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I THINK CONSTANTLY about the fact that baji wasn't stupid. He just wasn't academically gifted, but it was because he wasn't academically gifted that he therefore felt he "wanted to be able to do something by himself" because he felt as if he had always been someone who relied on others but wanted to show that he was as capable as they were in protecting people. And then he died because of it.
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schrödinger in love
pairing: shinichiro sano x gn! desi reader (ok its literally a selfship)
cw: hurt-comfort, insecurity, late night rumination, innapropriate applications of schrodinger’s experiment, shah rukh khan and ddlj references, not alot of dialogue but the amount of face touching is sure to make up for it -.-
wc: 2.9k
Tumblr media
so the cat’s a zombie?
it’s late, deep into the quiet hours of a cold january night that this profound revelation enters the world, hushed words rolling off his tongue shrouded in a cloud of mist. it’s reminiscent of the smoke that often leaves his lips, but tonight it doesnt smell of nicotine,
he smells like spearmint
and it would be comical if not for the pure sincerity painted across his features once he turns to face you, eyebrows drawn together, cheeks and nose nipped red by the frosty air. his dark eyes are blown wide in epiphany, glinting under the lights that hang above your heads, a canopy strung between the trees lining either side of the sidewalk you make your way down. 
you said its both alive and dead before the box is opened… he continues after seeing your eyebrow quirk in amusement, a smile mirroring yours pulling on his cheeks as he leans into the space between your bodies
thats a fucking zombie
he looks down at your hands, fingers stretching to nestle between yours before he pulls them into the warmth of his coat pocket. the rest of the journey is spent in comfortable silence, the two of you taking in the sight of the snow as it flurries down, coating the world in a smooth layer of white that seems to shimmer and sparkle under the streetlights as you make your way home. you and shin are no exception to the snow’s conquest, and soon his messy raven strands find themselves dusted in the frost that continues its indiscriminate descent, that cling to thick eyelashes before falling down to melt against the warmth of his skin. 
the lights are beautiful tonight, a kaleidoscope-like reflection of yellow and white dancing around in the deep brown of his eyes when he looks up at them. your own shoot down to watch the ground, attention diverted to synchronizing your feet with his once you feel a tightness grow in your chest. you feel your skin grow a little warmer, heat rushing to your cheeks and neck and you wonder how the view must be through his eyes.
you wonder why the world seems so much more enchanting with him.
a warm bath later and the two of you lay side by side under the covers of your shared bed. the quietness of the room filled with shinichiro’s slow breaths you try your best to match, but the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest against your back fails to lull you to sleep. the once comforting arm he has draped around your waist now seems almost suffocating as your mind begins to race and your body finds itself wrapped in the familiar vines of insecurity.
schrodinger’s cat
that was the topic of your conversation earlier on that night. one that started off as an attempt at explaining quantum theory, quickly devolving into you trying your best to clarify to your boyfriend that no, it does not serve as proof for the existence of zombies, much to his dismay. 
until they are observed, quantum particles exist in all forms, in every possible state of being. now imagine a cat in a box, one containing a vial of toxin that has a 50/50 chance of breaking and spreading, leaving there to be 2 outcomes. 2 possible states that exist simultaneously before you observe the cat, and until that lid is lifted and it is forced to assume a single form, it will exist as such. both alive and dead 
it’s stupid. 
and in the true fashion of a chronic overthinker, it got you thinking of your relationship.
how long will it last? this spell that's been cast over him, that's lured a man like him to you in all your unworthiness. feelings of inferiority make their way to the surface, tightening around you as you ruminate over just how stark the differences between you are. his drive against your caution, his charisma against your diffidence. 
truth be told, it's hard to marinate in these sentiments when he holds you so tenderly, when every time his gaze lands on yours it's brimming with a fondness that sends your heart racing. you should feel comforted, take that as reassurance enough, but you remain uneasy.
for it's only a matter of time before the cat succumbs to the poison. 
love has always been a fickle thing to you. delicate. malleable. no matter how hard or how deep one may fall, there is nothing that can prevent the fray. the agonizing drift apart as you fall out of love, a single domino falling to begin the cascade as foundations once solid begin to crumble beneath your feet. 
but when will it happen? when the spark dims just the slightest, the flame sputters the tiniest bit, when the first signs begin to show, setting the end in motion and all you can do is wait. pray to whatever higher being that it survives the night.
that he loses the 50/50 chance of waking up with a heart that loves you less than it did the night before.
it’s terrifying 
his arm feels heavy, a chain anchoring you in place with your spiralling thoughts, breaths coming out quick and shallow as darkness begins to creep in. the silver glow of your bedroom dimming with the shadows that crowd your vision and it's just too much. the beating of your heart’s too loud, echoing in your ears and throat. stranded in the deep waters of your lonesome, the only thing you can do is turn. reach out to face the one source of light in this abyss.
he looks so peaceful.
a total contrast to the turmoil you feel bubbling within you, but it's starting to dissipate now, reducing to a simmer the longer your gaze rests on him. on the smooth arch of his brows, the messy strands of hair he always forgets to trim, on the nose he loves to rub against yours after kissing you while he laughs against your mouth. you watch the parting of his lips breathing in and out, resting your forehead on his as your erratic breathing starts to come back down with every matched inhale and exhale. eventually, the pounding in your ears dissolves and leaves nothing but the two of you in the silence of a world gone to sleep.
what are you dreaming of? you whisper
have you been thinking of us too?
you wish you could just shrink and crawl inside him, inhabit his mind and view the world through the lens of his person. how would it all look through the eyes of someone like him? free of the bothersome thoughts, the unrealistic worries that plague you so. 
the skies must be bluer, the sun brighter in this world varnished with an elusive magic you can never seem to grasp. but alas, you must wait.
