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[Google, why do we keep losing our bird?]
by miyaji 08

“Well?” Toga asks impatiently, but they don’t respond. Spinner walks in from the kitchen and leans against the entryway, frowning.

“What is it?” He asks. Compress’ mouth falls into a displeased line, and he rises to his feet. Dabi does the same, staring blankly at the older man’s back as if in shock. But they all know better. He does this before he really loses it, like he’s balling up his anger until it’s so compressed and controlled that it explodes in his enemies’ faces.

Compress takes a deep, measured breath. “Hawks has been captured. The assailant is asking us to meet in the abandoned oil factories.”

Words: 7009, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of How the League of Villains Adopts a Hawk

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Shouto Route Part 1: Amaryllis

Warnings: Mild violence and Fantasy Swearing

2190 Words

You were greeted by the sight of three people wearing finery, a young man and woman, and the pretender king himself, Enji Todoroki. The latter stood tall, his large arms crossed over an intimidatingly muscular chest. The crown Prince was absent from this initial meeting, but that may have been a blessing, you didn’t actually want to meet him.

“My liege.” Your uncle bowed deeply as the four of you walked toward them.

You rolled your eyes dramatically at his gesture, choosing to look past the towering man in front of you to his children. You’d never met them, but it was clear they favored their mother, the late Queen Rei. They smiled at you warmly, but you couldn’t manage more than a nod for the offspring of the man that had murdered your parents.

“Welcome, Princess.” The young woman, Duchess Fuyumi stepped forward and held out a gloved hand to you. You met her eyes, a polite smile forming on your lips as you took her hand in yours. “I’m so glad we’re going to be family soon.”

You nodded and pulled your hand away. You noted the red streaks in her mostly white hair, she was lovely, it was unfortunate that she was the daughter of such a horrible man.

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Ue o muite
by Myrtle03

Music was forbidden in the Todoroki household. And yet, it found its way in the very heart of their relationships, an essential part of each of them (apart from Enji).

This story shows how music united the Todoroki siblings as well as their mother, even when they were divided by time, despair, hatred and ideologies.

This story shows what it means to be a Todoroki, son or daughter of Rei Shimizu.

Written for the Catch-Up Challenge

Words: 2454, Chapters: 1/5, Language: English

Read Here:

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Haunting Shadows: Chapter Two, Crushes and Engagements

📌Chapter One

🔥Summary: Risae wakes up and speaks with her father and Enji

📝Word count: 1492

🔮Rated: T+

🚨Warnings: mentioned child abuse, mentioned forced engagement


When Risae next opened her eyes, she was met with the blinding white sunshine of midday. Letting out a soft groan she yanked the warm blanket over her head and yelped when soreness resonated through her body. She sat up gingerly and looked around. This wasn’t her bed.

Everything was too traditional. Touya’s room?

What was the last thing she remembered? Shoto. Right. She held on to her friend’s name and wracked her brain for more information. Shoto was on the floor with Aunt Rei. Shoto’s father had pushed him too hard, Aunt Rei tried to stop him, he slapped her, Risae intervened. What else?

She shivered. Shadows. Shadows had protected her, Shoto, and Aunt Rei. Where’d they come from? Gods everything hurt. Naomi. She needed to find her friend. She’d be upset with what happened to Shoto and probably needed someone. She rarely got along with Touya, Fuyumi and Natsuo were practically strangers to her, Enji was out of the question, and Aunt Rei wasn’t in any condition to do anything.

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Day 2! Ghosts/Spirits and Haunted. I skipped day 1 for now because I couldn’t settle between too many ideas that kept canceling my mood.

I stumbled on a yokai called a Kasha, brief  explanation it’s a human sized cat that steals corpses… I uh, didn’t notice these people did evil deeds until the last minute. That’s what I get for skimming information. -D-

Anyway, my idea for this picture was that Dabi would drag Touya’s spirit along to haunt Endeavor, in hopes he’d eventually go insane. (I know this is not accurate to the kasha folklore)  

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Shigadabi week day 2

Ao3 Link

Summary:  Family is complicated. Add heroes, pity and romance, and you got yourself a new type of drama.


