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[DnD AU with the tour!verse]

I got big plans for this AU! Hopefully you all enjoy it!

Featuring @spooner7308‘s Sixtended OC, EB!

Word count: 2722


Mud slopped around her ankles as the late afternoon rain pattered off waxed robes and soaked into the churned forest soil. The woods around this area were shrouded in thick mist, too dense to see through, so Katherine scrambled up a nearby tree, moving slowly but carefully, swinging higher until she could see clearly around her. Something about being high up relaxed her, even as she surveyed the land. 

War had ravaged the territory outside her province. Straight ahead, thick, billowing tendrils of dark grey smoke twisted high into the air, evidence of another battle fought. She wondered how many died this time. 

To the right, the distant city, Orkpool. The people there were heavily influenced by the celestial gods, too much so for Katherine’s personal taste. 

And to the left, a wall of dark clouds bearing heavy rainfall. The soft grey sky was already being consumed in its mass. The forest would be replenished with its water.

Katherine paced over the stretch of winding tree branches, watching the surrounding perimeter closely. Her village was much too soft to be on guard duty, as they didn’t really believe in violence, so she decided to step up and make sure no threats were trying to come in. With the war going on, they could never be too safe. Her father didn’t seem to understand that no matter how many times she spelled it out for him.

Sighing, Katherine ran her fingertips over the length of the bow strapped to her back. It was made of soft birch wood and carved with small knobs and pointy bits, perfect for her hands. When she first got it when she was just a teenager, she had fantasized about defending the entire village with just the weapon alone, sending down a barrage of arrows down on the enemies and wiping them out with a single attack. 

But now she’s almost thirty and she doesn’t really feel like much of a hero.

She had spent her entire life cooped up in the forest. And it wasn’t that she didn’t like Ghent, she did, she just wished for more freedom to explore. But after the death of her mother, her father tightened the security of the village. Nobody leaves and nobody comes in without an intense security check. Well, at least they moved past killing anyone on sight- now THAT would have caused a war just by itself.

Rustling came to Katherine’s left and she turned, spotting a squirrel munching away on some berries a few feet away. She crouched down, slipping her bow off of her back. She knocked an arrow and aimed for the animal’s heart, hoping to take it out with one shot. It would make an excellent snack for her friend.

Arms muscles tingling with the strength of drawing back the string, Katherine exhaled a breath and–


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(Tour)SIX, but make it Among Us angst

Aragon was the first to go.

Howard found her in Electrical, blindingly yellow space suit cut, bleeding out, intestines sprawled out all over the floor from the slash across her belly. It looked like someone had taken surgeon-like precision to make sure her organs were falling out…as if they had plucked them out one by one.

Howard was the only one with blood on her, smeared across her bright pink suit. She pleaded her case by saying it was only because she was the one who found Aragon, but the damage had been done.

Howard was ejected from the vessel, but was not the Impostor.

Joan screamed bloody murder. If Aragon hadn’t been worse enough, watching her second mother figure be thrown out to slowly suffocate or have her head imploded with no way to possibly save her was awful. Cleves and Cathy restrained her while she struggled and wailed.

She tied the stem of Howard’s slowly-wilting pink flower around her ram horns and tried to recover from the shock of losing the only people who ever cared about her.

And then, it happened.

She was in Reactor when the knife pierced her through the back. Blood slowly spread throughout her cyan space suit. She coughed and it came out red.

“Don’t take it personally, kid,” Whispered the Impostor behind her. “But you had to go. You could mess everything up. Being close to Catalina and Kat and all. I couldn’t take the risk.”

The knife twisted, slicing through her organs and tissue with ease. Joan gargled again, spitting blood out all over the Reactor board.

“Catalina had to go. I wouldn’t let her get in my way again.” The voice went on. “Kat was an accident. I didn’t want her to die, but I wasn’t about to blow my cover by defending her. I was sad to see her go, I was, but that’s how things go. The weak die.”