you must wait until he groans into his pillow, knuckles rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and the lid is lifted to see what has become of the cat within. you stand hand in hand at a fork in the road, waiting to determine which path to walk down while all possible existences of your relationship continue to thrive behind his sleeping form, sheltered away from your desperate eyes. and as seconds tick into minutes that bleed into hours, you lie in wait to see whether it will live another day or find itself morphing into a love that has run its course. 
you wonder what state your relationship will be in once the morning comes.
and come it does, as it always has. the birds begin to sing and silver turns to gold as his eyelids flutter open, fighting away the dreams that still cling on, beckoning them to stay closed just a little while longer. it's as if time has stood still in that moment; when they finally open to meet yours frantically searching for an answer.  
will his gaze be colder than it was last?
but the only thing you find is the reflection of your own sleep deprived self filling his eyes as the arm around you tightens to pull you in close. lips find purchase on your skin, pressing soft kisses against it in between murmurs of good morning, a trail of warmth drawn from your forehead down to your neck. he's the sun, and you're a flower in bloom, petals opening up to soak him in, the light you spend your nights yearning for and your days chasing. and in this moment of bliss, youre overcome with the relief that fraying or not, he is here
and he’s holding you in his arms
sleep well?
you weren't even given a chance to respond, large hands moving to cup your face while the calloused pads of his thumbs gently stroke the area below your irritated eyes. the softness of his gaze makes the breath hitch in your throat as you watch it drift all over to take in the sight of you, eyebrows furrowing the longer he stares. never had you anticipated life with shinichiro to have so many of these moments, quiet ones where he just holds you. frankly, you were expecting to be bombarded with his energy and clinginess most hours of the day, with the endless pleads that had you locking things away even more as the desires of his direct nature clashed with your guarded self. 
but it's in this silence that you feel the most heard, laying in the dark with him when you feel seen. wordless exchanges and stolen glances, even the slightest changes fail to escape him. 
shinichiro sano is an observant man, 
and you're trying your best.
so he picks up on all these hints, the trail of breadcrumbs you leave for him as you make your own way to understanding the complexities of your emotions.
it isn't possible for anyone to know you the way he does
he moves without hesitation, a hand reaching out to pull you into his chest, the smell of fabric softener enveloping you as the other runs across your body in soothing motions. up and down your waist and arms, drawing patterns and writing words on your back before he feels the first drops begin to soak through his shirt. he takes action when you can't, when youre stuck trying to work through all possible scenarios and determine the best possible course of action. minimizing risk, it's what youve always done.
oh the irony
i love you…  so much it scares me, 
its scratchy, vulnerability clawing its way out of you, escaping all subconscious attempts at keeping it away, hidden out of sight.
i dont want this to ever end 
the confession has you burying your face even deeper into his chest, embarrassment and relief flooding you simultaneously and the tears continue to fall in a steady streams. 
dont leave me, though i know it must be annoying 
even if im pathetic ,, please dont go away 
i'm not going anywhere, he whispers into your hair, arms tightening around you, cradling you closer into him. shin’s quick to act in all the ways youre reserved, deducing that in times like this his actions speak louder than words. 
and the tightness of his grip, the way he presses kisses into your hair … they speak volumes. 
his hand moves from the back of your head down to yours, gently moving to free his shirt from your grasp. he slides his palm right up against it, aligning both of your fingers together before curling into the spaces between them, clasping your hand in his. 
you really have the softest hands yknow
he brings it up to his lips, placing a kiss on your knuckles before guiding your palm to his face 
might just fall back asleep like this 
you smile softly, rubbing your knuckles against his skin, over his cheekbones down his jaw, fingertips gently pushing away his bangs. you trace over his brows, his eyelids, down the slope of his nose and over his grooves in his slightly chapped lips before returning to his cheek. sleepy eyes watch you the entire time while you try your best to avoid them, heat creeping up your neck at the way they stay locked on you. you remain like this for a few minutes, mindlessly stroking his face, examining every feature, every aspect of this enigma that has ensnared your heart.
you finally draw enough courage to meet his eyes, only to be caught by surprise at the sudden solemn expression on his face, leaving you to wonder what could have possibly led to this sudden change in demeanor 
his expression remains stoic, an unreadable gaze flitting between your eyes before he grabs the hand you have resting on his face and places it over his chest. and you feel it faintly, the steady thumping of a heart below your palm like raindrops pattering against a window. like a hummingbird batting its wings,  how strange it is to have it confined in such a small space. he gives your wrist a light squeeze before bringing his other hand up to hold you, his thumb resting on your bottom lip. you're scared to breathe, watching in anticipation as he closes his eyes, inhaling deeply before finally letting slip what's been on his mind
tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam
oh my god-
Is he fucking serious?
pyaar hota hai deewana sanam
youre stunned silent, unable to do anything but stare at him, mouth agape and eyes so wide they threaten to escape your skull, trying to make sure that youre seeing this right, that this isnt some sort of exhaustion induced delusion. it takes a minute to settle in, the sheer absurdity and unexpectedness of the situation hitting you as shin’s melodious voice replays in your head, and you wonder what to be more surprised at. the fact that he just tried to serenade you with a bollywood song or his impeccable pronunciation?
hes looking at you the same way he did on the walk, with bright eyes and a proud smile, like hes got all the answers and there’s nothing he cant resolve
zombie cats and shah rukh khan, huh?
and you start to laugh, all the emotions of the night pushed away to the back of your mind. the anxiety and insecurity, the confusion, the paranoia, all of it disappearing with a single verse and a smile that urges you to trust him, that no matter what happens, you’ll figure it out
what? he chuckles with you, was i off key? 
