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While I’m 98.5% positive the mom of the twins is Rin, I was remembering one of the voice actresses for the girls (Towa’s or Setsuna’s? Idk I’m LIT ) said Towa resembled her mother a lot.

Now, I don’t know if physically (because straight up I see no resemblance to any of the OG women of Inuyasha.) but mentally I can. Heck, even in her situation I see a resemblance to a character.

So, I’m seeing she’s a gal that’s strong willed, is a fighter, cares immensely about her sibling and really just wants to regain her younger sibling’s memory/love back……


Sango. Muthah fuckin’ Sango.

But yea, it was a thought that just blew up in my head. A crack theory…… but can it really be THAT much of a crack theory? I love Miroku and Sango, but…. What if they got rid of my boy? Not sure how legit these rumors are, but I’ve heard if a voice actor dies in Japan, they also send off the character. But I can’t say that rumor is a fact. Especially given the fact we already saw he had a new voice actor in episode one. So, don’t quote me on that.

Anyways, I’m sure Rin is the mom. But still…. this theory of mine can be 1.5% possible. At least for sure in another parallel dimension y’all.

Interesante la cosa verdad?

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Please stop and enjoy

All these posts are like a game of telephone. People hear it from one person and that person passes it along and some people assume it’s fact.

We’re only 3 episodes in, calm down. Nothing is written in stone and you’re all getting agitated over a picture or what you’re hearing without checking sources.

Also fighting each other, really? When we’re all in the same Fandom and have a new sequel we can enjoy? We should be united and not fighting. You wanna enjoy something and people wanna enjoy it with you but you being negative won’t attract others.

Anti or not, please either enjoy the series or see yourself out. We don’t need the negativity in the fandom.

(The theories are fun though and I’ve enjoyed reading them and the positive posts. We need more of that and laughter)

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I‘m telling you! I can’t find the inital post I made about this months ago when the „sequel“ was first announced, so THANK YOU for giving me this opportunity to speak on this subject that is very dear to me INDEED. Seeing how some parts of fandom manage to bend anything into suiting their purposes I don‘t see how we can’t do the same and why Sesshoumaru‘s sperm can’t have magical properties, even if it‘s not with the „woman“ they want. We gotta be fair here and apply the same standard to everyone, no? The miracle of conception with a lady way beyond menopause would be the easiest thing in the world. Yes, if something doesn’t make sense, just slap magic onto it and you’re gucci. Her never dying is just a general boon, you may even throw a mating mark (shudder) in there if you‘re so inclined, but let’s be real, it’s probably just the dicking down lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes that really does the trick. I mean, she‘s one of the very few characters whose opinion/input Sesshoumaru actually respected. After watching Yashahime, we currently have more proof that Kaede is the mom than for any other woman on the show:

1) Sesshoumaru picked the babies up in her village. Rin was most likely there, yes, BUT:

2) Setsuna returned to KAEDE.

3) Kaede‘s memory is spotty at best, which makes sense, because while she may be immortal, that doesn‘t protect her from being senile tbfh. That being said, everyone seems to suffer from convenient memory loss, but all in all, she seems to remember more than others, just at the wrong time. She clearly was too busy giving birth to remember InuKag having Moroha, duh. After the birth, she told Sesshoumaru to take care of the kids because she ain‘t got time to bother with all that and Sesshoumaru literally does nothing all day. Very progressive, if you ask me.

As Sunrise so beautifully said: „Please pay close attention, it‘ll all make sense.“, aka please leave your money at the door and don‘t ask questions. Again, same standards for everyone, yaaay.

4) If we‘re pulling the same Mary Sue bullshit of „oh, the babies have both reiki and youki because we don‘t respect the rules in our own world where one is the literal antithesis to the other“ like Sunrise did with Moroha, Kaede also fits the bill.

5) She has actual authority and a life beside her potential love interest. Also, she doesn’t need to be protected because she never had a male ego in her life preventing her from being self-sufficient (you know exactly what ship I’m talking about). She’s independent, smart, a leader. She‘s clearly MUCH more than just a baby mama. Again, super progressive, now we know where Towa gets it from!

