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Tauren Totem is almost done. 👍

Started editing the video of the crafting process.

Gonna post it on YouTube these days. 🎥

Very satisfied of my extremely sharp Schaaf chisels.

You could find them and many other woodworking tools at Bear Woods Supply Company website

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Animal Magick- Spirit Guide Reading


Shamanic Healing Journey Spirit Guide Sessions where you’ll be introduced to your Spirit Guide…

🏵You will get to know their name and its meaning

🏵You will recieve two photos of your Spirit Guide along with description of what their appearance is like

🏵What type of mystical or mythical being they are and where they reside or come from; which realm they exist

🏵Will get to read their history and bio and any mythology that accompany that particular Spirit Guide

🏵You’ll recieve 3 key messages from your Spirit Guide including a weekly prophecy

🏵Get to know why this Spirit Guide has appeared in your life and the meaning

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This is my minimal version of the Totem Pole Art. A modest and sincere hommage to the Native American Indians. I use strings and elastics instead if acrylic and tape for these artworks. Happy to make more 😉
posted on Instagram -

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pines totem

twas made for a class so i blurred the mark lol

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Prompt 25 totem pole

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