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winterserpent · a day ago
To every neurodivergent person who needs to hear this,
if you've learned growing up that people cannot like you but only tolerate you
that is a fucking lie.
You've been misunderstood and thus mistreated and that is not your fault.
"No one really likes me, they just tolerate me"
Stop that.
You are loved.
Stop telling yourself otherwise.
You are worth loving and you deserve to be loved
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justlgbtthings · 5 months ago
it's all "support autistic/neurodivergent people bc they're human too!" until we start showing traits that aren't "uwu cutesy~" . it's all "support autistic/neurodivergent people!" until we call you out on your casual ableism. it's all "support autistic/ND people!" until we need you to actually stand up for us when our rights and autonomy are violated.
don't say you support neurodivergent people if you only support us when it's convenient for you.
NTs, I encourage you to reblog.
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autism-fucking-rocks · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Since I have both Tourette's and autism, I decided to make this venn diagram to explain the differences and similarities between tics and stims. This is based on my experiences and my understanding of other people's experiences. I may be wrong in some parts, but I'm pretty sure this general idea is correct. I find this much more helpful than the yawn/sneeze metaphor, personally.
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neuroperson · 7 months ago
i hope all the systems, all the ticcers, the autistics, the disabled, my ppl with personality disorders, the ones with psychotic disorders, to my bipolar and bpd pals, the adhders, to my anxious and depressive ones, my neurodivergents and neuroatypicals, a really good day or night
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magicaleurovision · 4 months ago
One of those Eurovision moments that touch you straight in the heart was that of TIX removing his glasses and showing us what his Tourette’s syndrome does to him...
Tumblr media
It was so beautiful to have all this extravagant mise en scene around him, angel wings and all... and then he removed his glasses and was no longer an act, but showed his humanity behind the act.
It was genuinely moving!
And his you are not alone at the end of the song certainly spoke to millions!
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grumpcloud · 4 months ago
"Stop using your disability as an excuse!"
And you should, the short of it.
The long of it?
People, neurotypical and neurodivergent alike, calling out (other) disabled people for using their disability as an excuse in different scenarios.
- These are some examples I've had happen to me, people I know personally, or reliable (or as reliable as you can get online) internet persons. -
"Stop using your disability as an excuse!" When you turn down plans that will be sensory overloading.
"Stop using your disability as an excuse!" When you need something explained to you multiple times or in different ways because of auditory or comprehension issues.
"Stop using your disability as an excuse!" When you have trouble finding or holding down a solid, well paying job.
"Stop using your disability as an excuse!" When you struggle to do things that neurotypical or other people with your disability don't struggle to do.
It's not using our disability as an excuse. It's you seeing, and to a certain extent being "affected" by, a small (or maybe large) portion of how we cope, function, and live with our disability.
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acejupiter · 7 months ago
ace positivity time is it????
neurodivergent ace-specs are valid as FUCK
autistic aces? awesome!
aces with adhd? brilliant!
aces with dyslexia or dysgraphia? cool af!
aces with dyspraxia? excellent!
aces with ocd? great!
aces with epilepsy? terrific!
aces with tourette’s and other tic disorders? incredible!
aces with any other neurodivergency, multiple neurodivergencies, neurodivergencies and mental illness? ALL AMAZING!!
your ace-spec identity is valid if you have a neurodivergency! and your neurodivergency is valid if you’re also ace-spec! they don’t exclude each other and you deserve a place in ace/lgbtq spaces and also neurodivergent spaces!!!
- sincerely an ace w tics & suspected adhd!!
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tourettescommittee · 10 months ago
im gonna say it
having d.i.d or osdd doesnt make you broken having tourettes doesnt make you broken being autistic doesnt make you broken having adhd doesnt make you broken having ocd doesnt make you broken having a personality disorder doesnt make you broken having bipolar disorder doesnt make you broken having schizophrenia doesnt make you broken having a psychotic disorder doesnt make you broken having depersonalisation, derealisation, dissociation, etc. doesnt make you broken having dyslexia, dyscaluclia, dysgraphia, etc. doesnt make you broken  having ptsd or c-ptsd doesnt make you broken having an eating disorder doesnt make you broken having a depressive disorder/depression doesnt make you broken having an anxiety or panic disorder doesnt make you broken having literally any mental disorder or neurodivergency that i havent mentioned here doesnt make you broken. and... thats that! you are not broken, you arent a burden, you arent ‘‘crazy’‘, you arent unlovable, and you arent a bad person.  youre worthy of love, youre worthy of kindness, youre worthy of life and a community.   this is incredibly corny but its true.   
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aegleseeker · 5 months ago
if you have a lot of vocal tics, i love you.
if you have a lot of typing tics, i love you.
if you constantly vocal tic whenever you speak, i love you.
if you typing tic whenever you type, i love you.
if you interrupt your own sentences with your tics, i love you.
if you interrupt others with your tics, i love you.
if you've been made to feel annoying or like an inconvenience because of your vocal or typing tics, i love you.
you are not bad for having tics. you deserve to speak, even if your tics hinder your communication or seem to bother others.