Ugly / Horror / Family

The hero community was a mess of gossips and rumours and drama. And the best one who left everybody reeling was the rivalry between the Todoroki and Shimura family. Or more specifically, between Kotaro and Enji.

It all started when they met at a Charity Gala. The Nana project was a not-lucrative organization made by the late Nana’s Shimura son, Kotaro. By the time for the Gala, the project was rather new, but it easy got attention from the hero community as well as the press. The organization’s objective was to help the families of pro-heroes. Their motto was ‘if heroes are helping us, then who will help them?’. It had easily gathered a following. And as the number two hero and 'family man’, Endeavor had to attend, along with his wife and sons and daughter. What he didn’t know or expect was Kotaro’s own hatred towards heroes.

It was weird, but the man that helped the family of heroes hated heroes more than villains did. He didn’t like villains either, but it was a shock to most, especially, his hate towards All Might. Apparently, the first time he presented his idea to him, Might Tower being one of his first associates, he blackmailed the hero into donating a lot of money. Endeavour had gone with the hope of finding another ally in his hate towards the number one hero. Instead, he found a man who was more than able to see his image as a family man was fake and that the family situation was not the best.

The Gala was spent with Enji trying to prove Kotaro wrong. He gushed about his family, held baby Shouto and even booked a therapy session with one of the psychiatrists in the Gala. Rei was shocked, but strangely looking forward to this new change her husband was going through. Same as Fuyumi and Natsuo. But his eight-year-old son though, wasn’t as convinced. Touya had seen the worst of his father recently. The training he put him through was painful and he didn’t believe for a second his father was trying to change. Who changed to spite somebody? He was also a bored eight-year-old at a grown-up party. The moment Fuyumi and Natsuo fell asleep, he was out of people to play with. His father tried to show him off to the other guests, but when he heard Enji calling for him, he slipped away from the main hall of the Gala.

He ran through different hallways, feeling his father right behind him. In one of these hallways, he came across a door open and swiftly ran inside, closing the door behind him. He waited with his ear pressed against the door until the heavy footsteps of his dad vanished. Sighing in relief, he separated from the door and took a better look at the room he entered. There was a small couch and a table with a coffee pot. The Nana Shimura project was still new, so they didn’t have a main office yet. The Gala was taking place in a 5-star hotel, so this must be a staff room. As he walked to the couch, he noticed a small head peeking from behind it. When the owner of the head noticed he was spotted, he squeaked and went back down. The person hiding was small, so Touya was sure he was a kid. He had grey-blue hair, red eyes and was wearing a weird type of fingerless-gloves except for two fingers.

“Hi, I’m Touya,” he says with a small wave. “Why are you here alone?” he asks as the head starts to slowly come out of hiding.

“I- I don’t like it over there…” the mophead whispered.

Once he was fully out, Touya noticed he was wearing a fancy suit and was holding something in his hands. The kid was still trying to hide, and his hair covered part of his face. It didn’t work though. Touya could see his scarred and scratched lips and the little mole next to it. It was kind of cute.

“Um… what’s that?” he asked, staring at the device in his red-gloved hand.

“A- a game I was playing with…” the kid says and sits in the farthest corner on the couch.

“Can I watch? It’s boring upstairs…” the guy stares for a while before nodding quietly. Touya sits next to him and watches as he plays a racing game. “Hey what’s your name? You already know mine,” he asks after seeing him play a couple of times.


“Hi Tenko, nice to meet you,” he gives him a small smile and Tenko’s cheeks turn pink.

They stayed there for an hour or two until Touya’s mom came into the room. His dad had tried to find him, but gave up when he noticed the boy was hiding for him. Rei came looking for him when her husband and the head of the Shimura family started debating who had the better family. It was Nao Shimura who told her about the only room that wasn’t locked, where her son was.


“Come on, honey, your father is getting worried,” she tells him and extends her hand for him to take it.

“Likely story,” he grumbles under his breath and get down from the sofa. “Bye, Tenko,” he waves goodbye at the boy when he takes his mother’s hand.

