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#tower of god

Don’t worry about it  😊 Like I said, I can do redo it, but I’m still leaving that one as it is. You don’t have to feel like you’re overwhelming me, you’re not, I’d rather have something to write than having nothing at all to write. 


  • You were alone outside
  • Minding your own business
  • Enjoying each others company
  • You were happy at the moment
  • Then someone comes up to Baam
  • Who was doing nothing suspicious
  • It looked liked Baam was going to be hit
  • So you pushed him off Baam
  • And on the ground
  • You were so angry you just kept punching him
  • In his head, neck, chest
  • Baam kept telling you to stop
  • But you couldn’t hear him
  • You realize what you were doing
  • Stood up quickly
  • Noticed no movement from him and cried
  • The two of you went back
  • Baam saying that it wasn’t your fault
  • And that he understands
  • You ask if you could stay with him that night
  • You cling on to him


  • You were planning on spending the day together
  • You wandered off to get something
  • And when you got back you saw someone try to punch Khun
  • You rush over to them
  • Pushing the stranger away
  • Taking the knife that Khun had hidden
  • And stabbed the guy before anything else happened
  • But you didn’t realize where you had stabbed him
  • Your shocked kicked in
  • You stood back and rush back to your room
  • Khun followed behind
  • You just felt guilt
  • And wanted to hide
  • Khun found you
  • And held you tightly
  • Tells you that it’s ok and that it wasn’t your fault
  • Stays with you to make sure you don’t do anything stupid
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Oh, this might be a bit difficult. I didn’t know at first if I should just do a lime scenario, since this is a character I did not expect to get a request for smut for, but fuck it, I’ll make it a lemon.



You and Hockney were good friends, that’s one thing you were sure of. He would often tell you about what he’s currently drawing or painting, or what he wants to paint. Sometimes you listen, other times, not so much, but you tried not to make it look like you were when you weren’t. He was one hell of a person, and you liked his enthusiasm for his craft, but sometimes it was a bit weird.

A couple of times he had mentioned to you that he wanted to draw someone’s face, but never really had any kind of idea as to who. You tried to help him decide, but you felt like your efforts were forced. You wanted him to take his time sometimes.

You were looking for him, searching around where the group was currently staying, you decide to just look in his room.

You got to the door and knocked, hopefully, he was actually in there, and you hadn’t just wasted your time.

“Who is it?” You heard his voice coming from inside.

“It’s me, (Y/N),” you say.

“Oh, ok, come in,”

You opened the door, you look around as you entered the room, noticing Hockney sitting on the floor, staring at a blank piece of paper.

You stared at him, maybe he was focusing on something, or maybe he was struggling, not like you’d know.

“You struggling, or something?” You ask curiously.

His eyes were still on the paper, he didn’t hear you.

You stood there, waiting for him to say something or to notice you.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear you,”

You sighed, shaking your head, “are you struggling?”

“A little bit, yeah,”

“No inspiration?”

“Haha, yeah,”

It was silent again, you patiently waited for something.

His eyes went from the paper, up to your face, you were both looking at each other.

“What?” You ask.

“Mmm, I don’t know, do you want to model for me?”

Your expression didn’t change much, it was something that he had hinted at before, but you never knew it e meant it or not. But it looks like he did mean it.

“Took you long enough to ask,” you tease, “not like I’m surprised, I was expecting something like, ‘why don’t you model naked for me?’,” you giggled.

His eyes looked away for a second, then looked back at you. “I know that was a joke, but I don’t mind how you want to be drawn. I just want you to be comfortable.”

“But you wouldn’t say no would you?”

He smiled at you, “I never would,”

That was all you needed, for him to know that he’s draw you any way you liked. Plus the fact that it was just you and him, and you were more than comfortable with him too, you just decided to get on with it.

“Fine, you can draw me naked then,” you winked at him, he looked down and bit his lip. Maybe he was starting to regret it.

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Chaotic trio
Bam: Oh, yeah...Uh, we went to a bar, had a good time, then we got into a bar fight, so we left and, um...
Ehwa, mouthing: Escape room.
Bam: And then we went to an escape room!
Khun, sighing: You three are in jail, aren’t you?
Wangnan, picking a lock in the background: We’re in a damn room and trying to eSCAPE——
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This sounds so hard like a confession i

Dude I was actually spoiled about this one but didn’t even know it, because I’ve read this line in the khunbam fanfic and it felt just like YOU KNOW NATURAL since it was khunbam fic so I was like yep that’s just khunbam stuff, so you can imagine my shook when I learnt on some other site that it’s actually line from the manhwa

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Lament of the Silver-haired Boy:

My first friend

Or my first love?

Is there a difference when you were never allowed to feel before?

Pain and suffering I know,

Blood and lightning, even the feeling of a heart in my hand.

But this,

I don’t understand.

I miss a beat

When you call me your best friend.

I can’t think straight, logically

When you’re in danger.

I just have this warm feeling

When I look at you.

But isn’t this what best friends feel?

So then why

When you went with her

Was I afraid

That I could lose you?

So is this love?

And if it is

Do I love my friend or is it something more?

I just want you to be safe

With me.

I will fight any monstrosity

I will free myself from my family’s chains

If I can be with you.

But then

You kept walking

Moving forward, not caring what you left in your wake.

So am I meant to clean up your mess?

I don’t mind,

Because when I look at you I can’t help but smile.

Even the smallest compliment

Makes me happy, embarrassed.

