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Okay but jono steel but make it a sitcom where Juno the PI has his ghost brother helping solve crimes like in randall and hopkirk deceased just imagine Juno and ben working on a crime like…


(yes I’m aware no ones gonna know about this show but like if u wanna hear more about this I’d be more than happy to talk about this old sit com and how well it would fit with the Juno verse!!)

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you know what would be a cool trend? if more podcasts, instead of just releasing transcripts, released subtitled videos. (not that there needs to be anything actually in the video, just slap the logo in there or whatever). transcripts are nice to follow along to but you have to scroll the whole time to keep up, which means you can’t do anything else while listening—and if you’re like me, you can’t pay much attention unless you’re also doing something else. with subtitles they match up to the moment automatically

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in which: yasmin swift is a dashing knight in chainmail armor who has previously been described as both “heroic” and “prettyyyy,,” + rita is a damsel in distress whose favorite past time is swooning in the arms of knights such as yasmin swift (historical au for day two of @penumbrawlwweek! added bonus of a tiny rita, daydreaming the whole thing)

[image description: a watercolor painting of yasmin swift and rita from the penumbra podcast. yasmin is dressed in silver armor. she has tan skin, covered in scrapes and cuts, and long brown hair that sticks out through her chainmail. she is looking down and winking at rita, who has darker skin and is swooning in yasmin’s arms. rita is wearing a long, flowing pink floral princess dress and a crown with flowers positioned carefully in her bright reddish orange hair. there are flames surrounding the two women and rita is calling out “oh yasminnnn,” which appears in a yellow speech bubble over her head. a second image accompanies this painting and shows rita sketched in pencil. she has major heart eyes and there is a thought bubble above her with a sword-wielding yasmin swift inside of it. someone is calling rita’s name from in the distance, but she is very obviously not paying attention / end image description]

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The Penumbra Podcast 1.09+1.10: Second Citadel - The Head of The Janus Beast (Part 1 + 2)

It’s once again fairly late but I’ve been enjoying tpp a lot today and just really felt like continuing!

Live notes:


5 seconds into this episode and I decided to pull up transcripts because I was already struggling with the first name thrown at me


I love this kinda medieval/fantasy setting!

I already love their banter!

Marc is hilarious

Why is the Janus beast so disturbing to me?!?!? Something about the way it talks just makes me uncomfortable

Sir Caroline to the rescue!

As soon as she showed up to fight my gay ass just went: girl + swords = hot

I am really enjoying this immensly for some reason and I’m so glad this is a two-part episode!!!

This episode really flies by

Talfryn please don’t let yourself be convinced!!! Noooo! It’s so obviously a trap!!


Wait, can Marc really talk to Dampierre?

Or not?

A really compehensible fight scene!

Oh come on Sir Caroline! Really?

Oh gosh Talfryn is so cute!


Out of all the not-Juno episodes I think I enjoyed this one the most! It could be because I’m a sucker for knights and fantasy/medievel settings but the banter between the characters was just so great! Somehow, all 3 of them were characterized so well immediately and I would probably love to hear a whole podcast just about them!

When I saw that the Part 2 of this “arc” (?) was only 14 minutes long I got really disappointed because I just wanted so much more from them! All of their struggles, that we only got to know of a little but still, they seemed so real and their interactions felt realistic in how much they revealed about themselves.

God, I love Juno and his story as much as any sane person but these short inerludes are really getting to me, too and I’m just praying for them to somehow return or at least continue to give fantastic and short stories I’d feel comfortable to show my friends when introducing them to podcasts!

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Day two: Historical/Western

okay so technically this was supposed to be an au drawing but i read western, and Coyote of the Painted Plains brainrot kicked in so,,,, take some Maryanne x Chase

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