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One thing I had to realized is that they want to see you do good, but not better than them.

That is why when they see you doing good they do something to distract you so that it takes you 2 steps back.

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Nem minden pasi ugyanolyan. Te foglalkozol mindig ugyanolyanokkal. Akik egyszer ott vannak, egyszer nem. Olyan emberekre szentelsz figyelmet, akik nem figyelnek rád. Olyanokra szakítasz időt, akik “túl elfoglaltak” hozzád. Olyanokkal törődsz, akik nem törődnek veled. Engedd el az ilyen embereket.

- Avram Latosca

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Originally posted by kbbey


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“if i wait, then you’re gonna wait double

it’s not love, it’s a power struggle

and we keep going around and around

i think i figured you out

you like games, games, games

way more than you like me

you like games, games, games

but that’s all we’ll ever be

‘cause you like games

and i don’t wanna play no longer

game over”

- Games, Lennon Stella

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dude disappears for two months then texts me like everything is okay. nah nigga where tf have you been? talking to other bitches? sike nah i’m bugging but that’s what i be thinking.

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