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#touya todoroki
3-aem · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Out of focus
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lorlocks · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✨They’re finally here!✨
Dabi and Shigaraki 3D mousepads are available for a limited run on my Etsy!
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Kinktober Day 22-Breeding
Toya Todoroki x Reader
Disclaimers: smut with no plot, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, cock warming
Tumblr media
Dabi lets his long cock slide out of your dripping cunt before pushing it back into you.
“Stop! S’too sensitive!”
He just keeps pounding into you.
“Can’t stop until you’re full of my cum!”
One of his hands begins to massage your puffy clit and you scream as you cum again.
He smirks as he feels you gush on his cock for the hundredth time that night.
He puts you into a mating press and keeps thrusting into you at a brutal pace.
It’s not long before you’re squirting all over his cock again, and your vision becomes blurry.
“Fuck, that was so hot.”
His thrusts grow sloppy as his orgasm approaches.
“Gonna breed this sweet pussy.”
His hot seed shoots into you and you come undone at the feeling.
He groans as you milk him and lets his dick stay inside of you as he puts you both into a more comfortable position.
“We can’t let any of this escape or I’ll have to fuck you full of my cum again, okay?”
You sleepily nod and kiss his lips.
“Go to sleep, sweet girl.”
You do as you’re told, and fall asleep with his cock keeping you full.
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rouge-heichou · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"I don't have a witty quote for this one." - Rouge, 2021 but he cured me of my headache though
Taglist: @tohoeroki-hime @dabistrap @half-baked-biscuit @writings-of-a-shattered-mind If you want to be added to my tag list, shoot me a DM or an Ask and I'll add you! <3
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lexxiie · a day ago
Can you write bnha boys if the reader broke up with them? It's okay if you don't want to :)
I'm gonna write this for my personal favourites, but let me know if you would want a part 2 with some of the other guys.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Shigaraki x reader | Dabi/Touya x reader | Hawks/Keigo x reader | Shouto x reader
Fandom: My hero academia
Tumblr media
When You Break Up With Them
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He knew it.
He knew this day would come, he knew someone like you didn't belong with someone like him, he knew you deserved better.
So why did it hurt so much?
He would be lying if he said a part of him wasn't relieved.
He knew you would be better off without him, and he wanted you to be safe.
But he also had hope.
Hope that maybe there would come the day when he could be a safe place for you.
A day when you could be happy together.
But that wasn't gonna happen.
He can't be loved. He should've known.
He sincerely hopes that this is for the better. That you will find that life he had dreamt for you elsewhere.
Still, he really wishes things could be different. He doesn't want to lose you; you are the only thing that made him happy in a very long time.
Rage consumes him, but it's not because of you. It's because of him. He's furious with himself for not being able to be a man who you would want around.
Tumblr media
It was to be expected.
Who would wanna spend the rest of their life with someone who looked like him?
He certainly wouldn't.
No. No, he would. He would if it was you.
So why didn't you? Or maybe it's not because of that? Of course it's because of that.
A thousand thoughts fly through his head.
Maybe he was a dick to you without realizing. But he doesn't understand how... He really tried to pull some semblance of a man for you.
Maybe it was just too hard for you to see him in pain, as you said.
How was he supposed to move on from you when he loved you so much?
For a split of second, he considered leaving his desire for revenge behind if that meant you would stay.
But he couldn't. Not after everything he had done.
The truth was that he was yours, even if you weren't his.
His impulsive nature would make him keep an eye on you to make sure that you are alright, even when you aren't together anymore.
However, you made him want to be a better person. Now that you were gone, he had no reason to hold back anymore.
Tumblr media
No, no, no, no.
What did he do wrong?
He can fix it, he can be better!
He has been alone his whole life and meeting you was like living in a new world.
He doesn't want you to go, he won't love anyone as much as he loves you.
Was it the fact that he spent too much time at work?
He just really doesn't get why.
Maybe you just fell out of love with him.
He could win your heart back right? If he was able to do it once, he could do it again.
Honestly, he is in complete denial. He really can't let go.
Would spend even more time at work just to avoid thinking of you.
