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#toy story 2

Toy Story 2 (1999) - Screencap #13265

I love their expressions in this. Is it me or does it look like the Dreamworks Madagascar pose? XD

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You never forget kids like Emily or Andy but they forget you…

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Big jump for tiny toy
‘Toy Story 2′

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We watch animated films differently today because of John Lasseter who turns 62 today. A few films from the beginning:

  1. Toy Story (1995). Lasseter was an animator at Disney when he began to get interested in computer effects from movies like 1982’s Tron and started making noises about using them in animation, a move that got him fired. He moved to Lucasfilms animated division (later renamed Pixar) made a few shorts with his new technique (One of which, “Tin Toy” won an Oscar) and in 1995 produced a feature about a ivalry between two toys (voiced by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen) that brought computer animation into the mainstream with a sharp sense of movement (especially Woody and the army men) brilliant writing (the script team included Joss Whedon and Joel Coen) and a perfect combination of visual with and just-sentimental-enough nostalgia. 
  2. A Bug’s Life (1998). One of the great virtues of animation is it’s ability to show other worlds, and this story about bugs enslaved by grasshoppers until an accident-prone inventor (Dave Foley) and some “flea” circus performers upend things created an epic microcosm and an adventure story that borrows liberally from The Seven Samurai, Three Amigos and Metropolis (it ends with a proletarian revolt). And if you have a fear of birds this film might stoke it even more than The Birds.
  3. Toy Story 2 (1999). The fundamental theme of Toy Story is the relation of toys to children who love them until they grow up and put childish things away (which evokes primal separation fears of both parents and kids). There are echoes of “The Velveteen Rabbit” (Woody spends a good chunk of the movie with his arms torn off) as the cowboy is stolen by a collector and has to choose eternity in a toy museum with the other toys of his “set” including a Jessie, a cowgirl doll (Joan Cusack, with Sarah McLachlan singing the plaintive “When She Loved Me”) or a short happy life. It’s also really funny. The Buzz Lightyear/Doctor Zurg fight is hilarious.
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Me after playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for 5 days straight:

Arthur’s roundup

He’s the stupid best

He’s the rootinest tootinest cowboy in the wild wild west

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“Run like the wind, Bullseye!”

FULL NAME: Benjamin “Bullseye” Short
BASED ON: Bullseye (Toy Story 2)
FACE CLAIM: Up-to-Player
PRONOUNS: Up-to-Player
BIRTHDAY:  Up-to-Player
SEXUALITY: Up-to-Player

Character Information

  • Lived on a homestead during the Wild West era with his parents, but an accident left him an orphan
  • When times turned tough, he joined a gang of outlaws and Bullseye found the family he’d longed for
  • When the leader convinced the whole gang to turn into vampires, Bullseye jumped at the chance to be together with his family forever
  • But years later, he regretted the decision… 
  • After a disastrous argument, the coven has splintered… Bullseye finds himself in Swynlake

✓  Loyal, good-hearted, playful 

✖  Shy, dim, easily led astray 

Character Suggestions


Current Relationships


Possible Relationships

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Magical Abilities


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