hold on i have more, he clears his throat before continuing, 
ab yaahan se kahan jaaye hum
he throws his head back, hand on his forehead in a pose akin to one of pure distress, voice dripping in melodrama that does nothing to stop your giggling. of course he adored bollywood movies, this theatrical man… 
and oh how you adored him
teri baahon mein marjaye hum you squeal, completing the chorus as your hands creep their way under his shirt to terrorize him. the cold of your fingers against his torso causing him to yelp loudly, his attempts to push you off in vain once you wrap your legs around him, clinging to him like a koala to a tree. 
the tears that ran down your face earlier continue to do so, but this time they're accompanied by an ache in your cheeks and a stitch in your side as laughter and pleads of “stop” echo around the room. his skin’s so hot, you feel your icy hands thaw the longer they stay on him, and its like that heat rushes straight up to your face once you hear it. the deep raspiness of his laugh brought on by the early hours of the morning. it makes your body tingle.
and there it is again, that comforting quiet falling over the two of you once the laughter dies down and all that's left are lovesick gazes and dopey smiles as your eyelids begin to droop. 
its like spring came early 
shin reaches out to thumb away the streaks left by your tears, heart fluttering at the sight of you nuzzling deeper into his palm. he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear before pressing a long kiss to your brow, one that has your eyes closing, fortress eroding as you finally allow yourself to give in. 
you were right about the view being more beautiful through his eyes
if only you could crawl inside his mind and see. see the radiance that descends upon the world whenever you enter his sight, the breeze that ruffles his hair and tickles his skin when he hears your voice. how the birds’ songs sound sweeter and the scent of you that lingers, fresh and delicate like rosewater
but you cant
so he holds you, he plays with your hair and recounts his favourite stories, of first meetings and shy confessions. of drunken antics and dancing in the rain. he pours his heart out in hushed murmurs while you wait for sleep to draw you into her embrace.
and as the street cats begin to meow outside your window and the warmth of the morning sun kisses your face, you lay in your lover’s arms and dream 
of felines and glowing fields of mustard blossoms
Tumblr media
here’s the translation for the lyrics <3
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COVER || Yoani Press 2023
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It's come to my attention that you don't know who I am. I am Hela. Odin's firstborn. Commander of the legions of Asgard. The rightful heir to the throne and the Goddess of Death.
THOR: RAGNAROK (2017) dir. Taika Waititi
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'how many hairstyles for mitsuya?'
ken wakui: yes
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Tumblr media
i love you chifuyu
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Tumblr media
How the TR Men Eat Your Pussy
Tumblr media
Rating: 18+ (Minors can fuck off this post and my blog)
Characters: Baji, Chifuyu, Draken, Hakkai, Hanma, Mikey, Mitsuya, Rindou, Taiju, Takemichi
TW: fem reader, lots of oral sex (fem receiving), throat fucking, face sitting, some instances of mean dom (Hanma, Rindou, Taiju), overstimulation, dom men and sub reader (though not explicit about it), use of a vibrator (Draken), biting, marking, one instance of a finger in your ass (Baji), getting pussy drunk, not edited because I wanna post it so I’ll edit it later lol
Tumblr media
Baji eats you out for his pleasure. He’ll look at you, a devilish look in his eye as he puts his hairband between his teeth, fangs glinting in the dim light as he smirks, and he’ll pull his hair up into a ponytail. Once his hair goes up, you’re in for in. Baji’s barking orders at you, telling you to strip and ripping off your clothes when you don’t do it fast enough. You always take too long for him. When he wants you, he wants you now. Once you’re naked, he’s biting and sucking any part of you he can reach and tossing you onto his bed, ordering you to get on all fours and stick your ass in the air for him. Once you do that, he’s feral. Baji goes down on you from behind. He smacks your ass, spreading your cheeks roughly as he swipes his tongue up and down your slit. He’s rough, sucking hard on your clit before nipping softly at it, his fangs ghosting over the sensitive bud. He laps at your cunt, tongue sliding inside you as his fingers squeeze bruises into your ass as he grips it tight. Every time he sucks on your clit, his nose nudges at your entrance and he growls into your pussy at how delicious you taste. Baji’s doing everything he can to make you cum, and not only cum, he wants you to make a mess and squirt for him. Nothing makes him harder than seeing you lose control because of him. As he dips two fingers inside your cunt and sucks on your clit, pulling away every so often to flick his tongue over it and tease, he dips a finger from his other hand past the tight ring of muscle that is your ass. Between his lips sucking your clit, the two long fingers curling deliciously against the walls of your pussy, and the thick finger pressing into your ass, you do just as Baji wishes and cum with a gush of liquid all over the bed and his face. He pulls away and shoves you down to the bed, rolling you over and straddling you, kissing you so you can taste his accomplishment. He reaches his hand down to pat your pussy and says, “Good job.” Five minutes later, he’s intent on making you squirt again but this time, around his cock.
Chifuyu wants you to sit on his face. He’s so eager, so excited to make you feel good. He lays down on the bed, with only his boxers covering him and his cock tenting the fabric, and you can’t help but giggle at the way he’s whining for you to climb up his body and sit on his face. As you do so, tentatively placing your legs on either side of his neck and slowly lowering yourself, careful not to crush him, his impatience grows. He grabs your ass, smacking it playfully before he squeezes each cheek and pulls you hard down onto his face. You try to ease back up, but he only grips your ass tighter, forcing your hips to rock on his face, fingertips bruising your flesh as his tongue slides up and down your folds smoothly. His eagerness to have you sitting on his face translates to how his mouth attacks you. He’s biting at your slit, nibbling on the flesh around where you so desperately want his tongue, and then he’s suctioning his mouth around you, sucking hard and making you arch, grinding down on his face unintentionally. He whines when you do so, loving the way you are using him to chase your high with his help. He always does that thing where he shakes his head under you, his tongue sliding across your clit as you groan even louder, the friction delicious and adding to the building ball of pleasure in your gut. As he helps you move your hips, releasing his grip on your ass only to smack, his tongue finds your entrance and he grasps the sides of your hips and pulls you down on his tongue, allowing it to penetrate you as his nose nudges and grinds against your clit. That’s all it takes for you to finally cum, creaming around his tongue with a cry of his name as you grind, crushing him beneath your thighs as he sighs happily and laps up your release. When he releases his vice grip on your hips, you practically fall off him, laying next to him and breathing heavy. The best part is the absolute look of joy on his messy face as he stares at you, fucked out from the pleasure he gave you. Of course he’s not done, he’s only getting started.