It hurts.
His parents had left him, yes, but this was a different kind of hurt. He thought he had found his forever with you.
What hurt the most was to think that maybe you never felt the way he felt about you.
Even after a while of not being together, he won't miss the chance to try to win you back every time he sees you. But you already moved on, and now he'll have to watch it.
Tumblr media
He's genuinely very confused.
He was good at everything, specially at things he really wanted.
So why did he fail this?
Was it because he's too boring? He had heard many people say that before.
Did he not pay enough attention to you?
Did he... Did he treat you like his father treated his mother?
Maybe it was in his blood.
And if that was the case, you would be better far away from him.
He doesn't want you to end up like Rei. He won't allow it.
So he doesn't stop you. He doesn't ask you to stay even when that's all he wants to do.
If being away from him means being alright, then that's what you should do.
You are a smart woman, he knows it. If you decided to be far from him, then you must have a good reason.
And he'll respect that, even if it tortures him to be away from you.
Tumblr media
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tohoeroki-hime · 2 days ago
Marked Up
Tumblr media
credit for art goes to Lammy
Pro Hero Touya x Reader
⇢ rating: 18+
⇢ word count: roughly 3.2K
⇢ plot: after Pro Hero Touya saved you from a villain, he takes you to his apartment to– well let's say it gets smutty. Continuation of Pt.1
⇢ warnings: 18+, cocky Touya, kissing, fingering, finger sucking, Touya's fat cock😆, unprotected sex, mating press position, orgasm, smut, creampie
Personal note: the idea of cocky Pro Hero Touya having some fun with femReader didn't leave my mind so I had to continue. I really had fun writing it. He's my new obsession 😆
Read Part 1 here
“So doll, wanna have some fun? My place is just around the corner.” He gave his hip a teasing little rut, you could feel the heat of his groin radiating through the fabric, feeling the forming bulge press against your core as his lips met yours again for a passionate kiss.
You gasped as he rutted his hips into you again, this time a little needier and deeper, a cocky grin on his face, when your lips parted for a silent moan. His erection was now undeniable and looking down you saw the thick bulge of his cock straining against the fabric of his pants.
You swallowed hard, noticing yourself getting more aroused by the second and you nodded slightly.
"Atta girl," Touya chuckled, and gave you a tap on the nose, "Won't regret it, I’m good.”
Burying your hot face in your hands you uttered nervously, "I'm regretting it already.”
“Are you?” He cocked his brow and scooped you up on his hips like you weighed nothing. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he started walking down the street with you, tight grip on your ass as he smirked, and you rolled your eyes at him in mock annoyance.
He closed in on you, your bodies pressed together heatedly, breathing heavily as your lips met. You could taste your shared breath, feel the thud of his heartbeat against your chest as you continued walking down the street.
He stopped in front of a modern high rise and let you down. Your legs were like pudding, your head a bit dizzy from the relentless kissing and you swayed, while he unlocked the doors. He noticed and leaned against the doorway, chuckling as he saw your disheveled state.
He grinned, "Awh- that out of it already? Doll, we haven’t even started yet."
"Funny–" you tried hiding your embarrassment as you wobbled past him, but he grabbed your wrist and pulled you into the building.
"C’mere," the white-haired man's smile curled up and he tugged you into the open elevator, tone teasing as he pressed himself against you before you could move.
He latched onto your neck and started sucking, leaving a reddening mark and you squealed, swatting him on his strong arms, "Touya–!"
"Oh c’mon, admit that you like it, babe," he snickered, "By the time I'm finished, you're gonna be marked up by me, inside and out."
He sunk his teeth into your skin this time. A loud groan escaped your lips as the pain shot through your neck into your brain, and Touya chuckled, lapping soothingly over the red bite mark starting to show.
He kept pressing hot kisses all over your neck and collarbone, as the doors closed and the elevator started moving up. The entire ride up he kept kissing and sucking on your skin, holding you tight in his embrace, not giving you the chance to move.
The sound of the door opening meant liberation for you as he retreated, but only long enough for you to fall forward into his arms and be guided down the hallway to his apartment.