“Bye, Touya,” the boy waves back.

Rei and Touya walked hand in hand back to the Gala. When they arrived next to Enji, not a second went by before Endeavour picked up his son and sat him on his shoulder. He had both youngest and eldest sons, each on one shoulder, and was in a staring contest with Kotaro, who had his daughter on one hand. The two were locked in a silent battle as few heroes who were in the conversation, looked around uncomfortable.

“This is my eldest, Touya. He is one of my prides and joys. And he has the quirk of a hero,” Enji says buffing his chest and then turning to him. “Show them, son, like we practised,” he orders him.

Touya obeys, sticking out his hands and letting off the biggest flame he could without it hurting. The pros around all gasp, awe and compliment him on his quirk and it’s hero potential. It makes Touya smile, and his chest swells with pride with the comments.

Kotaro quickly turns to his wife and tell her to bring their son here before presenting his daughter. “This is Hana. She is the smartest of her class and has my mother’s quirk. Show them, darling,” the girl in pigtails looks around confused at first. She then shrugs and scrunches up her face in concentration. Suddenly, her feet aren’t touching the floor anymore. She floated for a few seconds before she dropped to the ground again and did a little bow.

The pros complimented her too, and then Nao comes back with a boy on her arms. The same boy Touya met at the other room. He is shying away from everyone, squeezing his face against his mom’s shoulder. Kotaro takes him from her and places him by his side, Hana taking his hand in comfort.

“This is Tenko, my son,” Kotaro introduces him and takes a pair of goggles off a hero near him. “Tenko, why don’t you show the pros your quirk,” he tells him and shows him the goggles. The boy starts to hyperventilate and look around scared. His sister takes his hands, and he calms down before he takes off one of his gloves. With his gloveless hand, he takes the goggles from his father and everybody gasps as they see the object crumble into ash.

“Well, that is certainly an interesting quirk,” Endeavour smirks after everybody praises the young boy. “Does anybody in your family have a quirk like that?”

“No, it’s a mutation,” Kotaro says back. “But, I understand why you would jump to such conclusions. I bet your wife wishes to be with somebody else instead of you…”


“Alright, here is the battle-plan,” Enji orders as he and his family get driven to the fundraiser The Nana Project was doing that night. They are all decked to the 10, with Rei, Natsuo and Fuyumi using blue formal-wear with red details and Enji, Touya and Shouto using their Hero uniforms.

“Natsuo, you remind everybody that you got a scholarship and that you will become the best hero doctor,” he tells his middle son.

“Dad, I don’t know if I’m going to be a hero doct-” the albino tries to tell him, but is ignored.

“Shouto, you tell everyone about your time in UA and how you won the Sports Festival,” he addresses his youngest son, who only slurps on his drink.

“Rei,” he re-direct to the ice woman.

“I will tell everyone what a good father and husband you are and how you are the best hero,” his wife says, repeating Enji’s order by heart.

“Good, and Fuyumi and Touya, you’ll keep an eye on those Shimura siblings,” he seethes at his oldest pair of kids. Fuyumi nods kindly, and Touya moans.

“I should have taken that extra shift with Eraser,” he complains and leans over his baby brother.

They arrive at the place without a problem and get a warm welcome by the Shimura’s. Rei and Nao get into a friendly conversation while Kotaro and Enji get trapped in glare-down as they shake hands. Natsuo and Shouto, once they say their hellos, go to the food trays, and Fuyumi and Touya stay with Hana and Tenko.

“Hey, Yumi-chan, goes it going?” Hana asks.

“Great, Hana-chan, I have a new student from America, his dad is a model,” Fuyumi tells her.

The reality of the Shimura-Todoroki rivalry was more centred into the fathers of the families. Ever since the feud had started, Endeavour and Kotaro had pegged their eldest against one-another. With Fuyumi going against Hana and Touya against Tenko. For example, when Touya got into the hero course at UA and Fuyumi into General Education, Hana and Tenko went to the business course. It had not gone the way they wanted it to, though. Their kids, instead of seeing the other pair as the enemy or bitter rivals, got along well and only kept the pretences that they hated each other when their parents were around.

