie and then the editing/glitch effects I added, mild as they are; trust me, my eyes are nearly black in real so you’d just be staring at like pits inside sclera which isn’t even his alternative look =/
Speaking of his look: his iconic cut throat is really a necklace in this pic! =D
And, yea, I realized that I wouldn’t have time after getting my green hair to really film and edit a video how I want it—even if it would be super short—cuz the hair appointment was literally yesterday so I’d still have the styling they did today (trust me my hair wouldn’t be this nice otherwise xD) for the photo lol (Additionally, I’d never have gotten those cornrows in myself!)
O!!! I’m sure you All are super curious about the thing in my/Anti’s arm... >=3 This is Bone Baby (yes, that’s meant to make you laugh), my Anti’s own BB! =D (You can think of It like Dark’s version of Chica.) I genuinely love cats—especially black ones xD—but I can’t really afford to support one right now. While buying things for this cosplay, I found this skeleton cat statue and just... ugh, I had to, okay, I just had to. This thing is my feline fetus: my fake feline tiding me over until I can afford a real cat (then that cat will have a friend!). Around Its neck is a Halloween themed ribbon (this was meant for my mom’s trick or treat bags but she felt they were too pretty so she told me to keep them xD) I turned into a collar for Bone Baby and it’s held together by—you guessed it—the LAUGH pin from our charity streams last year. A little reminder of the good we all did in this awful new year of disease, crisis, quarantine, and sadness.
Also, yea, I added a green filter in the end because, well, that’s part of Anti’s look (one) and (two) I didn’t want my skin color to be the first thing anyone sees... Like I said: internalized racism. Also, however, and I talked about this in ancient posts from like my Joker/BatJokes and Marshall/Marceline/Gumlee days, when I’d first been interested in cosplay, there was a lot of hate going out towards darker skinned cosplayers—saying they were inaccurate or inauthentic—because their skin color—something they obviously can’t control—didn’t match the character they were trying to present; I know now that this is just assholes being so racist they can’t see beyond a person’s skin color to the bigger picture they’re trying to display, but I was 14 when I was reading these hate messages the first time and didn’t know then what I know now so... yea, I backed away, then, too afraid to try when I knew I’d just end up reading that hate speech. That’s really why this post is so important to me and if you’ve read this far, seriously, thank you so much for indulging me and supporting me.
Legit, I’m proud of myself.
((I could rant more but I’m gonna end it here... I’m just glad I got everything I bought in the pic, even tho I didn’t end up using the body gems for my/Anti’s gauges—they were too small—actually, I ended up using black marker rofl and just drawing it in... did it turn out ok? xD Honestly, I’d love to hear your thoughts [just no hate, please?]!))
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jinxofthedesert · 11 months ago
Hi there! Annoying anon that loves rambling about the Valeska twins is here again 🤣 Let the discussion continue! 😂 Yeah, I totally get your point of writing such stories as a means of fulfilling wishes. I guess it makes sense from the writer's pov that they want to give these characters a different (better) treatment. Valid point, but still, they don't feel real to me.
(Below this is the rest of the messages, put together. Farther down, below the line, are my responses)
It's like I'm reading a story with a character that's called Jerome/Jeremiah Valeska and looks exactly like him, but it's not truly him (just like you said, at their cores they are bad guys). But it's perfectly understandable and all right that people want to give them a rest from their chaotic lives haha 😊 everybody’s got their cup of tea ☕
Damn, yes, these stories are so hard to find! I imagine that writing something of the sort and investing so much in such complex characters can be draining and daunting, so yeah I get the reason why there are not so many fics out there... and OCs are so difficult to write haha you are right. They take too much time and effort 🤣
Yeah, I guess Ecco was not the best example. It's very true what you say about Jeremiah's and Ecco's relationship. In the show it was portrayed as a professional one. So we don't really know if there's anything else beyond that, save for some level of concern. So I guess I should have gone with Bruce instead because, just like you said, Jeremiah went totally bonkers when he realized that Bruce was the only one who saw past his resemblance to Jerome.
