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a collection of bootleg pokemon figurines, and a closer look at a few of my favorites and two not-pokemon (i have no idea what they are, digimon maybe?) from wish probably, they were a gift


the graveler is actually pretty decent quality all things considered

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6:06 AM

Going to uni today.

Worked on a 3D model for the background yesterday.

Not perfect but still good.

Got MP Ironhide! Gotta say MP figures just feel different from other figures.

I opened the box and put him back in. Gonna wait before I display him.

Have him on my desk now along with Leader Class Shockwave who’s also still in the box.

Should serve as good motivation.

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Who’s up for some wholesome (and slightly bittersweet) headcanons about Kaito’s childhood toys? Plus Maki’s and Shuichi’s a little bit, too.

See, while I wasn’t quite this kind of kid myself, I know that some kids took their toys Extremely Seriously and came up with imaginative, elaborate stories with them in which they were CHARACTERS who went on ADVENTURES and were AWESOME. And if anybody would absolutely have been that kind of kid, it’s Kaito.

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