Draken likes to use toys. He is the king of making you cum from his actions alone, but there’s just something about adding a vibrator when he’s going down on you that makes him hard as a rock. He grew up in a brothel after all and he heard plenty of tips from the women there, not to mention that they were more than happy to teach him the best ways to pleasure women. He’s teasing, loving to build up so that when you cum, you see stars and have the most mind blowing orgasms. He’ll have you on your back and he’ll work his way down your body, starting at your lips and trailing them across your breasts. He’ll mark your skin with his mouth, loving how you look littered in marks for him. After all, you belong to him. When he settles himself between your legs, laying on his stomach between your spread thighs, he can’t help but look up at you with a smirk. He’ll get commanding, ordering you to grab your legs behind your knees and keep yourself spread open for him as he begins to lap at your slit. He tells you, “Keep your eyes on me and don’t you dare close the or look away. I want you to watch me make you cum.” After a few moments, he’ll pull out the small vibrator and tease you, rubbing it around your pussy but not putting it anywhere near your clit. He waits, wants you crying and begging for him because fuck, you sound so good when you beg. He finally gives you what you want, sliding the little bullet vibrator between your folds and resting it on your clit, chuckling darkly when your whole body twitches from the pleasure. He leaves it there as he basically makes out with your pussy, sloppy kisses pressed to your entrance and his tongue prodding and sucking at your tight little hole. Sometimes he’ll move the vibrator, pressing just the tip inside you and smirking when you arch off the bed and accidentally let go of your knees. He reminds you that good girls do as they’re told and you grab your knees just in time for him to increase the setting on the toy to max, placing the vibrator next to your clit while he sucks on it, two fingers pushing inside you without warning. You cum with a scream of his name, spasming around his fingers and soaking them, your back arching off the bed and your eyes locked on his as he sucks your soul of your body through your clit. Draken lazily tongues at your clit as you come down from your high and watches you the whole time, breasts heaving and eyes fluttering to stay open. It’s his favorite view in the world.
Hakkai is so gentle at first, but once you moan his name, he goes feral. He’s always been shy around you, even once you began dating, and this is no exception. The first time, he’s so torn between being excited and happy that you trust him and want to do this, but also he’s nervous and shy and scared he’s going to be bad at it. Spoiler alert: he’s not. He learns quickly and he’s eager to please. He wants to make you feel good and treat you like the princess you are. He finds a rhythm, pumping a finger into you slowly; long and thick, it drags along your walls and he curls it in exploration, rubbing inside you and making you moan. Every time you moan loudly, cry out of whimper his name, or even when you buck your hips, Hakkai takes notes. He figures out what you like faster than you thought he would and suddenly, your mind is clouded over with pleasure. No longer shy, Hakkai wraps his arms under your thighs and places your legs over your shoulders. He pulls your body closer to him, using the leverage he has on your thighs to move your body, grinding you against his tongue. When he’s sucking on your clit the way he is, only stopping to move his mouth down to prod at the dripping entrance of your pussy, you try to squirm away, the knot building in you too fast. But Hakkai is strong and has his arms wrapped around your thighs and it’s no use, you won’t be squirming and getting away from him. Not when Hakkai is lost in his lust, eyes clouded over in pleasure from the symphony of moans, the way you cry out his name over and over like a prayer. It spurs him on and he couldn’t stop even if he wanted to (which he definitely doesn’t). By the time you cum, cunt creaming on his face, he can’t stop and he just keeps going, sucking on your clit again as he brings you to a second, third orgasm. He only stops when your whimpering and cries of his name have stopped, coming to his senses to find you looking down at him with wide eyes, your voice caught in your throat, tears in your eyes from the overstimulation, and your brain fuzzy from all the pleasure.
Hanma fucks you with his tongue while fucking your mouth with his cock. He prefers the 69 position over anything because he gets to choke your whiny little mouth on his cock while he makes you cream over his tongue. He’ll throw your body down on your bed and climb on top of you, shoving his cock down your throat to muffle your screams as he sets to work. Immediately, he’s diving in, spitting on your cunt and shoving two fingers inside you, scissoring you open for later and setting a relentless pace. Meanwhile, his mouth is on your clit, sucking, licking, flicking against it with his tongue. He’s aggressive, harsh with his motions and not caring if you feel good. He doesn’t lap at your pussy for you, no, Hanma does it for him. He loves the way you cry and your throat tightens around his cock as he flicks at your clit, the way you cry out when he overstimulates you. He loves that he has you pinned under him, helpless and at his mercy so he can do whatever he wants. When he’s feeling particularly mean, he’ll nibble on your clit, biting down enough that it makes you scream around his cock while your pussy is creaming on his fingers. When he feels you squeezing around his fingers, about to cum from his ministrations, he’ll start moving his hips above you, fucking your throat until he cums down it, filling your throat and listening as you choke on his cum before swallowing it all. After that, he’ll make sure to finish you off as a reward for taking his cock, making sure you cream all over his fingers. He doesn’t stop though. Hanma likes when you make a mess and he doesn’t stop until you’re cumming again, this time with a gush of liquid as you squirt all over his face, your screams muffled by his half hard cock still in your throat. 