It was unsurprisingly spacious, a loft-like feel to it with open rooms flowing into each other, huge bay windows, and expensive furniture. You stepped up to the glass, awed by the view over the glittering skyline, and muttered "This is amazing, Touya–"
"Mhm, whatever-” he grinned, arms crossed across his chest, muscles bulging, legs slightly spread for a pelvic display, “But remind me, are we here to talk or to fuck?“
“You're an imbecile," you giggled and he came up behind you, wrapping his arms around you, his lips hot on the nape of your neck.
"I bet your favorite one as well,” you could feel him grinding his firm crotch into your ass, “Wanna do it right here, doll?"
You turned around in his embrace, facing him, his mesmerizing turquoise eyes burning into yours.
"Still considering staying at all–," you breathed and you met for another kiss, his hot hands trailing down your back, tugging you closer towards him as he devoured you eagerly.
Pulling away reluctantly, he looked at you like you were prey. Grabbing your hand, he guided you straight to the secluded bedroom and flung you onto the sheets, soft on your skin, "We'll see if you still say that when I'm done with you," he growled lowly and you let out a surprised squeak as he bit into the soft of your neck.
"Now, what we got under here," he grinned and leaned back, pulling your pants off in one go, staring at the string of nothing burrowing through your already soaked folds.
“Ohh— I can work with that," he chuckled, eyes gleaming with mischief, “Now to what's on top.”
You squirmed a bit when he hooked his fingers under your shirt and pulled it over your head, only to discover a delicate lace bra matching your string tanga. Your round nubs already hardened with arousal, straining against the fabric. With one swift move behind your back, he undid the clasp of your bra, pulling it off.
“That’ll do,” he snickered as your breasts spilled out and he dipped in to latch his hot lips around one of your hardened nubs, nibbling on it, sending jolts of electricity through your body.
Writhing below him, your arms shot up to weave your fingers through his soft white hair. Lapping at your breasts, kneading them with his large calloused hands, he bit into your nipple, ignoring your sudden shriek. Tugging on it, he released it with a plop and looked up at you with lazy eyes.
“Ready to have some fun?” he cooed and moved to hover over you, his azure eyes not once breaking from yours and you felt yourself getting lost in them. He lowered down to meet you for a sultry kiss, lazily working his mouth against yours.
His hand grazed hot up and down your thigh, each stroke had him inching closer to your core, sucking on your lips, turning the kiss more heated.
Without a warning, his hand slid between your thighs and started teasing the outer lips of your entrance, and you jumped at his touch.
"Ahhh-" you squirmed, the sensation of his hot hand down there having you struggle to suppress a breathy moan.
“You're soaked...” He seemed fascinated and chuckled.
Your breath caught in your throat as you felt him slide his dexterous fingers down and push them past your entrance, curling them to graze along that one special spot. You tried to suppress a whine and the amused rasp of his voice made your cunt clench around him.
“You're really sensitive, huh?" It pulled a laugh from him, warm and deep as your walls trembled even more, squeezing him tight.
“Touya—” you moaned out his name, soft and breathy, every time he brushed that special spot inside of you with his long and thick fingers, lowly pulling his fingers in and out.
He was taking his time, still peppering your neck with kisses, biting your flesh, and having you squirm underneath him. With agonizing deceleration he dragged his fingers along every ripple of your walls, digging into it until you started to tremble below him.
“Look at you,” he murmured, watching you with lust-filled eyes, pupils blown wide, “Fuckin’ hot…”
“Ngh—” not being able to form words anymore your eyes fluttered shut, his smile grew wide with satisfaction and you keened when you felt him pressing a third finger into you.
It had your eyes rolling back and your hips jutting up, trying to accommodate the delicious stretch. Touya started to pick up the pace, fucking his fingers into you now, his hand smacking wetly into your cunt each time he shoved it forward. You cried out and tried to keep your legs from shaking, but lost all control as the coil inside of you was about to snap.
It took the stroke of his thumb over your swollen clit, a rub up and down in sync with the rest of his hand for you to fall apart below him. You pressed your head into the sheets and cried out, your back arching as your walls convulsed around him and he hissed, feeling the contractions milking his fingers insatiably, his cock twitching in his pants with anticipation.