The knife pulled out, and it felt like some of Joan’s guts went with it. Joan collapsed, writhing in pain, and stared up through tears at the bloody green suit looming over her.

“And now,” Anne chuckled, “it’s you’re turn, baby girl.”

Joan lied there, whimpering and crying. The corners of her vision were starting to blur and fade to black. She though she could see Aragon and Howard standing over her, smiling warmly, opening their arms for her to snuggle into.

But not yet.

Not yet.

Joan tackled Anne with as much force as her bleeding, weak body could manage. Anne growled and threw her into the Reactor board, shattering the glass and gushing more blood out of her stomach. Anne pinned her to the ground, knife poised under her chin.

“You little—”

And then Joan grabbed a shard of glass and jammed it into Anne’s throat.

She got the jugular.

Blood began to pour out of Anne’s neck, splattering all over Joan’s face. Anne gargled, pawing helplessly, then collapsed to her side. Joan shoved her off and lied flat on her back, breathing raggedly. Howard and Aragon have returned, smiling over her. They reached their hands out, and she took them, and then everything went black.

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Ooooh I love that!!!

When we removed our goat’s horns in Ag, the teacher would literally grab and twist them, then break them off right out of the head. So I could totally imagine Anne carelessly doing that while Jane holds Joan down with her silk.

OR OR they scoop them out with a spoon or other tool, because my teacher did that, too.

And maybe they burn the holes closed so horns wouldn’t be able to grow back every again? 👀 And also leave ugly scars? 👀

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We’re learning about the integumentary system in my anatomy class and I learned things, so:

Imagine the tour!gang goes to the beach!

They place where they’re performing at is near the beach, so they all decide to go on their day off. Except Joan doesn’t want to because she has a small melanin deficiency, so the sun is not her friend. But when Maggie says she’s being a buzzkill, she marches along with them.

She stays under the umbrella for most of the trip, reading. And then some of the others start calling her a buzzkill again for not getting in, so she takes off her rash guard and gets in the water.

She may be wearing a one piece bathing suit and swim trunks, but the swimsuit doesn’t cover her upper back or arms. So within thirty minutes, her skin was inflamed red and she was so hot.

When she would go back to her hotel room that evening, she would find that she doesn’t just have a sunburn, she has a full first degree burn.

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Imagine Tour!Anne complaining about Joan.

Anne was the unfortunate roommate to Joan in the hotel for that city and she was always telling the others about every little thing Joan does. One day, she goes in that morning clearly excited to tell the others about something.

“I had to wait ALL NIGHT to tell you this!!” She had said. “SO I walk into the hotel room after being down at the bar, right? And I see these droplets on the floor. Droplets of blood. And Joan is in the bathroom washing off this HUGE scrape up her arm. Like, from her palm to her wrist, almost to the inside of her elbow- it’s fucking big. And she’s sniffling and crying and then sees me and asks me for help. So, of course, I say fuck no because I don’t do blood. Especially blood of a girl I barely know. And the stupid look she gave me— UGH. It’s her own fucking fault. The dumbass was carving fucking soap. Have you guys seen her do that? It’s so weird.”

Everyone laughs or rolls their eyes at Joan’s antics or just brushes this off, but Howard is worried. She goes and finds Joan and sees that the story is true- the girl does have a massive cut up her arm. It’s pink and raw and looks extremely painful. And it must me because Joan is shivering in pain and sniffling softly to herself. The wound isn’t even wrapped, but Howard isn’t surprised; Joan definitely has too much anxiety for ask for proper bandages from the hotel first aid kit. Especially after Anne turned her request for help down. But she really does looks like she needs help- that wound needs to be cleaned and wrapped and taken care of, and Howard will be the one to do it.

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The tour queens walking around the city and stumble upon Joan playing a guitar (she definitely borrowed from the theater) and singing in the park for a little extra money. She looks absolutely mortified when she sees that she noticed them, but stands her ground and doesn’t run away, even though she looks like she wants to. Anne tosses some cash into the guitar case and requests Joan sing one of the songs from the show, much to Joan’s dismay.