Mikey only uses his mouth. Mikey eats you like you’re a pudding cup and he doesn’t have a spoon. He’s sloppy, messy when he goes down on you. He can’t help himself when you taste so good, so sweet on his tongue. He just wants to taste you more, to feel the way you cream on his tongue as he laps at you and sucks down every drop. He has you on your back, rest his head on your thigh as he sucks and slurps every drop you spill up. He’ll reach down and pull his cock from his pants, stroking himself as he squeezes his tongue past the little ring of muscle that is your cunt, swirling his tongue lazily inside you and rubbing whatever length of your walls he can reach with his tongue. He doesn’t use his fingers on you, preferring to only use his mouth and tongue. When he gets close himself, fucking his fist as he lazily laps at your pussy, he’ll sit up and jerk his cock in his hand until he cums all over your little cunt. He makes sure it coats your clit and all the way down to your entrance and he groans at how fucking good and delicious you look covered in his cum. After he admires you for a moment longer, maybe takes a picture with his phone so he can look at it later when he’s alone, he’s laying his head back on the plush of your thigh and licking up every drop of his own cum that he spilled on you. You cry out as he sucks his cum off your clit, sucking hard and rough enough that it makes you cum finally. Mikey just smiles up at you a little hazily, drunk off your pussy, and says, “More to eat little one. Do that again.” He goes right back to lapping you up, cleaning every drop as he brings you closer and closer to the edge again.
Mitsuya takes his time. It starts with making out at home, the movie playing in the background quickly forgotten. He drags it out, loves to tease you, caress every inch of your body before he settles between your thighs. By the time he coaxes you to lean back on the couch, he’s stripped you of your clothes and covered your body in marks from his lips. He grabs your legs, kissing up the inside of each one as he places them over his shoulders, encouraging you to wrap your thighs around his head. He spreads you open with his hands, kissing your clit tenderly and giving slow, teasing licks to your entrance. He makes out with your cunt, worships it like you’re his favorite meal to ever exist. Which, you are. Once you whine, begging him for more, he’ll finally stop his teasing and give you what you deserve. He pushes a finger into you as he works his tongue around your clit, smirking up at you from between your thighs. He enjoys this as much as you do, moaning when his fingers become coated with your cream and you grind yourself against his flattened tongue, using him for your pleasure. His favorite is when you’re close and he pumps two fingers into you, curling to rub against your velvety walls, and you clench around his fingers. He knows then that all he has to do is that special trick, the one you love where he opens his mouth a little wider and sucks a wide section around your clit and he flicks his tongue against it as he sucks. You cum, thighs wrapping around his head and squeezing as you arch off the couch with a loud cry of “Taka!” and a gush of liquid on his fingers. Mitsuya could be smothered between your thighs and die a happy man, but after you cum so pretty like that, he can’t help but want to fuck you into the couch so he can cum too. You’re already prepped for him so why should he let that go to waste?
Rin wants you to beg. He wants you to sit on his face and do all the work yourself, but then beg for him to give you the pleasure you can’t reach alone. He gets off on seeing you ride his tongue, watching from beneath you as you desperately grind on his face and try to use him for your pleasure. He knows that his tongue gets you off just as good as his cock, but he likes watching you struggle to reach that peak without any help, seeing as you get frustrated and cry and beg him to help you with it. He’ll lay there, hands resting loosely on your ass as you ride his tongue, trying to grind your clit against the flat of it as he refuses to help. Finally, he takes pity on you, looking down at him with wet eyes and begging with gentle and desperate pleas. He grabs your hips and before you can think, he has you flipped back on the bed, ankles held in one of his hands as he pushes your legs to your chest and keeps your legs tightly together. He smirks evilly at you and says, “Oh you asked for this.” He spits on your pussy, watching the glob run down the tight slit from your clit all the way down to your ass. He dives in, lapping at your cunt expertly and sucking on your clit. Since you wanted his help, he give you his help and soon enough, you’re cumming with a cry of his name, clutching his hair in your hands and tugging roughly. He bites down on your clit when you tug a little too hard and then laughs into your pussy as he hungrily licks up every drop you spill. When you begin shoving his head away from you, the feeling of him sucking on your clit again too much, he looks up at you around your legs and says, “If you wanted my help so bad, you’re going to lay there and take everything I give you. Do you understand?” You can only nod, whimpering weakly as he settles back below your legs, fully intent on making you cum until you pass out.
Taiju doesn’t waste any time. He pushes you against the wall and eats you out standing. He’ll flip up your skirt or pull down your pants, rip your underwear off with a smug smirk before he positions one leg over his shoulder and goes to town. He never starts slow. With Taiju, it’s always zero to a hundred in an instant. The second his tongue slides between your folds, flicking at your clit, he’s devouring you like a man starved and your cunt is his only salvation. He smirks as you reach down to tug his hair, trying to slow him down as your orgasm approaches you faster than you thought possible. When your legs quiver and you struggle to stand on one leg as his lips latch around your clit and suck harshly, Taiju only laughs darkly from between your legs and bites a mark onto the tender flesh of your inner thigh. Finally, as you’re about to cum on his tongue, flicking at your clit as two fingers pump into you, your knee buckles and you slide down the wall ungracefully, unable to remain standing for him. Every time he does this, pushing you up against the wall and burying his tongue inside you, you end up falling to your knees and every single time, he smugly smirks and gets off his own knees to stand above you and remind you, “If you can’t stand up, why don’t you stay on your knees and put that filthy mouth to work. That’s what you get for not listening to me and standing up like a good girl.”