He grinned boyishly, helping you through your high, waiting for your eyes to refocus and your gooey walls to stop fluttering.
"You did fantastic, doll," he pressed a gentle kiss on your panting mouth, pulling his fingers out, your juices clinging in strings to them, and lifted them to your mouth.
"Open," he demanded and you eagerly parted your lips.
Sliding his fingers into your mouth, you swirled your tongue around his digits, tasting your own sweetness. He bent forward and his lips pressed on yours, his tongue lapping in, while his fingers were still in your mouth.
Deepening the kiss, he slowly pulled his fingers out, hot tongues dipping deeper into each other's mouths. You could taste yourself all over him and it was intoxicating, slowly compromising your mind again.
The kiss grew less intense and ended with a short tug on your lower lip as he rose to his feet and tugged his work shirt off, revealing a well-toned torso. Scars of all types were scattered across his skin, fine faded lines alternating with deep and pitted ones, painting a beautiful pattern across his skin.
White hair trailed down his abs and disappeared underneath his work pants. Legs slightly spread, he grabbed his crotch with his hand and enjoyed how you stared directly at the fat bulge in his hands.
He cocked his head in amusement, “Ready for this, doll?”
You let out a childish giggle, mimicking the tilt of his head, licking the bottom of your puffy lips when you purred, "Don't know, big boy, are you? "
He growled lowly, licking his lips, “Spread your legs.”
Propped up on your elbows, heat flooding your cunt you obeyed, letting your knees fall to the side. You clawed the sheets as he pulled down his pants, revealing his thick cock, bopping heavy under its own weight. Saliva pooled in your mouth at the sight between his legs and you had to swallow hard.
He smirked down at you, fisting himself loosely and you let your head fall back with an annoyed groan, blushing with excitement. As he kept stroking along his length, he lowered himself between your thighs. Holding your breath, he pulled your string to the side and tugged it into the crease at your thigh.
He stroked the warm head of his cock up your folds, gathering your slick, and gave himself a few languid strokes to lube his length. Then he placed a hand to each side of you, caging you in, while his soft tip prodded your entrance.
"Look at me," he cooed, and your eyes darted up to his, totally stricken.
Slowly pressing forward, you felt his tip press against your entrance, there was a bit of resistance and with a small rut of his hips, it slipped inside.
It was overwhelming. Your mouth dropped open, he felt so thick between your thighs, his girth spreading you apart, the pressure in your pelvis immense it made your mind almost blank out.
“Touyahhhhh–” You clutched at his shoulders, your nails digging into the tight muscle there as you tried to stay afloat in the feeling of him pressing into you.
“Doing s'good, doll—almost there.” He pressed out between clenched teeth, the sensation of your tight walls squeezing his dick making him choke back a moan. You slammed your eyes shut and bit your lip to suppress a wail, a single teardrop trickling down your cheek.
It felt like it took forever for him to bottom out. You forgot how to breathe, how to think, forgot everything except the sensation being so full, full of him. As you slowly came to, you started noticing his hot breath on your skin, warm wet lips on your neck, trailing kisses along, having your focus shift back to him.
Moving along the curve of your jaw up towards your lips he was kissing you now, swallowing all needy mewls spilling from you as you could feel his cock twitch with excitement inside of you.
He pulled back, looking at you, his radiant lips curled up into a teasing grin, canines exposed, “Want me to start?”
You swallowed heavily, still a bit out of it, hazy eyes darted up into the bright blue eyes of his and you let out a merely audible fuck yes.
He gave his hips a teasing roll and you jolted, eliciting an amused chuckle from him.
“Sure-?” There was no pause as he started moving and reached up to squeeze your breasts, groaning breathily as your walls clench around him and your head fell back.
An annoying ringing suddenly sliced through the air, an incessant sound breaking the built-up sexual tension, having you both groan out loud. He grabbed for his phone, the screen lit up, and he swiped his thumb across the screen with a scoff.