“Fuyumi, why don’t you tell the Shimura’s about your work as a teacher and how you are leading the next generation on a better path,” suddenly Enji and Kotaro enter the conversation.

“Hana, tell Todoroki about how you graduated from law school and plan to follow on your fathers’ footstep,” the two women groan as their fathers get carried away.

“Hey, can I keep an eye on you over the bar?” Touya whispers to Tenko.

“I have liquor in my office, can you do it from there?” the younger man whispers back.

Touya says yes, and they both turn the way and leave. They walk through hallways and get into the elevator in peace. Once the doors shut, they collide into each other in a mess of limbs and tongues. Touya pushes Tenko to the wall as his hands find a place in his hip and hair. Tenko is trying to pull him closer by the lapels of his hero coat and pressing his knee against the others crotch. They only separate when there is a ding and the doors open again. Their clothes were ruffled, their lips were swollen and Tenko’s hair, which was collected in a small pony-tail, was dishevelled.

The two continue walking and go to the door marked with the youngest’s name. Unlike their sisters, who were friends and nothing more, the two boys were much more than friends. After their first meeting, the boys had instantly become friends, despite their age difference. The two especially got closer on Touya’s last year at UA and Tenko’s first. After that they fell for one another. But neither did anything until Tenko’s graduation and 18th birthday. Touya took care of the younger male as he got wasted and ended up kissing in the car in front of the Shimura’s household. They tried to keep their relationship a secret at first, not wanting to deal with any sort of lecture their fathers might have for them on 'dating the enemy’.  Or worse, using their relationship to for their own selfish gain.

That being said, they didn’t hide it very well…

The first one to find out was Tenko’s sister, Hana. When Tomura went to college, the two siblings shared an apartment. It was cheaper this way, and they were already accustomed to the other, having lived their entires lives together. The only difference was that while they were both doing a Business mayor, Tenko had an art minor and Hana a journalism minor. So, some evenings, Tenko would have the entire apartment for himself. It was in one of these occasions, one evening when a villain attack made their classes be cancelled, that she found out. She just walked into her apartment to find her baby brother and the hero Dabi kissing in the living room. Although she was shocked at first, she was happy for her brother. She knew he had feeling for the red-head and was thrilled to know, his feelings were returned.

She wasn’t as happy though when her father heard rumours about the Hero Dabi being spotted near their apartment, and she got questioned about her relationship status. Which EW. But she kept the secret.

The next one was Natsuo. Touya and Tenko decided to go away for a weekend one summer to the beach, renting a hut on the coast. Natsuo, who didn’t want to spend all of summer vacation with his parents, dropped by unannounced. The albino walked in the middle of a romantic dinner, and they had to explain everything to the guy. Natsuo was happy about their relationship. A little too happy maybe. Touya had to kick him out to get back on their time alone and give him money for a bus ride back home.

Which was how the next person learned about them, Touya’s mom, Rei. Natsuo, in all his himbo glory, told their mom the second he saw her. Natsuo tried to explain himself, saying it was an accident, but Touya was too busy killing him to listen. Even if Natsuo was taller than him and bigger compared to his lanky frame, Touya was still the eldest and knew a lot of ways to keep his authority. His mom though, congratulated him. She told him she wanted him to be happy. They did have a lovely dinner at his place where they also told Tenko’s mom. She was the fourth person to find out and the first person they actually told the secret.

The next person, or people really, who found out were Fuyumi and Hawks. It was after another fundraiser of the Nana Project taking place in a hotel in another city. Many heroes had attended, one of those being Hawks. He and Fuyumi had talked all night and decided to get to know each other better on the privacy of Hawks room. Too bad that room happened to be the one exactly next Tenko’s. A room who Touya and Tenko were stepping out of in that exact moment. There was an awkward tension for a few seconds before the two siblings agreed to leave the discussion for later. Each couple went their way, and on the morning, the eldest Todoroki siblings talked about what they saw that night. It ended well though, with them swearing secrecy and her congratulating him on finding someone who made him happy.