Takemichi is hesitant. The first time. It’s the first time he’s asked to go down on your since you’ve been intimate and he wants to make you feel as good as you always make him feel, but he’s shy, unsure about his actions and how to make you feel good. You are sweet, telling him to take his time and just touch you. And touch you he does. You lean back on the pillows on his bed and he lays between your spread thighs in his boxers, looking at your pussy like it’s the most interesting puzzle in the world. He spreads apart your folds with his hands, staring at you and making you squirm under his gaze. He rubs his thumb up and down your slit, taking note of how your hips buck when he rubs across your clit. He leans in hesitantly, flat tongue licking up your slit until he comes to your clit, circling the tip of his tongue against it before latching his lips around and sucking the small bud. When you moan his name, the little whimper of ‘Michi’ as you try to grind your hips against his face. He figures he must be doing something right to have you writhing like that and suddenly, he’s no longer hesitantly lapping at your entrance and sucking on your clit, he’s diving his tongue inside you as deep as he can, vacuum sealing himself on your clit like he’s trying to suck out your soul. Minutes later, you’re cumming on his tongue and he’s hard just from getting you off. Before you can say another word, he’s latched onto your clit again and is overstimulating you, bringing you to another orgasm faster than you thought possible.
Tumblr media
Note: Thank you for inspiring me L 💙 I love you and hope you love this!! @bokuroskitten​ Also thank you to the best evil twin ever, Ryder, for helping me determine who would love face sitting and also for suggesting Mikey eats you like a pudding cup without a spoon lol @seraphofthesimps​
Tumblr media
Taglist: @rythlynn @seraphofthesimps @kay-n-tsumtsum @pup-and-kise @goldenshoyo @lucynnamonroll @doinmybesthere @undxrworld @richkookie @brattsun​ @killerkyou​ @daltokkii @penallphe @hajimesh
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Haitani Brothers, Rindou & Ran
Tokyo Revengers by Wakui Ken
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kattszuki · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
chifuyu <3
[reblogs are greatly appreciated!]
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softbajis · 2 days ago
When I think about baji being prone to violence and how that must have affected his mentality and view of life. Especially as he was someone who (is shown) to be less capable of academic skills and so he believed the only thing he was good at was fighting and throwing punches and how that must have damaged him as a person because the one thing he was good at was the one thing that kept getting him into worse trouble. But he couldn't help it because he felt he wasn't good at anything else. And what led to his death because he wanted "to figure something out on his own" and must have again realized and thought that he wasn't smart enough to do so, and that he just simply wasn't good at anything. And my heart breaks.
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miinukopi · 3 months ago
now I’m sure we know the reason why shinichiro was rejected 20 times...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
...Waka is responsible
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᰔᩚ featuring ⇢ B. KEISUKE, H. KAZUTORA
ᰔᩚ warnings ⇢ SMUT, threesome, horny bois, brat taming, choking, begging, body worshipping, praise, oral, possessive behavior, mutual masturbation, all characters are over 18, readers skin color is not mentioned
ᰔᩚ sypnosis ⇢ your best friends both had a big crush on you for the longest time, and you knew about it because they would joke about it a lot, but after some time they became more needy and possessive, and since you love their friendship and don't want it to break just because of them wanting to fuck you, you thought it'd be a great idea to try out a threesome!
Tumblr media
The three of you were sitting on the comfy couch of your shared home and cuddling, baji had his arm around you and was leaning on you and kazutora was laying down on your soft thighs. it was night and you were watching a horror movie, everytime you would jump they would laugh at you.
So mean.
Baji scooted closer to you and started playing with your hair and looking at you, waiting for you to look back at him. When you did he smiled at you and you gave him a little peck on the lips, it was normal for you three to kiss but they would always try to turn your little kisses into whole make-outs..until one of them stops it.
Baji pulled you back in and started to kiss you deeper. But before he could slip his tongue in your mouth kazutora complained "stop trying to make out with my future wife." He sat up sliding his hand around your waist pulling you towards him.
Baji laughed "ha! your future wife? Keep dreamin' Tora, y/n needs a real man to take care of her needs" you already felt an argument coming and rolled your eyes "oh shut up, you couldn't even make her cum if your life depended on it" kazu snapped back, and baji got irritated "look who's talking! Ya never even had a single fucking girlfriend!"
You knew you couldn't really do anything to make them stop arguing, but what you do know is that they are sexually frustrated that for sure, you would know if they would have sex, and they didn't, you knew they jerked off every single night though. The walls are paper thin and your room is in between theirs, so you could hear their groans, and sometimes you would hear them moan out your name. You wouldn't bring it up though. But that sparked an idea in your empty lil head.
"Let's have a threesome!" You all of a sudden cut their back and forth off and they stared at you in disbelief
"Wh-what?" "Huh?" They both asked. you pouted your lips at them "I just think that would stop your frustrations..and you would stop arguing"
Kazutora gulped "a-are you..serious or are you joking?" Baji looked like he was about to ask the same question
"I'm serious, I wouldn't have a problem with it! I love you two and I want you to be happy!" You smiled and wiggled your feet happily "do ya really want that doll?" Tora and baji came closer to you and tora placed his hands on your shoulders while baji turned your face to him with his thumb on your chin and Index finger under it, you blushed a little bit and nodded.
Baji immediately placed his lips back onto yours and slipped his tongue in, while kazutora was kissing along your collar bones and neck "mhh" you whined, as baji's tongue was slowly gliding against yours, and sometimes he would softly suck on your tongue.
You pulled your head back and broke the kiss, making both of them look at you "le-let's go to my bedroom first.."
