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New week = new start

Yesterday I started planning out at home workouts since the gym is closed until further notice 😩😓😭 My plan is to keep up with my 4 days a week and add in walks on my lunch when it’s nice outside.


Took some much needed time today to get some sun and fresh air as well. With everything going on and all the stress it was a nice sense of some normalcy.


Today marked day 1 of tracking my food again and getting my goals reconfigured. Made a great breakfast, had spaghetti for lunch and Chipotle for dinner. Proudest moment of the day was splitting my chipotle bowl in half right when I got home and put half away. Including the chips!!


At the end of the day I’d say I did pretty darn well!

Hope all of you are staying safe, healthy and keeping your spirits up as much as possible in this crazy world today. And to anyone who is severely affected by covid-19 I’m sending you all my love and prayers 💕

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