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“Let’s talk about Talon” Edition

Soldier:76: Ana was right… you’re alive… It was you who killed Gérard, wasn’t it?

Widowmaker: I removed a weakness. My life has more purpose with Talon than it ever did with him.


Baptiste: Don’t you understand that Talon is only using you? You need to get out!

Sigma: Talon is but a small part of the universe. Do not assume I see my purpose as merely an extension of their will.


Reaper: First Doomfist, then Widowmaker… but still you keep coming back. Why?

Tracer: Some of us still believe in heroes.

Reaper: *scoff* You’ll learn.


Soldier:76: Once this mission is over, you’re returning that translocator back to where it belongs.

Sombra: *snickers* Yeah right. And maybe we can drop off that fancy visor of yours on the way!


Mercy: I have never met anyone with more abhorrent goals than you. Conflict is not evolution–it is only a cycle of pain.

Doomfist: Ah, but the question is, Doctor Ziegler, is would you have made such brilliant medical advances if there was no conflict to drive you?

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Tracer: it’s hard to believe Genji was essentially a prince. He’s so energetic and down to earth.

Mccree: You say that but he’s a lot more boujee than he lets on.

Tracer: What do you mean?

*flashback to genjis first night sharing a room with Mccree*

Mccree: *knocking on the bathroom door* Genji you almost done in ther- *pauses hearing crying on the other side* g-Genji?

Genji: *sobbing* My ass is too big! My Calvin Klein’s won’t fit anymore!!

Mccree: *trying so hard not to laugh*… *snorts*


Mccree: Just expensive tastes.

Tracer: ohhh that makes sense.

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Looking for a friendly, relaxed place to meet new people and make friends in the overwatch fandom (preferably without too many greasy gamer boys frothing at the mouth to call you a slur)?

Well aren’t you in luck! @bee-nie and I have just created an overwatch fandom discord to come hang out in!

The link is in the reblogs - looking very much forward to seeing ya’ll there!

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Tracer looks fresh in O2!

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If you like Tracer Overwatch and boobs you’ll like whats under this post HAHAH

//Slight nsfw, boobs, butts
(It’s just Tracer in lace underwear)
(I was practising anatomy dont judge me)
(I also simply just like Tracer Overwatch and boobs)

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Here are some stinky poopy overwatch doodles I made for some friends <3
Felt like they wouldn’t do on their own so i accumulated this past month’s worth haha

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Remember that time you got mad at Val accusing her of tracing your traced picture ‘Date night’?

Does it still piss you off that your now friend again Whitephoxx was the sole person responsible for exposing you for tracing that picture from the original artist Pollo-chan?

Ya remember that time you flipped your shit over Mary using the same Kate-Fox base you traced from accusing her of tracing your picture?

And now you’re mad you have to do right and credit your source of reference.

While we’re on the subject you also need to credit RESS0 for ripping their art.


Your ripped crap

You’re an adult and you know full well not crediting your sources properly is a bad thing in the eyes of the public and is considered stealing. You flew off the handle bars twice when it came to Mary and Val for doing exactly what you did except Val has proven she can draw, even without needing to reference.

You on the other hand just trace and steal. When is it going to dawn on you that you are to blame for tracing and quit blaming other people for what you choose to do? When will it dawn on you that you suck hard at drawing because all you do is trace?


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Hello I’ve never played overwatch and know almost no shit abt the lore :’)

BUT here’s a messy lil comic I made cuz Tracer’s my favorite and I wanna draw her being goofy bye

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Tracer: “do something with your life that would make a 1950s straight white man angry.” I’m already a lesbian who can’t cook. What more do you want?

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Yes I like overwatch again, yes I play tracer and suck, yes I’m gay, what of it

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☣⛔ - Overwatch, inappropriate.

*Tracer, kicking her feet around, laying on her belly*: Whatcha-

Widowmaker: You’re the cumshot your mother should’ve swallowed.

Tracer: I-

Widowmaker: You are a waste of carbon dioxide.

Tracer: But I make carbon dioxide…

Widowmaker: And its a terrible fucking effort.

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