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Imagine tour!Joan jamming out to old school songs like So What and Dynamite while alone at the theater early one morning and the music is so loud she doesn’t hear the others come in and stare at her while she dances and sings along to the song

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Imagine Tour!Joan and Tour!Howard are sharing a hotel room.

This was a normal thing for them. They toured a lot, hotels usually have two people to one room, it was bound to happen. Though, Howard would have much preferred to have someone she actually enjoyed being around, like Cleves or Anne, than timid Joan. But she had lost the game that decided who had to room with her. Because that was a thing they did. And, in their defense, Joan was a really boring roommate! She barely spoke, she was so quiet, and she just shrugged as an answer to most things.

But anyway. The morning after the first night, Howard notices that Joan looks tired. More tired than usual. She asks her about it, but Joan dismisses it (while stuttering). Howard drops it.

The next night, Howard woke up to what she thought was muffled crying. However, she was much too tired to check it out, so she just rolled over and went back to sleep.

On the third night, after coming back from the pool, Howard was brushing her teeth and pacing around the room to pass the time when Joan bolted awake in her bed. They both stared at each other before Joan apologized and laid back down.

The next day, Howard tells Anne what happened. Anne dismisses it, saying, “A nightmare? That girl has nothing to be afraid of. Trust me, I was a lady in waiting, and the scariest thing was having to be on toilet duties. Though, serving under three queens may have made that job a little traumatic…” And then she was punched in the shoulder. But Howard was able to forget about it.

Until that night.

Howard was up reading a book late into the night when she hears the whimpering start. She glances over and realizes that the noise is definitely coming from Joan. She lets it slide until Joan starts to openly cry. And toss and turn in the bed. And whine out in obvious distress.

Howard quickly gets up and shakes the girl, but Joan does not wake up. Sweat soaks her face and her eyes were scrunched tightly. Cries of fear kept escaping her lips and, along with it, came a tight, “Lady Katherine…!”

Right then, it all clicks together.

Joan served three queens.

Anne, Jane, and Katherine.

Joan served three queens who died.

Joan watched them all die.

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Tour!Katherine: I love my cousin, I really do, but sometimes she can be the dumbest fucking bitch out there. Like, today Joan gave her a basket full of soaps she made herself. They were carved like flowers and birds. And this stank ass hoe I call a cousin had the AUDACITY to come up to me and be like, “What am I supposed to do with these? 🙄” Uhh— WASH YOUR HANDS, BITCH.

Tour!Katherine: This girl, Joan, literally does so much work, her schedule is always packed, but she woke up one day and was like, “I’m going to make some soaps for my ex-queen! 😊” She took the time out of HER DAY to make those soaps. And, Anne, I know damn well you see those knicks and cuts in her fingertips. This whole child not only paid in money for the supplies for this soap she made for you, but she also paid in blood from whatever knife she used to carve out FLOWERS. IN THE SOAPS. SHE GAVE TO YOU!!!!!

Tour!Katherine: Like, if someone gave me a basket full of homemade carved soaps, I would marry them on sight. Maybe not so much marry Joan, she’s a bit too young for me, but I would give her the biggest hug ever. Literally, I would WORSHIP someone who gave me soap. SO BE GRATEFUL, BITCH!!!

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Imagine howls of distress and pain cut through the theater one morning in the wing AU.

Tour!Joan is found writhing on the floor of her dressing room, flapping her wings wildly and screaming blood murder. When Howard manages to restrain her, all she cries is, “My wings! My wings!”

So they look at her wings.

And they see that scales and feathers are growing out of them, causing her obvious discomfort.

And then Joan coughs and feathers come out.

From her mouth.

The screaming soon starts again.

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Tour!Anne, about Tour!Maggie's new dog: I begged Catalina to let us have one, but she said we've no room now that my dickhead, ballbag, Scottish prick of a maid of honor's moved in.
Tour!Anne: Talkin' about you, Joan, in case you're wondering!
Tour!Joan: Yeah, that much was clear, thank you, Lady Anne
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