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#tough teams

team-phantom (Zero) said:

“I assume you’re the one who gave me the gifts, yes? There’s no need for that. I don’t really deserve them,,,and I don’t know you all that well.”

“ Aa..haha, you found me out, huh..? You’ve got a sharp mind, it was bound to happen sooner or later.. ”


She supposed he had a point on not knowing her..considering that, it probably was really strange to suddenly receive gifts with nothing more than a symbol on them.. She hadn’t thought to check, afterwards, but..she wouldn’t have been surprised if he hadn’t trusted them enough to bother eating them.. Still, the thought did make her..worry, once more.

“ ..If I may, I think you’re plenty deserving.. You’ve..done things, certainly, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily evil, or that you don’t deserve kindness.. ”

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my problem with hotaru speculation is while I like her playful I also adore her still keeping her spooky energy which leaning into the bogstandard magical girl mold kind of.. takes away from

like she can be ultimately kind and loving and justice. But. i basically imagine that-bit-in-hellsing-where-alucards-a-small-girl

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Boy, y’all are parched tonight! No complaints though, I don’t mind


How about we have one (1) intermission from all the star content? Hmm… oh, here’s one!

He would never admit it, but Bowser was pretty fucked up by the events of BIS (and other Mario games but especially BIS). For quite a long time, he had rather extreme trust issues towards pretty much everyone but Kamek, Bowser Junior, and the Koopalings; he didn’t even fully trust the princess he obsessed over so much.

Even though he knew his subjects weren’t brainwashed anymore, he always had to make sure they were doing exactly what they were told. He would have Kamek watch his meals be prepared (or sometimes even storm into the kitchen himself) to make sure there wasn’t poison or something similar. Sometimes he would look both ways and/or up at the ceiling before entering a room. He started having regular physical exams to make sure nothing was wrong with him. He wouldn’t tell a soul about it, but everything he went through… it sure did leave an impression, needless to say.

And also he has clastrophobia now. Thanks, Elite Trio. 😀

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