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Imagine Tour!Cathy (very loudly) claiming Tour!Joan has an Oedipus Complex.

It came out of the blue. Joan had been helping Howard with her costume when Cathy happened to stroll in and notice that Joan was blushing madly over what she was doing. Because, even though she looks up to Howard like a mom, Howard is still very pretty and Joan is but a baby gay. Joan does not have feelings for her or Aragon, though. 

Cathy, however, does not get the memo.

Cathy asks if Joan has an Oedipus Complex, and when Joan stammers in response, she then goes on to explain why she thinks this and the psychological aspects of it. Basically an Oedipus Complex is named after Oedipus Rex, the guy who married his mother without knowing it and had a tons of kids with her, and it deals with children, usually boys, having romantic feelings for their mothers. This is what Cathy is claiming Joan has, which is not at all true. Joan has zero romantic feelings for Aragon or Howard, she just gets flustered extremely easily. When she tries to explain this, though, everyone just dismisses it for her “hiding her true feelings.”

Poor Joan is absolutely humiliated. Up until that point, everyone had the good grace to not point out how flustered she sometimes gets around Howard and Aragon. But now everyone is aware and she’s so scared that Howard and Aragon will think she’s creepy and gross and weird. She attempts to distance herself from them because she’s so embarrassed that she can’t look them in the eye.

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We’re learning about the integumentary system in my anatomy class and I learned things, so:

Imagine the tour!gang goes to the beach!

They place where they’re performing at is near the beach, so they all decide to go on their day off. Except Joan doesn’t want to because she has a small melanin deficiency, so the sun is not her friend. But when Maggie says she’s being a buzzkill, she marches along with them.

She stays under the umbrella for most of the trip, reading. And then some of the others start calling her a buzzkill again for not getting in, so she takes off her rash guard and gets in the water.

She may be wearing a one piece bathing suit and swim trunks, but the swimsuit doesn’t cover her upper back or arms. So within thirty minutes, her skin was inflamed red and she was so hot.

When she would go back to her hotel room that evening, she would find that she doesn’t just have a sunburn, she has a full first degree burn.

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Imagine when Hybrid!Joan finally starts drinking blood, she can’t stop.

She starts eating animals, too. She takes them into work with her and eats them like it’s a regular lunch, grossing out everyone around her. But, for once, she doesn’t seem to care what they think because her face is buried in the jugular of a pigeon she caught on the way to the theater. Even when her stomach starts to hurt from eating and drinking so much, to the point where she feels ill, she doesn’t stop.

Cathy theorizes it’s from her Vesper side being deprived of blood and meat for so long. Howard thinks it’s some kind of morbid coping mechanis. Maggie simply says Joan she lost her mind.

Whatever it is, it’s worrying, at least to Howard and Aragon. But when they go to Joan to finally get her to take a break, she hisses and snaps at them, her fangs bared and mouth dripping with gore.

Something was wrong with her eyes. They were dilated hugely.

Imagine when Hybrid!Joan finally starts drinking blood, she can’t stop. And it only gets worse when her hunger leads her to biting Howard’s wings.

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It is, isn’t it? It’s one of my favorite hcs for it!

However it isn’t all fun and games for Joey- she literally can’t speak when near Cathy sometimes because, like coughing, hiccups make flower petals come up and she’s terrified of someone finding out she has the infection, so she keeps her mouth shut as chrysanthemums slowly fill up her mouth. And even when there aren’t any petals, she still talks like, “How hic are hic you hic-” like she hiccups so much she can’t even speak because Diaphragm Jittery And Doesn’t Enjoy Being Wrapped Up By Roots and it embarrasses her

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Tour Joan: I know we’re best friends and all, but don’t jump up and scream during my intro, okay? The stage manager has been getting angry and I don’t want you to get in trouble, no matter how much I love what you do.

Tour Parr: Don’t worry, I won’t.

[During the show]

Tour Jane: Give it up for Joan on the keys!

Tour Parr, in the audience: THAT’S!!! MY BEST FRIEND!!!!! THAT’S MY BEST FRIEND!!!! JOAN!!!!! THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!!! MY ANGEL MY SUN MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!!! SHE!!! IS!!! MY!! BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!

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