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Little did i know, but our hostel was located in the Red Light District. That was interesting to see, to say the least: watching the street get crowded at night and the men come pouring in, wasted out of their minds. It was my first encounter with a mixed dorm hostel and surprisingly, i felt pretty safe and comfortable.

I was thinking of Anne Frank (rip); we weren’t able to go inside the house due to how busy it was. I was thinking of The Fault in Our Stars as well. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands. May 18- 19th.

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The first stop on my study abroad program. Europe, here i come.

The Irish are known for their hospitality and i can vouch for this. I broke glass, cut my hand up and the waitress came to the restroom with me and took each piece out of my hand and bandaged me up. It was the kindest thing i’ve ever encountered from a stranger. It made me want to do better/ be better.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. May 17th.

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