༻⭑ .˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ ♡ ໒꒱ ˚⁎⁺˳ . ⭑༺
All of you three were laying on the bed in your underwear, you could see the outline of their hard cocks in their boxers, both of them were pretty big from what you could see. Kazutora opened his bun and let his pretty hair fall onto his shoulders, baji did the same and pulled his hair Band holding his low ponytail out of his long hair, letting his Black locks fall onto his toned chest. Baji still had his cross necklace and rings on, and honestly..you are not complaining, not at all. He looks hot, both of them look hot. you three all looked away from each other awkwardly until you spoke up
"Should i..undress first?" They saw you in your underwear before but never naked, so this would be exciting. They both mumbled a 'yes' and all of you sat up, you began to unhook your bra and let your tits pop out while the two men watched closely. Kazu bit his lip and baji sighed deeply at the sight of your pretty tits and hard nipples, you lifted your ass and pulled your panty thong down, their cocks twitched when you sat back down with your legs slightly spread so that they could clearly see your little clit between your pussy lips
"F-fuck.." kazutora groaned and felt his hands starting to sweat, while baji ran a hand through his hairline and agreed with Tora "yeah.."
You lifted your hand and bit your thumb nervously "u-uhm..now you two.." they both didn't waste any time pulling their boxers down slowly and let their cock spring free, you didn't know where to look first!
Bajis cock was thick and long, about 9 inches and some veins running along his shaft and he was uncut, with a little trail of hair from his belly button to a light bush on his pelvis
Tora's cock was on the thicker side too but probably an inch smaller than baji, he was uncut too with one pretty vein decorating his thick cock and different from baji, Tora only had a few stubles on his pelvis.
Your thighs immediately started rubbing together "Y-you're both really big.." you smiled and got on your elbows and knees to look at them better. The two of them were so horny right now, they could just throw you onto the bed and Start fucking you Till you scream
"Baby..can you lay down and..spread your legs?...wanna.." he gulped "wanna see you play with yourself," Tora asked shyly trying to hide his hard cock under his hands. Baji looked at him from the side and he actually liked his idea. You felt your ears heat up and your pussy throb "okay, Tora"
you replied softly and laid your head on your pillow to spread your legs and let them see the slick pooling between your pretty pussy lips, baji's big hand started caressing your thigh softly "already so wet for us.."
You bit your lip and placed your hand above your chest, Tora started caressing your other thigh and smiled softly down at you "c'mon..show us how you play with your pretty pussy.." he whispered before kissing your knee and squishing your thigh softly
You really liked the special attention the two of them always gave you but now you all of a sudden felt really nervous and flushed.
But you did as they asked you to do and started rubbing slow circles on your clit "ngh~" you whimpered behind your hand and closed your eyes, you suddenly felt your legs being spread further apart, both of the men placed one of your legs on either side of them.
"Fuck, baby..keep goin' yeah?" Baji growled deeply as he began stroking his cock to your cute moaning and you slipping two fingers inside of your needy little hole
Kazu did the same and laid his head on your knee "pretty girl.." The stroking from both of the men and your fingering made wet noises erupt in the room, furthering your arousal. Your fingers weren't enough, you kept almost brushing against your sweet Spot but you never actually hit it, making your whines turn into painful little cries
"C-can't! Need your help..please!" Your teary eyes were begging them more than your words to help you, Tora smiled softly and pulled your fingers out of your twitching cunt "pretty baby needs our help, hm?"
Baji scooted closer to you until his hot and sticky cock was pressed against your plush thigh, he began to rub his middle finger along your wet pussy lips as kazutora rubbed slow circles on your twitching clit.
"Mnghh~ don't tease me!" You wailed and your hands started gripping the sheets.
"What? No 'please'?" Tora teased and started kissing up from your hip to your tummy, "guess ya don't need it that badly, hm?" Baji purred and slapped his finger against your hole, creating a lewd and wet noise.
They obviously wanted you to beg but you pouted and refused to give them what they want when it's supposed to be about you right now, you should get what you want!
"No!" You said in a bratty tone, thinking baji and Tora would stop teasing you, but little did you know baji was a brat tamer, so he liked your bratty behavior. Tora knew that about him because he would brag about what Kind of girls he put into the submission, it was annoying. But then again, both of them will brag after this that they finally got to fuck the hottest girl in the group.
Baji took ahold of your face, sinking his fingers into your cheeks and making your lips pout more "open up, baby" he rasped, dark choclete eyes looking deep into your wide ones. You furrowed your Brows and shook your head.
Baji suddenly stared down at you with a blank expression, his Hand left your face. You thought he was already done but then his hand gripped your throat before his other hand went from your pussy to your face.
"Ah!" A little moan escaped your lips when his hand met your cheek with a loud smack "ya wanna say that again?" You whimpered and looked up at him with your innocent puppy doe eyes "didn't fuckin' think so. Now open up" he ordered in a deep and raspy tone
You opened your mouth wide for him and his hand lightly smacked you again "lemme see that tongue, dumb bitch" you hesitantly Stuck your tongue out letting a little drool drop onto your chest "good girl." He praised before spitting on your tongue and licking it with his, leading to him and you kissing each other with so much need that he growled into your mouth.
Kazutora felt left out, and so he dipped his head between your legs to lick a wet stripe up from your home to your needy clit, then flicking your sensitive bud with the tip of his tongue. Leading to you throwing your head back and breaking the kiss with baji, "you're just like a needy bitch as she is, always looking for attention"
Kazutora didn't even deny it and just nodded with hi. Still sucking on your clit.
"A-ahhh! Nhh~ tora" the way you moaned out his name was so pretty, it made a little moan escape his throat and his brows knit together in arousal.
