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My parents level of boomer: I was up a little late late talking to friends on zoom and I texted my parents that I love and miss them and just woke up to both of them asking if I was okay…

I’m fine I just do have feelings you cunts

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we were talking about george floyd and everything that’s been happening in america yesterday and we (me, my mom & my brother) all called my dad out on his bullshit and now he’s mad at us lmao

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i get that it’s not about celebs and we shouldn’t rely on celebs to do anything but the fact that the stranger things kids have been copping more shit for doing nothing than harry styles and other like 20+yr old celebs who’ve been profiting off being an ‘activist’ for years is fucking disgraceful 

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So happy that Jaida Essence Hall won, truly amazing and well rounded queen 👑

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I started ATLA again… finished book 1 and now I’m rewatching it with my dad and he’s enjoying it too which makes me so happy. I also got my best friend - who had never seen it before either to watch it too! She got me into Friends so I’m introducing her to Avatar lol plus she’s started listening to the first hp book so it’s just nice to see her join my fave fandoms

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It makes me really upset that in movies and TV, nobody ever makes a typo. Like the amount of times I’ve made 5 typos in a row while googling something is insane. Yet on TV everybody alway types up everything perfectly.

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