“I’m busy, call back later," he growled into the speaker, seemingly unaware that he was still fucking his dick into you.
“Now, where were we again,” ending the call, he grinned, tossing the phone on the sheets. Just as he was picking up the pace, the ring of his phone echoed through the room again.
“You gotta be shitting me–” he hissed, grabbed the phone, hitting the "Decline Call" button. There were a couple of quiet seconds before the ringing started up again, this time even more persistent than before.
“What the fuck?” He sounded ferocious now but grabbed the phone nonetheless.
"Don’t move.” He slid out of you, his fat cock glistening with your slick juices. You tried squeezing your legs shut, but Touya tutted quietly, prying them apart again.
“Touya, what the-” but it was already too late. He held the phone between your legs, the familiar fake shutter sounded as he took a picture of your puffy folds, dripping with your own juices. Causally opening the messenger on his phone, you saw his fingers fly across the screen, a smirk appeared on his face when a "Message Sent" tone sounded.
“That oughta shut them up,” he snickered and tossed the phone off to the side again.
You had buried your face behind your hands, cheeks red as cherries with embarrassment. Touya pried them off and grinned at you, "Awh, c'mon, that was funny!"
"You're such a dickhead," you scolded but he dove in for a kiss, biting and licking his way past your wet lips, slowly pushing his cock inside of you again. You moaned into his mouth, the short break leaving you unprepared again to meet his size.
“You good? Need me to stop?" He breathed into you, watching as you shook your head as best as you were able to.
"That's my girl," he cooed and placed a kiss on your breast, tweaking your erect bud, making you jump at his touch.
As expected, the phone had grown quiet, no one tried calling him again. He pushed your legs up, knees resting on your chest, and kept moving with slow, deep thrusts, hitting just the right spot with this angle, over and over again.
His expression had grown tense, sweat dripping down his temples as his movements became faster. Your mouth opened in a silent wail as a searing heat flooded your gummy walls, the tension in your core spiraling higher, ready to snap again at any time.
“Gonna cum for me, huh?” His voice had gone smoky, rumbling from his chest, his eyes heavy-lidded, burning with desire when he looked at you, drinking you in.
The lewd squelch of his dick fucking into you filled the otherwise quiet room as he kept up that relentless pace. He pressed a palm against your abdomen to feel how full of him you were, increasing the delicious pressure on that rough spot he kept pounding into. It was a delicious friction, as your movements and breathing became one, a constant of backs and forths.
Groaning deeply, he was chasing his high now, his cock getting impossibly hard inside of you and he straightened up, each of his ruts had his dick kissing your cervix, sending jolts of pleasure through you.
“M'gonna cum inside you–” he closed his eyes as he was about to push both of you over the edge.
“Please–” you managed to get out between heated moans, eyes rolled back in your head with overwhelming pleasure.
“So- fucking needy,” he panted and rutted against you, desperate moans falling from your lips.
Increasing his pace again, he pistoned into you now, his dick relentlessly working his way in and out until the world around you started to crumble and falter.
Touya’s mouth opened for a low groan, you clawed at his shoulders, back arching as you came undone around him, a loud keen escaping your mouth. A blinding high washed over you, you felt like falling as you shook in his hold, walls clenching, contracting around him, milking him for all that he was worth.
“Fuck—!” his voice, raw and deep, rumbled from his chest, and he came inside you shortly after, painting your gummy walls with his creamy, sticky seed. Not breaking the rhythm, he kept rutting his hips against you, pushing his cum even further inside of you. He dipped his head to meet your lips, sucking up every single moany gasp as you both rode out your high together.
“Holy shit.” Touya chuckled high on endorphins and collapsed on top of you, twitching cock still buried deep inside of you.
The room slowly grew quiet, the silence only broken by the puffs of your shaky breaths, and the sound of him peppering your skin with soft kisses, slowly, gently. His cock slipped from you, your combined juices dripping down your crease onto the sheets.
He braced his arms over your shoulders and nuzzled his head into your neck, nose nudging your hair, breathing your scent in. You both stayed like that, enjoying the afterglow of your shared orgasm, feeling the steady rise and fall of each other's chest.
