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#tower of dawn

I was talking to a friend earlier and she said that the throne of glass series was better written and less problematic in her opinion than the acotar series and to be honest looking at the two series now I find myself agreeing with her. No throne of glass isn’t perfect either but when she said it’s like throne of glass should have been her second series because it would have shown how she grew as an author I was like wow I didn’t think of it like that. I’m not dissing Sarah or either series I like both does anyone else agree with us? I’m curious!

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I’ve recently started reading Tower of Dawn and I already hate Yrene 😂

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Lysandra from the Throne of Glass series by @sjmaas

You and I are nothing but beasts wearing human skins.

Don’t repost without credit

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How dare you! I was rooting for you, How dare you!! *insert Trya Banks meme here*

Aelin 😭🥺😭

( if you know you know, EoS)

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