(He also had a conversation with Hawks, he would love to reget. The chicken interrupted one of his patrols, pissing off Aizawa, who then gave him extra paperwork.

“So… About that night. You didn’t… tell your dad, right?”

“Hawks, Fuyumi is an intelligent and responsible woman who can make her own decisions. If she want to have a one-night stand with you, she is free to do it without me or our old-man going ballistic about it,”

“Oh, great- Wait, what you do mean with 'One-night stand’?”

“Hawks, you’re not sisters type, I don’t think she’ll call you anytime soon,”

“Why not!? I could be her type!”

“My sister dates nerds, you are a flying chicken nugget,”)

The last one to know had been Shouto. Their parents were out of town and with Fuyumi busy with grading homework and Natsuo getting fucked by finals, Touya looked after the little candy cane. However, that didn’t mean he and Tenko couldn’t spend time together. If anything, this was a great opportunity. A way for him to give the middle finger to his old man and be with Tenko under his roof. Until one morning when Shouto found Tenko in their house. That morning, as he made breakfast, his brother came into the room and told him he couldn’t find part of his uniform. Touya sent him away, telling him to look harder, and when he came back, he hadn’t found the item yet, but he had seen Tenko. It took him a little bit, but in the end, the two brothers came to a deal beneficial enough for both parties. Shouto wouldn’t say anything to their old-man and Touya, when the time came, would offer a personal internship with him. The older sibling could almost swear the kid just wanted to spend more time with him, since they didn’t hang out as much since he moved to his own apartment. But he was not going to tell the kid that and waste an easy deal. Shouto was happy either way, though he did make fun of his brother by asking Tenko what he saw in him and that he could do better.

The two young men had been together for four years now and wanted to move forward in their relationship. To get straight to the point, Touya wanted Tenko to live with him. He was almost done with college, graduating at the end of this semester and even if he would still work with his dad just like Hana was, he wanted to wake up every morning to his adorable mophead. However, that meant telling their fathers. And while they had done a pretty good job of hiding from them so far, they didn’t think they would be able to hide who they were living with from them.

“I do want to move in with you… But how are we going to tell them?” Tenko says as they try to look presentable again after their make-out.

“Well, we could follow Fuyu’s advice,” Touya says and takes his gloved hand. “We do it directly, honestly and in a public place, so they don’t throw a fit,” Tenko chuckle and Touya caresses his cheek gently. “It’s going to be fine, we are adults, right?”

“Yeah, we are…” the younger one agrees and leans in.

The two kiss softly, and for a moment, they are filled with hope. Their fathers might take a while to come to peace with it, but they’ll survive. They are together, and that was the only thing that mattered. Only them. By each other side.

Then, the door opened with a slam.

Their fathers with looks of horror in their eyes stared at their sex-messed appearance from the doorway. “Well, I guess that’s one way to tell them…”


The reason the two fathers of the family had been in Tenko’s office was because Kotaro wanted to show off to Enji both his kids’ new offices. They started with Hana’s office and then moved on to his son’s. It was a good thing they did, though. If they started with his office, they would have come into a worse sight than they did. But once the shock from the find had passed, both called a family meeting. The Todoroki’s and the Shimura’s ended in one of the conference rooms, with Enji and Kotaro going off about trust and betrayal, sometimes shoving jabs about one another. The couple was sitting on the other end of the conference table. The rest of the family on each side. Todoroki’s on the left and Shimura’s on the right. The two male adults were so lost in their banter, they didn’t notice Tenko whisper something in Touya’s ear before the red-head noded determined.

“Your sibling would never do something so horrendous! So traito-” Enji was saying, his face flaming hot, but got interrupted.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that…” Touya intervened and pointed to one of his siblings. “Shouto doesn’t want to go on an internship with you, he asked me for one,” he says.

“What!?” Enji exclaims, his face angry and sad at the same time.


Touya, as an Underground Hero, was very good at gathering information. He normally used it against organized crime syndicates or villains. But if he was going down, so were they. “And Natsuo had a pregnancy scare with his girlfriend,” he moves to his other brother.