He dove up to nibble at your mouth, his breath warm on your lips as he hummed, “Dollface, remind me to save you more often.”
“Ok, big boy, tomorrow morning?” you laughed softly and he rested his forehead against yours, answering sleepily before he pecked a lazy kiss to your lips, “Sounds delicious…”
@sage-malf0y @scruffymctee @undefined–person @diamond-3 @vixxen-chan @tirzamisu @starlightnightmares
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Toga: Do you think different paints have different tastes?
Dabi: They do.
Shigaraki: ...why did you say that with such certainty?
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my savior - dabi (toya todoroki)
warnings: near rape experience, quirkless fem!reader, swearing, virgin!reader
pairing: fem!reader x dabi (toya todoroki)
Tumblr media
it had been a long day, so when [y/n] makes her way home from work she didn’t think much about the route home; she just thought about getting home quicker. but when she’s abruptly pulled into the nearest alleyway at gunpoint, she wishes she took her usual route.
“scream and i blow your brains out,” says the man, pushing the gun further into her temple.
his other hand explores her body, quickly finding its way into her underwear and cupping her. tears fill her eyes, could this day get any worse?
“you’re a gorgeous little thing, y’know that? couldn’t keep meh eyes of ya.” he says in her ear, causing her to shudder. she’s gotten compliments before, but this one gave her chills (and not the good kind). “can’t wait to get my cock inside of the pretty little pussy of yours.” she starts to struggle in his grasp at that.
“aye!” he slaps her across the face, her cheek quickly turning a light pink from the blow. “stop squirming! it’ll feel good, m’promise,” he grins, his hand leaving her and quickly working to undo his belt.
“no, please,” she manages to get out, since she’s quirkless, she’s can’t really defend herself all too well. plus, her parent’s passed away when she was little, so she spent her life on and out of foster care and no one cared enough to teach her how to defend herself.
“awe, are ya a virgin,” he says in a baby tone. when a tear slips past its barrier and makes its way down her cheek, he knows. “damn, never had myself a virgin before. ya tight, unfucked pussy is gonna squeeze my cock so good,” he whips out his cock, and starts to strip her, the gun leaving her temple to do so.
“step away from the girl!” a man says from outside the alleyway, his silhouette making her feel hopeful.
“or what? you gunna kill me? hate to break it to ya bro, but i’ve got the gun,” the man mocks.
the silhouetted man throws his head back in a laugh. he quickly calms himself down. “number one, i am not and never will be your ‘bro’. number two, i’m pretty sure my flames can outdo your gun; that probably isn’t even real.” the man walks into the alleyway; his scarred, stapled up hand emitting blue flames.
“you’re dabi, with the league,” the man suddenly shows fear.
“yeah, that’s me. hand the girl over,” this so called ‘dabi with the league’ uses his other hand to gesture the man to hand her to him.
“take her. don’t want a virgin anyway,” the man shoves [y/n] towards dabi, who quickly pulls her into his side protectively.
“now you die,” dabi grins, engulfing the man in his blue flames.
[Y/n] hides her face in dabi’s chest at the sight of the man burning alive.
“c’mon, doll. let me walk you home,” dabi leads her away from the burning man. “where do you live?”
she gives him her address, and he walks her home with a protective hand around her waist.
once at her apartment door, she fumbles to get her key and unlock the door; her hand shaking to much to get the key in the lock.
“let me do that,” dabi takes the key and unlocks her door with a click.
he stays outside the door while she makes her way into the apartment.
she looks back at him, “do you want to come in?” she questions.
he simply nods, making his way into the apartment, closing the door behind him.
“make yourself at home,” she says timidly, still in shock over what just took place.
“come here,” he opens his arms.
she’s quick to run into his arms, crying into his chest as he wraps his arms around her shaking body.
once she’s calmed down a bit, she looks up at him. “why? why did you save me? aren’t you supposed to be some big bad villain?”
“i hate rapists with a passion.” he informs. “plus, i felt the need to protect you; which doesn’t happen often.”
“well, thank you, dabi,” she smiles up at him, placing her head on his chest, hearing his heartbeat. “if you ever need somewhere to stay, you can stay here.” she says softly.
