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#tower of dawn
justreadertings · an hour ago
sometimes I think about what would happen if, after KoA, the Court of Terrasen were around someone in chains
how both Aelin and Elide's heads would snap up
how they would not be able to look away, how memories would flood them
how Aelin would run her fingers over her smooth wrists and Elide would shift on her feet, moving restlessly
how Rowan and Lorcan would watch, from afar, once again bonded by terror and wrath and revenge, not for an evil queen- but for what thier powerful wives had endured
how Aelin's hand would link with Elide's, and how they would watch and hear and remember but that they would do it together, and that they had survived
that they would never feel helpless again, and that they were loved
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justreadertings · 20 hours ago
Friendly Reminder
Dorian was screaming "take it off" when his Wyrd collar was breaking
everyone seems to forgot this. I can't.
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thenerdandfandoms · a day ago
Cornelia Street: Haze
The days pass in a haze, now. I don’t remember my mornings or evenings. But I do remember memories of brown hair and eyes, of time spent kissing in the backseat of cars, drunk on love and happiness. We thought nothing could ever go wrong.
It’s all gone now.
Everything is gone.
Aelin makes her way through the hallway as the bell stops ringing. It’s packed with kids and teachers alike, all sending frustrated glares to the people around them.
Aelin is used to it by now. Used to the loud chatter of the popular kids and the indignant hum of the other ones below them in status.
She feels more than hears Lysandra approach her cautiously.
It pisses her off.
Everyone is always speaking to her in these soft voices, like she’s some sort of baby who doesn’t know what ‘death’ means. They’re always asking her if she’s okay and how she’s doing and watching her carefully like it’s only a matter of time until she explodes.
Well it is. Only a matter of time, because Aelin is so pissed. She just wants it all to stop, wants people to stop treating her like a ticking bomb.
Lysandra asks, “How are you doing, Sweetie?” Aelin doesn’t answer. She never does when that voice is used.
She hears Lysandra sigh mournfully and feels a twinge of guilt. Lysandra is grieving Sam, too. Aelin could be a little nicer.
But nobody is walking on needles around Lysandra, because she wasn’t in love with Sam. She loved him, sure. But she wasn’t in love with him. Not like Aelin was. Not like Aelin is.
Because, of course, she still loves him. Even after 5 months, she can’t stop choking up whenever he’s mentioned or she thinks about him.
Aelin closes her eyes and breathes deeply through her nose, tears gathering in her eyes. But not falling.
Five months. Five months since Aelin got the call from the hospital, five months since Sam’s time spent in a coma ended. Five months since Uncle Gavriel had to restrain Aelin as she screamed Sam’s name as they pulled the plug and he died peacefully.
Sam had always said he wanted to die adventurously. Like falling off a cliff he was just about to bungee jump from or some freak zipline accident.
Dying peacefully in bed had never been on his agenda. Unless he was dying peacefully next to her, he’d always said. He’d said he’d give up every single dream and fantasy if only he were next to her.
Aelin supposed the initial cause of his death was adventurous enough. A drunk driver came flying down the highway on the side of the mountains and didn’t stop even though Aelin was in the middle of the road.
So Sam pushed her out of the way. The car hit him head on and he spent three months in a coma. Aelin still went to school during those three months, going to the hospital every afternoon and talking to him, telling him when he got back she’d take him for ice cream and kiss him until he couldn’t breathe.
When they pulled the plug after he went brain-dead, she stopped going to school. Uncle Gavriel didn’t make her keep going, so she spent the next two months locked up in her room, only occasionally showering and eating because she was always a clean person that was unwilling to let herself get dirty.
As Aelin enters her last class for the day the bell rings obnoxiously. She sits in the back of the class and zones out, no longer caring about listening or taking notes like she used to. Sam used to tease her for taking notes, saying she was always so precise and clean; saying he loved her for that.
Now she’s lost yet another quality he loved about her. Aelin knows Sam would be disappointed in who she’s become. But she can’t stop.