Now baji felt a little left out and jealous that the first Name you moaned out Was the one of the needy virgin. His big veiny hand grabbed your hair and slammed you back onto the pillow
"Ya gonna show me how good your mouth feels, baby?" He whispered against your ear and you nodded. Earning another light smack from the strong and long-haired man "use your fuckin' words." Bajis eyes furrowed down at you to intimidate you more, he fucking hated when the people he slept with didn't talk enough.
"Y-yes!" You stuttered and moaned directly after because Tora slid his tongue all of a sudden in your little hole. "T-t-Tora!" You cried out.
Baji had enough of you keep moaning out kazutora's name and slapped his cock against your lips to catch your attention
Your eyes were immediately locked onto his thick cock in front of your face, his tip was flushed a pretty pink, and precum was oozing out of his slit.
And before it could drip onto the sheets, you stuck your tongue out and licked it up, to then suckle on his tip.
"Ahh..good girl...that's a good girl" he growled and closed his eyes, getting lost in the Feeling of your warm and wet mouth, you slowly ease his cock into your throat "that's it.." he groaned with his hand pushing your head closer to his pelvis, till your nose hit the soft little hairs above his cock.
Tora started sucking on your clit more, making you moan onto baji's throbbing cock.
Tora couldn't take it anymore, he needed to feel your pussy so bad, he sat up and placed his heavy cock on top of your cunt before slapping your clit with it "you gonna let me put it in, baby?"
You couldn't really answer with baji's fat cock in your throat, so you just whined, caged his hips between your thighs, and pushed him tightly against you.
"Guess that's a yes.." he chuckled and slid his sensitive head along your slick and saliva dripping pussy lips "fuck..that's a pretty pussy.."
It was obvious that you loved getting praised, cause after those words left kazutora's lips your pussy twitched against his tip, he could swear he could've came right then and there.
Tora slowly slid his cock through your pretty lips into your warm and slick walls "ohhh fuck..." he ran a hand through his sweaty hairline to swipe his hair out of his face to see your heaving chest and shaking body.
Baji grabbed your hair tighter and groaned deeply while he felt his cock throb as you hollowed your cheeks and let him fuck your throat, the Hand that was holding your head went down to your neck. And as he felt the bulge forming in your throat every time his cock would enter it, he really had to hold himself together to not immediately cum.
"God. I don't think I can let you go after this, baby- nhh.." kazutora hissed as he started to slowly rock his hips back and forth, your pussy felt so fucking amazing, your soft walls were just the right amount of tight, and don't even get him started on how perfectly warm you are.
Kazutoras cock was way too big, and his slow rocking made you feel every inch of him.
Kazu looked down to see where you two were connected and saw your pussy suck him in every time he pulled a little bit out "so fuckin good uhh.." kazutora couldn't tear his eyes from your pretty pussy while he unconsciously began to thrust faster.
"Mgghhh!!" Your gurgled moan went straight to baji's balls and triggered his orgasm. He couldn't hold it anymore, and so he just came down your throat "oh fuck, fuck..baby.." his moaning and groaning was so deep and sexy, mixed with his hot load trickling down your throat led to you clenching down hard on kazutoras cock.
"F-fuck- mhh..d-don't do that, babe..fuck.." he stuttered cutely. Baji pulled his cock out of your mouth and looked down at your pretty fucked out face with your make up all smudged because of your tears and spit.
"Look at how pretty this dirty bitch is" his hand gripped your cheeks making you look at kazutora who is pounding into your pussy like a puppy in heat "fuck..so pretty.." he leaned in close to you to press his lips onto your spit and precum covered ones, tasting a mix of your and baji's taste
Meanwhile, baji's hand left your cheeks to go down to your pretty clit and circle his index and middle finger on it.
"Mnggh- m-aah!" You cried against kazutora's lips "m-more! Please!!" The men didn't know who you meant so both just went harder "A-AHHH!"
It was too much, way too much
And just as you thought it couldn't get even more unbearable, kazutora gripped your throat so tight your eyes started to roll back into your head
All of your words were just mindless babbling and moaning with more spit dripping from your mouth
"So dumb, baby..f-fuck!" Kazutora moaned against your face while bajis fingers circled your clit faster, making your clench harder and squirt a clear white Fluid out of your pussy, onto the bed and tora's cock.
"F-fuck! She just squirted on me, oh my fucking- ugghh.." baji's eyebrows furrowed together as he watched kazutora
"don't you dare cum in her, fucker" Kazu just groaned, thrust harder, and huffed "t-too late- nghh" you screamed out in pleasure and gripped Tora and baji's hands.
They both laid down and cuddled you, Sandwiching you between both their strong and sweaty chests
"This..wasn't just a one-time thing though right?" Kazu asked still breathing really heavily, baji snaked his hand around your waist and kissed your cheek "yeah I hope so too, I wanna feel that pretty pussy too" Kazu nodded "and I wanna feel your pretty throat~" he looked up at you with his cute and charming smile.
You smiled at both of them and felt your heart melt at how sweet both of them are,
"Only if you two won't argue anymore!" The two of them chuckled, baji kissed your cheek and Kazu kissed the spot between your tits "we promise" baji cooed, caressing your cheek.
You know they're probably still gonna argue but not over kissing and spending time with you, now they're gonna argue over who's allowed to nut in you. But you won't mind, you love your boys after all~
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I know I've betrayed you many times before, but this time it's truly nothing personal. The reward for your capture will set me up nicely.
THOR: RAGNAROK (2017) dir. Taika Waititi
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tokyo revengers chapter 227 thoughts: ran haitani
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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leepoon-06 · 12 days ago
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magesup · 4 months ago
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pov: youre kazutora
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hxked · 3 months ago
he's going to get back problems 😭
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
the need to maintain public morals takes NO vacation
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