Basically, what I was trying to say is that in these fics there's not really that same vibe of evil obsession and lunacy from the twin's side. Maybe just some sort of heightened jealousy when their partner is addressed by other characters, but not in a really "Valeska" way. In fact, it is also strange when Bruce is completely absent in these stories when the twins' obsession revolves around him.
Yeah, there is sooo much to explore, so that is why I am very curious to see how people construe their backgrounds, but usually it's just the repetition of the show with some added scenes and dialogues here and there 😅 I would love to see something a bit different, but well, I guess I am being very demanding 🤣 Don't worry about it and thanks so much for replying! 😘 I am now doing some research in different sites 🤣
It's a bit weird because even though I enjoyed the show, I have to say I merely watched it to see ma broski boys in action 🤣 so If I wasn't so lazy (and didn't have other unfinished projects) I would try to write something (my mind is already full of vague ideas OMGGG 😏🤔😂), but I don't really know much about other characters or subplots, so I would not be sure how to tackle it 🤔 Thanks again for the lovely discussion! 😊
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Hi anon! Don’t you worry about your rambles, they’re not at all annoying! I find it rather fun to discuss the twins. 
I’m sorry you’ve not been able to find the content you’re looking for; usually, I always run into comments on Tumblr or Pinterest about how you look for certain fics and when you can’t find them, then it’s time to try a hand at writing it yourself. I’ve done that and, even though I enjoy writing, it’s still pretty hard, especially to find a drive to do it when I really am not feeling it.  With the twins not feeling real, I understand, ‘course I now think I’m at the point where I might read anything if I’m gifted with more content lol (though there are some tags that, if I see them, I don’t touch if I can help it). 
I think, usually, with most writers, it’s easier to take a character like Jerome/Jeremiah and, instead of doing the tremendous work that comes with trying (emphasis trying) to change them, they do a few things and that’s enough for a road to recovery. Because, most of the time, they’re not writing to change the character, or even to make it realistic; sometimes they’re just writing, or they wanted to try a different aspect. There can be so many reasons and sometimes digging deep and getting a character 100% correct isn’t at the top of the list of what you want in that story. Personally, I’ve learned to broaden my sense of disbelief with characters and just enjoy what I manage to find, especially since the Gotham fic-oriented content is sooooo small 😢
After reading your last message, I actually went onto Ao3 and searched ‘character studies’ under the characters and yeah, there’s not much, I read a few and I honestly wasn’t sure what to think (not to call anyone out). It reminded me a lot of my years reading batjokes on fanfiction or, again, Ao3 where, if you search long enough, there’s a fic for almost all your needs. There have been some good gems in there that delve into character studies and helping these characters try and become better. Comparing that to Gotham’s arrangement of fics is sad, to say the least, but batjokes in all media have a lottttt of years to have such a collection of wonderful content. (Even if you’re only a Gotham fan, stretching out into the actual Batman fandom can be very rewarding, even if your next step is into the Nolan movies or even Batman in general cause you can replace the characters in your head if you really want too)  I think one big problem with Oc’s is that, in a way, they’re easy to make, but in the worst way. You can create a character to put in the place you want, a blank space and they’re just nothing. This comes up a lot in anime type works, where the main character is so blah for the purpose of the audience (reader in our other case) to put themselves in the place of the main character. This also happens in a lot of movies as well, instead of fleshing the character out and allowing them to move and breathe the way THEY would and not how the audience thinks they themselves would. Because of this, oc’s can be very flat. There are the exception, of course although I have no examples since I don’t remember the last Oc story I read . . .  *wracks brain* yeah no idea. Though I’m sure it’s somewhere in my saves.