6) Kaede is QUEEN. Only the prettiest boys deserve her.

Tl;dr: Only Kaede deserves Sesshoumaru‘s magical badongadong and all current evidence points to her being the mother.

#sesskaede for LIFE.

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I kind of think that the mother IS Rin. Not because I ship it (I don’t), but because it seems like the easy/lazy choice. Like, ‘why make a whole new character when we have one right here! Half the fandom loves the idea, lets just go for it!’

If it WAS a new character who gave birth to the twins, they would have to come up with a whole ‘demon lord meets human woman’ story, MAYBE fall in love (or just get busy and somehow Sesshomaru is aware of the pregnancy and brings her to the village with Kaede) PLUS they would have to write how Rin feels about the woman, what’s her life like now, yadda yadda yadda.

Maybe it’s just my years of always being dissapointed by anime/manga writing, but I juuuust don’t see the above happening. It’s easier to find some excuse that Rin is somehow the ‘right age’ (she’s really not) at the right time. They already know each other, we KNOW that Sesshomaru is protective of Rin, so of course we’re expected to just ‘know’ that he would be fond enough of her to have children with her.

The only hope we have to cling to that it’s a different character is the girls’ coloring. Their eyes (red and purple) and the red streaks.

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Yeah, I’m still at this.    Let’s talk about places Chronoa seals people into.   

The DB Wiki seems confused at best over how many different “magic prisons” the Supreme Kai of Time has used.   Sealas, the first Time Patroller, was banished to something called “The Time Abyss”, I think.  Mechikabura was “sealed in a space beyond time” or something like that.    I have three main problems with this gimmick.

1) Chronoa uses this trick a lot, but the bad guys always break out later, so why does she keep using it if the seal is so unreliable?

2) If she’s sending them all to different places, why would she do this?  How would she know all of these different realms?

3) If she’s sending them all to the same place, why don’t all of these bad guys team up and form some sort of Chronoa Revenge Squad?

Once I confirmed that both Mechikabura and Demigra were “sealed away” about 75 million years ago, I reached the inescapable conclusion that they must have been sent to two different places.  

For Demigra, the Crack of TIme is basically like the Phantom Zone from the Superman comics.    From what I can tell, he can survive in there, and observe the outside world, and occasionally interact with the outside world if he plays his cards right, but it’s difficult for him to escape.   He knows how to get out, but he waits for the right opportunity to maximize his chances.    Besides, all he wants is to take over the Time Nest, so unless he has a clear shot at that, he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

On the other hand, Mechikabura ended up in his Phantom Zone and decided to start his own country there.    I don’t think Chronoa realized it for a long time, since this realm was cut off from normal spacetime.   I’m not sure where he got all his subjects.   Maybe he waited for Chronoa to banish others to the same place, or maybe he created them all with his magic.    Maybe he lured beings into his new realm.    That would be a cool idea.   Chronoa fixed it so he couldn’t get out, but she never considered that he would invite others to come in.   The Demon Realm was eventually discovered, since the Supreme Kai and Kibito knew about it in the Buu Saga, but I think it’s safe to assume that Chronoa goofed with that one.    The Kais probably figured it wasn’t too big a deal, since all those bad guys were trapped in there anyway, but this may be why she made sure to send Demigra someplace else.  

And yet, the lore in Super Dragon Ball Heroes keeps suggesting that Demigra and Mechikabura worked together on and off.   Demigra’s followers (called Demigra-gun, literally Demigra Army), is referred to as a “Vanished Sect” among Mechikabura’s followers.    The implication is that these two guys were the top guys in the Demon Realm, with the lesser demons gravitating towards one or the other.  But how could Demigra be a big wheel in the Demon Realm if he was always stuck in the Crack of Time?   

