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#toxic relationship
you don’t owe abusive family members your love and respect when they never gave you theirs. “but they’re family” is no excuse or validation for mistreatment.
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lovesickstories · 2 days ago
Oh, honey~, you look so tired of everything...
Yes, your friends invite you to parties, but I see that hole in your chest...
Yes, your family supports you in your decisions, but that hole is still there...
And...if I change that?
What if I'm that piece that you can't find anywhere?
I know that you are the one I need~
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bebravesunflower · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stick out your tongue if you have black hair, a big butt, and took NyQuil with an edible tonight after you got called a lazy dumb fuck tonight….
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onurtaskiranpoetry · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Letting go of someone you loved is hard enough. It can be even harder when you realise the other person didn’t need to let go of you because they were not even holding you in the first place. They were using you for narcissistic supply and moved on to their next target. You are allowed to mourn a dysfunctional relationship. It’s part of your healing process.
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missmentelle · 9 months ago
What abusers believe.
If you've ever had to deal with an abusive person in your life - like an abusive parent or partner - you've probably wondered what made them treat you that way. If you understand why abuse is happening, the thinking goes, you might be able to figure out how to make it stop. 
So why do abusers do what they do? Do they have anger issues? Drinking problems? Past trauma? Personality disorders? Do they just need to get in touch with their feelings and learn how to communicate better?
Abusive behaviours come from abusive beliefs. Abusers - whether consciously or unconsciously - hold specific beliefs about relationships that drive their behaviour and allow them to justify the horrible things they do. Even if your abuser has never put their beliefs into words, you'll probably recognize a lot of these abusive beliefs:
You are responsible for my emotions. It is never my responsibility to reflect on my emotional reactions or learn better coping skills - it's your responsibility to stop doing things that make me angry or upset.
I must act on my emotions. If I am angry, I am going to lash out. You have no right to criticize me for that, and it's not my responsibility to learn to manage my  emotions - you have to stop making me lash out at you. Asking me not to act on my emotions is controlling and wrong.
You will always be responsible for my emotions. Even if the relationship ends, you will continue to be responsible for my emotions, and I will expect you to continue to prioritize my feelings.
If I have feelings about something, it's my business. If something you do or think causes an emotional reaction in me, then I have a right to get involved or tell you what to do. My feelings must be the priority. You don’t have the right to tell me that it’s none of my business. 
You must judge me on my intentions, not my actions. If I didn't mean to hurt you or scare you, then you don't have the right to be hurt or scared. No one has the right to try to hold me accountable unless I meant to hurt someone.
I get to decide what your intentions were. If you hurt me, you meant to hurt me. If you make me jealous, you meant to make me jealous. Nothing you do is ever accidental or unintended - everything you do is intentional and malicious, even if it was a response to something I did.
My feelings are genuine; your feelings are manipulation. If I'm upset, my feelings are real and important. If you are upset, you have an ulterior motive - you're just trying to be manipulative and get attention or sympathy for yourself.
You have freedoms because I allow you to. Every freedom you have in your life - like wearing what you want - it's because I generously allow it. I expect you to be grateful to me for that. I have the right to take those freedoms away whenever I want, and I expect you to obey.
If you set boundaries with me, you are mistreating me. If you really loved me, you wouldn't set boundaries with me. You are doing this to intentionally hurt me, which means I don't have to respect those boundaries.
You holding me accountable for hurting you is worse than me hurting you. My pain at being called out is worse than your pain at being mistreated. If I feel bad about something I did, I have already been punished enough. You trying to discuss the issue or hold me accountable is just your way of abusing me.
If I apologized for something, you have to forgive me. If the relationship has ended, you have to reconcile with me. You don't get to ask for more time apart or more discussion of the issue - once I've apologized, the matter is closed for good.
The relationship is not over until I say it is over. So long as I want a relationship with you, you must have a relationship with me. Your feelings are irrelevant. Even if we have broken up, you must remain available to me so we can get back together in the future. Not wanting a relationship with me means you are mistreating me or being immature. 
I am the authority in this relationship. I am smarter and more perceptive than you. I know what is best for both of us. My version of events is always the correct one. I have superior judgement, taste and opinions. If you question me or disagree with me after I've given you the correct answer, you are disrespecting and mistreating me, or you are simply immature and incapable of knowing what’s good for you.
I have the right to control you. It is my absolute right to decide what you do and who you associate with. You have no right to disobey me. I am owed obedience and control; if you don’t give me those things, you are wronging me and cheating me out of the relationship I deserve. 
If you resist my control, I am allowed to do whatever I think is necessary to get it back. Once you’ve resisted me, I am justified in whatever I do to regain control of you. I am not responsible for my actions when you resist my control; you forced me to do it, and it’s your own fault. 
I should be your main focus. Everything else in your life comes secondary to me. When you make decisions, my feelings should be your first consideration. You are expected to make sacrifices for me and put me at the center of your life; I am not obligated to do the same for you. 