Even if one doesn’t ship Jeremiah with Bruce, it’s very difficult to ignore/brush under the rug that there was definitely an obsession and that originally, during their weeks of spending time together, building the generator, there started a friendship. The first is very obvious, show-wise (and friendship kinda came with the territory) and the gay subtext can be there if you look at it that way. As much as an interesting character Ecco is, she’s both not important enough in the show (sorry Ecco lovers) or to Jeremiah or to anyone for that matter. While with Bruce and Jeremiah, with how their first meeting go’s and all the meetings that follow after (very willingly on Jeremiah’s part even though I’m sure before this NO ONE was allowed in the inner parts of his bunker for long periods. Probably not even Ecco) the relationship is much more pronounced than anything we’re given prior.  I like to think that even though Bruce was manipulating Jeremiah when they first met, he actually did see him as his own person. Even though he, like Jim and Harvey, have personally bore witness to Jerome’s tyranny. (And that only twists the knife harder when Jeremiah eventually loses his mind because both him and Jeremiah saw him as his own person and in a way Jeremiah doesn’t become like Jerome, he becomes worse)
One could argue that since we didn’t see a ‘true’ way the Valeska’s love that any type of them showing affection might never seem very Valeska. Unless one looks at their reactions and interactions with Bruce as something more than just ‘wanting to kill him’ or ‘obsession’. This would be another reason I’m don’t read much in the oc-area or out of the romantic’s lol mainly because the moment they take Bruce out of the picture, everything seems off. Jerome, while willing to divide his attention, only does it with specific people, who are: Jim, Bruce, Jeremiah, and, on occasion, Oswald (though he’s much less in comparison to the ‘big three’). Other then them, we don’t see him hyper-focus on anyone else in the show, and if he does, it’s for a second and to simply kill them after. If these three aren’t integral to his behavior and actions then things feel flat and out-right ignoring his obsession with Bruce and his inner darkness can be unrealistic. With Jeremiah, this is much worse because in canon, once No Man’s Land starts, all he can think about is Bruce. Everything he does in that setting and before this even started was for Bruce. This type of obsession is . . . well, something that can’t simply be ignored, it’s a big part of his character and also very integral to just who he is after the spray. It may not be as bad at the start of the spray (because he’s too busy rebuilding Gotham in his image) but literally second to that desire is his connection with Bruce. If there were a summary of Jeremiah as a character it would be IMPOSSIBLE to write it without Bruce (same with Jerome though his might be a footnote, depending). So him suddenly focusing on someone else is . . . odd (even with Jim he doesn’t give his full attention too and, in the finale, Jeremiah only starts moving around and doing shit when he realizes that Bruce has come home early and that it’s time to finally come back to the spotlight). Especially since he’s supposed to be the ‘Joker’ in the Gotham world, which, technically speaking, means this obsession with the Bat (a.k.a Bruce) will only ever get worse from here (not to mention the fact he knows Batman is Bruce because he remembers the prophecy Ra’s told him, which we’re shown in the finale when he first sees the Bat and comment’s ‘you’ in a knowing way; this can be argued he’s just recognizing that this is what the prophecy was talking about or that it’s Bruce but personally I think both cause the prophecy was about both of them.).
It’s hard not to repeat things in canon though, believe me, I know and if you ever try writing a time travel story, it’s much worse cause then you have to change literally everything if you’re doing it that way.  Nah, you know what you like; the only problem with that is it’ll be hard to find it most of the time. I wish you luck in searching! Hopefully, you’ll find something.