The main thing I’ve learned about Demigra and the Crack of TIme is that he kept getting out, maybe not for very long, and maybe not very often, but he had ways of making his presence felt.   Also, Chronoa sealed him there to keep him out of the normal universe.    It might have been very easy for him to cross into the Demon Realm, since she wouldn’t have cared about him doing any damage there.   And there’s this long, unknown history with the Demon Realm.    They could have spent centuries as rivals or partners or full-on enemies.   Demigra and Mechikabura were like gods to the other demons, so maybe they played the role, remaining distant from their followers, and relying on proxies and illusions to communicate their will.    My point is that Demigra didn’t need to physically be in the Demon Realm to be important there.

By the time of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Towa has already tried a scheme to restore Mechikabura to the height of his power, only to fail and lose him forever.   I think her big scheme in Xenoverse is to try to work something else out on her own, but in the process she accidentally makes it possible for Demigra to escape.   The key point is that Towa was always aware of Demigra, but never considered turning to him for help, despite how powerful he was.    I don’t know if that’s because of her fierce loyalty to Mechikabura, or because she knew she could never trust him.   But I’ve been trying to figure out a dynamic between them, and I think I’m getting close to a solid answer.  

Someone like Towa must have lived her whole life with a deep respect for Mechikabura and his power.   I don’t know if he’s like a god or a mythical king or a beloved leader or what, but it’s something like that.    On the other hand, she knows there’s another powerful demon out there, one with power to rival Mechikabura, perhaps, and she knows better than to mess with that guy.   Other demons have tried, but it always goes poorly for them.    Maybe some have entered his realm, expecting Demigra to have his own version of the Dark Empire inside the Crack of Time.    But no one ever returns from the Crack of Time.   Demigra turns into his monster form, and no one who’s ever seen it has lived.    Because… he eats them, I guess?   Yeah, let’s go with that.  

Something I hadn’t thought of until now, but maybe the whole point of Towa’s actions in Xenoverse 1 was to help Demigra break out, knowing that he’d try to take the Time Nest and force the Time Patrol to defeat him. Sort of the same way Demigra sided with the Time Patrol to crush Mechikabura once and for all.    Towa remembers that battle and decides she can try that strategy for herself.    She knows that she’ll have to deal with Demigra eventually, so better force her two enemies to fight each other first.   It’s an interesting thought, although I do like the idea of Towa just stone cold not giving a fuck about the consequences of her actions.    She messes with the timeline and doesn’t know or care what side-effects that might cause.   

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So is it just me or do towa, setsuna, and moroha feel a lot younger than kagome did? (Especially moroha)

When inuyasha started, kagome had JUST turned 15, in comparison thats not that far off from our current 14 year old protagonists but when I think about how kagome acted v.s these 3. they all just feels SO MUCH like kids while kagome didn’t, not to me at least.

I don’t know if that makes any sense. It might just be that I was alot younger than kagome when I first watched inuyasha and now I’m I’m watching yashahime as a adult.

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Thought, though, that I kept bringing up while I was watching these YashaHime episodes with my old IY Rp friend from back back BACK in the day:

InuYasha, half-demon of Inu no Taisho and a human: White hair, dog ears, gold eyes, fangs, claws, cat pupils.

Setsuna and Towa, daughters of Sesshoumaru and a human: Slightly abnormal eye colors for humans, no claws, no fangs, no strange ears, one has white hair, both have red streaks, fairly normal to normal pupils.

So is there, like, an enchantment on them to make them human passing (which seems super hypocritical of Sesshoumaru, especially since the one very obvious trait they have is Setsuna’s fluff which is not hidden) or is his demon blood just not presenting as strongly or as obviously as Taisho’s? Them girls look like humans who have hip ideas of hair color. Especially since Moroha who is only ¼ demon has claws and fangs. GRANTED Setsuna and Towa could be cutting their nails or shaving them down but if InuYasha himself and Sesshoumaru are indicators - those claws can cut through about anything, that seems like it’d be a pain to maintain and a help for survival to keep them. They’re certainly not cutting back on their canines, yeouch.



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