“you don’t have to do that. you don’t want to get involved.” he shakes his head, pushing her away.
“if that was the case, i wouldn’t have offered my place as your personal hideout.” she giggles, causing his heart to flutter.
“just mine. i’m not letting the league anywhere near you.” he says, pulling her back into his chest.
“i’m good with that,” she smiles.
end scene
Tumblr media
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fungusfangs · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Someone come get this hoe
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yandere-sins · 2 days ago
The Reward for Trying
Horrortober Day 23: Cut “Look what you did.”
What can I say. I just always love writing about yandere with knives, and darling with knives, and knives in horror scenarios! So having a prompt like this how can I not make it about a knife?
Warnings: Yandere, Stabbing, Accidentally cutting, Blood, Knife Characters: Dabi x Reader
Tumblr media
Even though your hand was shaking like crazy, you didn’t stop sawing at the rope that bound you to the heater. It’s been too long that you saw a chance to escape. That you found some purpose in the misery you were enduring. Day after day, you let yourself be toyed with, burned, and brought to tears by the man you could only call your stalker. Though, more appropriately, he was your captor now you recognized.
Dabi, that’s his name. You thought long and hard where you heard that name before when you found the first present, curiously reading the short but almost sweet message that arrived with it. Signed with this ominous name, you couldn’t remember where you heard it before, but you were overjoyed when you opened the small package to see the bracelet you’ve been eying for a while in it. The next day, you passed the jewelry store where it was from, only the burned remains of a building and ash awaiting you. 
By now, you knew. You knew where you heard his name. On the television, the news. When they were talking about the group of villains wreaking havoc around the city. But this realization was already too late as he chucked you into this filthy room, declaring you were to stay ‘home’ and wait for him like a little puppy would wait for its master. And since then, no day had passed where you felt nearly as happy as when you received the bracelet. 
How could you? Beyond the torture and the cruel visage of your captor, there was nothing to look forward to, nothing to do, and no freedom to speak of. He had no books, and without Dabi, you didn’t get access to anything remotely fun. Food was only given to you if you behaved well enough to be fed by him. Water was a luxury. Showering… You refused any shower if it meant you had to share it with him, no matter how much you could smell yourself.
But the worst was the always returning time that Dabi was away. Like clockwork, he’d get up fairly late in the afternoon, pull you out of bed with him even though your body ached from yet another shitty night. He’d made you attend to him way too long, relishing in your refusal and forced submission before you two had your daily struggle about you getting bound to the heater. You never once won this struggle. 
However, when he wasn’t looking that day, you stole the knife from the table before reluctantly settling by the heater. Getting it out from under you and using it to free one hand was hard enough, but for the first time in what felt like forever, you felt delighted when you succeeded. It was going well - too well, some would say - and your joy was drowned in anxiety as you cut your other hand loose. 
Blood dripped from your palm as you had accidentally nudged it, but you didn’t care. You’d take blood poisoning any time over staying in your prison even a second longer. Grabbing the knife to defend yourself in the worst case, you stumbled to your feet. Automatically, your eyes fell on the reflection of the broken mirror before the door. You were a mess, but there was a fire in your eyes again. Not the terrible blue one that Dabi used more than once on you, but the fire of a will burning deep inside you.
Just one push of the door handle, and you’d be out. It seemed like such an every-day-thing, but to you, it meant everything. Freedom, happiness, life. All the good things, that’s what this simple task of leaving meant to you. Your expression was shining as the wood pushed into you, absolutely no consideration that you might be behind it. Weird, you didn’t touch the handle yet...
Being thrown back, you stumbled but caught yourself in time before falling. With your body aching, you realized the door had smacked your body hard, and when you looked up, the icy, turquoise eyes of your captor looked at you just as surprised as you were. At that moment, you didn’t think. Your instinct wasn’t to plead for your life or to pretend to welcome him back. Running was out of question. But the knife in your hand burned up as if it was trying to tell you something, and when you rammed it into his shoulder, you felt like you were in charge. Dabi’s reaction time wasn’t fast enough to stop you. 