If I spend money on you or do something for you, you are in debt to me. You spending money on me or doing things for me does not erase your debt to me, and I am never in debt to you. You are indebted to me for as long as I decide. I may decide that your belongings and earnings also belong to me, since I allow you to have them. I may also decide at any time that you owe me for gifts I gave you, even if they were meant to be gifts.
I am not abusive, and you are not allowed to tell me otherwise. I know what abuse is, and real abusers are significantly worse than me. If our relationship has ever had any good times or positive moments, it can’t possibly be abusive. If you accuse me of being abusive, you are the one abusing me, or you have been led astray by bad influences. 
Relationships should be effortless (for me). I am owed a relationship that is peaceful and requires no real effort from me. It is your job to make sure we have that kind of relationship. If there is any tension or conflict in the relationship, it is your fault, and you are depriving me of the relationship I deserve to have. 
Abusers and victims alike often buy into the narrative that abuse is rooted in anger issues - after all, abusers are frequently angry, and anger is an issue that can be treated. But this narrative just isn’t true. Abusers aren’t abusive because they are angry. Abusers are angry because they are abusive. 
A non-abusive partner is not someone who has learned how to control their rage whenever you spend time with your friends or get home 15 minutes late from work. A non-abusive partner just doesn’t feel any rage in those situations. An abuser’s rage is firmly rooted in their beliefs about relationships - they feel entitled to a relationship that meets their impossible expectations, and when they inevitably don’t get it, they bubble over with fury. Whether they know it or not, they have firmly entrenched beliefs about how relationships should be, and those beliefs are at the heart of their abuse. 
Can abusers stop believing these things? Maybe. If they can acknowledge that they have these beliefs, accept that these beliefs are dangerous and unreasonable and let go of these beliefs, maybe it’s possible for them to no longer be abusive in the future. Maybe. But it’s not your job to hang around and find out. If you’re in an abusive relationship of any kind, you deserve better. There are many people in this world who don’t hold abusive views of relationships, and you deserve to find happiness with them. 
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defiantsuggestions · 7 months ago
It's important to remember that, no matter what you were told growing up or whatever someone might be trying to convince you now, fighting is not a normal part of any relationship.
Differences in opinions are normal. Bad days are normal. Moments where you're irritated and tired and want space are normal. Having to sit down and talk something out is normal.
Shouting matches, insults, threats, arguments that last for hours, passive agression, purposely trying to hurt one another, these things are NOT normal or healthy.
This goes for every relationship. Family, romance, friends, peers, there is no kind of relationship where trying to tear the other person apart is okay.
Abusers will swear to you that it's impossible to have a relationship without blowing up at each other on the regular.
They are wrong.
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motherfucker00 · 3 months ago
Manipulation is when they blame you for your reaction to their disrespect
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wholeheartedsuggestions · 4 months ago
you don’t owe anything to the toxic people in your life. even if you love them. even if they’re family. but you owe it to yourself to stand up for your own well-being.
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bebravesunflower · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
He’s back at it with the toxic bs cause his family is here. Idk why but, everytime they’re here, he treats me even worse. He always mocks me and throws me under the bus. I just feel so fucking empty. Oh well. Here’s a makeup free chunky pic of me lol.
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bluest-fluff · 3 months ago
You can grieve for the ones you had to leave behind, but be sure to acknowledge how strong you were for protecting your peace when they wouldn't.
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truethoughts · 3 months ago
“I notice everything. I mean everything. I noticed when the way someone talks to me starts changing. I notice the little things that people do, and the little things they used to do. I noticed every single little detail…”
and it’s fucking overwhelming
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luvshiba · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝕱𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖚𝖗𝖊𝖘: Toji fushiguro.
𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖘: pussy spanking. cock-warming. size-kink. Toxic-fucking. Tw. fingering and overestimation. Body-praising. pet-names and role-play.
𝖕𝖗𝖔𝖒𝖕𝖙: Not made for Kinktober Event.
Tumblr media
“What a slut…” His words were poison to your eardrums. As much as you loved it, the shivers and sparks of frosted pain yet pleasure rode up and down your spinal cord as Toji held your body down with all of his mass.
You could barely think let alone breathe, such a feeling between your legs sent aroma through your nervous system and blood stream. This man had used all of his momentum in holding your small orientation down under him. His shirtless smooth torso gave off beast-like fumes.
While the cock that ran through your flaps up your clit and down, making sure not to enter your body. It was like smooth lathering for your woman hood.
Your pussy’s erotic fluid that splurged out like a faucet was a replacement for lotion.
“It hurts!” you fluttered at your words or satisfaction.
“Shh….What did we talk're gonna take my sperm and then I'm gonna give you what you want. Remember?..” You failed to answer his question. His arms holding your neck down with blood lust veins to paint its canvas. His hair glossy like obsidian as sweat ran down his chest and jawline. The sharp veins and thickness of his manhood ran on the surface of your cunt just to play it safe.