She can’t stop having nightmares about the truck getting closer to her and then his arms pushing her out of the way. Nightmares about the last look he gave her, it took her a few months to remember what those last moments looked like. But now she remembers, it was a sad smile and ready eyes. He had mouthed ‘I love you’ to her before closing his eyes. It was his final goodbye to her.
Most of her nightmares are of the hospital though. They’re from a different person's perspective, seeing a young sixteen-year-old girl sob and scream until her voice turns rough. Then the person gluteus their head to see a beautiful young man with dark brown hair take his last breath. His eyes are closed and doctors have already left the room. He’s alone.
Uncle Gavriel had soothed Aelin that day at the hospital while she sobbed, but he had had tears streaming down his face as well. Everyone had loved Sam. He was kind and beautiful and generous. Everything Aelin was not. She had always wondered what Sam had seen in her. She was objectively beautiful but she hadn’t seen any redeeming qualities in herself. Nothing compared to the pure kindness of Sam Cortland.
Aelin thinks of him before she goes to sleep and wakes with his eyes a burning hole in her mind. She can’t stand to look at pictures of him, so the nightmares are the only place she can see him anymore.
After school, she goes to the cemetery where he’s buried. Aelin easily finds his name-his tombstone-because of how many times she’s visited.
Tears make their paths down her cheeks as she whispers to Sam, hoping he’s listening in heaven. “I’m sorry I failed you, Sam.”
This is a new Rowaelin High School AU idea I had! It’s inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Cornelia Street” hence the title! It’s a little sad right now (cried while writing it! 😢) but it’ll get better!
Let me know what you think!!!
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gwynzriels · a day ago
Chaorene quotes/moments that inexplicably give me Gwynriel vibes (pt. 1 maybe??)
It was her eyes that Chaol noticed first. She likely stopped people dead in the street with those eyes, a vibrant golden brown that seemed lit from within. Her hair was a heavy fall of rich browns amid flashes of dark gold, curling slightly at the ends that brushed her narrow waist. She moved with a nimble grace, her feet—clad in practical black slippers—swift and unfaltering as she crossed the room, either not noticing or caring about the ornate furnishings. Young, perhaps a year or two older than twenty. But those eyes… they were far older than that. (CHAPTER 5)
Oh, she certainly had some fight in her, this Yrene Towers from Fenharrow. Chaol held her stare, the challenge in it. Yrene only snorted. (CHAPTER 5)
Yrene laughed, and the sound… Beautiful as the sound was, it was nothing like the smile on her face. The delight. He’d never seen a face so lovely. (CHAPTER 20)
Yet Yrene wrapped her arms around herself and said, “I feel safer here.” Chaol tried not to blink at her. At the words. With him. She felt safer here with him. (CHAPTER 28)
They talked as they dined, Yrene explaining her initial months at the Torre, and how demanding her training had been. Then she’d asked about his training as captain, and he’d balked—balked at talking of Brullo and the others, and yet… He couldn’t refuse her joy, her curiosity. [...] So they talked, and ate, and when they finished, he escorted her to the glowing white walls of the Torre. Yrene herself seemed glowing as she smiled when they stopped within the gates while his horse was readied. (CHAPTER 32)
“Thank you for tonight,” Chaol said, stifling what tried to leap off his tongue: I can’t take my eyes off you. [...] “Good night,” he merely said. And as Chaol rode back to the illuminated palace across the city, he could have sworn that some weight in his chest, on his shoulders, had vanished. As if he’d lived with it his entire life, unaware, and now, even with all that gathered around him, around Adarlan and those he cared for… How strange it felt. That lightness.” (CHAPTER 32)
Nesryn would return tomorrow. And though nothing—nothing—had happened between Yrene and Chaol… Yrene could not stop the sensation of her chest caving in. Couldn’t halt the sense that there was about to be a door very permanently slammed in her face. They hadn’t spoken of Nesryn. Of whatever was between them. And he’d never touched Yrene more than was necessary, never looked at her as he had that night of the party. Because of course—of course he was waiting for Nesryn. The woman he… he was loyal to. Yrene made herself eat another bite, even as the fish turned sour in her mouth. Fool. She was a fool, and— (CHAPTER 36)