“And Fuyumi slept with one of your co-workers, Hawks,” he finishes and watches as his old-man falls to his chair defeated.

Kotaro lowly chuckles next to him, amused by the situation. “Endeavour, it’s alright,” he mocks the hero. “You’re just not as a devoted father as you thought you were-”

“You’re not either,” Tenko interrupts this time. “Did you know Hana has a tattoo?” his father gasps.


“Or that she meets weekly with All Might and Gran Torino?” another horror gasp.


The couple had opened Pandora’s Box. And with that, chaos ruled over the room as the people inside blamed the other for something. In all the commotion, they failed to notice the couple slip away from the room. They head towards the elevator.

“Uber should be here in five minutes,” Tenko says as they can hear the shouting and fighting from the conference room.

“Family reunions are going to be fun from now on,” Touya chuckles as he drops his arm over his boyfriend’s shoulders.

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The first thing he’s met with is screaming. That definitely makes him pick up speed. A lot of things about Hawks’ life is private, there’s bits he doesn’t share with the other heroes, there’s bits he doesn’t even share with the commission. But he’s always shared nearly everything with Rumi.

Their friendship started out pretty odd. She was scary at first, she still is, and Keigo has never met someone like her. She is such a free spirit and could say and do whatever she wants without any care in the world. That’s what he admires about her. Rumi is to the deepest core herself. Keigo wishes he could be himself like her but his life isn’t his own. He’s always been the tool of someone else. He’s never really himself with anyone but with Rumi he lets his guard way down. Maybe too much. He still has his secrets though. One she has probably accidentally discovered.

Rumi does have a key to his house and can totally come in whenever she wants. She usually likes to have surprise visits. By surprise he means going through his windows instead of the door. It’s ridiculous but that’s definitely something she would do. Usually she’s respectful, if he messages her that he doesn’t want any surprises there won’t be any for a couple weeks. But sometimes he forgets his best friend is a brave bunny hero that adores him and wants to annoy him.

He flies up to his apartment and through the window he knew would be open. He hears what sounds like a groan, he runs to his bedroom to find them.

Rumi stepping on the back of a villain, twisting his arms to make it impossible to use them. She’s smiling victoriously as she continues to put pressure on his back.

“Wait! Don’t hurt him!” She lets go of his arms and stands straight.

“Huh?? He’s a villain! He broke into your apartment!”

“I have a key.” The man still on the ground states. Even though he’s just been attacked he’s still smiling like he’s won. Well, he sorta has.

Keigo Takami probably is a fool but instead of talking about how much of an empty headed bird he is, lets focus on how he got here. He fell in love with a villain. Big deal (It is but let’s not talk about it now). It’s a villain that is part of a group he’s supposed to be spying on. He might’ve actually fallen in love with the entire group. Not the point. He gave Dabi his key to his apartment, so if he needs to get food or needs a place to stay then he has one. It’s basically an open invitation. Much like Miruko he drops in whenever he wants to but without warning. Neither of them know about each other.

So here they are in a wonderful situation where Dabi is loving how funny it is. Miruko on the other hand… She looks incredibly confused and under distress. Everything inside her doesn’t understand why Hawks wouldn’t want her to arrest this villain and why does this villain have a key to Hawks’ apartment and why does the villain seem so calm? 

“I think we should sit down and talk about this.”

“Yeah, like best friends do. Now get your huge ass foot off me, bunny!” That makes her apply more pressure, probably by habit. 

“Why you-” Keigo grabs her hand, she lessens the pressure but is still confused nonetheless, he leads her off of Dabi. 

“Please, let’s continue this somewhere more comfortable.” He looks down at Dabi who chuckles but slowly gets up. He pulls her to the living room and sits her down. 

“What the hell is going on? Why are we not arresting the villain in your bedroom? WHY WAS HE IN YOUR BEDROOM?”

“Rumi, I can explain. It’s a funny story I guess.” He rubs the back of his head.

“Yeah, super funny!” He glares at Dabi who’s leaning against the wall. Far enough from either hero. 