But the speed and force of his waist made it even more satanic when plunging up and down the north and south compass of your pussy. It was like fast spurts of warm water being poured between the two of your sexual organs.
He stopped for a moment, noticing you had not responded to his question or desire for conversation. His emerald eyes had fallen in coordination with yours. Your iris like glass at the bottom of the ocean seabed. Almost brought to tears feeling the man handling pain your body was filled with.
He didn’t look like one to give empathy. As a coward, He looked down with an evil grunting smirk as he backed his waist at a point. Aiming his tip in adaptation with your hole, his cock throbbing to enter the valley of unknown rivers. He asked you one more time. “Remember?” His voice was deeper than before. Satan had finally made his way to earth in the form of a grown man.
But how familiar. Toji fushiguro with such devilish handsomeness, why wouldn’t this be a sign of Lucifer himself. He wanted to make you his one and only, his empress, his wife, His queen of 𝖍𝖊𝖑𝖑.
You nodded slowly, his eyes watching you. He smiled, like a demon casting a shadow in the corner of the room. He kept a smile painted on his face of ivory, just before plunging into you while keeping eyes unlocked. You squealed, almost bleeding from your lips as you felt a shock through your flesh. Toji had dug into the deepest parts of your womb with no patients nor warning. His eyes locked on yours as you fluttered and flinched in pain.
But his arms keeping you in bond was more than enough.
He didn’t move.
“Take it...yes...Squirt, squirt on my cock…” His whispers made you fall more in love with such a devil man. Passion to please him was all you wanted. Be handed so roughly yet pleasurable by a larger male. Much older and more defined then you were was a kink unlocked in your archive at this moment.
No movement, just rock hard and stone still. He stayed plated in your vagina like he had taken refuge in its flesh. It was warm, so smooth. “I just wanna invest in this pussy….” He said, his eyes closing slowly as he felt like rolling back the iris plated in his eye sockets.
“Toji pull- move or something please..!” Your mumbles made him even more humble. “As you wish baby…” A mistake, clearly one you shouldn’t have made.
Toji had slowly run backwards, pulling everything with it as your insides closed in for the man. Then spreading out once again as he ran his dad cock through your holes residence.
He finally let go of your neck's bondage, running his large fingers down your body like soap. He stopped at your waist. His hands holding them as if you were plated like a doll. Plastic, perfect. He felt like blushing at such a feeling, Your whole clutching at his dick for more.
As you cried and wailed, wimping for more or less of the godly cock that had been placed in your stomach.
Toji had taken one hand to your pussy, one large slap and you launched. Screaming, he flinched. A bit startled, he glared at you. “Why did you scream bitch?...” pushing more into you it was a-
𝕯𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍 𝖜𝖎𝖘𝖍.
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complexgods · a month ago
manipulative kuroo who starts taking advantage of the smartest most innocent kid in class. it goes from going to school every day to kuroo isolating him in his house. telling him the outside is “so bad for you”. he tells his puppy to behave by making him suck him off or forcefully taking his virginity. but at the end of it, it always ends in kuroo holding y/n and treating him likes he’s dumb and can’t handle the real world.
MANIPULATIVE KUROO MAKES ME GO BATSHIT INSANE. (also I put this in college setting idk if you meant high school or college but I’m extremely uncomfortable writing for high school settings)
Warnings: m!reader, manipulation, toxic relationships, dark content, use of the word “puppy” and “good boy”. Spitting. Slight dumbification. minors and fem readers please dni
Kuroo knows you have a little crush on him. It’s pathetic. He lets you know as much every other day you hang out, making you feel bad for being inexperienced, for being innocent. He promises you he’d help you out, but that soon turns to him turning you away from your friends, making sure you are his and only his. He keeps you nice in his dorm after your classes, ensuring you that he will reward you if you’re a good boy.
If you were good and do as you’re told he’ll unbuckle his pants and shove his length down your throat, groaning at how your mouth feels. He never helps you get off, and if you complain he’d fuck your throat again. One night though, you were exceptionally good and he decided to reward you.
“You’ve been so good waiting for me tonight baby boy” He coos as he undresses you, reaching for the full bottle of lube next to his bed.
“You waited so long for me today, safely inside away from all those horrible people that just have it out to hurt you, huh?”
You could only weakly nod in response, bucking your hips into his touch as a lubed up finger circled your tight little hole.
“Gonna give me what I want, won’t you?” You nod again. “Atta boy. Open up.”
You open your mouth as you’re told, and without warning, he harshly spits in it.
“Good fucking boy.” He growls before sliding a finger in, eliciting the sweetest whimpers from you. You knew better than to be too loud.
“Come on, baby, doesn’t it feel good?” He asks, pouting.
“It does, it fe-eels really goo-d” you say, stuttering as Kuroo enters a second finger.
“Good boy.” He praises again, and your own cock twitches at the praise.
“Now, are you going to be good and let me use you however I want? After all, you’re too dumb to know what you want, isn’t that right Puppy? I know what’s best for you, don’t I?”
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