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#tour jane seymour

With the cast change, comes a change in the wing AU.

Tour!Jane is now a Vesper, specifically a grey-headed flying fox!


She takes absolutely no oppression of her tribe and also thoroughly enjoys teasing the Cimexes in the production by saying she’s going to eat them. Scaring Maggie is the highlight of her day.

Her wings are her pride and joy and she is very meticulous about grooming them. And if anyone says anything about how she grooms with her tongue, she just tells them to go fuck themselves.

And since she’s a full blooded Vesper, we also now have all the tribes Joan is crossed with in the Tour!verse! She teaches Joan proper ear care and how to file her dewclaws!

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Imagine Tour!Jane turning a new leaf.

After her second reincarnation into her new body, she has a sudden realization of how awful she’s been to Joan. She ignored the girl constantly and probably made her very upset in the process, and she had no idea why. So now that she was more mature, she wanted to make things better.

Except that wasn’t that easy. Because Joan seems more wary of her after being shunned for so long. She’s also painfully awkward and doesn’t seem to know what to do around her. But Jane keeps trying until a moment finally comes around.

She gets to room with Joan at their next stop and Joan is very awkward, per usual. But she ends up caffeine overdosing after drinking five energy drinks in almost two hours, which results in her not feeling very well. Jane jumps at this opportunity to take care of the girl and show her that she wants them to be cool with each other. And, in the process, she realizes how much Joan really missed her.

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Ooooh I love that!!!

When we removed our goat’s horns in Ag, the teacher would literally grab and twist them, then break them off right out of the head. So I could totally imagine Anne carelessly doing that while Jane holds Joan down with her silk.

OR OR they scoop them out with a spoon or other tool, because my teacher did that, too.

And maybe they burn the holes closed so horns wouldn’t be able to grow back every again? 👀 And also leave ugly scars? 👀

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We’re learning about the integumentary system in my anatomy class and I learned things, so:

Imagine the tour!gang goes to the beach!

They place where they’re performing at is near the beach, so they all decide to go on their day off. Except Joan doesn’t want to because she has a small melanin deficiency, so the sun is not her friend. But when Maggie says she’s being a buzzkill, she marches along with them.

She stays under the umbrella for most of the trip, reading. And then some of the others start calling her a buzzkill again for not getting in, so she takes off her rash guard and gets in the water.

She may be wearing a one piece bathing suit and swim trunks, but the swimsuit doesn’t cover her upper back or arms. So within thirty minutes, her skin was inflamed red and she was so hot.

When she would go back to her hotel room that evening, she would find that she doesn’t just have a sunburn, she has a full first degree burn.

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More children 🥺

Also just imagine Tour and WE Joan swapping places…. WE!Joan instantly flinches away from Howard when she goes to hug her, which concerns Howard. WE!Joan is confused by Howard suddenly being so motherly…and buff. But she probably bursts into tears when she realizes she has TWO MOMS!!

Meanwhile, Tour!Joan is so distressed in the WE!verse. Kitty just called her an “annoying rat that nobody likes” and she doesn’t know how to cope with that because her Kitty would NEVER. And this Aragon is so scary. Tour!Aragon was scary, but at least funny and warm. This Aragon looks so stern and sophisticated and expects the best out of her. And why is Jane so mean to her????? Why is everyone teasing her??? She doesn’t know what she’s doing wrong, she was literally born in this universe two minutes ago

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watch everyone on six tumblr continue to hype up Carly Seymour for the next few months or so til she makes her debut and watch us go absolutely batshit crazy when she debuts as seymour (and when the audio gets released) and honestly I love that for us

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