It was almost comically easy to stab him. A twisted and perhaps sick part of you felt great satisfaction from doing it, hearing the disgusting squelch. But the sound was gone as fast as the feeling itself, and you took two steps back, meeting the complete blindsided expression of the man you hated with every fiber of your being. Immediately, you got to your senses, trying to sprint by him and through the already open door. 
However, this time, you were caught.
Your hand reached forward, already outside of the room you had been kept in for so long. Maybe if you got far enough outside, someone would reach back at you and pull you out. But your body was held back, and frustration boiled up in you, knowing you were so close, yet so far. “Damnit!” you screamed as Dabi brought you back inside the room. “That’s my line,” he added, slamming you to the uncushioned, dirty floor. 
Hovering over you, he quickly straddled your hips, securing your position under him before reaching up to the knife in his shoulder. Even you knew that you shouldn’t recklessly take out these objects, or you might get even more hurt. Still, despite scowling and his expression pain-stricken as he grabbed it, Dabi pulled out the metal, hot, red drops falling on you from above. 
“Look what you did.” Holding the knife against your cheek, he smeared his blood on your skin like some disgusting war paint. When you scrunched up your face, you immediately were punished with the stinging sensation of a cut on your cheek, and you wished you could have struggled. However, the truth was, you were no longer in charge. Plus, there was a very pissed, extra-armed villain on top of you just waiting for you to make life even worse for yourself.
“What were you trying to do, huh? Escape? With this?” 
Dabi swayed the knife in your view, giving you a mocking grin. “Worked out very well, I can tell, Baby.” 
The sound of your nickname made you shudder, one of his hands creeping up to your throat before pressing down. “Didn’t you learn some manners? It’s not very polite to stab the person who takes such good care of you, is it? But you know what they say.”
Smirking, Dabi brought the pointy end of the knife to your shoulder. Sweat collected on your forehead, mixing with his and your own blood as you felt it press into your skin. All you could think about was how close the knife was to your heart. Little did you know how much it actually hurt to get stabbed from the excellent performance Dabi put on for you. 
“A pain shared is a pain halved,” he chuckled, the sound getting lost as a devastating scream escaped you.
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But what if it's windy and what if Tomura's long white hair covers his and Dabi's face while they kiss.
What if Dabi uses his coat to wrap a sleepy and terribly cold Tomura, before picking him up and carrying him to a dry zone of the abandoned building.
What if Tomura kiss Dabi's staples.
What if Tomura uses his red cape to cover Dabi to hide himor keep him separated from the heroes, while Tomura fights them away.
What if Dabi brushes away Tomura long white hair, over his shoulder, before cupping Tomura's face between his hands and kissing the scar on his lips.
What if Tomura breaks a little when he hears Dabi calling him Tenko.
What if they are side by side, looking at themselves in the mirror.
What if Dabi falls into Tomura's arms after the final battle, because he always wanted to do so but thought it was not safe to let his guard down. But everything is over and he doesn't want to run away or fight anymore.
What if Dabi uses his quirk to light candle after candle around Tomura and promise him it's not going to leave him alone in the darkness.
What if Dabi is the arrow on fire that crosses Tomura's subconscious like a shooting star, and way if thanks to it Tomura remembers how much he loves the League, how he needs to make their dreams come true still.
What if Dabi prefers to stay with the League and Tomura in a shitty broken bar instead of the Todorokis house, because that's not his home.
What if Tomura asks Dabi why not him, why not choosing him for a partner.
What if Tomura is tired and lonely and rest his head against Dabi's back, even if he thinks Dabi could go away any minute. It's okay, he would never demand him to stay.
What if Tomura asks him only to come back. What if he gets uses to calling for Dabi, asking for him, even when he's not there.
What if.
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remcadll · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Its fun how Toga - the teenage girl who plays with knives and is obsessed with blood - has a less dramatic fashion sense then the rest of the league, which is made up of adult men
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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deadlandsqueen · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
((Part 2)) of the no dialogue cafe au.
Should point out this is all I’ve made of this au. Oof
((Part 1))
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