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disabledprincesses · 6 months ago
"Deaf accents" are beautiful (both deaf and hoh)
Blind people's eyes, no matter what color(s) or where they look, etc. are beautiful
Stimming and tics are beautiful
Body shapes that aren't average are beautiful
Scars, birthmarks, discoloration of any kind is beautiful
Mobility aids are beautiful
Nonverbal communication is beautiful
Slurred or stuttering speech is beautiful
While disabled people don't owe beauty to deserve the right to everything abled people have
I want ya'll to know that beauty is not a set of rules that only certain people can follows
Beauty is just a form of art
And ya'll are so beautiful
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faeriesaurus · a month ago
i think insurance should always cover wheelchairs with some sort of motor or power component. these mfs have obviously not tried to get up a hill in a chair.
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autism-fucking-rocks · 3 months ago
Some people just don't understand how validating a diagnosis can be. Like with my parents, they worried that getting a diagnosis would be "letting it define me," and that "there's no point in confirming what we already know." But having a professional sit down and tell you you're not faking or overreacting is so relieving. Of course, there are downsides and not everybody feels the need for one, but if someone wants a diagnosis, listen to them.
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💙I hope all autistic people are having a charmingly good day.💙
🧡I hope all people with ADHD are having a magnificent day.🧡
❤️I hope all dyslexic people are having an amazing day.❤️
💚I hope all dyscalculic people are having a mesmerising day.💚
💜I hope all dysgraphic people are having a wonderful day.💜
💛I hope all dyspraxic people are having a fantastic day.💛
💗I hope all people with down syndrome are having a lovely day.💗
💖I hope all people with Tourette's are having a perfect day.💖
💝I hope all people with epilepsy are having a jubilant day.💝
🧠I hope all neurodiverse people are having a wonderful day.🧠
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josephsbabies · 11 months ago
USI removes student from campus because of his Tourette’s
Oct 12, 2020
A USI student named Seth Pressler who has Tourette’s syndrome was allowed to come to campus, but now he is being sent home to continue his education online because of other students’ reports about his disability to Public Safety. According to others I’ve heard from at this university as well as the person who made the petition, Seth is a pleasant and kind student who is always apologetic about his disability and explains that he has Tourette’s when people are offended by his behavior, but his apologies are often not accepted.
As someone who is on the autism spectrum and has been ostracized throughout my childhood for “socially unacceptable” behavior such as stimming or talking too loud or laughing at inappropriate times, I feel for this man. A disability is a disability, no matter how “socially unacceptable” it is. Disabled people can’t always adapt to our society’s expectations, and they shouldn’t have to do so just to access the same privileges as others. Our society needs to adapt to meet disabled people’s needs.
Please sign this petition and reblog this. (Remember not to donate to
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grukk · a month ago
The more adamant someone is when shouting «self dagnosis is valid», the more it proves they have no idea what they are talking about.
Summary for those who don’t feel like reading: Your experiences are valid. Self diagnosis is not valid.
Hear me out: People who claim it is valid don’t seem to understand that basically the only reason you need a diagnosis is for legal stuff such as benefits, accommodations, medicine, therapy etc. as the government will need evidence/proof that you are not trying to scam them.
Self diagnosis won’t do shit about this. Imagine if anyone could just send in a written statement claiming they have Mental disorder without any prior assessment from a clinician to get drugs and/or money. That would ruin the economy, and potentially ruin that person as they start taking drugs they don’t need and risk making whatever disorder they have so much worse. You need a physician for this. It may be a priveliege yes, but it’s the only thing that counts here. Don’t go claiming that your self diagnosis is valid, because it is not. You have no idea what you are talking about.
Also a little fun fact: You don’t need a diagnosis to join a support forum. If you think you have ADHD and are looking for support, people, such as myself, will gladly be there for you.
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tourettictrans · 6 months ago
How to write a character with tourettes (by someone with tourettes)
So here it is:
when writing a tic, don’t write “*tic*” write the actual thing out. such as “My tics acted up, causing me to punch my chest hard” or ““Fuck!” I ticced”
don’t suddenly remember the characters tourettes or use it for dramatic affect. yes, it can cause some dramatic moments in your story, but dont do the “oh fuck i forgot to write in their tourettes for the past ten chapters, hm well maybe i can make them twitch violently during a fight”
also, dont make their tourettes their entire character, were people, not walking disorders.
some basic facts include:
10% of tourettes havers have swearing tics
for it to be tourettes, it has to appear before age 18 or anytime from a traumatic brain injury
there are different types of tic disorders
comorbid disorders are common
TIC ATTACKS: they dont last two seconds and can be very traumatizing. they hurt like hell and tire the person out
Those are some basic things on how to write a character with tourettes/tics, feel free to leave more suggestions in the reblogs
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a-photo-of-a-ghost · 10 days ago
Me and my friend group are all ADHD and autistic lmao so at lunch it’s just a loop of talking over each other and then just trying to talk louder to have ourselves be heard but then we all start yelling because it’s too loud and overstimulating which makes us yell even more, and then quieting down, and then trying to all speak again
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