Yrene backed away another step. “Please,” he said. But she was heading for the door. And if she left… He had let them all go. Had walked out himself, too, but with Aelin, with Dorian, with Nesryn, he had let them go, and he had not gone after them. But that woman backing toward the door, trying to keep the tears from falling—tears from the hurt he’d caused her, tears of the anger he so rightfully deserved— She reached the handle. Fumbled blindly for it. And if she left, if he let her walk out... Yrene pushed down on the handle. And Chaol took a step toward her. [...] Chaol did not think. There was only Yrene, and her hand on the doorknob, and the tears in her furious, lovely eyes. The most beautiful he’d ever seen. They widened as he took that step toward her. As he lurched and swayed. But he managed another. (CHAPTER 38/39)
Yrene’s eyes were still bright with those tears he’d caused. One still clung to her cheek. Chaol wiped it away. Another one he found down by her jaw. He didn’t understand—how she could be so delicate, so small, when she had overturned his life entirely. Worked miracles with those hands and that soul, this woman who had crossed mountains and seas. She was trembling. Not with fear, not as she looked up at him. And it was only when Yrene settled her hand on his chest, not to push him away but to feel the raging, thunderous heartbeat beneath, that Chaol lowered his head and kissed her. (CHAPTER 39)
His. She was his, and he had never had anything he could call such. Wanted to call such. (CHAPTER 45)
It broke her, and unmade her, and rebirthed her. Sprawled over Chaol’s chest hours later, listening to the thump of his heartbeat, Yrene still did not have words for what had passed between them. Not the physical joining, not the repeated bouts of it, but simply the sense of him. Of belonging. (CHAPTER 46)
Hers. He was hers, Yrene wanted to crow at them. This beautiful, brave, selfless man—he was hers. And she was going home with him. (CHAPTER 60)
“I wanted to heal you,” she breathed. “You did,” he said, smiling. “Yrene, in every way that truly matters… You did.” (CHAPTER 64)
He’d continued, And this bond between us, Yrene… it changes nothing. With you and me. You’ll need your own space; I’ll need mine. So if you think for one moment that you’re going to get away with flimsy excuses for never leaving my side— She’d poked him in the ribs. As if I’ll want to hang around you all day like some lovesick girl! Chaol had laughed, tucking her in tighter. But Yrene had only patted his arm and said, And I think you can take care of yourself just fine. He’d just kissed her brow again. And that had been that. (CHAPTER 64)
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silvernesta · a day ago
I miss Chaol Westfall so much
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gwynzriels · 2 days ago
“Thank you for tonight,” Chaol said, stifling what tried to leap off his tongue: I can’t take my eyes off you.
[ ... ]
And as Chaol rode back to the illuminated palace across the city, he could have sworn that some weight in his chest, on his shoulders, had vanished. As if he’d lived with it his entire life, unaware, and now, even with all that gathered around him, around Adarlan and those he cared for… How strange it felt. That lightness.
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Dislike Chaol Westfall all you like but don't deny the coolest things he's done which are marrying Yrene Towers and riding into battle against a valg army on a horse named butterfly.
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justreadertings · 3 days ago
Queen of Shadows page 536
Thinking about: Chaol and Aelin entering the glass castle for the last time with her escorting him by manacles and chains and how theyve come such a far way from the loyal Captain of the Guard and the Assassian with no loyalty in a lightless prison
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salalalala04 · 3 days ago
My thoughts on who ACOTAR 5 will be about:
Whose POV do you guys think ACOTAR 5 will feature?
I am an 100% sure that the next book will be from Elain‘s POV, since she is in the centre of both bonus chapters and it’ll be kind of illogical to tell the Archeron sisters‘ stories, feature someone else in the middle and then tell Elain‘s story.