Same. My older brother introduced me to the show and his way of doing so was first telling me it was a batman show, that I would LOVE Oswald’s aesthetic and that there was a Joker-type character just introduced. I was sold lol. There’s been a lot of drama with the show though, concerning the twins and I honestly wish they’d just stuck with Jerome or if they did still use Jeremiah that he wasn't just . . . a backup plan for killing Jerome off. And, if they’d been allowed to go on for a few more seasons, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they would have also killed Jeremiah and a third (never heard of) Valeska twin (triplet) would show up, playing into the overall Joker lore about there having been three. 😒🤨😑 Which I find humorous because they did so well with Jerome, he was a well-rounded, fleshed out character and, as much as I love Jeremiah, it’s hard not to consider what we could have gotten if Jerome had lived *wistful sigh* I won’t lie that the drama hasn’t affected how I watch it too these days, or at least left me with a lasting impression.  I was very invested in the first few seasons, it was a good show, minus the plot-holes and annoying characters (yes, some annoy me and there are some I can’t stand) but when the twins were on screen, it was probably the show at its best. If they had implicated them more so into the main story I probably would have watched all the way to the end (I can admit, I’ve never seen season five, but I saw many clips, have been completely spoiled and DID watch the finale lol and . . . I think I saw some of season four? Maybe, not sure anymore.) because when they’re also interacting with Bruce, perfection. I could watch that shit for days. 
Also, if you did write it, it wouldn’t have to be about other characters if you don’t want it to be. You’re talking to me, who has never seen the last few seasons and when I wrote my first fic ‘Blindly Evident’ literally all my scenes I had to LOOK UP because I only knew the base of what the scene was even about lol. So sometimes, you can totally bullshit your way lol and somehow it turns out to be really good and you like it. Or it’s just snippets of small scenes with your characters (I’ve been writing a fic like that for awhile because it’s fun and easy and yet you can make it so thought provoking because these snippets are so smallll.) I would implore you to give it a go. Even if you have no idea what the other characters are doing or even what their names are. 
I feel like this has just become me rambling about Gotham and writing tips at this point lol but you’re welcome~ I am here to try and help and always willing to listen about Gotham and talk (or rant, I’m not picky lol). Thanks again for your ask, anon! Hope you find that content you’re looking for 🥰🧡💛
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rockabelle · 12 months ago
Text To the Anon who suddenly filled my inbox with 8 angry messages about how terrible Joker/Harley is and how Poison Ivy/Harley is way better:
I really don’t care enough to argue about it? You have clearly put a lot of thought into your ship arguments, but I’m afraid it’s wasted on me.
I have no interest in trying to claim that jarley is a good and healthy relationship, especially as it is currently portrayed. It is the opposite of that. You’re absolutely right- Poison Ivy/Harley is a WAY healthier ship. Joker is a psychotic mass murderer who treats everyone around a psychotic mass murderer would. Especially Harley, because she’s often the closest to him.
My stance is simply that both Joker and Harley are really fascinating, complex characters, and their relationship is full of potential. There are all sorts of cool facets that could be explored. They’ve been written in many different ways by many different writers, and some of those portrayals have been really compelling to me.
I’m not particularly interested in Poison Ivy/Harley, first, because I’m not particularly interested in Poison Ivy as a character (it is great if you are, I am not trying to say she’s not worthy of being someone else’s favorite), and secondly, because I’m not really that interested in Harley as a heroic type.
I mostly enjoy Harley as a villain, just as I enjoy Joker as a villain. I like villains. I think they are endlessly fun and fascinating. I think twisted relationships can be amazingly written in fiction. They explore all kinds of parts of human psychology that realistic, wholesome relationships can’t. Dark stories can be horrifying and romantic and tragic and brilliant. In fact, most of the romantic epics I can think of would actually be extremely unhealthy and awful IRL.
Also...jarley isn’t even my OTP. Batjokes is. You want to argue about how Catwoman/Batman is healthier?? It obviously is. Batman’s relationship with Joker has got to be one of the most fucked-up and twisted things ever written, and that’s a big part of why I like it. Considering how many stories have been done about it, it’s pretty obvious that I’m not alone on that.
If I ever get in the mood to post about jarley again, I will do so regardless of how appropriate you or anyone else thinks my enjoyment of the ship is. You don’t like it. I do. That’s totally fine. Mind your own business, please.
Also, please do not use the Holocaust as an example in your ship wars. I get that you’re passionate about fictional romances in comics, but that is in extremely poor taste.
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hobbit-riddlebird · a year ago
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I don't know who hasn't done this - if you see this and you haven't (and you want to) consider yourself tagged.
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