If what I feel is friendship

Then why do I feel like this when you say those things?

But you are my first friend

So can’t you show me what’s right?

Oh wait,

You can’t

Because you’re caught up in your own revenge

But that’s ok.

I’ll be there to make sure you don’t lose yourself

To make sure you come back to me.

So when we part

One of these days

I’ll make sure it’s not our last goodbye.

When we both grow again I will know

If you were my first friend

Or my first love.

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oh fuck he was waiting 


khun ur giving me a scare



oh fuck i was not expecting it to be so good n wholesome and also shippy wtf i expected smth scary and thought my heart will break but this touches my heart even more

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I think one of the things I really like about ToG is that there is no cheap redemption (it can actually be argued that there is no redemption since being good isn’t actually a requirement of being a main character here and no one does shit to deserve it. 

I’ll have to dip into other fandoms to explain my point but I’ll try to stick to big ones so most people can follow along.

Because so many shoujo mangas/animes are targeted towards younger people there’s this sort of unspoken rule that if a character is going to be in the main cast they have to be good, or at least on their way to being good. But when you combine that with too many side characters that you can’t spend any real time on them or if it’s an adaptation of something and the writers are trying to make a character more palatable you end up getting this forced, awkward sudden turn around or a ‘surprise! they were good all along! they just had (bad) reasons to act like a shitty human being.’ And not only is it majorly unsatisfying if you take any time to analyze these characters but it creates this sort of precedent of victims being expected to forgive their abusers or, in the worst case, outright victim-blaming in an attempt to make the “redeemed” character look good. The latter is usually by the fans of said redeemed character and it’s gross.

Before I go on let me make this clear, you can have bad characters, you can have redeemed characters, you can have problematic characters and relationships, half the reason we have media is to explore that shit, but don’t try to tell me or make me believe a morally wrong character is actually good when you’ve put none of the work in. 

Fairy Tail and Naruto were really bad for this. One of the main signs they were trying to make a bad character look good is if they keep flashing back to their Tragic Story whenever that character is doing something shitty or when that character is apologizing. It’s a great flashing “See! This character isn’t that bad! Pity them! :P”  And asking the audience to forgive a character after 20 seconds of sad footage with absolutely no set up is one thing, but having their victims only ever forgive them and move on is not only lazy it massively under-represents real life victims. And you see the clash in the fandom, people who love the redeemed characters just rage on fans who accurately point out that an apology or a sad past does NOT equal redemption or forgiveness and it is UNCOMFORTABLE to watch. 

I get that you relate to this shitty character but please don’t pretend that you loving them makes them a good character.

In Naruto Itachi’s grand “He’s a good person!” reveal comes after he tricks Sasuke into killing him, which comes after he tortured Sasuke twice (something he wasn’t forced to do unlike some of the rest of the shit he did) and so many fans decided he was a perfectly good person and ignored how even that last act, meant to be about Itachi punishing himself for the shit he himself did, fucked over his brother, but I’m still supposed to believe he was a good character all along. And in Fairy Tail Minerva beats the shit out of Lucy for no other reason than that she can, but later I’m supposed to believe that she suddenly had a change of heart with no other set up than the, also, abusive Guild Master was no longer there to encourage it or that she’s actually done anything to deserve that redemption.

Again, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t like these characters, or that you shouldn’t like morally questionable characters, but if you can’t like them without distorting them in your head to make them good maybe you should take a better look at why you like them. 

In ToG literally no character gets a redemption arc despite the fact that they have all done some pretty awful things. The greatest example of this that I can think of is Hoaquin. As an audience we’re in the train being told how terrible and awful this guy is and then we get hit with a flashback, and it shows us that he does have some sad shit; all he ever wanted was the approval of his father, and it is his father’s callous disregard and neglect that causes Hoaquin to go to such extremes. And it’s following the shoujo formula, or at least the start of it. But then in that same flashback (sort of) we’re also told that Hoaquin had no intention of ever letting one of his siblings lead their weird body-horror-group-project and deliberately mislead them as to what the spell would do. It is so important that he is roughly the same age in both scenes because we are, in fast succession, given a reason to sympathize with him, and then a reminder that even that young he was a manipulative little shit that cared about no one’s life or ambitions more than his own.

Instead of some ham-fisted attempt at getting my sympathy so I’ll accept that he’ll work with Baam or Baam will work with him I am (implicitly) told exactly what he is: He’s a shitty, morally dark character, he’s just ALSO a fleshed out character with reasons and motivations for the way that he is. I am not supposed to think he’s a good character, I’m not supposed to think he is worthy of redemption, I am just shown who and what he is and get to decide whether or not I like it for myself. And I do like him, not because I think he has the capacity to be good, but because I find him deeply compelling in his complete lack of justification for himself or any hint of remorse. ToG doesn’t try to tell me what to think of it’s characters, it just let’s me learn about them, and I fucking love that.

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Nobuhiko Okamoto

KATSUKI BAKUGO from My Hero Academia (2016 - )


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YU NISHINOYA from Haikyuu! (2014 - )


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RIN OKUMURA from Blue Exorcist (2011/2017)


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KHUN AGUERO AGNES from Tower of God (2020)


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TAKUMI USUI from Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! (2010)


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RYO KUROKIBA from Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma (2015)


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KARMA AKABANE from Assassination Classroom (2015-2016)


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ACCELERATOR from A Certain Magical Index (2008-2019)


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