“I might be dating someone,” she perks up as he says that but immediately slumps down still putting together how this could be related to what’s going on. “It might be a villain.”

“You can’t be serious!” She stands up quickly. Directly in front of Hawks now she points at Dabi. “You’re dating him.” Dabi chuckles, he’s eating this up. The winged hero just nods. “And you didn’t tell me?”

“I’m sorry, Ru-”

“I can’t believe this!” She flops back down on the couch and crosses her arms and legs. It looks like she’s pouting. This is not how he expected her to react.


“I can’t believe you’ve been dating someone and didn’t tell me, I’m pissed!” He looks back at Dabi, still standing across the room. “Yeah, he’s definitely your type.”

“Wait, what’s his type?”

“Edgelords with a sad backstory and you definitely look the part.” Dabi eyebrows knit together, then a hand goes to his chin, he raises it like he’s going to say something but doesn’t. He mutters something but neither of them can hear it. He seems to be in deep thought over whatever he’s thinking about.

“Aren’t you going to say anything about him being a villain?”

“Oh yeah, that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Congrats, you’ve got a ticking time bomb. That’s why I only dabble in them.” Dabi perks up.

“Who says dabble anymore? What does that even mean?”

“You know like” she waves around her hand, “fuck buddies.”

“You’ve fucked a villain?”

“She said buddies, that probably means multiple!” Dabi shouts from across the room. Now he’s crossed his arms and maybe is judging her a little bit.


“Why didn’t I know anything about them?”

“Because they’re just fuck buddies! They don’t matter! If I actually was dating someone I’d tell you.” 

He sighs. They all stay in silence for a while. All taking in a lot of information, probably more that can be processed in just a day.

“Are you going to tell anyone?” Keigo asks. Is their relationship now at jeopardy because of this? Man, he really should’ve been more careful.

“It’s not my business.” She says and Hawks visibly relaxes, his wings settling down. “But that doesn’t change that he’s a villain and our jobs are to be heroes.” He nods his head but it’s becoming harder to tell if he really is a ‘hero’. Everything now seems to blur the lines of right and wrong but now is not the time to get into this with her.

As she’s existing the apartment, she turns and gives Keigo a hug. Her strong arms crush him but in the nicest way possible, if that even really makes sense. She looks like she wants to say something but she doesn’t have to say anything more, he understands. But in Rumi fashion, she does. She points at Dabi and glares.

“I won’t go easy on you, purple guy. Just cause you’re dating him doesn’t make you any less of a villain. If anything I’m gonna be even rougher if we get into a fight.” She cracks her knuckles. Obviously to be more intimidating but there’s a hint of playfulness.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way, Cadbury.” His remark is meant with a scoff. She turns and leaves. Hawks stares at the door for a minute, just thinking. “So…”

“I think it went well.” He looks at Dabi with a lopsided smile. 

“She wants to kill me.”

“More like beat you to a pulp.”

“Is that good?”

“I think Rumi wants to beat most people to a pulp so yeah! At least she didn’t turn us in. I think that means she likes you.” Dabi hums and tilts his head. Keigo walks over to him and snuzzles his way to the side of his neck. He contently sighs. Cold rough arms wrap around him.

“Welcome home, Kei.”

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Spinner: I really can't place Dabi's aesthetic. Like... is he a goth? Or did he just steal a coat from a homeless man?
Shigaraki Tomura: Well I think he WANTS to be a goth, he just can't COMMIT. It's like Shakespeare said, like... are you willing to use dead body parts as accessories, or are you not? That is the question.
Spinner: That's not what Hamlet said.
Shigaraki Tomura: No, but it's what he MEANT.
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Last Hurrah
by SmolSpideyBoi

Izuku is an underage stripper working at a shady club in the Red Lights district. He lives in an apartment with his found family, Dabi and Himiko, who are like the older sibling he never had until now. But what happens when their life is ripped apart and Izuku is torn from them, thrown to the pro heroes at UA as bait, under the guise of it being for his own safety.

Words: 1045, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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