Now this makes me wonder that if Elain‘s POV would be there in ACOTAR5, how is this going to affect the love triangle?
Since SJM said one book= one couple, one could say that if Azriel was featured as the other POV character, then it’d be obvious that Elriel is endgame.
But the same thing also goes for Elucien. It’s be sooo obvious.
I, personally have a feeling that SJM will pull a Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass series) on us including a Gwyn POV, so the love triangle will be retained and we will get to see who is going to end up with whom before knowing in advance.
For the ones that haven’t read Tower of Dawn. Here’s and explanation (SPOILER ALERT):
In the previous book, it had been implied that the characters Chaol and Nesryn could get together, but nothing was clear. Then, in the next book it was their POV plus a new character (Yrene) and there was basically a love triangle, but at the end Yrene and Chaol ended up with each other and Nesryn fell in love with someone else.
I could really see this happening in ACOTAR 5. The inclusion of all of the POVS would retain the love triangle and the third one would find their own love interest
What do you guys think?
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rhysandswingspan · 3 days ago
My headcanon is that Aelin takes the HOTTEST showers EVER. Like boiling, burning, scalding hot showers and she loves it. And Rowan would take freezing cold showers because he read somewhere that it’s better for you and he is used to not having the luxury of hot water.
So Rowan and Aelin try to be a cute and couple-y and they decide to shower together but as soon as Rowan gets in the shower he freaks out because Aelin has it on SO SO SO hot.
And he goes to turn it down and then Aelin complains about how “fucking freezing” it is.
And then he’s all like “I’ll keep you warm”
And then they end up having s*x against the shower wall.
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audiobook-artist · 6 days ago
What I’d Want Out of a ToG Adaptation
So I’m currently rereading ToG for the first time (first read it uhhh maybe two or three years ago and my views on books have changed a fair bit since then) and I’m surprised by how I’m enjoying it! All I want in life is at least eight seasons of a TV-14-rated (idk, I don’t actually understand ratings 🌚) animated adaptation except SJM isn’t actually involved and it’s led by Noelle Stevenson or someone like him who will make everyone queer (ok, Celaena/Aelin can be straight because I struggle to see her as sapphic) and make the characters and of course the cast and crew behind the scened super diverse and avoid so much White feminist nonsense and solve things like brutally killing off so many of the WOC and handling Chaol’s disability better and of course the whole aGe GaPs thing.
And also, Celaena’s relationship with food and vomiting in this first book kind of makes me feel like there might be room to explore her potentially struggling with an eating disorder? It could fit with her character and would make for another level of internal conflict that in some ways would parallel her overall arc (if handled well, of course). And of course it would be absolutely amazing (Maybe even groundbreaking?) to see such a badass female lead struggle with something that is so frequently swept under the rug! 👏 Idk, I know this is super rambly and incoherent but I’m tired and new to Tumblr and have honestly no idea how to use it so bear with me... 🤦🏼‍♀️
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floralrage · 7 days ago
i have a stack of books literally at the side of my bed waiting to be read but i’m so tempted to start a reread of the throne of glass series instead.
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bellewithabook · 9 days ago
Dude, SJM really didn't pull any punches with the beginning of KoA, did she? I remember before/when it first came out everyone was like "I wonder how long it'll be until we get an Aelin chapter?" And SJM really said "Bet. Chapter 2. Read it and (literally) weep, bitches."
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anushkamkjbooks · 9 days ago
Nesryn and Sartaq.
I loved them so much.
As a Brown girl,I felt represented in that couple and they also reminded of Of Feyre and Rhysand.
I so desperately wish Sarah gives us more of them in 10year anniversary of Tower of Dawn.
Oof the fluff,the flirting,the slowburn
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the-lost-mess · 10 days ago
i swear to GOD if i read the word "mate" or "male" or "claimed" again i WILL go absolutely batshit i simply cannot
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