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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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Legend of zelda nsfw preferences (more hcs and stuff) - twilight

  • Twilight can get 100 % love feral or any type of relationship feral and will attack you with whatever type of feral he is at that time.
  • He can be agressive but mostly he is strong (in my opinion his grip on you will be the hardest to break along with deity’s)
  • Overprotective normally for good and a bit bad reasons it just depends on the situation
  • He can get easily feral once he fully turned on
  • Tries not to make any contact with blood on you but if he does there will be 100% chance that you will not be able to escape until he’s completely done going crazy on you,it also depends which area he’s doing it at on you.
  • He’s one of those agressive dom types but it’s a fair chance about it
  • Like I said he is a dom and mostly 98 percent dom. But for sure he isn’t a soft dom at all
  • He’s the one that will mostly likely to try make you stay for however long and will mostly proceed/make it work so yeah it will work
  • He’s the one that Normally doesn’t give up because he’s also almost a serious type of a dom
  • He does his best to make you enjoy every bit of your stay either by pleasure in some type of way or something more enjoyable for you that you like to make you stay.
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Sometimes it just feels like I could disappear and nobody would even notice or care.

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i’m so happy that charlie was able to get julie and the phantoms. because the fact that he said he had more than a foot out the door of acting/hollywood makes me sad. he’s so young and has so much talent and charisma and you can see how passionate he is about performing. it would be a true waste of talent and shame for the world to not get to experience him doing exactly that.

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One more day and I’ll be a week sober :o

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This bouta be so gay, sanster week day 1 babeyyyyy

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i do hate that ms daneel is known for being jackles’ wife bc in MY HEART she will always be slutty (affectionate) rachel from one tree hill 💖

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whenever ted raimi makes even the smallest cameo in something i have this reaction every single time

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****************************18+ ONLY. MINORS DNI.****************************

—> 18F. Pansexual. Polyamorous. Submissive. Little.

—> Yes that is me in the icon. But I am no longer posting pictures of myself. That only seems to fuel the barrage of dick pics I get. Stop sending them.

—> I am not looking for a Daddy or Dom here. Please don’t ask to be.

—> I do like talking to people but I will no longer be answering any messages in the tumblr msg app. If you have questions or would like to talk, please send an ask.

—> I reblog what I like and what turns me on. CNC is prevalent here, so fair warning for that.

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I’m extremely high . Neither of these are real feet

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Getting mad again thinking about how dean beat Sam up to the point of breaking bones when he said he needed help while being soulless… I hate that man

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“yeah fix on, im giving you my invitation, eyes on me, pay your attention” rent free

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wanna rec me nice feel good movies 😋

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i may or may not have finally provided an idea that had even addy going UH, K8, ARE YOU OKAY 😔✊

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サンスターウィークポストの日本語訳です!!  どうもありがとう@\UpaUt66G!!! 💖💖💖

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sometimes it feels like i log in just to write stupid text posts and delete them immediately after posting them

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